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Now, it’s not what you might think; I’m not talking about that annoying Microsoft Office pop-up. No, I’m talking about the London Clippy, more properly known as a bus conductress. This was long before the Oyster Card method of payment that you wand as you board a bus, through concertina folding doors. Back then there was no door, just an open platform at the back left hand side (e.g. the side facing the pavement). A driver would pull up almost one bus length beyond the painted sign that was attached to a post.

This was the ‘bus stop’ and people queued on the far side of it – and woe betide anybody trying to join the bus from the wrong side and not joining at the end of the queue.

That was the thing in those days; queues. The shortages and rationing meant that you had to queue for everything. There was no point in complaining, you just had to get on with it like everybody else. So queuing became a way of life and for many years after bus stop etiquette ruled. I’ve recently seen examples of where it works and where it doesn’t; at Stratford Bus Station it was like a rugby scrum, but at Beamish Museum a group of German teenagers who naively walked in front of a group of more mature visitors in order to board a vintage bus where told in no uncertain terms to get to the back.

The story really begins before 1942, but that’s where we’ll come back to in due course.

Lillian Walters was twenty one when she married George Clarkin. As Lillian Clarkin, she immediately lost her job as a clerk. That was what happened then; some companies continued to employ a woman after marriage, but the moment she became pregnant she was expected to leave. Although millions of young men were killed during the 1914-1918 War, when the survivors came back they needed employment and it became even more vital that women move aside.

Of course, twenty one years later things had changed again and women found they were needed in the workplace, not just in the roles that were considered suitable for females, but also the more physical arenas that included engineering, farming and the military.

“I have to tell you now that no such undertaking has been received, and that
consequently this country is at war with Germany,” said Neville Chamberlain.

They didn’t need to hear anymore; what they had all been dreading had happened. George turned off the Pilot Maestro radio and sighed.

“Well, I guess we all saw it coming. I’ve already made up my mind Lil, I’m going to enlist.”

“What?” she asked. “You must be joking! They don’t want somebody of your age!”

“Listen, four years I was in the army for the last lot and did I see any action? Did I hell. Army Pay Corp, that’s what they put me in. Oh, I know most men would have given their eye teeth to be in my place, but when people ask me, ‘What did you do in the war?’ I feel ashamed. I need to do something proper this time, so I’m going down first thing in the morning.”

Of course, a man of forty three wouldn’t have been accepted by the army. Most men of George’s age would be volunteering for the Local Defence Volunteer (LDV) force, which later became the Home Guard (or Dad’s Army). But George was wise to this and when he walked into the recruiting office, he gave his age as considerably lower. The sergeant raised his eyebrows, but accepted what he said without further question. He was told to report back three days later.

“But how am I going to manage without you?” asked Lil.

“Don’t worry, Lil. The pay I get from the army will be better than I get from the gas works. I’ll send you enough to get by.”

Well, that was the theory. What actually happened was that when George boarded the Leyland Hippo transport vehicle, he failed to sit down before the driver hit the accelerator and as a result fell headlong over the tailboard and out the back, breaking his neck when he landed in the road.

So Lillian was left on her own, childless (they never did find out why) and without a husband to pay the bills. She was perhaps fortunate in this unfortunate time that men were standing up to be counted and that jobs for women were thus becoming available. Very quickly she was taken on by London Transport for training as a bus conductress. The job in its simplest form was relatively easy; passengers got on, stated their destination and the Clippy then told them the fare, took their money and gave them change, then extracted a ticket from the wooden ticket holder and then clipped it as having been paid (hence the derivation of the name Clippy). But the reality was a little different; a conductress had to signal for the driver to pull away from each stop once the passengers had boarded. She also had to deal with the occasional drunk, fare dodgers, the inevitable gropers and emergencies such as air raids, whereby the driver stopped at the nearest shelter and she then ushered everyone inside.

The route that Lillian had been put on started in Central London and then wound its way through East London and out to the edge of Epping Forest, where the bus stopped for a ten minute break during the morning and a half hour break at lunchtime. The longer break was to allow for hold-ups and problems that might be encountered en route). The worst period was during the blitz in 1940. The outer suburbs were relatively quiet, but the route could be changed at very short notice due to fallen buildings, craters, burst water mains or even unexploded bombs.

Jim was Lil’s driver. He was sixty five and was like a father figure to her. It was 1942 and he had been Lil’s driver for the last three years. So she was saddened when Jim fell ill and couldn’t work anymore. She was told that a temporary driver would be assigned to her for the next day.


It was bright sunny day in June, when she walked into the Bus Garage. The radio was on in the canteen, giving news of the Battle of Midway out in the Pacific Ocean. It sounded like an important victory for the Allies, perhaps tempering the not so good news from North Africa. She took a cup of tea and sat down, waiting for the Inspector to come in and tell her who her driver was.

The door opened and Inspector Daily walked in.

“Ah, Lil, there you are. This is your new driver Charlie,” he indicated the tall dark-haired man standing behind him, cap set at a jaunty angle and with lop-sided grin on his face.

“Hello Lil,” he said, voice rising and falling in a sing-song manner.

“Um, hello…Charlie,” she replied. Her eyes took him in quickly. He was probably in his late twenties and looked pretty handsome. She found her mouth going dry.

“I believe that were due out in five minutes, so if you’re ready?”

“Oh, yes. Just let me get my float and tickets and I’ll be ready.”

Lillian walked into the office where there was a section that was chicken wired off. This was where the Clippies handed in their takings and unsold tickets at the end of the day and picked up a float of change and their tickets in the morning.

“Morning Bert,” she called.

“Morning Lil. Number 38 tickets and float. Sign here.” He pushed them across the counter and she scribbled her signature.

“Thanks Bert.”

She turned and walked away, stopping to check her almost military appearing uniform in the mirror; dark blue peaked cap with the metal London Transport badge, red hair flowing out in natural curls. The jacket although off the peg and of a heavy woollen material, could have been made for her, accentuating her slim waist, wide hips and proportionately sized breasts. The matching skirt was a devilishly clever design; the pleat in the front hid the fact that these were, in fact, culottes, with separate legs (one of the problems with the open rear deck of the modern bus, was that a woman walking up the curved stairs would be in danger of revealing a lot more than she wished to). The stockings were plain, grey and thick and unfortunately not particularly attractive, but it was almost impossible to get anything decent nowadays, except on the black market – at considerably inflated prices. The shoes were black, flat and sensible – she spent a major part of her day on her feet and these were probably the most vital piece of the uniform.

