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The Emergency Call

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It is Saturday, mid-morning.

My cellphone rings, I pick it up and see that it is my answering service. I take the call.

“Yes, speaking…What are the symptoms?”…looking for a pen and paper.

“What is her number?…OK. Thanks.”

I jot down the number.

“Stephanie! What have I gotten myself into now?” I say to myself.

Maybe she really does have a bad tooth. This is not likely. Her teeth were fine a month ago. Most likely, she is just grinding her teeth. She has always struck me as being a rather high-strung woman.

I dial her number.

“Stephanie…I got your message…Tell me the symptoms?…Most likely it is nothing more then grinding your teeth….Because, your exam was perfect last month.”

It was perfect in more ways then one, I think to myself.

“Ok…Then meet me at my office in 45 minutes.”

Damn it. I just wanted to watch the baseball game today. I get my keys and head off to the office.

I arrive at the office before Stephanie. Opening the door, I turn off the alarm system and switch on the lights. Pulling Stephanie’s charts, I go back to the examining room and ready the items needed for the exam.

10 minutes after I arrive, I hear banging coming from the lobby. I assume it is Stephanie. As I enter the lobby, I see her standing at the door. She is amazing looking. Who could have blamed me for what I had done? Well, the ADA and the state licensing board amongst others! She is dressed very casually. Jeans, blue t-shirt, and flat sandals.

I open the door and she says, “Thank you for seeing me, I am sorry about ruining your Saturday.”

“No problem,” I reply.

She appears to be in a great deal of discomfort.

“I woke up with my jaw hurting.”

“Ok. Lets go back to the examining room.”

“Is anyone else here?”

“No. Are you ok with that? I will call someone in if that makes you more comfortable. However, I thought I would do the exam first, then decide whether I need an assistant?”

“No. I am ok with it,” she says without hesitation.

We get to the examining room. This is the exact room in which I fucked her mouth last month. There is no change in her demeanor as she takes her seat in the examination chair.

“I will be right back.”

I go to my office and put on a scrub top. I just wouldn’t feel right without it.

Returning to the examination room, I wash and dry my hands. I take a seat on the stool and roll over to Stephanie. I lower the chair.

Placing the bib chain around her neck, I clip it to the bib. Gathering the dental instruments, I place them on the bib.

“Now tell me where it hurts?”

“Right side of my mouth, on the bottom, towards the back.”

“You noticed it this morning when you first woke?”


“Has it improved at all?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

“Ok. Open and turn towards me.”

I adjust the light, pick up the dental mirror and begin examining Stephanie’s mouth. First just a visual exam.

“Nothing visible. Now, I will tap you teeth, let me know if I find the tooth that hurts.”

I start tapping her teeth, starting with her lower molars and working to the front. At the first molar, she flinches.

“Is that the one?”

“Yes,” she replies.

I pull her last set of x-rays and review them.

“Well, these x-rays are over a year old. It looked fine then.”

“Chomp you teeth a bit.”

She complies.

“Does that hurt?”


“Mmm. Does it feel like the tooth is a bit tall? Meaning it comes together with the top teeth before the others?”



Using articulating paper, I check her bite. I place the strip on the suspect tooth.

“Ok. Bite down and grind your teeth together.”

She complies and I check the bite.

“It does appear to be a bit taller then the others. This could be caused by an infection or grinding your teeth. I am going to need to take x-rays in order to rule out infection.”

I can see that this doesn’t make her happy.

“Do we really have to? I hate the thought of that.”

“I will only take one x-ray of the one tooth and adjoining teeth. Otherwise, I will just let you go and see what happens.”

I can see that this prospect doesn’t sit well with her.

“Ok. Just the one,” she says.

Without thinking, “good girl” comes from my mouth. She smiles.

Positioning the film in her mouth, her breathing changes. I realize I need to be as quick and professional as possible or I am going to end up in the same situation as I did last time. Once the film is in position, I position the x-ray tube head and step out of the room. You can handle this I think to myself.

“Hold still.” I click the button.

Rushing back in, I move the x-ray tube head away from her head.


I reach in and retrieve the film from her mouth; however, not without her brushing my finger with her tongue.

