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Pregnant and in Need

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The sobbing was barely audible over the background of the store’s announcements about their various specials, the steady rumble of buggies passing, and various conversations of customers going about their business. I was just there to pick up a couple of things for a late night snack to keep me going at the office.

I was trying to complete my task amongst the crowd of people in the oversized store that seemed to sell everything that China has to offer.

As I looked over the incredible variety of soups before me, I couldn’t block out the sobbing sounds I heard coming from just beyond the end of the aisle. Looking up, I turned my head towards the noise. A lady who looked to be in her mid-twenties was the source of the sound. Aside from the distressed look on her face, she was striking even though her cheeks and neck were a little chubby. Her hair was nearly black it was so dark and it appeared to be long and straight. She couldn’t be much over five foot tall, causing her head to be the only thing exposed over the clothes rack she was standing behind.

I bet a guy has something to do with that I thought to myself and returned my attention to the soups. Chicken noodle, cream of chicken, reduced sodium chicken … where the hell is the chicken and rice? Again, my concentration was broke constantly hearing this lady sobbing. I couldn’t help but notice that not a single person stopped to see what was wrong with this lady despite a constant flow of people passing by.

You’re better than that. I’ll just go over and see if there is anything I can do for her. I doubt she’ll say much to me anyway so I’ll be able to get back to picking out my snack and return to work with a little bit of self-satisfaction.

“Are you okay ma’am? Is there anything I can do?” I asked as I approached her. Slowly looking up, she sniffed and parted her lips, but instead of speaking she just started crying louder. Shit, this was a mistake. I’m committed now.

I inched closer around the clothes rack she was hiding behind. As she turned, it wasn’t her face or large breast that were split like a open hands awaiting to be grasped that caught my attention it was her large belly sticking out towards me. She’s pregnant. Without warning, I felt my dick start to stiffen. This isn’t right, I said to myself. She’s clearly in distress, pregnant, and I’m getting horny. What’s wrong with you?

“Can I help?” I said as my dick continued to grow.

“I’m not sexy anymore.” she managed to blurt out.

“I’m a cow now and there’s nothing here that will fit my fat ass anymore!”

With that, she lurched towards me wrapping her hands around me as she sobbed in my chest. My hands automatically wrapped around her pulling her into me as I tried to reassure her.

“It’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with you. You’ve never looked more sexy than now.” I said without having the slightest idea of what she was like before she got knocked up but I could only assume she was knockout.

“Pregnant women are so … so sensual. It makes you look hot and more womanly than ever.”

“You’re just saying that.” she said as her sobbing trailed off and she looked up at me with a slight smile through red eyes still full of tears.

“No, really, there’s just something about pregnancy that makes a woman more appealing.” I said as I questioned what I was doing. She’s clearly in need and here I am trying to work my way under her giant belly.

“You’re so full of shit! He won’t even touch me anymore and I’ve never been so horny. I can’t even take care of myself because my giant belly gets in the way.”

I couldn’t help but laugh a little at the mental image of her rolling around like a beached whale trying to get herself off. She knew the image I had in my mind and smiled giving me a playful slap on my chest.

“You’ve got to admit that’s got to be a funny sight to witness.” I said as I continued to chuckle.

“That’s awful. Here I am frustrated, hormonal, crying in a store, and hugging someone I don’t even know and you’re making fun of me.” Although scolding, the tone was playful, confirmed by her smile and giggling.

“I can’t help it. I’m being serious though. A woman who is pregnant is so sexy.” I said giving into my desires.

She broke off her hug with me and stared at the clothing beside her with a serious look returning to her face.

“He hasn’t looked at me with any interest in months. I’ve tried to wear sexy stuff, but nothing fits me. I’m so horny, but I’m a bloated whale. How can anyone love this? How could anyone want this or even get hard-on looking at this?” she said as she looked down towards her protruding belly holding her hands out to present herself for inspection. For the first time I had a chance to take in her beauty. Her hair was long, all the way down to the top of her ass. Although her face and neck had extra fat, the remainder of her body didn’t show any signs of pregnancy fat other than the exceptional growth of her breast resting on top of either side of her very large belly. She was as short as I thought, so much so that her head only reached the middle of my chest. I suppose I took too long to admire her.

