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The Demotion

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It started out in the usual way, with Leslie going downstairs to the corporate gym to exercise, just like she did nearly every day. For 30 minutes the petite blonde climbed up the stair climber. At 29, she was still proud of her body and she took care of it so that she would remain so. She stood around 5′ 5″ and weighed in around 101 pounds.

After exercising, she took a shower, and that’s where things started to go wrong. Her first surprise was when she opened her locker and her clothes were gone. Even her towel was missing.

They weren’t really gone, but the clothes and towel that were in there weren’t hers. Worse, her shorts and shirt that she had exercised in and taken off before showering were missing.

“Very funny,” she said. “Now bring them back. Hello, I want my clothes…” Her voice echoed in the tile locker room. There was no one there. Fuck!

She checked the locker number. It was hers alright. She tested the other lockers – just to be sure. They were either locked or empty. Other than waiting around naked save a small hand towel, there was no other option. She took the clothes out of the locker. They weren’t anything she would wear that was certain. A skimpy plaid mini-skirt. A small sweater that came with a built in white collar, high heel shoes, and lastly a small bra. One glaring ommission, there were no underwear.

There was nothing else she could do, so she dried using the small towel, then tried the clothes on. Surprisingly, everything fit. Granted the skirt was about 5 inches shorter than anything in her closet. The sweater was also tighter than she liked. Of the next 3 articles, she didn’t know which was worse. The shoes, which made her lean legs look even sexier, but were more suitable for a Sex in the City episode than an office. Or the lack of panties with the skirt that was too short for anyone’s good. But probably the thing that made her feel the most insecure, was the bra. She would only have to worry about exposing herself while sitting down or going up stairs, whereas the bra would expose her in another degree no matter what she did. While it served its most basic purpose and provided support. It lacked her usual requirement. Padding. In the tight fitting garment, she looked positively tiny. Worse, if anyone she knew spotted her, they would see that she was smaller by a couple of cup sizes. A big difference. Big enough to notice.

She tried it with no bra to see if that was better. But the sweater showed everything. It was a no go. Her nipples were clearly seen through the fabric of the sweater. Finally, she put the bra back on and decided to just go – just run up quickly to her desk, get her keys, go home and change into something presentable.

She made sure to take the elevator, lest she expose herself on the stairs. Besides – she didn’t want to attempt 4 flights of stairs in 3 inch heels. Her hopes of dashing to her desk unseen met with a large problem, there was a woman at her desk. It was Carolyn – the head of HR. Shit!

“I need to see you in my office,” Carolyn said. “Now.”

Leslie picked up her purse from her desk and followed Carolyn to her office. She shut the door behind her and had Leslie take a seat.

Carolyn, an auburn haired woman of about 40, wore a professional blue pin-striped pant suit. She placed a piece of paper on the desk, turned it around and slid it over to the young brunette at the other side of the table.

“What do you make of that, Leslie?” she asked.

When Leslie saw the header she knew she was in trouble. She broke out in a sweat. With a trembling voice she answered. “I don’t know ma’am.”

“You don’t know?” Carolyn said. “You don’t find it odd that the college you said you graduated from, only has a record of you through three semesters?”

“Yes, ma’am, it is odd but…” At one time Leslie had nightmares once a week of this very occurrence. She was prepared for it when she was first hired. She had nothing to lose when she first changed her resume and added the part about graduation and several other lies. But, now, she had quite a bit to lose. She decided to lie. “Maybe there was some sort of problem – it has been several years.”

“Yes, it has been several years,” Carolyn said, and tone of her reply, clearly not buying it. “And what do you make of this?”

Leslie glanced at this new piece of paper. There were several transactions. Each transaction totaled a few thousand dollars. Then she looked at the next piece of evidence. A bank account with her name on it, with several similar transactions. Each corporate credit matched a debit to her account. Yet, it was an account she had never seen!

“I’ve – I’ve never seen that account before.”

“Leslie,” Carolyn said. “I’m sure you can guess how much credibility you have at the moment. What is the saying? Once a liar, always a thief.”

“I’m not lying,” “I’m telling the truth. I mean. Maybe I did pad my resume. But I swear I never stole anything.”

“Then you won’t mind if I do a search of your possessions to see for myself?”

“No ma’am.”

Carolyn took the younger woman’s purse and turned it upside down, spilling the contents out on the desk. There amongst her possessions were several items that caught her attention. Two strange looking cigarettes and a pink vibrator.

“They aren’t mine!” Leslie exclaimed. She had been set up. “I’ve never seen them before. Look, someone stole my clothes while I was taking a shower at the fitness center, they must have planted…”

“Sure…sure…” Carolyn said. She took her pencil and rolled the pink vibrator to and fro. “Do you know how believable that sounds. What is up with you Leslie? The lying. The stealing. Drugs. Perversions. And just look at the way you are dressed.”

It became too much for Leslie. Her lip trembled and then the tears started flowing. This was awful. The worst thing that had ever happened. If only she could explain.

“I know this looks bad,” she said between sobs.

“It looks very bad,” said Carolyn. “I wonder how you will explain this to the police.” She knew very well how it looked. Very incriminating. Once she had discovered the resume, she waited patiently, coming up with a plan set the younger woman up, and only today set it into motion.

Leslie had no idea how she would even attempt explaining this to the police. Who would believe this impossible turn of events. And it was even more difficult to think of an explanation while Carolyn kept moving the vibrator back and forth with her pencil.

“You know Leslie, perhaps we can work this out between ourselves,” she suggested as she rolled the vibrator toward the younger woman.

Leslie let out a hopeful sigh, but then realized what the older woman was suggesting. An icey tendril snaked through her insides. Staring at the vibrator, her white knuckled hands clenched tightly in her lap.

“Take it,” Carolyn ordered.

She didn’t want to. Oh how she didn’t. But Leslie picked it up with trembling fingers, handling it as if it would bite her.

“Turn it on.”

Leslie fingered the on switch and it took off moving. Dear Lord, she had never seen such a thing. It swiveled. It danced. It vibrated with different speeds. Part of it rotated. It was all knobs and ridges and bumps. Even in her hands it felt perverse – lewd.

“Take off your panties.”

Leslie shifted her her seat as she remembered. Her cheeks colored. Why her? Why today of all days. If only she could go back in time.

“Someone stole….them,” she said. It sounded so ridiculous.

“I’m sure,” Carolyn sneered. “Little slut.”

Leslie hesitated. She surely couldn’t do this. It wasn’t possible. There had to be another answer.

Carolyn picked up the phone. “What was that number, oh yes, the police – 555-4567” she pecked at the keys with her pencil.

“You can’t do this,” Leslie pleaded.

“I think I can. Care to try me?” Carolyn said and her pencil fell to the last digit.

“Wait – please” Leslie took the pink vibe and moved it between her lean thighs. Then beneath her skirt. The thick head made contact with her box, sending an unwanted rush of pleasure through the young woman. She kept it there, vibrating and moving against her. Obeying in principle if not in spirit. Yet, soon nectar formed at the gates of her lips. Her small breasts ached within the tight confines of the small bra. This was horrible. And yet – and yet.

“Little pig,” Carolyn said. “You love it don’t you?”

“No,” Leslie squeaked.

“Liar,” Carolyn said. “Let me see then. Put your legs over the arm rests. If I see you’ve been lying, I’m going to make you do worse than this.”

“Please,” Leslie gasped. She couldn’t bear the thought of the older woman learning the truth.

