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Its interesting when fantasy and reality come together. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does it’s incredible. This happened just outside of New York, and it was one of the most fantastic nights of my life.

I was in New York on business. I’m a computer contractor, and I was up there installing a new system. We had finished work for the day, and three members of my client company invited me to dinner.

The four of us went to a fantastic seafood place. Then we decided we’d like a couple of drinks, and one of the guys said he knew a great club not to far from there. Five minutes later, the four of us walked into this club.

Frankly, I don’t even remember the name of the place. In all honesty, I found the place pretty boring. After an hour or so, as graciously as I could, I told my hosts I needed to leave. I had to be back at work early the next morning. They offered to drive me home of course, but I told them I would just catch a cab. It wasn’t far, and their company was picking up my expenses anyway. So, they headed back to the bar, and I started for the door.

That’s when things got interesting. Just as I was going to leave, I heard loud voices off to my right. Their were four young ladies at a table. I hadn’t heard what had happened, but one of the women was really upset. She was absolutely screaming at the other three. Then one of the others said something back, and upset girl got up from her seat and stormed away. By sheer luck, she was headed right for me.

The girl was stunning. She was tiny and Asian. With that silky straight black hair that I find so beautiful. She had a face that you just wanted to kiss, and a body that was wonderfully curvy. Not only that, but she was wearing one of those tight black dresses that showed off every curve. So, as she stormed out in my direction, I just moved over a step so that she was sure to crash into me. As angry as she was, and as focused as she still was on her companions, I knew there was no way she would avoid me.

Sure enough, she ran right into me. She actually started to fall, and I wrapped my arms around her to hold her up. The girl actually smiled at that, and if I thought she’d been pretty before, that smile absolutely took my breath away.

She apologized and started to walk away, but I held on and asked her what had happened. She told me she had had a fight with her friends and was going to drive home. The girl was stumbling a bit, and I asked her how much she’d had to drink. She said she’d just had a beer, but whether it was the emotions or just her size, she didn’t appear to be holding it well.

I asked her name and she told me she was Katherine. Then I offered to share my cab with her. She started to insist that she could leave, but I told her she was in no shape to drive. It took a few minutes, but I finally convinced her to come with me. As we were leaving she did ask what we would do about her car, but I told her we would just pick it up the next day.

I hailed a cab, and we got in the back. I gave the driver my address and he began driving. Between the beer and how upset she was, Katherine didn’t even realize where we were going.

As we started to drive, I noticed the girl had tears in her eyes. I asked what was wrong, and she just said that she hated fighting with her friends, but that sometimes she just got so angry she said things she didn’t really mean. I just put an arm around her and pulled her close. She snuggled up next to me, and stayed there the rest of the trip.

About 10 minutes later, we arrived at my hotel. Katherine asked what we were doing there, and I just told her that she didn’t look like she was in any condition to be alone. I had two beds in my room, and she was more than welcome to one. The beautiful girl actually threw her arms around me and thanked me for being so nice. I paid off the driver and lead Katherine up to my room.

We took the elevator up, and I lead her inside. When we were inside, I couldn’t wait any longer. I pulled her to me and just kissed her. She tensed up for a moment, but then she wrapped her arms around my neck and we kissed for several minutes. We were both breathing hard when we broke apart, but Katherine asked me to please not push things. She was just so upset, she didn’t feel she was thinking straight.

My room had one of those little mini-fridges, and I had a few beers in it. I offered her one. At first, she said she shouldn’t drink any more, but I told her it would help her relax and forget about how upset she was. With a little more gentle prodding, Katherine let me pour her the beer.

For the next 20 minutes or so, we just chatted as she drank her beer. I still couldn’t get over how beautiful she was. I admit I really love Asian women, and this girl was a dream.

After she had finished her beer, Katherine seemed much calmer. I asked her if she’d just like to talk for awhile. I had a deck of card in the room. We could just play a little and chat. She said that sounded like fun. She played a little poker, so maybe we could just deal few hands.

