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“You just don’t understand,” her boyfriend screamed for the fifth time. “I didn’t want to go, but you know the guys. They just don’t take no for an answer.”

“I don’t care that you went Jason. I really don’t. I care that while there you managed to stick your hand into three different thongs for crying out loud. Have some sort of decency,” she retorted. As she said this her blonde hair flipped over her right shoulder on top of her pink blouse.

She had been running her hands through her hair in frustration and finally gave up putting them in her shorts pockets. It was cute actually. I had been listening to them argue for last ten minutes and I had learned that she is a visual person. Her hands were flying everywhere as she yelled at him until she resorted to running them through her hair, and then put them in her pockets.

“Jennifer, I’m sorry it happened. It won’t ever happen again. It’s just college stuff. Everyone does stupid things during college. So please, forgive me so we can move on,” he said aggravated.

Big mistake buddy.

“Excuse me miss,” she called. I looked up, stopping in mid-sip of my morning coffee, to see that she was looking directly at me. Shit, I thought, I don’t want to be a part of this. I just want to admire her from afar and think my inappropriate thoughts and move on. I tried flipping my brown hair down over my eyes to act like I wasn’t paying as close attention as I was.

“Miss,” she called again, “I need your opinion on something.”

“Okay, on what,” I asked lamely, looking directly into her warm, blue eyes.

“If you call your girlfriend and tell her you’ll see her in about two hours and neglect to show up, shouldn’t she be a little angry? Add on to that, that the reason you didn’t show up was because you were at a strip club with some friends. I think she should be entitled to be angry, don’t you?” She looked at me expectedly and I shuffled in my seat. I get nervous when people stare at me, so I proceeded to play with ruffles at the bottom of my blue sundress under the table.

“Well, yeah.” Way to go, genius. Well, yeah. That’s all you have to say. I started mentally kicking myself so I almost missed what she said.

“Thank you! So this, Jason, is why we are over,” she stated, looking at him again. “You did everything but put your dick inside them, so now I’ll let you be free to go do that.”

“You know what, whatever. I’m glad we’re through. I dated you for two years for you to only put out four times. Fuck that.” He stormed away like the child he was. I couldn’t help but smirk.

She stood near me still, confident in how things had turned out. Or so I thought. All of the sudden the fierce look she had in her eyes faded and her eyes welled up with tears. She sat down at the table next to mine and proceeded to cry. At first, I was at a loss of what to do. I just met her. Should I go comfort her? Should I just walk away and leave her alone? The coward in me won over my nice side, so I packed my things and started to walk away.

“Thanks for helping me,” she mumbled through the tears.

I guess I’m staying then.

I took a seat next to her and handed her some napkins from the dispenser in the middle of the table. “He’s a jerk. Just ignore what he says. He doesn’t deserve you.”

“Oh yeah? How do you know? You just met me.”

“Well, in my opinion, cheaters don’t really deserve anyone. Just a page out of my common sense book.” Oh God. Did I just tell her she had no common sense? Fuck, fuck, fuck. I’m so stupid.

“I’m Jennifer,” she said, extending her hand.

“Alexandria, but everyone calls me Alex,” I responded, returning her handshake.

“So,” she asked, “how much of that fight did hear? You can be honest. I know we were kind of loud.”

“Honestly? I heard all of it. But, it’s no big deal. You had a right to be loud, and angry.”

She sighed and put her head down. “I’m not like that. I hate when people show themselves in public. It annoys the mush out of me! He followed me all the way from my apartment, fifteen minutes away from here, trying to understand why I was mad at him! When I told him he thought he did nothing wrong! Can you believe that” she asked, incredulously.

“Well, you’re through with him now so don’t worry about it. Would you like a coffee or something?”

“Yeah, I came here for a coffee before class; I’ll get it though,” she said standing.

“No, my treat, please. This is the start of your day turning around to be great. Free coffee. So what do you want?”

“Surprise me, I haven’t really thought about it.” She took her seat once more and I headed inside.

