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Please Shave Me

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Well, I was old enough to know that life doesn’t always work out exactly as you want it to. Justin and I had been married for ten years and, frankly, the passion had faded. We were both deep into our careers, I was a property manager for a local upscale real estate developer and hubby managed a district branch of a large insurance company. So, we were pretty happy career-wise and financially, it was the once-every-other-week fuck that I was getting that was disappointing.

I’m thirty-two, Justin’s thirty-four, if I had kids, I’d definitely be considered a MILF. I’m an attractive brunette, five-seven, nice figure, boobs as firm as when I was sixteen (36-C, if you must know and, yes, they’re really nice, you’d just love them). Justin’s six-one, solid, the kind of chiseled look women like, just the kind of guy you’d think would go with a woman who looked like me. We look good.

And we used to fuck like crazy. I loved every minute of it, too. Now, I’m not a nympho, well, I don’t think I am, anyway. I just have a healthy, active libido. And, twice or three times a month just isn’t cutting it.

I tried a few things like changing into something more provocative when I got home after work. It worked a little then we were back to the same-old, same-old. I even tried asking him for a fuck a few times and got one about a third of the time. Not good.

So, when Justin had one of his old friends over, Adam, I was eyeing his thirty-year old bachelor friend with a rather horny eye. Now, I wasn’t thinking of going behind Justin’s back and making a pass at his old buddy, no, but his friend is a good looking guy and it had been almost two weeks since my pussy had anything in it other than my own fingers.

In the interest of full disclosure, I must confess that a fair amount of alcohol, beer in the case of the two guys, pinot grigio was my preference, had been consumed on this particular occasion and this, certainly, influenced the general direction of how the evening went. And, no doubt, just how my thinking went at the time.

They were doing most of the talking, I was doing most of the thinking, mostly about how horny I was feeling and what I just might do to help ease the matter. I would not claim that I was thinking one hundred percent clearly at that stage as I decided to get up and go back to our bedroom and change into something provocative to see if I could get a little action.

In our bedroom, I took off my clothes, all of them, and stood in front of the full-length mirror. I do look good and as I stood there, my eyes were drawn to my pussy. Well, more to the pubic hair covering my pussy.

Justin and I do watch some porn, mostly on the computer, and just about every female now has a bare pussy, shaving is in. That’s when I got the idea to put on a nightie and go out and ask the two of them if they would like to give me a shave.

Now, I knew Justin might be a bit pissed-off but if he really got upset, then I wouldn’t let it happen.

So, I slipped on a black baby doll set that showed my charms to their best advantage and walked back into the great room, stood in front of them and asked, “Would you guys like to shave my pussy?”

As you might expect, Adam kept his mouth firmly shut and Justin just sat there for a minute or so, probably somewhat stunned at his wife’s rather sudden brazenness.

Then, he chuckled and said, “Okay, sure,” and the three of us walked down to the bathroom where I pulled off the panties and hoisted myself up on the counter and spread my legs.

Justin got his shaving cream and razor out of the drawer and I suggested, “To make it interesting for me, guys, why don’t you two get naked?”

“That’s up to Justin,” Adam replied to my request.

My hubby stood there for a few seconds, then said, “Yeah, okay, as long as we can cum on you.”

Well, a mini-bukakke party. That’s what Justin wanted but I was frankly thinking of a different repository for their cum so I answered, “Well, let’s just see what happens.”

So, they both began pulling off their clothes as I pulled off my top. Being a normal person, my interest was more toward seeing what Adam looked like since I was very familiar with Justin’s landscape. I wasn’t disappointed.

Both were hard, very hard. But Adam was shaved. I don’t really know if his cock was larger but, being shaved, it sure seemed so.

“Wow, you shave, Adam. That looks nice,” I offered.

“Learn new things about old friends, sometimes,” Justin commented to his friend.

“Maybe I should shave you, hon?” I asked my husband.

“Well, we’ll see,” Justin said and I spread my legs and he sprayed shave cream all around my pubic area which he began spreading around until he nodded to Adam to help out.

Adam’s cock was, I think, larger than Justin’s and was lighter in color. Justin’s was medium brown, like it had a tan, and Adam’s was lighter, more of a pinkish-peach color. Really quite handsome. I was hoping that the evening would afford me the opportunity to get to know it even better.

As soon as Adam’s fingers touched me and began rubbing the lather around, my heart rate zoomed.

They got the lather properly distributed and Adam began shaving me. I sat there on the counter thinking about what might happen and decided that whatever it was, I would go with the flow. I’ve never done anal or been much into sucking guys off but, tonight, I was on for anything.

Adam had the part above my pussy all nice and clean as he handed the razor back to Justin. I lifted my feet up to the counter to spread wide so they could get the sides and underneath. Justin took a few passes and handed to razor back to Adam, who carefully, and very sensually, I might add, smoothed down my hair before he razored it away.

