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Peeping Tom

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Just like always I can hear the nearest neighbour pour water into something before he shuts the water off. The soft padding of feet floating above my head. I follow the footsteps, wandering beneath him. It’s fascinating, how I can hear every move he makes. I know when he goes to work, when he comes home, when he sleeps and when he wakes.

I know that he listens to Evanescence when he’s feeling sad and Weezer when he’s happy. I know that he loves crime shows on tv. And that he rarely watches sports.


I know what music he likes and what TV shows he watches. How many friends he has and the smell of his favourite perfume.

He does not know it, but I know everything there is to know about him. Every little detail. All the way down to what color socks he wore today..

I reach up, stretching as far as I can manage, balancing on my tiptoes and touch my cold ceiling. He is what? Nothing more than a few thin inches away from me now.. just a wooden plank away..I feel my heart speed up from that thought, and I close my eyes before I lower myself back down.

I sit down as he sits down and turn on my TV when he does. I channel surf ’til I find the show he is watching.. and settle back down into my couch, grabbing his shirt and sniff it with a deep drag. Groaning as my dick swells from that sweet masculine scent.

I wonder what he looks like today? Probably just as handsome as yesterday,and the day before that and the day before that again.

My walls are covered in pictures of him.

Of him cooking, sleeping, showering, talking on the phone, watching TV.. crying, smiling, yelling, masturbating..

I wish my cameras could catch him better on film. The grainy pictures don’t do him justice… doesn’t catch his beauty. But I have better ones. Yes, the ones taken outside shows the true beauty of this man. How his long black hair dances in the wind. And how his pale skin almost shimmers in the bright rays from the sun. And how deep his black eyes are when he stares into the camera, unaware that it’s him, and not the fluttering pigeons obstructing the view I’m trying to catch on the film.

Gods, he saw me that time. Stared straight at me.. I can still recall that feeling. How my heart stopped for a couple of seconds, and my breath caught. My body felt so suddenly weak I had trouble pressing the shutter button. The way those eyes lingered on me.

Fuck.. sometimes I fantasize.. about that precious moment. I pretend that he noticed me. Like really noticed me. That he dreams of me.. that it’s my name he whispers when he comes. When that perfect body convulses in rapture and his eyes rolls back as his soft mouth falls slack. White ribbons falling wasted onto his hard stomach.. oh god, I want those salty strings to cover my mouth, my face.. my insides so bad I almost cry.

But I know he doesn’t fantasize about me.. Why would he? He doesn’t even know I exist.. no one does. And the name that rolls out of his mouth is foreign to me. “Leon…” I don’t know who this Leon is. He has a little brother with that name, but I’ve never seen him with any other Leon. And… it can’t be that Leon? Can it?

I have loved this man, this “pet in a cage” for over two years now. I’ve got 5 cameras watching his every step and 3 microphones to catch his beautiful voice. Nearly 300 hours of recordings.. Sadly I don’t have much more than 96 photographs of him outside.

I wish I had more..

He has no idea that I’m watching him. That I keep a track of every little thing he does, that I mark my calendar every time he cries, every time he smiles, and every time he says something that has my name in it.

Once.. I’m still pissed that I didn’t get that on tape. I keep the recorder on at all times now. Just in case..

Sure, he suspects that something is wrong. That something is just a little amiss.. I can’t blame him. In fact.. I would have been disappointed in him if he didn’t suspect something.

All those little things. Like when his favourite tee shirt disappeared, and how his cologne is used up so fast. How little things change their position. How the laughing Buddha suddenly looked left, not right.. How the earth of his plants can suddenly be moist when he hasn’t watered them for weeks.

I want him to notice.

At first.. I was terrified when I realized that I had forgotten to put back the lid on his hamper. But now.. its more of a game. I keep changing little things every time I go up there to set up a new camera, or to adjust the sound of a mic, or to just lie in his bed, smelling his pillow. I want him to wonder just what causes it.