When she approached her Bus, the Inspector was just checking the route with Charlie to make sure he understood it. It had been a few years ago, but he had filled in on this one and knew it well enough for it to not require an Inspector on board for the first trip.

The Inspector walked away and Charlie spoke as she approached, “Is that really his name? Inspector Daily? Sounds like a music hall joke.”

Lil giggled, “Well, behind his back we call him Inpect-her Daily.”

Charlie chuckled.

“It gets worse; his first name is Thomas!” she whispered.

Charlie’s mouth dropped open and then he said, “That doesn’t sound right does it?”

They both continued giggling while Charlie went round to the front and climbed into the driver’s seat and Lil stepped up onto the platform. The engine started and she checked the clock. As it ticked up to 5:50, she reached up to the button and pressed it twice in quick succession – the signal to start off.

That first trip was uneventful; Charlie had to slow his speed through Leyton to avoid getting ahead of the timetable and they arrived at the forest almost precisely on-time. Charlie switched off, then came round and sat down in the lower deck with Lil. They chatted and she told him about losing her husband. He listened attentively and asked questions, but by the time the ten minutes was up and they were on their way again, she realised that he had told her very little about himself. For instance; why was he not in the forces?

Back at the depot they took in a welcome cup of tea, before making the next run.

“So, why aren’t you in the army Charlie?” she asked.

“I was – until my mate trod on a mine. I was lucky to be just far enough away not to lose my leg, but although it works, I’ve got very little feeling below the knee.” He patted his left calf to indicate which limb he was talking about.

Before she could stop herself, Lil said, “What about your mate?”

He looked down at his tea and shook his head, “They reckon it was one of his bones that damaged me, rather than the shrapnel. They didn’t find enough of him to put in a coffin.”

A couple of hours later, they were back at the Forest turn around. Charlie jumped up on the platform and Lil pulled a tape across indicating that nobody should board the bus. She then led the way upstairs to the top deck, where the bus crew normally had their lunch. Charlie hadn’t brought any with him so Lil shared what little she had. As a precaution the RT8 bus had netting covering the windows, with just a small diamond shaped hole for passengers to see out of. The result was that nobody could see in.

“So, how old are you Lil?” he asked.

She coloured, almost choking on her corned beef sandwich, “You’re not supposed to ask a lady that!”

“Oh, right. So, how old are you then Lil?” he grinned as he spoke.

Lil giggled. “So you don’t think I’m a lady then?”

“Well, you can’t blame me for hoping.”

She was used to such risqué talk from passengers, but Jim her previous driver would never have said such things. However, she found she liked being chatted up like this.

“I’m forty five,” she said. “Old enough to be your mother.”

“If my mother had looked like you, I’d never have left home!”

“Oh, go on with you! Listen, it’s time to get going again.”

He smiled at the light admonishment and trotted down the stairs.


Back at her rented flat that night, she couldn’t stop thinking about Charlie. Since George had walked out the door, she hadn’t thought seriously about sex. While he was alive George was never exactly an athlete in bed, but at least she could rely on him to release some of her tension on a regular basis.

She undressed for bed, pausing once she had removed her uniform, blouse, skirt, stockings and suspender belt. The light was not very bright, but she looked at herself in the small mirror on the wall. She didn’t wear a lot of make-up simply because it wasn’t available, but she had been fortunate to remain fairly youthful looking. The red hair probably helped. Looking at her body with a critical eye, she appreciated that her breasts possibly weren’t as large as a lot of men seemed to like (she had overheard the other driver’s conversations) and her tummy bulged a little – but not too much – it was difficult to be overweight with the diet that the enforced rationing dictated.

Lil turned side on to the mirror and looked at her bum. The outline didn’t look too bad, but the tap pants she wore might hide some flab, so she unfastened the buttons at the side and dropped them to the floor. She was pleased with what she saw; her bottom hadn’t yet sagged and actually looked quite pert – possibly a side effect of being on her feet for long hours.

Not at all self-consciously, she unhooked her brassiere and dropped it to the floor. The view of her breasts from the side showed that they had sagged a little from their firmer days, but she thought they were still pretty good. She turned back to face the mirror full on and stood looking at her naked body, possibly for the first time in over ten years. Now she imagined Charlie seeing her like this and her body’s reaction was instant; her nipples grew hard and she felt the need to squeeze her knees together. Fascinated by the dark red nubs poking out from the pale, soft flesh, she reached up with both hands and extended her forefinger to each one. She gasped as the touch sent a tingling from the sensitive buttons, down though her body to centre between her legs, where she could feel something happening.

Lil closed her eyes as her right hand wandered down to investigate. Her fingertips slipped across the soft smooth flesh of her tummy, on further into the downy red fur of her pubic hair. Her middle finger stroked across her clitoris and she moaned as it did so. The fingertip then slipped between her labia to find that her vagina was soaking wet. She opened her eyes again and saw the image of a lust-filled woman on the verge of an orgasm – which came quickly thereafter.



Her arm slid out from under the bed covers and slapped the top of the alarm clock in a precise and practiced movement. It was 4.45am and Lil had just over an hour to get washed, dressed and down to the Depot. Her legs rotated as she sat up and her toes searched for the slippers that had been left there the night before. Slipping them on, Lil pushed the sheet and blankets back and stood up, stretching and yawning.

She walked across to the cooker (it was a single room flat, with a tiny bathroom down the corridor). The kettle had already been filled the night before, in preparation for the morning ritual. She opened the matchbox and extracted a phosphorous coated stick. Praying that the gas supply hadn’t been disrupted again, she turned the knob, heard the hiss with satisfaction and struck the match. The gas ignited and filled the room with a feeble yellow light, which disappeared when the kettle was placed over it. She blew the match out and placed it to one side.