“Shall we call the police? I wonder if they will think you are a lying little pig too.”

No, that was even less an option now. How would she explain the used vibrator? Her fingerprints on it. Her juices. The lies on her application. The strange clothes she wore. The bank fraud. What would they think of her? They would think she was a lying little pig just like Carolyn. With no choice remaining, Leslie slid down in the chair. Then she placed a petite thigh over the arm rest, she steeled her frayed nerves, and then draped her leg over the other. She was now thoroughly exposed to the leering older woman. The tiny skirt affording her no protection whatsoever.

Pink engorged lips and a very wet sex greeted the older woman – confirmed her suspicions. “Now tell the truth you little lying pig. You love it, don’t you?”

She didn’t love it. How she hated it. Yet the evidence suggested otherwise. She had to go with the evidence. “Yes,” Leslie breathed.

“I knew you were a hot little thing when I saw you come in here in that sexy little outfit.” Carolyn said. “Now, let me see those titties. Where have you got those things hidden.”

Blushing in embarrasment, Leslie pulled the vibrator out so she could work with her sweater. She dreaded this part – she had always been shy about her breasts.

“Did I say you could put that down?” Carolyn said.
Leslie shook her head.

“Go ahead slut, push it inside that hot little box. I know it wants it.” Carolyn said. “Then we can see where you have those lovely breasts hidden.”

Sliding down in the seat to get a better angle, Leslie lined the pink phallus up with the opening of her sex.

“Push it to the hilt little pig,” Carolyn ordered. “You only get one try or I make a phone call.”

Leslie began to push the fat squirming rod of latex home. Jesus, it was big. She gave a moan. Dear Lord. It felt even bigger when it was inside. Stretching her. Filling her. Even deep down inside. It felt like she couldn’t take anymore, but she kept at it. Slowly but surely until it was in. All the way in. Still vibrating. Still rotating. Hitting parts of her she never new existed.

“Oh, I can tell you liked that, didn’t you little pig?” Carolyn said. “This is what you were made for isn’t it?”

Pleasure shot through her body like lightening. It was hard to concentrate for all the sensations running amok.

“I asked you a question,” Carolyn said.

“Yes.” Leslie groaned. Yes, seemed like it was always the right answer with this woman.

“Do I look like a pig to you?” Carolyn demanded.

Leslie shook her head. Oh no!

“Then you will address me as ma’am.” Carolyn said. “I am a ma’am. Not a pig.”

“Yes, ma’am” Leslie answered. Her breath thick with need.

“Now answer the question,” Carolyn said. “Were you made for this pig? Were you made to have a rubber cock shoved into your hungry cunt?”

“Mmmm-yes, ma’am,” Leslie gasped. She should be hating this. And yet, she was hot. Hot and growing hotter.

“You are not to come, is that clear little pig?” Carolyn said. “You are here to learn a lesson, not get your rocks off.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Leslie tried to think of other thoughts. To think of what could happen to her. Of jail. The threat of orgasm passed.

“Now let me see if we can find those little titties, do you think we can?” Carolyn had picked the clothes out herself. Figuring they were much too small, but it looked like everything fit, even the bra.

“Yes, ma’am.” Leslie fingered the bottom of her sweater and then slowly pulled it off.

“I’m not so sure,” Carolyn said. “Take off your bra.”

She undid the hooks. Slid down a strap. Then the other. A bright pink nipple came into view.

“Keep those arms up little pig.” Carolyn ordered. “Put them behind your head.”

Leslie put her arms back up. She was a sight to behold. Her tight little body. Sex stuffed with a vibrating pink monster. Small breasts pulled up high due to the position of her arms, they didn’t even make a bulge. They were capped with hard pink nipples.

“I thought you said you were going to find some little titties,” Carolyn said. “All I see is a flat chest. Do you see any titties, little pig?”

With cheeks burning a bright crimson, the young woman looked down, with her arms down, there would be something to show. But like this. No. Nothing. With all the evidence still rallied against her, tears formed in her eyes. “No, ma’am.” she replied.

“Were you lying again, little pig?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Leslie wanted to rebel. Truly she did. She should get up and smack the smug bitch and storm out. Fuck this. And yet. There as she was. A storm of pleasure rolling through her sex. Nearly naked and on display. Even being called a little pig. It should be awful. And truly it was, and yet…

“I think you should be punished, don’t you little pig?” Carolyn said. “I wonder what we could come up with to punish a depraved, lying, stealing, flat chested, pig slut like you.” This had been as much as Carolyn had planned. She had planned to humiliate this woman who had lied to her. Strip her of her clothes and her ego. Make her cum in front of her. But seeing her there. With her red cheeks, fearful eyes, and tight little body, she thought of a new plan. She turned to her computer and began to type. Nodding and smiling to herself as she did so. This was an even better plan. So much better.

Sitting there, Leslie felt even more compromised now that Carolyn wasn’t looking at her. This was even more so, because her body was yearning for more stimulation, but her hand here clasped behind her neck. While the vibrator continued to burrow inside of her, but the sensations grew less and less. It wasn’t the battery, the batteries were fine. It was slowly sliding out.

“That dildo better be inside you when I’m finished typing,” Carolyn said without looking up.

Leslie released her hand and began to move it back down.

“Did I say you could move?”

“No ma’am.”

Leslie was caught between a rock and a hard place. There didn’t seem to be any way she could win. She tried her internal muscles, but that just forced the squirming latex beast out all the faster.

“If you need help, just say the word.” Carolyn said, still typing away at her computer.

“Please ma’am- please – would you – ” Leslie stammered, she felt so helpless, worse than helpless.
“Would I what?”

“Push it back inside me ma’am.”

“Not push – shove. Say it.”


“Shove what?”

“The vibe-”

“The rubber cock.”

“Please shove the rubber – rubber cock back inside me.”

“Inside what.”

“My vagina.
“Pigs don’t have vaginas.” Carolyn said. She pointed at her own sex. “This is a vagina. That, she leered at the wet mess between Leslie’s widely spread thighs. “That’s a cunt. A hot piggy cunt,” Carolyn said. “Say it.”

“Oh God,” Leslie’s hips bucked of their own volition the vibe was almost out. She had never been one to talk dirty during sex. Being made to say it, like this…it made her feel dirty. Made her feel like what she was being called. “Please ma’am. Please shove the – rubber cock up my – up my hot piggy c-cunt.”

Carolyn got up from her desk and came over to the helpless young woman. “Since you asked so nicely.” With long manicured nails, she grabbed the end of the vibe and shoved it back in. Pulled it back out. Then twisted it back in. Out and then twisting it back in again. Leslie’s hips worked in time to the motion. Her body was on fire. Warm pleasure took root through her hot sex.

“That hot piggy cunt was made for this, wasn’t it?”

“Yes,” Leslie moaned. “Oh God yes.”

“Don’t you dare come slut.” Carolyn ordered. “I haven’t given you permission.”

It wouldn’t be long. Her body was already almost there. “Please….” she gasped. “I can’t. I can’t.”

“Don’t you dare.” Carolyn calmly shut the vibe off. leaving dearth of sensation in Leslie’s aching sex.

“Now squeeze that little piggy cunt.” she said.

Leslie bore down on the huge phallus. She could feel every bump and ridge.

“And hold it right there.” Carolyn said.

Carolyn wiped her fingers clean on Leslie’s lips and face. “Now, where was I?” she said, as she went back to her computer and printed a few pages.

