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The Tryst

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John felt the tires hit the tarmac as the plane landed with a bump. When the plane rolled to a stop and the ‘fasten seatbelt’ sign went out, he undid it and stood up to stretch his legs. As he reached up to take out his carry on bag from the compartment above his seat, he felt the heat of a body standing close behind him. He knew it was her; the flight attendant, the one that gave him special attention and bright smiles all during the flight. Her body bumped up to him so tightly that he felt her breasts through his shirt. A hand slipped from his pocket and she quickly moved away.

Once in the terminal he grabbed his suitcase from the baggage area and he reached in his pocket to read the note. It said,

“My next flight is not until tomorrow. If you are interested please meet me in the bar for a drink.”

Smiling to himself, he thought, ‘This business trip could become more of a pleasure trip.’ And headed for the bar.

She was sitting on a stool at the bar with a glass of white wine in front of her. This time he walked over and stood so close to her that she could feel the heat of his body. She knew it was him; without even turning around to look.

“What’s your pleasure?” she asked in a husky voice that implied much.

“I will tell you what pleasures me in a bit but for now I will take a scotch and water.” He answered with a knowing look.

Sipping their drinks, they appraised each other with hooded eyes all the while they chatted about why he was in town and the destination of her next flight. They discussed things of little consequence carefully avoiding the next step until they finished their drinks. When John asked Tara if she would like another wine, she declined saying she would enjoy another drink but perhaps in a room, where they could relax and let their ‘hair down’. John slapped down a twenty dollar bill and lifted her case as well as his own and said, “Let’s go.” After a short cab ride and a few minutes to register at the front desk they found themselves in room 1208 of the nicest hotel in town.

John barely had a chance to drop the bags on the floor when Tara pushed herself into his arms. A little surprised but not the least bit disappointed, John kissed her softly as the thrill of the assignation took over. The kiss turned from a soft gentle touch to a passionate intrusion with their tongues sparring as if their lives depended on it. Tara’s fingers slipped to the buttons on his shirt and almost ripped them apart in her haste but John took her hands in his and pushed them away. He undid the buttons himself just as quickly but without ripping the shirt. Tara unable to stay still undid her own blouse and pulled it from her shoulders. The stood still for a moment just looking at each other before he tentatively reached out and grabbed a lace- covered breast. Tara moaned and leaned into him resting her head on his shoulder. He reached around to undo the bra clasp and pulled the straps from her shoulders baring the pretties pink tipped mounds of flesh he ever saw. His big hands reached out again and covered her warm soft breasts, caressing them softly. His hands clawed to the tips and the fingers and thumbs of each hand pinched her nipples hard. Tara squealed in surprise but not in pain, he knew because a soft moan quickly followed.

John’s head lowered to take a gorgeous pink nipple into his mouth, suckling her softly first then harder as he sensed that is what she wanted. He was right and was rewarded with another moan as her fingers raced to undo his pants. As soon as they were opened, her hand slipped inside to grip his cock. It was so hard with the wetness of precum already moistening the tip. He took her other nipple into his mouth as her fingers slid across his moistened glans causing him to bite gently on her sensitive nubbin.

As difficult as it is to separate magnets, they pulled apart to finish undressing. Her skirt fell to the floor and was banished with a kick of her pumps. Cream coloured lace panties soon followed. Tara slipped off her pumps but left her thigh high stockings on, knowing how sexy it looked and how silky her legs would feel rubbing his naked skin while he fucked her. John was dropping his pants and removing socks and shoes just as hastily thinking gracefulness had no place in a good fuck.

They stood looking at each other.

She saw a broad chested, handsome man. His face was rugged looking with smoky brown eyes that could have smoldered a hole right through her. She ran her fingers through the black curly hair that covered his nipples before trailing down to a thicker mat that surrounded his very proud erection..

He saw a pretty brunette with bright eyes glistening from her arousal. Her perfectly pink crested breasts and a softly rounded feminine tummy were delightfully displayed to him. Her stockings had only emphasized her nakedness and his eyes locked onto the V between her legs. He had never seen such a lovely bushed woman before. Most women shaved and trimmed their pubic hair these days but not this woman. Usually looking at a woman this way, he was able to catch a peek of pink lips but not in this case. Her black hair covered her treasure completely.