Lil crossed to the door and flicked the light switch, but alas, the power supply was off again, so she moved to the single window and pulled the curtains back. The sun was already rising, but the view was obscured by the close-packed tenement buildings opposite and the grime of years on the outside of the window. She didn’t have net curtains, but observers opposite would have had difficulty peering through the opaque glass, so she felt no fear of observation as she walked around in her pink flannelette nightie. While the kettle was heating, she opened the bread bin, extracted the loaf and cut four slices from the almost stale loaf.

Reversing the already used match, she lit the unburned end and held it to the grill burner (which sat beneath the hob) and turned another knob on the front of the cooker. It burst into life and she extracted the tray and placed two of the slices on it, then slid it back in to toast.

Another yawn, another stretch and her mind wandered. To last night and the orgasm that she had experienced. A feeling of cringing embarrassment overtook her and she wondered why, after all these years, such a thing had happened. The whistle on the kettle began to scream, so she quickly turned it off, not wanting to disturb the neighbours. The tiny teapot was waiting nearby, so she pulled the whistle from the kettle, poured a small amount into the teapot, swirled it round as she walked to the sink and then tipped the water away. Two spoons of leaves were tipped into the china pot, the water poured in and the lid replaced.

By now the bread needed to be turned, to allow it to brown on the other side. The teapot was placed on the small table, where a cup and plate awaited. She then extracted a small jug of milk (which she sniffed, just to make sure) and a butter dish from the larder cupboard, before taking the plate over to the stove. The bread was ready, so she switched off the gas and using her finger and thumb carefully pulled the toast onto the plate.

She sat down at the table, poured a little milk into the cup and then placed the tea strainer on it. The steaming brown liquid filtered through the strainer, filling the cup with a dose of ‘cha’ that would help to wake her up. There was no sugar available, but Lil was used to that. And the butter dish only held margarine, but again, she was used to that. She hadn’t been able to get any preserve, so it would have to be plain again today.

Lillian ate her toast and drank her tea and then made her sandwich for lunch and wrapped it in greaseproof paper. Her routine had been the same for some time, only interrupted by air raids. At first, like other people, she had made her way to the nearby Underground station, but as the raids became fewer, she decided to stay in her own flat. If she was going to die in a bombing raid, so be it, be she would damned if she would spend another uncomfortable night in the company of so many others in the cold, drafty corridors and platforms of the station. And the smell; as you walked in it was enough to knock out an elephant!

So, Lil stayed in her room, cowering under the bed for added protection when the sirens went.

The clock showed 5.10, she finished her cup of tea and placed the cup back in the saucer. She put the plate and cup on the drainer and picked up the metal bowl from the sink. She filled it with a small amount of cold water and then carried it across to the stove, where she poured the remains of the hot water from the kettle into it.

Leaving the bowl on the hob, she went back to the sink to fetch a bar of soap, a flannel and a towel. Thus prepared, she unbuttoned the front of her nightie and slipped it from her shoulders. She stepped out of the garment, trying to ignore her nakedness, not wanting to remind herself of last night.

Using the flannel and soap, she washed her face, neck, arms and breasts and then rinsed them off. With more soap and water on the flannel and she then proceeded to wash her legs. Finally, she washed between her legs and along the crack of her arse, knowing that these areas would likely be very sensitive. She wasn’t wrong; she could feel the pleasure in the movement of the rough flannel across her labia. She didn’t press to hard for fear of starting something. Rinsing and towelling weren’t much better either.

Finally finished, she walked back across the sink and poured the contents of the bowl away. She rinsed the flannel under the tap and then wrung it out and placed it on a rail to dry, along with the towel.

Opening the chest of drawers, she extracted a fresh pair of knickers. They were her last clean pair and she made a metal note that she would have to do her washing that evening. The brassiere had only been put on the day before and as she only had three, she couldn’t afford to change them daily. The same could be said for the blouse – although she only had two that she used for work.

By 5.30am, she had put on her underwear, including her suspender belt and was carefully pulling the ugly stockings up her legs. She quickly fastened them and then stood and looked behind to ensure that the seams were straight. The blouse, skirt jacket and shoes took five more minutes to don. Five minutes after that she was locking the door on her way out, stopping only for a quick visit to the lavatory.

The bus depot was literally only four minutes walk from Lillian’s flat, so she strolled in with ten minutes to spare – just enough time to grab another cup of tea and a rare biscuit, before collecting her float and tickets and boarding the bus.

Charlie had just started the engine and waved to her as she walked past the cab on her way to the rear platform.

Ding-ding! Lil pressed the bell to signal Charlie to move off.


Today’s first trip was a little delayed; an unidentified and unexploded bomb had gone off in a warehouse that their route passed and as a result there was a considerable diversion. The additional traffic had caused a log jam at one particular junction and as a military convoy was on its way through, it had taken priority. By the time Charlie had driven in to the turn around, it was time for the return journey.

Back at the depot, they had just enough time for a toilet break before they had to move off again.

This time the journey was more like the usual route; the debris had been cleared and the road was open again, so they arrived at their destination on time. Charlie joined Lil on the top deck, this time with his own sandwiches – and a bottle of beer.

Lil was surprised, the drivers weren’t supposed to drink on duty, but she had heard stories. This was the first time she had actually seen somebody breaking the rules.

“Cheers,” said Charlie, unscrewing the stopper and placing the bottle at his lips.

“I thought you weren’t supposed to drink?”

“One drink isn’t going to do any harm and I’m thirsty. And if I catch you nagging me again, I’ll put you across my knee and give you a good spanking my girl.”

Lillian felt an involuntary thrill at the suggestion. For some reason, the thought of receiving a spanking from Charlie excited her. But she felt she had to hide her reaction.

“I’d like to see you try,” she said with a somewhat forced laugh.

“No problem love. You give me cause and I’ll have your skirt and knickers down around your knees as quick as you like.”

Lil hadn’t even considered he might do that! She’d assumed he meant spanking her on her clothed bum, not her naked cheeks! She could feel a warm sensation growing and spreading from her lower stomach. Still, she felt that she had to cover the fact that he was causing her to become aroused.

“You and whose army? Monty’s?”

He arched an eyebrow, “Well, if you’re a good girl, you’ll never find out. But if you’re a bad girl…” He left the question unanswered.

Charlie downed the remains of the bottle of beer and then placed the empty back in his gas mask case – not many people used them for their original purpose nowadays. He checked his pocket watch and stood up.

