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Political Submissions

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I was busy with my usual Monday morning office routine, sipping coffee, browsing a large stack of phone messages and sorting through my email. Five messages were from Cal Ryder, sleazebag journalist for the local news. What the hell could he want that’s so important, I thought. As the mayor of a large midwest city, I was used to calls from the local paper, but it wasn’t often that I would get a call from Cal.

He was most likely concerned with the plight of the local titty bars and my PR person could usually fend him off without my intervention.

“Hey baby, how’s life been treating my favorite sexy politician?” he growled into the phone when he finally got through.

“It’s Mayor Jensen to you, Mr. Ryder, and life for me is just fine, but I’m sure that’s not what you called to talk about,” I replied tartly. “You have one minute.”

“Oh now, be nice to me baby,” he cooed into the phone, “especially since what I have to say will change your life as you know it.”

“Your high school drama act is killing me,” I said, ” thirty seconds, Cal.”

“Ok, let me get right to the point then, sweetheart. I heard you had quite a successful fundraiser on Friday night. As a matter of fact, I happen to know that you ‘set the stage’, as it were, for a sure fire re-election campaign this year,” he said with a guttural laugh that chilled me down to my soul.

His words sunk into me like a lead weight. As it was, I did have a very successful evening with Maggie, my campaign manager, hosting the event at a swank downtown hotel in their best ballroom. Colleagues and business leaders from all over the state had attended the gala and the champagne had flowed freely. Life had been good to me these past three years. I enjoyed running the city and it had proliferated since I had been in office. I was practically a shoe-in for re-election, which was coming up in eleven short months. Cal’s reference to ‘setting the stage’ had been a lucky choice of words, I hoped. Being single and attractive and in the political arena, I had long ago learned to keep all personal information about myself very private. On that Friday night however, I had let my guard down.

I had been in the mood for celebration that night and perhaps just a little too much champagne had led me to a rare indiscretion. The ‘stage’ that I hoped Cal had not been referring to was located in the hotel’s smaller ballroom. It was not in use that night and was empty and dark except for a small spotlight above the stage area. It was into this room that Maggie had pulled me aside and whispered that she had a surprise for me.

Maggie has been my right-hand woman for years. She works behind the scenes to pull together a first class organization of support staff and executive backers. She is also my lover. Nothing serious or committed about our relationship, just good old-fashioned hot girl sex whenever either one of us need it, which has been at least once a week for the last five years. We both have other lovers and are content to keep it that way.

Maggie has a body most men would kill to have in their hands. At 32, she has a stunningly curvaceous shape that make men drool at the sight of her, whether dressed in business skirt and blouse or jeans and a sweater. Her ample hips and ass are set off perfectly by a flat stomach and thin waist that can be retained only by women who have not borne children. Her breasts are large, very large, and no matter what she wears, there is always the slightest hint of her nipples showing through her top.

We had met years ago when we both worked for the same firm and after only a few nights out for drinks together we both knew, just by the flirtatious look in each other’s eyes, that we wanted each other. There was no awkwardness or fumbling that first time… we went after each other like animals in heat and it hasn’t changed since. Maggie is strictly into women. She once told me that she’s never had a man and never had a desire for one. Myself, I enjoy both sides of humanity and have had great sex with both men and women alike.

What Maggie had whispered into my ear was that she had a special friend with her that night, but she wouldn’t be able to join us after the party. “She lives a few hours away and has to head home later, but I wanted you to meet her tonight,” Maggie said. “I know you’ll enjoy her almost as much as I enjoy you…come see what you think.”

Maggie braced a couple chairs up against the door handles and walked with me to the front of the room. There, sitting on the stage was one of the most incredibly beautiful women I had ever seen. She looked to be about 35 and had long, blonde wavy hair that reached the center of her back. She was wearing a short black suit; black hose; and the hottest pair of ankle strap heels, which made her legs look exceptionally long and sexy.

What ensued was a threesome that would leave a porno producer horny for more. Our tryst had begun with Maggie introducing me to her lover while at the same time unbuttoning my blouse. “Abby is a lover extraordinaire, and she wants to help me celebrate your fundraising success,” Maggie said.