I couldn’t help but watch her as I was in line waiting. She looked thoroughly exhausted, like she hadn’t slept in days. But even in this exhausted state she still looked incredible. Her hair, although played with ruthlessly early, was as straight as can be and lying perfectly over both shoulders. She wasn’t wearing makeup, which was a huge turn on for me. I hate it when girls wear makeup. I like natural beauty. In my opinion, when a woman wears makeup it’s like she’s slapping herself in the face. She’s saying she’s not pretty enough. But this girl is extraordinarily beautiful. And those eyes, those killer blue eyes. I’m a sucker for blue eyes and, of course, she had to have them.

“I got you black coffee, but I brought sugar and creamer just in case,” I said, sitting down across from her at the table.

“Black coffee is just fine. It’s what I usually drink,” she smiled at me.

“So,” I started, “you mentioned class. Do you go to Bradenton?” Bradenton is the top university in the state, and this coffee shop is about a ten minute walk from campus.

“I do actually! I’m in my third year of getting my nursing degree. What about you? Do you go there as well” she asked, taking another sip of her coffee.

“Yeah, I’m studying early childhood education. I love kids.”

“I do too, but I don’t know if I’d be able to teach, you know? There are just some things on this earth people shouldn’t attempt to do. Me teaching is one of them,” she laughed.

“I didn’t think I would either, but I think I could get used to the idea of hopefully improving the lives of some kids.”

“Well, when you talk about it like that I guess it won’t be so bad. So what year are you?”

“I’m actually a senior. So now I actually get a class of my own occasionally to teach. It’s fun because my kids are so great. They actually listen.”

She laughed when I said this. I love her laugh. This isn’t fair. I’ve never had someone affect me so much. What is wrong with me?

“That’s great. I just get to sit in class and learn. And when I’m not in class I’m in my apartment studying. The awesome life of a nursing major.”

“It’ll get better when you get to work in the hospital.”

We chatted for a little while longer until we both realized we would be late for our classes.

“Hey, look, I know we just met and everything but you’re really cool and nice to buy me coffee. We should get together for dinner or something, my treat. Want to exchange numbers?”

Hell yes I practically screamed inside my head. Here was this beautiful girl wanting to give me her number, of course I was going to take it. I handed her my phone and she put it in under: Jennifer:)!

“So you won’t forget who I am,” she said winking at me. She then proceeded to text herself from my phone obtaining my number. “I’ll text you later this week, okay?”

“Alright,” I stated. “Have fun in class.”

“You too! See you later!”

With that she went off in one direction, and I in the other. I made a new smokin’ hot friend and got her number all in one morning! Oh yeah, I haven’t lost my touch. My only downfall is I know she’s straight. Well, I guess I can just be her friend. That shouldn’t be so hard, I mean, I just met her. But, that didn’t mean I couldn’t have a little bit of fun with her.

The rest of the day was pretty much uneventful. I taught my students and graded some of their math quizzes before coming home around 6 o’clock. I couldn’t get her off my mind though. I wanted to see her again soon, but I didn’t want to seem too eager. We had just met after all. I need not have any fears though. As soon as I walked through the door my phone went off. The message read:

Would you like to get together for dinner this Friday?

I quickly responded saying yes I would love to and where did she have in mind. Once I was sure the message was sent I hooked my phone up to the charger. I walked to the bathroom and started the shower, purposely forgetting to grab my clothes on the way there so I could have a reason to go back to check my phone. Pathetic, I know. When I went back she had responded saying this little Italian restaurant that I knew very well seeing as how is was very close to my apartment. I told her that would be wonderful and I couldn’t wait.

Stripping off my clothes I couldn’t help but wish she was there. I imagined her taking off my dress for me, gasping when she realized I had been braless all day. I imagined lightly kissing her on the lips before taking her into my arms and deepening the kiss. The realization that it was getting very hot broke me out of my reverie so I finally hopped in the shower.