“Well, time to get going again.”

Lillian followed him down stairs. Her legs felt weak and she was having trouble concentrating. Charlie had to knock twice on the glass partition separating his cab from the rest of the bus, before she broke her reverie and remembered that she had to sound the bell.


After work, Lillian had to spend some time queuing at a number of shops; she needed more bread and milk and she needed some tinned food. She got fresh meat once a week, by arrangement with the local butcher who, understanding her circumstances and the long hours she worked, kept something aside for her. It still cost her coupons, but at least it was something.

Back home, she cooked herself a meal and then set about doing her washing. Summer time wasn’t quite so bad for drying, but in the winter she had to dry things in front of the open fire.

There wasn’t much, but it had to be done, otherwise she would have nothing to wear – especially knickers, which she had now run out of. She hoped that they would dry out overnight; otherwise she would have to… go without. She closed her eyes and thought about Charlie pulling her skirt down to spank her and finding she wasn’t wearing underwear. What would he think?

She opened her eyes again and began talking to herself.

“Lillian Clarkin, what has gotten into you? You’re acting like a twenty year old slut. Just because you haven’t had a man for a few years, there’s no need to get all unnecessary just because a handsome young man pays you a compliment. After all, why should he be interested in you? You’re old enough to be his mother!”

It didn’t help very much. As she walked around her room she could feel how moist her pussy was. She tried to stop it happening, but inevitably, when she undressed for bed, she felt unable to resist touching herself. She’d heard stories about women who did this and always assumed that they were prostitutes or sluts, not a respectable woman like her. Once again she stood before the mirror and imagined that her hands were Charlie’s, touching her face, neck, arms and breasts, before moving down across her stomach into the jungle of pubic hair that attempted (but failed) to hide her swollen vagina lips. Her middle finger slithered over her clitoris and her eyes crossed as she moaned with pleasure. The digit slipped in easily and she began to simulate intercourse. It simply wasn’t enough and her index finger joined in. Meanwhile, Lil’s other hand was caressing her breasts and pinching her nipples.

It took no more than two minutes before her body lost control and fell over the cliff into a powerful orgasm. She lay panting on the floor for a further five minutes before she was able to drag herself in to bed and fall sound asleep, still naked and bathed in sweat.


Lillian was almost late for work the next day; she had to run all the way from home to the Gillingham Street Garage and she had to go without her breakfast and her routine cup of tea at the depot. The bus engine was already running when she jumped onto the rear platform.

There were one or two minor delays during the journey and they arrived ten minutes late, leaving them only twenty minutes before the return. They sat on the lower deck and chatted.

“You were running pretty late this morning, what happened?”

“Uh, I guess I forgot to set the alarm last night. I must look a mess today”

“Tell you what girl, you looked pretty good to me; all pink faced and chest heaving.”

Lillian felt her cheeks beginning to burn again, for different reasons.

“Well this uniform is nice and warm in the winter, but in this weather I just wish I could take it off.”

“So do I!” The comment was accompanied by a grin and a raised eyebrow.

Her face went even pinker than it had been.

“Charlie Jones!” she said. “You’re just trying to tease and embarrass me! Stop it!”

Just then, the next bus came along the road, reminding them that they were due to leave imminently.

The bus was pretty busy for most of the route back, keeping Lil’s mind off of the earlier conversation. Back at the depot, they sat down with other drivers for her first cup of tea of the day – something she desperately needed, as she was feeling dehydrated. It was only when they were back on their route that she remembered that she hadn’t prepared her lunch that morning. At the turnaround, when they had pulled the tape across the platform and climbed the stairs to the top deck, she told Charlie.

“I didn’t get a chance to make myself a sandwich this morning; could I share some of yours, Charlie?”

“Well, I’ve got two rounds, so I guess I can spare a sandwich. What’s it worth?”

Lillian figured that he was just pulling his leg, so said, “It’s worth not having me faint from starvation on you.”

“In that case, of course I’ll share with you – provided you give me a kiss.”

“Charlieeee,” she whined.

“Come on Lil, what harm would it do?”

As light headed as she was feeling, she couldn’t deny that the prospect of a kiss from Charlie was an attractive prospect, but wasn’t this blackmail? Or was it bribery? She decided that she couldn’t be bothered to work out and gave in.

“Oh, go on then.”

Charlie got up from his seat and moved in to the seat next to Lil, positioned at the very back of the bus. He dropped the wrapped sandwiches on the seat in front as he lowered himself down. They weren’t worried about being seen – the blanked out windows offered protection from prying eyes.

Without a delay, Charlie wrapped his arms around Lil and moved in for his kiss. She closed her eyes and felt herself melting as their lips met. He was strong and powerful, yet at the same time gentle. She had never been kissed like this before and went to pull away, but his head followed hers. She wanted to protest, but couldn’t persuade herself to do so. As she moaned, Charlie slipped his tongue between her lips. Lil’s eyes opened in shock, but then closed again as she accepted the invasion of her mouth.

Finally, Lil managed to garner the strength to push Charlie away.

“Charlie, please stop. I need to eat. Seriously.”

He relented and released Lillian, then leant over the back of the seat in front and picked up the brown paper bag that held his sandwiches. As promised, he shared his lunch with her. She didn’t bother asking, or checking for herself, what was in the sandwich – beggars can’t be choosers – so she just bit into the bread and after two chews stopped dead.

Her voice was muffled from the sandwich, but Charlie could clearly hear the incredulity in her voice, “Is this…this chicken, isn’t it!”

Still chewing on his share, Charlie simply nodded in agreement.

“But where did you get it?”

Charlie tapped the side of his nose and said, “Contacts. Don’t ask any more questions.”

Before she could stop herself, Lil blurted out, “If I’d known I was getting a chicken sandwich, I’d have let you go…” She nearly said ‘further’, but realised that what would have been taken as a risqué joke by some, would possibly be taken as an invitation by Charlie.

“Well, I’d have let you kiss me for longer.” She felt she had recovered the situation adequately.

“Not to worry, we can carry on where we left off after we finish eating.” He winked.

She intended to eat slowly, but in no time at all, the sandwich was gone and Charlie leaned back in to kiss her. She let him do what he wanted – after all she was enjoying his attention and perhaps she subconsciously wanted to reward him.

