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Out of This World! Ch. 01

Category: Incest
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The following story depicts plenty of male and female bisexuality, plus several fetishes such as anal, spitting, cum swapping and smoking. If you are offended by the notion of sexual acts between two men please don’t read this story.

This chapter has been revised and expanded. More chapters will follow soon.

All characters and their actions in this story are fictitious and created solely for enjoyment of responsible, adult readers.


The boy grunted and grimaced as I slowly shoved my big cock all the way up his tight asshole. He looked at me expectantly, holding his breath, waiting for me to start fucking him. I let out a deep, low grunt as I pressed the throbbing head of my dick harder against my young lover’s prostate, then gasped with delight when I felt the young man’s asshole squeeze and milk my thick shaft.

“Oh, yes!” he whined. “That feels awesome!”

“Hold on,” I hissed and grabbed a wedge pillow, propping it under his muscular butt cheeks.

He wiggled his sexy ass up and down a bit until he found the perfect position for both of us.This way I had total control over him and could plow his young ass with slightly downward thrusts.

“Oh man!” he grunted when I started to gyrate my hips gently from left to right. “I’m sooo stuffed!”

Grabbing his ankles, I spread his young, muscular legs even wider apart. He looked at me with his dazzling, brown eyes and smiled, nodding reassuringly at me.

“It’s ok,” he panted. “You can fuck me now. I can take it!”

“I’m sure you can kid,” I said, pounding my throbbing dick back and forth inside his magnificently tight canal. “It’s not the first time I’m fucking you like this. I know you like it rough.”

“Yes sir!” He enthused. “Fuck me nice and hard. I love it hard!”

“Hard enough for you?” I panted, slamming my dick back and forth as hard as I could.

“Myeah,” he growled through gritted teeth. “Fu…u…uck!”

Reclining on his elbows, he gazed into my eyes, biting his lower lip. I began fucking him slowly and rhythmically. I thrust my thick, hard dick forward, first all the way in, and then almost all the way out. I leaned in and licked the sweat off his handsome, flushed face before dragging my tongue across his soft lips. He opened his mouth, letting my tongue slide in. I let him suck my tongue for a while, then broke our hot kiss and resumed to lick the salty beads of sweat off his chin, cheeks and forehead.

“Birds flying high, you know how I feel,” my darling wife’s beautiful voice came from the bathroom.

“Sun … in … the … sky,” I started singing, still fucking the boy firmly. “You … know … how … I … feel.”

“Oh god,” the boy chuckled. “Is it always like an episode of Glee here at your house?”

“What do you mean?” I asked as I picked up the pace of my thrusts.

“You…were doing this…last night…too,” the boy panted. “You…were singing…duets while we were…fucking!”

“You don’t like our voices?” I asked with a smirk.

“No, you guys are actually quite good!”

“Damn right we are,” I replied smiling.

“It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life,” my wife continued singing.

The bathroom door soon opened and my beautiful wife stepped into the bedroom, wearing a large towel around her sexy body and a smaller towel wrapped around her head in the shape of a turban. I looked at her and smiled without stopping my thrusts for a second.

“Oh Jesus, Jon!” my wife said with a wicked grin. “You must really love fucking this kid. How many times did he fuck you last night Rocco?”

“Five … six, a dozen times? I’ve lost count,” the handsome young man chuckled. “I’m hoping we can do it at least a few more times today!”

“Uh, oh! Not today sweetie,” my wife said shaking her head. “We don’t have time to play with you today. As a matter of fact you’ve got to leave right after this round is over. We have to pick up our daughter at the airport!”

“When can I come back?” Rocco asked pouting his lips.

“We’ll let you know sweetie,” my wife replied throwing her body towel to the floor, revealing her tall, curvy figure, toned body, exceptional breasts, tan skin and thick, dark blond pubic hair. Her mouthwatering nipples began to swell into hardness as she walked seductively towards our huge bed, where I was fucking our sexy young friend.

Picture an even more beautiful Christie Brinkley with fuller lips. Her youthful, unblemished skin, high cheekbones, shiny blue eyes and exquisite golden hair gives her the appearance of angel. Her always cheerful, positive and extremely horny attitude melts the heart any man or woman who was lucky enough to get to know her. That’s my lovely wife, the love of my life, my sunrise and sunset.

“Hold this cowboy’s dick straight up for me babe,” my wife mewled as she straddled the boy’s pole with her thighs as she held on to my shoulders tightly for support.

I stopped fucking the boy for the moment and held the base of his throbbing dick tightly in my fist, while my wife slowly impaled her hot pussy upon his shaft. She pressed her warm breasts into my chest, hugging me tightly. A lovely smile formed on her radiant face when she finally had secured the boy’s dick inside her clenching asshole.

“Good to go,” my wife purred against my face. “Start banging his fuck hole again.”

“Oh god!” Rocco grunted loudly as I slammed my hole banger deep inside his asshole.

Using the strong muscles of her thighs, she lifted and lowered her crotch, sliding her cunt up and down the young man’s cock. Her flawless, 32D tits swayed gently.

“Yeehaw!” my wife cheered, grinding her pussy lips against the boy’s curly, black pubic hair. “Does this feel good baby boy?”

“Oh yes Lola,” Rocco grunted in ecstasy. “Your husband’s big cock in my asshole and your hot pussy…riding me! Ohhh … you two are the best!”

Lola pounded up and down, making wet sounds when her cunt slapped onto the base of Rocco’s cock. Not missing a single beat, we fucked the boy rhythmically and in perfect harmony, just like a perfect a duet.

“Yeah, fuck, mmm, shit, oh, god,” Lola groaned, grunted, mewled and moaned melodiously as she rode Rocco’s young, hard rod. “This…is…so…much…fun…yeahmmm!”

This was not an easy position to master, but we had done this countless times before. We loved looking into each other’s eyes and kiss while we fucked a guy in this position.

“You need to shave your mustache!” my wife husked in a low, lusty voice before kissing me hotly on my mouth.

“But I like it honey,” I objected. “It makes me look distinguished.”

“Your handsome face and your beautiful salt and pepper hair make you look plenty distinguished,” she said, running her lovely fingers through my hair. “The mustache makes you look like a … distinguished truck driver!”

“Oh thanks a lot!” I chuckled.

“It scrapes my fucking face when I kiss you!”

“Your bush tickles my fucking nose when I eat your pussy!”

“Then I should stop kissing you and you should stop eating my cunt!”

“Done deal,” I laughed. “From now on, no kissing and no pussy eating for us!”

“Ah fuck … you win!” Lola pouted cutely. “The mustache stays, so does the fur. I can’t shave off my bush … it gets way too itchy.”

“Your landscape looks amazing,” Rocco commented, panting underneath our bodies. “So does the mustache!”

“Hurray for facial and pubic hair!” my wife cheered as she bounced up and down.

We had picked up Rocco at the beach a few days before, and since then, both of us had been fucking him like crazy. He was only eighteen, but we really did not care how old he was. He was a very handsome, athletic, charming and most importantly, extremely virile, bisexual young man who loved fucking pussy and having a big dick up his ass; that was all we needed to know about him.

My lovely wife’s real name is Karina. Karina was an extremely beautiful, young singer when I first met her back in Sweden. She was only eighteen and inexperienced, but I realized that she had the looks, the talent and the drive to become a hot superstar from the very moment she walked into my talent agency with her mother.

Under my direction and management, Karina became Lola; a hot, slutty, singer that all teenage girls envied and all men wanted to sleep with. When I found out that she was a sexual deviant and an insatiable sex addict just like me, I fell head to toe in love with her. Luckily the feeling was mutual and we became the best of lovers and friends. With the help of some like-minded friends, we began to play, explore and experience our naughtiest fantasies and wildest dreams. Threesomes, orgies, gang bangs, boys, girls; we did it all.

Lola’s thirst for sex was, and still is, unquenchable; she is a true nymphomaniac. Sometimes, even I, can find it hard to keep up with her. I am fifteen years older than her, but she keeps me young, sharp and in fantastic shape. We have sex every single day, most days more than three times. Sometimes, we even do it during her special time of the month. She is a superstar, and by far the most popular woman during our special gatherings among our friends. Gang fucking her is the highlight of our parties. She has the lust and the energy to fuck and climax dozens of times with dozens of people during each session. I have no idea where she gets her energy from, but her cheerful attitude and her energy is contagious. Anyone who has her her even once, becomes addicted and won’t be able to get enough of her.

When she was twenty, unbeknownst to the media and her fans, Lola gave birth to our beautiful daughter, Kia. After four best selling albums, one worldwide, and three European tours, Lola was done. She was tired of the media spotlight and wanted to spend more time at home with our little girl.

“I’m done with this shit,” she said to me one day. “From now on I just want to be a housewife.”

We had made more than enough money to live a lavish life, ten lifetimes over. We moved to south of Spain and settled in an upscale neighborhood of a beautiful town. We also bought a villa in France and a house in California. The California house proved to be an unnecessary luxury, so we sold it a couple of years later. All of our good friends and sex buddies lived in Spain, and our daughter Kia loved it there.

When Kia grew older, Lola talked to her about our lifestyle. We were relieved to find out that she already knew we were swingers and she was absolutely fine with it. From early on we knew that Kia was very smart. She graduated high school at fifteen and decided to study at Uppsala University at the age of sixteen.

