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Pool Fun

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Chapter 1

-“No!” My shriek got my friends’ and some strangers’ attention in the waterpark.

“What’s up?” Cody asked with scrunched up brows. He looks like a cute little puppy with that concerned face. That along with his boy-next-door look always got attention from the women.

“I can’t find my bikini anywhere!” I half-sob, half-shriek with a frown on my face. “This is all your fault.”

“My fault?” His eyebrows raise.

“If you guys hadn’t been messing around so much earlier…” I leave the sentence hanging, too upset to even think about what ifs. But he obviously doesn’t get it because he starts laughing with his hands on his (cough) very toned (cough) stomach. Finally, after a few seconds, he finally notices my grouchy face and tries, unsuccessfully, to stop his laughing, but not after Markus comes up beside him and nudges him with his elbow.

“Okay, okay. I’m sorry, princess.” His silly grin doesn’t look sorry at all. “Don’t worry. They have a shop here where you can buy some swimsuits. And to make it up to you, it’ll be my gift for you.”

My eyes narrow in suspicion. “Really?”

“Yeah.” His cute, innocent face of his is probably the doom of all women. Along with his friends over there. I look over at them in the corner of my eye. What is up with beautiful people getting together? I mentally shake my head at these man whores but I immediately cheer myself up at the thought of free stuff. What? The good things in life are free!


“Jules! What’s taking so long?” Cody’s whiny voice from outside the fitting room sounds agitated. “How long has she been in here?”

“Weelll… I mean, it’s not really her fault. They’re kind of out of stock so we had to look for something err, suitable.” I can practically hear Malia wince from that statement.

“Aww, come on, Jules. I’m sure it’s nothing too bad. Anything will do fine. You’re gona get in the water a lot so no one will see it much anyways.”

I think for a moment before I reply. “You think so?”

“Yeah. Look, just pick the best one and we’ll just go out there and have some fun. Come on. It’s your 18th birthday! You should be having fun right now, princess, not sulking away.”

Sigh. “Yeah. You’re right. And for your information, yesterday was my birthday.”

“Tomato, tomato.” I roll my eyes at him but my lips ease up at his comforting words. “Okay. I’m gona come out. Just know that I have no choice in this okay?”

“Geez, just come out already, Julia.” Malia’s grouchy twin, Nina growls.

Before I lose confidence and change out of the swimsuit, I push myself to come out of the fitting room with my eyes closed, too horrified to see their expressions on the tiny swimsuit I’m wearing. The store sold my last size only like minutes before we went in so I had no choice but to settle with this two – okay, three sizes too small swimsuit up my ass, literally. The bottom has an almost nonexistent thong hidden between the globes of my derriere. The fabric so thin and tight against my skin that I feel like even my pussy lips are peeking out at the edges. The top technically has two triangles keeping only my nipples hidden from everyone to see. Trust me, this is not the first time in my life I have hated having my humungous boobs. All in all, I look like a tease, or worse, a porn star. After a while, I realize none of them have said a word so I slowly open my eyes to gauge their reaction. All three of them have wide eyes and a gaping mouth and my face falls.

“Ugh, I told you guys!” I stomp my foot, making my boobs jiggle. This seems to wake them from their stupor.

“You look hot, Jules. Doesn’t she, Malia?” Nina turns to the red-faced Malia. Malia keeps her mouth shut but she fervently nods her head in assent.

“What do you think, Cody?” Cody snaps his eyes from my body to my face and just stares at me for a while with wide eyes before swallowing and saying, “Y-yeah. You umm- You look really grea- good in it.”

I immediately feel relief in his words and smile a little as he stares down at me.

“Okay, finally. Let’s go have some fun!” Nina pumps the air with her fists.


After hours have gone by and it was nearing nightfall, the guys are still mucking around somewhere and the twins have decided to grab something to eat. I, on the other hand am exhausted from all the fun and excitement and I’m now just loungin around at the edge of the shallow side of the pool, recalling what is probably another unforgettable birthday.

The whole waterpark has become really crowded, as expected on this hot summer day. I don’t think I can even walk 5 feet without bumping into people. With this many people, an accident is bound to happen anytime soon. At that exact thought, the overhead lights as well as all the electricity in the waterpark die down and shrieks and screams of fright are heard all over in the darkness. What the hell’s happening? I stand at attention and look around but it’s too dark to see anything.

I feel someone bump into my back but I ignore them. The guy’s chest, I now realize, hasn’t moved and has his torso up on my back. I move forward to make some space but I immediately bump into someone on my front.

“Hey. Watch it!”

“Oh. Um, sorry about that.”

I hear the girl’s grumbling and as I step back to my previous spot, I immediately feel the guy’s hard body at my back. I can feel the heat and skin of his torso against my bare back and his crotch on my ass while his thighs rub against mine. I swallow and bite my lip. Our position seems rather intimate but I don’t want to bump onto some rude person again. I hope the lights turn back on soon.

