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My Scholarship

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My name is Annie, and this is my story about earning the scholarship that is getting me through college. This is my first time submitting a story, let alone my story to a site like this, but reading through, I’ll go ahead and share about me at the time of the story. I’m a 19 year old girl from Washington State, going to school at a small, private liberal arts college in Canada. This story took place about a month into my sophomore year there. Myself, I stand at 5’5, about 135 pounds… I don’t really look fat, I’m just built kind of bigger.

Mostly skinny (little bits of baby fat), small boobs (34b’s) which bug me because they don’t seem to match my body size, with a bubble butt, which also bugs me, it seems too large to me. Red hair, green eyes, small button nose, and very light complexion. My figure is somewhere between an hourglass and a pear.

Anyway, my college, is expensive. My family, not so rich. My parents of course wanted the best for me, even though that meant sending me out of the country to an expensive school. The exchange rate helped for a while until it started dropping. I worked a few small, meaningless jobs to try and help out, but my classes were kicking my butt too. It was a cold October day when I came back to my dorm room crying, having failed my first college test ever. It was in Professor Lambeau’s class. Professor Lambeau was in his late 60’s, maybe early 70’s, a history professor, and by far the most well-respected member of the faculty (by other academic types). To students, he was a hard ass who enjoyed making the lives of his students miserable.

My roommates were concerned about me, that I kept crying and didn’t want to go out and do anything on the Friday night. I just went to bed early crying from failing… retaking a class wasn’t something I could afford to do at all, I might as well leave the school if I couldn’t pass this class.

Anyway, the next morning one of my roommates brings by her friend Steffi, who happens to work for Professor Lambeau. I’ve met Steffi a few times, didn’t really know her. Always kind of had the impression she was a slut… Me, I’m definitely not, but I at least know my way around boys enough to get me by. I’ve only had sex with two boys, but I’ve given out several “I don’t want to sleep with you, so let’s do this instead” blowjobs. But rarely, normally because I’m shy and don’t like to put myself out there.

Anyway, Steffi comes over to tell me that there could be a way I kill two birds with one stone. I know Steffi is on scholarship for her work for the professor, but don’t know any of what she does. She informs me that he’s looking for another assistant to start training as Steffi is graduating at the end of the semester. It has great perks… such as automatic passing grades in his class, and all my school expenses paid. I wait for the catch though, which Steffi explains to me. I’m shocked and horrified, but I honestly don’t feel I have too much of a choice. I get an appointment set up, and this is where our story really begins:

*Professor Lambeau’s House*

I walk up to the Victorian manner that the professor lives in. Apparently the professor is rich from all the books he’s written and sold, given the nice house, and that he pays for his assistants tuition out of his own pocket. A slight wind catches my coat, causing me to draw it tighter as I reach the door and ring the doorbell. I wait nervously, patiently for a moment before an intercom buzzes. Lambeau’s voice can be heard beckoning me to come in.

I enter the house and start to look around. I’m both impressed and scared at the same time by the house, given the books, portraits, and statues that adorn the entryway, let alone the rest of the house. I see light from the room across the main entrance, and a voice calls from that room to “come here.” I walk with nervous anticipation, the house is quiet save for the footsteps of my heels as I head into the study.

The study itself amazes me further, as it appears to have almost more books than the school’s library. The room is large, several tables, with books open and papers strewn about, old pieces of parchment, maps, globes. In the far left corner of the room is a fireplace, and two chairs, one of which contains Professor Lambeau. In the right corner, a couch whose arms look rather worn.

I walk over to the chair slowly, cautiously, afraid of what’s going to happen, if I can handle this. Professor Lambeau just watched me until I reached the chair, where he asked me if I would like to hang my coat up. I shook my head a resounding no, not yet ready to give it up. He shruged and motioned for me to have a seat.

He looked me over for several minutes before proclaiming, “I don’t understand why you of all people applied for this Annie. You don’t seem that motivated, and you’re far too shy for your own good.” I frowned and was worried, maybe I didn’t have a shot after all… I just thought with all the tips that Steffi had given me, I could have got the scholarship for sure… though I must admit I wasn’t fully ready to do what must be done, “Sir,” I started.

He cut me off though, “I don’t care why it is you’re applying. I’m sure you have your own sad little pity story like all the others of why you should deserve the scholarship and to be my assistant. It really doesn’t matter though, does it?” He laughs a little. I’m fully reminded why none of us students like him as a teacher– his condescending, elitist attitude doesn’t help him relate to students at all. Then again, he probably wasn’t worried about that. He continues, “If you’re going to be my assistant, I might as well see what I’m getting for my money.”