“Ah, yes. Sign right here.” and handed a clipboard to the distraught young woman.

Reading it – Leslie grew incredulous. Surely not. One page was a confession. Stealing money from the company. Lying about her qualifications. Drug use. The next page was a for a transfer. From her job as a project manager, to …. Carolyn’s receptionist. A huge pay cut! The next page was a payment schedule for the money she had stolen – plus interest!. With her new lowered salary, there would be no way to pay back the money in the installments required.

“Please- I can’t” she begged.

Carolyn turned the vibrator back on. Then began to work in and out in tiny short thrusts.

“Don’t you worry your little head about it piggy,” Carolyn said. “I have it all under control.” And control her she would. She wanted to control this hot little minx on a long term basis. She would control her with that hot little box – and a little blackmail if necessary.

“This first page is leverage.” Carolyn slowly teased the younger woman. “As long as you do what I say, when I say, you have nothing to worry about. Now sign it.”

Part of Leslie’s brain urged her not to sign. She tried to read it again, looking for holes in Carolyn’s arguments, but it was so hard to think. All she could concentrate on was the vibrator going in and out…ever so slightly.

“The evidence is clear. Do you really think if the police are brought in, you aren’t going to be signing some papers? How long will you last in jail. A cute little thing like you. Oh I those big nasty sluts and murderers are just going to love you.”

She wouldn’t last. She knew it. She was a small woman. Petite. Weak. And she couldn’t think – not with her body on fire. The pen moved the pen ever so closer to the blank where she was supposed to sign. As she did so, Carolyn increased the motion in her wrist. Working up the depth and tempo in response to the young woman signing the paper. Slowly but surely she scrawled her name. She moaned a gutteral sound as the phallus bottomed out into her hungry sex.

“Now the next paper,” Carolyn said. “You’re not qualified for the job you have. You don’t have a college degree. Do you really think you are going to keep it? Look at you. With your high heels and mini-skirt. Drugs in your purse. Carrying around rubber dick. Grunting and groaning like a little pig. You’re lucky I’m even considering letting you hire on as my receptionist. I’m taking quite a chance with you.”

“I can’t.” Leslie said. A demotion. To Carolyn? The woman had proved herself a sadist. What would it be like to work for such woman.

Carolyn took the paper from Leslie’s grasp. “Then maybe you can go to the unemployment office to look for a way to pay off the money you stole and even then – why should I keep quiet about it when there is nothing in it for me?”

“Wait.” Leslie didn’t steal any money. Yes, it looked like she did. But, she didn’t have the money. She didn’t have any savings to speak of either.

“What?” Carolyn said, as she made Leslie reach for the document and then pulled it of reach again. “You want to be my receptionist now?”

“Ahhh- yes.”

“Say please.”

“Please.” It was humiliating enough having to sign it. It stung even worse having to beg for it.

Carolyn handed the young woman the paper back.

“And that is all you are qualified for isn’t it? Little pig. That and having this dildo shoved up your hot piggy cunt.” Carolyn worked the petite woman over with the pink vibe. “Say it.”

“I’m only qualified to be a receptionist and having that dildo shoved up my hot piggy cunt.” she said, uttering it quickly so all the words bled together except for the last word which she groaned like a tuba as the large rubber phallus was once again buried in her sex. She signed quickly while it was taken out and shoved back inside over and over again.

“Now the last.”

Reading it once again, she came to the same conclusion. Even more so since she was taking a pay cut. She would be making a pittance. “I can’t live for that.”

“I’ve got that under control too. Like I said, don’t worry that pretty little piggy head. You can stay with me. I have an extra room. Of course you will have to pay rent for it. But not what you are paying now. Maybe you can do some cleaning if you run short. Are you qualified for a bit of dusting and mopping? We can even carpool.”

My God. It was like she was going home to live with her mom. Only this mom had a mean streak and was a pervert.

“You don’t have a problem with living with me do you?”

“No but.” She didn’t want to offend Carolyn, but she loathed the idea of living with her. It would make her even more dependent.

“I think you will like some parts of it.” Carolyn flipped the switch and the vibrator came to life.

Oh God. She couldn’t think.

“Don’t you dare come.” Carolyn warned.

But she was going to. She didn’t have a choice. Couldn’t stop it. Unless.

She signed her name.

Carolyn withdrew the vibrator and turned it off, then tossed it to her distressed new secretary. “Clean it off, you’ve got the office smelling of pig.”

As much as Leslie hated the idea of coming there in front of her new boss, of being forced to moan and orgasm. She hated the thought of not doing so even more. She was so close. Her hips bucked of their own volition. God, she almost said please. Yet somehow she managed to bring her legs down off the armrests. Then Leslie’s wide eyes darted around for a kleenex. Didn’t see any. Then she eyed her sweater and then her skirt.

“Now” Carolyn ordered.

Leslie took hold of her skirt. Now she would smell like sex until she could change.

“Put that down this instant. I don’t want my knew secretary smelling like pig.” Carolyn said. “Even if she is one. Now clean it.”

Leslie looked at the slimy pink phallus with new trepidation. She had once gone down on her boyfriend after they had had sex. It was sort of the same principle. Except this time there was Carolyn’s condescending stare.

Her pink tongue darting out, she began to lick it clean. It smelled of musk and tasted of humiliation. But she was soon done with the degrading task.

“Are you finished?” Carolyn said.
“Yes ma’am.”

“Good job,” Carolyn said. “I had thought you would have used the wet naps from your purse, but I can imagine that a pig slut like you would do it the old fashioned way. But who am I to judge? I commend you for being environmentally friendly. Now put your toy away.”

Leslie looked to the desk at the spilled contents of the purse. There were several wet naps. But they weren’t hers. However planted the other stuff must have planted them as well. She didn’t know they were in there until this very moment. God, what sort pervert must Carolyn think I am, she wondered as she put the vibrator back in her purse and zipped it up. It wasn’t her ‘toy’, but Carolyn would never believe her.

“Nevertheless,” Carolyn said. “It’s good to have you on board. Let me give you some assignments for your new role.”


The rest of the day was a blur. The hardest part was answering the questions from her coworkers. Why was she transferring? Wasn’t it a pay cut? Leslie lied as best she could, but she could her the disbelief in their voices. She could see there stares. Ogling her chest, her skirt, her legs, her heels. She tried not to think about it, but there was no hope for it. And with the new people she worked with, she could feel their eyes, staring as she fetched coffee in her reduced role. Worse, at one point of the day, Carolyn paged her phone.

“What are you working on?” Carolyn asked.

“Filing the stuff you asked for.” Leslie answered.

“Are you sitting?”

“Yes.” Leslie said, praying it wasn’t the wrong thing to say.

“Good,” Carolyn said. There was a hunger in her voice. “I want you to reach between your legs.”

“Excuse me?” Leslie squeaked.

“I said reach between your legs slut,” Carolyn said. “Did I stutter?”

“No, ma’am.” Leslie dropped her hand between her thighs. The tone in Carolyn’s voice squashed any idea of rebellion.

“Now rub.” Carolyn said.


“I said rub that piggy button.” Carolyn said. “Now.”

Oh God. Leslie looked around. There were people around. People she worked with. They couldn’t technically see what she was doing, but they could see her. She couldn’t believe she was doing it, and he tried to be as circumspect as possible. Slowly. There. Lord she was still wet from her earlier experience in Carolyn’s office. Thinking of it made her fingers move faster. Dear God!

