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Getting High At Work

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I never come into the office on the weekends. There’d never been a need to come in after hours except the one time I left early and forgot my cell phone in my desk. Served me right. But today I had to come into the office to finish preparing documents for a trial on monday. My boss was out of town and had emailed me late friday night in a panic asking me to create exhibit folders for the Judge and opposing counsel. Since I didn’t have any plans anyway I told her I would and here I was.

Before I’d left my apartment I’d rolled several joints, created a playlist on my iPhone and made a thermos of coffee and once i’d gotten to the office I opened the windows and turned off the air conditioner and lit the first joint.

I turned on the desk fan next to me to help blow the smoke out the window and lit a few candles that we kept around to help clients feel at ease. With the phones set to forward calls, I turned on my playlist and put in the earbuds, adjusting the volume to block out the sounds of traffic from the street below. I knew the offices were empty so I wasn’t shy about singing along and dancing down the hallway to pull the client’s files, being careful as I went not to drop ash all over the floor. I find the file I’m looking for and dance my way back to the copy room. With the A/C off, even with the breeze from outside, the office was warm. I’d worn the casual version of what I always wore to work, jeans and a nice shirt, only rather than a nice shirt I was just wearing a cheap t-shirt that was a little too tight over a little tank top that barely held in my tits, I’d gone with out a bra, relying only on the built in elastic of the tank top for support since I didn’t plan on being at the office for too long.

I put the file down on the table and peel off my t-shirt, tugging the tank top up in effort to keep from falling out of it. I snap my fingers, remembering that my boss had sent me a list of things to include and went to turn on my computer to print out the email so I didn’t have to use my phone. Leaning over the back of the chair pushed under the desk, I shake my hips to the music as I log into the computer and open my email. I open the email I was looking for and print the list.

I took one last hit from the joint, burning my fingertips as I did and put it out on the metal edge of the work table. I held the smoke in until the room started to spin and I felt the muscles in my back relax. “Shit.” I said aloud, but could hardly hear myself over the music and my blood in my ears. I rocked back on my heels as I exhaled and felt my knees buckle. I bent over the table, holding myself on my elbows, waiting for my vision to clear. I felt something move behind me but didn’t have time to move before I was pushed down on the table, someone was pressing into me, pushing my back down with one hand and pinning my hips against the table with their own. I yelped and tried to push myself up, but the hand between my shoulder blades was firm, holding me down. I could feel the man pressed against my ass laugh at my struggle and I shook my head to get the ear buds out of my ears.

“Haha, look at this bitch struggle.”

I froze when I heard a second laugh, “let me go.” I demanded with false bravado.

The third and fourth laughs destroyed any confidence of being let go and despite the fear that gripped me I felt my body tighten and my pussy begin to ache.

“What are you going to do? You’re too stoned to fight back.” The first voice demanded. He pushed harder against me and reached his free hand between my legs, grabbing me roughly, “besides, you’re gonna like this.” He laughed and easily unbuttoned the jeans so he could reach into my panties. “Look at this,” he said to the other men as his fingers pushed into my pussy, “she’s already dripping wet. You want this don’t you, bitch.” He demanded, pushing two fingers roughly into my tight hole.

I fought to keep from crying out as his fingers worked me, silently telling myself I shouldn’t be enjoying this attack, “please,” my voice was pathetic.

“Please what?” He laughed cruelly, shoving a third finger inside of me as he used his other hand to pull my pants down around my knees.

I fought to keep my breathing steady as my heart started to race, a tell tale sign of the building orgasm that I didn’t want, or that I didn’t want him to know about at least.

“Look at that,” one of the other voices said, “she’s trying not to come.”

My head swam as the men all laughed and the first mans fingers deftly attacked my g-spot, “no, fuck, please, no, no.” My voice was high and my hips betrayed me, bucking against the intruding hand, “Oh, fuck, yeah, oh, god, fuck.” I started screaming as the orgasm won out and I could feel my pussy tighten and gush around the fingers, which never let up the assault.