I closed my eyes. Crap! Steffi had warned me about this. His wife had passed away 11 years before. Since then, he’s had a bit of a reputation for liking to look at the pretty girls in his class. I swear one time he was looking up my skirt when I sat in the front row and he sat at his desk lecturing. Turns out, he liked pretty assistants too, because one of the conditions of his scholarship is that this assistants would work in little or no clothing. They only worked in his house, normally in the back libraries. Steffi warned me if I even wanted to be considered, I needed to be prepared for that. She had done it herself, advised by a former assistant of his as well.

I nodded to him and stood up. I could feel myself shaking. I had come prepared to do this so I might as well get it done with. I reached down and undid the buttons of my coat, and slowly, hesitantly opened it. Following Steffi’s advice, and tweaking it to my own, I wore no clothes underneath the jacket, save for my shoes. As I removed the coat, I revealed my teenage flesh to him. I don’t know which he admired more as I dropped the coat to the ground, my smallish breasts topped with tiny pink nipples (the whole area wasn’t even the size of a quarter), or my freshly shaved pussy (another Steffi tip).

He raised his eyebrows in surprise… I hope that meant he was surprised that I, being shy, did it, not that I was the only one who’d ever done it. I started to turn around to give him a view of my butt before turning forward to look at him, unsure of what to do with my hands.

The professor considered me for a moment and said, “Well, I like what I see so far, is that all of it?” “Oh no, I had almost forgot the other part of it,” I thought. I turned around and bent over at the waist. He had a thing for girl’s asses, and everything that lay between. I counted in my head to 5 like Steffi had recommended before reaching my hands back to pull my cheeks apart. I know my face must have been turning as red as the chair I had been sitting in as not only had I revealed my naked body to someone almost 50 years older than me (2 years had been the most prior to this night), but that I was bending over holding my butt open so this perverted old man could get a great look at my pussy and my little pink asshole (well, I’ve been told later it was pink, don’t know for certain), which no man had seen before.

It seemed like an eternity that I held that position. I was told it would be a waiting game, and that when he was done looking he’d tell me. It wasn’t an eternity, but a few minutes later he did tell me he liked what he saw and that I could take a seat. Again it was recommended that I sit so as to not really hide anything. I knew it would be awkward, so I had practiced in a chair in my room (fully clothed though). I sat down again with my butt near the end of the chair and laid back. I pulled my legs up so my feet rested against my butt and held them there with my arms. This gave him an excellent view of my pussy still, and my asshole I think.

This is when the night turned weird for a little while. He started interviewing me, asking me questions about who I am, and about my life, avoiding anything sexual along the way. It’d be like if I was getting to know a friend. Of course, it doesn’t feel natrual to get to know a friend naked and exposing your most intimate areas. This interview went on for about 45 minutes before he suddenly said, “You are a very pretty girl and all, but what else can you do?”

I sighed on the inside, this was another cue that I had been dreading. I lowered my feet back to the ground and stood up for only a moment before going down to all fours. He liked having power over girls and a girl crawling around on hands and legs instead of walking was part of that power he liked, so I did it. I crawled over to him reluctantly, and he didn’t say a word. When I reached him I looked up at him, he just nodded as if reading my mind and I sighed internally again and reached up to the zipper on his pants, pulling out the flaccid cock of a guy near 70, 3 1/2 times my own age. I closed my eyes a moment before re-opening them and lowering my head to the point where I could start licking the well-used cock (well, you’d think a 70 year old has a well-used cock). It was about as big flaccid as the biggest cock I’d seen hard (luckily haven’t been with many big guys), which freaked me out a little. After the few moments of licking around, I no longer had an excuse and started to take it into my mouth.

Much to my surprise, the cock still didn’t harden. I’m sure I looked a little flustered when he said, “ED,” which I knew what that meant from many, many Viagra commercials. I just nodded and started to get to work as best I could licking and sucking on the cock when a cell-phone ringing startled me. He looked down at me and said, “Keep going,” as if this weren’t my idea as he answered the phone and started talking to someone. It didn’t take me long to figure out it was a business call that was quite important to him.

I must admit I started to get a little embarrassed at this point, and a little bit frustrated. I mean, at 19, I was kinda used to the idea that if a guy had his cock in any part of my body, I was normally the thing he was focusing on. But apparently a shy, naked, teenaged girl’s mouth meant nothing to him as he carried on his phone conversation. Of course, this made it much harder to get him off as he was distracted by the phone call. My jaw was starting to ache, and a glance at a clock told me 30 minutes of this had passed already. Finally I heard Professor Lambeau say that he had work to do and would call whoever he was talking to back later. Once off the phone he said to me, “I’m about to cum, get ready for it.”

