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Caleb ran down the alley trying to make it back home. Lucien was in town and the master vampire wasn’t very happy with him. Dodging a street merchant, he found the fire escape for his apartment and quickly climbed the three flights to his window.

It wasn’t always like this. Caleb had been the mate for a master vampire. The master of London if you want to be more technical, however he had always felt out of place in London. Lucien had tried to make him feel comfortable, but it never worked too well.

He was the average 20 year old with piercings on both ears and dark brown and orange hair and the blue eyes. He knew that Lucien liked him; he liked him enough to mark him as his mate. But the vampire scared Caleb, offered him things he didn’t believe he deserved. 15 years of drama and foster homes hadn’t made self-confidence a priority.

Caleb slid through the window and quietly locked the latch. He jerked off his denim jacket and went to the small kitchen and grabbed a glass from the counter for vodka. After chugging the shot, he walked back into the living room and promptly let out a startled yelp.

Sitting in the small chair by the fireplace was Lucien. His dark blue/black hair was down, his golden eyes held a touch of amusement. Caleb’s eyes traveled across the master vampire. Lucien licked his lips in response as he got up to move closer to the young mortal.

Long fingers traced over Caleb’s biceps. He shuddered at the contact; he missed the vampire’s touch and craved it. Leaning into Lucien, Caleb knew better then to run. Lucien and he had a bond; the vampire would have found him at the very ends of the earth. Caleb sighed as he melted into Lucien’s embrace. Lucien chuckled softly and wrapped his arms around the younger man.

“Why did you run?’ the question held curiosity, but a touch of something else.

Caleb turned around to look at the vampire before speaking “I couldn’t just be a thing for you”

Lucien snarled loudly before pushing Caleb onto the couch.

“It’s the same answer from all of you, I’m too old and you’re too young” Lucien slammed his chest against Caleb’s and drew his arms above the younger man’s head. “When do I get what I want?” The last thing Caleb saw was Lucien’s lips as they were crushed to his.

Caleb fought against Lucien’s hold before he gave in and allowed his emotion to fuel the kiss with the Vampire. He knew that Lucien loved him, he’d heard the words the man had spoke when he was wrapped up in his arms at sunrise. But it was greedy and selfish to want to pursue this happiness with the other man. Several other men had fallen in love with Lucien and in the end they came to resent the vampire for his immortality or either faded away with time. Caleb didn’t want to put Lucien through that type of pain again. It was just too selfish to ask for the gift, Lucien had never offered so Caleb never felt justified in asking.

Lucien broke the kiss which left both men panting. Caleb rose up and looked into the golden eyes. Bringing his forehead to Lucien’s, he sighed and got up slowly and walked towards the bedroom. “One way or another, I’ll end up leaving” The thought slipped out unguarded as Caleb disappeared. Lucien froze in his steps as understanding dawned on him. The vampire let out a low snarl as he traced into the small bedroom.

Caleb started to pull his tee-shirt over his head and turned around to see an angry vampire staring at him. His hands stopped in mid-pull causing his smooth chest and abs to show. Lucien stared down at the exposed flesh and growled before ripping the shirt off of Caleb. The mortal just stood silent as graceful fingers skimmed across his belt buckle and undid his pants causing them to pool around his feet. Picking up Caleb with ease, Lucien began kissing him softly as Caleb brought his legs around the vampire’s waist. Lucien lowered them both softly on the bed and began to explore the man’s body again. Nipping and sucking on throat and shoulders and nipples. Caleb groaned as he held Lucien’s head close to his throat as the vampire sucked possessively on the flesh.

Lucien’s hand cupped him through his black briefs causing Caleb to get even harder. A small spot of moisture had stained the front of his briefs and was causing a delicious friction as Lucien stoked him through the thin material. Caleb pushed his crotch into Lucien’s hand and rubbed. Only Lucien could make him feel this way, so wanton and open; ready to be taken. The head of Caleb’s cocked broke free past the band of elastic. Lucien’s thumb stroked the leaking member causing sharp hisses from the younger man. The vampire smiled in a smug demeanor; he knew he had the power to make Caleb feel this way. For such a young man, the mortal loved to have complete control over everything. It was intoxicating and made Lucien long to thrust himself deep into the willing man.