My heart filled with dread the day she left for Sweden. Lola seemed much more relaxed.

“Don’t worry,” Lola said. “She’s smart like her mother. She’ll be fine!”

“Yeah sure,” I replied worriedly. “Look what happened to you! You moved to Stockholm when you were a teen and met me., an old pervert who took advantage of you and knocked you up before you turned nineteen!”

“Oh? Is that what happened?” my wife chuckled. “I remember marrying a wonderful man who has been my best friend and taken very good care of me. I met the love of my life and he has never let me down since!”

“You’re right. She’ll be absolutely fine,” I said sarcastically. “There are hundreds of guys like me out there … thousands … millions even!”

Always the optimist, Lola slapped my butt playfully and that marked the end of that discussion. Less than a week after Kia left, Lola started to build a sex room in our home and we began hosting our dream parties. Lola was happy. Our friends were happy. I was happy too, but I missed my sweet Kia.

Lola was the kind of woman who became more and more beautiful as she aged. Now, in her early forties she looked lovelier and was in a better shape than ever as she bounced up and down Rocco’s stiff pole. She was in a very good mood because our daughter was finally coming home.

I had not seen my daughter in over a year. She was now twenty and was a spitting image of her mother.

I pulled the towel off Lola’s head and tussled her damp, golden hair. Panting heavily, she rode Rocco’s cock faster and harder. Placing her hands behind my neck, she pulled my face into hers and kissed me passionately.

“Fuck him harder babe,” Lola moaned into my mouth. “Do you like his asshole?”

“Yeah!” I grunted.

“Is it nice and tight?”

“Mmm, fuck yeah.”

“Then, fuck him harder!” my wife cried. “Empty your hot balls inside his pooper!”

“I will honey.”

“Bang that fuck hole with your hot dick, babe!”

“I am!”


“Is this hard enough for you?” I panted as I slammed my cock brutally into Rocco’s ass.

“Milk my hubby’s dick Rocco,” Lola demanded. “Juice his ass fucking dick with your hot ass!”

“Mmm, o…k!” the boy grunted and actually managed to tighten his sphincter despite my ferocious, merciless and fast thrusts.

“I love watching you bang ass!” Lola cried. “It’s so fucking hot!”

“And I love watching you ride cock!”

“I love you so fuckin’ much,” she grunted mewled. “God fuckin’ damnit, I’m getting close!”

Lola usually uses filthy language during sex because she knows how much it turns me on. This shouldn’t come as a surprise; I’m a man of many -probably too many- fetishes.

“I’m gonna come all over his mother fucking dick,” Lola whimpered. “I want you to come with me babe. Let’s do it together.”

Lola thrashed her head, whipping her hair from side to side as she roared and rode Rocco’s dick like a rodeo cowgirl. Her heavy tits swayed back and forth, and bounced up and down. Rocco’s head banged against the headboard with each forward thrust of my hips. We all panted, moaned, grunted and growled.

Cock. Ass. Tits. Fuck.

Bang! Slap! Smack! Slam!

Shit, I’m ready to fucking come like a motherfucker.

“I’m ready,” I cried, looking into Lola’s sizzling eyes. “Tell me when!”

“Hold on babe,” she cried. “Hold … on … one … two … now … mfm’comiiiiiiing!”

I started to squirt load after load of hot, thick fuck juice deep into Rocco’s tight hole. With a half muted screech, Lola collapsed and fell against me. I knew that Rocco was about to come when his asshole started to tighten and squeeze my shaft.

“He’s gonna pop!” I warned my wife.

“Tell him not to come inside me,” Lola whimpered weakly into my ear.

“Don’t come inside her Rocco!” I relayed my wife’s request.

“Mmm … ok!” Rocco moaned.

When my wife started to roll off the boy, I took hold of his shaft. Lola lay on her stomach with her face beside his hip. Facing his cock, she wrapped her well-manicured fingers around his throbbing prick, stroking it fast and hard, then stopped, kissed his piss hole, spat on it, blew on it. Rocco was moaning, writhing, biting his lips. Lola smiled, spat on his cock and continued jacking him off. Quickly, I pulled out of the boy’s clinging hole and lay on my stomach on the opposite side of my wife.

“You have a really nice cock Rocco,” Lola husked with her mouth almost touching his flushed dick. “Do you know what we’re going to do to your pretty cock-a-doodle-doo?”

“Ooooh,” the boy sobbed. “Fuckinshityeah!”

“We’re going to play with it until it squirts sweet Rocco juice!”

Blue, hot and high on raw lust; Lola’s eyes were driving me fucking crazy. She knew that I was watching her every sexy, little move. Looking hotly into my eyes, she opened her sexy mouth and stretched out her gorgeous tongue. A few drops of precum oozed out of Rocco’s fluttering piss hole and splashed against Lola’s lips when she began slamming her tongue with the boy’s throbbing cock head.

“Finger fuck his poopster, Jon,” Lola said. “Let’s make him come nice and hard.”

I quickly shoved three fingers up inside Rocco’s abused asshole, pounding back and forth as hard as I could. Sliding her hand all the way down the base of Rocco’s cock, Lola wiggled it from side to side. She then started to slap my cheeks and mouth with the boy’s beautiful dick.

“Bouncy, bouncy cockatoo!” Lola said with a soft giggle. “I think he’s ready to pop. Are you gonna squirt soon, Rocco?”

“Mmmyeah,” the hot young man whined.

“Hmm, do you want to come in my mouth,” Lola said licking Rocco’s shaft, “or do you…hmm…come inside Jon’s mouth? Who’s the lucky winner of Rocco’s sweet juice?”

Rocco grabbed Lola’s wrist, humping his crotch up and down, beating his cock into my wife’s fist vigorously, twisting and churning his muscular hips, humping his ass up and down. Knowing that he was about to come very soon, I shoved my fingers as far as I could up his asshole. Finally with his ass lifted off the bed, he stopped moving. His thigh muscles flexed, his anus clenched my fingers tightly and he grunted loudly, announcing the frantic arrival of a powerful orgasm.

“Put it in your mouth!” Lola commanded me hotly, her lips almost touching my cheek. “I don’t want his goo in my hair.”

Right before the first squirt of white cum flew out of his pee hole, I wrapped my mouth around the boy’s spasming cock head.

“Coming!” Rocco grunted.

“Don’t swallow it all,” Lola hissed. “Save some for your wifey.”

With my mouth tightly closed around Rocco’s squirting prick, I swallowed the first couple of shots of hot cum.

One. Two. Three. Four.

So fucking thick and creamy, Wow!

When the boy finally stopped squirting, I let his cock pop out of my mouth. Lola attacked my mouth with her lips and tongue before even a drop of Rocco’s cream had a chance to escape my mouth. We kissed, then swapped and swallowed cum for a few minutes until there was nothing left of Rocco’s cream in or around our mouths.

“I love you honey,” Lola whispered softly into my ear, her breath hot against my skin.

“I love you too,” I whispered back to her.

“Chop-chop baby,” my wife chuckled, spanking the black-haired boy’s muscular butt cheeks. “Time to go!”

“Uh, ok! Where are my clothes?” the boy asked in a daze.

“You left them by the pool two days ago,” Lola replied giggling.

“Have I been here two days?” Rocco asked.

“Three I think!” my wife replied. “Maybe four?”

“Where’s my phone?”

“In your pants’ pockets?”

“Oh shit!” Rocco exclaimed and hurried out of the bedroom. “Call me?”

“We will honey,” my wife said, laughing melodiously. She then turned to me and said, “Breakfast. Shower. Airport. Move your sexy ass!”

After a nice, hot shower, I looked proudly at my reflection in our bedroom’s full length mirror. Like my wife, I had a perfect tan. My muscles were hard and well defined. I was in extremely good shape for a fifty-five-year old man and felt wonderfully spry thanks to my sexy, younger wife and our carefree lifestyle.

Distinguished truck driver my ass, I said to my reflection and smiled. Deep down, I really didn’t care about the mustache, but I loved teasing Lola.

Lola was slowly puffing on a cigarette as she waited for me outside next to our convertible Beamer. She was wearing a short and very sexy, white sundress. I could easily see her white bra and panties through her dress.

“Is that what you’re wearing to the airport?” I asked with genuine concern.

“What’s wrong with this?” she said, grinning mischievously.

“I just don’t want to get arrested and leave Kia hanging … that’s all!”

“They’re going to arrest you for…what, exactly?”

“For punching out whoever tries to detain or arrest you!”

“Oh yeah?” Lola chuckled. “I assume they will arrest me for trying to blow up the airport with my boobs?”

“No!” I replied. “They’ll arrest you for being married to an old perv!”

“Come on honey,” Lola softly protested. “You know they won’t hold me for long. They’ll let me off with a warning after they fuck the shit out of me!”

“That’s nice, babe,” I replied defeated. “Maybe I am really getting too old for you!”

“Not if I can help it,” Lola chuckled as she entered the car.

As I drove down our driveway, I pictured my wife being gang fucked by dark, sweaty, unkempt security officers. My dick began to tingle and move inside my jeans.

Fuck! I thought, I am such a fucking perv!


At the airport, I was surprised to see my beautiful daughter walk towards us hand in hand with a strikingly beautiful, raven-haired girl. The girl was probably a few years older than Kia and was wearing a sexy, crop tank top and tight and low cut jeans. Her belly button was pierced with a silver ring and a Kanji tattoo graced her lower abdomen.

