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Primal Anal

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Leaning against the doorway, I watch you; standing by a bed bereft of all but the sheets, bending over to retrieve a tossed and forgotten pillow from the floor. The sun revealing the parting of the curtains, your petite figure clad only in my shirt which is twice your size. Legs long and lean, I smile remembering their feel against my lips and hands. Watching you now, I bask in your sensuality, your taste still fresh upon my lips and chin.

So long we have waited to be together, the urgency of our meeting filled with need and ravenous hunger. In two long strides, I am behind you. You gasp, not in surprise but anticipation as I press my body against you. There is no mistaking my need to have you and as you slowly moves against me in response. It is apparent the feeling is mutual.

I take pleasure in sliding my hands under the hem of the shirt, moaning as your hands reach up and claps behind my head, drawing it closer to your sinewy neck. Your back arches as my lips linger, my beard rough against soft skin.

Sliding my hand between your legs, I run a finger along the slit of your pussy, your desire making the lips wet, slick. I can feel your clit harden under my touch and slowly mash it back and forth making you moan. I caress your firm abdomen with my free hand, fingers splayed, my thumb tracing tiny circles along the skin. Cupping your breast, I pinch your nipple hearing you whimper. Your hands come around to cup my ass, pushing me into you.

“You like the way that feels?” I whisper into your neck.

“Yes.” You moan, grinding against me. “I want you to fuck my ass,” your voice husky with passion, lust.

My breath catches in my throat….my caresses pause for a moment as the vision of your naked body races through my mind. In that moment, you move away from me. I watch as you crawl onto the bed … as the shirt hitches up past your hips revealing your beautiful ass to my view … as you turn onto your back…watching as you slowly unbutton the shirt …. as the material parts.

Unable to wait, I bend down and kiss along your inner thighs, your fingers going through my hair holding me steadfast. As you lift your pelvis to me, I kiss you gently, smelling your aroma, enjoying your moans, your whimpers of pleasure. The musk of our desire fills the room as the sweat from our bodies voices our passion.

I relish in the sensation of running my hands over her your supple thighs, along your stomach…resting my palm on your pelvis. Sitting on my heels, the sun shines through the curtains, alighting upon your beauty prone before me, your hands cupping and squeezing your breasts, your legs wrapped about my hips as I slide deep into your ass, your back arching, reaching.

Your exhalation causes me to hesitate…but you plead with me to go deeper. Through whispered shouts you beg “Slide it in! Push your cock deep in my ass! Pleeeaasssee…” Your heels on my back enforce your moans.

The sight of me sliding between your perfect cheeks is overwhelming. The fingers of one of your hands drifts lower, rubbing your clit as you clinch your cheeks …milking my cock, sucking me in. I push two fingers inside your opening, curling upward, alternating my thrusts…fingers rubbing…cock probing.

Your breath quickening as your juices flow…rivulets pool in the crease of the melding of your pelvis and thighs…lubricating my shaft as I thrust fully in now…holding. Enraptured by the sensation of being fully enveloped by your ass, your muscles clenched, feeling your insides spasm fully about me, my thrusting fingers pulsate inside of your pussy. Your two fingers rubbing furious circles over your clit as your bucking hips grind up and down my torso, riding my cock.

Barely able to mouth the words, your eyes rolled back in your head, you pant “Fuck me…please fuck me hard…cum with me…cum in my ass,” you moan. But I cannot so easily release the incredible sensations. I want to retain the feelings, the sounds, the rapture of your gyrations awhile longer, so I tell you “Not yet. Let it build, baby. Rub your clit, feel me in your tight ass. Wait until I cum with you.”

Throwing your head back, your bottom lip held between your teeth, “No, I can’t,” you sigh. But I know you can…and will. You love it when I deny your orgasm. Together we build, faster and fiery. A bead of sweat falls from my chin, landing upon your sweet pussy. So hot, I can almost see it sizzle on your skin.

Switching hands, I savor the feeling of my other fingers pushing aside your pussy lips…soft, succulent moistness awaiting my up thrust. Curling my fingers, I seek to find that wonderful spot that leaves you thrusting and bucking on my hand. Bringing your juices to my lips, I taste you again, savoring your sweetness. Strands of your nectar still lingering, I lower the other finger to your mouth…and groan as you engulf me, licking yourself from me, devouring my finger as you had my cock. Your mouth pumps my finger in rhythm to your ass pumping my hard desire…further exciting me, enticing me to cum.

Your thighs glisten with perspiration, squeezing my waist, your pussy pulsating on my fingers, your eyes part and capture mine….begging. No longer able to even mouth the words, you whimper for release…

Your ass is so tight, your lust so wanton, your passion so arousing…I thrust faster, deeper…taking you now…your ankles locked behind me, your heels pulling me…demanding me…fucking your ass hard now. Unable to control myself any longer, I take you; devour you, groaning with each stroke, completely captivated by how incredible you feel, taste, sound.

My hips rock back and forth to your writhing…my breath now ragged and primal…my desire now unleashed as I grab your hips, pulling you onto me…your shrieks of ecstasy exuberant, joyful in the knowledge that soon…soon you will cum…together we will cum.

Your head tosses back and side to side…hair strewn about…the pillows and sheets wet with our lust…your hand torn between grasping the sheets and squeezing your nipples…your other hand a blur on your clit…”Yes….Yes, honey!” I gasp…”Your ass feels sooo good!” as I pound in and out…hunger, thirst, insatiable desire to be with you…inside of you…meld with you…a beast unleashed…I roar as I sink deep…”Now!!”

Your scream reverberates from the walls as you cum…your hips thrusting hard upward and onto me…your head arched back, the only contact you have with the sheets…your mouth gaped open…your body quivering over and over again…your ass cheeks milking me completely of my fluids as I hold myself fully emerged inside of you…my head thrown back, my cock spasming deeper as I fill you with my cum.

Still in the throes of ecstasy, we collapse in each other’s arms. Kissing you, I taste your juices on your lips and tongue. Still breathing rapidly, your nipples press into my chest. Lost in the moment, neither of us are willing to part.

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