I know he suspects ghosts.. I smile to myself as I think about that. I’m his ghost. I have a place in his life, in his world. Even if he doesn’t know it.. I have a place. That gives me a little fuzzy feeling.

It’s probably still just a little whisper in the back of his head. Just a little paranoid voice telling him that some thing is wrong. And that it’s not ghosts doing it, because I’ve noticed how he stands in his doorframe when he gets home from work. How he stands there listening

Listening for me..

Trying to hear if someone is in his apartment, while his right hand rests on his gun.

Oh yes, he has one.. several in fact. He is a detective.. maybe that’s why he loves crime shows so much?

I shrug to myself, loosening the crick in my neck before I turn on the monitors.. I feel my heartbeat speed up as I watch my obsession in one of the many little windows on my computer. I click the window from the living room couch, the one he is in, so it blows up to cover the whole screen.

MMm, I suck my bottom lip in between my teeth, worrying it, as I lean closer to the screen, touching with my fingers. The camera is hidden high up in a corner of the open room, perfectly set to catch him in this particular spot in the couch. It’s his regular seat, right in front of the TV. And I can see him so perfectly here. The way his eyes seem tired, and how his black hair caresses his pale shoulders as he lets it loose from the thin silk ribbon used to keep it behind his back.He is dressed in black dress slacks, his white cotton shirt is tossed to the side and the white wife beater clings sexily to his upper body. He leans back and lets out a sigh, stirring his cup noodles twice with his chopsticks before he lifts them to his mouth and blows gently on the hot food, making the damp smoke coil in the air along with the tight knot in my stomach.

I whisper his name softly as he sucks the lucky strings into his mouth, a noncommittal look on his handsome features. “Louis…,” I’ve whispered his name at least one million times. It rolls off my tongue like an old friends name, and it hurts me that he doesn’t even know mine.

I’ve wanted to approach him for so long now..and I’ve been trying to come up with someway to be able to knock on his door with a reason, it’s not like I can`t just go up there and knock on his door. I could.. but what the hell could I ask him? “Hello sir, I was just wondering if you could fuck my ass raw?… Please??” Nope… Or..I wanted to go and do just that, was about to go knock on his door and spill the beans, but my only friend, Dexter, pointed out that it would probably be a bad idea. And that it would probably only scare him if I was my usual blunt self… I’m not sure what he means with that. But he’s probably right.. he usually is when it comes to social stuff. I’ve never been good with all that..

Besides I’m dimly afraid that I’ll lose my ability to speak when the time comes. So I’ll have to do something.. clever.

Dexter is also the one that gave me the idea on how to approach my little.. obsession. I’m pretty sure he didn’t meant this when he shared his little devious plan. But it’s close enough. I hum to myself as I think about tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow.. it’ll all change. For better or for worse..

But for today.. I’m still looking at him through the cold screen, oh god.. it feels like so far away. Even if I know that he is only a few feet away. Right over me.. and I’m staring at him through the little lense hidden from his black eyes, two sparkling jewels the darkest color imaginable. Those eyes could suck me into despair in a matter of seconds. And I wouldn’t mind.. not even for a second. To be able to be with him, to know that I have a place in his life. No matter what hidden corner of his mind he chooses to push me into. Even if I’m just the trick or treater that stood outside his door that day… hoping to get a treat.. Anything is better than sitting all alone in this cold apartment. Standing outside looking at something I can never hope to touch. At least I hope to make some impression on him..

I glance over to the cardboard box sitting on my table. A single spot illuminating the brown box standing pristine on the dark wooden surface. It’s content spread neatly beside it on the dining table, and I can’t help the little sly grin that creeps over my features.. oh yeah. He’ll remember.

I can’t wait for Halloween..


I knock on the door with a certain uncertainty. My palms feel sweaty and I can feel all to well how the rubber mask sucks itself closer to my skin as my breathing increases. Every pull off air into my nose making a quiet shoshing sound in my ears. The air too hot when it comes out again. But I hardly dear to breathe out through my mouth, afraid that I’ll be unable to keep any sounds from coming out.