Without a second thought, Lucien tore the briefs free and his eyes darkened with lust as he watched the erection bop fourth and stand proud. In the dark corners of the vampire’s mind, Lucien wanted to mark the human hard; leave bruises and show the man exactly who he was fucking with. The vampire wanted pain, he wanted cries; a physical response telling him who he was and that he could do this type of damage to the flesh. But that was the vampire inside him, the animal fury inside him was enraged. For years he had waited for a companion and for years he had only lovers who graced his presence and bed sheets. No one had truly wanted him; they only wanted to be turned or to bask in his riches. Years of that and one could get pretty pissed when the real thing was within reach only to have said person run away. Lucien bent forward and kissed Caleb hard; putting fourth all the pent-up emotion he had felt for months into the kiss letting him know exactly how much he wanted the mortal. What his dark half wanted to do was overpowered by his love for the man. As much as he wanted to tear into flesh and drink scalding hot blood, and leave the man spent in passion and in life he wanted more for this man to accept him and what he was offering.

Lucien willed away his clothes and felt his magic slip them from his limbs until they were upon the floor. He pushed the mortal flat on his back and proceeded to kiss his way down smooth tanned flesh. The fine hairs on Caleb’s leg tickled the vampire’s lips as he continued to trail down to the man’s ass. Holding the smooth globes in his hands, he laid a kiss upon each cheek before continuing to the mortal’s entrance. Before he kissed the forbidden center, he told Caleb softly “Mind you, you’re the only man’s arse I’ll ever kiss”

Caleb’s cheeks blushed brightly and before he could quip a response Lucien was licking him there. He moaned and felt his breath hitch several times with the intimacy of the situation. He was dark, erotic, and in Caleb’s eyes hot as fucking hell. He didn’t think his cock would get any harder. Surely he could hammer nails by now. Caleb’s legs rested on Lucien’s back as he continued his silent exploration of the man’s entrance. His tongue swirled and teased as he lapped softly at Caleb’s hole. He was clean and warm and tasted of musk and soap. Lucien hissed as his erection brushed against the cotton bedspread. He wanted to sink his cock deep into Caleb and fuck the man until he couldn’t walk straight.

“Lucien, please” Caleb whimper as he half-heartedly stroked his leaking member. It wasn’t any good, he was on the brink of coming but his body wouldn’t let him. It was as if his own physical actions were incapable of allowing him to climax. The stroking felt good and he marveled at how slick his hand had become, but it brought no relief. Caleb was on the edge of sobbing as he realized only Lucien Quatermain could make him feel this way. Lucien’s tongue trailed Caleb’s entrance one more time before he moved his way up the man’s body. One of Caleb’s legs wrapped around Lucien’s waist and pulled him closer causing erections to meet.

Both men gasped at contact. It was pure bliss as Caleb took both cocks in one hand and slowly stroked causing both men’s essence to mix. The contrast of their bodies was not lost on Lucien. Caleb was tanned and hardly had any body hair while Lucien’s skin was the color of ivory. While Caleb had no hair, Lucien had faint chest hair and a small trail leading to his cock. How they were both different, but so perfect for one another. Lucien pulled his cock free from Caleb’s grasp and placed the head directly upon the man’s entrance. Rubbing the head back and fourth causing even more fluid to pool at the puckered opening. Lucien knew Caleb was ready, paying close attention to lick the boy and open him up. All this preparation made Lucien long for completion. Caleb tried to shift his hips and spear himself on the vampire’s cock, but Lucien held the man’s waist making sure all he could do was tease himself upon his member.

“Tell me how much you want me Caleb” Lucien asked his voice deep with lust. He jerked his cock causing it to slide upon Caleb’s hole. The man moaned and fisted the comforter and begged “I need you Lucien, only you; I need you inside me” Lucien moved close to Caleb, almost ready to enter and claim what was his. “I need you to take away this ache, I need to know that I’m yours” Lucien snarled at the words and jerked his hips forward instantly shoving past the ring of tight muscle. Both men gasped as Lucien pushed deeper; he had no intentions of stopping until he was completely inside the younger man.