He looked up into her glazed and shiny eyes to see passion in its rawest sense. He could wait no longer. He took her by her shoulders and almost slammed her against the wall. His hand dropped to the pretty forest between her legs and tangled his fingers in her hair. It was damp and his fingers searched for the source of that wetness. Buried deep was the soft tender flesh he sought. Her legs opened, giving him access to her slick slit. He was going to insert a digit slowly but her hips bucked showing him she wanted him to shove it in, fast and hard. He obliged. The moist nest engulfed his finger as he added another. She moaned softly when his thumb found her clit and wetly circled it gently.

“Fuck me”, she whispered. “Fuck me now, hard against this wall. Ram me with that cock of yours and make me scream.”

John did not need a second invitation. His fingers left her hot pussy to guide his cock to her opening. He spread her nether lips and rested the head just inside her . “Fuck me!” she screamed this time. “John, shove it in me, now!”

Those passionate words burned into his brain and stoked his ardor. His hands slid between the wall and down her back to grip the soft cheeks of her ass lifting her up and onto his cock. Slowly he slid himself into that hot wet grotto, their opened eyes looked at each other. He saw her wrinkled brow; her opened mouth allowing her gasps to escape but more importantly, he saw her pleading eyes begging to be fucked harder, and he was glad to answer her plea.

As he lifted her up with his strong hands cupping her buttocks, she wrapped her stocking clad legs around his naked hips, the silkiness adding another dimension to their senses. Holding her ass tightly he spread her cheeks wide as a finger slid across her anus. Her hips bucked into him as he pushed her against the wall again, fucking her just as hard as she was fucking him. Sweat began to bead on his forehead and when his lips touched hers he tasted the saltiness of her sweat. He slammed his hips forward shoving his cock deep into her, barely pulling back before shoving it inside her again. Her ass wiggled in his hands, grinding her body closer to him. His finger still danced along the crinkled opening, teasing the sensitive nerves as they fucked each other to the brink of orgasm. Her head fell back and banged against the wall, she acted as if she didn’t even feel it. His mouth captured a juicy tit morsel in his mouth and she begged him to bite it. He did and at the same moment he felt her cunt muscles grip in tightly in a spasm as she came. He groaned aloud and rammed himself inside her and exploded at the same time. He did not pump but instead he shoved his cock deep inside her and speared her against the wall while his cum painted the already wet walls of her body..

As his cock finished filling her, the walls of her cunt lessened their grip.. As their orgasm subsided, Tara slid slowly down from her perch to stand on legs of rubber. He sensed her imbalance and folded her into his arms and carried her to the bed. Laying her head on the pillow he crawled down beside her.

“That was wonderful!” she rasped. She cleared her throat to speak more clearly. “I knew it would be like that with you.”

“You did?” he questioned and let his hand caress her flushed post -orgasmic body.

“Yup, I did” she grinned at him in response. “And I want more.”

“I don’t suppose you mind if I take a moment or two here to recoup, will you?” He teased.

His hand traced down to playfully tug on her generous bush before running his fingers through it and down to where her heat became very humid.

“Nope, I don’t mind. I am sure we can think of something to do while you recoup.”

He searched through the downy softness to find the silky flesh he knew was there.

“You must know that you have the hairiest bush I have ever seen on a woman,”

“Yes, I know. I have been thinking of shaving it all off. What do you think?” she asked.

Concerned at how his comment might have been taken by her, he tried to quickly do some damage control.

“I didn’t mean to imply it is a bad thing. It is even kind of nice. I liked it.”

“Thanks I am glad you like it but I have been thinking about this for a long time and it has nothing to do with you. Would you help?” she asked with a seductive smile.

“You mean shave you? Here? Now?” He grinned.

Sitting up naked, Tara turned cross-legged in front of him. His eyes took in the sight of her lovely breasts and then quickly lowered to see pink buried beneath the black. Tara reached out and lifted his face to look at her.

“Yes, here. Now. Will you do it?” She giggled excitedly.