To my disbelief, my darling daughter was dressed in almost exactly the same fashion, with a matching tattoo. She was definitely wearing a thin bra because the outline of her nipples were clearly visible through the thin fabric of her top. Her beautiful breasts had grown exponentially since the last time I saw her. They were almost as large as her mother’s knockers.

“Be cool honey,” my wife whispered, squeezing my hand tightly. “Remember that we are supposed to be her liberal parents!”

“You knew about this didn’t you?” I whispered, trying not to move my lips.

“Surprise!” my wife chuckled quietly.

“She looks like the girl, from that movie from the other night!” I mumbled, raising one eyebrow.

“Which one?” Lola chuckled.

“You know…” I paused to clear my throat. “The hot one.”

“The one that gave you instant boner?” Lola chuckled. “You fucked the shit out of my mouth and pussy after we watched that movie!”

“All right,” I replied. “I got it.”

“You won’t have to fantasize about her anymore,” Lola whispered excitedly. “Now you can fuck this little hottie!”

“Who are we talking about?” I asked, perplexed.

“Does it matter?” she said with a lewd grin.

“What the f…”

“I’m gonna help you bang the shit out of both of them,” she continued. “That’s what you really want, am I right?”

“Stop it!” I snapped. “They can hear you.”

Her beautiful face lighting up with mischief, Lola shook her head at me. She was absolutely right though. I was recently getting more and more interested in younger boys and girls. And now, I was looking at my daughter, her cheerful, radiant face, her body like a fitness model, her big fucking tits and her stunningly beautiful friend. To my dismay, my shameless balls began to tickle and my insidious pecker jerked and moved inside my pants. A couple of seconds later I was the proud owner of a full hard on. Not just any old kind of hard on either. Sure, Kia’s friend looked amazing enough to make me drool, but it was my very own daughter that had caused such a stir in my guts, and in my pants.

Shit! Shame on you Jon!

“Daddyyyyyy!” my sizzling hot, little angel cheered as she threw herself into my open arms. “I missed you sooo much!”

I caressed my girl’s silky-soft, golden hair and kissed her forehead. The fresh scent of her hair filled my nostrils, caressing my senses as she smiled prettily and planted butterfly kisses on my cheeks. The exuberant sensation of her supple boobs smashing against my chest almost knocked the breath out of me. Then for a short moment Kia’s flat, naked stomach pressed against my hard on. Startled, she stepped back and looked down. I tried to read the expression on her face as my cheeks turned hot red with shame, and forbidden lust.

“I missed you too Bubbles!” I mumbled.

“Your mustache … it tickles my skin Daddy,” Kia giggled like a little girl, her gaze still focused on the bulge in my pants.

“Do you like the stash?”

“You look kinda funny with it!” she said, finally looking up and into my eyes.

“Funny like a truck driver?”

“What?” she said, tracking her gaze down to my bulge of shame.

“I like your dad’s pornstache!” my daughter’s sexy friend candidly interjected. “He looks like that guy from that gay movie we watched the other night!”

“You watch gay porn?” I asked surprised.

“Filter! Fay!” my daughter snapped at her friend, blushing slightly. “Use that filter between your head and your silly, sexy mouth. Remember?”

“Oh, sorry,” Fay pouted. “I thought you said your parents were cool!”

“They are cool,” Kia replied. “But you’ve just met them for fuck’s sake!”

“Ok!” Fay said. “I’ll tone it down.”

I was startled by Kia’s dominant demeanor and her use of raunchy language. She looked, acted and talked differently. She was clearly testing me, gauging my reaction to her words, tone and appearance. All she needed to do was to look down at my pants and see my dick move and throb…and she did. She smirked mischievously as her gaze shifted between my face and my crotch area before she turned her attention to her mother.

“Hi baby,” Lola said, hugging our daughter as tightly as she could.

“Look at you Mom!” Kia smiled. “Still teasing poor, horny guys every little chance you get, huh?”

“Always!” my wife chuckled.

“Are you planning to pick up someone here at the airport?”

“Maybe!” Lola chuckled. “You never know.”

“Your mom is so fucking hot!” my daughter’s friend blurted again. “Wow!”

“Sorry guys,” my daughter said. “This is my very rude girlfriend Fay.”

“Nice to see you in person Lola,” Fay said and hugged my wife as if she had known her all her life.

“It’s nice meeting you too,” Lola replied.

“When Kia showed me the video for Lollipop, I creamed my panties,” the hot girl confessed. “You were so damn hot in that video … and your voice … oh my God! Fuck! You are even more gorgeous in real life!”

“Thanks honey … I guess,” Lola said grinning with pride. “Where did you find that video Kia?”

“It’s up on your fan site!” Kia smiled. “Your hot ass is all over the web!”

“There’s a fan site? Can we check that out when we get home honey?” my wife asked me.

“Sure babe,” I replied.

I had actually started the whole fan thing. We were selling more digital albums and songs than ever. I had not mentioned this to Lola because she didn’t want to know about the business and where the money came from. After all, I was the one who had turned her talent into a gold mine for both of us.

“Fay is going to stay with us for a while,” Kia said looking at me. “I hope that’s all right with you?”

“Sure Bubbles,” I said. “She can have the guest house all to herself.”

“Actually I thought maybe both of us could stay at the guest house, Daddy,” my daughter said with a grin.

“Yes … I’m kind of a screamer … if you know what I mean,” Fay added. “We don’t want to disturb you in the middle of the night with my screams!”

“What the fuck did I just tell you Fay?” Kia hissed at her sexy friend. “Too much info, too soon!”

“Sorry!” Fay pouted again.

I wondered if the clueless beauty knew that Kia was not really mad at her. Maybe their constant bickering was just an act. In the end, It really didn’t matter. The fact that my daughter was fucking this scatter brained hottie was enough to turn me on beyond redemption.

“It’s ok girls,” my wife said. “You can have the guest house all to yourselves and fuck as loud, and as much as you want. I’ll call the housekeepers on our way and they’ll have it ready for you by the time we reach home.”

“Yeah … what your mother said,” I added. “Now let’s get out of here before they arrest us!”

“Who’s going to arrest us?” Fay asked innocently.

“The boob police,” Lola joked.

“Who?” Fay asked again.

“Let’s get going girls,” my wife laughed. “I’ll explain on our way to the car.”

“Your dad has a huge hard on!” Fay whispered a bit too loudly to Kia as we walked towards the exit.

“Shush!” Kia whispered back, lightly slapping her friend’s pretty butt cheek and giggled quietly.

“That’s so fucking hot,” Fay said again in a way too audible whisper. “I think it’s for you!”

Kia grasped her friend’s wrist and began walking very fast, placing some distance between us.

“Shame on you!” Lola whispered, hitting my arm with her elbow.


I had a boner for my own sweet daughter and everyone knew about it. I was doomed; there was no going back from this situation. Kia turned her head and smiled at me, then started talking to Fay, then both giggled like little girls.

“Fuckin’ hell, babe,” Lola whispered into my ear, grabbing my forearm and squeezing tightly. “We’re going to fuck our own daughter…soon!”

I did not dare reply to my wife’s daring statement. I feared that if I did, it wouldn’t come true, and I definitely wanted, no needed this one to come true.


I was reading a paper while drinking my protein shake at a table when my daughter entered the kitchen. She had taken a shower and changed into a pair of even sexier, low cut jeans and a very sexy tank top. Her beautiful hooters looked incredibly firm and from the look of their protruding, stone-hard nipples, both of them very happy to see me. I could see the crack of her ass and her sexy, tiny panties when she leaned into the fridge to look for something cold to drink.

“Daddy, I need to ask you something,” she said while opening a can of beer. “But I don’t know how!”

“What honey?” I asked looking up at her. “You need money for a new pair of jeans because you’ve grown out of the ones you’re wearing now?”

My hot girl giggled melodiously and said, “Very funny Daddy.”

“Well … I can easily see your cute butt crack!” I confessed.

“Shame on you Daddy!” my daughter said feigning modesty. “Are you checking out your own daughter’s intergluteal cleft?”

“Yes!” I chuckled. “I believe I have no other choice but to stare at your cleft when it’s right in front of my face.”

Kia laughed lightly and said, “Is this your passive way of being strict Daddy?”

“Good heavens … no!” I said more seriously. “I’m just having fun with my daughter. Who am I to preach morals to anyone?”

“Are you flirting with me then, Daddy?”

“Are you teasing me Bubbles?”

“Maybe I’m testing you!”

“Oh!” I chuckled. “So now you’re psycho analyzing your own father?”

“Yes I am using the good old show-your-father-your-ass-crack method!” my daughter said, smiling cutely.

“Nothing wrong with that method, I guess!”

“Do you want to touch it?”

“Touch what?” I asked.

“My butt!”

Kia approached the table. Facing me, she sat on my lap as if she were about to give me a lap dance.

“Put your hand inside my pants … Daddy!” she said in a sexy, low whisper.

She sighed deeply when I slid my hands down her tight pants and cupped her tight, right ass cheek. She grasped my face with her tender hands and leaned forward.

“Squeeze my f…oh….fucking butt, Daddy,” she said, her soft breath feeling hot upon my face.