Caleb’s stomach felt like it had plummeted thirty stories. His mind was cloudy, but his body was alive feeling everything that the vampire was doing. Caleb gasped as Lucien found the nub of nerves inside him. He wrapped his legs around Lucien’s waist and tried to pull him in deeper, but he couldn’t seem to get any more of Lucien inside of him. Looking up at the vampire, Caleb stopped his movements. Lucien’s eyes were dark and his lips were curved in a snarl. With a final punch of his hips, Lucien was finally all the way inside Caleb. The patch of hair above his manhood rested on Caleb’s ass. The vampire growled in triumph as he pressed his chest against the man’s and kissed him deeply.

Lucien dragged kisses from Caleb’s jaw all the way to the man’s neck. Sucking lightly on the flesh, Lucien tasted the man’s scent and sweat; it made him even harder. The man groaned and tried to push Lucien away which only seemed to agitate the vampire even further. Jerking away, Lucien looked into Caleb’s blue eyes. It was a look of question.

“It always creates a link, a bond Lucien” Caleb looked away not wanting to say more, yet he couldn’t help himself “I can’t survive another one”

Lucien didn’t like the sound of defeat in Caleb’s voice. It was as if he was resigned in the fact that he wouldn’t be with him forever. Lucien pulled himself from Caleb slowly, feeling the heat and grip the man had on his cock. Without thinking, Lucien started thrusting deeply into the younger man. Bracing his arms on either sides of Caleb’s head and continued his vigorous thrusts.

“He wants to leave me, I’ll fuck him harder” Lucien thought as he pounded into the younger man. Sweat coated their bodies which only seemed to add to their pleasure. By now Caleb had been pushed up to the top of the bed, his hands entwined into the head board’s columns and held on as he met each of Lucien’s moves. With each thrust, Caleb seemed to be pushed closer to the edge but he didn’t want to come yet. It was so intimate to see when the vampire came, and by Lucien’s actions he was close. So it was baffling when Lucien pulled out from him and practically leapt to the window. Caleb had to catch his breath; you don’t exactly pull out in that manner. Trying to regain his composure, and will his erection away Caleb looked to the window and was touched by what he saw.

Lucien stood by the window, arms crossed and his erection standing proudly in the moonlight. He was lost in thought; a small frown creased his forehead. Caleb walked up behind the vampire and ran a hand through his black hair. It was long, reaching almost to his shoulder blades. Caleb leaned a cheek against the muscular back and sighed. Realization suddenly dawning on him of how much he had hurt Lucien by leaving, and that made him feel like a complete fool. Caleb ran a fingertip down Lucien’s spin. “I’m sorry for what I did”

Lucien’s eyes seemed to look like burnt gold as he stared down at the younger man. “I understand now why you did what you did, but I don’t know if you’ll ever get passed this” Lucien made an expression with his hands and returned to looking out the window. “I can’t loose you again”

Caleb wrapped his arms around Lucien and kissed his shoulder. Logically, he knew that he would get old and eventually leave the vampire and that seemed more painful then actually leaving now. But the one thing Caleb was sure of was that thanks to Lucien, they both would have tonight. Running his hands down Lucien’s chest, Caleb gripped his cock and squeezed before he began to stroke the vampire. His flesh was hot and hard and inviting. Lucien was a man who didn’t explore passion on his own, so for the several months he was gone he knew Lucien hadn’t touched himself. This would be a release in several ways. Lucien shuddered in Caleb’s arms and placed his hands on the window glass. Caleb was moved by how he could turn the into vampire a ball of nerves and responses.

Lucien grunted as he felt another hand grip his sack and pull gently. The mortal was driving him over the edge. He snapped his hips forward driving faster in Caleb’s fist, if the mortal wanted to see him loose control; he wouldn’t disappoint. Without another stoke, Lucien felt his fangs break though his gums and expose. With a strangled snarl, Lucien came violently shooting his seed onto the window. When Lucien was spent he turned around and kissed Caleb deeply and tried to put as much pent up rage and loss he had felt for months into the kiss. Breaking the kiss, Lucien went to the stool by the window.

