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My Beautiful Launderette

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I’m having an affair.

Like many in this position I didn’t plan it. I’m in my mid thirties, happy with a family and my life but I guess something must have been missing otherwise I wouldn’t be here.

It started because of the bad weather we’d been having. Weeks of rain with little respite had made our laundry pile grow and grow.

I’m lucky that I work from home so I can be flexible about my hours and I mostly took care of the domestic chores through the week but it seemed as soon as the sun came out and the laundry was hung out, the rain would soak it and minutes later I’d be back to square one.

I agreed with my wife that I’d take the four massive bags to the launderette one day and having never been, didn’t really know what to expect. There aren’t many around where I live and I had to drive to another suburb to find one. It was a pleasant surprise – it was clean, loads of machines, a TV showing news stories, a decent coffee machine; all good.

Unfortunately I imagined someone would be there to do it for me but the door at the back of the place was locked and a sign said that service washes were only available on certain days and at certain times.

The first day was a bit of a chore. It took around 2 hours to wash and dry and wiped out a lot of time for me. A week later I had to go back but this time took my laptop and managed to get some work done. The clientele were interesting; lots of what I guessed were single guys and backpackers and most were friendly and chatty.

So it went on for three weeks until one week I realised I’d left a load in one of the machines. I hoped it would still be there and went back the next day but it had gone so I called the number on the door at the back that I guessed led to a store or something. I’d still never seen anyone working there but a woman answered I explained the situation and she said that one of the staff might have put it away. We arranged to meet; she was the owner and there every night to close up but it would be very late.

My wife works really hard and is usually in bed pretty early, she knew I’d be going out and was fast asleep by the time I left. When I got to the launderette it was closed up and I knocked on the door. The woman who came out was nothing like I expected. I don’t really know what I expected but it certainly wasn’t the person walking towards me.


“Yeah, hi, you’re Nadia?”

Nadia locked the door behind me and I watched her move ahead of me. I thought she must be around 15 years older than me, the same height and that night was dressed in a white blouse and black, tight leggings with black, calf hugging boots to her knees. She looked elegant and very well dressed and a little out of place. Her face had little make up and her hair was a little scruffy from the end of the day but she was naturally beautiful with dark brown eyes and tanned skin.

As she walked her round arse swayed and her thighs rubbed together. She had gorgeous curves, just the hint of a roll under her blouse and what looked like large, heavy breasts.

She escorted me into the back room where there was a desk and office stuff in one corner, laundry supplies on shelves and and a dozen or so neatly folded piles of laundry.

“Don’t worry, as you can see, we get a lot of stuff left behind. You’re welcome to look through what’s here.” she said

I smiled but didn’t move as she stood at the edge of the desk. I was daydreaming, still thinking about how cold her skin might feel in my hands. I realised I was staring and turned without catching her eye.

“I’m not what you expected am I?” she asked as I began to flick over the piles of laundry

“Sorry, er” I turned to look at her, a little off guard and I smiled “No, not exactly.” I realised she had caught me and knew exactly what I was thinking. I stopped and leant on the shelf as I listened to her story.

She explained that she owned quite a few launderette’s and mostly left them to run themselves with just a couple of staff who toured around doing the service washes at different times. She lived alone, kids had left home and this kept her looking as well as she did.

“You don’t look like you spend the day washing clothes, you’re far too elegant, I mean, look at your nails.” I said and smiled. They were perfectly manicured, not long but glossy and pale with white tips.

She looked at them and smiled “You like these?” she asked and stepped forward. I took her hand and examined them, they truly were very well kept and “Wow.” was all I could manage.

She pulled her hand away and scratched her nails down my bare arm, not too hard but firmly enough to leave white trails on my tanned skin. As she got close to my wrist she dug the tips into me with more pressure and although it lasted only a second it felt like hours. I was suddenly aware of the silence and of the feeling in my stomach – a pang of fear as I realised we were very close, very intimate and as I was staring at her nails in my arm her eyes were fixed upon my face.

I turned to her and we just leant in to each other and our lips pressed together. She smelt fabulous and her lips were full and soft and tasted slightly salty with a hint of perfume.

I felt like I was 19 again and I put my hands around her waist and pushed her back against the shelving. She wrapped her arms around me and moaned as we kissed hard and passionately and when I kissed her neck her fingers clawed my head and pushed me down to her cleavage.

I unbuttoned her blouse from the bottom as she undid the top ones. As soon as her blouse was opened and I buried my face into her cleavage she was at my belt and jeans, pulling them down as I lifted one of her large brown nipples free of the fabric of her bra. The tops of her breasts had light stretch marks in them and I flicked my thumb over her nipple and lightly pinched it to make it hard. Her nipple tightened into a hard, wrinkled brown knot and she cried out as I sucked it hard into my mouth as her nails scratched my head again. I did the same to the other one and she began to hiss encouraging words, swearing and moaning.

She pushed her leggings down over her hips and pushed my head down her stomach. Her belly was soft and curved beautifully as I pulled down the rest of her waistband to the tops of her boot and it felt so good to kiss and bite her large, round stomach.

As I got to me knees, my lips pressing against the black lace fabric of her large knickers I found the zip on the side of her boot. Hurriedly I removed her boots and leggings and sat back for a second to take in the view. Her large breasts were hanging over the top of her bra and her blouse was pushed back on her shoulders. Her black knickers covered most of her pussy hair but there was still some peeking over the top, leading up towards her stomach, her thighs rubbed at the top but her legs were strong and shapely with tight calves and toenails that were afforded the same attention as her fingers.

She stepped forward, raised her right leg up and placed her foot on the edge of a box. All this time she had been directing me to where she wanted me and now it was clear she wanted my mouth all over her pussy.