Why is he taking so long, I know he is home… so why is he taking so long. Oh god.. what if he is watching me right now? Through the peep hole.. I look over to the golden ring, but see no shadow there. Maybe he didn’t hear my knocking?

I reach out again and rap three times, a bit harder this time. But I feel so weak, my knees are shaking and a maddening tickling is exploding in my stomach, and I don’t think it’s all from arousal.

Fuck! I almost run when I hear his footsteps and I look at my watch the moment I see that shadow in the golden ring. 8:25. Yes, that’s the first time he looked at me.

I swallow down the bile threatening to surface as I hear him unhook the security chain and open the door wide.

And there he is, in all his beauty, his hair falling over the sides of his face like a silken curtain opened to the sides, to reveal an astonishingly handsome face. That heartrending beauty makes me catch my breath as startling black stare into my eyes, drowning me.. The first time I saw this face I cried, for the first time since I was a baby.. I wept. It was just to much for me, to pretty for words.. and I knew then that this man could have my body and soul all wrapped up in one neat package if he wanted to..

And once again, standing barefoot in the hallway so close, but still unable to touch, I feel tears pressing on. Now that those eyes linger on me, I can see how they travel over my body, an amused smile tugging at his lips when he takes in my black vinyl pants, so tight they look painted on, with thin black thread laced up all the way down from my hips to reveal a thin line of pale skin on each side.

Something feral fills his black eyes and I find myself unable to hold back a little moan as he reach out with a hand to take my tail from me. A long black kitten’s tail with a white tip attached to the back of my pants. Yes, it matches my black half mask with it’s furry white tipped ears that covers my eyes and nose, and my black paws perfectly.

I even have a thick leather collar around my throat with a silver hook in it. But nothing more, nothing more other than my two silver studs, one in each pert nipple. Dexter had told me to dress to impress, I was pretty sure that this could be a little too much, but I wanted to leave an impression. If all I was going to do was ask him if he wanted to trick me or treat me .. oh yeah.. I know he will remember this.

I take a shuddering breath before I ask in the best voice I can manage with my breath racing along with my heart. I can feel how my dick swells against the tight material in an almost painful way, and I know he can see it. But I don’t care, I want him to see.. The look he is sending me is something I would never hope for from this man. So hot, so passionate, like I’m something he has wanted for a really long time now, and I know I reflect that same look back ..

“Trick or treat?” My voice comes out in a shallow pant, unrecognizable even to me.

“Both…” I’ve never heard his voice like this before, so heavy. Just a low rumble making my knees buckle under me. That voice holds too many promises of things I could never even dared hope of from this man.

Thankfully his arms are around me seconds later, stopping me from sagging to the floor, and his smell hits me like a heady summer breeze making me moan low again as I rock my hips against his hot body. I feel his mouth cover mine and my knees give, and I’m thankful that he chose just that moment to lift me up so I can wrap my long legs around his hips.

I feel his hot dick pressing against my ass. Gods, I want him so bad. I need him worse than I need to breathe. And I know, I know! That if I don’t get him now, inside me, filling me.. I’m going to die. I rock my hips against him as I kiss him.

Our mouths work frantically against each other, still just kissing with lips. Sloppily eating at each other. And then I feel his tongue lick my bottom lip. Licking along my teeth, asking me to let him in, and I comply with a satisfied sigh as I open my mouth and push my tongue out to meet his, sucking it greedily into my mouth while I breathe through my nose, the smell of rubber invading my senses. His tongue is tasting me.. every part of my mouth, making a shiver race through my body. I’m so close already, just from this kiss.. Shit!

I bounce a couple of times as he tosses me onto the bed, oh god. How many times have I wanted to lie just here? How many times have I fantasized about this.. and now, now I’m here.. I can’t believe this. Hot swirls of lust tug at my stomach, making it hard to breathe. I’m so hot.. so fucking hot. And I feel so empty, like a vital part of me is missing and the only one that can make me whole again is this man looming over me. Undressing, slowly.. garment by garment.