“Are you doing it?” Carolyn asked.

“Yes,” Leslie replied in a husky voice.

“Tell me what you are doing.”

“Touching myself.” Secretly. In the office. God, it turned her on.

“Say it like I told you.” Carolyn said.

“Rubbing my piggy button.” Leslie whispered. Lord, if anyone should hear. She would die. But it made her wetter still.

“No coming. Buzz me when you are close.” And Carolyn hung up the phone.

Leslie didn’t quite follow orders. True, she rubbed obediently. Always keeping a watchful eye out lest she get exposed. But she went to the border of coming and waited for it to pass. Instead of calling, she rubbed some more. Getting close again and again. She could feel herself sweating inappropriately. Finally, she buzzed Carolyn.

“I’m close,” she breathed into the receiver.

“Is my little pig hot?” Carolyn said. “Are you a horny little pig slut.”

“Yes,” Leslie answered, her cheeks coloring.

“Good girl,” Carolyn said. “I have a new rule for you pig. Anytime you finish rubbing that piggy button, I want those fingers cleaned. And I want you to clean it like you did that rubber dildo – with your little piggy tongue.”

It wasn’t as bad as licking the dildo. There was no one watching as she licked her own juices off her slimy digits. The young woman had no idea what Carolyn was doing – was oblivious that Carolyn was getting her used to the taste. Just to be sure Carolyn called her several more times that day and had her repeat her actions – rub until orgasm, then call her and lick her fingers clean.

At five the two women left for the day. When the arrived at the parking lot, Leslie asked about her car.

“Don’t you worry about that,” Carolyn said. “Just hop in mine.”

“Let’s go get you settle in your new house,” said Carolyn.

“I need to go home to get a few things.” Leslie said. She needed her real clothes. She needed to cancel her credit cards that were in her lost purse. She needed a moment alone.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got it all under control. We’ll we get everything you need for the rest of the week right here.” Carolyn pulled into the mall. “They have everything you could possible need right here.”

“But I’ve got things at home. And…”

“Just shut up, while I explain how this is going to work.” Carolyn said. “You are not going to get any clothes at home. Those clothes may have been suitable for your old job, but not your new job. We don’t want anyone confused if they see you in your cute pant suits and think you are still a project manager. Secretaries don’t were those sorts of clothes. What sorts of clothes do you think secretaries should wear, dummy?”

Leslie bit her tongue in anger. She was not a dummy. But she was in a terrible fix. “More trendy,” she volunteered.
“I was thinking cheap and trashy,” Carolyn said. “More like what you are wearing right now. So let me explain how this is going to work. So pay very close attention. We are going into the mall and into whatever stores I want to go into. If you see me look at something and move it to the front of the rack, I want you to go try it on. No matter what I say, you are going to take it into the dressing room. You are to take off your clothes, and rub your hot little button until you feel like you are going to come. Then you are to put on whatever clothes you are to try on, then come out and parade around in them. The sexier and trashier you look in them when you show them off, the less likely I will find you something even worse. If you do a good job like a good little girl, I will let you choose which clothes you want to buy from the ones you’ve tried on. If you don’t play along with this, then I’m going to pick them out myself and that is the only thing you will have to wear to work. Are we clear?

The implications sent a tendril of cold fear through Leslie insides. “Yes, ma’am.”

“Good. I want to see you shake that little money maker, do you understand me pig?”

Shaking her ass had nothing whatsoever to do with dressing for her new job. “But-”

“I have a signed confession. Do you want to test me?”

“No ma’am” The fear of jail made Leslie realize this wasn’t just about dressing for her demotion, it was about retribution.

“Now take off your bra.” Carolyn said. “You will learn not to contradict me the hard way.”

Leslie reached inside her sweater and took off her bra.

“Leave it in the car. Now let’s go girl.” Carolyn glanced at Leslie’s chest and the two hard points showing from her sweater. “Sure is a bit nipply here.” she laughed.

Leslie looked down and blushed. Oh, how she wanted to cover those tiny nubs, but she knew better.

Once inside Carolyn steered Leslie into one of the young hip stores. A store call Rave. Leslie didn’t shop there, no one under eighteen did. But maybe she could find some active wear. She watched Carolyn closely as the older woman moved a mini-skirt to the front of the rack. God it was so small.

Leslie obediently went over and picked it up. She couldn’t seriously expect her to wear this to work…even as a secretary.

She took the garment into the well lit dressing room and disrobed.

Carolyn looked over the top of the door. “Rub a dub dub.”

Leslie looked down helplessly. This was perverse. She had dug a hole in the ground and felt like she was falling ever further in. Did Carolyn mean what Leslie thought?

“Rub it pig.” Carolyn ordered. “Right now.”

She did mean it. Leslie reached down between her legs. She was still wet from this afternoon, but slightly sore. She began to rub in small circles. A rosy glow suffused her cheeks. This was not a very good dressing room to be doing this. The store was busy. There were other people trying on clothes and the dressing room was right there on the side of the store.

“But you know what you aren’t allowed to do right?”


“Tell me.”

“I’m not allowed to come.”

“Don’t dilly-dally, I want you out here ASAP.” Carolyn said. “And remember to clean those grimy fingers.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Leslie rubbed faster. This was horrible, how could she be expected to do this on demand. And yet, it wasn’t long before the pleasure began to suffuse her lower half. And then to expect her to – she burned with humiliation as she licked her fingers clean. Minutes later a flushed and trembling Leslie stepped out of the dressing room. Her cheeks were bright red and her pupils dilated.

“Now, model if for me.”

It was embarrassing. No one else was modeling their clothes. And certainly not a 30 year old wearing such young clothes and no panties. She swallowed her pride and walked down the aisle briefly before turning around and walking back to Carolyn.

Anger flashed in Carolyn’s eyes. She bent close to Leslie and whispered in her ear. “I said model it you little pig. Now, change into this, rub that button for a few more minutes and come back out again and MODEL. I can find things for you to wear that you wouldn’t believe. And if you think you are embarrassed here, wait till you wear them to work.

Newly chastised, Leslie went back into the dressing room, disrobed, and obediently rubbed her button. It was getting harder and harder to obey and not orgasm. God, she needed it. Looking at herself, naked and alone, rubbing off. For an older woman. Parading around for her. Jesus! She wanted to crawl in a hole somewhere. It was only seconds to she was once again panting to come. She licked her fingers clean, and then put on the new dress. A lycra one piece. It was about 2 sizes too small. It wasn’t just short but tight. There was no way she was going to wear something like this to work. If she was going to get some suitable clothes, she was going to have to play along.

“Did you fall in?” Carolyn asked loudly at the door.

“No ma’am.” Leslie took her hand from between her legs and adjusted the tiny skirt as best she could. She opened the door and came out.

Here goes nothing, she thought to herself and walked down the aisle. Strutted would be a better term. Head held back, she turned on her heel. Hard nipples poked through the silky fabric of her top. she could feel the cold air cooling the hot passions between her legs.

Carolyn smiled and nodded her head this time.

Carolyn said loudly enough for some of the other patrons to hear. “Poor thing. That skirt makes you look like you have no ass at all. Let’s see it one more time so I can be sure.”

Leslie blushed. Now there were people watching. She stuck out her tush as best as she was able and walked back down the aisle. Giving her ass a little more wiggle than before.

“Yes, no ass at all. Are you sure you like it girl?”