“I’m truly sorry for what I did” Caleb sighed and set down on the edge of the bed. “I just don’t want to hurt you again” Caleb closed his eyes and fought back the impending tears. Lucien had truly showed him a home, it was in the vampire’s arms and he knew the vampire truly loved him. Going without love for so long, and then finally having it fall into your lap just scared Caleb even more.

When Caleb opened his eyes, Lucien was kneeling before him; his eyes watchful. Caleb flung his arms around the vampire and kissed him. That had Lucien pinning Caleb on the bed and thrusting deep into the man. Caleb groaned and lost all train of thought as he wrapped his legs around Lucien’s waist.

“He’s mine, I claimed him years ago. He took me as his mate; I won’t let you go Caleb”

While the thought was blocked from Caleb, it still was every bit as true which only made Lucien fuck Caleb even harder. Lucien’s fangs erupted from his gums and immediately Lucien cut his tongue on the sharp points. Thrusting deep and holding himself, he bent down and kissed Caleb shoving his tongue into the man’s mouth. Caleb’s eyes grew wide as he realized he was swallowing Lucien’s blood. The vampire’s hand snaked between their bodies and gripped Caleb’s erection causing the man to moan into Lucien’s mouth. Lucien raised his head and continued to trust as he timed his strokes to his movements. He could feel Caleb grip him tighter, always a sign that he was close. Just before he pushed them both over the edge Lucien sank his fangs into the man’s neck.

Caleb howled with his orgasm and painted Lucien’s chest with come, he gripped Lucien and felt the vampire’s seed squirt deep inside. It was hot and primal and Caleb couldn’t help himself as he sobbed from the intensity of his orgasm. Lucien sucked his neck hard which seemed to prolong their pleasure. The last thing Caleb remembered was looking up into Lucien’s eyes and finally felt at peace.

It was several hours later before Caleb woke, but when he did he regretted it. His head felt like it was trapped in a vise and his mouth was bone dry. Moving to the edge of the bed, Caleb got up only to immediately fall down on the floor. His limbs were sluggish and weak. Strong arms wrapped around his torso and placed him back on the bed. Slowing his breathing, Caleb gave Lucien a curious look.

“I thought I had made it clear in London” Lucien touched one of Caleb’s ear rings and smiled. “You chose me and I chose you, I just made things more permanent” Caleb grabbed his neck and felt for the bite marks, but all he felt was smooth flesh. He even noticed there was no overall soreness after their rough love-making.

“You turned me?” Caleb asked his hand still on his neck. He had never fathomed the idea of actually being turned. Deep down he knew a man like Lucien would stop at nothing if it meant he would always be by his side, but Caleb had never wanted to broach those grounds. “I didn’t want you to do this, you can only turn one person Lucien” Caleb struggled to show Lucien how much of a mistake he had made.

“Nonsense” Lucien moved closer to Caleb to wrap an arm around him. “While it’s true, I can only change so many per century; I don’t exactly have a limit” Caleb smiled, but it was one filled with sorrow. He had made Lucien change him by his actions, was he truly what the vampire wanted?

“I’ve waited years for you Caleb, I won’t allow you to be a martyr and hide from me. This is what you want and it’s what I want as well!” Lucien shook Caleb, trying to shake sense into the crazy mortal.

“No regrets?” Caleb asked softly with the emotion of a small child.

And that’s what finally put everything together for Lucien. Although he knew Caleb never wanted to hurt him, in the end Caleb was just as scared of getting hurt. “None love, I truly want to spend forever with you” With that, Lucien kissed his mate trying to show him what words obviously couldn’t express.

“Is it done?” Caleb asked when they finally broke the kiss.

“You’ll need the day sleep to finish it, but thanks to my blood and the toxins I released into your body when I bit you, you’re well on the way” Lucien kissed Caleb once more and then moved to wrap his arms around the man.

“I can’t believe it” Caleb muttered before falling asleep in Lucien’s arms.

“I told you love, we chose each other. I am yours, and you are mine” Lucien kissed Caleb’s head before slowly drifting off to sleep with the love that he waited for centuries to have.

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