This didn’t help much.

As I lathered up my loofa and began to run it over my body I stopped to tweak my hardening nipples. They had been that way ever since I laid eyes on her. Dropping the loofa I moved one hand down to pussy and played with my clit as the other still moved on my left nipple.

“Oh, god. Jennifer.”

My hand moved on my clit faster the more I thought about her. The more I thought about her the more I wanted her to be in here with me. Wanted her to be the one touching me. I took the shower head down and pointed it directly at my clit nearly slipping from the pleasure.

“Oh my god. Ohhhhh. Fuck. So good.”

I slid down to the tub and laid against the back wall as I slipped two fingers inside my pussy. I moved them at a rapid speed and started making these short whimpering noises. The feeling was just too good, and imagining that she was making me feel these things made it even better. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better my orgasm finally hit. It was so powerful and intense that I couldn’t move for nearly 10 minutes.

“Fuck me.” What was I going to do?


The next morning I awoke feeling amazing. I got up and walked over to my window throwing open the blinds to see the beautiful sun coming in. It was just 6 o’clock and I still had two hours before I had to be at the school, so I decided to go for my run real quick before I went. As I was running down the road I turned on my music and Coldplay started playing. They’re my favorite group for me to listen to when I start my days. Jennifer also likes them, with Paradise being her favorite song, which is also mine. We like the same food, Japanese. The same hobbies, listening to music, cleaning, and running.

I started to worry about being gay and how she would react. It’s not that I think she’ll run away screaming from me, I just think she might freak out and potentially distance herself from me, but I don’t know if I got that vibe from her. She’s had such an impact on me so fast. Just then as I’m running my phone starts ring so I slow my pace to stop and answer it.

“Hello,” I say, slightly breathless.

“Oh good, you stopped. Wait up,” comes the response. I pull the phone away from my ear to see that it’s Jennifer.

“Jennifer? What are you talking about?” I ask perplexed.

“I’m behind you.” Click.

I turn around to see her wearing a white sports bra and short black shorts. She is jogging over rolling her headphones around her phone. When she reaches me she bends over and starts stretching out her back some.

“Hey!” she says excitedly.

“Hey, you run too?”

“Yeah, I run the route every morning. How about you” she asks standing up and twisting from side to side.

“Same here. How come I’ve never seen you?”

“I don’t know. Isn’t that weird? We’ve probably passed each other every morning and just never thought about it.” Now she proceeded to stretch out her quads by stretching her legs behind her back and pulling.

“Yeah, that’s pretty weird. Did you just start or something? You’re stretching a lot.”

“Oh, no,” she laughs, “I just like to stretch again when I’m almost done, ya know? To make sure I don’t cramp up later on. You don’t?” she asks, switching to her other legs now.

“No. I just stretch beforehand. I never really thought about stretching during it.”

“Well you should. Come on, bend over and touch your toes.” As I do this she comes up behind me and starts to apply pressure to my lower back. “Now I’m going to push a little harder to deepen the stretch, okay? Let me know if it starts to get painful.”

She places her hands and both sides of my lower back and proceeds to push a little harder forcing me to go down further into the stretch. I hear my back pop but she continues to push. It feels amazing and I don’t want her to stop. She moves her hands up to my shoulders and then presses herself against my backside. When she does this she starts to lay herself on my lower back. I feel her abdomen against me and I can tell that she is in wonderful shape. All too quickly, however, she pulls herself off and stands me upright.

“How did that feel?” she asks as she starts to massage my shoulders.

“Amazing” I answer and I lull my head back and forth. “This feels pretty amazing too.”

“Yeah well don’t get used to it” she laughs. “I only do this occasionally to people.” She backs off and I turn around to look at her.

“Well, I hope I’m one of those people that gets it occasionally.”

“You may be. Come on let’s finish. I have class in three hours that I need to get ready for.”