Every touch of Adam’s was so arousing, sending a throb right to my middle. If he had taken much more time shaving me, I probably would have cummed.

Justin ran the water until it was nice and warm, soaked a washcloth and they began taking turns wiping away the lather, both seemed trying to pleasure me as much as wipe up the shave cream.

I let my feet down and reached for both their cocks and began masturbating them as they stood there. Then, I realized that Adam’s cock was thicker around, something I was hoping to experience internally before the end of the evening.

I released their dicks and pulled them to me, kissing each one, then holding them close as I whispered, “You’ve both got great hard-ons, why don’t you do something with them.”

Neither one did anything for a minute. I can understand why Adam didn’t, after all, even if he wants to fuck me, he’s standing right next to my husband. So, when Justin looked at Adam and kind of nodded toward me, then started kissing me from my face down to my neck as he fondled my left breast, Adam started on the other side.

Oh, yes, now I was liking this. Liking this a lot. Justin knelt down on the floor and I opened wide for him and he began licking and tonguing me. Adam, I think, was still moving slowly, not being sure of how far or how fast to go as he bent down to suck my nipple. I wanted him to know I liked his attentions so I petted his cheek with one hand and took his cock on the other and began to rub the wet tip with my thumb.

Justin is very good at giving me oral sex and tonight was no different. But, honestly, more of my attention and interest was focused on Adam. Surely, I can’t be blamed for that.

Then, Justin stood up and moved aside and motioned Adam to stand between my legs. I felt a shiver of excitement as Adam gripped his cock as he moved forward to press the tip up against my wet slit.

I looked over at Justin standing there watching and asked, “You sure you’re okay with this? For Adam to enter me?”

“Yes, it’s okay with me but why don’t you make it even better for Adam and use our bed. Then you can get up on top of him the way you love to do it. I’m sure he’ll love it and, frankly, I want to watch every second.”

“So you’re saying that we can go all the way with this?”

“That’s what I’m saying, otherwise, it’d hardly be fair,” answered Justin and I slid off the counter and knelt in front of Adam enfolding his cock between my breasts which i pressed together, dropping my chin down and taking the tip into my mouth to suck. I knew with what Justin had just said that I pretty much had free rein over where I took the evening.

I sucked him for a minute, then stood up, took his cock in my hand and led Adam to our bed, then got up over him and very slowly squatted down, reaching behind and leading his cock up into my eager pussy.

When I glanced back, Justin was sitting in a chair watching us as he languorously stroked himself.

I looked down into Justin’s eyes as I gradually pushed him into me, sending his cock deep up inside, which brought a smile to his face. I somehow thought he had been wanting something like this with his best friend’s wife for a while now.

Lowering myself slowly was very erotic, it just made my pussy feel so good, no doubt also helped my Adam’s cock’s greater girth. As I got him all the way inside, I pushed down hard and felt him touching places up inside me that have never been reached before. I swiveled my hips twisting so the head of his cock rubbed that newly-aroused area deep inside me. Oh, this was wonderful.

Adam’s hands were on my breasts and I was so aroused by now that I leaned forward for him to suck my nipples as I fucked him up and down. I looked over at my husband who seemed to be staring at Adam’s cock sliding in and out of me as his own stroking matched the same rhythm. Fucking Adam while Justin watched was making me so turned-on that I was almost crazy with lust, I just wanted to fuck this man forever.

I began fucking Adam faster and faster, my pussy was so engorged, so torrid, that I wanted to feel the rush of his cum up deep inside me.

“Mmm. Oh, Pam, oh, wow, mmm.”

Adam was moaning now and was arching his hips up trying to get further up inside me as I fucked him up and down. Well, Justin wants something to see, I thought, so let’s give him something worth seeing.

Adam was getting close, just what I wanted.

“Oh, Pam, oh, I’m gonna…” and when his back arched up, I pulled up off him as his cum spurted out all over my pussy lips, just like a fountain, then I plunged back down on him and ground down, twisting my hips back and forth, as he cummed on and on.

Justin was jacking himself faster and faster, then he stopped and took his hand away and seconds later, I saw his semen come squirting out over and over.

I continued fucking Adam, whose cock stayed nice and hard, even though he had a massive ejaculation, we were just soaked in his cum between us, and soon, I knew it was going to be my turn.

When I’m on top, there’s two places where it really feels wonderful. One is when I push down all the way and twist my hips back and forth which rubs the tip of his cock up deep inside me, the other is when I am slowly pulling up off his cock. Somehow, that just feels sensational to me, my vaginal walls just seem to glow with the most wonderful feelings imaginable. And I was paying particular attention to both these favorites.