All three of us had explosive orgasms that night and it was an erotic encounter I wouldn’t soon forget. Cal’s choice of words, and the way he emphasized the fact that I had ‘set the stage’ had left me shaken. Several reps from his station had been at the party, but not Cal. There’s no way that anyone could have known what went on that night in the other ballroom, I told myself. The doors had all been barred and the room was empty.

“What are you talking about, Cal?” I said, trying not to let him hear the slight tremor in my voice. “I really have a busy morning here and don’t have time for games.”

“Ok darling,” he said, “I’ll make it short and sweet; I have a feeling you’re going to make time for the kind of games I have in mind.”

“It seems that our station cameraman got a little horny that night at your party,” Cal continued. “Seeing all the hot women around him dressed in their finest got the best of him, so he slipped away into a vacant room just down the hall. There he was, just whackin away in private when in comes first one, then two more gorgeous babes. They blocked the exit and proceeded to suck and fuck each other into oblivion. Very erotic for our cameraman to watch, but watching is never enough for a man of the media so of course he got it all on film too.”

At his words my heart sank to the floor and I could see my whole life’s career blowing away like a puff of smoke. Whatever Cal’s intentions were it was obvious that it was going to entail blackmail. My silence was akin to an admission.

“So what do you say now, darling?” asked Cal. “You’re just lucky that our camera man is so staunchly religious that he copied the tape to video and gave it to me. He said that he didn’t need to watch that kind of sleaze and he would leave it up to me to decide what to do with it. Here’s my home address and I expect you to meet me there at 7:00 on Friday so we can discuss what should be done about this tape.” He rattled off his address and hung up. I just sat there, stunned and devastated.

The week couldn’t have dragged by any slower. I spent the days pondering my choices, only to find I didn’t have any. I was at the mercy of a complete asshole and my only decision was whether or not to go along with this situation until I was re-elected or allow him come out in the open with it now and get it over with. I arrived at his house on Friday with 20K in my purse and the mindset that I was going to be tough. I was determined not to let this jerk see me sweat.

His house was set far back from the road, hidden behind a grove of trees. This looks like a doctor’s house, I thought, as I drove up the long tree lined drive. I parked the car on the circular apron and looked up at the front of the Tudor style house. Christ, maybe blackmailing is his side job, I thought as neared the front door. He opened the door as I approached. A tall man with a broad chest, muscular arms and a tight ass, he looked like an aging athlete. Well-aged though, with just the slightest touch of gray at his temples. He kept himself in shape with just a hint of a belly above the waist of his jeans.

“Well, well, Tessa, glad to see you could keep our date,” he said with a smile.

“Did I have a choice?” I replied with a smirk in my voice as I entered.

He led me through a large foyer into what appeared to be the main living room of the house. High ceilings, expensively decorated and furnished impeccably, the main focus of the room was a 20 foot, floor to ceiling stone fireplace on one wall and a large framed mirror directly opposite. He poured himself bourbon from a beautiful burled wood bar and offered one to me.

“No thanks, Cal,” I said, “I don’t care to socialize with you. Lets just get down to your dirty business at hand.”

He looked me up and down, stopping on the front of my blouse so long it gave me the impression he was undressing me with his eyes. He came near me, his focus never leaving my chest.

“The business I have in mind IS dirty, but only if it’s done right” he said, reaching out and grasping one of my breasts in his hand, finding a nipple inside my bra and pinching it.

I stepped back quickly and slapped him hard, on the face.

“Keep your fucking hands off of me, asshole” I said. “I’ve brought all the money I have to give you; now let me have the tape.”

He took a step back and laughed. “I don’t need your money, babe. Can’t you tell that I’m independently wealthy? Look, here’s how I see it. If this tape gets released any time in the next eleven months, you can kiss your re-election goodbye. I’m going to be a sweet guy, though, and let you have your precious lesbian orgy tape back as soon as you’re elected, free of charge. All I want from you is an hour, one night a month for the next eleven months for me to do with as I please…and believe me, I think you’ll end up enjoying yourself too.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. The thought that he wanted sex and not money was repulsive. This guy is nuts if he thinks I am going to be some type of sex slave for him.

“You’re out of your fucking mind Cal, if you think you’re going to lay your filthy hands on me.” I said grabbing my purse. “Look, here’s the cash I brought for you. Now why don’t you take it and we’ll settle this once and for all?”