“Oh shit, what time is it?” I ask looking at my phone. 6:45. “I wish I could finish with you but I have to turn around and head back. I have to be at the school at 8 so I have to book it back to apartment now just so I won’t be late. I didn’t realize I had gone this far.”

Did I see that right? Did her face fall? Am I just imagining things?

“Okay, well we should get together and do something. Maybe lunch? What’s your class schedule like,” she asked, hopefully.

“I have class starting at 8, then lunch around 11, then back to class until 2:30. What about you?”

“I just have class at 11. Well, are you going to leave the school right at 2:30, or do you stay and do work?”

“Sometimes I stay and do work, other times I just leave. How about this, I’ll skip lunch and just have lunch with you at 3,” I stated. I wanted to see her again. I could hold off on lunch and get some work done instead.

“If you’re sure you want to wait, then 3 it is. How about at the café from yesterday?”

“Sure thing! I’ll see you then!”

With that I trotted off back to my apartment at double the pace. I can’t believe I jogged for so long and then talked to her for that long. I haven’t missed a class this year and I didn’t want to start now. I used to be ahead in all of my work from taking classes over summer to the point where I was going to graduate early. One semester, though, I met a girl that I was so dedicated to. I missed most of my classes the allotted number of times you can miss and then some, so I was dropped. That put me back on track to graduate on time, but I swore to myself never again. That was a ton of money I wasted that I most certainly didn’t have.

When I got my apartment I hopped in the shower and washed as quickly as humanly possible. Since this is a school job I had to go purchase reasonable clothes, so I threw on a black skirt that came down just below my knees with a white top. I didn’t feel like doing anything fancy with my hair so it went up into a ponytail.

Somehow I managed to make it to school on time and started my lesson on multiplication, much to the student’s dismay. I tried to make it fun by doing it like the game “Around the World.” I started on one side of the class and called out the two numbers to multiply together and two students had to give me the answer. Whoever got it right first moved on to the next desk. If the person that moved on gets the next one wrong, he/she takes the seat of the person they lost. It continued like that until I ran out of cards. I gave them a quiz on multiplication and then it was time to move onto reading. They did silent reading for this lesson so I could prepare the lesson for English.

After English it was time for lunch, so I sent my class and asked one of the others teachers to watch them so I could stay in the classroom to work on some things. While I was going ahead and grading their math quizzes a teacher from down the hall walked in. Avery Sanders. Now, Avery is definitely a head-turner and I would totally go for her, but she is married. We get along very well, and I usually have lunch with her. She is sort of my mentor here. She is the mother of one of my former friends. She even knows that I’m a lesbian and doesn’t have a problem with it, probably because she experimented in college, or so she tells me.

“Thanks for telling me you decided not to come to lunch.” She jumped up on my desk and threw me a pack of crackers while she continued eating her sandwich. “So, why no lunch today?”

“I just wanted to get this work done so I can leave right after school ends instead of staying.” It was the truth, I just wasn’t sure if I wanted to give her the whole truth.

“Why do you want to leave as soon as school ends?”

“If you must know, Mrs. Nosy, I have plans after school with a friend to have lunch.”

“Ohhh,” she put her sandwich down, “a girl friend or guy friend?”

“Her name is Jennifer. We met yesterday at the café and then ran into each other this morning when we were jogging.”

“You’re trying to get some!” she exclaimed while laughing.

“I am not! I’m just getting to know a friend that I made, is that a crime?” By now I stopped grading and just started staring at her.

“You can admit that you want her. I know you do. I’ve known you for years. You’ve worked here for months and in all that time you always come to lunch. You always tell other friends you have to stay after.”

“Okay, I want her. There’s something different about her. I like being around her. Yes, I’ll admit, I first wanted to get to know her because she is absolutely gorgeous, but now I just want to get to know her more. She’s so down to earth, and funny. She actually wants to be around me. I love making her laugh just because I love the sound. I…” I paused. I don’t know why I was telling her all of this. We were close but this was extremely personal. “Anyway, I’m excited to see her.”