“That’s what I thought, you’re a complete slut.” He pulled his fingers out of me and shoved them into my mouth, “clean up this mess,” he demanded.

I sucked on his fingers one at a time, unable to take all three at once in my mouth, slurping up my juices.

“Jim, get the rope, let’s make sure this bitch can’t stop us.”

At the mention of rope I tried to stand upright, but someone pushed me roughly down on the table, “uh uh, you’re not going anywhere until we say so, and we haven’t said so yet.”

I tried to turn my head to get a look at them but as soon as I did I was slapped hard on the ass, “don’t do that.” I turned my head back so I was staring at the table, tears welling up in my eyes as it really dawned on me what was happening. My tank top was peeled off of me and two men took either arm and wrapped a length of rope around either wrist, pulling my arms tight and tying the other end of the rope to the legs of the table so that I couldn’t stand up at all and my arms were useless.

“Please, please don’t hurt me, I won’t tell anyone if you just leave now.”

“We promise we won’t hurt you, unless you fight back. You’ll enjoy this if you let yourself.” I heard the distinct sound of fabric tearing and then darkness as something soft was tied tightly over my eyes. Fingers found my cunt again, still recovering from the orgasm and I found that I couldn’t even fight as my jeans and panties were peeled down my legs one leg at a time. As soon as I was free of the jeans my feet were pushed roughly apart so I couldn’t even use them to hold me up and I was lying on my chest against the table. I tried to pull my feet back under me but a length of rope was quickly secured on each ankled and then attached to the table.

The fingers in my pussy were working another orgasm out of me that I was fighting still, twisting as much as I could to pull my knees together but more rope pulled my knees apart so I was completely helpless to resist.

I could hear zippers and the sound of pants falling to the floor behind me but was still caught by surprise as the fingers disappeared and were replaced by a hard cock pushed just inside my assaulted pussy.

“Oh damn, her pussy is even better than I thought.” I heard behind me as he slowly pushed himself into me, stretching and filling me slowly before pulling back out and doing it again. “Fuck, her pussy is so tight, when was the last time you were fucked?”

I shook my head, refusing to answer him.

“How long!” He yelled, slamming into me hard, pulling a cry from me. When I still refused to answer he pulled out quickly and slammed back into me harder, demanding again “how long?” with each hard thrust.

I felt another orgasm starting to build in the pit of my stomach as he fucked me and I gave in to the sensation, wishing I could reach my clit to speed up the inevitable pleasure.

“She’s gonna come again.” Someone said above me.

“Not.if.i.come.first.” He said, accentuating each word with a thrust and I felt him pull out of me and then felt the sticky heat of his jizz landing on my back.

I was left feeling empty and unsatisfied, so close to coming but unable to reach that release with nothing in my pussy. Without meaning to I moaned, a pathetic whiny sound that made it clear I was enjoying myself now.

“You hear that boys? She wants it.” I felt him step back and another person take his place.

This one didn’t hesitate behind me before slamming the length of him deep into me, pulling a scream from me as he found a pace that hardly allowed me to breathe. He reached his arm around so his fingers could find my button and he pinched my clit roughly before furiously rubbing the sensitive nub.

The pain was intense but I could feel the orgasm coming on strong as he pounded into me and I found myself grunting with each thrust as I got nearer and nearer to coming.

“Hey, look at this, she has an iPhone… you know you can get porn on these?” One of the men was talking around me, “I’ve got an idea.”

I wondered for a second what the idea was but the sudden pressure at my ass hole pulled my attention back to the man behind me.

“No, please, not my ass.” I started crying, afraid of the pain I’d heard about from friend who’d done anal.

“I think she’s still got her black cherry.” He laughed as he pressed his thumb just inside my ass. “Did you bring the lube?” he asked the other men but I never got to hear the response as my earbuds were pushed back into my ears and the fabric blindfold was pulled down to hold them in. At first there was only silence but the volume was slowly brought up and I could hear that he’d found porn. From the sounds of it the girl in the video was in the middle of a strong orgasm and I found myself getting even more worked up.