Far too soon it was time to set out on the return journey. The passengers noticed her smiling demeanour and one of them commented.

“You look like the cat that got the cream darling. What’s made you so happy?”

“Oh, I don’t know, perhaps it’s just the nice weather – and getting some sleep at night without air raids for once.”


Next day, when they arrived at the lunch stop, Lillian wondered if Charlie would want to kiss her again. She had her own sandwiches today (although she had momentarily considered going without – well, he might want to trade again?). It was a very warm day, so she took off her uniform jacket before sitting down.

Without asking, Charlie sat down next to Lil, pulled out his bottle of beer, opened it and offered a swig to her. She declined, saying that she needed to keep a clear head and that alcohol would only make her feel sleepy.

“So, what have you got in your bag today? Chicken again?”

“Nah, chicken’s alright, but I wouldn’t want it every day. I’ve got beef and mustard today.”

“Beef? You’ve got beef? You’ve got beef sandwiches? Where on earth did you get that from? I haven’t seen any proper beef for years!”

“Do you want to share with me again?”

“I suppose you’d want another snog in return, wouldn’t you?”

“Not until I’ve finished eating and drinking.”

So, once again they shared Charlie’s sandwiches and, contrary to her earlier refusal, she also took a sip of his beer.”

By the time they had finished eating, there was still ten minutes of the lunch break left. Charlie turned to Lil and grinned. She knew what he wanted; in fact she had secretly been looking forward to it. She put her hands up to hold his face as their lips met and he wrapped his left arm behind her. Charlie’s right hand then alighted on her right side.

“Mmmmm. Oh Charlie, you’re such a good kisser,” she moaned. She didn’t notice his hand move until she felt his hand on her breast, the thumb teasing her erect nipple through the thin material of her blouse and brassiere.

She tried to push him away, so that she could tell him to stop, but he was holding her too tight – and she was enjoying it too much. She dropped her own left hand to try and pull Charlie’s off of her breast, but having moved away, it simply moved across and made contact with her right breast. Again, he teased the nipple, causing her to arch her back. She was vaguely aware that he was attempting to unbutton her blouse, but she no longer cared. His hand slid straight inside the flimsy cup and he grasped the warm flesh within. He stopped kissing her and took his head away.

“We’ve got to get going, our time is up.”

Lillian looked down at her dishevelled clothing; at Charlie’s hand still squeezing and teasing. She really didn’t want to stop, but knew that they had to. When he released her, she was panting and her left knees were continually bobbing rhythmically – a sign that her body was betraying her.

Charlie stood up and said; “You’d better get dressed.” Her entire left breast remained exposed and the thought of being in this position, partially naked in front of a man in a fairly public place did nothing to calm her libido.

She dressed and they set off on the return journey. Back at the depot, Charlie approached Lil after she had handed over her tickets and change to Bert.

“Fancy going out to the pictures tonight?” he asked.

“I dunno,” She said, leaning in conspiratorially. “Are you going to try any funny business?”

“I’ll be as good as gold, if that’s what you want.”

Still not quite sure that she did want him to behave, she asked, “What’s on then?”

“The Day Will Dawn. Deborah Kerr’s in it.”

“Ok the, what time shall we meet?”

The programme began at 6.30pm, but they had to get across to the Odeon Leicester Square.

“Why don’t I meet you back here at five, then we can walk if you want.”

“OK, see you then.”

Lillian went home, made herself some dinner, had a wash and then changed out of her uniform into civilian clothes. She wore a lightweight, cotton dress that buttoned down the front. The pale yellow colour contrasted with the brown of her jacket and hat. She wore her only pair of high-heeled platform shoes, her last pair of stockings and her best underwear – not that she had any intention of showing anybody else her underwear, she just felt better when she wore silk next to her skin.

Charlie was five minutes late, but when he got there he was dressed in a smart, dark blue suit with a subtle pinstripe. His hat was of the American Fedora style and he really looked very dapper. Other women turned their heads to look as he walked by. He offered Lillian his arm and she pushed hers through his and set off. She felt proud to have such a good looking man by her side.

The cinema was pretty crowded and they had to queue to get in beforehand, but once inside they found themselves to one side near the back of the theatre. They watched the adverts, then the supporting feature, more adverts and then the main feature. Up until then Charlie had behaved impeccably, but then Lillian took off her jacket and folded it into her lap because she was feeling warm. That was when he and put his arm around her and his hand lightly gripped her shoulder. There were many couples do the same (and a lot more – many were kissing openly in the dark), so Lil allowed him to do so. His hand slipped down onto the bare arm below her short sleeve and began stroking gently. It was kind of nice, so she let him continue.

Then Charlie leant in and kissed and nibbled her earlobe. She giggled quietly and turned her head to face him. It seemed the most natural thing in the world to kiss. Once again, her libido began firing on all cylinders as Charlie’s left hand started stroking her other arm. After only a few short minutes the hand snuck from her arm onto her left breast. Lil fought to control a sharp intake of breath and looked about them to see if anyone had noticed. Other couples were too busy with each other or watching the film to observe them.

Lillian held her breath as Charlie’s fingers found her highly sensitive nipple and began stroking and pinching. His lips left hers and whispered into her ear.

“Put your hand in my lap.” Her arm slipped from the armrest, down on his legs. Underneath her wrist she could feel his erection.

“Take hold of it, Lil,” he instructed. She didn’t even consider refusing, but moved her hand back onto the solid lump. She could feel the heat emanating from it. She squeezed gently at first, then a little harder. She could hear his breathing becoming ragged. Her late husband had liked her to do this – but never in a public place! She started to stroke gently up and down. Just then they had to stop. An usherette was showing a couple to the empty seats just in front of them, using a torch to light the way. Once they were seated, Lil and Charlie resumed their kissing and fondling.

In the end, they didn’t really see much of the film, but both of them were heady with arousal as they left the cinema. They walked back towards Victoria. It wasn’t easy to see their way without street lighting and the moon was in its last quarter, but the sky as clear and the stars gave just enough to see by. Near to where Lillian lived, Charlie spotted a darkened alleyway and steered her into it. She giggled at his manoeuvre, but wanted to kiss him again, so went along.