“I can tell.” She knew not to push me. That was one of the things I loved about Avery. She can be nosy, but she knows when she doesn’t need to know something. We continued to talking but this time about class and how my lesson went. She praised me for my creative way of teaching the kids how to multiply. Before I knew it lunch was over and my class was back, actually. We went through science, recess, and history before the day was finally over.

“Alright class, read a little more in your book because don’t forget, you have book reports due in one week!” Just then the bell rang and my students filed out calling a quick “Bye, Ms. Johnson” over their shoulders.

I quickly packed up my bags, shut the lights off, closed and locked the door, only to be stopped by a student on the outside. There was a great contrast between his pale skin and brown hair. He was sitting, back against the wall, with his power ranger’s book bag still on. “James,” I squatted down, “what is it sweetie?”

“I brought you flowers from recess, but I wasn’t able to get them to you, so I waited.” He handed me some small daisies.

“This is the best present I have ever received. Thank you, James!” I pulled him in for a quick hug. “Now you better hurry before you miss your ride.”

“Ms. Johnson, I walk home. I’ll see you tomorrow.” With that he turned to walk away.

It was starting to rain. I knew I shouldn’t have, because it’s completely unprofessional, but I couldn’t let him walk home. “James, wait up. I’ll give you a ride. You shouldn’t be walking in the rain.”

I was slightly bummed about being late for lunch with Jennifer so I called her to let her know that I would be late and that I wasn’t standing her up. She answered on the third ring.

“Hey, Alex,” she stated cheerfully.

“Hey. Listen, I’m going to be a little late getting to the café. I’m driving one of my students home since it’s raining. I just wanted to let you know you weren’t getting stood up.”

“Sure. No problem. We can just push it back to 3:30 if you would like?”

“Sounds great! See you then!”


I turned to James and with a pat on his back said lets go. He gave me the directions to his house and I came to realize that he lived with a foster family. His foster mom thanked me for bringing him home before scolding him for not walking and bothering me. I assured her it was no trouble at all and told James I would see him tomorrow.

I made my way to the café to find Jennifer already there. She had her hair tied up in a bun and was wearing a white dress that hugged her curves wonderfully.

“Hey there,” I said as a sat down.

“Hey. Don’t you look nice,” she teased.

“Oh shut up.” I took my hair out of its tie and ran my hands through it, trying to make it look presentable.

We did the usually talking about how our days were, then we just talked more to get to know each other. She has 3 brothers and 1 sister, 4 dogs, her parents are still together after 30 years, her favorite color is blue, when she was little she wanted to be an artist so she still paints in her free time, she has to go to a wedding for her brother in a few weeks, and she is the last one in her family unmarried and single.

“So what about you,” she asked. “Anything interesting I should know?”

“I’m an only child. My parents are divorced. I have 2 dogs; one lives with my mom, the other with my dad. That’s really about it.”

“I’m sorry about your parents,” she said, embarrassed.

“It’s fine. They’ve been divorced for about 8 years. I’m used to it.” I didn’t very well tell her the reason they got divorced, which was me. They fought constantly after I told them I was a lesbian and I didn’t want her to know that yet.

“I’m still sorry about it. I don’t know what I would do if my parents got divorced. I can’t imagine them not being together.”

“I don’t really talk to them much. They moved away from here once I started college. So my apartment is my permanent home all year round.”

She looked upset. I couldn’t understand it. “What about holidays,” she asked disbelievingly, “Do you see them on holidays?”

“No. We send cards for holidays and birthdays.”

She was shaking her head back and forth. “I’m truly sorry.” Her hand reached over and clasped mine. “You can spend holidays with me,” she smiled.

I looked up at her. “I’d like that.” I guess she said that since Thanksgiving was coming up in a few weeks. But the invitation was very welcome.

The rest of the meal went with very little talking, which was fine with me. It was a comfortable silence. Once it was time to go we briefly hugged one another and said a quick see you this Friday.