I moved my hand up to the base of the cock so I could start feeling it. My mouth didn’t go as deep on the cock as it had been in anticipation. Another one of the power-plays was coming. While normally he liked a girl swallowing, the first time, he wanted her to wear his cum as another sign of domination. It only took another minute before I did feel a swelling that was subdued by the fact it never fully hardened, and while the first squirt landed in my mouth, I was able to pull off enough to get the remaining ones all over my face. When he finally stopped cumming (wow, I never knew 70 year old guys could cum as much as he did), I used my hand to squeeze his cock to make sure I got any extra out (and promptly wiped it on my face, earning a “very good” out of him before taking it my mouth one last time to make sure it was clean. I backed down and looked up at him, knowing my face must look weird covered in his cum.

He dismissed me back to my seat, on all 4’s, showing my ass to him again. I returned to my previous sitting position, and he proceeded to talk to me more, not even acknowledging that I was naked, or had given him a blowjob, or was covered in his cum. Another hour worth of questions passed, with each passing second my shame growing (largely magnified by the pussy juices that had started running all over the chair from my humiliation). Finally he said, “If you have anything else you wish to say, now is the time, if not, you may go.”

I looked at him, this was the final cue. Steffi didn’t tell me what to do here, she just suggested that I give him something that would make him remember me, and make him consider me. I reached down for my jacket, and into a pocket pulling out a small tube. I then stood up and got on the ground, holding the small tube in my hand. I crawled over to the couch, once again showing him my ass, and stood up and bent over it. I placed the tube of lubricant in the small of my back. Steffi told me he liked anal sex, and this was the only thing I could think of to get to him. I looked over at him, cum covered face and all and said to him, as I reach back and separate my ass cheeks again, “Professor Lambeau, I want to thank you for your consideration of me as your applicant. In return for taking the time to consider me,” I gulped at what I was about to say, “I offer you my virgin ass.”

He looked genuinely surprised by my statement. He stood up, and I could tell he must have gotten over his ED problem as I could see the outline of a very large cock through his pants, which scared me greatly. “What are the conditions?” he asked of me. I shook my head at him, “No conditions sir. You get to take my virgin ass right now if you want to. It’s yours whether I become your new assistant or not.”

He laughed loudly at this. “I must say this is a first. Never been offered anything so unique in the past, especially without a guarantee that you’d become my assistant. When Steffi made her offer, it was based on if she was accepted. But I’ll gladly accept yours. Did she tell you why I like fucking you college girls in the asses?”

“Shit!” I thought. I could have gotten the scholarship guaranteed. I wasn’t about to back out now cause I knew I still had the chance. I looked at him and shook my head in response to his other question.

“Well. When I was married, my wife had the most incredible pussy. I loved it. It’s never been the same since she died. However, she didn’t really give head, and definitely not anal. In our day, both of those were taboo, forbidden in a way. Most of you college girls don’t care what you stick in any of your holes these days.” He shook his head laughing again. “I like head from you college girls because there’s something about the look on your face that’s still innocent. Making you keep your pussy shaved, that’s all about the innocence as well.”

He pauses and walks over to me to sit on the couch next to me, reaching underneath it and grabbing out a bag. “But there’s something about you college girls. It’s just amazing to be able to look at my assistant, tell her to bend over, and have her ass writing on my stiff pole whenever I want, and whenever the Viagra kicks in. I can’t stand the stupid feminist bitches on this campus who constantly complain about women not being equal to men. Truth is you aren’t, and the fact that I’m about to have your tiny virgin asshole wrapped around my cock is testament to the fact that we’re not equal. That you’re willing to do anything to get a silly little scholarship, even the ultimate humiliations.”

He pulls what looks like a penis out of the bag, with leather straps around it. “This is a penis gag. I’m going to ask you to wear this because I don’t want to hear you screaming too loudly.” He looks at me and I sit there stunned but I nod. He brings it up to my lips and pushes it into my mouth. In my daze I don’t protest as the cock gag settles into my mouth and he ties the strips around the back of my head. Next he pulls out several padded cuff type things hooked together. He reaches down and hooks two onto my thighs, and then he wraps my wrists through the other two, which binds them to the side of my thighs as well. Cuffs go around my ankles and are soon attached to my thighs too, though not as close as my wrists are. This of course causes my weight to be leaning forward on the couch, but leaving my ass open enough and sticking in just the right direction for him. The lube bottle falls off of me and he makes no move to pick it up. He comes in front of me and says, “I have a condition for you.”