“See? I’m huge and repulsive.”

“That’s not fair. You’re pregnant. You’re beautiful, sexy, and desirable in your own right. Truth be told, you’ve made me hard as a rock.” I said surprised at my own blunt response.

“You’re just trying to make me feel good.” she said with a smile as she glanced towards my crotch.

“No, you’re actually making me horny as hell right now.” I said as I pulled her into me even though I realized her belly would prevent her from feeling my swelling cock.

“He said I was paranoid about my size and left after we argued saying that I better figure out how to get home on my own.” She started to sniffle a little again.

“That really doesn’t seem like the right thing to say to a woman whose the mother of your child. That’s just wrong.”

“Well he did.” she said as she pressed her face against my chest. I could feel her belly pressing against me and my hard-on was raging even more by now. I really need to end this and just help this lady out.

“Where’s he at?”

“He left. I saw him go out the the door and I can’t call a friend to take me home because I just moved here.”

“How are you getting home then?”

“I don’t now. He left me here without a ride.”

“I’m just a couple of blocks away. I’ll tell you what, how about I take you back to my office, allow you to settle down a little and give him a chance to figure out how dumb he is?”

“But I don’t even know you.” she said with a bit of protestation in her voice.

“At least at my office you can calm down and figure out what you want to do.” With that, I reached into my pocket and handed her my business card. I suppose my genuine concern for her well-being along, my dress attire (a suite, tie, overcoat), and my profession, as indicated on my business card, as an accountant made her feel at ease.

“Well, I suppose it’s better than standing here crying.” she said smiling at me.

Soon enough we were walking towards my car after checking out. She was holding my hand to steady herself in the snow covered parking lot, but at the same time I couldn’t help but think that she was holding on to me for other reasons because her fingers interlaced between mine while she rubbed her thumb along my index finger.

The drive to my office was short and I held my hand out to help her across the packed snow into the door. How can her ass look so tight despite carrying a baby I thought to myself.

“There’s a couch over there if you want it or a couple of chairs in there.” I said nodding towards the available furniture. Noting her indecisiveness, I guided her to the conference room so she could keep me company while I tried to get some work done.

“I’ve got two secretaries, but they’re actually out enjoying their lives this evening while I’m trying to get caught up.” I said pointing to the piles of receipts and other paperwork scattered throughout the conference room.

“You really think I’m sexy?” she asked ignoring my smalltalk.

“Well, ya. I meant every word.” I said as I started shuffling papers and trying to figure out where I needed to pick-up from again.

“How come?”

“I don’t suppose I can really say. There’s just something about a pregnant lady that makes me so damn horny.” I said without hesitation, but stopping my paper shuffling.

With that, she smiled and began walking towards me as she bit at her lower lip and looked into my eyes with innocent doe eyes.

“You can’t keep doing that.” I protested. “I’ll never get any work done if you keep that up. Besides, we’ve got to figure out how to get you a ride home.”

“You’re the only ride I’m interest in right now.” she said smiling as she began rubbing a swollen breast.

Did I really hear that right? I’m not like that. I’m married, I’m committed. I’m just trying to help someone out in a time need despite my arousal. She’s just in a vulnerable state right now and it wouldn’t be right, on so many levels it wouldn’t be right.

“Don’t you want me?” she said with a bit of hesitation in her voice.

“Well, ya, but you’re pregnant with someone guy’s baby. I’m married. You’re just stressed right now and I’m not sure you’re thinking this through clearly.”

“But I’m still a woman with needs.” she said as she tugged at the bottom of her shirt while leaning against my conference table.

“You want to take care of my needs don’t you? I really need a man right now. I need a cock so bad.”

“Jesus. I … I …” was all I could fumble out of my mouth as I felt myself moving towards her and giving into my desires.

Knowing she had the upper hand, she began unbuttoning her shirt as I approached. Her belly popped out pushing her shirt to the sides while her breast, cradled in their purple holders, came into view. She pulled at her jogging pants while wiggling herself onto the conference table revealing her purple bikini panties.