Suddenly, he bumps against me and I stumble forward almost knocking into someone, but thankfully, the stranger grabs me by the waist and prevents my face plant on someone’s back.

“Sorry ’bout that.” I shiver as his warm breath tickles my ear.

“D-don’t worry about it.” I blush.

His strong arms are wrapped around my waist, rubbing against the skin of my underboob where the small bikini top could not cover. I blush even more and hope he doesn’t notice this. As any typical 18 year old in this situation, I start to check the guy out. Muscular body – check. Deep sexy voice – check. Tall height, probably about 6’2″ to my 5’2″ midget height – check. Could this be the day that I finally find my prince charming after 18 years of my life? I hope so. I silently giggle to myself at the thought that this could be the start of something like in a movie. Maybe I could ask him if he wants to grab something to eat when the lights turn back on.

As I fantasize about my possible love life, I feel his right hand start to slide down my hips then up my tapered waist and down to the ties of my bikini bottom. I tense. Oh my. It’s getting hot in here. After a while, his rough hand finds its way dangerously close to the swell of my breast, then it goes down my waist, and then he slides his hand underneath my bikini bottom and palms my ass. What the hell? At this point, I decide to take action. As I open my mouth to tell him to back off, the speakers suddenly come to life.

“Good evening, everyone. This is the technical staff of the waterpark. As you are experiencing right now, we have a slight problem with the electricity but do not worry, we are fixing the problem as we speak and it will be in effect 20 minutes from now. We would like to extend our sincerest apologies to all. And those who are responsible for this damage, we have CCTV so please report yourselves at the main office by Pool A or else, we will be forced to dispatch the police. Thank you.”

He initially stops as the announcer speaks but continues again with his caress and massage of my ass. I try to wriggle out of his hold without causing much commotion but he’s got me wrapped up in his steel-like arms. The people now have gone back to chattering and laughing and the place is once again filled with deafening noise.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“You’ve got a nice little ass here, baby. Been dying to touch it all day.”

Does that mean he’s been watching me for a while now? His voice might have been deep and sexy before, but now I just find it disgusting. I can tell what he wants judging by the considerable bulge on my ass.

“Let go of me you sick pervert! Or else!” I push his hands off but my petite frame is no match for his muscular arms.

“Or else what? Tell everyone you’re being molested? Baby, everyone’s been watching you all day jiggling this cute little butt – ” He emphasizes his words by roughly grabbing my ass. “…and shaking these tits of yours.” He plants a hand on my boob. I yelp when he pulls the two triangles covering my nipples to the side. This causes my heavy tits to mash together. He tweaks and pinches my nipples, pulling it painfully away from my body.

“Ow, stop.” I whimper but this seems to spur him on as he smirks and inflicting pain on my poor nipples. Once the lights go back on, he is so busted. How much time now? 18 minutes?

“Besides, do you really think they’ll believe you – dressed up like some kind of hooker in this tiny thing? What is this? For eight year olds?” I blush embarrassed. He snickers as he takes the strap of my top and pulls it, letting it stretch back to my skin with a sharp sting.

“S-shut up! I’ll still report you and you’ll – Ow!” He slaps my boob.

“You think they’ll care? They’ll probably have their pants down and cocks up the moment they see your whore body bouncing in there.” He starts licking and sucking on my neck. I try to twist away from his lips but he twists my nipple painfully every time I squirm out of his grip.

“I bet that’s what you want, isn’t it? You want those men to get hard imagining their hard cocks pumping your tight little teenage pussy. You’re such a fucking tease.”

“No – mmh!” His lips suddenly smash against mine. I never imagined a pervert could be this good of a kisser. I belatedly realize that he must be keeping me quiet and so, I renew my struggle to escape.

One of his hand snakes its way onto my inner thighs. I try to keep my thighs closed but they invluntarily open when he pinches the skin of my thigh. He quickly slides his palm at the apex of my thighs, petting and stroking my covered mound. Just as I get light-headed from the lack of oxygen, he stops kissing me, leaving me panting and breathing in as much air.

“I bet you could take on two – maybe three, pumping their fat hard cocks into your holes all at the same time until they spurt their hot cum into your dirty fuck holes and you cum like the teenage cock loving whore that you are.”

“H-how dare you?” I cry out weakly due to my lack of air, outraged that he would class me as some kind of whore.

“Look at you.” He snickers.

“Acting all innocent but your nipples have become hard and you’re even moving your hips against my hand.” As soon as he says this, I’m horrified to realize that he’s right. I immediately stop my hips, instantly missing the friction. I can’t believe I’ve done that. Even if it was unconscious.