When I got home I watched a few movies and as I was getting ready for bed I decided to send her a text saying I had a great time this afternoon and for her to have a good rest of the night. I waited a few minutes until I heard my phone chime with her response:

I had a great time as well. I can’t wait for Friday. Good night!

Friday. Only 2 more days until Friday. With that I drifted off into the best night’s sleep I’ve ever had.


The next 2 days went by uneventful, except for the occasional texts Jennifer and I would send back and forth. By the time Friday came around I was bouncing off the walls. I was beyond excited to see her. The day of course dragged on as slow as possible. I thought I was going to die. Of course Avery could tell something was up.

“Let me guess,” she started, “you have a date?”

“Not a date, just hanging out. But it’s with her, so I’m ready to go.”

“Ah, that makes sense. Well only a few more hours, then you can go and have fun on your date.”

I didn’t want to wait a few hours. I wanted to go now. I had my students read the rest of the time because I didn’t think I’d be able to teach. When the school day was over I rushed out of there. As I reached my apartment I started to realize that rushing home was pointless. My phone chimed:

Want to meet there at 6? Or is that too early?

I told her that 6 was perfect and I’d see her then. So I had 3 hours to kill. I needed to clean my apartment. I had been neglecting that for the past few days.

My apartment is a one bedroom apartment, but it’s fairly large. I have a nice kitchen with granite countertops and an island that connects to the living room. Then down a small hallway is my bedroom and bathroom. I haven’t done much the past few days to keep it clean so I started by scrubbing my countertops and mopping. Once done with that I vacuumed the living room, hallway, and my bedroom. I made my bed and threw a load of clothes in the wash.

By this time it was 5 so I decided to start getting ready. I showered hurriedly and then walked to my closet to pick an outfit. I searched for 15 minutes until I finally decided on a black dress I had. It was low cut, just above the knee, strapless. At least I knew what I wanted to wear; now it was time to tackle my hair. I hate my hair. It never does what I want it to do so I grabbed my straightener and went to work. I figure my hair may look best if it was just hanging down over my shoulders, and I was right. Personally, my hair down and in that dress I knew I looked good. It was 5:45 so I locked up my apartment and drove to the restaurant.

When I pulled up I walked inside and decided to wait in the lobby for Jennifer, but she was a few people behind me. “Hey, you.”

“Hey,” I said excitedly. She was wearing red sundress that came up even shorter than mine.

“Don’t you look cute,” I teased. She twirled for affect and her dress swirled with her.

“Look who’s talking. Looks like you got a hot date after this.”

I laughed. “Yeah, a hot date, with my couch.”

“Ohh, those are the best kind! Come on, let’s get seated.”

We were seated in the middle of the restaurant, much to my dismay. I guess the guy just figured this was a dinner between two friends, which he is right, but a girl can dream , right? No harm in wanting a little privacy.

“Okay,” she looked at me, “order whatever you want, this is my treat.”

“Oh no! This is place is expensive, you are not paying for my meal.”

She glared at me, “Yes I am. That was the deal. You come to dinner for me to repay you for buying me coffee.”

“We made no deal. You just said that and I agreed to come. But, to appease you, how about I pay for my meal and you can buy a dessert? That should be about equal to the coffee.”

“Fine, but it has to be the most expensive dessert. I want to pay you back.”

“Okay, it can be. Don’t get your panties in a wad,” I said, sticking my tongue out at her.

“What panties?” She looked up at me with the most innocent face I have ever seen. My heart stopped beating as I stared at her. She started laughing, “I’m joking! I have some respect for myself.” She paused. “I only don’t wear underwear sometimes around my apartment.”

I choked on the water I was drinking. I couldn’t believe my ears. Was she really talking like this to me? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind it one bit. I just wasn’t expecting it at all.

“Good to know.” That was all I could muster up the courage to say.

“Do you always blush so easily? I may have to watch what I say around you,” she said smiling.

“You can say what you want, I just wasn’t expecting it,” I chuckled.

“Good to know,” she mocked.