Their clinch was far more passionate than in the stalls at the cinema; Charlie pressed Lillian against the wall and kissed her hard as his hands unbuttoned the front of her dress. He pushed the material aside, allowing him to slide both his hands inside her brassiere and lift her breasts out. Again, she looked around but there was no one to see, so she gave in to the pleasurable touch on her almost naked chest.

Lillian reached down and found the renewed erection. She took hold of it and began rubbing again – but more vigorously this time. She was finding it hard to concentrate, but when Charlie’s hands froze in their movement, she guessed that he must be pretty close and re-doubled her efforts. He grunted and his knees bent a little, his right hand dropping down to cup her hand and keep the movement going until he had finished.

It took five minutes for him to recover his composure, by which time Lil had come to her senses and realised that they might be in danger of getting caught. She eased her breasts back into the bra and started to button up the dress. Charlie tried to stop her, clearly wanting to play on, but just then the sirens began. It was probably just a precaution, but it was better not to take chances. He watched Lil head into the entrance to her building before jogging off to the nearby Underground station.


As it turned out, the Air Raid siren was a false alarm. However, Lillian didn’t sleep well; the sexual arousal that she had experienced the evening before had not been released.

By the time they reached the lunch stop, Lil couldn’t wait to be groped again – even though she knew that they could get in serious trouble if they were caught. Neither of them bothered to eat, they just went up to the top deck, threw off their uniform jackets and sat down beside each other. They started kissing, but pretty soon afterwards, Charlie’s hand made its way onto her breast. The tingling of her nipple as he teased it through the blouse and bra cup brought back memories of the night before. Once again he started to unfasten the buttons of her blouse; she was now aching for the touch of flesh on flesh.

“Ahhhhhh!” was all that Lil could say as Charlie lifted the breast out of its (less than) protective cup. He moved his hand over and repeated the move with her right breast.

Charlie turned sideways in order to allow himself room to caress both breasts. Then he did something Lil wasn’t expecting; his head dipped down and he took her left nipple into his mouth. Her late husband had never done that. The pleasure of the warm mouth and hot tongue rasping across the nerve endings was almost painful and she momentarily became lost in a mental haze.

By the time she recovered, Lil realised that Charlie was going much further than she had intended him to; his right hand had slid up under the heavy material of her uniform skirt, along the outside of her leg, past her stocking top and was now sweeping across the skin above. By the time she was able to react, the hand was already inside the leg of her knickers and starting to move inwards.

“Mmmmm..No!” Her hand dropped to her lap to stop Charlie’s hand moving any further.

“No, Charlie! We can’t… I mean you mustn’t! Somebody will catch us.”

He didn’t seem to hear her so, in desperation; she decided that she needed to get away. She pushed him back and stood up. The space was confined and she only just maintained her balance. She had managed to push the hand in her panties back down to her thick stocking top and held it there as she rotated and lifted that left leg over Charlie’s. The culottes design of the skirt allowed for this manoeuvre, but Charlie’s hand did not. As she brought her leg down and stood astride him, her hand lost its grip.

Charlie’s hand pushed back up her leg, inside her panties and buried itself in her thick pubic bush. His fingers immediately entered her and Lil found herself trapped both by her position astride him and the loss of balance engendered by the way his digits were probing and stroking. She lost her balance and had to hold onto his shoulders for support.

Lil had to give in to the frigging that he gave her. Her breasts hung down, swinging with the motion that her hips had started in resonance with Charlie’s fingers. She knew it was going to happen; her orgasm built rapidly and strongly until it overwhelmed her and she collapsed down onto his lap, trapping his hand. He resumed sucking on her nipples, while attempting to unbutton his trouser fly with his left hand. He reached in and pulled out the head of his dick.

Looking down, Lillian could see Charlie’s arm disappearing up the leg of her skirt, but she could now see the shiny head of his prick. The shock of seeing it so near to her pussy – even though it was unlikely that he could have done anything in this position – sobered her very quickly. She put her hand down to push his cock back into his trousers. She couldn’t resist giving it a squeeze, but she knew that she had to end this now.

“Charlie, we’re late. We need to get going!”

Reluctantly, Charlie let Lil get off of him. His hand came away soaking wet with her juices. She, meanwhile, could feel those same juices running down her legs.

They were ten minutes late in departing and the next bus had already parked behind them. Charlie spoke to the other driver as he got off the platform.

“My Clippy wasn’t very well. She seems a bit better now, so we’ll get going.”

Whether or not the other driver suspected anything, he didn’t show any signs.


The next day, when they stopped for lunch, Charlie suggested that they had better not go upstairs again and told her that he agreed that they might get caught if they didn’t stop. Bizarrely, Lillian felt somewhat affronted. Had he lost interest in her?

“Listen; if you’re not doing anything this evening, why don’t we go to the dance at Covent Garden?”

The Royal Opera House had been closed to its more usual entertainment, but for the duration of the war was being used as a dancehall.

Lillian dressed in her slightly aged, but best outfit and underwear for the evening. She really wasn’t sure what to expect from Charlie and she still didn’t know if she was prepared to let him go as far as he had already been. Her face flushed as she thought about it.

The dancehall was packed and they only just managed to get in before they closed the doors and barred any more entrants. In such an atmosphere, they soon found themselves pressed together on the dance floor. Lil could feel his erection as he ground it against her stomach. They, like everyone else around them were bathed in sweat. By the time the dance finished, they were glad to get out into the fresh air. They both carried their jackets, while linking their free arms together.

“I couldn’t believe how hot it was in there! My dress is absolutely soaking! Actually, you shirt is sopping wet as well.”

“Did you enjoy it?”

She lowered her voice conspiratorially, “What, having your thing pressing into me for the whole evening?”

He winked. They walked on, back towards Lil’s flat. As they neared it she spoke, “I…can’t invite you in. My landlord is a bit strict. Well, actually he’s very strict – he’s a Methodist and would kick me out if he thought I had a man in my room.”

“That’s OK.” Charlie pulled her into the alleyway that they had been in a few nights before. He stood with his back to the wall. It was dark again and their kisses were just as passionate as before. She could feel his penis growing hard. He pulled away from her mouth.

“Get it out for me Lil.”