I want him so bad on me again, I cry.. little tears running down my cheeks and into my hair, making it stick to my temples with the help of sweat, hidden by my mask. My whole body screams for his touch..My hips are grinding my hard cock against my hand, that skin thin layer of vinyl making it almost painful. I moan his name softly.. and shudder when he leans down to kiss my stomach. Licking at it, biting gently into my skin… sucking little hickey marks as he trails downwards.

I whimper and thrust my hips up to rub against his chest, the feel of him on me is heady, and I’m pretty sure that I’ll come if he keeps this going. Shit! His voice is dark and heavy, making my hairs stand on edge when that silky smooth voice washes over me, pure.. and not as a crackle over my speakers.

“Holy hell Leon.. I knew you wanted to come over today, but I thought you were unable to make it.. and shit. This costume here, oh my god, you’re so fucking hot with that tail.. and these pants..” He licks the outside of my pants, rubbing his face against my bulge and I shudder, even as my heart sinks when I realize that he thinks I’m this Leon..

“Fuck, When did you get your nipples pierced? Gods, Leon..I love them.” He reaches a hand up to my left nipple, even as he keeps licking along the top of my pants, teasing me by pressing his cheek against my aching cock. He tugs at my left stud and pulls gently, making the pert bud strain. And I shudder.. gods, I love to have my nipples pinched.

Oh god! What if I tell him that I’m not Leon? Will he stop then? I’ll surely die if he throws me out.. if he stops. I feel my tears coming faster, and I’m unable to hold back a sob.. The pain that wracks through my body is just too bad. It’s not me that he wants, but someone else, he thought that I was someone else, still thinks I’m someone else.

I take a hold of his silky hair and tug, making him crawl up my body. Gazing into his eyes I realize I need to do something… I know he’ll stop for sure if I admit that I’m not this Leon person now. But if he finds out later, when he wants me to take off my mask, if he wants me to take it off?

But oh god, how the hell am I supposed to come up with something intelligent to say, to do, when he licks at my skin like that. Like a hungry cat.. while he abuses my nipple with his fingers. A mixture of pain and pleasure muddling my thoughts.

I stare into his eyes and lick my lips, once, twice before I take a shaky breath. “I’m not Leon…”

I feel him go ridged in my arms as he studies me.. a slight frown to his features. “Stop playing games Leon, I know you’re you..”

“Ah.. god.. I-I’m not.. I’m Tom. But please.. I don’t care.. please..” He stops his movements and stare at me and I feel myself start to sob. Desperate sobs wracking through me. And it hurts, it hurts so bad. That look, I know he is hesitating.. and I can see that still, he finds it hard to believe that I’m not his precious Leon.

“Not? Leon..?” He smirks before he leans down to kiss me.. hard. And I mewl into the kiss, pouring everything I’ve got into it. Rubbing my body into his.

He suddenly pulls back and looks at me puzzled, a slight frown adorning his features as he breathes hard. Whatever it was, he must have understood it now, that I’m really not this Leon person of his. I reach out and grab him as he pulls back.. “Please.. don’t.”

“Who are you? And what were you doing at my doorstep dressed in….” He let’s his eyes rake over my body once again, his gaze lingering on my groin area, staring at the prominent bulge, the swollen head of my cock sticking up from the form fitting fabric, an angry red in color. And the last half of his question come up in a whisper, like it’s hard to breathe..


I twine my hands through his hair, amazed by the sheer softness of it, contemplating on what to say. “Does it matter? I’m here now.. and I really need you to fuck me.. so please, please, please just for tonight… just don’t ask, and instead just fuck me.”

A small feeling of relief flow through me as I watch him ponder my request, and I tug at his hair again, making those uncertain dark eyes look into mine…

“Please..” I sound so needy in that word, so pathetic and weak.

