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Putting Up A Colleague

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My name is JD and I work out of the Denver office for an IT consulting firm. We have had a couple of our consultants from out of town in on a major project. One of them is Wade, who is an excellent consultant from our Atlanta office. I have worked with him often over the last couple of years and I consider him a good friend. He has a long-term relationship with a guy back home, and while working together on projects we often find ourselves sharing relationship problems with each other. It is amazing how similar the issues are between my wife and me and his ‘life partner’ and him.

We like to give each other a hard time. I often make good-natured cracks about him being a queen, and he is always telling me that I am closeted and how he would be happy to show me what life is like on “the other side”.

It was Thursday afternoon and Wade had checked out of his hotel and was supposed to be flying home that afternoon. But the production rollout for the client had been delayed until Saturday evening, and the project manager had asked Wade to stay and fly out Sunday morning. He agreed and started calling to get a room at his hotel for the extra days. The problem was that with three major conferences in town, everything was booked solid. He found one motel for one night, another for another night, but still hadn’t found one for that night.

He was continuing to go through the phone book when I stopped him.

“Look, don’t kill yourself trying to find some fleabag hotel with vacancies. You can crash at my place if you need to.”

“I appreciate that, but I wouldn’t to intrude on your family life” he replied.

“No intrusion, I’m a bachelor right now, my wife took the kids to her mom’s for about 10 days. Anyways, we have a spare room and you would be welcome in any case.”

Wade accepted and then threw in a little comment, “Be careful though, one night alone with me and you might tell your wife not to come back!”

I laughed and shot right back “Sorry Wade, you’ll just have to keep fantasizing about me; I’ll be sleeping with the door locked tonight.”

We finished up the work for the day and went out for dinner with the project team. After dinner a few of us stayed around for a couple of drinks. One of the other consultants was cracking us up with stories about some of his previous jobs before he got into IT consulting. The list was long and diverse; paperboy, car dryer at the car wash, guy in a chicken suit in front of a fast food place, toll booth worker, etc.

I took my turn and regaled them with the highlights of my early professional career in the lucrative field of waste removal.

Then Wade gave had us in stitches talking about his days as a masseur at a country club with middle-aged women (and occasionally men) would try and tip him to get “extra services”. He had a talent for telling stories and mimicking voices and we were laughing uncontrollably.

One of the consultants asked him if he ever took them up on their offers.

“Of course not!” he stated defiantly “…well…rarely…” he added with a grin.

After settling up the bill Wade followed me back to my house in his rental car. On arriving I showed him the guest room and he dropped his bag there and then we headed downstairs to the living room. He plopped down on the sofa and told me to mix us a few rum and cokes.

“Well, aren’t you just the queen in her castle?” I said with a laugh.

“You’re damn right baby!” he said with a smirk on his face.

I went to mix a couple of drinks and he grabbed the remote to turn on the TV. As he clicked through a few channels he said “There is something wrong with your TV!”

I brought his drink out and said, “No, Wade, that is what TV looks like when you just have an antenna and no cable or satellite. We don’t watch much TV, mostly just use it for the kid’s cassettes and to rent movies.”

“Wow, I feel like I am in the Middle Ages”, he mocked.

“Like I said, a Queen in her castle!”

We ended up just chatting on the sofa for a while and adding a couple of rum and cokes to those we drank at the restaurant.

He asked me if I wanted to play a board game or card game, so I challenged him to a game called Abalone, kind of an Othello type game with marbles.

He had never played it before, but he said “So what do you say, should we play ‘strip abalone’?”

“You wish!” I said laughing. I knew it was his first time and I was very good at this game, I was a lock to win. “I’ll tell you what” I am sure I am going to crush you at this game, so I wouldn’t mind betting on it. I’ll bet you anything you want.”

Wade thought about it for amount and then a devilish grin came across his face. “OK, how about we play for a blowjob?”

“What do you mean, if I lose I give you a blowjob, and if you lose you give me one?”

“Yeah, that seems fair to me” he said with a grin.

“Sure it seems fair to you, either way you win! You’d love it either way.” I said laughing.

Wade grabbed both our glasses and walked over to the counter to make two new rum and cokes for us and then continued his negotiations. “OK, well let’s leave it that if you lose you give me a blow job. Since you are sure you are going to win, there isn’t any risk for you anyways. You can choose what I have to do if you win.”