She looked to make sure that nobody could see. Her common sense was telling her that she shouldn’t be doing this, but her libido was in control and she reached down to unbutton him. The head was already poking out from within his underpants. It felt hot to her touch. Her mouth was already dry from the exertions of the evening, but she wouldn’t have been able to talk now anyway. She slipped her hand around the hard pole of flesh and extracted it from his trousers. She couldn’t see it, but her hand told her everything she needed to know; he was hard and horny. Charlie wrapped his hand around hers and began the stroking motion, before leaving her to continue unprompted.

They had both dropped their jackets on an empty dustbin in the alley, leaving their arms free. Charlie – as she expected – made straight for her breasts and rapidly undressed them. He squeezed and played with them for a while before dropping his hands to her waist. They then slid smoothly around onto her arse cheeks which he began caressing through her clothing. When she felt him pulling her skirt up, she quickly checked again that the coast was clear.

Charlie’s fingers felt even better through the silk material of her French knickers, but when he made a sudden move first upwards and then downwards, his hands on her naked flesh brought her entire body to life. His thumbs had remained outside and the downward movement forced her knickers down to her hips, where they then fell to her ankles. She could feel the evening breeze on parts of her body that were never supposed to be exposed in a public place.

Charlie whispered into her ear, “I want you Lil. I want you so bad. I want you now.”

“What, here?” she hoarsely croaked back.

Charlie turned them round so that Lil was now with her back to the wall. He reached down and put his hand under her left knee and then lifted her leg. Her knickers dropped off that leg and remained crumpled around her right ankle. He dipped his knees and then she felt the head of his cock nudging against her upper thigh. She reached down between them and guided him in. She wanted this more than she ever had in her life – even if it was standing against a wall in a darkened alleyway.

At first, Charlie pushed, but his penis just slipped past her entrance. Then he adjusted his position slightly and the head forced its way in. He made small movements gradually burying himself deeper with each one, until he was fully embedded. He paused a moment and then began long powerful thrusts. How his legs could stand up to the pressure after an evening of dancing, she didn’t know, but she was more than happy that he was able to keep going.

Lil sensed the telltale signs that Charlie was getting close to the end. The thought of his semen gushing into her pussy brought her to anew height of arousal and she became aware that her own orgasm was approaching. As Charlie began to lose his rhythm she urged him on.

“Keep going Charlie. That’s it; fuck me harder, I’m nearly there!”

The warmth began shooting deep inside and Charlie slowed his pace.

“Don’t stop. Don’t stop. I’m so close Charlie, please don’t stop!” He renewed his thrusts and suddenly all she could hear was a roaring sound, her head began to whirl and her vision blurred. If Charlie didn’t have her pinned against the wall, she would have collapsed to the floor.

Charlie had let go of Lillian’s left leg, but he was still supporting her weight as she recovered. His dick was still fully buried, although it had lost much of its hardness.

When she could finally stand on her own – on highly wobbly knees – he bent down and removed her panties from the where they hung around her right ankle. He held them up to his face and breathed in.

“Can I keep these?” he asked.

“Are you kidding?” she said. “If I let you have them, I won’t have enough for the week!”

“You’ll just have to go without then.”

“You’d like me to go without my panties, wouldn’t you? Well, I need to have them back because they’re my best silk ones – you just can’t get them anymore.”

“Well, alright, I’ll let you have them back… but only if you promise not to wear any knickers tomorrow.”

“Oh. Alright, go on then.” He handed them over.

“So,” she said mischievously. “What is there to make me obey you now that I’ve got them back?”

“Three things; first I’ll give you a damned good spanking, then I’ll strip you naked and then I’ll give you a really good seeing to.”

A thrill of sexual excitement coursed through her body and she felt her pussy leaking profusely. Her nipples ached and her mouth felt dry as she spoke in a low whisper.

“But if I do go without, then what will you do?”

“I’ll give you a lashing of a different kind; one that you’ll really enjoy.”


Lillian couldn’t sleep that night. There was no air raid, but the events of the day and the things that Charlie had said kept replaying in her mind. Her pussy was wet – almost as wet as it had been earlier and she fingered herself furiously. But for some reason, relief and an orgasm wouldn’t come. Each time, just as she thought she was nearly there, something inside froze the reaction and she had to stop. Erotic, dirty thoughts kept running through her mind. Somehow, in her fantasy, she was on the bus with Charlie, but her uniform had a skirt instead of culottes. One moment the dream would have her naked beneath the skirt, the next she was wearing knickers which he ripped off forcefully and then threw her over his knee. Somehow she didn’t feel the stinging pain of the slaps, as she waited to be stripped naked afterwards.

When it was time to get up, she dragged herself out of bed and washed – twice, because she didn’t feel clean after the first attempt. Still incredibly aroused, she dressed, but left both her bra and panties in the drawer. She thought that that the uniform culottes and heavy jacket would make her feel less conscious of the lack of underwear, but she was wrong. She could feel the air moving up her legs and wafting across her pussy and her hard nipples pushing out against the cotton material of her blouse, rubbed against the rougher lining material of her jacket.

When she arrived at the garage, Charlie was already there and as she walked past saying “Good morning”, he raised an eyebrow in a question. She nodded briefly in answer. Then, just as she was going to obtain her float, Charlie was standing by the door and as she passed by he spoke.

“I want you to prove it before we leave the depot.”

Lil looked at him and her mouth made a perfect ‘O’.

“Mmmm, that’s such a sexy look,” he muttered.

Lillian clamped her mouth shut and went through the doorway. All the time she was collecting her float and other items she was trying to work out how she could do as instructed. It never occurred to her to disobey his instruction.

“Oh, by the way Charlie, I noticed that the handle on the rear window upstairs looks a bit loose. Perhaps you should check that it’s OK,” she said out loud, as they walked to the bus. It was the only place she could think of that was out of sight of other people.

As soon as they reached the top deck, Charlie said, “Well?

She hadn’t thought that far ahead. She began to pull up one leg of her culottes, but then realised that he wouldn’t be able to see properly to be able to confirm her lack of panties. Her highly aroused state made her do something she simply couldn’t imagine doing at any other time; she unfastened the skirt and then lowered it far enough to reveal the pale flesh above her stockings, framing the dark brown bush of her pubic hair.