The smell was incredible; a mixture of pee soaked fabric, unwashed pussy and sex and I wanted to taste it all.

I sucked the fabric into my mouth and the strong flavour made me moan. She pulled my head hard against her and ground herself against me, forcing my head back so my mouth was under her pussy. I worked my tongue under the fabric and onto her lips and the bitter tang of thick juice filled my mouth.

I pulled her knickers to one side and looked at her cunt. She was covered in dark hair all the way to the top of her panties. Her full lips were dark brown and swollen, hanging there wet and waiting for me to suck them into my mouth and her clit was hidden by the dense mat of hair. I didn’t have long to take in the sight as she pulled my mouth into her again and I pushed my tongue as far into her unwashed and sexy cunt.

I turned my head to one side and tried to fuck her with my tongue and as I pulled her lips apart with my fingers my mouth filled with a stream of sticky, white metallic tasting juice.

“Don’t stop.” was her instruction as she began to rub her clit with one hand, the other firmly fixed to the back of my head.

From her movement and moans I thought her orgasm was near and with the thumb of my left hand I pressed it to her arse hole.

Nadia cried out louder and squatted down further allowing me to push my tongue deeper.

“That’s it,” she moaned, “push it into me”

I turned my thumb and it popped into her tight arse and was instantly swallowed beyond the knuckle.

The sound she made was low and animal and her fingers stopped rubbing her clit and just pressed hard against it.

Suddenly her body bucked and my thumb was pushed from her arse. I pulled my tongue from inside her and licked her lips and as she let go of her clit a huge squirt of hot fluid filled my mouth and covered my face. It tasted bitter but was not unpleasant. Some had got into my eyes and it stang and seem to dry them out like over chlorinated pool water. I pulled away to watch and one more squirt covered me and then gave way to a trickle down my arm and her calves as her legs shook and she swore over and over, reaching behind to the shelves to steady herself.

I stood up, my mouth filled with a strong aftertaste, my shirt and jeans soaked and my face smelling of piss and orgasm. My jeans were still around my ankles and my hard cock pushed against my shorts. I looked at Nadia struggling to stand. Her large, fat tits were squeezed over the top of her bra and her dark brown, hard nipples pointed to the floor. Her legs were soaked, as were her knickers and her face was sweaty, her hair a mess. She looked utterly gorgeous and I desperately wanted to fuck her.

She opened her eyes and smiled at me. She reached out and pulled me to her kissing my face and licking her juices from me. She drew a deep breath and looked at me.

“Lay down” she told me and I did as I was told, on a pile of someone else’s laundry.

She pulled my shoes off and then my socks, jeans and shorts.

She stood over me and pulled her knickers off and then her bra. She looked incredible, so sexy. Her tits had lost a lot of their shape and her nipples pointed to the ground but they weren’t ugly, just womanly. Her round belly stuck out and her pussy hair was thick almost to her navel. Her legs had great shape, no hint of orange peel and she stepped forward, her feet either side of me.

With a hand on the inside of each thigh she squatted down, pulling herself open as she did so. As she got to the tip of my cock she held the base of me and slipped the wettest and hottest pussy I have ever felt around me.

It was my turn to moan and she slipped down until I was buried deep inside her. She squatted up and down on me in little movements, leaning forward slightly so her tits swung before me.

“Pinch my nipples” she said and I did as I was asked. As I pulled them she got faster and it was only a couple of seconds before she cried out again and another squirt of her cum covered my thighs and stomach.

“Fuck, that is lovely” I said

She opened her eyes “Yeah, you like that?” she asked

“God, yes, I love it.” I said and pinched her nipples harder

“What else do you love, tell me” she demanded

I told her I loved her body, how sexy and glamorous she looked. I told her I loved her smell, so strong from her dirty pants and pussy. I told her I loved her taste, the thick pussy juice that covered my tongueand made my mouth water and I told her I loved to feel and see her squirt.

She cried out again and this time she pulled off of me, held her legs open and pulled her lips apart. Another squirt shot from her and she aimed it up towards my chest. I opened my mouth and she tried to reach my face.

Nadia slapped down onto my cock again and began fucking me faster this time; I just couldn’t hold it any more. I pushed up against her and threw my arms out as my orgasm seemed to erupt from the top of my head, tingling all the way down my body into the tip of my cock. She pushed down onto me and I twitched and jerked my hot cum into her.

She just sat there watching me. When I opened my eyes she was smiling at me; she rocked forward to release my softening cock and then squatted over me letting our juices trickle out over me. The heat of her body was gone and the fluid covering me began to cool my skin. She lifted her leg over and looked down at the mess we’d made. Without saying a word she bent forward and began to lick me clean. It felt amazing and I wished it could be me doing it, I had a sudden urge to lick her clean too but something stopped me and I had a sudden pang of guilt and fear.

That was how it started. I’ve never known anyone like Nadia. She knows what she wants and adores sex. That night, as we waited for my clothes to wash and dry we just talked about sex. She wanted someone to fuck; she liked filthy, messy sex and loved squirting. Before I left she sat on the edge of her desk and I fingered her pussy hard and fast as she wanked me over her stomach. We came together and kissed as we did so then we licked each other clean. We tasted wonderful and it was only on the drive home that I realised how much I carried her scent with me. I had to shower before slipping quietly into bed.

I agreed to meet her a couple of days later and went to her house. When I got there she told me she hadn’t taken her underwear off to pee for the whole of that day. She smelt so strong, I made her cum without removing them, stroking her lightly through the thin fabric and then sucking her as I massaged her clit. She then just wanked me into them while she kept them on. An hour or so later I pulled them away from her and licked her clean.

That’s how it goes, we just seem to get dirtier and dirtier and I just can’t stop.

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