After several rum and cokes this seemed pretty reasonable. I had never done anything sexually with a guy and didn’t plan to tonight but all this talk of blowjobs was getting me a little excited. I was definitely horny, but that was normal, as my wife had already been gone for a few days. But I told myself there was no way I was going to let him blow me. “OK, I can go along with this. I’ll tell you what; if I win you have to give me a full body massage. No ‘extra services’ just a good massage. I’m talking neck, shoulders, back, arms, legs, the whole deal. Head to toe. Strictly professional.”

He quickly agreed. Something in the back of my mind said that he agreed a little too quickly and he still had a bit of that devilish grin on his face.

So, I set up the board and explained the rules to him. It is not a complicated game, it is one of those Minutes to Learn, Lifetime to Master types of games. The goal of the game is to knock six of the opponent’s marbles off the board. I let him move first and he started quickly on the attack. I played to my strategy and saw him making all the classic rookie mistakes. I quickly capitalized and was up fast 4 to 1. He did catch on quickly though and started to play much better. But the early lead was too much to make up for and I won 6-3.

“I told you I wasn’t going to lose.” I stated triumphantly.

“Too bad, I was really looking forward to seeing you on your knees in front of me!” he said with a grin.

“Keep dreamin’ Wade, you’ll have to settle for giving me a massage.” I replied.

“Well, that could be fun too” he said, still with that little grin of his.

“Remember, I said strictly professional!”

“But of course, sir” he replied innocently.

We decided to do the massage on the floor in the living room. So I closed the shades and told him to go get the oil out of the medicine cabinet in the bathroom upstairs. I had already laid out a blanket on the floor and had brought over a hand towel and a bath towel. I got undressed down to my boxer briefs, debating in my mind whether or not to take them off too. I told myself that professional massages are usually done nude under a towel or sheet so I took them off. That was a good rationalization, but my cock started to stir after I took them off and was naked in my living room. I laid face down on the floor and reached for the bath towel to cover up. But on second thought, I took the hand towel and just covered my ass with that.

My cock was still swelling as I started to wonder what this massage would lead to. I had a feeling that if I give Wade the go signal he would be all over me. I admit that I was a bit curious, but I didn’t really know what I would be willing to do.

I was laid down with my head turned to the side looking away from the staircase when he came in.

“OK, I found the oil, you look ready to get started.” He said.

Then he dimmed the lights and kneeled down beside me. ” Are you sure you want to keep that towel on?” He asked with a giggle.

“Yeah I think I better,” I said with a nervous laugh. “I don’t want you to get any ideas.”

“Too late for that! But don’t worry, I’ll be strictly professional like promised”

I closed my eyes as Wade rubbed the first bit of oil into my back. He used quite a bit of oil and got it spread over my back shoulders and neck in long strokes. It felt great and I started relaxing immediately. True to his word the massage was starting very professional and he was actually quite talented. He quickly found knots and took his time to work on them. He worked some oil into my left arm and massaged from the shoulder down to my hand. The massage on my hand was, while strictly professional, still very sensual. He took my hand between his and rubbed it with his palm and then massaged each finger individually. He stroked my middle finger up and down a few times almost like it was a cock. This image got stuck in my mind and I couldn’t help but imaging him doing this to my dick. Sure enough I started getting hard again. He repeated the process on my other arm and gave me the same finger treatment on the other side.

I was definitely enjoying this, not only the great massage but also the sexual tension that was in the air. It was exciting.

Then he positioned himself so that he was kneeling on the floor in front of my head and ran his hands up and down my back with long strokes finishing just at the point where the towel covered my ass. It felt great. He continued like this a little more with every stroke going a little further down so that his fingers starting going under the towel slightly. The longer the stroked the more he was leaning over me and I felt his shirt brushing against my head as his fingertips started going over the very top off my ass. I wasn’t sure how professional this was but it felt great and my hard-on was swelling even more. The last couple of strokes a finger slid down just the top of my ass crack, not enough to be obviously probing or anything but just enough so that we both were very aware of it.

I was kind of in a dreamy state when he said “OK, I’ll move down to your legs now.”

I found myself a bit disappointed that he didn’t go a little farther, but I didn’t say anything.

As he rubbed the oil into my legs he asked me if I was enjoying it so far.

