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My UPS and Downs

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I had no appointments that day and, being the horny guy I am, decided to strip and stroke while surfing the net. I opened a favorite bisexual site and was looking at the sexy pics of guys sucking each other while their women watched and played with each other and my penis was nice and hard as I lightly stroked it and thought about how nice it would be if I could get my wife to join me in a bisexual foursome.

I had been working on Tina for some time now and was making some progress so hopefully, it would work out well sometime soon. Meanwhile, the thought of it had my precum oozing out of my cockhead and I was enjoying the delicious flavor when my doorbell rang. I went over to the intercom and it was George, the UPS delivery man. I rang him in and just had enough time to slip on my robe before he came up. I had known George for the last 6 years or so and he had done many favors for me in making sure that I received important deliveries and we always greeted each other in the street and made some small talk before going our separate ways.

He knocked on the door and I opened it to find him standing there with a large package for me. We smiled and greeted each other and he handed me the machine to sign for the delivery. As I reached for the machine to sign it, unknown to me, my cock poked through the opening in the robe and my swollen crown was fully exposed. When I looked at him to hand him the machine back, I saw his gaze riveted to my cock and he asked if I was alone in the apartment. I quickly covered my penis head with the robe and told him that my wife was at work. He asked if he could come in for a while and from the look of lust on his face, I couldn’t refuse and stepped aside for him to enter.

George was a big, good looking, black man who had an athlete’s build and I had often fantasized while stroking about having sex with him. Nothing sexual had ever passed between us in the years we knew each other although we were friendly towards one another and I liked him as a person as I assume he did me. As I closed the door and turned to face him, he stepped up and slipped his hand inside my robe and grasped my thick erection in his hand and asked me if he could play with it for a while. As soon as his warm hand closed over my penis, I was his and let him fondle my shaft and balls as I lost myself in the pleasures of the moment. Then I reached for his crotch and my hand closed over a huge bulge in his pants which was getting larger and larger as I held it.

Finally, he couldn’t take it any longer and pulled away as he tore off his clothes until he stood before me naked. He was gorgeous with wide shoulders, narrow waist, flat stomach, strong thighs and legs and a penis that defied description. It was very thick and had a smooth, sloped crown with a deep ridge around it and was standing out at least 8 inches in front of him and swaying whenever he moved slightly.

I let my robe drop to the floor and walked over in front of him and dropped to my knees as I ran my fingers over his huge, tight ball sac and his beautiful erection. Then, as I was gazing in desire at this gorgeous organ, a large drop of precum oozed out of the slit in his crown and I deftly caught it with my tongue before it dropped off and found it absolutely delicious. I looked up at him and saw the look of desire in his eyes as I told him how much I loved the flavor of his precum. He told me that he would feed me as much as I want from now on and then suggested that we lay down so that we could mutually investigate each other.

I took his cock in my hand and led him into the bedroom where we made ourselves comfortable on the bed with our heads on each other’s thighs as we lay on our sides and started playing with each other’s crotches. His penis and balls were beautiful and I gazed at them for a while before leaning forward and licking his full balls before taking each one in my mouth and gently sucking it. He was doing the same to me and it felt wonderful worshipping his organs while experiencing the delightful sensations he was giving me.

I couldn’t resist getting to know his thick member so I licked my way up his shaft and took his swollen, smooth, irresistible cockhead between my lips and started nursing on it. His cock tasted delicious and every once in a while I was rewarded with more savory precum which had me firmly sucking for more. When his warm mouth covered my cock, I was in absolute heaven and we both started slowly deep throating each other until we had as much as we could swallow down our throats. We held each other deep and I felt his throat contract around my shaft each time he swallowed which sent ripples of sensations throughout my body. I assumed I was giving him the same pleasure since he would shudder each time I swallowed around his organ. Then we started moving our heads back and forth as we sucked each other and stroked our shafts to coax out our cum juices.

We were both lost in the pleasures we were giving as well as receiving when suddenly I felt his cock expand and his first spurt of cum shot onto my waiting tongue. It was slightly salty but delicious and I swallowed it and did the same to each load he fed me. About the time I was swallowing his second load of cum, my cock erupted and I started shooting ropes of cum into his hungry mouth and the two of us went off to Nirvana together. We kept sucking each other to get every drop out of our balls and, when we finally realized there was no more, we parted and lay back against the pillows to relax.

I knew George was married and asked him if his wife knew about his bisexual adventures. He told me that he was working on getting his wife turned on to his bi experiences as he would love her to be present while he was with another guy. I told him that that was my fantasy also as I would love Tina to watch me suck him and then join in. He asked me if I would be interested in a foursome with a bi couple since he knows a couple in the neighborhood who would love a hot session. I told him to make the arrangements for a daytime meeting preferably at their place since it would be safer for me to go there.

He took down my phone number and said he would call me later in the afternoon to confirm a meeting with them and then told me that he really has to get back and finish his route before it gets too late. I leaned forward and kissed his crown and told him that I really didn’t want him to leave as I was just getting started with him. He apologized and promised he would make it up to me tomorrow or when we have the foursome and I saw him to the door with my penis starting to get hard again. He leaned over quickly and kissed the head of my cock and then went out the door.

I stood there a moment reflecting on the last hour or so and realized the enormity of the incident in relation to my sex life. I now had a gorgeous cock to play with almost every day plus a meeting with a couple and who knows what else. My cock was fully erect by then and I went back to bed and stroked my organ as I thought about George’s beautiful and tasty penis and body. It didn’t take long for my orgasm to arrive as I concentrated on how wonderful a feeling it was to have such a gorgeous cock in my mouth while he sucked me.