The look in his eyes was all the answer she needed. She hopped from the bed and grabbed her bag from the floor. John leaned back on his pillow and watched her run naked around the room gathering things. She opened her bag and took out her make up bag. Unzipping it, she reached into the side and pulled out a pair of scissors, feminine shaving cream, a razor and a small bottle of baby oil. She laid them on the bed near John before she grabbed the plastic ice bucket and went into the bathroom. John couldn’t see her but he heard the water running from the tap. In no time at all, Tara returned with the ice bucket full of water, a face cloth and two fresh towels over her arm like a maitre d. She placed the towel midway on the bed and then laid down making sure her bottom was centered on the towel. She handed John the scissors and smiled. John sat up with the scissors in his hand, not quite sure what to do.

“Relax. We should enjoy this. Just trim the excess hair and then we will shave the rest.”

“You are sure about this?” he asked getting ready to do the deed.

“Yup! I want to see myself as hairless as I was when I was 10 years old.” She grinned.

“Ok, here goes.”

John reached over and grabbed a tuft of hair and snipped. His hand hovered over her not sure where to put it and then he saw the wastebasket next to the night-table His hand pressed against the inside of her thigh so she would open them for him and he trimmed the hair there too.

“Ok, now put the facecloth in the hot water and moisten the skin as you would your face before shaving.”

The water was hot but he did as she said and when he placed it on her mound she moaned.

“Too hot?” he asked anxiously, wondering if he had hurt her.

“No, it feels good. I need to cum again but lets do this first. The holding back will make it that much sweeter.”

He took her ladies gel shaving cream and dispensed it into his hand. Rubbing it onto her mound the gel foamed up and covered her nicely. He looked up and saw the glaze in her eyes again and he knew she was getting as aroused as he was. Picking up the razor he started to shave her. One swipe across her pubic bone and hair and foam pulled away leaving soft smooth skin in its path. Again, he drew the razor across and more bare skin became visible. He continued until her mound was bare and then he opened her legs wide. Bending down into the apex of her legs, John added more gel and laved her labia. Very carefully, he slipped a finger into her cunt and with his thumb he pulled one side of her lip tight so the razor would glide along and remove the unwanted hair. His cock hardened not only from the view of her delicious cunt, and not just from the idea that he was shaving this lovely lady in a most intimate way but from the heat she was giving off as the walls of her pussy gripped his finger like a glove. When he was done, he rinsed the cloth again and wiped away the excess foam and cleaned her up to show them both her hairless mound. She lifted her head to see what he did at the same time he looked.

“WOW! I am so naked!!! I mean I know I am naked but I mean I am really naked now. You can see everything.” Rubbing her finger along the smooth white skin she was amazed. “It feels so soft and smooth. Feel it”

His hand cupped her mound before letting his fingers trace her lips. As he did this he saw the oily liquid seep from her slit making it shiny and glossy. His head dipped and his tongue slipped out to taste that nectar from her clean-shaven lips. Tara bucked as though an electric wire had touched her.

“Ohmigod, JOHN! The feeling! It is intensified. I feel so much more. I am so glad we did this!”

John just smiled and lowered his head again. Inhaling deeply. The scent of shaving cream and sex was heady to him and his cock throbbed as he bent in closer to taste her again. His tongue slipped out to lap at her smooth bare skin. Her tasty juices began to run freely over her newly shaved lips. With his free hand he pulled back the hood of her clit as the hardened nub peeked out. He placed his mouth entirely over it sucking it noisily. Tara’s hips left the bed almost throwing him off her but her hands gripped the back of his head to pull his mouth closer. She moaned and gripped him to her body as she came hard. Her head thrashed from side to side and her legs rose up in the air giving him better access to her body. His was head shaking and digging in deeper, drinking from her as she pours her juices onto his tongue. When her orgasm began to subside, he knew. The grip on his head weakened and her entire body collapsed into a heap on the bed. He lifted his face and looked into hers, smiling. His lips were shiny and glistening from eating her. Reaching up to the back of his head, she pulled him down for a kiss. Her tongue reached out to taste her juices from his lips. Grinning with satisfaction, John rolled to his side and relaxed.