“I need to develop the film. Be about 10 minutes. Need something to read?”

Looking up at me she says, “No. I will be ok.”

I head off to the darkroom to develop the x-ray. I put the developed image up on the light box to view it. Everything looks fine. With the x-ray, I am sure she is just grinding her teeth. Nothing to worry about although she may need a mouth guard at night.

I am looking at the x-ray as I turn and walk into the examining room.

“Stephanie, I think…”

I stop in my tracks. She is lying nude in the chair.

“I want you to fuck me. Here in the chair,” she declares.

“Ah…” She has caught me off guard.

“I have always had sexual fantasies about dominant men standing over me, using me. You made that fantasy come true. I want more.”

Taking a seat on the stool, I swivel around to her. As she tells me this, I am taking her in. She is beautiful, her lips, eyes, tits, hard nipples, and her smooth pussy.


“You’re not married, do you have girlfriend?”


“You don’t find me attractive?”

“No. It is just unprofessional.”

“I wont tell anyone.”

“That is not the point. Are you certain you want to get involved with me?”


“I am old enough to be” … I am thinking father, “your older brother.”

She laughs, “You’re old enough to be my father. I love older men.”

“Ok. If we are going to do this, you have to follow my rules and do what I say. Do you agree?” I ask her.

“Yes,” she answers with a smile.

I tell her to stand up. I pull off my scrub top and proceed to blindfold her with it. I turn her around facing the chair. Bending her over, I have her put her elbows on the chair. I wheel the stool behind her and lower it. I want to work on her pussy.

This woman’s pussy is even better then her teeth, so very smooth.

“Did you shave for your visit?” I ask.

“No, I shave everyday. But, I didn’t wear underwear for the visit. I never wear underwear when I see you.” she replies.

My cock goes hard. I am not sure which answer aroused me more, shaving every day or not wearing underwear when seeing me. Either way, this is one clean pussy and I am now sporting one hard cock.

“Roll your hips forward and spread your legs.”

She complies. Her pussy opens to me and I lean in give her a kiss. As I retreat, I lick her clit. She squirms in response. I slide my finger into her pussy. Damn, it is hot, wet, and tight.

I insert another finger into her and begin to fuck her slowly. With my free hand, I begin tapping her clit a bit, increasing the tap into a slap. Her pussy begins to drip.

“Do you want to come?” I ask.

“Not yet, I want your cock,” she replies.

“Good girl. From now on with me, you must obtain permission to come. Do you understand?” I state.

“Yes,” she answers.

“That includes when you are alone.”

With my words, she moans and I slap her hard on the ass.

Reaching over, I grab the irrigator (the instrument that sprays water and air) and an aspirator (the instrument that sucks); I have always wanted to use these on a woman’s pussy. With the irrigator, I give her a blast of air on her clit. She jumps and giggles a bit.

“What is so funny?” I ask.

“Nothing,” she replies.

I give her clit a burst of water. She moans. I tell her to clench her pussy muscles tight and hold them. She complies and I insert the irrigator and begin to fill her pussy with warm water.

“That feels very strange,” she comments.

“Hold it in.” I tell her.

When I determine she is full, I turn the irrigator off and remove it from her pussy.

“Now, I want you to hold it inside you. If you let it out, I will have you get dressed and we will leave. Do you understand?”

“Yes. Doctor. I do,” she replies.

I take the aspirator and begin sucking around her inner thigh.

“That tickles,” she giggles.

I slowly work it around her outer lips then among the folds of her inner lips. She begins to squirm. Inserting the aspirator into her pussy, it begins to suck the water from her.

“How does that feel?” I ask.

“Very strange.”

With the fluid extracted from her, I place the aspirator on her clit. She quickly responds and begins to moan. Slowly pulling the aspirator back, her clit is tugged and then released with a sucking sound as her clit breaks free of the aspirator. She lets out a deep gasp. The suction has engorged her clit and made it deep red in color.

Inserting two fingers into her tight pussy, I begin to fuck her with my fingers as I again apply the aspirator to her clit. Her moaning increases and her breathing quickens.