I shot my cum all over my thighs and stomach and lay back to rest a while before showering and getting dressed again. I went back to work on my computer and made a few phone calls and was just getting into a letter to a client when the phone rang and it was George. He asked if noon tomorrow was OK and when I agreed, he told me that he would stop by around a quarter to and take me the two blocks to their place.

I told him that I was looking forward to it very much but that I was really looking forward to conjoining with him. I told him that I had masturbated after he left just thinking about our session and I couldn’t wait to resume our mutual investigation of each other. George told me that he felt the same and, if we couldn’t reasonably do each other properly at the foursome without being unsociable, he promised to come over when he had a few hours off the day after, so we could do each other the way we like. I told him not to have sex with his wife tonight so that he would have plenty of delicious juices in his balls tomorrow. He promised and we said our goodbyes.

After dinner that night, Tina had some work to do on her computer and I watched a movie on TV although my mind kept wandering to the fabulous experience of the afternoon and the promise of another exciting day tomorrow. I hoped that I would like the couple and they me as it would provide the perfect atmosphere for a satisfying sex session. I fell asleep that night thinking about all the possibilities as to what this couple looked like and even the possibility that they knew each other since they lived in the same neighborhood. I didn’t have to worry about Tina wanting sex that night because she announced, soon after dinner, that she was tired and was going to sleep early so I turned on my side and held my thick, erect cock in my hand as I went to sleep with thoughts of the morrow.

Since my home was also my office, I didn’t arise until Tina had already left for work and by the time I showered, shaved, had breakfast, got dressed and answered a few e-mail queries from potential customers, the bell rang and I realized it must be George as it was 11:45 on the dot. I told him that I would be right down and a few minutes later greeted him in the lobby as we headed off in an easterly direction. I asked if he had been true to his promise and he assured me that he had saved every drop for the party as he had no sex last night. I told him the same and a moment later he guided me into a building off Park Avenue and told the doorman that we wanted to see the Cartwright’s. After calling upstairs and announcing us, we entered the elevator and went up to the penthouse. When the doors opened, a very attractive couple was standing in a small foyer waiting to greet us. George made the introductions and as I shook their hands I couldn’t help feel the good vibes that seemed to pass between us.

Karl was very Nordic looking with rugged good looks and short cropped blonde hair and Carla was an olive skinned, dark haired beauty with sensational cleavage which promised large, full breasts. They led us into their apartment and we sat down in the comfortable living room and admired the view looking downtown from the floor to ceiling windows. They brought us drinks and George told me how they got together the first time.

He said that he was their regular delivery person for a number of years when, one day, he arrived at their floor and noticed the door to the apartment was open halfway. He called out their name but got no answer so he walked inside and looked around but saw no one. As he walked further into the apartment, he could hear sounds coming from a back room and approached it cautiously while calling out their name. When he got to the open doorway, he saw Karl and Carla in a 69 and seemingly oblivious to anything else except that she took her mouth from Karl’s organ to ask if he would like to join them and he did. From that time on, they had regular sessions, although short ones when he had to cover his route, but sometimes long ones on his day off.

I asked Karl what he thought of George’s organ and it got him started on describing everything about George’s body that turns him on and by the time he was halfway through my cock was fully erect and Karl suggested that we go inside and slip on the robes that were on the bed and then join them in the living room. George and I got up and following Karl’s instructions, found the room and the robes. As we stood there naked, we grasped each other’s erections and promised to get together as soon as possible and then slipped on the robes and went inside.

Karl was sitting with his back resting on the arm of the couch and his robe wide open as Carla nursed on the head of his cock. The shaft was thick and long and her lips were wrapped around the ridge of the crown and I could see her cheeks hollow as she drew firmly on the organ. George threw off his robe and kneeled down and removed Carla’s robe while she sucked her husband’s penis. Then he got down on his back and buried his head in her cunt while reaching up and pinching her erect nipples. Karl’s eyes were glazed as he motioned for me to come over to him. I threw off my robe and walked over next to him as he reached up and grasped my erection in his hand remarking how beautiful it was. He asked if he could suck it and, in answer I got up on the couch and fed him the crown which he hungrily swallowed and began to suck with firmness and total lust. I loved the way he was sucking my cock and, while he did so, he was playing with my balls and slipping his fingers into my anus which was driving me wild.

I heard Carla moan loudly and assumed she was cumming as George sucked greedily on her crotch. I heard movement behind me and turned my head to see Carla get up and squat over Karl’s beautiful organ and lower herself on the thick pole as she sighed in pleasure. Then George came up behind me and I felt his thick penis probing my anus and I tried to offer him more access as he wet my hole with his precum and started pushing the head inside. I felt his thickness enter me and I couldn’t wait for him to feed me more as it felt wonderful especially with Karl doing such a magnificent job on my cock and crotch at the same time. George worked his beautiful penis deep inside my ass and then began thrusting it in and out which forced Karl to suck me in rhythm to his thrusts since George was actually making me face fuck Karl.

Karl was able to take about ¾ of my cock down his throat and was sucking firmly on my shaft from the head down while tugging on my balls as George’s organ slid smoothly in and out of my asshole. The combination of sensations overwhelmed me and my penis swelled and started shooting ropes of hot cum into Karl’s hungry mouth which he gulped down as he moaned in passion. Then I heard a low growl escape his lips even as he sucked me, and his mouth clamped down on my member, as he shot his load into his wife’s cunt. When the first spurt of his cum entered her hot passage, Carla started shuddering as she bore down on his cock and wet it thoroughly with her juices. Karl was still sucking my cock as George suddenly grabbed me by the hips and stroked deeply in my ass and I felt his organ swell and begin erupting gobs of cum deep inside me which felt so good that it was like having another orgasm, almost.