“Oh, fuck, oh, god.” I found myself yelling with each thrust, overwhelmed by the sensation of his cock in my pussy. I tensed slightly as he pulled my ass apart and the sudden cold of lube dropping onto my exposed asshole but I knew if I fought it it’d be worse so I took a deep breath and tried to relax.

I expected a finger at first but whatever pushed against my asshole was colder and larger than a single finger. I expected it to be met with resistance but the lube did it’s job and before I could protest more the feeling of my asshole being filled took my breath away and a few solid thrusts in my pussy in addition to the feel of my ass being filled brought me screaming, my pussy clenching hard on the cock in me and I could feel his rhythm change as he started pounding me even harder, keeping me coming until he pulled out of me and shot his load across my back.

As I caught my breath I realized that while my cunt was now empty, my ass was still stuffed. I tried to push the intruding object out but it was securely in place. Still shaking from the orgasm, I was unable to fight as I felt my ankles being untied and the ropes around my knees were loosened. I started to put my feet more securely under me but instead was lifted at the waste so that my knees were on the table and my plugged ass was high in the air. My knees were pushed apart, spread so I was completely exposed on the table and then I felt the ropes being retied so I couldn’t move my legs at all. The move had shifted me forward and I could feel that my head was at the very edge of the table.

Sounds of sex still filled my ears as I waited for the next assault but it didn’t come and I started fearing I’d been left, tied and exposed until someone came in on the next work day. The thought brought me to tears and I called out, “please, are you there? Don’t leave me like this.”

Because of the earbuds and the sex filling my ears I wasn’t able to hear if anyone responded but finally, after what seemed like hours but was likely mere minutes I felt the heat of someone stepping up behind me again. I found myself quivering in anticipation of having my pussy filled by another cock and was caught off guard by the wet heat of someones mouth covering my entire pussy, a hot tongue pushed into my now well used pussy and began coaxing me back to the edge of orgasm.

Fingers replaced the tongue that moved up to suck on my sensitive clit and soon I was screaming as another orgasm washed over me and I felt a gush of fluid down my leg. Before I’d even finished coming the fingers pulled out of me and were quickly replaced by another hard cock.

He took his time pushing into me, making sure I felt every inch of his dick as he filled me completely. The head of his cock just brushed against my cervix in a sensation that was just short of uncomfortable by the time his balls slapped against me. He started to pull out just as slowly and as he did the plug in my ass started vibrating, very slowly at first but whoever was controlling the vibrations quickly cranked them up. For a solid minute I forgot about the cock in my pussy until he decided he was tired of going slow and he pulled himself completely out of me and then in one hard motion pushed himself completely back in, this time hitting my cervix harder, pulling a cry from me but it wasn’t completely in pain.

A hand grabbed my ponytail and roughly turned my head so that I would have been looking forward if I could see and I recognized the smell of my own pussy juices mixed with jizz under my nose. Done resisting at all I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue, eager to suck on the cock that had at some point recently fucked me.

He held my head so that I couldn’t move and he slowly fed me his cock, waiting until I’d thoroughly cleaned each amount before pushing himself further into my mouth. The smell of my own juices mixed with his was dizzying and I found myself shaking as I started to come again around the cock working my pussy and the buzzing butt plug in my ass. I cried out around the cock in my mouth and he chose that moment to pull my head to his belly, shoving his cock down my throat. I gagged and coughed around him but he held my head tightly so I had to either relax my throat or choke on him. I tried to take a breath so I could relax and as he felt me relax he came hard, hot come spraying the back of my throat and he held me so all I could do was swallow his thick come.

The man behind me hadn’t lost his momentum, even as I came around him and he was still pumping away as I swallowed the load in my mouth. He snaked his arm around so he could play again with my clit and I yelped, unsure I could handle any more of his ministrations. I could feel the vibrations of him talking to the others and I felt the ropes around my wrists and knees loosen and I was lifted and turned over so I was on my back on the table. My head was hanging over the edge of the table and my arms were tied again but my legs were left free and hanging over the table. I’d been moved back on the table so that my feet couldn’t touch the floor beneath me, but I didn’t think my legs would have held me if I could touch the floor.