I squeezed her firm, hot butt cheek. My sexy daughter moaned and purred like a kitten.

“Kiss me Daddy!” she whispered, her breath hot on my lips.

I kissed her lightly. She kissed me back, sliding her sexy tongue past my quivering lips, and inside my mouth. She began whimpering softly into my mouth when I squeezed her mound harder. Slowly, she began humping my knees. I placed my free hand behind her lovely neck and pulled her face into mine. She licked my lips, then pulled her face back, breaking free from the grasp of my mouth and lips.

“Well just so you know Daddy,” my daughter panted, looking into my eyes. “I was a nerd for such a long time. I didn’t do anything fun at all. I didn’t even know how to have fun … until one day, I met Fay.”

“Yes, the famous screamer,” I interrupted my daughter. “Sorry honey. Go on.”

“She saved me from turning into a sad, shriveled bore!”

“God bless her!”

“Now I want to have some fucking fun, just like you and Mom. I want to try new things. I want to be naughty and sleep around with lots of guys and girls. I want to be bad and do stupid things like a normal girl.”

“I guess you’re a late bloomer.”

“I tried a relationship with a guy once. He broke my heart. I was completely broken until I met Fay, and she pulled me out darkness; she saved my life!”

“God bless her!”

“God bless who?” my wife asked cheerfully as she entered the kitchen followed by Fay.

“Fay!” I said.

“Yes?” Fay replied, confused.

“God bless you,” Kia said chuckling.

“Thanks,” Fay said sheepishly. ” But I didn’t sneeze!”

“What’s your hand doing down my daughter’s pants?” Lola asked, smiling mischievously.

“Oh!” I said, starting to remove my hand from Kia’s hot ass cheek. Lola swiftly grabbed my wrist and shoved my hand down Kia’s pants again.

“There,” she said, winking at Kia. “So what were you doing?”

“We were just having a conversation,” Kia said, smiling at her mother.

“Oh,” Lola smiled. “I see!”

“I was just telling Daddy that I want to be more like you guys,” Kia explained to her mother as she got up from my lap. “I don’t want the heartache of a relationship and falling in love.”

“That’s ok honey,” Lola approved.

“But I’m scared at the same time,” Kia confessed. “It takes time to find a group of people that I can trust.”

“A group of friend to fuck?” Lola asked candidly.

“Yes!” Kia said with a sigh of relief. “To fuck like crazy!”

Lola looked at me with her prettiest smile. I looked down at my paper, then at Kia’s pretty face before finally shrugging at my wife.

“Should we help our daughter find a few new fuck buddies?” Lola asked me, her face radiating raw mischief.

“I don’t know honey!” I replied.

Fay looked at us puzzled. Kia was holding her breath.

“I don’t see anything wrong with it,” Lola said. “Do you?”

“Bax’s son and daughter joined our group last year and nobody complained,” I pointed out.

“Are you kidding me?” my wife chuckled. “Everyone was so fucking turned on when Jill and Tom joined us. They were only disappointed when Bax and Suzy didn’t fuck their kids at the party!”

“You almost passed out when Bax and Suzy fucked the kids in front of us!” I reminded Lola.

“It was too fucking hot!” Lola confessed. “I wished that I had lots of kids who could fuck the shit out of me in front of everyone!”

Our good friends Bax and Suzy only fucked their children in our presence. They did not want to risk others finding out about their secret family affairs.

“Honey, do you want come to our next fuck party?” my wife asked our daughter. “Is that what you want?”

“Can I … Mommy?” Kia asked excitedly.

“I can’t see why not honey,” my wife said in a reassuring tone. “If that’s really what you want, it’s ok with me and your father!”

“Is it really ok with you Daddy?” Kia asked looking at me expectantly.

“Yes Bubbles!” I said hoping that my wife and daughter could not notice the excitement in my voice.

“Hey, what about me?” Fay asked, pouting like a little girl.

“Of course you can join us too honey!” my wife said, smiling lovingly Kia’s ditzy girlfriend.

“When is your next party?” Kia asked, trying to contain her excitement.

“We were going to move it to Bax and Suzy’s place this Saturday since you decided to come home early,” Lola said. “But, now that things have changed we’ll turn it to a welcome home party and have it right here at our place.”

“Maybe we should make it a private party,” I suggested. “Only Bax, Suzy, their kids and us?”

“Hmm…good call babe,” Lola enthused. “All of us can fuck like crazy without worrying about who thinks what about you know what!”

“Sounds good,” I agreed, I did not know what else to say.

“You mean you guys…I mean you…Daddy…too and me?” Kia mumbled, clearly overwhelmed by Lola’s suggestion. “In the same room, or…?”

“You, me and Daddy what?,” Lola teased.

“Nothin’,” Kia replied, her cute cheeks blushing bright red.

“I’m calling dibs on your mom!” Fay shouted cheerfully.

“What the f…” Kia said, clearly a bit irritated.

“Easy honey,” Lola said, her eyes glowing with lust. “Of course, you can fuck me as much as you want, Fay!”

“Meow,” Fay cheered and planted a sexy, little kiss on Lola’s cheek.

“Ooh, I’m so excited,” my wife said joyfully. “Girls, we need to go shopping!”

As my hot, horny girls left the kitchen, I gulped down the remainder of my protein shake and leaned back in my chair. I was so happy that I was sitting down behind a table during our surreal conversation and nobody could see the rocket in my pants.

Shit! Fuck me!!! What the fuck just happened?


My best friend, Bax, leaned back in his chair, looking at me thoughtfully.

“I think the coffee girl wants me bad,” he said smiling handsomely. “Last time she drew a heart on my Cap!”

“Yeah sure,” I said sarcastically. “That hot eighteen-year-old Polish girl wants you really bad!”

“What did she draw on yours?”

“A leaf!”

“There you go!” my best friend declared, grinning winningly. “Don’t be such a jealous sourpuss!”

“Ok … you win Bax. Hot coffee-girl wants you so much she can barely hold on to her panties,” I said.

“Is she Polish?”

“Probably,” I shrugged.

“So what were we talking about?”

“My daughter. Her friend. My dilemma!”

“Yeah, so Kia wants to fuck her father … and?”

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t want to fuck her?”

“No!” I insisted. “I mean, fuck!”

“Oh … I see!” Bax smirked.

“Tell me the story of your first time with your kids,” I said lowering the volume of my voice.

I looked at my best friend’s handsome face and his mischievous smile, then smiled back nervously. I had known Bax for over ten years. He was a tall, muscular, handsome and extremely charming forty-five-year old man. With his thick blond hair and striking green eyes, he looked much more Nordic than I did.

Lola and I hooked up with Bax and his wife Suzy through a sex personal ad in a magazine. The four of us had been sex buddies and best friends since then. I always shared my deepest secrets with Bax. When my wife and the girls left to go shopping, I called Bax and asked him to meet me at a café near our villa.

“Well, Suzy was dying to fuck the kids,” Bax confessed. “One night we told the kids that if they wanted, they could come into our bedroom and surprise us while we were fucking. They both took us up on our offer, came to our bedroom and started watching and touching us while we fucked. Then Jill said that she wanted to fuck us all with Suzy’s strap on, and she did. Then I fucked my son’s ass while my wife and daughter watched and touched us. After that, Tom fucked his sister, mother and me in the ass and so on.”

“Wow!” I couldn’t believe that this story still turned me on after hearing it countless times. “Still no regrets?”

“Come on buddy,” Bax said, shaking his head. “You know we all love fucking each other too much, especially Suzy. She is obsessed with fucking those kids.”

“Our wives are so fucking crazy,” I said with a grin.

“Yeah,” Bax agreed, “but we won’t have it any other way!”

“Do you think we’re sick?”

Bax looked at me thoughtfully and said, “Society says it’s ok for others to have sex with your children, I mean it’s ok for any creep or asshole to fuck your sweet girl, but you can’t do it because you made her? Does that seem fair to you?”

I sat quietly and listened to my friend’s argument, nodding or shaking my head in response.

“I wanted to sleep with my kids,” he continued, “and they wanted to sleep with me and their mother. They are consenting adults and so are we. As long as everyone knows and is ok with it, I don’t see the harm in it!”

“Right,” I nodded sheepishly.

“You need to take it easy buddy,” Bax said with his patented charming smile. “Just go with the flow and have fun instead of arguing with people who love you.”

“Ah … you’re so sweet,” I said with a grin. “I love you too man!”

“Shut up you asshole!” Bax joked. “Did you get that box of wine I sent you?”

“Oh yeah. Did you make that in your toilet?”

“You wish,” Bax chuckled. “My cousin sent it to me from Italy. He keeps sending me that crap. I can pick it up when I see you on Saturday.”

“No … it’s ok … Lola likes it. She says it gives her a fruity buzz!”


“Wise ass!” I joked as I looked at my friend’s adorable face. “Are you up for a quickie buddy?”

“Now?” he asked raising an eyebrow. “Here?”

“Yeah,” I said with a grin. “Men’s room!”

“I’ll go first,” he said excitedly, then tood up and started to walk towards the men’s room, which was located at the back end of the café.

When I made sure nobody was paying attention, I got up and followed Bax. I locked the bathroom door behind me. This café was brand new and had a very roomy and clean bathroom. As I unzipped my jeans and whipped my hard dick out, Bax took his shirt off and dropped his slacks down to his ankles. He spread his legs and placed his hands upon the wall, spreading his legs as if her were ready for me to frisk him.