“Please…” But maybe that’s what he needed to hear, because he leans down and give me a chaste kiss, just the barest brush of soft lips against mine. Experimentally letting his hand tickle down the side of my stomach, lowering his pelvis to once again rub against me. He is still hard, still ready..

“……………Tom?” And the sound of my name spoken like a chaste kiss, makes me shudder under him, my breath coming out in a ragged gasp.

I nod against his lips, giving him my best smile, but I know my eyes are heavy and that my mouth a little too slack to pull of my regular bright one, I don’t care… Louis’s chuckle wash over me, taking away all my fears, that trilling laughter holds promises of something dark and sinful.

“You want my cock Tom?” He lets the question linger on my skin, like melted chocolate.. and I can do nothing but nod while I gaze into his eyes, those dark eyes sparkling with mischief. “What did you say? I need you to say it.. You want me to fill that greedy little fuckhole of yours? Is that it Tom? Tell me.. I need to hear you say it, I need to hear you say how much you want me, how much your hole longs to be filled by my cock.”

His voice is so heavy it touches something inside me, something deeper than anything else I have ever felt and I have to take several deep breaths to control my racing heart, and I almost come when he brushes a stray hair from my eyes, leaning down to lick my lip, coaxing an answer from me. “Ah.. god, yesssshh.. I want you to fuck my greedy little fuck hole Louis.. I want you to touch my cock, I need you to fill me up and I need to feel your big cock inside me so bad I’ll cry if I don’t get it.”

He growls before he starts undoing my pants by pulling at the thin strings of leather holding them together at the sides, loosening the tight hold they have on my hips so he can peel them down my long legs. A small feral sound comes from his throat as my cock is released from the constricting fabric, it’s an angry purple in color, thick veins crawling in rivers up the ridged flesh. Precum already oozing from the slit.

I feel myself gasp as he lets a moist tongue dart out to taste the little drops gathering in the slit.

“You’re beautiful Tom, you know that? How pretty your body is. Please take off your mask. I want to see your face. I want to see my treat..”

I whimper at his words, and reach up with shaky hands to tug the mask away from my face. A thin layer of damp sweat covers my upper face from having the rubber so tight against my skin for so long, and I don’t feel pretty, not at all..

But that look in his eyes.. it tells me different, I feel wanted in those eyes. He crawls up my body sucking a nipple ring into his mouth worrying it between his teeth, before he leans up and kisses my eyelids, my temples, my cheekbones, rubbing his thumb over my lips, so I can feel the sour sweet taste of my own precum on that digit. I suck that thumb in between my lips, biting at the appendage, lavishing it with spit. He groan against my face “You are so beautiful Tom.. Do you really want me to fuck you? Am I really that lucky?”

“Oh god yes! Please.. I-I’ve.. ah! I’ve wanted this for so long, I’ve wanted you for so long.. it hurts. It hurts so bad Louis.. please, please, please help me.”

Hot tears press on again, and I have no chance of stopping them, I feel so lucky, I can’t help it.. I know I shouldn’t have said that, and I suddenly fear that he’ll leave me now. That he’ll ask me what I meant. And I know that I can’t lie to him. I could never lie to this man hovering over me, his heat beating down on my skin in a tender caress.. just the presence of him on his knees above me making me roll my hips up into thin air, wanting something to rub my hardness against. Shit! And I know.. I know that if he asks.. if he asks, then he’ll kick me out. Probably.. Fuck!

He laughs into my ear, licking my outer shell while he rubs a hand against my flesh, making me moan into the hair falling over my face in thick waves. “What do you mean that you’ve wanted me for so long? We just met kitten..”

“No.. I-ah.. gods, I’m your neighbour. I’ve known who you are for two years now. I’ve watched you.. and I’ve wanted you. Ever since that first time I saw you in the hallway, I’ve craved for you.. but I haven’t been able to come up to you sooner, afraid that you would push me away, reject me… that’s why I wore the mask. So that it wasn’t me you pushed away.. not really.”