“You want this, don’t you slut?” He applies more pressure as he strokes me through my bathing suit.

“No. I… I’m not a whore.” I whisper weakly as I feel a pressure below. His hand pulls aside the thin fabric of my bottom then rubs his rough, calloused hands against my slit. I gasp.

“You say no but your slut body is leaking pussy juice all over my hand. Come on, just admit it. You wore this ’cause you wanted some attention, didn’t you?”

“No. I wore this because – ” I’m prepared to tell him how wrong he is but I’m surprised when he separates my puffy pussy lips to gain access to my clit, then rubs the aching, sensitive nub. I gasp and moan as I try to fight the sensation, but after a while, my mind has become clouded and all I can think about is this wonderful feeling he’s giving me as he eagerly rubs my clit. I’ve never had such sensitivity before from past boyfriends so why now? Why with this pervert?

“You wanted this to happen.”

I whimper as he stops. I gasp as he suddenly enters two meaty fingers in my pussy, easily gaining access with the slippery juice leaking out.

“You wanted some stranger to come up to you and feel their hard cock in your dripping cunt. Or maybe in your ass. Or maybe both at the same time. I bet a slut like you would love to have your holes stretched by strangers’ fat cocks all at the same time. Shit! You’re a tight little cunt. I’m going to enjoy stretching this teenage pussy with my cock. And so are you.” I hear him chuckle but I can’t process his words at all. I can’t contain myself as I gasp and moan as he finger fucks my wet pussy roughly, then stops temporarily to add another finger, his hands easily comparable to a normal sized dick. I twist and gyrate my hips, not to escape but to seek more of the sensation. He stops again, this time to add a fourth finger.

“W-wait. That’s too much – ngghh.” I wince as he forcefully slides four meaty fingers in and starts finger fucking my cunt hard to his knuckles.

“Get used to it cunt and be quiet!” He whispers as he slaps my tits and I immediately shut my mouth, not wanting to get my tit slapped painfully again.

“Be thankful I’m even getting you ready for my cock. Cause this cock’s going to stretch your tight little teenage puussy real good.” Suddenly, I feel something hot and heavy on my ass and I realize with wide eyes that it’s his cock and from the weight and feel of it, I can tell it’s huge!

The haze in my head immediately clears up when he takes his fingers out and forcefully bends me at the waist so that I’m gripping the edge of the pool.

“P-please. I’ll do anything. Please don’t.” I plead with him hoping he’ll realize this is wrong. I feel the tip of his cock align with my pussy. Oh no! He’s really going to do it. How much time is left? 12 minutes?

“Julia!” I turn to the voice. Cody? Oh thank god!

I feel the hands around me tighten. “Don’t even think about it, bitch.” He sneers at me menacingly. What do I do? I have to escape. Making up my mind, I take in enough air to shout for Cody when splash! His hands are clutching my hair and keeping me underwater as I focus my attention to conserving as much air as I can.

“Hey. I think I saw her earlier at the slides. Let’s check there.” I hear Sam say to Cody and then their voices fade away. They were so close! Then I’m abruptly pulled above water and I gulp in enough air.

“I warned you, you fucking bitch.” He immediately bends me over then…

“Fuck!” My shriek is overpowered by someone’s similar cries before they are forcibly thrown into the pool and a loud splash and laughter are heard. He has entered my pussy in one swift motion, forcing his cock as deep as it can go into the depths of my teenage pussy. Even my slick entrance can’t help with the pain his huge cock is applying. Oh god! I grit my teeth as it feels like he’s splitting my pussy apart. I’ve never had a cock this huge before. In fact, I don’t think I’ve even had a cock half the size of this one before.

“I was going to enter you nice and slow but you just had to disobey me like a naughty little cunt, don’t you?” He ominously whispers in my ear. In and out. In and out. Oh god! He doesn’t give me time to adjust as he immediately moves inside me slow but hard. Pulling out slowly then ramming his cock back in, letting me feel his anger through his rampaging cock. I can feel his thick cock sink deeper every time he thrusts back in.

“Please. It – It hurts. Pleasseeee.”

He’s still holding my hair. He’s holding it dangerously close to the water, reminding me of my punishment if I do anything that will upset him so I try to lower my grunts and groans, afraid he would dunk my head back under water if I make too much noise.

“Shit. Fuck. You have such a tight fucking cunt.” He groans into my ear as he starts pumping faster. The force of his thrusts swaying my tits and my erect nipples skim the surface of the water every time he pushes me forward with his cock.

“Finally. This is what you’ve been waiting for all day, isn’t it? You wanted a hard dick in your hole, now you got it. Goddamn, your pussy’s tight! Never had a real man’s cock up this snatch before I see.” He chuckles.