She spread her legs as I stood between them and she started working on my clothes. Soon enough, she had my tie and shirt off and undid my pants allowing them to drop the floor along with my boxers. I stepped out of them as she removed her bra and lay back on the papers covering the table. I tugged her panties down and discarded them among our pile of clothes. The beauty of what was before me struck me.

The exceptional darkness of her huge aureoles were striking against her pail skin. Her tits drooped to the sides but were full enough to defy gravity with her large nipples pointing skyward. Her belly reminded me of beer belly, but it was so different at the same time. It jetted out from her tiny body and was capped by her bellybutton straining against the forces behind it. After her bellybutton, her belly suddenly sucked back leaving her pubic mound flat reflecting what was once a tone, tight stomach. Her pubes were dark and showed months of growth. Despite a fully bush, she couldn’t hide her large, long, dark pussy lips that showed a glint of wetness on them with a little creamy button peaking from her clit’s hood.

“You like?” she asked as she spread herself before me on the conference table.

“How couldn’t I?” I responded as I soaked up the woman who was before me: large tits capped with dark and large nipples, giant belly exhibiting a cum shot that got by and impregnated her, large dark pussy lips ready to be flapped by my tongue, and ass crying to be cradled.

With that, she grasped a nipple in each hand and squeezed out a drop or two of breast milk while closing her eyes and letting out a sigh of ecstasy.

I pulled up a chair as I started kissing her inner thigh. I worked my way up until my cheek pressed against her pussy and then turned my attention to the other leg doing the same thing. She was wiggling and moaning softly as I teased my way around her pussy.

“Don’t tease me like that! Fuck’n eat me already!”

With that, I lowered my face into her pussy and sucked a long lip into my mouth.

“Ah, ya.” she sighed as she felt her lip enter my mouth. Releasing the lip, I sucked the other in my mouth as she started grinding her pussy into my face. Her lips were so long and thick, they felt like they were filling my mouth. With a lip still in my mouth, my tongue darted out and I let it slide into her pussy.

She gasped as she felt my tongue enter her and her muscles contracted around my tongue pulling it in further. Focusing my attention on her hole, my tongue repeatedly reached in as far as possible, curling, and drawing back out a mixture of my saliva and her juices. My thumb reached for her clit while my hand rested against the bottom of her belly. The second my thumb made contact, she gasped and her thighs squeezed around my head. She became silent as her body stiffened with the only movement being her pussy muscles repeatedly contracting around me tongue.

“Uhhh.” she groaned as she finally drew in a breath of air and release her grasp around my head.

“It feels like forever since I’ve came. I nearly forgot how good it feels.”

Normally, I would look up during this point to enjoy the afterglow on the face of woman finishing her orgasm, but all I could see was the underside of a giant belly heaving up and down with her strained breaths. My cock twitched at the sight, not repulsed but full of lust.

On either side of the protruding belly, I saw a pair of hands extended motioning me up. Giving her clit a quick french kiss causing her to shudder, I stood up grabbing her hands to pull her up towards me simultaneously. Our mouths met and tongues explored as our hands roamed each others’ bodies. I worked my way down her neck to her tit and inhaled her nipple. Despite having her nipple fully engulfed in my mouth, I could still see her dark aureole it was so large. As I sucked, I could feel a little liquid enter my mouth. It was warm, tangy, and didn’t remind me of milk.

“Och. Careful, my nipples are so sensitive.”

I was thankful because I really did not like the taste in my mouth. With less aggressiveness, I sucked her nipples slowly while her breathing once again increased.

“I want some cock now.” she whispered as she grasped my head and pulled me up to her lips. As we kissed, I positioned my cock against her opening. As I started to press forward, my head entered her but then I was stopped by her belly. We both knew the problem and she smiled as she slid back on her elbows allowing her belly to move back further and my cock free access to her. I failed to brace myself so as she leaned back my cock slid completely in her.

“God yes.” she whimpered as her eyes closed and she smiled.

I held my position initially to enjoy the feeling of her wrapped around my cock. Her muscles initially contracted as I entered, but they began to relax as her tunnel embraced the feeling of a cock filling her up. Leaning back upright, I enjoyed the sight of my cock sliding in and out of her pussy; her dark, long pussy lips clinging around my cock with each withdrawal. Her juices clung to my cock making it shimmer in the office’s light.

