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Pleasant Dreams

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She stood in front of the mirror, slowly taking in what she saw reflected. Most of her day had been spent alone, so that she might have ample time to prepare. Her dark eyes flickered as they moved over her image, checking carefully, looking for even the smallest flaw.

The short sundress she wore appeared white at first glance, but was actually a pale lilac. It had an embroidered bodice and hem, and spaghetti straps that left her shoulders exposed.

Her long dark hair cascaded over them, tickling her flesh as it made its way down to her back. She knew he would ask her to hold it up when it happened. At this thought, she shivered and a glimmer came to her eyes. She felt her heart pounding in her ears and needed to take a deep breath to continue her inspection.

Her eyes paused on her breasts, her dark areolas faintly visible through the thin material of the dress. Her erect nipples pressed against the caress of the soft cotton. Each passing moment made her heart race more. Reaching slowly upwards, she cupped her right breast in her hand, then moved over the material that covered it till she found the small bump representing her nipple. A slow moan escaped her lips as she squeezed it. Not quite as much as he would, but enough to give her a taste of what was to come.

As she touched her breast, she felt the distinctive tingle between her legs. She knew, without having to reach down and feel, that her panties were already damp from her anticipation. The tight, impossibly small, silk g-string underneath them wasn’t helping either. Her left hand dropped to the hem of her dress, pulled it up, then found the material of her panties. They were, unlike the dress, white cotton, and made the contrast visible. Another moan escaped her lips as she ran her fingers over the smooth material, down, between her legs. Only a few days before, she had the hair of a full grown women. Now, her legs and crotch were bare and enticingly smooth. After he had shaved her crotch, he slid his tongue over the smooth flesh. She had screamed as she came, his touch electricity against her skin.

Her legs were smooth and bare, as was her neck. She raised a hand, her well manicured fingers touching the nape of her neck. Her nails were glimmering silver, the shine matching the gloss on her lips. She looked again, smiling at the contrast. Every aspect of her form had been chosen carefully to accent certain features. Her dress was short, revealing her gorgeous legs, but not slutty. Her eyes gleamed, and her full, pouty lips made her bright white teeth shine. The dress brought out her dark tan.

Suddenly, the clocked chimed, breaking her flow of thoughts. It was time. She ran from her room, skittering across the floor like an uncoordinated puppy until she reached the designated room. Quietly, she knelt on the floor, pressing her forehead to the cold marble on the threshold. Her legs and knees rested on the soft wooden paneling of the room, her body straddling the doorway. Sitting there, waiting, made her realize just how much she had been looking forward to this moment. The anticipation was almost too much to bear. Her heart beat quickly and her breaths came in shallow, ragged gasps. The cold marble made her breasts grow even harder, and she felt the moistness of her crotch begin to grow.

She jumped as he touched her, his hand cold, as it left a wet spot on her neck. The faint scent of lavender reached her nostrils a moment later. He touched the other side of her neck, then moved down to touch her shoulders again. This time, she remained still as he gently put the perfume on her body. She felt the hem of her dress moved and moaned. Slowly, as instructed, she raised her ass and spread her legs slightly. Had she been able to look up, she would have seen him smile.

She shuddered when his fingers touched the skin on either side of her damp panties. She wanted to rock back and press herself against him, but knew that was prohibited. Her energy was focused on remaining absolutely still. Her heart raced and her breath pounded in her lungs, but she managed to remain still. She pressed her mouth to the marble in an effort to stifle a moan as he touched her crotch, rubbing, feeling, inspecting her attire and her willingness.

The cold touch of the perfume moved down, touching the backs of her knees, then her ankles and finally the soles of her feet. Satisfied, he walked away. Her heart pounded as she waited, every passing moment an infinity of agony. Finally, after what could have been a few seconds or the rise and fall of an entire civilization, she saw his feet in front of her.

“Up, little one,” his voice rang in her ears.

Instantly, she sat back on her legs, resting her arms on her thighs. She looked up for a moment, then suddenly dropped her gaze to the floor. A bright flush rose in her cheeks. She felt his hand touch her chin, and allowed it to be lifted so that she looked up at him. Her blush deepened as she looked up at him, wanting more than anything to turn her eyes back to the floor. He continued to look at her, one hand holding her chin, while the other caressed her head.

“You have done well, my precious,” he said, holding her chin as the shudder passed through her body.

Her faced turned a darker crimson and she bit her lip, fighting back a squeal as she felt waves of pleasure rock her body. The tingling sensation in her crotch rose to a throbbing, then she suddenly felt a burst of warm, hot liquid soak her panties as she came in a gasp. Her dark eyes moved to his, as she fought to keep her body erect.