“Yes ma’am, I think it looks cute.” Leslie stammered quietly, hoping Carolyn would follow suite and lower her voice. Oh how she wanted to make herself as small as possible.

Carolyn finally gave a brief smile. “If you say so. But it is so short. How would you even wear it?”

“I like it. It looks pretty.” She strutted down the aisle shaking her ass from side to side in an exaggerated manner then stopped and looked back over her shoulder. “I mean, I’ll have to make sure to pull it down when I stand up.” It had already ridden up and the cheeks of her pale bottom was visible beneath the hem. She tugged it down and gave a wiggle. Then turned.

“Oh my word,” Carolyn said. “And in the front….everyone will be able to see that you are flat as a board.”

The few eyes that weren’t looking now turned to stare. Leslie was more embarrassed than she had ever been. Tears peeked out from newly glazed eyes. This was a touchy subject for her – always had been. She had always felt inadequate. And looking at the young girls in the store, girls much younger and they were larger up top than she was.

She was supposed to strut. To flaunt. But this she couldn’t. Involuntarily, Leslie hunched her shoulders, wanting to hide them. “Are you sure?”

“Positively.” Carolyn shook her head in mock pity. . “Like mosquito bites. Ask anyone.”

Then Carolyn singled out one of the young girls who were watching this altercation. Leslie pleaded with her eyes. Please no! Not this.

“Ask her.” Carolyn ordered.

So hard to say it. It made Leslie’s knees weak. Her tongue rebelled, she had to force those dreaded words out. “Do you – um – do you think it makes me look – fl – flat.”

“As a board. Like little mosquito bites,” and then the group of girls began to giggle.

“See,” Carolyn said. “Now do you believe me?”

Tears welled in Leslie’s eyes. She ran to the dressing room and pulled the skirt down and threw down the small top. She wanted to cry but tears wouldn’t come. Instead, she was dripping wet. Her button needed attention. Craved it. She moved her hand between her legs and stroked herself. Mosquito bites. The laughter. The humiliation. Oh God.

“That’s it pig. Stroke it.” Carolyn said from atop the door. “But remember no coming for bad little pigs! And good job modeling. I think you might have actually earned some clothes suitable for work.”

Leslie looked at herself in the mirror. Short. Small. Lithe. Flushed with arousal. Mosquito bites. She tweaked a hard nipple, sending ripple of pain and pleasure through her body. Small, but so very sensitive.

Carolyn tossed in a skirt and white shirt. It was short and flirty, but it could be worn at the office. She remembered the earlier warning. If she wanted this, she had to sell it. She opened a few button of the shirt. If she wasn’t careful, her tiny hard nipples would peak out. But even if it peeked out, it would be a vast improvement from having to ask those girls if she was flat again.

This outfit was better. Not as tight. Didn’t make her feel quite so inadequate. Leslie went back out and modeled the new outfit. Paraded would be a better term. Strutted hither and yon. Tossed her hair. Shook her tight ass. Playfully fingered the hem a bit with her hands. Smiling and blinking coquettishly. She wanted this outfit she ordinarily wouldn’t have been caught dead in. Hated the thought of the other outfit, of being embarrassed in front of those young girls. She would do what it took to keep it.

Carolyn seemed pleased. She picked out several more outfits. Leslie hated them all but not as much as the first few outfits. They were still so revealing. So young. So bright. And if acting like a little tramp was an avenue for her to avoid the alternative, then act she would. She strutted, she flirted, she played the part. When it was finally time to make the decision. Which clothes were bought and which stayed, it was a harder decision than she would have thought. Was tight better or short? An exposed belly button or a low cut chest? Lower hemline, but high slit.

In the end she took seven outfits to the front. At best some were cute. At worst slutty. Carolyn even put some makeup on the counter. Although it wasn’t makeup for a woman Leslie’s age, but for someone much younger. Worse, Leslie was forced to use her own credit card and when she opened her purse to take it out the clerk saw the vibrator she had stashed and giggled. It was obvious that this 30 year old woman didn’t belong here. Shouldn’t have been buying all these teenaged clothes. And makeup she wouldn’t even wear herself. The dildo made up her mind, this was some sort of pervert. A deviant.

The next stop was almost as bad. It was a shoe store. Where she was forced to try on all sorts of high heeled pumps. These shoes. She knew these shoes would draw unwanted attention. Just knew it. And the clerk was oh so helpful as he tried to look up her short skirt. With no panties, she kept her legs as close together as possible, but she was sure he had caught a peek.

Carolyn leaned close and whispered in Leslie’s ear. “You have permission to come if want little pig.”

Had she heard right? And she did want to. God how she did. She was horny as hell. She was swimming in her juices. She was sure she could smell herself when she moved just right.

“Now?” she asked.

“Right now.”

She couldn’t. Not here. There were customers. She looked around again. But most were not looking at her. Could she? Why was she even thinking of doing such a thing? What was wrong with her? And soon it wasn’t a decision, but an act. Her hand found it’s way between her legs and went straight for her hot piggy button.

“Pig. Whore.” Carolyn sneered quietly. “Just look at you.”

Oh God. Leslie’s finger went faster – so close. Carolyn’s hateful words only spurred her passion.
“We didn’t have a 5 and 1/2, would you like to try a six?” the salesman asked.

Jesus. She snatched her hand out from between her legs. That was close. Had he seen?

“Ah no. How about this one?” she asked, showing him another pair of pumps. Then quickly switched hands when she realized her fingers were wet. She blushed furiously.

The salesman didn’t seem to notice. “I’ll check.” and he went to the back. Glancing over his shoulder as he left.

Stop looking at me! Leslie thought to herself. Hurry up and just go. Finally he was gone. Carolyn reminded her to clean her fingers, which she did, sucking them quickly and efficiently before her hand dived back between her legs. Feverously rubbing.

“You are such a slut. A little pig.” Carolyn said. “I want to hear you say it. Tell me what you are.”

“A pig. A slut.” Leslie gasped, and she meant it. Fuck she was so close. “A whore.”

“Oh here he is again.” Carolyn said. “What a quick young man.”

No. No. No. Leave me be.

“Here we are,” the salesman said carrying the box of shoes. “We have it in stock. Here let me help you try it on.”

“Nevermind. I think we have to go now.” Carolyn said. “Come on girl. You’ve found enough shoes for tonight.”

“Please.” Leslie breathed, she stuck a finger in her mouth while the sales man watched. She was begging. She needed just a bit more time. A few more seconds. Then she would surely be able to come.

“No. No more shoes. We’ve been here long enough. I think you’ve done enough damage on your credit card.”

Leslie didn’t get to pick any of the shoes. Carolyn chose them all. They were all at least 3 inches high except for a pair of Mary Janes. The total came up to almost $400 dollars. Poor Leslie was getting further and further in debt. Debt that would be harder and harder to pay off. But at least this time she kept the dildo in her purse hidden from the clerk.

The next stop was a hair salon.

“Please no.” Leslie begged even before setting foot in the salon.

“What?” asked Carolyn, in a voice that was more a demand than question.

“I just. It’s just-” stammered the young woman. The shoes. The outfits. The job. It had all taken it’s toll. But there was something so personal about a hair style. And Leslie could tell where this was heading.

“You’d rather see what type of hairstyles they have in jail, is that what you were getting ready to ask?”

“No. No ma’am. I-” Leslie stopped talking while she was ahead.

“Do you have an appointment?” asked young girl at the counter.