I’m not ready for this as I realize how helpless I currently am. I look at him through the gag and nod. “If, you let me take your virgin ass without using real lubricant, just my spit, maybe a little of your juices if I’m having real trouble, you get the scholarship and the job, okay?” I look at him amazed and happy. I think for a moment, knowing that I’ll probably be in more pain than I ever have in my entire life, but the fact is, if I endure it, I’m in. I don’t take nearly as long as I should in this situation and I nod enthusiastically. He grins and says good.

He steps back around behind me and I can feel his hands part my cheeks. I hear him sound like he’s hacking up for a moment then feel wetness on my soon to be deflowered asshole. A moment later I feel something pushing at it and into it, wondering if this is it. Given how little pain there is (and there is pain), and looking back at him, I realize it’s just a finger, readying me for what I’m about to endure. Maybe 30 seconds of having his finger in my ass, another tiny humiliation, before it’s removed. I feel a heat at my last technically virginal hole, as his cock rests against it. I try to brace myself, not knowing what I’m going to feel.

He starts pushing, slowly at first. I can feel the pressure build up, but it’s nearly a minute before it feels like my hole is really stretching to open. As it starts to stretch more I can already start to feel the pain and I wonder how much more there is to go. It keeps stretching me, my pain increasing as I start to panic about what I’m doing, but it’s too late. My asshole starts to feel like it’s burning, like it can’t be stretched anymore when all of a sudden there’s a moment of rubbing, which only burns more, and then it stops, though the pain remains and my asshole feels stretched to the absolute limit. I try breathing, I try panting hard around the gag to reduce the pain. Professor Lambeau says, “Ah, nothing like seeing a pink 19 year old girl’s asshole stretched completely around the head of my cock. Don’t worry little one, now it’s time to just get the rest of it in your tight little ass.”

I panic more. “That’s just the head?” I think. I really start to panic as the burning resumes and I can feel him pressing onward. Every inch of cock he stuffs into my ass feels like an eternity, like it’s going to kill me. I can’t believe the feeling of pain that his cock opening up my rectum for the first time brings. “How does it feel to have your ass conquered by my cock little one?” I never would have thought of that, but his cock conquering my bowels sounds about right. I writhe more and more with each inch stuffed deep inside me, opening up new territory, conquering more of me until finally it all seems to stop. Well, the pain in general doesn’t, but the movement does. That’s when I realize that he’s completely in my ass for the first time. I feel so incredibly full, like I could go to the bathroom forever and still not empty myself out completely. I start to relax and start getting used to what feels like a tree deep inside my most private and intimate of areas, when a new pain comes as he starts to pull his cock out for the first time ever. Oh, this is definitely a new pain, that brings releif but dread with it. He pulls his cock out to about the head and then shoves back in hard.

I scream at the top of my lungs as he finds maybe a bit more unexplored area he hadn’t before. He settles into a rhythm for a while, slowly pulling out before quickly spearing me again, repeat. This goes on for at least 20 minutes before he starts to change his routine to go faster and faster. He chooses words to make me more ashamed, “You know how a dog marks it’s territory with it’s urine? Well, I’m about to mark your bowels with my cum.” I continue to writhe, the pain and burning of my asshole around his huge cock (I don’t know how big it is, I suck at guessing measurements) as he thrusts faster and faster until he shoves deep within me and I feel a throbbing followed by new warmth inside me, and realize that he’s shooting his cum inside my ass. I look down and whimper through my gag– ashamed, embarrassed, humiliated, conquered.

He pulls out completely and pushes into me just a little bit a few more times before his cock starts to go limp again. When he finally pulls it out he comes around front. I didn’t even realize it through the pain that I had been crying. He smiles at me and says I did wonderful. He takes the gag off and tells me that I have one final job as his assistant for the night, and stuffs his cock back into my mouth for cleaning. Luckily with following Steffi’s advice, my ass was clean before coming over, so it wasn’t nearly as revolting as I thought it should be.

While cleaning my own ass off his cock, I could tell one final humiliation was coming. Like it or not I couldn’t help but fart, which led to some of the cum leaking out of my ass. He laughed at that and wondered what the feminists on campus would think of me. When he was satisfied that his cock was clean he came behind me and removed my hogtie. As I started to get up and get used to moving he brought a piece of paper to me, the paperwork signaling I accepted my scholarship, which I signed as he started telling me my new responsibilities.

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