For the next half hour or so, we just played a little two handed poker, while I learned as much about my new guest as I could. She was kind of shy, but very sexy. And the beer seemed to relax her a little.

We continued to play, but I moved my chair over nearer to hers. Then, after we finished a hand, I put my arms around her and pulled her to me. She really seemed to like being held. While I held her close, I just brushed my hand across the front of her blouse. She tensed for just a moment, then she relaxed again and I just stroked her breasts a few times. Katherine just snuggled into me, and I continued to hold her close.

After that, I decided to push things a little. I moved my hand down and gently lifted her dress just a little. Then I put my hand under it and just stroked her pussy through her panties very lightly. She reached down and pulled my hand away, but not very forcefully, and I looked over and she had a smile on her face. So I took my hand back and stroked her pussy again.

Katherine looked over at me and asked me to stop. She said she really like the attention, but she was just to worked up to enjoy it. I told her I was sure I could relax her, but she insisted that she was just too tense.

I thought for a moment, and then I told her that I would bet that I could relax her. Katherine asked what I meant, and I told her that I would deal one last hand of poker. If she won, I wouldn’t touch her again. But if I won, her body was mine for the rest of the evening. I’d have the rest of the night to do whatever I wanted to make her relax and feel better. She started to object, but I convinced her to just leave it to the gods and the cards. I don’t know if it was the beer, or my holding her, or some combination of both, but Katherine finally agreed to the wager.

Now, if you think I was leaving this to chance, you’re out of your mind. As I picked the cards up, I quickly arranged it so I had to win. From where Katherine was sitting, there was no way she could see what I was doing. Five minutes later, I laid down 3 aces against her pair of jacks. She was mine.

I had all night with this incredibly beautiful woman, and I was in no hurry. I just pulled her to me and kissed her. GOD! I could have just kissed that gorgeous girl for hours. And she had that silky black hair, that I just couldn’t stop running my hands through. After a while, though, I moved from her mouth to her neck. I just began kissing her neck and rubbing her shoulders. It wasn’t very long before she had her arms around me and was pulling me back to her mouth. I certainly didn’t resist. There was at least another 10 minutes of kissing that incredible woman.

Finally, it was time to move on. I reached around Katherine and unzipped her dress. I just pulled it off her shoulders and let it fall. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her breasts were fantastic. Round, and a little large for an Asian girl. They were soft and lovely, with very dark nipples that were already getting hard.

I moved down from her face and began to kiss her nipples. Katherine was apparently very sensitive there, because her breath got short very quickly and she began to pull me into her chest. As I continued to kiss and fondle her boobs, I pulled her to her feet, so that the dress could fall the rest of the way to the floor. After that, I quickly bent down and pulled her panties off so that they joined her dress on the floor.

When I had her completely nude, I very gently pushed Katherine back onto the bed. For some reason, I really wanted to look at this girl’s pussy. So when I had her down on the bed, I lifted her legs up and apart. For a moment, I just looked at her. Her pussy was covered with that same silky black hair. The lips were kind of thin and still pushed together. It was a really wonderful sight.

Katherine didn’t say a word, as I kept her pussy exposed to my view. But she started to get a funny look on her face and she was licking her lips. So I reached in and pulled it open. It was so nice and pink, and it was already wet. I brushed my had over her clit, and Katherine jumped like she’d been shocked. I did it a couple more times, and her breath started getting really short. As it turned out, this little beauty loved to be touched and rubbing her got her very hot, very fast.

I continued to rub her clit very gently. I wanted to keep her excited, but not allow her to come just yet. Katherine’s breathing got heavier and heavier. Then, she sat up for a moment and pulled me up to my knees. Quickly, she unzipped my pants and pulled my dick out. I was hard as a rock already, of course, from what was going on. Before I could even react, Katherine pushed my hand back between her legs, and sucked my dick all the way into her mouth. Then she wrapped her arms around me to hold me there, and pulled me back down on the bed. We just lay there, me stroking her pussy, and her sucking on me for all she was worth.