That did the trick, I felt the warmth begin to build inside me, then spread out as my nipples started to tingle, then it hit me like a flash, like I was electrified from head to toe, it was a marvelous orgasm.

“UUNH, UUNH, OHHH, OHHH, Oh, so good, yes, yes, so good, mmm,” and I dropped down on Adam kissing him over and over. I could never tell Justin but it was the best orgasm I’d had in a long time. A very long time.

After that, I was up for anything they could think of and I told them that. And leave it to Justin to suggest that they both fuck me, one in the front, one in the back. Well, now, I’ve never done anal before and said, “Um, if we do this, I want you to get the KY Jelly out of the bathroom.”

Chapter 2

Since Justin brought the tube back into the bedroom, I took that to mean that he wanted to go ahead with the front-door/back-door penetration that I was hoping wouldn’t ruin me forever.

So, I sucked Adam for a few minutes to make sure he was good and hard (Actually, I knew very well that he was good and hard, I really just wanted to suck his nice cock), then got up over him and lowered myself down on his cock and lay forward on his chest as Justin smeared the lubricant around my butt hole and then up into it. I have to say, it actually felt pretty good. I’ve had girlfriends tell me that they thought they had more sexy nerve endings in their butt than in their pussy but I really never believed them. Maybe they’re right.

Then he put some on his cock and got up behind me, also straddling Adam’s legs and pushed his cock right up to my anus. I gritted my teeth and he pushed forward. He slid in several inches and stopped. Then he started going back and forth as I began fucking Adam.

I’m not sure how to describe what I felt. Full. Oh, yes, full. Adam’s cock is larger in length and girth than my hubby’s and that alone would make me feel pretty full. On top of that, literally, seeing the position we were in, when Justin began entering my butt, he went slowly, allowing me to get used to something that size in me it’s usually empty.

So, full, for sure. Oh, yeah.

When Justin began going in and out of my ass, I was surprised at the feelings. They were highly erotic. I even stopped fucking Adam for a few minutes just to relish this new sensation, this new pleasure. It was very arousing and it felt at least as good as being fucked in my pussy. Oh, it did feel good. I never dreamed it would feel that good.

Now, put it together with the glorious feelings Adam was giving my pussy, combine it with the kinky, taboo sense of getting it both ways by two guys, and maybe you can get an idea of what it was like. It was spectacular, fucked in both holes, it just made me delirious with sexual frenzy. It was the most fucked I’ve ever felt.

And, it was one of the fastest orgasms I’ve ever had. It was just a few minutes, three or four, maybe, before it happened. Incredible. Oh, and it went on and on and on. It lasted forever, almost. And strong, it practically doubled me up. I felt like I was completely submerged in bliss, just overcome.

Adam was under me moving his hips up and down, fucking me still as Justin was doing the same from up behind me. Justin was the first one to cum followed less than a minute later by Adam as I felt so warm and loved deep inside me. We all three lay there in a sandwich, the three of us coupled together by their cocks as the feelings continued to wash over me.

After I got disconnected from both guys, I suggested that it was time for a shower and we all three managed to get in our master shower which, thankfully, was large enough. I had lots of fun soaping cocks and I had the cleanest breasts and pussy I’ve ever had. I let them dry me off then we went back into our bedroom.

“What now, hon,” Justin asked me.

“How about me sucking you two off?”

They both looked at each other as I knelt down between them, gripping each cock as I began sucking Adam and jacking my hubby. I soon turned to suck Justin and masturbate his friend and kept going back and forth between them. They both seemed to be enjoying my double-fellation and I soon had a mouth full of Adam’s cum and turned my cum-filled mouth to Justin to finish him off. After I was finished, I stood up and there was a sizable wet spot where my wetness had dripped out of me onto the floor.

They decided that one would give me oral while the other sucked and fondled my breasts and they took turns so each brought me to orgasm. This was by far the most sex I had had in one session in my entire life. Adam licked me off first, then Justin. Oh, I was a happy woman.

After getting me off, they both stood up and started masturbating over me. Oh, I’ve seen it in the porn videos on the internet many times and always thought it was rather silly. But, actually, it was fun being on the bed, them on either side jacking-off over me as I was fingering myself, then seeing the cascades of cum spurt out all over my face, neck, breasts and stomach. We were all laughing and I was covered in cum.

“Help me up, Justin, I’ve got to wash this off,” I asked as he lead me to our bathroom where he wiped me off with a warm facecloth.

“Oh, guy’s I am sore. Oh, you’ve fucked me good. But, am I happy. Thank you both,” and I kissed each one as we all three walked back to our bed.

We had asked Adam to stay the night and we all three piled into our bed, me in the middle, of course, and, I must say, I was asleep in a wink. I did wake up a few times during the night, once with Adam’s leg thrown up over me, his cock pressing on me, I did lay there awake for a few minutes enjoying the feeling.