“Let go,” he said simply. She responded by releasing her grip on the garment and allowing it to fall to the floor.

Charlie stepped forwards and slipped his hand between her legs. She gasped and her knees sagged as he touched her sensitive lips and clit.

“Good girl, nice and wet, just how I like it. Now get dressed again because we need to get going.”

The first journey was uneventful; no real problems on the route and an average number of passengers. For once, instead of sitting on the lower deck for their brief rest, Charlie indicated that they should go upstairs. Once there, he took control.

“Take off your skirt and sit down there.” He indicated the rear seat. “Now spread your legs.”

Immediately that she had complied, he dropped to his knees between her legs. She watched, fascinated as his head lowered towards her crotch. The first thing she felt was his hot breath, then his tongue as it snaked out and lapped at her slippery lips. Then she felt his lips fix themselves around her clitoris. She felt a sucking sensation and then his tongue played with the current centre of her entire existence. She had no idea how long he worked on her, but after the first orgasm that took only about twenty seconds, there were at least two more. Finally, he released her from her exquisite torment.

“Come on, get dressed. We’re late!”

Charlie ran downstairs and jogged round to the driver’s cab. The bus began moving before Lillian had even had time to finished donning her clothes.

There must have been half a dozen passengers who never got to pay their fares on that return journey, because she was so preoccupied. The cup of tea back at the depot began to bring her back to her senses ahead of the next trip out. As the bus set off, a smile crept over her face.

The journey was slightly delayed, but by the time they arrived at the lunch stop, Lillian felt excited. She was wondering what would be in store for her.

She stood on the rear platform with the tape ready to be hooked, when Charlie came round. His manner had suddenly become commanding in the last few days and Lillian simply adored being told what to do by such a forceful personality.

“Go upstairs and take your clothes off. I’ll be back in a minute. I need a leak.”

Lil climbed up the steps and once on the top deck removed her money pouch and ticket holder. She took off her jacket and then began unfastening her blouse. She was just taking it off as Charlie arrived at the top of the stairs.

“I thought I told you to get undressed!”

“I am getting undressed,” she whined.

Charlie glared at her and she quickly dropped the blouse and unfastened the skirt.

He sat down and told her, “Now bend across my knees.”

She considered pleading, but realised that this might make things worse, so she meekly obeyed him and bent over as instructed. The first stinging slaps made her yelp, but as they continued the pain turned into a heat that she couldn’t quite describe, but inexplicably her legs began to part. She could feel the juices running down through her pubic hair.

Charlie finally stopped the punishment and began to rub the reddened cheeks of her arse. Then, his hand slipped down the cleft of her buttocks, across the puckered star of her anus causing her to make a sharp intake of breath and then finally two fingers slipped easily into her swollen pussy. He rubbed them in and out quickly.

“Ohhhh! Charlie, I’m coming again!” she told him. The sensations took control of her body and she lost track of where or who she was.

As Lillian began to come down from her climax, Charlie pushed her off of his lap so that she was sitting, kneeling on the floor.

“Perfect,” he said and then began to unbutton his trouser fly. Reaching in, he extracted his hard, shiny headed cock. He moved his legs so that they were either side of Lil. He then reached out and pulled her head forward.

“Now suck on me Lil. It’s my turn to come.”

Lillian had heard of such things, but had never actually tried it before. Her late husband had asked her once, but she told him no – and in no uncertain terms. But now, in this place, naked aboard the top deck of a bus, the idea excited her and she wanted to try to please Charlie. She wrapped her hand around the thick base and then tentatively licked the shiny head. It didn’t seem so bad – in fact, it was quite a pleasant sensation on her tongue, so she swirled it around.

Charlie gave her head a nudge with his hands and her lips came into contact with his cock. She opened her mouth and found that she had to open even wider as she tried to the end in. She was surprised at how quickly it filled her mouth and yet how little she had managed to get in. She felt the hands on her hair urging her on, so she withdrew a little and then tried again. Each time she did so, she managed to take a little more. Eventually, she had almost half of his dick entombed. She began bobbing up and down, sucking as she went.

Charlie didn’t last very long. Lil felt his flesh swell and heard him grunt. Then, he held her head tight as his cock erupted deep into the back of her throat. She choked as he gripped her tight and she had no choice but to swallow. When he let her go she burped.


Charlie told Lillian to get dressed as he went downstairs. For a few seconds she remained kneeling, exhausted. What she wished for right now was to be somewhere else, in a bedroom, alone with Charlie. She needed feel his dick insider her pussy.

But time was running out and she could hear the next bus arriving, so she quickly pulled her clothes back on and then stumbled back down.

That night, Lil couldn’t stop from touching herself; her breasts, nipples, vagina, clitoris. She had four long orgasms before she finally fell asleep exhausted.


The next morning, Lillian had to drag herself out of bed. She felt sore from all of the rubbing, but surprisingly was still aroused.

“I’m going to fuck him at the turn around today,” she said aloud, surprising herself. She washed and dressed quickly, deliberately leaving her knickers off. After a quick breakfast she headed off for work.

At the Depot she headed for the cafeteria looking for Charlie. Her heart was pounding and she had to resist the urge to clutch her breasts. But the room was almost deserted, with only one driver and his Clippy.

Back outside she walked around looking for any sign of her lover, but without success. Then, as she headed to the ladies toilet she bumped into Inspector Daily.

“Ah, there you are Lil. Charlie’s been called back to his old Depot. They’ve got a serious manpower shortage apparently.”

Lillian felt as though the ground had just opened up beneath her. Desperate for sex and assuming that she would get her satisfaction from Charlie a little later, she now felt like her mind was becoming unhinged.

“Your new driver is Geoff over there. He’s just joined us from the army – invalided out – but he knows the route because he used to use it to get to work.”

Lil turned to look at Geoff and was taken aback; he was tall, dark, and handsome and smiled with a glint in his eye. She walked over to talk to him.

“You must be Geoff. I’m Lillian, your Clippy.”

“Nice to meet you Lillian. The Inspector tells me that you’ll look after me properly and show me where to go.”

Lil thrilled at the unintended double meaning, but decided that she would definitely enjoy showing Geoff where he should go! As far as she was concerned he could have an unlimited ticket.

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