I reached up with one hand to massage her breast while my other hand found her clit and started rubbing her button in slow circular motions.

“Fuck me. Fuck me hard!” she demanded.

Initially I was concerned about hurting her baby, but the feeling of her around my cock and her demands quickly quashed that concern. I began thrusting into her with all my might causing the conference table to squeak as her tits jiggled with each thrust.

“Harder! Harder you motherfucker! Fuck me harder!”

I couldn’t believe my ears.

“You like get’n fucked on my table don’t you?” I responded. You dirty little whore, I’ll make you scream if that’s what you want I said to myself.

“Yesss, fuck me harder!”

To steady myself and provide additional leverage, I grabbed the tops of her thighs and pulled her into me with each thrust. She groaned and grunted with each thrust as her hands searched for something on the table to clinch. Papers were sliding around as she repeatedly grabbed handfuls and crumpled them in her fists.

After several minutes of full force fucking, sweat was dripping from my face and my body was covered in sweat. The slapping sound of our bodies crashing into each other was filling the office along with our animalistic grunts. Her pussy continued to contract around my cock with each thrust and her pussy juices combined with my sweat, causing a squishing sound as I entered her.

“I’m cumming!” I shouted through clinched teeth.

“Pump that cum in me. Harder, harder!”

My first load shot up my shaft as I buried my cock as deep into her as I could.

“Fuck ya, I cumming!” she squealed as I felt her muscles contracting around my throbbing cock. I stood pressed as hard and far into her while the second, third, forth, and fifth spurts of cum raced through my cock. My cock continued to twitch from the orgasm and her muscles trying to milk more cum from me than I had to offer.

I slumped over her belly caressing her heaving tit as I caught my breath. My cock slipped out of her and dangled onto the table in pool of sweat, pussy juice, and my own cum dripping from her pussy that had accumulated in front of her ass cheeks on the conference table.

“I needed that so bad.” she huffed.

“I needed that too.” I said chuckling a little as I saw the mess my conference room had become.

As we lay there catching our breaths and recovering, I heard a popular pop song coming from her pants. I reached for her sweatpants handing them to her to recover her phone. She looked at it and rolled her eyes as she read the text message.

“He says he’s sorry and he’s on his way back to pick me.” she said with disdain.

“I guess I better get you back to the store then.”

“No.” she said as her fingers scampered across her phone’s keypad.

“We’re not done yet.” she murmured as she typed.

I started to grow a little concerned, but not enough to stop my cock from growing again as I thought about more sex with her.

“I just told him I’m still too upset to see him yet.” she said as read his next text. Again, her fingers were a blur on the keypad.

“I told him to give me thirty minutes to cool off and then I’d meet him in the woman’s clothing section.” she said tossing her phone on the pile of papers scattered on the table not waiting for a response.

“Okay. So, now what?” I said seriously questioning what we were supposed to do now.

“I see you’re just about ready for another round.” she said as she sat up and started running her fingers along my half erect shaft. The feeling of her warm, sweaty hands on my cock quickly made it stiffen again to its full glory.

“Do you have any lube?”

“Lube?” I said inquisitively with a note of innocence.

“Yes, lube. I want you to fuck my ass this time.”

My cock twitched as the words left her lips and her hand gave my cock a playful tug nearly making me cum again. I’ve never fucked a woman’s ass. I’ve always wanted to, but was far to conservative and that was certainly off limits according to my wife despite my suggestions early in our relationship that we give it a try. My mind quickly took an inventory of every slick liquid in the office.

“The first aid kit!” I shouted as I realized the antibiotic ointment in there would probably work perfectly. With that, I sprinted from the room wearing only my shoes with my cock swinging around as I heard laughter coming from the conference room.

Upon my return with the proper lube, I was greeted by her leaning over the conference table trying to finger her pussy. Her belly was nearly too much of an obstacle for her, but with her leg propped up on a chair, she had gained access to herself. Her tits dangled against the top of table while she leaned against her forearm to support herself off the table.

“That’s a nice sight.” I said as I fumbled with the tube’s cap.

“I couldn’t resist playing a little.”

Based on my response earlier and eager sprint from the room, she assumed this was my first time having anal sex and figured she’d better give me a little instruction.