“Thank you, Sir,” she whispered.

Amy woke with a start. It took her a moment to remember where she was. Her hands were between her legs and she was hopelessly tangled in her sheets. She moaned as she realized that she had been dreaming. As the details faded, she felt between her legs, where her hands had been as she woke. Her panties and nightgown were wet and sticky and quickly growing cold. Amy rolled over and looked at her clock. She blinked as the numbers changed to show three a.m., their green surface casting a dim glow on her face.

Groggily, she sat up and walked to the bathroom. She returned a little while later and changed into a pair of pajamas. Slowly, she crawled into bed and fell asleep. She tossed restlessly for the rest of the night, trying in vain to return to the vividness of her dream.

The alarm blared, screeching its warning into the morning. Amy sat up with a start and looked at the clock to see that she was already late for work. She checked the mirror near her bed and found that she could go with out showering, then looked around her room. The floor, and most of the furniture was littered with clothes. Bending down, Amy picked up the panties she had slept in and slipped them on. She then shimmied into a short, straight black skirt. She donned a blue silk bra, then slipped into a sleeveless white blouse. She added strappy high heels, then ran out the door.

The day was cold and dreary, the air filled with moisture that isn’t quite rain, but leaves you soaked. Amy forgot to grab a jacket or an umbrella, and ended up covered in a cold sheen of water by the time she got to work. She was sure people could see her nipples through her bra and blouse, but was too busy to care.

After getting yelled at by her boss, Amy struggled through the rest of the day. She was forced to sit through meeting after meeting, bored out of her mind. She couldn’t focus, and kept returning to her dream. The details had faded, with the exception of the last moments of absolute pleasure. She wanted only to curl up in some warm place and forget about her miserable existence.

Finally work ended and Amy was able to trudge back home. The entire way she squirmed under the glaring stare of an old woman diagonally opposite her and the leering grin of the sleazy man who kept trying to look up her skirt. She crossed and uncrossed her legs and nervously tried to ignore him. Just as he was about to get up to say something, Amy’s stop arrived, and she leapt from the crowded subway car. She got soaked again, as she walked home, wearily walking up the steps to her apartment.

Once there, she stripped, leaving only her white, cum stained panties on and turned on the water for the tub. Quietly, she lit some candles and turned on the soft, relaxing music. Soon the bathtub was filled with bubbles. Amy walked to her kitchen, then returned with a glass of chilled, white wine. She touched the water with her foot, then without even thinking about it, slowly dropped into the tub. She giggled when she realized she had worn her panties into the water, then smiled and laid back.

Amy’s hand worked its way down, between her legs, finding the soaked material of her panties. She felt the firm, tender flesh and bone of her body underneath the fabric, moaning as she rubbed herself through the thin cotton. She lay back, letting her head drop to the cold tile, while she picked up her wine. In one gulp, three quarters of the glass was gone, followed by the remaining swallow. Before long, Amy’s head was spinning, from the combination of the wine and the heat and the slow, regular motions of her hand between her legs. Amy worked faster now, enjoying the the feeling of becoming more arroused as she got dizzier. She closed here eyes, rubbing faster, her body swaying with the rhythm, making small ripples and waves in the tub.

Amy rubbed faster, still through the wet fabric of the panties, pressing the material against her body, pushing it between her pussy lips. She teased her clit through the cotton, rubbing it harder and faster. She could feel the roughness of her curly pubic hair through the material.

Suddenly, Amy stopped, sitting bolt upright in the tub. She stood up, looking around with a purpose, while water dripped off her body. She peeled off the wet panties, setting them aside, then moved to the medicine cabinet. Ignoring the chill of the air, she sat on the edge of the tub, a razor in her hand. Using soap, she lathered her crotch, then began to shave herself. Moving carefully, a little at a time, she shaved till she was bare. Amy then used a washcloth to wipe herself clean. She stood up for a moment, examining her now bare body in the mirror; a smile spread across her face as she ran her fingers over her now smooth flesh. She slipped back into the water, dropping her body low, and returned her hand between her legs.

Amy teased her clit, then shoved two fingers inside her slick pussy. Using her other hand, she rubbed her bare flesh, excited at the smoothness and tenderness. She worked her fingers in and out, faster and faster, again closing her eyes. As she worked faster, Amy thought about a toungue running over her smooth flesh. She gasped out loud, cumming hard at the thought.

A little while later, after she had calmed down some, Amy stood up and dried off. As she towelled herself dry, she walked to her bedroom and got the white cotton nightgown. Slipping it on, she crawled into bed. Laying down on the pillow, she wondered what her Master would think of this outfit. Slowly, her eyes closed…

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