That mouth was doing incredible things to me, and the way that girl used her tongue! I felt myself getting close, and actually considered stopping her. But then I figured we had all night, we could do other things later. So I began to rub her clit harder and let myself go. Very shortly, I felt myself reach that point of no return. I thrust deep into her mouth and felt blast after blast of cum shoot in there. A moment later, Katherine joined me and began to moan and writhe around. I continued to rub her clit until her body stopped moving. That seemed to take almost a full minute, and I loved every second of it.

When Katherine had cum, my dick had slipped out of her mouth. But now she was lying still again, so I put it back to her lips. Those beautiful eyes looked up at me for a moment. Then she opened her mouth and let my dick slip back in. I just sat there thinking about what I wanted to do next, while I held her head and let that mouth keep working on me.

After another minute or two, and Katherine was asking me if she could stop. I just told her to keep going. I had other things to do to her, and I needed to be hard. Kathy didn’t argue, she closed her mouth and went back to sucking.

It didn’t take long at all for me to be rock hard again. When I was, I just rolled Katherine onto her stomach. I began by kissing her neck and then going slowly down her spine. I kissed up and down her back a few times. Then I began to just gently rub her neck and shoulders. Kathy let out a little noise, that I swear sounded like purring.

When she seemed completely relaxed, I took one hand and pushed her legs apart. Then I began to softly rub her pussy. Katherine was still sopping wet. Gradually, I began to work my way farther back, until I was rubbing her little asshole as well as her pussy. As I’d go back and forth, I made sure to pull enough juice from her pussy up to lubricate that tight little bottomhole.

With her little anus all wet and slick, I took one finger and began to gently put it inside there. Kathy’s head shot up, and she begged me to stop. I asked her why, and she just said she had never done anything there. I told her to just relax. She started to object again, but I reminded her that I had won her body for the night. With that, Kathy just put her head back down.

After that, I didn’t want to give Kathy a chance to think about it, so I quickly put my finger all the way up there. I could feel her tense up a bit, but she didn’t complain. I began to work the finger in and out, while I took my other hand and began rubbing her clit. That seemed to take the tension out. Very shortly I began to feel her hump back against my hand. With her getting that horny, I quickly added a second finger up her ass.

This time, Kathy didn’t even complain or tense up. If anything, she began to buck harder against my hand. In fact a moment later, she looked back at me and just begged me to put it in. I had every intention of doing that, just not where she expected it.

Quickly, I pulled my hands away and pulled her to her knees. She knew I was going to fuck her, and she got up as fast as she could. I got the feeling she was so horny by now, she could hardly stand it. Then, when I shoved my dick in her pussy, she shoved back so hard against me, I thought she might knock me over.

I stroked into that incredible pussy for a few minutes. It was so tight and hot, it was an incredible struggle not to lose control. But I had other things in mind, and I forced myself to make it. After I had been in her pussy long enough for my dick to be completely soaked in her juices, I pulled it out and carefully placed it at the entrance to her little butthole. Then, before Katherine could register what was happening and react, I began to push it in.

It was incredibly tight, but Katherine was so horny and it was so slick, it slid right in. Katherine made a little sound like her breath was being taken away. She turned back to me and asked me to please take it out. She’d never had one in there before and she wasn’t sure she could take it. I just told her to turn around a relax, she would get used to it. Besides, she had no choice, I had won fair and square so I could be in her ass all I wanted. With that Katherine just turned back around.

I just held myself still in Katherine’s ass, while I reached down and began rubbing her clit again. It didn’t take long for Kathy to get moving again. As she began to push against my hand, I began to slowly stroke in and out of her ass. Dear GOD! that was something. That hole was so tight and so HOT!!!. I knew I wouldn’t last long and I had to make sure that Katherine came with me.