“It’s fantastic Wade, you’ve really got great hands”

“My mouth is even better, but you didn’t want to bet for that,” He said in his devious voice. I had my eyes closed but I could just see the grin on his face. I couldn’t help smiling.

He started on my calves and really worked them over. Then he did my feet, which are normally very ticklish. But he had a firm grip and with the oil it didn’t tickle at all. I found the foot massage very sensual like the hands and this did nothing to abate my hard-on, which was really starting to get uncomfortable.

After my feet he started in on my left hamstring and started long strokes up and down the muscles from the back of my knee right up to the bottom of my ass. I wasn’t sure how much the little hand towel covered I was pretty sure he could look up between my legs and see my balls. He quickly started going higher on my leg with is thumbs digging in along the muscle and his fingers going up each side of my leg. His right hand was going high up between my legs and I was sure he was getting close to my balls. I was so hard at that moment. I wanted more. On his last stroke up my left leg his fingers brushed lightly against my balls and I inadvertently let out a little “umm”

He moved himself over to work on my right hamstring and as he was moving I spread my legs open further. I guess he took noticed this because this time he straddled my leg instead of kneeling next to it. He repeated the same types of strokes on this side but was even more bold going up onto the bottom of my ass with one hand and high up my in between my legs with the other. The tips of his fingers would just barely touch my nuts at the top of every stroke and I new that he was very aware of it. My breathing was getting heavy. My heart was beating fast and my cock was rock hard.

Then he adjusted himself again. He spread my legs open a little further and kneeled between them. He ran a hand up each leg from the calf to my ass. His hands went right up under the towel cupping an ass cheek in each hand. He repeated this stroke several times and the hand towel fell away as he did this. I wasn’t about to mention him being unprofessional. It was too damn good, I wanted more. I didn’t even think about what I wanted, I just wanted more. I was in his hands and he could do what he wanted with me.

Then his hands concentrated on my ass. Kneading the cheeks pulling them apart and pushing them back together. His oily fingers ran up and down my crack. I was so hot, so excited I thought I might come just like that. Then is hands slowed and lifted off my ass.

“Turn over”

I was in a bit of a dream state and replied “What?”

“Time to turn over, so I can work your front.”

This snapped me back to reality as I had a raging hard-on and I was completely naked. He noticed me hesitating and said “Here, I’ll put the towel back in place, go ahead and roll-over”

He held the towel over me as I turned over and then laid it down gently over me. The top was at about my navel and the bottom just covered my balls. But in reality, it wasn’t hiding anything. My excitement was obvious and looking down as I was I could see the head of my cock peaking out at me from under the towel, but Wade could only see the obvious form of it tenting the terrycloth.

He grabbed one ankle and spread my leg out to one side and I moved the other one to spread my legs even wider. He kneeled again between my legs and rubbed oil generously into my thighs.

He had one hand on each thigh and again started the longs strokes up to the towel and then down to my knees. I looked down at him and he looked me right in the eyes. I saw the hunger there and I knew that he wanted more. I knew that I was horny as hell and that I wanted more too, but I just laid my head back and closed my eyes. I preferred to just concentrate on the sensations and not worry about what that “more” might be.

Wade’s strokes moved higher and higher running up the middle of my thighs, along the outside of my hips and then in a fluid motion he would bring both hands down to meet just under my balls and then down the inside of my thighs. I was so hard, and so ready. With each stroke he moved the caresses closer and closer to my cock. The towel got pushed in and bunched around my cock.

I reached down and folded the sides of the towel into the middle so my cock was still covered but his strokes could move in closer. He instantly took the cue and was soon rubbing everything but my cock and balls. He was just patiently teasing me, waiting for me to ask for it.

Now his strokes started getting faster and his hands were running from my knees all the way up to my chest, criss-crossing and circling my cock that was still just barely hidden by the towel.

I couldn’t wait any longer and reached down and pulled off the towel.

My cock sprang free, fully erect and pulsing. As soon as I was uncovered he went down on me. His mouth engulfed my cock and his hands reached up and grasped one of my hands in each of his. His mouth slid up and down my shaft with pure hunger, our hands clasped together and I started humping my hips up and down. My back arched up off the floor as I drove my cock to the back off his throat and shot my load into his mouth…

“Uhhh… …ummmm…” My cock pulsed as I kept coming in little aftershocks after the initial gush.

(To be continued)

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Bob wrote

Glad there will be more because this was fucking erotic and turned me on was sad it ended.