After we broke apart and sat back to rest awhile, Karl told me that he thought my cum was absolutely delicious and topped off the precum appetizer he had which he loved also. I told him that as soon as we relaxed for awhile, I planned on tasting his organ and juices since I thought he had a very suckable cock from the looks of it. George broke in and told me that once I suck Karl’s cock, I would be spoiled for life and Karl smiled and said he wished it was so. He also mentioned, as long as we were talking about the taste of organs, that I was in for a real treat when I go down on Carla since she has one of the most delicious pussies in all the world. So delicious, he was thinking of bottling it in small perfume like bottles and selling it by the gram. George said that would be great because it’s so good, it would become addictive and people would have to have more and more.

Carla piped in that it would be great for her since she would be played with and teased all day, every day in order to meet the demand for her juices. I told her that if it’s marketed correctly, the worldwide demand would overwhelm her resources and possibly cause a malfunction but she laughed it off and said she was entirely capable of meeting world requirements. At that point, I asked her if it would be possible for me taste the product in discussion and she parted her gorgeous thighs and beckoned me in.

While I made myself comfortable between her sexy thighs, George and Karl sprang into action as Karl got up and fed his cock to his wife while he tweaked her erect nipples. George had me raise my hips so that he could get comfortable underneath me as he took the swollen head of my organ between his lips and moaned in pleasure as he sucked me. I was looking directly into Carla’s gorgeous cunt and noted that her labia minora were shaped like the delicate petals of a flower and were slightly parted revealing the glistening, pink meat inside her opening. My eyes traveled up to her clit and I saw a small pink organ peeking out from the folds of its protective hood. Her aroma was heavenly and was drawing me closer to her cunt and I flicked out my tongue and licked her from her rosebud asshole all the way up to her clit, which by now, was all the way out and waiting to be worshipped.

As my tongue crossed her wet hole, I tasted something really delicious and couldn’t wait to get back there and check it out but I was headed for that sweet little button which I teased even further out with the tip of my tongue as Carla started moaning and Karl urged me on since her moaning was giving him a beautiful hum job. I took the little organ between my lips and ran my tongue back and forth over it as her moans became louder. I nibbled on the hard organ for awhile and then trailed my tongue down her slit, between her labia and into her pink passage where I found, to my delight, that her flavor was indeed gourmet. After licking up her juices awhile, I lifted my head and asked Karl if I could become part of the company as I knew he had a winner of a product. Everyone laughed even though they never stopped what they were doing to each other.

I went back to work on her delicious crotch and as soon as my tongue entered her passage and started licking the juices off her cuntwalls, she went into orgasm and surprised me with the quantity of her cum. Spurt after spurt of white cream oozed out of her cunt and I found it very tasty and sweet and covered her hole with my mouth to capture every drop as she fed it to me. So this was the product that Karl wants to market! Now that I saw the huge quantity she produces, I could see what he was talking about. I cleaned up every drop from her cunt and thighs and told Karl that he just got a partner, whether he likes it or not. He was smiling down at me as he fed his thick organ in and out of Carla’s voracious mouth. Meanwhile, George was sucking me beautifully and I let him take me away to that special place I love to go until my penis exploded and shot my load in spasm after spasm until my balls were empty and he had drunk every drop I fed him.

When I came back to reality, I saw Carla teasing the tip of her husband’s penis with her tongue and I looked up at him and motioned that I would like to taste him. He pulled his penis away from his wife and turned to face me as I leaned forward and licked his gorgeous crown before taking that irresistible head into my mouth. It was wonderful having that thickness in my mouth. His organ tasted delicious and he rewarded me every once in a while with some precum, which I savored like nectar. His cock was very thick which I loved, but I couldn’t get much more than half down my throat although what I managed to capture felt marvelous.

I cupped his large balls in my hands and played with his anus as I sucked his delicious penis and his moans and gasps were like music to my ears. Carla had moved over and was sitting between my thighs. She took my flaccid penis in her mouth, which felt wonderful, and started sucking it while I was busy sucking her husband’s tasty organ. Suddenly, Karl grabbed my head and pushed his penis deep in my mouth as I felt it swell and then begin depositing load after load of cum down my throat. I almost gagged and backed off enough to taste his juices as they shot onto my tongue. He held me tight for a long time after his last spasm and I kept sucking his slowly receding organ until he pulled away with a sigh and told me that his cock was mine anytime I wanted to suck it as that was one of the best blowjobs he has ever experienced.

When I looked around, I saw George slow fucking Carla as she sucked on my cock. When she saw me turn around, she lifted her head and smiled up at me and told me that she loved watching me suck Karl and hoped she would be able to see it more often. I told her that a company of Marines couldn’t keep me away from either of them. My eyes were fastened on George’s sexy ass as he moved his penis back and forth in Carla’s pussy and I moved over behind him and fit my semi hard organ between his ass cheeks and just held it there as he fucked her.