“I don’t want to come this way. I want you to fuck me,” she moans.

“What makes you think I was going to let you come?” I reply.


“Stephanie, I don’t have any condoms.”

“I do. They are in my bag.”

Freeing her from the blindfold of my shirt, I hand the bag to her. She pulls out a brand new box of condoms, still in the drugstore bag.

“Are you going to put the blindfold back on me?” she asks.

“No, I want you to watch and I want to see your eyes.” She flushes.

“Let me adjust the chair.”

I adjust the chair to be almost flat and about 24 inches off the floor.

“Stephanie, I want you to climb on the chair and get on all fours with your head towards the headrest.”

With her in position, I retrieve leg and arm restraints from one of the cabinets.

“What’s that?” she asks.

“They are restraints. There are times we need to restrain patients,” I reply.

With the restraints, I secure her ankles to the chair seat.

“Get on your forearms and elbows.”

She complies.

I secure her arms to the chair back.

“Have you ever been bound?” I ask.

“No. But, I often fantasize about being helpless.” she replies.

On her elbows, with her legs together, her pussy protrudes between her thighs. When I finish binding her, I slide my thumb into her pussy and rub her clit with my forefinger. She throws her head back and her hair streams around her shoulders. Again, I smack her on the ass. I can feel her clench her pussy as I strike her.

With her secured, I stand tall above her.

“Stephanie, Look up at me.”

She tilts her head up and looks at me with those brown eyes. I stroke her face and brush back her hair. Using her ponytail, I roll her head to the side.

“Are you ok?” I ask.

“Yes.” She can barely speak.

I unbuckle my belt, open up my pants, and pull out my cock. Holding her by the ponytail, I pull her head back and rub my cock across her lips. She opens her mouth and I shove my cock between her lips. I begin slowly fucking her face. Pushing to the limits of her mouth, I feel my cock probing her throat and she gags.

Pulling my cock from her, I wipe my spit-covered cock on her face. She moans and then dives back down onto it. She is now fucking me with her mouth.

“Do you want me to fuck you?”

She nods yes, as she still consumes my cock. I pull it from her.

“Then we will need to stop this or I going to shoot my load down your throat.”

She looks up and smiles.

“I want you in my mouth and cunt. And someday in my ass.”

“All in good time.”

I grab her by the throat, lean down, and kiss her. She sucks my tongue as if it were my cock.

I remove my shoes and step out of my pants. Now behind her, I straddle the chair and slap her on the ass. I pick up the box of condoms, remove one, and roll it onto my stiff cock.

Instinctively she has rolled her hips, presenting herself to me. I rub my cock around her lips and clit. She writhes as I touch her clit. Pressing my cock against her lips, I slowly push the head into her. Pulling out, I again rub her clit with my cock. Now I grab her by the ponytail and plunge my cock into her. As she moans, I yank her back by the hair.

Fucking her hard, it is a good thing she is restrained. She writhes and squirms and I fuck her harder and harder.

“Fuck, Fuck me!” she yells.

“Stephanie, Remember what I told you.”

“Yes. Doctor.”

She is wet and very tight. Looking down and seeing my cock thrusting in and out of her just increases my thrusting.

“Doctor, I want to come.”

“You need to ask.”

“Doctor, can I please come?”


I grab her by the hips and fuck her, hard, deep, steady. She begins to come.

“I am coming. Fuck. Harder.”

I slap her ass, as I pull her back by the hair and fuck her even harder. She is panting and I continue to fuck her. Her orgasm subsides, it is now my turn.

I pull out and rip the condom of my cock. Standing in front of her, I stroke my cock just out of reach over of her mouth. She struggles against the restraints to get my cock in her mouth.

“I want you, in me.” she cries.

I feel my orgasm rising. I grab her ponytail and pull her head back.

“Open your mouth.”

She complies and I begin to come putting my load on her tongue and across her face. I finish off by unloading the last of my cum in her mouth and then place my cock back into her mouth.

“Clean it.”

She sucks on my cock.

“Good girl.”

With my cock clean, I pull it from her.

She looks up, “Are all dentist sadists?” she asks

“Just the good ones.” I reply.

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