“No she doesn’t,” Carolyn said. “Do you have anyone available? Anyone at all?”

“Yes we do. Cathy will be with you in just a moment.”
Carolyn bent low and whispered in Leslie’s ear. “Now while you get your haircut, I want you to keep your eyes on me. If you see me scratch my nose, I want you to do something. Can you guess what it is?”

Oh God. Not here too? Leslie nodded her head. “Rub myself.”

“For not saying it like I taught you, I think we’ll get you a perm,” Carolyn said. “Care to go for a mohawk?”

“Rub my piggy button.” Leslie wanted to crawl under the floor. She said it louder than she planned. She looked back and hoped none of the women sitting in the waiting area heard her. “Please, I don’t want a mohawk.”

“That’s my girl. And don’t you dare rub it too much.”

“Hi, I’m Angie. Right this way.” A slightly large woman led Leslie to the back and put a smock around her neck. “So how would you like it.”

Carolyn spoke up, taking charge. “The length is perfect. What’d I’d like, is a perm.” She ran her fingers through Leslie’s hair. “Some nice loose curls. Fun and playful.”

Angie looked in the mirror and caught Leslie’s eyes. Something wasn’t quite right here, and she couldn’t put her finger on it. She had never really had someone order a hairstyle for another woman. But Leslie nodded even though her eyes appeared strained. So it must be alright.

During the process, Leslie kept her eyes on Carolyn. Waiting for the signal. Every so often the older woman would give a knowing smile and scratch her nose.

Leslie did her best to follow orders. It was incredibly embarrassing. She had to be very careful so there wouldn’t be a tell-tale sign of finger movement in the middle of the black smock. Not to breathe heavy. Not to gasp as she approached orgasm. It was quite a battle. Round and round her digit went stroking her sex. Her brain went into a muddle haze. Over and over again. In a constant state of frustration and denial. And then it was over. It had felt like no time at all before she was spun around in the chair in front of the mirror.

“How do you like it?” Angie asked.

“It’s – it’s-” Horrible Leslie wanted to say.

“Perfect.” Carolyn said with a smile. She piled the curls on top of Leslie’s head and let them fall. “Absolutely perfect.”

And even Leslie had to admit that her hair was pretty in a way. But it was not in a professional way. The curls were fun. They were playful. They were oh so young. But between the hair, the clothes, the makeup, and the shoes – there was no way anyone – ANYONE would respect her opinion at work or anywhere else for that matter. Carolyn was turning her into a – a – a bimbo.

Once again she paid for something she didn’t want. $120 for ruining her hair.

They left and the next stop was the bookstore. After the hair salon, Leslie gave a sigh of relief. This surely couldn’t as bad.

“I’m going to go in after you.” Carolyn said. “And I want you to go to the front and ask for some dirty magazines.”

Leslie’s cheeks burned a bright red. Now she was going to be further humiliated and forced to buy playgirl magazine for this bitch. But of everything that had happened so far, this was probably the least humiliating.

“I want you to ask for at least 3 magazines. I want you to specifically ask what they have that has women with large breasts in them. I’ll be right behind you, so I’ll know if you ask or not.”

Dear God. When would it end! This could be the worst humiliation of them all.

Leslie waited patiently in line. Shivering as her fear grew. She looked behind the counter. All the dirty magazines were on the back rack, they were hidden so that the covers could not be seen. Finally, too soon, it was her turn.

“Can I help you?” a young woman asked.

“Yes,” Leslie’s cheeks burned bright red shifting from one foot to the other. “I’m looking for a-a magazine.”

“The magazines are on the rack to the left,” the clerk said, mouth working on a piece of chewing gum.

“I want something from back here. Do you have anything-” Leslie steeled herself and took a breath. “Something that has girls with big – big ah.”

She couldn’t look the girl in her smug blue eyes. She had too look down at her white knuckles.

“Girls with big what?” the girl asked a little louder than she should have and popped a bubble. Out of the corner of her eyes, Leslie could feel people turn to stare.

Leslie looked up briefly. The girl was smiling superiorly at Leslie’s small breasts and had taken to displaying her own serious amount of cleavage.

“Girls with big – big um breasts.” Leslie finally forced out. She was mortified. But she was also very turned on. Did she like this? This humiliation. This embarrassment. She yearned to rub her hot piggy button. What was happening to her?
“Sure we do.” The girl went back and placed the magazine on the counter, leaning forward, her tan cleavage right on top of the magazine. “It’s called Jugs. All about women with large breasts. Anything else?”

“I’d like a couple more. I’m not sure which ones. Could you pick them out for me please?”

The girl went back and put two more on the counter. Girls On Girls and a magazine call Ass. “How about these?”

“Thank you.” Leslie said and handed over her credit card. She couldn’t keep her eyes off the covers. On the cover of Jugs, there was a farm girl in cutoffs. Her gingham top was tied below two impossibly large breasts. There were two stars covering her nipples. The next magazine called Ass had two girls that appeared to be hispanic. They were naked and pressing their breasts together and posed their well shaped and very prominent asses. The last magazine, Girls on Girls drew her eyes more than the others. It was also the one she wanted desperately to hide. One the cover were two women. They appeared to be some sort of office workers. One was blonde, and she was facing a copier machine. The light from the copier was shining up into her face and into her hair as she leaned over it on her elbows. Her back was arched and her well-shaped ass was sticking out. Her dress was rucked up to her waist. Her face was a mask of utter contentment. Long blonde bangs fell into her eyes.

Another girl with long ash-brown hair knelt behind her. She was on her knees and looked uncomfortable in her tight skirt and heels. She had on glasses. It was impossible to see more, because her face was buried in the other girl’s backside. Dear Lord! Leslie wanted to hide the cover lest anyone see. Electric bolts of pleasure ran through her sex.

“Going to be a busy night?” the clerk asked, grinning like a crocodile and popping a bubble.

Leslie nodded dumbly. Just as things seemed like they couldn’t get worse, there always seemed to be a new worse to discover. She looked behind her and there was Carolyn with a knowing smirk on her face.

But, finally it was over and the two ladies loaded all their purchases into Carolyn’s trunk and set off for home.

“Reach in the back and get your magazines out.” Carolyn said while she drove.

Leslie reached back and got the bag containing the magazines. Then she attempted to slid her skirt back down from where it had ridden up.

“Don’t bother,” Carolyn said. “Matter of fact, I want you to spread your legs.”

Leslie obediently parted her thighs.

“Wider pig.” Carolyn sneered. “Spread like a pig, not a lady.”

A pig – not a lady. Leslie had once been a lady. Had even this morning worn a tasteful pant suit. Whose idea of spreading her legs was to put around 12 inches of space between her knees. But this time she parted them further, opened them until her knees were at opposite ends of the vehicle. Spread like a tramp – a whore.

“Now get out a magazine.”

Leslie took out Jugs.

“Now find a good picture.”

Leslie flipped through the pages and settled on one in particular. The girl had long dark hair. She was lying in bed. Legs open. Fingers spreading her labia. She had large melon shaped breasts with nipples that were larger than silver dollars.

“Show me what you found.” Carolyn said.

Leslie showed her the picture and a faint blush crept to her cheeks.

“Oh she’s pretty,” Carolyn said. “And have you ever seen such breasts?”

Leslie nodded her head.

“Where have you seen them?” Carolyn asked. “Not in a mirror, that’s for sure.”

Leslie’s cheeks burned at the jibe. “At the gym I used to work out at -”

“Stop.” Carolyn interrupted. “I want you rub that little piggy button first.”