His warmth and motion soon got my penis hard and I rubbed the tip against his anus and pushed it inside until my crown was buried in his hole. I moved it back and forth until it was smoothly sliding in and out of his tight anus. He turned his head and told me not to stop what I was doing as it felt fantastic especially with his cock buried in Carla and her cunt milking it as he fucked her. I was losing myself in the pleasures of fucking his beautiful ass when I felt Karl’s cock brush against my asshole and wet it with his precum as he fed his thick, swollen cock inside. I waited until he was firmly seated deep in my hole before I started moving my penis in and out of George and the three of us started to move in rhythm. I was in heaven as I stroked into George and then felt Karl’s wonderful organ probing my depths as I withdrew my cock to the crown before plunging back in. Our moans increased as the four of us went off to Nirvana together.

Carla was the first to cum and her moans highlighted by her sexy talk as she told George how good his cock felt inside her, got the three of us wildly horny. Karl had his arms around me and was moaning as he stroked deeply into my anus and the fabulous sensations his cock was giving me along with the fabulous sensations I was feeling from George’s sweet asshole, caused a sudden eruption as my penis swelled and started shooting load after load of cum into George’s ass. He cried out as he felt the first load splash inside his hole and released his cum into Carla in spasm after spasm of total ecstasy. As I shot my load into George, my asshole was contracting around Karl’s thick meat with each spasm and he let out a cry of triumph as his organ jerked and pumped hot cum deep inside my ass.

I loved feeling his penis jerking in my ass as he shot his load into me and it took some time for us to recover and come back to earth. I groaned as Karl withdrew his penis from my ass as I didn’t want to lose that wonderful thickness inside me but as soon as it was out, I withdrew mine from George and he pulled out of Carla. The four of us collapsed on the couch and after a few moments, Carla got up and went inside to bring us some refreshing cold drinks.

As we sipped our drinks and relaxed in the living room, Karl asked George how things were proceeding with getting his wife interested in joining them and he told them that he was getting close to his objective but that it would still take some time as he couldn’t rush it with her and wanted her to fully embrace the lifestyle if she joins in. Speaking particularly to George, I told them that I think that I’m getting close to getting Tina to try a threesome with a guy as I’ve been fantasizing with her, while having sex, about another guy being there with them. I started out, months ago, with the imaginary guy and I working her over from stem to stern which turned her on a lot. Then I progressed to the guy sucking me while I’m sucking her and she got turned on by that also so I went further and sucked the other guy, since it was only right, and she had one of the best orgasms she’s ever had from that thought.

I told them that just last week while he had his cock buried deep inside her, she asked him to go down and suck the guy’s cock so she could watch and he went through a wild fantasy in which they both shared the guy’s cum. She went wild as I described that scene and had another fabulous orgasm so I think she’s almost ready for the real thing. I plan on asking her if I can discretely check around for a nice couple who would like to investigate this fantasy world along with us and, if she goes for that, will call on Karl and Carla immediately and set up a meeting. George told us that he was working on his wife just about the same way but, although making progress, it was slow. I asked him if he had a photo of his wife and he went over to his pants and pulled out a picture from his wallet and handed it to me.

She was absolutely gorgeous and was wearing a bikini which hardly covered any of her and revealed a sensational body with large, firm breasts capped by big nipples, which you could see the outline of through the fabric. I assumed the rest of her was just as gorgeous since it was only a waist shot and handed the photo back to him and told him to please hurry with his wife as she would be perfect for their group. I also crossed my fingers as I fervently hoped that my wife would be joining the group soon also.

Since it was getting late, and both George and I had to leave, we promised to be in touch and make arrangements for another get together in a day or so. Karl handed me his card and I gave him mine in return. George and I left and he headed for his office as I walked home with a tingle in my penis just thinking about the fabulous afternoon I just experienced. Tina worked late that night and went to sleep early as she was tired which was OK with me since my balls had been well emptied all day. When I got home the next night, we went out for dinner and when we got back later, I told her that I was very horny and suggested that we hop into bed and do each other real well as it’s been a few days since we had any sex. We went inside and got undressed and, as usual, the sight of her naked got my cock hard in a flash.

We spent some time in enjoyable foreplay and after spending considerable time eating each other in turn, I got on top of her and lifted her legs back to expose her sexy cunt and anus and then rubbed the crown of my penis over her hole and wet it with my precum before pushing the head inside to her gasp of pleasure as it filled her hole. When I worked it in deep and held it there as she contracted around my thickness to milk me, she asked me to describe a hot scene with me sucking a big cock and I started a fantasy. As I described how I would suck his cock, she was moaning and wiggling her hips around on my penis so I decided to take the opportunity and told her that I think I found the perfect couple for us to play with and described both Karl and Carla to her. I told her that I went to a bisexual site and answered a personal there and just received an answer that they would like to meet us. I told her that they sounded nice from their detailed description of themselves and that Karl was hung thick and long the way she likes them. I had to prod her for an answer but finally she blurted out that it would be OK just to meet them for a drink, nothing else and we went back to concentrating on pleasuring each other again. Only this time, I substituted Karl for the anonymous guy and had both of us sharing his beautiful organ.

Afterwards, she told me that the thought of what I was describing to her, becoming a reality, made her orgasm even more intense than ever before and I told her that the real thing will be even better. She laughed and hoped that I was right because, not having met them yet, she still has some doubts about how the whole thing will work out. I told her that we’ll never know until we meet them and, if the vibes are right, we’ll go further and, if not, say goodbye. We kissed goodnight and rolled over to go to sleep as my thoughts were filled with a session with Karl, Carla and Tina which was about to happen. I felt reasonably sure that she was going to like them both and hoped that the vibes were good to help speed things along in the right direction.