Another dick slipped into my open mouth, this one soft and smelling like me so I knew it was one that had already had a turn in my pussy. As I sucked and licked the cock I wondered which one it was. Several fingers were in my pussy again and my clit was again covered by a warm mouth sucking and licking the sensitive nub.

On my back, my breasts were exposed and hands grabbed at them, pinching my nipples, pulling on them until I’d cry out around the growing cock in my mouth. There was a mouth on one breast, teeth catching the nipple and biting down until I was arching my back towards him, the pain exquisite.

I felt the mouth and fingers leave my cunt, and I whimpered, so close to reaching another orgasm and having it again taken just out of reach. My legs were lifted over my head and hands wrapped around my ankles, holding me securely. The cock in my mouth was almost completely hard again and he started pumping himself in and out of my mouth.

I felt the plug being pulled out of my ass and was surprised by it being replaced by a tongue. The sensation of the hot, wet muscle gently prodding at the tender hole was unexpected and felt like nothing I’d ever experienced.

The cock in my mouth was now fully hard again and he was fucking my throat slowly, holding my head so I couldn’t fight when the head of his cock gagged me. He pulled himself out again and I expected him to push back in but he waited, keeping just the mushroomed head in my lips. I was left waiting for him to start again but instead noticed that the tongue in my ass was being replaced by something harder and bigger and my legs were pulled back further so that my hips weren’t on the table any more as the cock at my ass slowly pushed passed the stretched rings of my ass.

I gasped at the intrusion, he was bigger than the plug and much longer, filling me more than I’d thought possible. I’d expected it to be more painful than it was and when I found myself loving the sensation I knew I was done putting up even the slightest resistance. The cock in my mouth started pumping me again as the one in my ass started pulling slowly back out, a whole note to the quarter note thrusting down my throat.

I adjusted to the feeling of the seemingly huge cock in my ass and the cock in my mouth and found myself wishing someone would give my empty pussy some attention. I pulled at the ropes around my wrist wanting to finger myself but unable to free myself. I whimpered and found myself asking for them to fill my pussy.

My begging was rewarded with two fingers being roughly shoved into my dripping hole and expertly attacking my g-spot. I gasped at the feeling and started to panic when I felt like I had to pee. I tried to talk around the cock in my mouth, tried to warn them, but they ignored my muffled concern.

Someone climbed onto the table, straddling my chest and soon the fingers in my pussy were joined by a hot mouth on my clit. He sucked on the sensitive bundle while the fingers continued their assault on my g-spot until I was screaming around the cock in my mouth and I felt the gush of juices spray out of my pussy. The fingers slowed but didn’t stop as the person straddling me climbed off.

I was lifted off of the cock in my ass, still hard and held in the air by hands at my hips, lower back and the one in my quivering cunt. The man in my mouth continued to steadily pump down my throat, keeping a rhythm that meant he’d be a while.

I was oblivious to what was going on around me until I was slowly lowered back down onto a cock waiting for my ass. I groaned as my ass was stretched around the intrusion. Hands pushed my ankles up and apart and the fingers in my pussy were suddenly gone but quickly replaced by the flared head of what was easily the largest cock in the room.

I’d been so sure that everyone had had a round in my pussy but as this cock slowly pushed into me half inch at a time, waiting for me to stretch to accommodate his size. I gasped as I was filled with the cock in my ass and this new cock stretching my well used pussy.

The men filled me completely and waited for what felt like an eternity before beginning to pump in and out of my two holes, alternating strokes so the one in my ass was almost completely out of me while the one in my pussy was pressed against my cervix. The feel was overwhelming and I couldn’t focus on the dick still steadily pumping my mouth until he suddenly started pumping away faster, gagging me with the unexpected pickup in speed. He held my head tightly with both hands so I couldn’t pull away as he shot his load down my throat, pressing his belly against my face so I couldn’t do anything but swallow all of his hot cum. He stayed between my lips until he was soft again and then he stepped away, letting my head drop backwards off the table.