Then something shifts. I feel the pain slowly decrease but it’s still there, lingering every time his cock head meets my cervix. But there’s also something else. Something pleasurable making itself known. My consciousness fades away and all I am has become my pussy – my pussy painfully stretched to its limit by this fat, hard piece of cock ravaging the insides of my cunt. I can feel my insides release moisture to help the dick plow my now sensitive insides easier. The pleasure and pain makes me groan and moan, and I realize I’m actually enjoying being sodomized by the brutal thrusts of his monstrous shaft.

“Hehe. I knew it. Sluts like you just can’t resist a fuck. That’s right. Let me see you fuck your cunt with this fat cock.” It’s only then that I realize that I’m also moving along with his thrusts. Swaying my body back everytime to meet his thrusts and forcing his cock deeper inside my aching pussy.

Sensing how compliant I’ve become, he lets go of my hair and roams his hands along my back, my front and then takes hold of my swaying tits in his hand. I’m vaguely aware of people chatting or sometimes swimming by but no one seems to notice this girl getting force fucked by a stranger’s huge cock at the pool.

“Hmm. You’re such a good fuck slut. Fuck that cock. You like having your pussy stretched by this huge cock, baby?”

“N-no. I… Ooohh fuck.” I want to weep, knowing that my body has betrayed me and I’m putting this humiliation on myself, but all that’s escaping from my lips are senseless words and moans of approval as he massages my heavy breasts and rolls, pinches, and pulls at my erect nipples.

“Yes… yes. Oh my god. Ooohh…”

I shouldn’t be feeling like this. I shouldn’t gasp every time his huge mushroom cockhead scrapes pleasurably against the walls of my pussy. I feel my eyes water from the realization that I’m liking this but I just can’t stop grinding and moving my hips against his crotch. He’s not even doing much anymore except stand there and let me fuck him. Then the speakers suddenly turn on.

“Attention, everyone. The lights will be back on in an estimated time of 3 minutes. Thank you.”

Oh thank god! My humiliation will soon end. The guy chuckles. “Bet they’ll be shocked to find your pussy full of cock when the lights turn back on.”

“What! You’re going to pull out, righ- Oh!” He takes my arms, positioning them behind me and pulls at them as he suddenly roughly thrusts deep inside me then proceeds to fuck me fast.

“Hmm. Depends.”

“Depends? Ngghh. Depends on -ugh- what?”

“Well, if I cum of course (thrust). Otherwise, (thrust) I’d still be fucking your cunt (thrust) even after (thrust) the light’s on.”

“What?! No -fuck! You have to -pant- stop before then! P-please!” I plead with him.

“The only (thrust) reason I’m going to stop (thrust) fucking your dirty cunt is (thrust) if I cum (thrust).”

Oh god. I don’t want to do this (or do I?) but I have to make sure he cums before then. Making up my mind, I quickly turn around and circle my arms around his thick neck while wrapping my legs around his surprisingly trim waist. I mentally ready myself for what I am about to do then drop hard on his cock. I gasp. Oh my god! That’s deep! Then up, down, up, down, going up and down on his cock as fast as I can. If he’s surprised, he doesn’t show it. Instead, he immediately cups my ass with both hands and really starts to fuck my cunt, pounding my insides raw until I have to be the one to catch up to his speed.

Oh god! Oh god! Maybe I should stop. This feels so- No! I have to make him cum. I can hear myself gasping and moaning and I’m not sure if anyone can hear but I’m too focused on the cock inside me that I don’t care.

Oh no, no, no! Something’s happening. I think- I think I’m going to cum. As this thought passes through my head, he suddenly drops his head to latch onto my right nipple and he sucks hard.

“Fuuccckkk!” I shriek and I’m suddenly cumming so hard that I can almost see stars in my vision. At that exact moment, the lights turn back on. I can feel my body shaking from the strength of my orgasm, my head thrown back and my mouth gasping for air and my pussy quivering around his cock.

“Holy shit! You fucking cunt!” But he doesn’t relent. He lets go of my nipple but maintains his thrusts in that excruciatingly pleasurable speed and I’m gasping again. I can feel every movement of his cock in my now sensitive pussy. I open my eyes to see eye to eye with a guy a few feet away staring wide-eyed. He shifts his wide eyes onto where my body and this stranger’s is connected. I want to stop but my orgasm has left me so weak that all I can do is avert my gaze.

Most people are still oblivious but not all of them. I see a guy nudge his friends and they all turn to watch us, to watch this tiny slut’s huge tits bounce up and down while she’s getting fucked by a stranger’s huge dick in the pool. No, don’t look at me! They turn to watch the glistening shaft ravaging her pussy and their eyes widen, wondering how such a thick dick could fit into that tiny cunt. And I know they see her face, cheeks red, pink lips wide open, gasping for air as she rides that cock like her life depended on it. And then the lights go out again.

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