I stroked in an out as slowly as I could, while I began to rub that clit faster and faster. Very soon, I knew that there was not going to be any problem. Katherine’s breath was getting so short and so fast, there was no way she could last more that a few seconds. Sure enough, barely a moment later, my Asian beauty let out a primal sound I can’t even describe. As she did, her incredible asshole clamped down on me so tight I could hardly move. That did it for me. I think I howled like a wolf, as I thrust as far as I could up her butt and came in there for what seemed like forever.

It was so intense, I think that we both may have actually blacked out for a moment. But then, I was just relaxed on top of Katherine, with my dick soft, and tucked nicely up her ass. Reluctantly, I pulled out of that hole, and Kathy actually sounded disappointed as my dick left her ass.

We were both exhausted after that, but I insisted we take a shower together. For one thing I just wanted to see this beautiful woman naked some more, and for another, well I wasn’t done for the night, and frankly I needed to clean some parts after our last episode.

The shower was more sensual than sexual. We washed each other and kissed. I rubbed soap all over her incredible body. Then she insisted on cleaning me. Then after she had washed me completely, she bent down and took my entire cock in her mouth for just a moment and sucked hard on it. I wasn’t really hard, but it still felt great. Kathy just looked at me and told me she thought I would like that, and she wanted to make me feel good. I told her I felt great and I lead her back to bed.

Both us were too wiped out to do anything else for awhile. So I just held onto Katherine and we both fell asleep. At 5:00, my watch alarm went off. I had set it simply to make sure that I woke up before Kathy. I knew how I wanted to wake her. We were both naked of course, so I gently pulled her legs apart. Kathy was lying on her side, so I just tucked my hand between her legs from behind and began to massage her pussy and clit very gently. I wanted Katherine to get wet and horny, but not to completely wake up yet. As exhausted as she had been, I didn’t think that would be a problem.

It didn’t take very long at all. It seemed like less than a minute before I felt Kathy’s pussy literally dripping. She had started to moan and move in her sleep, but she definitely wasn’t awake yet. So I snuggled up against her and entered her pussy from behind.

I began to move in and out very gently, and it wasn’t more than a few seconds before Katherine woke up. She quickly realized what was happening and began to move with me. Then she looked back over her shoulder and gave me one of those incredible smiles.

I grabbed her hips and began thrusting into her harder and harder. Kathy just kept pushing back stroke for stroke. I really don’t know how long that went on. It could have been ten minutes, it could have been forty. All I know is that it was wonderful. At some point, Katherine began to come. When she did, her pussy tightened up even more, and I began to come with her. We both thrust and yelled until we collapsed onto the bed.

When we had regained our breath, Katherine once again smiled at me and thanked me for indeed relaxing her. She felt much better. Well, I told her, if she really did want to thank me she knew how to do it. Kathy just looked at me and asked me if I was really up to that. I told her absolutely. After what we had just done, it would simply take longer, and I definitely wanted it to last as long as possible.

That apparently worked for her, because Katherine pulled me over to the edge of the bed so that I was sitting with my legs hanging over. Then she knelt down in front of me and put my soft dick back in her incredible mouth. Katherine sucked and licked and I didn’t stay soft long. After I was hard, she would suck up and down my dick and then she would literally wrap her tongue around it. It was the most amazing feeling. I was so thankful that I had just cum, because I would never have lasted through this any other way. But, finally I couldn’t take it any more. As I began to shoot, Kathy pulled as much of my dick in her mouth as she could and just sucked hard. By the time I finished cumming in her mouth, I wasn’t sure I could even stand up.

I did manage to catch my breath though, and sadly it was time to take Katherine home. She asked me if she could use my bathroom to freshen up, but I told her not to rinse her mouth out. I wanted her to keep the taste of me with her. Kathy smiled and put her arms around me. Then we kissed one more time and got dressed.

We left the room, and I hailed a cab. I rode with Kathy back to her place. We kissed one last time, and then she was gone. I had to leave the next day and I never saw her again.

BUT!! I did get her phone number and her email address. And what do you know, my client company will need someone to go back to New York next month.

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