“I had no idea shaving you would be such a delight! Now, it is time to finish the job.”

“You are not done?” she queried.

“Nope, not done.” He answered. “Turn over.”

And with that request he grabbed her hips and flipped her over.

“Lift.” He said as he placed a pillow beneath her hips to raise her ass up even more.

“Spread.” He told her as his hands slipped between her legs and spread them wide before she even realized what he did.

He reached over and took the cloth from the now tepid water and placed it between the cheeks of her ass. Squirting gel into his hand as he did before, he rubbed it to foam in the crevasse in front of him. Picking up the razor, John scraped it across the inside of her cheek around the brownish coloured anus, being very careful not to cut her. He took the cloth and again, wiped away the excess and bent down to kiss her on her cleanly shaven pucker. Tara, not expecting this, jumped a little when she felt, first his breath and then his mouth on her ass.

“Hey!” she exclaimed in embarrassment.

“Hey what?” he answered her laughing. “Has no one ever kissed your ass before?”

Giggling Tara rolled over and took him in her arms.

“Not recently” She smiled. Kissing her nose, John pulled himself away and reached for the baby oil.

“Now for the finishing touch.”

He flipped open the bottle of oil and squirted it generously onto her bare flesh. It flowed down between her legs and seeped onto the towel beneath her bottom. He took his hand and caressed the silky fluid over her pubis and down between her legs, slipping a moistened finger inside her. Moaning in content she enjoyed his caresses but soon stopped him.

“Give me that.”

She took the bottle of oil from his hand and pressed him to lie down on his back. Sitting up Indian fashion next to his right hip, Tara poured the oil all over his genitals. Snapping the lid back in place she tossed it on the bed. Velvet hands gripped his hard cock and slowly stroked him up and down. She looked up at his face and saw that he was thoroughly enjoying her touch. Opening his legs with greasy hands, Tara gently cupped his balls, hefting and caressing them, feeling their weight. John began to moan, and that was all the encouragement she needed. Taking his erection in her hand again, she held it tight in her fist close to the bottom of the shaft. A smooth oily hand glided up the shaft tightly but slowly to the head of his cock. Delicate fingers grazed the sensitive head and it felt like soft ripples sending shockwaves of passion throughout his body. The waves fingered out to his balls and the lowest part of his tummy causing him to grimace. Down the shaft her hand quickly slid all the way back to his body. Seconds later it ascended slowly up the shaft to repeat the erotic dance on the head of his cock.

“Oh my God, your hands are soooo talented!” He moaned out between clenched teeth.

Smiling, she answered, “Shhh, enjoy this, it gets better.”

Gripping his cock tightly, her hand continued stroking him up and down his shaft always paying special attention to the head when she reached it. She saw his precum mix with the oil around his slit. Her other hand cupped his balls and she knew from the tightness there that he would cum very soon. Letting her hand trail down beneath his balls, she pressed hard on the spot just before his anus and at the same time she swirled her slick hand over his glans causing him the most agonizing pleasure. As she pressed on that special spot he yelled out, ” I am cumming.” But nothing shot from the tip. She knew that the pressure of her finger was not allowing the semen to shoot out. He felt the feeling of orgasm but her little trick prolonged it. When she let go of the pressure, she quickly inserted her lubricated finger in his ass and found his prostrate as he came. Large streams of white cum shot from the head of his cock like a fountain. His tummy muscles tensed and the top half of his body rose up on its own as his howl of pleasure rent through the room. He thought he would never stop cumming. When his orgasm began to slip away, his body began to relax. Tara gently removed her finger from his ass and softly caressed the errant puddles of cum into his skin.

John’s chest heaved as his lungs gulped for much needed air and sweat shone on his body. Tara crawled down next to him and cuddled into his weakened arms, smiling to herself. With her head on his chest she could hear the quickened beat of his heart.

“My God, woman, that was sensational. I never felt like that before.”

“I love that you enjoyed it, John. I guess we both got to enjoy new feelings today.” She joked as they both lifted their heads to peek at her newly shaved pussy.

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