I look into his eyes, something between amazement, amusement and hint of horror flicking through them. I’ve never seen this look on his face before. A smile glides over his lips before he leans down to rub his nose against my neck, sucking my flesh into his mouth. I know there will be a mark tomorrow. Gods, a thrill of joy seeps through me when I realize that.. he has marked me. And he isn’t leaving.

“Why on earth would you think that I could have rejected something as hot as this kitten? Only a madman would refuse to fuck that tight ass of yours..”

I feel a shiver course through me as he starts licking his way down my body. Leaving a trail of little red hickeys all the way down from my chin to my hip bone. “You love this don’t you Tom? The feeling of me tasting you? Marking you? I can feel your cock harden in my hand every time I bite into your flesh.”

I can only nod in response and he chuckles against my thigh again, that thrilling sound of his low laugh caressing my skin, making goose bumps raise, even when I feel too hot. And he is still moving down between my legs, bending them back so that he is kissing the underside of my knees, tights, ass, using almost only his tongue now.. licking in long languid strokes across my flesh. Oh, so-so close; but never just close enough.

I feel desperation well up inside me, a whine escaping my lips. Oh gods!

“Tell me Tom, tell me what you need..what do you want me to do?” He swipes his tongue down my crack, stopping just over my hole. And I can feel it twitching. Unsure if I’m doing it on purpose, or if it’s my body being that desperate for his touch.

“Ah! Fuck Louis. You know what I want. Stop teasing me… just, just lick my ass, stick your tongue into my fuckhole and tonguefuck me.”

He chuckles again before he breathes out a hot breath of air against my twitching hole. And yes.. I know it’s twitching now, and it’s not me doing it on purpose.. I can fucking feel my body crave for him. And when he lets his tongue glide over my entrance, I have to bite my lip to stop myself from cumming. Just from that.. ‘Shit!’

“I..I.. can’t. Fuck! Louis.. I won’t be able to hold back. Shit.. I’ll cum if you stick your tongue into my ass..”

“But you want it, don’t you?” He licks over my hole one more time, pressing the tip of his tongue against it, just barely, but enough.. I have to swallow my gasp before I start shaking with the effort to hold back.

“Fuck yes, I want it..”

And I cum when he plunges his tongue into my ass, licking my insides while he pumps my cock, milking it as I writhe under him, my whole body spasming as my ass tries to suck him inside.

I lay panting under him while he wriggles a finger inside me, searching for that spot. It’s already swollen from my first orgasm and I scream when he brushes it, arching my back, and he uses the opportunity to slip a second finger in alongside the first, making a shiver run through me. But it isn’t enough..

“More.. fuck! I need more Louis.”

I hear a growl coming from him, and he slips the fingers out in a harsh motion before he is on me, kissing me brutally while he fists my hair, almost hurting me, while he rubs our cocks together. The feeling of him so hard against me, makes my dick swell alongside his till it stands proud again. A little shorter, just a little smaller against his. But I knew that already, I expected it to look like that.. or, what I expected isn’t even near to the real thing, but.. I knew he would be just that much bigger than me.

I watch how he uses both of our precum, alongside some of my first load to slick up his dick. Making it wet and slick.

And I see how he lifts up a bit so he can position his mushroom head against my entrance, rubbing his cock up and down my crack.. “Gods, Tom.. I’m sorry, but I just want to plunge into you..I really don’t want to prepare you. You think you can take that? You think you can take my cock in your greedy little fuckhole without being prepared.”

“Fuck Louis.. just please fuck me. I can take it.. I’ve been fucking myself with a dildo every night, sometimes several times a day.. fantasizing that it was your cock in my ass..”

Again, he seems a bit shocked at my words, probably wonders if its true, and oh god, it feels like forever. But he gather himself before he smirks, flipping me over so that I’m on my knees, my face pressed into the pillows.And then his hands are on me, rubbing my ass cheeks, grabbing, massaging, spreading my hole for him with his fingers. He spits on my hole and I flinch under him as I feel it run down my crack, coating my balls.