“Put some on my hole, a lot on your cock, and work your finger in me a little bit first. Just take your time working your way in because I haven’t had a cock in my ass in a long time and … well, you’re pretty big, so I’ll have to get adjusted to you.”

Looking down, I realized that although my cock was only average length I had a lot of girth. I smiled at the compliment she gave me while I started working the lube onto my cock. Putting a generous glob on my index finger, I started towards her puckered asshole. The contrast between her asshole and pussy was rather drastic. Her pussy was dark, meaty, and sopping wet whereas her asshole was light colored, drawn up tightly like a disapproving mouth, and looked to be in need of lubrication. It also had a few wisps of hair surrounding it, but was nothing like the pubic hairs surrounding her pussy that were still soaking wet from our combined juices.

My finger reached out and touched her asshole. She gasped as I started to work my finger and the lube around and in her asshole. My finger started to press into her hole and her muscle contracted to block its advance.

“More lube.” she mumbled.

I squeezed a giant glob directly on her asshole this time and started to work my finger in again. Her ass contracted but slowly opened up to allow my finger to freely penetrate her and work the lube into her. Her hips wiggled slowly as my knuckle reached her entry and pressed further until it was completely buried in her ass.

“Mmmm. Give me two.” she cooed.

Placing another generous glob of lube on her asshole, I pulled out my finger and started working the second finger in alongside my first.

“Oh, easy.”

I continued to work my fingers into her until they were moving freely in her ass. Her hips began swaying with each push and her breathing picked up.

I pulled my fingers out and aligned my cock. As I pressed forward holding my cock, I didn’t think this was going to work because my head wasn’t going in and my cock, although rock hard, was starting to bend from the pressure. She suddenly relaxed her asshole allowing my head to pop in but then quickly contracted again pulling on my head while denying the remainder of my shaft entry.

“Oh, god!” she groaned as she struggled to push herself up from the table.

Allowing her to adjust to the intrusion and me to the sensation, I slowly started to push again. Inch by inch, my cock slowly disappeared into her asshole while she grunted but held still until my pubic bone was flat against her ass.

I stood there for a moment enjoying the feeling of her asshole grasping my cock and the look of her perfectly toned ass cheeks spread out. I reached forward to gather her ass-length hair into a bundle and slowly withdrew my cock until my head was pulling against her asshole then I slid back in. She groaned with approval as I began a rhythm.

“Fuck my ass. Fuck it harder!” she quickly started grunting.

I pulled on her hair to pull her into me as I thrust forward. I could feel my balls slapping against her pussy lips while her pussy coated them with her juices with each thrust.

“Fuck me. Fuck my little asshole!”

Her ass was so tight and contracting around me so hard that I knew I couldn’t hold off much longer. I pumped hard and fast pulling at her hair causing her head to arch back.

“Make me cum! Harder!”

“Fuck, I can’t hold off!” I grunted as I felt my cock swelling. Stream after stream shot from my cock filling her asshole. I thought I was drained before, but the cum jetted out like I hadn’t fucked in a year.

“Felt like big load.” she sighed approvingly as I slumped over her back slowly releasing her hair.

“I can’t believe how good your ass felt.”

“Ya, that felt so good I came twice: once when you first entered me and again when I felt your cum in me.”

We laid with my cock slowly going limp in her ass for a few moments while we both caught our breaths. I slowly pulled my cock out and watched as her asshole tried to close back but remained stretched allowing a view into her gaping hole filled with my cum. I was fascinated by the contractions of her asshole trying to close and push my cum from deep inside her. Grabbing some tissues, I wiped her asshole and my cock.

We gathered our clothing and left for the store. As I pulled up to the opposite entrance we used previously, she leaned over giving me a tongue filled kiss.

“I’m going to make him eat me out tonight for being such a jerk. He’ll just think the taste is different because I’m pregnant, but it’ll be because he’s eating your cum.” she said smiling wickedly. With that, she reached over, squeezed my cock that was growing from her dirty little mind, and she opened the door exiting my car. As I drove off, I couldn’t help but smile thinking about him eating my cum and the mess of paperwork, cum, and sweat spread across my conference table.

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