Leslie reached between her legs and began to rub.

“Now tell me about it.”

Leslie didn’t know which was worse. Looking at the magazine while riding in the car, her legs spread wide, in constant danger of exposure or telling this tale. “At the gym I used to work out at. I was changing after my shower and this woman came up to me. She was naked and started talking to me. She had very large breasts. It was very uncomfortable.”

“Were you naked? Did she make you feel inadequate?”

“I wasn’t naked. I had a . . . towel wrapped around me.”

“Ah, but you were afraid to take it down weren’t you. Afraid that she might see? Afraid others might see? Comparing yours to hers. So much smaller. So embarrassing.”

A rosy glow suffused Leslie’s cheeks. “Yes.” she gave a small moan. How had Carolyn figured it out? “I-I couldn’t dress. Not the whole time. I was stuck there. And she kept talking.” She gave a gasp and rubbed faster.

“She was telling me about her training,” Leslie’s small hips bucked. She had forgotten the magazine. Forgotten that she was displayed in a car. That the man in the SUV next to her was staring at her with wide open eyes. “S-She even demonstrated the exercises. And all the while – her – her breasts…”

“They swung, didn’t they piggy?” Carolyn said. “Did they make you want to touch them?”

“Yes – I mean no.” Leslie stammered. “I mean I.ah-ah” Oh she was so close to coming.

“Stop rubbing you little slut.” Carolyn said. “Have I given you permission yet?”

“No.” Leslie reluctantly removed her hand. Her pelvis kept gyrating, begging for more. She licked her fingers without being asked. It was becoming second nature.

“That’s right.” Carolyn said. “Only when I give permission. Now take out the other book.”

Leslie took out the Ass book.

“We’ll save that for later.” Carolyn said. “The other one.”

Leslie timidly reached into the bag and took out the last book as if it were contaminated. From the cover, she knew what sort of pictures would be inside.

“Look in there and find a picture you like.” Carolyn said. “And keep rubbing.”

Leslie thumbed through the magazine. The pictures inside were bad, but not as bad as th cover. Somewhere in there she knew there was a pictorial based on the cover. The two girls in the office. One over the copier. The other kneeling behind her. Whatever she did, she did not want to stay on that page very long. And most importantly, not let Carolyn see it. She found another picture. Much tamer. And resumed her rubbing.

They finally arrived at Carolyn’s house and took the bags inside. Leslie wondered what was next. Would they eat dinner? Watch TV?

“Care for some dinner?” Carolyn asked.

“Yes, please.”

Carolyn took two meals from the freezer and nuked them in the microwave. She sat them on the table. “Go get the magazine you were looking at.”

Leslie got the magazine and sat down at the table. Carolyn was already eating. Leslie joined her.

“Show me the picture you liked best.” Carolyn said.

Leslie showed her one she had picked out. It was the tamest in the book. Two young girls, who appeared to be kissing for the first time. They appeared to be at a sleep-over. The were lesbians of course. She knew where this was going. It terrified her and yet turned her on at the same time.

“Oh that is nice,” Carolyn said. “Have you ever kissed a girl?”

Leslie’s cheeks warmed from embarrassment.

“Oh you have, haven’t you?” Carolyn said. “Who did you kiss little pig? Some little slut?”

“No,” Leslie admitted. “It was on spring break. It was a dare. She was….she was my best friend.”

“How sweet,” Carolyn said. “Piggy love.”

“No…I wasn’t. She wasn’t. We weren’t gay-”

Leslie words were smothered by Carolyn’s lips. The kiss was soft and light. Carolyn danced her tongue along Leslie’s lips until the younger woman tried to meet her kisses.

“Like that?” Carolyn said. “Is that how you kissed?”

“Yes.” Leslie said, slightly out of breath. She meant to say she wasn’t gay. But that kiss. It was heavenly.

“But I bet that isn’t the way you like to be kissed, is it little piggy?” Carolyn said, as she stood, moved in close again, and tilted Leslie’s head up with her chin. She kissed the young woman again, this time powerfully. She probed her mouth with her tongue. Pinched her hard nipples. She could feel a moan escape Leslie’s throat, and then she pulled away, leaving Leslie wanting more.

“That’s the way a pig slut is meant to be kissed,” Carolyn said, as she turned the magazine over to the front page. “And I bet that wasn’t the picture you liked best either, was it you lying pig.”

Oh God, not that! Leslie turned the magazine over and tried to keep her face blank.

“You can’t hide it from me. I know what turns on a pig.” Carolyn said, as she took the magazine over to the kitchen counter and looked at it more closely. “I must admit. It affects me too.”

The older woman took down her stylish pants and pulled her panties down. “God I’m so wet,” she said and caressed her hot sex. “You’ve got me hot as hell.”

Then she went back to the magazine. “And every picture tells a thousand words,” Carolyn said. “What do you think is the story there? Two girls, in the office late one night. And then what? What do you think?”

It was impossible to think. Not here. Like this. With Carolyn staring at her and touching herself at the same time. Even though it was hard to think, Leslie knew she wouldn’t admit to her real thoughts of the picture. She lied instead. “I think one liked the other. But the other had never been with another woman.” Leslie said breathlessly.

“Bullshit,” Carolyn said. “Look at the slut there on her knees. That looks terribly uncomfortable. Why would that little pig slut be there?”

“Blackmail?” Leslie said. It slipped out and she wished she could take it back now. Blackmail. Just like she was being blackmailed.

Carolyn moaned, arched her back, her hand busy rubbing her very hot sex. “Blackmail. How delicious. Keep going.” She stroked her sex a bit faster and moaned.

“The one on her knees is being blackmailed by her coworker.”

“The one one her knees? You mean the pig slut?” Carolyn said, she shifter her hips and raised her skirt up higher. Her ass was full and sexy. “Now say it again.”

“The pig- the pig slut is being blackmailed by her coworker.” Pig slut. Blackmail. Just like me. Somewhere in the back of Leslie’s mind something clicked. A pig slut. Maybe the girl on her knees deserved it. Maybe she even liked it.

“Mmmmmm…” Carolyn moaned. “I love this story. Come closer and tell me more.”

“The pig slut is being forced to kiss the other girl’s ass.” The other girl, the one being kissed, she was leaning over just like Carolyn.


Leslie found herself going to her knees and slowly planting a kiss on each of Carolyn’s ivory cheeks.

“That’s a good pig slut.” Carolyn said. “Kiss me.”

Leslie kissed her again and her kisses trailed to the underside of Carolyn’s cheeks as she tried to make her way to her dark musky crevice. She would lick her. Just like the girl on the cover. However, Carolyn moved her ass to defy the younger woman’s progress.

“What are you trying to do little pig?” asked Carolyn.

“Kiss you.”

“You were kissing me,” Carolyn said. “Just like the picture you said you liked. Sweet little kisses, isn’t that what you want? Sweet little slumber party kisses.”

“I-I-” Leslie stammered. Sweet little kisses weren’t what she craved at all. Not right now. What she craved, she would have thought impossible only a day ago. She wanted another woman. She wanted this woman. “I want to lick you.”

“Is that the best you can do?” Carolyn said. “Try again.”

“I want to – eat you.” Leslie admitted her desires. Carolyn wasn’t making her do this. She wanted it.