“Shit,” I gasped, gazing at my friend’s flawless, muscular butt. “Have you been doing squats without me?”

“No,” he replied. “Why?”

“Your ass looks even hotter than last week!”

“Thanks,” he chuckled. “No more sweet talk Casanova. Now shove it in and fuck me!”

I placed my left hand on Bax’s muscular shoulder, spat on two fingers of my right hand and shoved them inside my friend’s twitching asshole. I twisted my fingers and fucked them back and forth a while before pulling them out. Then I spat on my cock head and placed it upon Bax’s backdoor entrance. He arched his hot ass up and let out a deep grunt when I slammed my hard dick all the way in with a fierce thrust.

“Mmmfuck,” Bax grunted.

“Goddamn!” I gasped as I began to bang his ass hard and fast.

Being experienced, we kept the volume of our grunts and moans to a minimum, but the loud raw sound of my crotch slamming against Bax’s butt cheeks and his fist jacking off his cock echoed in the large bathroom.

“Mmmmmfuck, mmmfuck, mmmmfuck,” Bax repeated as I squeezed his shoulders and fucked him with everything I had.

With every hard thrust and power slam, I unleashed my pent-up frustration upon my best friend’s amazing ass. I grasped Bax’s hair in my fist and pulled his head back, fucking him with incredibly savage thrusts.

“Mmmyeahyeahyeah,” I moaned as I slammed my hard dick back and forth, in and out of my best friend’s hot shitter. “Gonna pop soon, buddy boy!”

“Coming!” Bax whispered as thick gobs of man juice flew out of his piss hole and splashed against the wall.

With a deep grunt I started to shoot my cum deep inside my hot friend’s clenching asshole. I let go of Bax’s hair and grabbed his hips. Then I jerked my hips violently a few times before my balls were completely drained. I pulled out and grabbed a few sheets of toilet paper, cleaned off my dick and Bax’s asshole before zipping up my pants. Then I grabbed Bax’s fucking handsome face in my hands and kissed him deeply on his mouth before walking out of the men’s room.

A minute later my friend and I sat at our table as if nothing had happened.

“Shit, man!” Bax whispered. “That was something else Jon!”

“Yeah,” I replied coyly.

“I fucking love your dick inside me!” my best friend confessed.

“Your cappuccino sir,” the hot barista said as she placed a cup and a napkin in front of Bax.

“Did she hear us?” Bax asked worriedly.

I just smiled and shrugged. I really didn’t care if she had heard us or not.

“I told you she wanted me!” Bax grinned as he looked down at the table.

“Then why didn’t you ask for her phone number?”

“I didn’t have to,” he handed me the napkin.

I looked at the side of the napkin in disbelief.

A phone number!

When I left the café I was feeling much better, but as I got closer to the villa and saw that Lola and the girls were back from their shopping trip, my heart started to pound hard and fast.

So many emotions started buzzing like butterflies inside my head, and my guts.

I need a strong antacid! I thought as I walked slowly toward the entrance of my house.


As I opened the door I heard music playing loudly on our sound system. The song was Lollipop, Lola’s first hit single from her double platinum first album.

“That’s it … shake your hips … boobs … boobs … shake … now your ass,” Lola’s exuberant voice came from the living room followed by Fay and Kia’s cheerful giggles.

When I entered the room my jaw almost dropped to the floor. Fay, Kia and Lola were dancing to Lollipop, wearing sexy schoolgirl lingerie, each holding a big red lollipop in their hands. Lola was teaching the girls her Lollipop dance steps.

“Oh, hi honey!” Lola said cheerfully. She stopped dancing when she saw me enter the room.

“Hi Daddy!” Kia giggled.

“Hi Mr. Bergstrom!” Fay said, panting rapidly.

“Hi girls,” I mumbled. “Don’t let me interrupt.”

“Oh, you’re not stopping us,” my wife said and licked her lollipop seductively. “We’re done for tonight. Let me turn down the music.”

After turning down the volume on the sound system Lola walked towards me and put her sexy hand behind my neck. She pulled my face into hers and kissed me hotly on my mouth.

“Do you like my hair Mister Bergstrom?” Lola said with her cutest Marilyn Monroe impersonation.

Just like Kia and Fay, my wife’s hair was tied with ribbons into cute girlish pigtails.

“Yes … I like…”

“Do you like it or love it Mister Bergstrom?”

“Love! Definitely love it!”

“How about my outfit Mr. Bergstrom?”

“Love it! Definitely!”

“Why is your dad talking like Ray Man?” Fay abruptly asked in her usual candid manner.

“It’s Rain man,” Kia corrected her friend.

“That’s what I said,” Fay replied cluelessly. “Why is talking like that?”

It took a few seconds before all of us burst into laughter.

“Girls, will you help me demonstrate our outfits for Mr. Bergstrom?” my wife cheered, winking at the girls.

I sat down in a comfy chair and waited excitedly to see what my sexy girls had in store for me. Lola ordered Fay to stand in front of me and asked Kia to point at the different pieces of her friend’s sexy outfit while she described them to me.

“This, my dear husband … is called a halter bra,” Lola said seductively.

“It’s a plaid, schoolgirl, halter bra!” my daughter interjected while slowly caressing her friend’s bra with the tip of her exquisite index finger.

“Thank you honey,” my wife smiled. “As you may have noticed we’re all wearing different colors of the same type of outfit.”

Fay’s color was blue. Kia was wearing a pink set and my wife wore red.

“Yes I have indeed noticed,” I said, grinning sheepishly. “Thank you for that. Now I can easily tell who’s who!”

“Yes, I thought you needed some help telling the difference between us,” my wife giggled like a schoolgirl. “Now this little piece of clothing is a tiny skirty garter belty thingy, and is called a mini skirtini!”

“Skirtini?” I asked, gazing at the scanty piece of fabric.

“That’s right,” my wife smiled. “Mini skirtini. It doubles as a garter belt.”

“You mean a nano skirtini!” Kia corrected her mother again while pointing sexily at the tiny skirt.

“Nano?” my wife pouted.

“That’s right, a garter nano skirthingy,” Fay added, her sexy eyes sparkling with juvenile mischief. “I was listening to the sexy sales lady when she was explaining all this.”

“Oh, I see,” I said, feigning awe. “So that’s how your stockings are attached to the itsy, bitsy skirthingy!”

“Right!” Fay smiled proudly. “Because it doubles as a garter beltini!”

“I’m so glad you were paying attention to the sales lady Fay!” I laughed.

“Oh yeah,” Fay said. “That sales lady was really hot. She made my … hmm … lady parts really wet!”

“This little chickie wanted to fuck everything that moved today!” Kia reported.

“No,” Fay protested. “Just the hot sales lady at the lingerie store, and Kia, umm…and her mom!”

“Oh?” Kia laughed. “Sorry baby!”

“Show him the matching G-string honey,” Lola said to Kia.

My daughter slowly pulled up her friend’s super tiny skirtini and said, “Tada! It’s so fucking tiny, Daddy!”

My heart started to beat faster when my daughter ran her fingers up and down her friend’s tiny panties. I could see black strands of pussy hair sticking out from the sides of Fay’s tiny G-string.

“Doesn’t she look so goddamn, fucking hot in these Daddy?” My daughter asked teasingly.

“Hmm,” I cleared my throat. “Very cute … yes!”

“She says she wants to shave her pussy,” my daughter said looking into my eyes, waiting for my reaction. “I don’t like bald pussies. How about you Daddy?”

“I like them trimmed!” I heard myself say in a low, excited voice. “I don’t like them completely shaved, no!”

“Did you hear that Fay?” my daughter smacked her friend’s ass, before squeezing one butt cheek tightly. “My daddy doesn’t like bald pussies either!”

“Aw!” Fay yelped. “All right! I won’t shave! I want your father to be happy with my coochie.”

“He won’t fuck you if you shave your kitty,” Kia said, grinning devilishly.

“You won’t?” Fay asked me, pouting like a baby.


“I can trim it for you honey,” my wife came to my rescue.


“Will you let me do it?”

“Oh gawd yeah!” Fay cheered. “Of course I’ll let you do it. I’ll let you do anything you want to my pussy…and please do everything to my pussy!”

“Ok!” my wife said. “Tonight right before we go to bed I’ll trim your pussy and then if you’re a good girl, I will fuck you silly!”


“How what?”

“How will you fuck me silly?”

“Hmm, let me think,” Lola said, pausing for dramatic effect. “With my tongue, my fingers, a strap on, and…”

“Oh god,” Fay sighed, excited out of her mind. “Mmm….I think…I’m gonna come!”

“Do you think I can fit my fist up her tiny pussy, Kia?” my wife asked our amused daughter.

“Ooh,” Kia cheered. “Yeah Mommy, I’ll help you fist that little silly kitty!”

Fay’s cheeks had turned red. Her body started to shudder when Kia began to rub her visibly swollen pussy lips through the thin fabric of her panties. My cock had become painfully hard, straining forcefully against my pants. Fay started to moan as my daughter pulled her panties aside, exposing the juicy folds of her cute cunt.

“Look at her hot coochie-pie Daddy,” my daughter urged me. “Ooh, It’s throbbing like crazy. I can feel it, it’s beating like a sexy, little heart!”