Next day I called Karl soon after Tina had left for work and told him about the breakthrough with Tina. We arranged to meet for a drink at a neighborhood bistro on Saturday evening at 6 pm and my thoughts were on that meeting for the rest of the day. Between seeing clients, I thought about sucking Karl while my wife watched and perhaps played with my penis and I was leaking precum all day. When Saturday evening came around, I was so horny with positive anticipation that I couldn’t wait for Tina to finish dressing as it was time for us to leave. When we walked into the bistro, I spotted them sitting at a secluded table in the back and we headed over.

I introduced them all and we sat down and ordered our drinks as they already had theirs. Tina seemed genuinely comfortable with both of them and she and Carla made some small talk which seemed to solidify their position with each other and Karl then diverted the subject to the one at hand and we talked about our mutual desire to investigate group sex. Karl told us that he and Carla had been fantasizing about getting together with another couple for a long time and it has spiced up their sex life tremendously so they are really looking forward to the experience. When the waitress came over to ask if we want refills,

Karl suggested that maybe it would be a better idea to go back to their place since his bar is fully stocked also. I looked at Tina and she was in agreement, so we paid the check and left. It was only a couple of blocks to their place and as we followed behind them, I asked Tina what she thought of them and she replied that she liked them very much as they made her feel relaxed and comfortable. My cock jerked at the possibilities looming before me and I prayed that everything would go smoothly.

When we arrived at their apartment, we sat down in the living room on the very couch that I had recently sucked both Karl and Carla on which made it even more exciting. Carla brought us drinks and Tina mentioned something about watching her intake as she was starting to feel a little high. We talked for quite some time with Carla or Karl refilling our drinks as soon as they were partially empty. Then Karl asked if we would like to watch a DVD he recently acquired showing two bisexual couples going at it full blast and Tina immediately agreed saying that it sounded very interesting. I was sitting on one side of Tina and, after putting in the CD, Karl sat down on her other side with Carla curled up at his feet.

The couples were gorgeous specimens of both manhood and womanhood and I noticed Tina’s eyes glazing in heat as she watched the two guys in a 69 while the two gals were also busy with each other. As we watched the movie, Karl took Tina’s hand and put it over the bulge in his pants. Her eyes never left the screen as she grasped his huge bulge and squeezed it. Then she put her other hand on my bulge and began squeezing that also. I immediately took her hand off and zipped open my fly and removed my thick erection and full, tight balls and then replaced her hand. She dropped her eyes from the screen for a moment to look at my cock and then began stroking it from the base up as she went back to watching the movie. I noticed Karl do exactly the same thing and she was gazing at his thickness for a long time before she started stroking it also.

After a few minutes, she asked if I would do Karl the way the guy in the movie was doing his lover as she would love to watch that. Karl and I needed no prodding as we rose and as if by signal started undressing. When we were naked, I walked up to him in front of my wife and grasped his full erection in my hand as I pulled him down in a 69 position on our sides. I rested my head on his thigh and guided his swollen crown towards my mouth until my lips were wrapped around the deep ridge and I was nursing on his beautiful organ. I shuddered in ectasy when his mouth covered my crown and he began sucking firmly on it while pulling on my balls and slipping a finger inside my anus.

Then I heard Tina cry out that she was cumming and looked up for a moment to see her holding Carla’s head tightly to her cunt as she went into orgasm with her eyes fastened on Karl and I. I was overjoyed as I didn’t expect her to take to a woman so quickly. I went back to sucking Karl’s beautiful, thickness and was rewarded with a flow of delicious precum for which I thanked him. Then I started deep throating him and Tina was urging me to take more until I couldn’t get another millimeter down my throat and I began swallowing around his shaft and milking his cock in the process. Every time I swallowed, he would groan around my cock and try to push more inside.

I heard some movement and looked up to see a naked Carla undressing Tina. When she was naked, I called her over and asked if she would like to taste something really delicious and offered her Karl’s erection. She didn’t hesitate a moment and leaned forward taking the huge crown between her lips and busily tasting it until she finally approved his flavor and started taking as much of his cock as she could down her throat. I had her lie down and we passed his erection back and forth between us for a while until Karl asked Tina to lay back as he wanted to put his organ inside her. She rolled over on her back and spread her legs as Karl moved between her thighs and fed his enormous erection into her already juicy, wet hole.

She moaned as he fed his member inside her and wrapped her legs around his waist holding him inside as she wiggled her hips and sighed in contentment. When he had as much of his organ inside as she could take, she asked me to feed him my cock so that she could watch him suck me as he fucks her and I straddled her head and squatted down a bit so that Karl could reach my throbbing penis. When his lips covered my crown and he began sucking firmly on the head, Tina was urging him on and asking him if he liked the taste of my tool. He never stopped sucking but grunted his approval and started moving his thickness in and out of her hole. All the while he was sucking me and fucking her, she kept up a steady banter on how good his cock felt inside her and how sexy it was watching him suck my member.

Meanwhile, Carla was moving around us tweaking Tina’s nipples, playing with my balls and her husband’s. Then she walked over to the dresser and removed a fairly substantial dildo strap on and some KY. After strapping on the dildo, she dabbed some of the lubricant in Karl’s anus and then began feeding it inside as he groaned in ecstasy. She told us that he loved being fucked in the ass while he was fucking a woman and sucking a cock and I told her that it sounded great and that I would like to try the same later on. She smiled at me and told me that she’s looking forward to it and then continued stroking in and out of her husband’s sexy ass while he moaned and sucked me deep down his throat.