He finished his drink and turned to pour another. “No, you look, Tessa,” he said. “You have only two choices. You can either say no to my offer right now and this video is released to every major news network by noon tomorrow, or agree to a monthly date, which begins tonight. If you show up every month for me and do it willingly, then you get the tape back. Think about it, it won’t do me any good after you’ve won the election – the taxpayers may not like it, but you’re not going to be removed from office for being a lesbian,” he said as he walked off down a hallway calling over his shoulder, “You have 5 minutes to decide.”

I stood there shaking with rage. I couldn’t believe I’d gotten myself into this predicament and all for a half hour sex session that I could have just scheduled for a more appropriate time. Damn. Cal was right, though; the tape can’t hurt me so much after the election is over, politically at least. Of course there would be friends and associates who would be shocked, but they’d get over it. It was almost politically correct to be a lesbian these days anyway. I didn’t have to worry about family finding out, since my parents had both passed away a long time ago.

I wanted this election more than anything in the world. Eleven dates, eleven hours… how bad could it be? I asked myself. I could go along with his fuck sessions and just remove my mind from the situation. Eleven dates, eleven measly hours in exchange for another term in office. I was the one who screwed up in that ballroom, I guess now I would have to pay the consequences. I’ll do it, but I won’t participate, not mentally anyway. If he enjoys fucking a woman who’s getting no physical enjoyment out of it, then he’s the one with a problem.

I went to the bar, poured myself a double and shot it down. Then I poured another and did it again. Cal reappeared from behind and reached around me, grabbing both breasts in his hands, squeezing and fondling. This time I did not pull away.

“I’m glad you’ve seen the reality of your situation Tessa,” he whispered in my ear. “Believe me, I think you’ll be thanking me after the election.”

As my face flushed with humiliation and anger I turned to face him, “It’s pretty sad that you have to blackmail someone to have sex with you Cal, I’ll do what you want but don’t expect me to enjoy it.”

He poured himself another drink and leaned up against the bar. “Good, now that you have the proper attitude I want you to unbutton your blouse, then pull those pretty titties out of your bra and make your nipples nice and hard for me.”

I did as instructed, my face burning with embarrassment. I stood in front of him and unbuttoned my blouse, leaving it tucked into my skirt. Then I reached into my bra and pulled my breasts out of their comfort zone by the nipples, pinching them between my fingers.

“Nice pair, babe,” he said as he leered at me lustfully. “Now lift up the front of your skirt and let me see your panties, and while you’re there, you might as well rub that clean shaven pussy a bit for me, ok?”

I kept one hand on my nipple and moved up my skirt with the other, exposing my panties and thigh high stockings. I dutifully rubbed myself as told and could feel my face flush again.

“Put your hand inside your panties, darling, let me see you get yourself off in front of me,” he snarled.

I slipped my hand into the front of my black silk panties and made gestures as if I was rubbing my clit. I hoped he would get this over with fast.

He watched with a grin on his face, his eyes never leaving my crotch and titties.

“Come over here and let’s see if I can get you off a little better than that,” he said.

I approached him back at the bar area but he turned me around so he was behind me. He pulled off my blouse and unsnapped my bra, reaching around and grasping both breasts in his large hands. My nipples were caught between his fingers and he was rolling them between his knuckles. He reached over and grabbed the TV remote, clicking it on.

“Here, let’s see if this helps you get the juices flowing.”

The video of Abby, Maggie, and I came on his big screen TV, which was directly in front of us. He bent me over the back of the couch, lifted my skirt up over my hips and pulled off my panties. His hands grabbed my ass and pulled my cheeks apart. I could tell he was kneeling close behind me as I could feel his hot breath on my inner thighs. Cal had my asscheeks spread so far apart I thought something was going to rip. Then I felt his wet tongue part my pussy lips. He ran his tongue inside my slit for quite a while before moving to my clit. He began to lap me from my clit to my tailbone, stopping only to rim my asshole with his very wet tongue. I could feel a lot of moisture between my legs and I told myself that it was just his saliva. My eyes were glued to the video.