We ordered our respective dinners and decided to split the cost of a bottle of wine.

“So,” she said taking a sip of her water, “how’s your love life going?”

“Um, it’s nonexistent. I don’t really have time.” That was a lie. I had plenty of time; I just wanted her to be the one I spent my time on.

“How do you not have time for love? Everyone needs to make time for love. You know, everyone was under the impression that there was going to be wedding bells in the future for me and Jason. Oh how wrong they were,” she started circling her finger around the top of her wine glass. “Funny thing was I thought so too.”

“You deserve better, Jennifer.”

“Maybe so. But if I deserve better then you need to make time for love.”

We ended the topic there no more needing to be said. I thought maybe now would be a good time to tell her I was a lesbian. Just as I was getting the courage to do so our food was brought out.

“Tell me about your previous relationships,” she stated.

“First, tell me why you’re so interested in my relationship status.”

“I’m just curious. I don’t see how you’re not dating someone. You’re clearly gorgeous; so many guys are staring at you right now,” she pointed around the restaurant to prove her point. I did see a few guys quickly look away. “You’re smart, funny, athletic, and you seem very genuine. It makes no sense to me.”

“I’m sure those guys were looking over here because of you,” I said, honestly. “You’re beautiful, smart, funny, and athletic too. So they could be looking at you.”

“Yeah, but I just got out of a relationship, so I’m carrying all of the emotional baggage that no one wants to deal with,” she snorted. “That’s what my sister used to say when her and her boyfriends would break up. She’d always be single for a few months and say that emotional baggage was the reason.”

“Emotional baggage? I don’t care about that. Everyone has some sort of baggage whether they care to admit it or not.”

“So what’s yours,” she asked, taking a gulp of wine.

“My baggage?” She nodded. “Well, I don’t know. I don’t let go of my ex’s very easily. It takes me a while. Relationships aren’t flings to me. When I’m in a committed relationship I think about the long haul.”

“So are you still hung up on an ex right now?”

I thought about it. “No, not really. We ended on good terms realizing we wanted different things. If we wouldn’t have both brought it up at the same time I would have ended it soon.”

She looked at me as she chewed her food, thinking of what to ask next. So I waited patiently for her to figure it out as I ate my food.

“What different things did you want?”

Well crap. I wasn’t expecting that question. My last girlfriend was older. 10 years older to be exact. We ended things because she was talking about wanting kids. I, at age 19, wasn’t ready for kids. So we decided it was best just to end things.

“Well, we disagreed on kids, and where our lives were at that moment.” I paused. “Can we talk about something other than ex’s? It gets a little depressing.” I smiled to let her know I wasn’t upset at her.

“Sorry. I’m nosy.”

The rest of dinner went on discussing our first years of college. Most of the discussing ended up being in laughter though. We finally paid the bill and started to exit the restaurant.



We laughed.

“You go first,” I said.

“I had a really good time. I’m glad I was able to pay you back.”

“Same here. Thank you for the dessert. It was delicious.”

“Well, back to my apartment I guess.” She looked down as she said this.

“What’s wrong with your apartment?”

“Nothing. It’s just my roommate texted me before dinner to let me know her boyfriend is over. So they’re going to be having sex basically all night and it gets pretty loud.”

“Come to my apartment,” I offered. “We can watch a movie or something. That will kill at least a few hours before you head back.”

“Are you sure? I don’t want you to feel like you have to keep me entertained.”

I smiled at her. “What are friends for? Come on. Follow me back.”

She answered my smile with one of her own. “Okay!”

When we reached my apartment I opened the door for her and she walked inside ahead of me. She gasped.

“This, is your apartment?”

“Yeah. When my grandpa passed away he left me money and told me to use it for my housing. He knows the owner of this complex so I’m paid up to live here for another 6 years.”

“It’s only a one bedroom apartment?”

I laughed. “Yes. Feel free to go look around. Would you like something to drink? I have tea, wine, water, orange soda, and I think beer.”