Then Tina cried out that she was cumming and Karl held his organ deep inside her as she began shaking and whimpering in orgasm while holding him tight. Carla continued stroking into him and suddenly he shouted that he was cumming and his body shook as he deposited his hot cum deep inside Tina’s cunt in wave after wave of passionate spasms. Tina went into another orgasm as his hot juices splashed against her cervix and his mouth clamped down around my cock as he swallowed as much as he could take while emptying his balls into my wife.

When Tina and Karl came back down after their trip to the moon, Carla withdrew the dildo from his ass and he slid his thick member out of my wife’s pussy and pulled his mouth from my penis as he lay down on his back to rest. I leaned down and asked Tina how she felt and she raised her head and kissed me on the lips and told me that she never felt better. I lay down on the bed next to Karl and Carla came over, after removing the strap on, and squatted over me as she fit the head of my erection to her vagina and lowered herself on the thick pole. She moved sensuously as she worked my penis inside her wet cunt and, when she had as much of me as she could take inside her, she told Tina to sit on my face and feed me Karl’s cum from her cunt while she fucked me. I looked up to see my wife’s pussy descending to my mouth just as some cum started to flow out and I covered her hole and began to suck firmly and drive my tongue deep inside to get more.

I loved the taste of his cum mixed with Tina’s juices and probed deeply inside her passage as she fed me his load. Carla was pulling on Tina’s nipples as she rode my organ and I heard Tina cry out that she was cumming again as she bore down on my face and wet me with her juices. As Tina lifted herself off me, Carla started fucking my pole in earnest and was milking my shaft as she fucked it which sent me off to another world and made my organ explode in orgasm. I kept pumping cum inside her and she reacted with a tremendous orgasm of her own and I felt her hot juices cover my shaft as she shuddered and shook in passion.

She sat on my cock and didn’t move for a while after her last spasm passed and then lifted herself off me and went right over to her husband and sat on his face explaining that he loved drinking another guy’s cum from her cunt. When he finished licking her clean, she got up and brought us some drinks and asked Tina how she was feeling and how she’s enjoying herself so far. Tina laughed and told her that she never realized that sex could be so exciting and different. She said that everything we did was wonderful but the biggest turn on of all was watching Karl and I suck each other off. Karl told her that there are more wonderful things for her to discover as time passes and knows that now she can understand their addiction to the unmatched pleasures that it provides.

Tina reached over and grasped my soft penis in her hand as she announced that this was her favorite penis in all the world because she loved it but then she reached over and took Karl’s organ in her other hand and said that she loves this too but is not in love with it per se so she can enjoy it as well. With that, since it was getting very late, we called it a night and made plans to get together again at our place on Monday or Tuesday evening. I told Karl to ask George to join us if he happens to see him first on Monday and said I’d do the same.

Tina and I were relaxing Sunday afternoon reading the papers and watching a ballgame when the phone rang and it was Karl notifying us that he just got a call from George who plans on joining us Monday night with his wife, Shana, who has finally agreed to meet us. I told him to be over about 8 pm Monday and to let George and Shana know where and when also as he is looking forward to meeting Shana after seeing that photo of her. We hung up and I told Tina about Shana and George joining us which seemed to turn her on as her eyes lit up with thoughts of a sixsome with all the possible combinations it presents. When we went to bed later that night, she told me that we would not have sex as she wants me to have a really full set of balls tomorrow night since there should be quite a bit of action and she wants me in top shape. I could see her point and went along with it and was fast asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

When I arose in the morning, Tina had already left for work and I went through my usual routine and was at my desk ready to work by 9:30. It happens that I had a lot of work to do that day entering data in the computer and before I knew it, it was after 5 and the phone rang. It was Tina, who suggested that we meet at a neighborhood restaurant for dinner about 6 so we can get home and get ready for our guests arrival.

We met at Fellini’s and all Tina kept talking about through dinner was what George and Shana look like. I told her that Karl had told me that they were a really good looking black couple and that’s all I know. Tina started thinking out loud about how sexy it’s going to be with 6 people in bed with all the exciting combinations that are possible. We finished dinner and just had enough time to go home, shower and ready some drinks and snacks. We laid out some robes for them on the bed in the guest bedroom and sat down to have a drink while awaiting them. A few minutes later, the intercom rang and the doorman announced both couples and I told him to send them up.

I heard them get off the elevator and opened the door, as they approached, to let them in. Karl introduced us to Shana and I could see that Tina was looking at George with a puzzled look on her face until suddenly she put it all together and smiled as she recognized our UPS man and walked over and shook hands with him as they both laughed about it.

I told them that there are robes awaiting them in the back bedroom so, if they wish, they can slip into them and get comfortable. All four of them headed for the room and after a few minutes were back and looking much more comfortable. I got them drinks and we sat around talking about unimportant things for a while until suddenly George stood up and opened his robe wide to display a beautiful erection asking if anyone would like to suck it for him since he couldn’t possibly do it to himself, although he would love to. I was hoping that George would volunteer first since that would probably turn Shana on very quickly.

Sure enough, George was thinking along the same lines as he immediately dropped to his knees in front of Karl and grasped his thick shaft and guided the swollen head to his lips. I sat down next to Shana, whose eyes were riveted to her husband sucking Karl’s massive organ and all of a sudden, she snaked her hand into my robe and grasped my hard cock in her hand and squeezed it as she watched the scene before her. She was completely captivated by the sight of her husband on his knees sucking Karl’s beautiful organ and was squeezing my penis in rhythm to his sucking. I asked her to sit back and spread her legs as I wanted to kiss her sweet pussy while she watched George work on Karl’s tool. She never took her eyes off George as she spread her legs and gave me total access to her sexy crotch.