No one really woke up until about nine-thirty and we decided to have some breakfast then return to bed for one last fling.

So, we were all three naked in the kitchen, by now, Adam felt free enough to pretty much do what he felt like with me and he was feeling my boobs as I measure the coffee out onto the coffeemaker. Then, as Justin made toast, Adam sat next to me as I played with what has become my favorite body part of his.

After breakfast, we were back upstairs in bed as Justin says, “I know Pam’s favorite position is doggie-style and each of us could do her that way. What do you think, hon?”

“That sounds nice to me. Lovely, actually. And I can suck the other one. Sound nice?”

Everyone agreed and I got up on me hands and knees as Justin got down and licked me, though I was quite wet already. He got up and led his cock right up to me and pushed up inside me as Adam got in front of me with his lovely cock wavering right in front of my face. I opened as he led it into my mouth.

Both guys started fucking me as I knelt there on my hands and knees. While I was never much into sucking guys off, I was getting to view it a little differently with Adam fucking my mouth. He knelt there in front of me pushing his hips slowly back and forth, his hands down caressing my cheeks as I sucked him.

Justin, behind me, was leisurely fucking me as I felt his thumb begin to run across my butt hole. Oh, wow. The sexual eroticism I was feeling was almost overwhelming. What a night and morning this has been. When I started all this, I had no idea what I was really beginning. I wanted sex and, boy, have I gotten it.

I was mostly holding still while both cocks went in and out of me, then, I felt Justin’s index finger slowly slip into my anus.

It was like an explosion. A jolt ripped through me as a flash of white-hot heat raced across my body, it was like I was being electrified from head to toe. Every muscle tensed and I was swept over by the most intense feeling of erotic pleasure I’ve ever, ever had. It was easily the most profound and long-lasting orgasm I’ve ever experienced. It just drained me completely.

The rest of the time it was like I was in a white fog, a wonderful, white fog, being fucked by Adam and Justin until they both filled me with their love juice. After, they each pulled out and lay on each side of me, kissing and fondling and caressing me so nicely and gently as I lay between them still engulfed in my bliss.

“Think you can do it again?” Adam asked. Knowing that it might be the last time I ever had his cock inside me I said I was up for a final fuck and got up again, this time with Adam entering me from behind and Justin up fucking my mouth.

I really couldn’t say I was tired of sex at this point, Adam’s very nice, very hard cock ensured that I was enjoying him every minute he was inside me. They were fucking into me at the same rhythm, both entering me at the same times, both pulling back out at the same time. Yes, it was very sexy-feeling.

I know that the best way to get my hubby to cum in my mouth is to suck right on the tip end of his cock as I circle my tongue around it, so I told him to hold still as I sucked him.

Sure enough, in about five minutes, I felt the first faint throb as he moaned and threw his head back, then the warm spurts cascaded into my mouth. I was also getting a few moans from behind me as I rotated my butt around as Adam fucked me in and out. It felt delicious even if I was a bit sore. Who cares at a time like this.

Adam’s rather wonderful cock felt rather wonderful doing what it was doing and I felt like I was getting close to an orgasm. I had, for the first time on my life, lost track of the number of climaxes I had had since I had my pussy so lovingly shaved by Adam and Justin. Whatever the number, it was just about enough.

Then, it rose from deep in my pussy, “UUH, UUH, UUH, MMM, oooh, oooh, wonderful, oh, so good, yes, mmm, oh, Adam, oh,” and I dropped my head down onto the bed as he pushed into me as I was swamped from head to toe with the most erotic pleasure, oh, I felt fucked, totally, completely fucked.

I lay there with my butt in the air and Adam’s cock deep inside me as Justin asked, “How was it, hon?”

“Oh, guy’s, I’m sure sore but I’m sure happy. You two are the greatest. I have never been so fucked in my life. I love you both.”

“Well, hon, maybe I can convince Adam to make this a regular thing, the three of us maybe like once a month or so.”

I could say that my heart leapt when Justin suggested continuing our three-way fuck sessions but it was really that my pussy throbbed when he said it. Oh, I was ready, really ready for more of Adam’s wonderful cock.

And not only Adam’s cock. I’ve gotten to like sucking dicks more after this and I couldn’t wait to be double-fucked by Adam and Justin, maybe with Adam in my ass the next time.

Well, it’s been almost two years now since that first time. We still get together with Adam about every three weeks and, now that he has a steady girlfriend, Lauren, she makes the fourth in our sexual adventures.

This has introduced some new things into the mix, I’ll just say that having another woman has increased the kinds of sex I can have when we all get together. I’ll just say that the guys like to watch. And, now, we all shave each other.

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