My beautiful daughter looked directly into my eyes and smiled lustily as she inserted her middle finger into her friend’s wet slit. Tiny rivers of come juice began to trickle down Fay’s thighs, dripping all over my daughter’s fingers and wrist. I had never seen a woman get so extremely wet so rapidly.

“Oh, gawd!” Fay sighed deeply. “Are…hmm…you finger fucking me in front of your parents?”

“I want my father to see how fucking wet you can get,” my daughter replied in a thick, sexy voice as she slowly fucked her friend’s pussy with her finger.

“Your hot mother can see it too!”

“Yes my little fuck doll,” Kia said, looking into Fay’s hot eyes. “My mother can see it too.”

“What … ooh … about discretion and all that shit?” Fay whimpered as she slowly gyrated her hips.

“Do you want me to stop finger fucking you?” Kia snapped.

“Nonono!” Fay moaned. “Oh god … no! Keep fucking my pussy!”

“One more finger?”

“Yes … please!” the girl gasped.

“Stand still!”

“Can’t … ooh!” Fay mumbled as she slammed her steaming cunt down and up, taking my daughter’s fingers deeper into her cute slit. The beautiful folds of her pussy gripped my daughter’s slick fingers so tightly that Kia had to struggle to pull them back.

“Fuck yeah,” Kia gasped. “I love that fucking tight cunt. Can you see how tight she is Daddy?”

I nodded sheepishly and watched mesmerized as my daughter’s glistening, wet fingers fucked her hot friend’s moist snatch. Up, down, up and down again. Fay placed her fingers on her clit and started to rub hard.

“Did I say you could play with your fucking clit?” my daughter barked at her friend.

“May I?” Fay asked.



“I said no!” my daughter said sternly before playfully biting her friend’s well-toned hip.

Suddenly Kia began to plunge her two fingers into her friend’s cunt frantically. Fay wiggled her ass up and around, spreading her shaking legs wide apart, knees bent. She gasped and mewled hotly as she pushed her sopping wet cunt up and down to meet the rhythmic thrust of Kia’s fingers.

“Oh, wow, ooh, oh, mmm,” Fay mewled and moaned as she rode my daughter’s sexy fingers.

Lola, who was now practically drooling, approached our daughter’s sexy friend and started caressing the girl’s flat tummy. Fay began to cry and whine as soon as my wife’s sexy fingers touched her well-toned abs and hips.

“Ooh, yeahmfuck!” Fay cried, her eyes fixed on Lola’s tender, loving fingers. “Mmm, Lola, mmm, oh!”

“Come on closer Daddy,” Kia purred. “I want you to spit on this sexy slut’s twitching cunt for me!”

As if moving in a dream, I dragged my chair closer to where the action was taking place and leaned forward until my face was only an inch away from Fay’s hot cunt. My spit landed on my daughter’s fingers and she quickly worked it into her friend’s fuck hole. Kia’s hot boobs bounced up and down in her scanty bra as she pounded her friend’s pussy with her fingers. Fay started to squirm and pant heavily when Lola began to touch and scratch her pubic hair.

“Touch it, scratch it, slap it, Lola,” Fay almost screamed. “Tear my fucking pussy apart!”

Lola scratched the girl’s overheated muff and spat on it before slapping her distended clit with three fingers. Fay began to coo like a baby, tears running down her flushed cheeks.

“Oh fuckkkkkk, fuck, fuck!” the hot girl cried as she gazed down and watched my wife’s sexy fingers spank her clit and pussy lips hard and fast.

“Smell it Daddy!” Kia said. “Come closer and smell her hot cunt!”

My nose almost touched the squirming girl’s pulsating clit as I sniffed her musky, hot cunt. Kia slapped Fay’s ass, making her jerk forward. For a few seconds my nose was tucked inside the folds of Fay’s wet pussy. Kia continued fucking her friend with her pounding fingers, in and almost all the way out, up and down, left and right. My daughter’s arm was now completely drenched with clear pussy juice, all the way down to her elbow.

“Kiss it Daddy!” Kia purred as she pushed her friend’s ass forward. “Kiss her hard, little clittie!”

I extended my tongue and licked Fay’s swollen clit before taking it between my lips. I sucked, and sucked hard. Lola’s fingers where scratching the girl’s cunt lips right next to my mouth. From the corner of my eye, I could see Lola’s glowing blue eyes. She was beside herself with lust, watching me intently with a lust crazed expression on her gorgeous face.

“Oooooh … fuuuuck!” Fay whimpered loudly. “God, fucking damn motherfuking… shiiiiit!”

“That’s it Daddy,” Kia purred. “Suck on it. Suck harder. Ooh god Daddy. Suck my rowdy girl’s nasty clit, yeah!”

“I’m gonna come!” Fay mewled with desperation, raw lust audible in her throaty voice. “Gonna come!”

“Don’t make her come Kia,” my wife said. “Save it for later, for me!”

“No!” Fay pleaded. “Keep fucking me. Let me come please!”

“Stop fingering her cunt Kia!” Lola hissed. “I want to make her come first!”

“Too late Mommy!” my daughter giggled, removing her fingers from Fay’s crotch.

Fay’s pussy began to twitch and throb like no pussy I had ever seen before. Instinctively, I jerked my face back, watching those wet folds as they convulsed, throbbed, pulsated and finally opened and closed like an exotic flower.

“Comiiiiiiiing!” Fay shrieked as she suddenly squirted a huge amount of female cum juice all over my daughter’s beautiful face.

The girl’s sexy legs and thighs shook wildly as a second wave of orgasm rippled through her slender body. This time around, a strong stream of cunt juice splashed all over me, drenching my head, face and shirt.

“Shit!” I gasped in surprise. As soon as I opened my mouth another load of cum juice landed directly inside my mouth, splashing down my throat.

“You came all over my father’s face, you little cunt!” Kia said to her friend feigning anger. “You came in his mouth!”

“I’m sorry,” Fay cried like a little girl.

“You better be!” Kia said, playfully spanking her friend’s cute butt cheeks. “My mom and I are going to punish you for this!”

“I’m gonna spank your hot, little ass until you cream all over my knees,” Lola threatened the girl playfully.

Then my wife suddenly began to lick my face before kissing me hotly on my mouth.

“Oh god!” she then gasped. “That was so fucking hot! I wish I could squirt like that!”

“You can Mommy,” Kia replied with a wicked grin. “It’s just a matter of pushing the right buttons.”

“Right buttons?”

“Yeah,” Kia whispered hotly as she kissed Lola’s flushed cheek. She then reached for Lola’s bra and pulled down one of its cups, freeing one delicious breast. She pinched and twisted her mother’s hard nipple between her thumb and index finger and husked, “Just like this hot, little button here … Mommy!”

“Ooh, I see!” Lola gasped. “You naughty girl!”

Kia laughed, releasing Lola’s nipple, she kissed her mother on her luscious lips.

“You should have let me make your sexy friend come!” Lola pouted cutely.

“Don’t worry Mommy,” my daughter reassured my wife. “She can come like this all night!”

“Sounds great,” Lola cheered. “Let’s go girls and have some more fun!”

“Where are we going?” I asked my wife.

“You’re not going anywhere!” Lola smiled wickedly. “I’m too horny to wait for later. I’m going to trim Fay’s pussy and then fuck her brains out.”

“And why exactly do I have to stay here?”

“Because I’m saying so!”


“No buts! Be a good boy and listen to your mommy … I mean wifey!”

“Are you going to take care of this at least?” I said pointing at my aching boner.

“No,” my wife laughed. “I’m sleeping with the girls tonight. You can call Rocco and fuck him all night if you want.”

“Who’s Rocco?” Kia asked.

“Don’t worry about it honey,” Lola said. “Let’s go girls.”

I watched my three giddy girls leave the living room. My daughter looked at me and winked. I winked back at her.

“Don’t forget to kick Rocco out when you’re done with him,” my wife said right before she left the room. “Fuck his brains out for me, ok?”

I nodded sheepishly.

“Tear his cute pooper apart,” she said with a smile and a wink.

“Oh,” Kia pouted. “I wanna watch Daddy rip Rocco’s ass!”

“Me too!” Fay cheered.

“Later my darlings,” Lola said as she walked towards the guesthouse.

I sat there, overwhelmed with lust, dazed and confused. Those images of Kia’s fingers smacking Fay’s clit, thrusting up and down into her juicy, tight cunt, pulling and twisting her mother’s nipple, her smiling face, her eyes radiating with mischief and lust, they raced through my mind like a movie trailer. The taste of Fay’s sweet and salty pussy juice was still fresh in my mouth. I needed to fuck someone more than ever. Most of all I needed to fuck the living shit out of my own daughter’s sweet cunt and pretty face, but I had to wait. This was pure torture.

One minute later I picked up the phone and dialed Rocco’s phone number.

Rocco and I hurriedly undressed in the master bedroom. I sighed deeply when I saw the boy’s beautiful, naked body. After throwing him on the bed, I climbed between his legs with a tube of lubricant in my hand. I started with smacking the boy’s throbbing cock with my own extremely hard shaft.

“You’re so fucking hard!” Rocco gasped as I grabbed both of our cocks in one fist and poured some lube all over them.

I stroked our cocks together in one fist as I looked into the boy’s hot eyes. I knew that I was going to fuck him harder than ever. He knew it too.