“Tea would great, thanks.”

While I poured our teas she looked through my movie collection, then my cd collection, and then she made her way to my bedroom. I held my breath when she went in there. I couldn’t remember for the life of me if I hid my toys well. That would be extremely awkward.

She walked out and sat on the couch. “You have a huge bathroom and I’m jealous. Mine is like a little shoebox. I hate it.”

I handed her a tea and walked over to my movies. “So, would you like to watch a movie?”


“I love that series,” I laughed.

I put the movie in and sat back down on the couch beside her. It was friendly, not sexual at all. We sat close but not extremely close. I could tell she had seen this movie plenty of times as she was reciting most of the lines word for word. It was cute. I think I was looking at her more than the movie. I knew she could tell because she would look over at me and smile then go back to watching the movie.

When the movie finished I took our glasses to the kitchen to refill them and she followed me. While I was refilling the glasses she hopped up and sat on counter next to me.

“Thanks for having me over. I’m really glad we did this.”

She put her hand over mine stopping me. She looked so beautiful smiling down at me. I couldn’t help it. I had to go for it. I put my hand on the back of her neck bringing her face down and planted my lips on hers. Just a small kiss to gauge her reaction. I pulled back and looked into her eyes. She just stared at me. Not in fear or disgust, but in confusion. She didn’t say no, so I leaned in and kissed her again. She was kissing me back! I used my tongue and licked at her lips until finally they opened. Our tongues danced languidly. There was no rush, it was sweet and simple.

I broke away from her lips and started kissing down her neck, nibbling as I went. She whimpered softly but I still heard it. Her hands were resting on my hips, not pulling me in or pushing me away. I came to her earlobe and sucked it in my mouth causing her to moan loudly. I ran my fingers up her thighs and started to play with the bottom of her dress. I pulled away from her and looked in her eyes. I swear they had darkened in lust.

“May I” I asked, indicating I wanted to take her dress off.

She didn’t say anything, but merely lifted her arms in the air above her head. So I pulled her dress off and resumed kissing her. I ran my hands all the way up her thighs until I brought them around to her back and cupped her just above her ass. I slide my hands slowly up her back until I was able to unhook her red bra. I let it fall away and pulled back to look at her. She had breasts that fit perfectly in my hands. I leaned down and took one of her nipples into my mouth and started to suck and lightly nibble on it. She cried out and gasped.

I went back and forth switching between both nipples for a while until satisfied and kissed down her stomach. Stopping, I licked at her naval before continuing down to her red thong. I started to pull those off and she lifted herself to help me. When I pulled them down I could see that she was hairless and also glistening with juices. She was turned on! I dropped down and kissed the outside of her thighs moving in slowly to her pussy. I kissed just above her clit and she visibly shivered. I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to have her.

I quickly dove in swirling my tongue on the inside of her lips. She gasped then started letting out of string of moans. I drove my tongue inside of her quickly pushing it in and pulling it out over and over again. I couldn’t get enough of her taste so I started flicking my tongue as quickly as I could. I moved up and started to suck directly on her clit. She started shaking and moaning so loudly I was sure my neighbors would hear but I didn’t care. I just wanted her to feel amazing and if that meant being caught so be it.

I decided to be bold and stick a finger inside her to see how she would react. That was all it took and she started bucking wildly gasping and moaning as loud as she could. I licked up all of her juices until I finally stood up in front of her. She looked at me then put her hand over in mouth.

“I…uh…I have to go,” she stammered pulling her thong and bra back on. She searched for her dress until I handed it to her. “Thanks.”

I tried stopping her. “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t do this. This isn’t me. I’m straight. I don’t know how this happened.” She had her dress on at this point and was walking toward the door. She turned and I know she saw the look of hurt in my eyes. “I’m sorry. Bye.”

With that she was out the door, and I assumed out of my life.


Well, there’s the first part of the story. If you want more please tell me. I won’t continue if people don’t actually like it.

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