I feel how his head pushes through, and I savour that feeling. That burning pain filling my ass.. I want him to go slow, to make me really feel it.. while at the same time I long for him to fuck me raw. I want to make him lose himself inside me. So I push back so his balls slap against mine, and his breath come out in the most delicious sounds I have ever heard, and I find myself dimly thinking that I hope I remembered to turn on the recorder..

‘I think I did…’

But all thoughts are slammed out as he plunges in again, hitting that special spot dead on, making white stars obscure my view, and all thoughts become muffled under his intense heat as he cradles me from behind while he rocks his hips gently. The warmth of his body like a blanket over me, black strands of hair caressing my shoulders, my sides. Soft lips kissing my shoulder blades as I milk his cock with my ass muscles, rocking gently back against his hips.

“Ah gods.. Aaa-aah.. fuck, you’re so tight kitten..”

I whimper under him, wanting so desperately to make him go faster, deeper. While at the same time I want him to be this close. His breath caressing the tiny hairs on the back of my neck, while his hand is sneaked around my body, jerking my cock. The other intertwine into my fingers, pushing my hand into the mattress..

The black kittens paws rolled up around my wrists.

It feels like he is holding a golden string inside my body. Every time he moves his cock, I can feel it tighten in places I have never felt before. All the way from my toes to my fingers and all the way to the top of my head. Behind my eyes.. the coil in my stomach is so tight its hard to breathe. Little white stars dance behind my eyelids and I find myself tighten all my muscles in an effort to regain some sense of control.

The sheer heat from his body, and the way it feels when he nibbles on my earlobe while harsh puffs of air comes out from his nose as he tries to hold back is driving me crazy. I need him to go faster, to take me harder. If he keeps this almost lazy pace up.. I’ll surely die.

“Faster!! Fuck.. ah! Mhhmm.. harder. Please!! please, please Louis! I can’t, I can’t survive this pace… ah, I can feel your cock so good inside me.. shit, I’ll die if you don’t stop this.. this torture..”

He doesn’t say anything, but I can feel him move behind me, feel how he

pulls out, just the head resting against my gaping hole. A hand pushes at the middle of my back, pressing me further down.

I scream when he plunges inside with a harsh shove. And he isn’t slowing down. The pace brutal, fucking me so hard, my knees are losing their grip on the cotton fabric of his sheets, making me slide further and further down as he keeps fucking me raw. And holy hell! It feels so good, I can’t stop screaming… like a fucking girl while I try to say his name, over and over again, reminding myself of just who it is fucking me like no tomorrow..

And then the string snaps, unravelling fast, too fast.. making my whole body tense for seconds before I come so hard I see nothing for what feels like a thousand thundering heartbeats, stopping the breath in my lungs. And he never stops his brutal pace, dragging my orgasm out, forcing a third one to follow only minutes behind the second, this one even stronger. I have to bite down into the mattress to keep from dying. Because I know I’m dying. Nothing has ever felt this painfully good. Nothing has ever made me feel so aware of my body.

And then he is cumming too, his hips jerking against me as he pants out a breath of my name. Nothing I have ever heard has been that beautiful. I can feel something hot and sticky run down my thighs as he pulls out to collapse next to me.. but I don’t care. I welcome the feeling, and when he wraps his arms around me and cradles me against his body, his heart thundering against my back. Nothing else matters. Nothing has ever felt this perfect, this complete. And I wish we could make a vacuum of time around us..

I have some explaining to do.. I know that. I have to find a way to say everything without saying anything. Cross my fingers and toes, and pray to the gods that he’ll let me try to explain if he ever finds out my little secret.

If he’ll keep me that is… I feel a smile creep over my face as I snuggle back into his warmth, basking in the soft sound coming from him as he wraps a hand around me and hugs me tighter back against his chest.

I have a good feeling about this. Maybe. Just maybe.. I don’t have to sit behind my monitors to look at him in the future..

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