“From now on,” I said, squeezing our cocks harder together, “your name is Fuck Boy!”

“Yes, sir!” he replied, his mouth dry with anticipation.

“Tonight I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you, Fuck Boy!”

“Mmm,” he moaned, looking at my fist where I was squeezing, rubbing and grinding our throbbing dicks together.

I let go of his cock, grasped the base of my shaft and began smacking his hard cock and heavy balls with my own dick.

“Do you like the way I’m smacking your cock and balls Fuck Boy?” I asked the Rocco.

“Yes Mr. Bergstrom!”

“Good boy!” I said, leaning forward and kissing him roughly on his lips.

“Keep smacking my cock with your big dick Mr. Bergstrom!” the boy purred.

“Like this? Is this how you like it?”

Smack! Smack! Smack!

“Oh, fuck yes Mr. Bergstrom!” the boy gasped. “Your cock is so thick and hard. I can’t wait to take it up my ass!”

I reached for the boy’s nipples and started pinching, pulling and twisting. Then I leaned in and took one nipple into my mouth, sucking as hard as I could.

“Mmmmmyeah! Fuuuuuck!”

“You’re such a beautiful boy.”

“Thank you Sir!”

“Are you ready for me to fuck you now?”

“Oh god, yes Sir! Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Fuck me hard … please!”

“I will, Fuck Boy. Lift your legs up and hold onto your ankles for me!”

I put the engorged helmet of my dick against the boy’s anus and slowly pushed forward.

“Ugh … deeper, Sir, deeper!”

“I’m half way in my beautiful boy.”

“Shove your big cock all the way up my fuck hole!”

“Ah, here you go, Fuck Boy. Almost there!”

“Oh god! You’re filling me up so good Sir!”

“Relax your shit hole for me … ah, that’s it! My whole cock is up inside you!”


“Don’t move son. Let me kiss your beautiful mouth.”

Our lips locked in a passionate kiss. Rocco started moaning and grunting into my mouth as I began to fuck him slowly. I broke our kiss and licked his entire face before taking his earlobe between my lips.

“Fuck me with your hot, big dick.”

“Like this?” I asked as I picked up the pace of my thrusts. “Is this what you want?”

“Oh fuck…yessssir!”




“I love the way you’re fucking me…eeee…Sir!”

“Take this … and this … and this, Fuck…Boy!”

“You’re such an animal tonight … Sir!”

“Do you like it?”

“Shit yeah…fuck…fuck…fuck…me…eee…eee!”

“Lola told me to rip your pooper apart.”

“Yeah, do it … tear it apart … please!”

The boy raised his head and started to lick my sweaty chest and suck on my hard nipples. The force of my fucking rocked his young body back and forth on the bed. His shoulders banged against the headboard, his full balls jiggled and his hard cock throbbed as I fucked him with everything I had.

“Shit, that feels so good!” I grunted.



“Aaaahhhh…fuck me…fuck me…fuck me!”

I looked down, watching my slick dick as it plunged back and forth into the handsome young man’s clinging asshole. I grabbed Rocco’s cock in my hand and started to stroke him firmly as I fucked the shit out of his shit chute.

“Fuck … gonna come soon!” the boy cringed.

“Go ahead and come for me baby boy! Come for Daddy my sweet boy! Come for me Fuck Boy!”

“I’m fucking coming, sir!” the boy whined and shuddered as his cock spurted load after load of hot cum all over our six pack abs.

“Shit! Me too,” I announced as I started to fill the boy’s asshole with my hot cum.

After a short recess, and a quick snack I fucked Rocco again in the kitchen. He almost passed out when I fucked him extremely hard from behind. I held onto his hips and his muscular shoulders as I pounded him mercilessly.

This time I came all over his back, head and neck.

After that, I fucked him one more time, this time on a sofa while I looked into his hot eyes.

Then I sent him home and went to sleep in a lounge chair beside our swimming pool.

I woke up once that night from the sound of Fay’s loud, lusty screams.

“Oh god!” the girl was screaming her lungs out. “Fuck me Lola. Fuck me. Fuck me, I love it! I love it! I love it! Oooooooh!”

“Fuck her nasty, little cunt Mommy, yeah!” Kia was screaming. “Make that little whore come all over your pretty face, Mommy!”

What on earth is Lola doing to that girl? I thought before drifting back into sleep again.


Friday morning, I was trying to read the morning paper in the kitchen, waiting impatiently for my wife to show up. From where I sat I could see the poolside patio, the pool and the guesthouse through the full height window of our kitchen.

A short walkway connected the kitchen to our recently renovated patio. Lola had done a marvelous job decorating the patio with a luxurious, modern, black and white look. We had a great sex room inside the house but Lola wanted the option to throw full scale fuck parties outside and near the pool.

The patio had gradually become our main playground, complete with a wet bar, sex friendly furniture such as S shaped tantra chairs, a modified gynecological exam chair, a few Sybian machines and half a dozen premium sex swings and fuck slings.

Lola had chosen a low, circular sofa with matching round ottomans and a large circular bed in the middle of the patio. She also had placed a smaller matching circular sofa and a few extra large lounge chairs for sunbathing and fucking beside our beautiful lagoon shaped pool.

Lola finally showed up wearing a sheer, blue babydoll. Hair lovely, golden hair was pulled up in a sexy, messy bun. I watched her tall, seductive figure as she walked slowly toward me.

“Morning babe,” she said cheerfully. “Will you make me some fresh coffee?”

I got up from behind the table, filled my stovetop Espresso maker with water and freshly ground, dark roasted coffee and placed it on a burner.

“Did you make it extra strong, babe?” Lola asked as she lit a cigarette.

“Yep,” I nodded.

Lola took a deep, sexy drag from her cigarette and blew a velvety cloud of smoke through her nostrils.

I don’t smoke and I know smoking is not a healthy habit, but I loved watching Lola smoke. She usually smoked after long and hot sex sessions, and of course always with her morning coffee. Not all women can make smoking look so damned sexy. I definitely have a smoking fetish, because watching her smoke always made me hot and horny. Fortunately, or in my case unfortunately, she quit smoking a few years ago after her nephew, who also happens to be my illegitimate son knocked her up. Don’t worry, I will tell you all about my son and his twin sister a bit later.

“Bend over the counter,” I said sternly.

Grinning mischievously, she took a long, deep drag from her cigarette and obediently put her arms and elbows on the central counter, arching her sexy back she stuck her butt up in my direction. I lifted up the bottom of her babydoll and ran my fingers up and down her hairy pussy lips. It took less than a minute for her pussy to become soaking wet.

“Stick it in me and fuck me hard,” Lola mewled. “Come on babe. Give it to me really hard!”

“Are you still horny?”

“Of course, I’m always hot for your super-dick!”

I pulled down my shorts and put the head of my throbbing, iron-hard cock inside my wife’s supple pussy.

“God yes,” my sexy wife moaned as she exhaled another cloud of smoke from her mouth. “Shove it in, shove your super-cock inside my pussy! All the way up my goddamn pussy, babe!”

I plunged forward, shoving my entire cock inside her wet hole with a single, furious thrust. From the tension of the muscles of her neck and triceps, I knew that she was going to tighten her pussy for me. I groaned and grunted as her pink lips held onto my cock with a viselike grip. Lola moaned, grunted, whimpered, tightened her pussy, wiggled her ass slightly and smoked her cigarette as I fucked her slowly but firmly.

“What did you do her last night?” I asked panting heavily. “Details, please.”

“Oh fuck!” Lola gasped. “I … oh … fucked that slut!”

“Which one?”


“Just Fay?”


“What about Kia?”

“What about her? Oh shit … harder!” Lola cried. “Fuck me harder!”

“Did you fuck her too?”

“No! Faster … fuck me faster … you fucking perv!”

“Don’t lie to me!”

“I watched her fuck Fay,” my wife moaned. “Then we fucked that slut together!”

“What did you do to Kia … our daughter?”

“Oh fuck meeeee! Nothing!”

“Liar!” I barked and pulled my cock out of my wife’s clinging pussy.

“Put it back in my slit and fuck me!” Lola pleaded desperately. “Please baby. Keep fucking me!”

“What did you do to Kia?” I demanded to know.

“Ok! Ok! Put it back in and I’ll tell you!”


“All right … I played with her tits!”

I shoved my cock back inside my wife’s cunt.

“What else?”

“Fuck me harder and I’ll tell you!”

“What else did you do to her?”

“I touched her fucking clit!”

I fucked my wife relentlessly as I kept on interrogating her.

“Did you lick her cunt?”

“Ooh … you’re fucking me so good.”

“Did you?”

“Yeahmmfffuck, I licked her hot pussy!”

“Did you make her come?”

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

“Did you make our little girl come?”

“She came … all over my fucking face!”

“Was it good?”

“Yes! It was so good! So wet!”

“How did she taste?”

“Delicious! You’ll get to taste her soon. She wants to fuck you so bad!”

“I’m fucking coming!”

“Fuck, yes baby … fill me up with your hot cum!”


“Ooh I’m fucking coming too. I love you … love you … love you!”

“I love you … so fucking much!”

“Ooh god… yes!”

“Your coffee’s ready!” I panted as I pulled my cock out of my wife’s wildly convulsing pussy.

“Oh by the way,” my wife said smiling wickedly as she looked at me, “I didn’t fuck Kia!”