I licked the insides of her thighs and slowly worked my way up to the gorgeous crotch awaiting me. She started to moan and tell me how good it felt and how turned on she was watching George suck cock. Both George and Karl heard her and redoubled their efforts to turn her on even more. Karl started slapping George’s face with his thick erection and teasing him by not allowing him to get the head in his mouth no matter how hard he tried. This seemed to drive Shana wild and she grasped my head in her hands and held me tightly to her cunt as she went into a beautiful orgasm and fed me her delicious juices while coaxing her husband on to capture Karl’s crown between his lips. Karl finally let George take his swollen crown in his mouth and suck it for a while and then asked Shana if she would like to see him suck her husband’s gorgeous tool now and she immediately agreed since she had never seen him being sucked by a guy before.

I asked her to come over and sit on my cock as she watched George being sucked off and she got up and grasped my thickness in her hand to guide the head to her opening as she lowered herself on me. Her cunt felt wonderful as it covered more and more of my shaft until, surprisingly she had all of it inside her and her full weight was on me. She was excited by her husband’s reaction to Karl’s talented mouth and then, when Tina squatted over George’s face and fed him her crotch to suck and tongue, she went wild and her cunt was contracting around my shaft in steady pulses as her excitement mounted.

Then Carla made herself comfortable between her husband’s legs and began worshipping his throbbing erection since she knew he was about ready to explode and she wanted to drink her favorite nectar. Shana was taking all this in as her eyes wandered from one to the other before coming back to Karl’s mouth on her husband’s thick penis. Suddenly George cried out, from the depths of my wife’s crotch, that he was going to cum, and he grabbed Karl’s head and forced his thick tool deeper into Karl’s mouth as he spurted one load after another into the hungry opening.

When his second spurt landed on Karl’s tongue, Karl’s orgasm struck and he gurgled something while drinking George’s cum and his organ erupted in his wife’s mouth and she triumphantly sucked his balls dry. Shana was having a mini-orgasm with both of them as they came and her pussy was doing marvelous things to my penis which brought on my orgasm and my cock began shooting hot jets of cum deep inside her. As each rope splashed deep inside her, she shook in excitement and I felt her cunt wrap itself around my cock and milk it for more juice. I shook and gasped for some time before I came down from my high and Shana lifted herself off me as Carla hurried her over to Karl and had her sit on his face and feed him my cum.

It turned out that she fed him her juices as well and after making sure he got every drop, she sat down next to her husband and told him how wonderfully exciting everything is and how turned on she got watching him with Karl. He told her that from now on she could watch him with another guy anytime she felt like it. He told her that since both couples are on his route, she could meet him sometime and watch if he gets together with Karl or I and her eyes lit up at the thought. At this point, I asked her how she felt about woman to woman sex and she smiled and confessed that she was a latent bisexual since she often thought about having sex with a woman but, except for a short period when she was 15 and mutually sucked her closest girlfriend, she hasn’t had pussy.

It was George’s turn to be excited and he suggested that she get to know Carla and Tina intimately, right there and then. Of course Carla and Tina needed no urging and looked at Shana for approval and when she held out her arms to them, they pulled her down on the carpet and had her lay back like a queen as the two of them started worshipping every inch of her body from her toes to her head and everything in between. She was moaning and telling them how good everything felt and when they both reached her crotch and Tina teased her clit as Carla snaked her tongue into her anus, Shana reached out and pulled Carla’s legs around so that she could get at her cunt and then voraciously began sucking Carla’s delicious cunt while she was being orally worshipped by both of them.

I looked over and saw George sitting there like in a trance as he watched his wife with the 2 gals and played with his massive erection. I walked over and sat down in front of him and pushed his hand away as I took over stroking him while he continued to watch Shana, who had completely lost herself in woman to woman sex. I leaned forward and guided his swollen cockhead to my lips and squeezed up some delicious precum before lovingly sucking his shaft from the crown down and then back up. As I sucked his tasty meat, I thought about the possibilities of being able to suck this gorgeous organ almost every day, especially when he has a delivery for me which is quite often.

He was running his hands through my hair as I sucked him and he started telling me how turned on he is from watching Shana with other women and now can understand why she gets so turned on from watching him. The gals had changed positions and Shana was now eating Tina while Tina ate Carla and Carla ate her and suddenly Tina uttered a muffled sound and began feeding Shana her orgasmic juices. Shana couldn’t seem to get enough of her and kept digging her tongue deep inside her hole long after Tina’s last spasm had ended. Then Carla started to shake and moan as she went into orgasm and flooded Tina’s face with her copious juices. As soon as Tina tasted the creamy liquid, she buried her face in her cunt and searched for more and we smiled as we realized she had discovered our secret and would probably want a share in the company also.

As we relaxed and had a drink, Shana told us how exciting everything has been up to now and how much she’s enjoying herself. Tina told her that she must go down on Carla before the evening is over and bring her to orgasm as she has never tasted a more delicious drink than Carla’s nectar. Shana looked at Carla and they smiled and nodded at each other as Shana made a mental note to taste her juices before the evening was over. George happened to mention that one of Shana’s favorite fantasies, when they’re having sex, is having a cock in every one of her openings and Shana blushed and smiled as she nodded her head in agreement.