The tape had started rolling just as Maggie and Abby were removing my blouse. Each woman took a nipple into their mouths, and with the dual action sucking and tweaking l recalled how wet I had become. My tits were large; though not as big as either Maggie’s or Abby’s, and having each one fondled by a different woman was very erotic. I watched myself slip a hand under Abby’s skirt and remembered my arousal in discovering that she was free of panties and shaved bare, as were both Maggie and I. I fingered her pussy while stroking her clit with my thumb. She continued to play with my breast, biting my nipple playfully. I watched as she moaned and moved her hips with my fingers deep inside of her and after a couple minutes, she reached behind her on the stage and removed a long, thick strap-on dick from her purse.

“Who’s going to let me fuck them with this?” Abby’s voice moaned from the TV speakers.

“Let’s let the girl of honor get it tonight. After all, it is her big night,” Maggie replied with a laugh.

I heard Cal stand and remove his clothes. Finally, I thought, this is almost over. He remained behind me and I felt his finger find my hole. He fingered me slowly, first with one finger then two. He began thrusting his fingers deep inside me, while his other hand worked to spread my pussy juices up and down my crack. His thumb found my asshole and he held it there, just placing the slightest of pressure on my virgin hole.

The video showed Maggie and Abby both naked now, except for their stockings and heels. Maggie lay back on the stage and raised her skirt for me to see her shaved, wet pussy glistening in the light of the stage illumination. I bent over Maggie and splayed her legs wide, sucking her clit into my mouth and fingering her deeply. Abby had adjusted her strap-on and was bending over my back, fondling my tits. God, she had incredible breasts, I thought. I remembered the weight of them grazing my back as she reached to cup mine, her hard nipples rubbing up against me.

His thumb entered my ass to his first knuckle. I sucked in my breath and could feel my hole tighten against the invasion. His fingers left my pussy and now I could feel his cock rubbing between my lips. It felt large, and thick…very thick. The head of his cock found my pussy hole and he entered me slowly. It filled me completely and when he thrust for the first time, I thought I would rip from the size of it. I winced while he moaned loudly and reached with his free hand to grab my hair, pulling my head back. He was pounding me furiously, his balls swinging and slapping my lips and clit. He still had his thumb in my ass and was sliding it in and out in rhythm to his cock. This was the hardest, fastest fuck I had ever had.

Cal still had my head pulled back by my hair and my eyes were glued to the big screen in front of me. I watched as Abby lifted my skirt from behind and moved my thong panties to the side. She was fondling my ass and teasing me by rubbing the strap on dildo between my pussy lips. I remembered how horny that had made me. I wanted to beg her to fuck me with it. I watched as she entered my pussy with her thick strap on and slowly rode me from behind while I tongued Maggie to orgasm.

Cal used my hair to turn my head to the side so that I now was looking into his large framed mirror.

“Now watch yourself being fucked by a man,” he growled. “How good does a real cock feel compared to a plastic one?”

The reflection showed me bent over the couch and being fucked from behind by a man with a very large cock. My breasts slapped back and forth in time with his violent pounding just as they were doing on the video in time with Abby’s thrusts. One of his hands was still entwined in my hair and the other fondled my ass, giving it an occasional hard slap.

The sight of my body being taken two ways by two different people at once was more than I could handle. I could feel it begin welling up deep inside me. An incredible heat from between my thighs and the intense throbbing from inside my pussy could end only one way. No, I thought, there’s no way I am going to let this guy see me cum. I fought with every bit of willpower I had but there was no controlling the wave once it had begun. My vagina contracted again and again, sending spasms of ecstasy through my body like bolts of electricity. I fought to keep it inside and clenched my fists to keep the orgasm from showing outside of my body. My knees shook from trying to keep my hips in check and not to let them buck again and again as they normally would during a climax. It worked. Cal had begun thrusting deeper than ever and his moans became yells as he shot his cum deep inside of me. I could feel his cock throbbing and swelling with each spurt. Saved by his orgasm, he did not know I had cum too.

Wasted, he pulled out of me and slapped my ass again hard.

“You are a great fuck, Tessa. See you next month,” he said, leaning over me before he walked away down the hall.

I dressed and went out to the car, my knees still shaking. As I was driving away the realization hit me. The video on the big screen, making me watch it and making me watch him fuck me in the mirror… his comment about “how I like being fucked by a man”. He must think that I’m strictly lesbian and he thinks he’s going to show me what sex with a man is all about. What an ego. What, does he think? That I’ll eventually decide I like having sex with him so much I’ll give up on women? Fine, he can make me watch all the videos he wants, but I won’t lose control like that again. Next time will be different…

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