“So disappointing little pig slut,” Carolyn said, starting to stand back up. “Maybe you don’t want to do this after all.”
And then the words began to flow before Leslie could even think of them much less stop them. “I want to eat you. I want to tongue fuck you. I want to put my face in your hot ass.”

“That’s my hot little slut.” Carolyn bent back over the counter and spread her legs a bit wider. “Get in there.”

Leslie moved closer and tilted her head back. She slowly stuck out her tongue and tasted a woman for the first time. It wasn’t bad. She kissed her pink plum and danced her tongue on its wet lips.

“Get that face in there.” Carolyn ordered. “You want my hot ass? Here it is. Shove that pretty face right in there little pig slut.”

Leslie moaned and pushed her face into Carolyn’s ass. She was in there. Licking. Sucking. Her nose pressed dangerously close to the older woman’s damp nether hole.

“That’s nice.” Carolyn moaned. “Go on. Put it in there. I want you to be my little brown-noser. My little brown noser pig slut.”

God, the woman was a sadist. But Leslie craved it. She obediently poked at the woman’s rear hole with her pert nose.

“Oh that’s it – that’s it,” Carolyn groaned.

Leslie expertly licked Carolyn’s gushing sex. Her face was coated with the other woman’s sticky nectar.

“I’m gonna cum soon,” Carolyn moaned. “How does it feel down there little pig slut? Are your knees sore?”

“Yes,” Leslie said taking a deep breath and stretching her aching neck.

“I didn’t say stop,” Carolyn said. “Did I say stop?”

“No ma’am.” Leslie went back to work. It was getting harder and harder to continue. “You can answer while you lick.” Carolyn said. “Are your knees sore?
“Mmmmffff” Yes they were sore. The hard tile cut into the bony parts of her knees no matter which way she shifted them.

“Does that skinny neck hurt?”

“Mmmmfff” God yes. Her muscles and her spine ached. It was a wretched position. But soon. Maybe soon she would come.

“Is it hard to breathe with your nose in my ass?”

“Mmmmff” It wasn’t quite so hard. Impossible at times, but she could move back to take a breath when necessary.

“No? Well get it in there further. Get it right in there and root around little pig slut.”

“Mmmmmfff” Now it was impossible. Her lungs burned. Every breath came with difficulty. A grunting – squeaking – wet breath.

“This is nice. This is real nice. I think I’m going to make you do this often.” Carolyn moaned. “Just like in the magazine. I want you to do it in the office. To eat me. To brown nose me. To show everyone what a hot little piece of ass I have working for me.”

“Are you rubbing your button?” Carolyn asked.

“Mmmmmffff” God was she ever. It was getting harder and harder to rub. It was sore from her continual abuse of it today. But she was close. God she was close. And thinking of being back at the office, dressed in those humiliating skimpy clothes, swishing her hips, her permed hair bouncing playfully….and the things she was going to be forced to do behind closed doors….it made her fire rage like a furnace.

“That my girl,” Carolyn said. “If you get close to coming, I want you to put that hand down. Leave that hot little slut button alone. Then I want you to use your other hand and stick a finger up your tight little piggy ass and give it a good fingering.”

God, this was perverted. So perverted. On her knees, licking her boss. Her nose firmly planted in her ass and being ordered to finger herself – back there. Yet here she was. More turned on that she had ever been. So close. So goddamn close.

“Are you close?”

“Mmmmffff-snorg.” She was there. On the brink. God how she needed it. Oh Please Lord – please.

“Get that hand away. I said get it away.” Carolyn watched the petite woman struggle to overcome her natural inclination to finish herself off. Watched her move her hand down. Watched her hips buck. “Now, the other hand. Move it to the back. Finger it. Finger that hot little ass.”

Leslie fingered her ass for the first time. It felt nice, as if she were being invaded anew, yet it hurt all the same. Soon the orgasm she had been seeking faded. She kept licking. Kept fingering.

“You want that button again? Are you ready for that hot piggy button?”

“Mmmmmffff” God how she wanted it. Needed it. Desperate to touch that piggy putton.

“Then do it. Rub that piggy button.”

“Mmmmfff” Leslie moaned, spinning her fingers around hot piggy button. Electricity flashed inside her. She was almost there.

“What’s wrong? Ready to come already. You know what to do. Switch those hands pig.”

There on the kitchen floor. Aching knees forgotten. Hungry sex yearning as her fingers left, and new ones found her tight rear hole.

“How does that feel?” Carolyn said. “Tell me how it feels.”

“It hurts.” Leslie groaned. “It burns.” And yet. And yet somehow she was enjoying it too. But it wasn’t enough. Not like the other. Her brows creased in frustration.

“What’s that look for?” Carolyn said.


“Please what?”

“I’m so close.” Leslie pleaded. “Can I – Can I come?”

“I’m close too.” Carolyn said. “Less talking and more licking. My clit. Work my clit. Oh that’s nice.” She purred as Leslie’s tongue fluttered over her clit.

“You want to come, do you pig slut?” Carolyn asked.

“Add another finger to that hot little piggy ass,” Carolyn said. “Let’s see what happens then.”

By now Leslie was too far gone to care. She added her middle digit to her pointer. She sawed them in and out. This time, instead of her orgasm fading…she could feel it – dear Lord it was surging anew, it was coming back. Blooming like a flower. Was it even possible? An animalistic moan escaped her throat.

“You like it, oh you like it don’t you my little pig slut,” Carolyn cooed. “Well you better get used to it. Because that’s how little pigs come. They come from being fucked in their hot little piggy asses.”

The haunting words penetrated Leslie’s sex addled mind. Was this how she would come now? From playing with her ass? Being fucked there? Would Carolyn ever allow her to come in the normal fashion? How was it possible that another woman now controlled the when and how of her sexuality? And now even the where. The thought of it pushed her over the edge. Sent molten lava through her hot loins. She was going to come. From this. In this degrading fashion. Fingering her asshole. A slut. A pig. She must like it. She must be what Carolyn imagined.

“Are you close pig slut?” Carolyn said.

“mmmmmffff. mffffff” Leslie groaned in admission.

“Fuck me, I’m coming. Goddamn that’s so good.” Carolyn moaned riding the face that was desperately trying to please her. She slid further down the counter, until she was on the floor on her hands and knees. “Don’t stop. Don’t you dare stop.”

Both women became a tangle of arms and limbs as their bodies were rocked by climax. Soon Carolyn stood up back up and ran her fingers through her dark hair.

“That was the best orgasm I’ve ever had,” said Carolyn. She meant it to. She was glad she had set this slut up and taken possession of her. “What a turn on you are little pig.”

As Leslie’s sexual lust began to ebb, the cold hard reality of what she had done began to sink in. What had she done? She had come. Surely. Had come from masturbating her ass. And despite the discomfort, she had enjoyed it. Loved it. What would she do now?

Carolyn looked down at the wet plastered face of her newest slave. God how the woman made her blood hunger for that small tight body. Wanted to control it. Wanted to own it.

She answered the questions that Leslie never voiced. “I’m going to do things to you that you never dreamed possible. I’m going to make you do things you would never imagine. I’m going to dress you up like a little doll, my little barbi slut. I’m going to make you up. My hot little pig slut, we are going to be such good friends.”

Her new life terrified a part of her mind. Yet, her body melted at the thought. What was wrong with her? Why did this turn her on? She got up off the floor on trembling legs and folded herself in Carolyn’s hungry embrace. Kissed those red ravenous lips. Lost herself in the woman’s powerful eyes. And embarked on her new journey.

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