“Oh, god. Fuck my pussy and my ass.” I cried out now that my mouth was empty, “oh, that feels so good.”

The earbuds were pulled from my ears and I froze at the sound of men grunting as they fucked my two holes. “Listen to this slut. She loves having both of you fucking her together. Tell them, bitch.”

I shook my head, remembering that I was technically being assaulted, regardless of how much I was enjoying myself.

A hand was at my throat then, cutting off my air. “Don’t you fucking pretend you’re not loving this. Tell these boys how much you love their cocks fucking you together.” He squeezed my neck tighter for emphasis.

“Oh, I love it.” I squeaked out. The hand loosened around me so I could continue, “I love having two cocks fill me together. I’ve never had two cocks together, it feels so good.”

“That’s what I thought, slut.” I heard a lighter strike and recognized the smell of a joint being lit. Someone blew smoke in my face and I took a deep breath, inhaling the shotgun.

“You like that don’t you, getting high while you’re getting fucked by a bunch of men.” He held the joint to my mouth so I could take a drag.

I inhaled deeply, pulling as much smoke into my lungs as possible and when the joint was pulled away I sucked in more air, holding my breath until my lung burned and my head was swimming again. The cocks in my ass and pussy had maintained a steady rhythm while I’d been given the joint but as soon as it was gone they picked up their pace, no longer trying to match each other stroke for stroke, but each independently fucking me at their own pace.

I held my breath through two strokes each but they both started pounding me harder and I couldn’t hold it anymore. I exhaled slowly and someone took my open mouth as an opportunity to shove a semi hard dick between my lips. Now that I was high again I lost anything holding me back and started sucking on the soft dick in ernest, working it until it was hard again. The cock in my ass was pumping into me faster than I could focus on and I heard him grunt as he came, shooting his load deep into my ass. He reached his hand around me and started playing with my clit as the cock in my pussy started to pump me furiously.

“Oh, fuck, oh, god. I’m going to cum again. Fuck my pussy with that huge cock. Oh, god, oh, oh.” I screamed, pulling away from the dick in my mouth as I shuddered and came hard over the cock in my twitching pussy. I bucked my hips, working the cock still buried in my ass as my pussy muscles tightened and quivered around the cock still pumping me. I came so hard I nearly passed out, my muscles relaxing after being so tense during the orgasm. I was delirious in the afterglow of the orgasm and laid on top of the man below me, limp as the cock in my pussy slammed into me, fingers still working my pussy, pulling a twitch and a moan from me every few seconds.

Finally the rhythm changed again, his hips rolling as he came deep inside me, crying out as he did. He fell on top of me then, his chest heaving above me. The fingers at my clit continued to pinch and rub me, but without any pattern.

“Ok boys.” The first voice I’d heard said after a few minutes, “lets get out of here. It’s time for lunch anyway.”

“What should we do with her?” The man under me said as the man on top of me stood upright and pulled himself out of me.

Hands lifted me again so the man beneath me could move, “leave her here. Untie her hand so she can clean herself up once we’re gone.” They spoke about me as if I were nothing. I was lowered back onto the table, arms still spread and bound and my hips hanging off the table. My legs were limp and couldn’t reach the floor beneath me but I couldn’t pull myself up more onto the table. I felt the rope around on wrist loosen but I was too exhausted to try to undo my bonds just yet.

Fingers slid into my pussy, still dripping with an unknown number of men’s cum.

“We’ll come by and visit you again some time.” The first man whispered into my ear, and then the fingers were gone, I heard a door shut and I knew I was alone, naked and still semi bound to the table, cum dripping out of my ass and pussy and I smiled, knowing I’d be anxiously awaiting their next after hour visit.

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Ranking this as my best, u did great