Carla asked her if she would like to act out her fantasy right now as she can recommend three beautiful cocks to her which happen to be available and Shana mentioned that she didn’t want to hog all the action as there wouldn’t be a cock free for them to play with. Carla told her that she and Tina want to watch her being worked on by the three of us and that they would manage to occupy themselves until she was through so Karl motioned for her to mount him as he lay on his back and she went over to him and straddled his body and grasped his huge erection in her hand and fitted it to her vaginal opening as she lowered her body onto the thick pole. George waited until she had worked Karl’s penis as deep as possible inside her and then told me to take her asshole as I would be in for a treat since it’s so nice and tight.

I got behind her and rubbed my erection across her anus to deposit some precum there to facilitate my entry and then pushed the head inside as she gasped in pleasure. Karl stopped stroking until I worked my penis deep inside her and remarked about how good my cock felt as it rubbed against his through the membrane. As soon as I was deep, George moved over in front of his wife and fed his swollen crown into her mouth and she began to suck it feverishly as she moved back and forth to our strokes in her cunt and ass. It didn’t take long for her gurgled cry of passion to be heard as her body tensed and shook in orgasm and both Karl and I felt her insides contracting around our organs as she experienced her beautiful release.

When she came down from her high, she looked up and asked Tina and Carla if they would like to experience it also and Tina asked if she could be next since she’s never had three cocks at one time before. Karl jumped up and asked that George or I lay down as he wanted Tina’s beautiful ass for himself. I told George to lay down and let Tina sit on his cock while Karl ass fucks her and my wife needed no urging to kneel on either side of George and lower herself on the beautiful erection that he was holding upright for her. A thrill coursed through her body as her wet and ready hole touched the tip of his large, smooth crown and she felt his thickness fill her hungry hole. She worked herself down as far as she could go and then lay down on his body as Karl worked the head of his organ inside her tight anus.

He was leaking a lot of precum and his organ was sliding smoothly into her hole. When his pubic hairs mashed up against her ass cheeks and he was deep inside, she let out a moan and told us that she has never felt so full of cock as she does right now and that she’s going to cum any minute. I stepped in front of her and, as soon as she saw my thickness appear before her eyes, she opened her mouth and started to suck me like her life depended upon it.

As she deep throated me, she went into orgasm and began groaning and moving her hips in and out to capture as much cock in both her holes as possible while her cunt and asshole were contracting around our organs and milking them. Tina finally came down from cloud 9 and told us that she just had the best sex of her life and made us promise to do her again very soon. Then she looked over at Carla and told her it was her turn now and Carla asked the three of us to lay back so that she could choose which cock she wants where.

Since we hadn’t cum yet our organs were hard and throbbing and Carla licked her lips as she looked over our equipment. She pointed at George’s formidable penis and told him that he was going to get her ass, that I was getting her pussy and her husband would feed her her favorite dish as usual. I lay down on my back and held my organ straight up as she lowered her beautiful crotch to my penis, fit the head to her hole and slowly sank down on it as she sighed in contentment. When she had me deep inside, I felt George moving around as he positioned himself to penetrate her tight anus and Carla lay down on me and we soul kissed as he lubed her rosebud hole with his copious precum and pushed his crown inside.

As his thick organ went deeper inside her ass, I could feel it moving and sliding along the length of my shaft and it was driving me wild. Her cunt started to pulsate and gripped my shaft in a tight embrace which was just like she was jerking me off and I went off on a gorgeous high while she sucked my tongue like it was my cock. She suddenly pulled her mouth from mine and looked into my eyes as she announced her second cumming and I watched her pupils expand and her eyes glaze over as her orgasm took over complete control of her. I felt her contractions around my shaft and knew that I was going to cum very soon now as my penis expanded and started shooting jets of cum up inside her. She reacted to my first spurt by bearing down on me and wetting me with another small orgasm of her own and I kept pumping load after load into her receptive hole.

Just as we were coming down, George cried out that he was going to cum and I felt his penis sliding in and out of her anus until he suddenly forced it deep and started to feed her his load in spasm after spasm of pure pleasure accompanied by his groans and followed by his sighs of satisfaction.

After a few minutes, George pulled his slowly receding penis from Carla’s ass and she lifted herself off me as her husband called her over to sit on his face so that he could drink our cum from both her holes. He had been playing with Tina and Shana and, as Carla squatted over his face to feed him his drink, they were taking turns sucking his cock and balls. Carla kept moving back and forth from her ass to her cunt as our juices flowed down and into Karl’s waiting mouth. When he finished licking her clean, we decided to call it a day as it was getting late and got dressed and decided to be in contact in the next few days to set up another meeting soon. They saw us to the door and when we got downstairs, George and Shana headed for their car and we walked the few blocks home.

Tina was glowing and she looked at me and told me that she had the best sex she’s ever had in all her life tonight and really likes both couples very much and is looking forward to more get togethers in the future. I told her that meeting Karl and Carla was a terrific breakthrough for us and that I’m looking forward to more hot sessions with them as well as Shana and George. Tina said that her sessions with Shana were absolutely wonderful and that she really enjoys having sex with her. I told her that, since George was their route man and is around everyday, I may invite him in for a quickie tomorrow and she pouted and remarked how much she would like to be there to watch.

We talked about the fabulous events of the evening as we undressed and got into bed and by then were so hot we wound up fucking ourselves to sleep that night. Just before I drifted off, I thought about how lucky things had turned out for us all because my cockhead poked through my robe when George made that delivery. What a lucky break that turned out to be…………

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