“No?” I said somewhat relieved and disappointed at the same time.

“I’m waiting to do it while you watch … you idiot!”

“What did you do to her then?”

“I played with her hair and … we made out while Fay licked and fucked her cunt.”

“You sexy, little devil!”

“But she really is looking forward to fucking you,” Lola said with a naughty gleam in her eyes.

“Ahem,” I cleared my throat nervously. “Why … what did she say?”

“Her exact words?”

“Hmm … yeah.”

“I can’t wait to fuck my Daddy!” Lola said, her devilish grin brightening her beautiful face.

“Well,” I said with a sigh. “I guess I shouldn’t disappoint her.”

“No,” Lola chuckled, caressing my flushed cheeks with her soft fingers. “You definitely should not!”

We are going to fuck our daughter! I thought as I sipped my coffee, looking at my wife’s beautiful blushed face as she put out her cigarette in an ashtray before lighting a new one.

On Friday, I managed to avoid my daughter almost the entire day. First my wife took the girls out to get their nails done. When they came back I went out to get some wine and groceries for the party.

“Hi Daddy,” my daughter said when I ran into her briefly as I was entering the kitchen. She was on her way out to get her hair done with her mother and Fay. “Bye Daddy!”

Bax stopped by later to work out with me. After a hard work out session I fucked my best friend’s brains out on a gym bench.

“God!” Bax exclaimed after I emptied my balls inside his ass. “You almost tore my asshole apart buddy!”

“Sorry man,” I replied. “Thinking about fucking Kia’s driving me fucking nuts.”

“That’s all right, I know how you must be feeling right now,” Bax laughed before kissing me on my mouth. “I love it when you fuck me raw anyway!”

We then went to see a movie. When I returned home my wife was waiting for me in our bed.

“You’re not playing with the girls tonight?” I asked.

“No!” she replied. “We’re saving our energy for tomorrow. You can fuck my face if you want!”

I could never say no to fucking my Lola’s beautiful face. I straddled her head and caressed her golden hair lovingly while I pumped her mouth slowly with my hot rod until I squirted my boys down her throat.

Then we cuddled amd I played with my wife’s hair and scratched her back until she fell asleep with her head on my chest.

God, I love her so much!


Saturday morning I sat at the kitchen table reading my paper. Fay and Kia showed up wearing their hot schoolgirl lingerie. This time Lola started the coffee.

“Sit down and eat some breakfast girls,” she said lovingly. “You’ll need the energy!”

“I can’t Mom. I’m too excited,” Kia confessed. “If I eat now I’ll probably throw it all up!”

“I’ll make you some toast then,” my wife said. “You won’t be able to keep up with us if you fuck on an empty tummy.”

“Thanks Mommy,” Kia replied, smiling nervously.

“Nervous honey?” I asked my daughter.

“Yes Daddy!” Kia replied, looking at her stretched fingers.

“Let me see your nails,” I said smiling.

“Pretty?” Kia said, showing me her new, pink manicure.

“Matches your outfit.” I noted.

“Mine are blue!” Fay enthused, showing me her fingernails.

“Very pretty,” I said.

Lola lit a cigarette and offered one to Kia.

“I thought you quit mom!” Kia said shaking her head.

“I thought so too,” Lola replied with a smile.

“Kia and I don’t smoke this stuff,” Fay said when Lola offered her a smoke. “This stuff can kill you. We only smoke weed.”

“Fay!” Kia exclaimed blushing.





“No baby, no more filter,” Fay replied. “I think your mom broke my filter the other night.”

Lola, Kia and I looked at each other and suddenly burst into laughter.

“You’re so fucking cute Fay,” Lola said when she finally stopped laughing. “I’m so happy that Kia brought you here. I think you’ll make a great addition to our crazy, little family.”

“Will you fuck me in front of everyone today Lola?” Fay asked, excited like a little girl. “I want to show the entire world how good you look with your face on my pussy!”

“Oh, baby!” Lola exclaimed. “I’ll eat your cute, little cunt until you beg me to stop!”

“Not gonna happen,” Fay said, giggling like a little girl.

“Is it back to school time already?” Bax asked as he looked with admiration at my gorgeous daughter and her hot, dark-haired friend.

“Yes Bax,” I smiled. “Take off your clothes and have some wine.”

“Is this the wine I brought you the other day?” Bax asked sipping on his wine.

“No, I don’t want you to fall asleep on us with a fruity buzz,” I joked. “This is a three hundred Euro bottle my friend!”

“You’re such a cheap snob!” Bax laughed as he began to slip out of his clothes. “Do you like my outfit?”

Bax was wearing a black, leather jock strap with a zippered front. His ass was naked and easily accessible.

“The BDSM party is a few miles down the road honey,” my wife said grinning. “This is the Bergstrom family fuck party!”

“What’s wrong with this?” Bax objected. “I like leather!”

“I like it,” Lola said, touching Bax’s muscular butt cheek. “I love that ass. Can’t wait to fuck it with my new ass-ripper!”

She then winked at me mischievously and gave Bax a kiss on his cheek before turning her attention to Tom, Bax’s blonde, extremely pretty twenty-year-old son. He was wearing a black garter belt and fishnet stockings. The boy was not wearing any panties. His exposed cock began to throb as Lola gently ran her thumb over his piss hole.

“Nice outfit Tommy,” Lola said to the blushing boy, slowly tugging on his cock with two fingers.

“Mom picked these up for me,” Tom said.

“Will you let me braid your hair later, Tommy?” Kia asked, looking lustily at her childhood playmate’s shoulder length, golden hair.

“Sure,” Tom said with a beautiful smile. “I’ll let you do anything you want to me, Kia.”

“It’s just like good old days,” Kia said to Tom as she slowly removed her bra. “Jill and I used to dress you up in our clothes. You always looked so cute dressed up as a little girl!”

My daughter then removed her small panties and threw them right in my face. I inhaled the intoxicating scent of her pussy and stared mesmerized at her beautiful boobs, scrumptious naked pussy and neatly trimmed blonde bush. She smiled at me and pushed her mother aside, then grabbed Tom’s hard cock in her small fist and began stroking him slowly.

Jill, Bax’s tall and slender twenty-two–year-old daughter, slowly approached her brother and started to kiss and lick the side of his neck. Watching the hot, blonde licking, kissing and nibbling on his brother’s neck made my already overexcited dick painfully hard.

“Jill!” Kia said, feigning disgust in her tone. “You dirty slut! He’s your brother!”

Kia let go of Tom’s cock for a short moment to brush back Jill’s long, honey blonde hair from her face and kissed her childhood friend’s luscious lips. Jill proceeded to cup her brother’s heavy balls in her small hand, causing the boy to jerk his hip forward and moan deeply.

Jill was wearing white thigh high stockings and nothing else. Her shaved, puffy pussy looked good enough to eat. Tom grabbed his sister’s firm, right tit and squeezed gently, causing the girl to moan and whimper softly.

“I want to see you fuck your sister tonight buddy,” I said to Tom. “Right after I fuck your hot, little ass.”

“Yes, Uncle Jon,” Tom said shyly.

“You also have to help me fuck your mother,” I said. “I’ll do her pussy, you do her ass, ok?”

“Sure,” Tom nodded.

“Good boy,” I said with a smirk.

Bax’s wife, Suzy, was a hot, forty-five-year-old, busty blonde. She approached her son from behind and started to squeeze his tight young butt cheeks. Suzy was wearing a black garter belt, black stockings and a sheer, black bra. Her dark pink nipples stood erect as she knelt behind her son and started to drag her tongue up and down the crack of his ass. Tom started to moan and whimper when his mother parted his ass cheeks, spat in his asshole a few times before fucking it with her tongue.

“Suddenly I feel underdressed for this party,” I said as I threw my T-shirt and shorts on a chair.

“Oh Daddy!” my daughter exclaimed, gazing at my throbbing hard on. “What a fucking beautiful cock! It’s the first time I’m seeing it hard. It’s sooo big and thick! Ooh!”

I looked at my hot, little girl and smiled.

“Here … I have a present for your dick!” Bax said, grasping my dick with his warm, loving fingers.

My handsome best friend fastened a leather cord around the base of my shaft and tightened it gently.

“Careful buddy!” I said worriedly. “Not so tight! Don’t choke the poor old boy!”

“It’s supposed to be really tight!”

“All right,” I gasped, loving the feeling of Bax’s fingers and the tightness of the cord around the base of my throbbing shaft.

“Ooh,” my wife’s lusty moans came from behind me. “Use one more finger honey!”

I turned around and saw my wife leaning back in a sofa with her legs spread wide open and her feet on the floor. Standing on her knees on the floor in front of her, Fay was fingering Lola’s pussy and spitting on her cunt lips.

“Mmm … yeah,” Lola whimpered. “Finger my fucking pussy baby. I love it!”

“Oh gawd,” Fay mewled as she pounded my sweet wife’s juicy cunt with her slick fingers. “I love your pretty pussy, Lola…ooh!”

Lola slid down to the edge of the sofa seat. She pulled her feet back under her ass, ramming her cunt up and down, fucking on Fay’s fingers. She then moved her ass up and down, back and forth, side to side, making it difficult for the girl to keep her fingers inside her cunt. She humped her crotch upward, rubbing her clit against the girl’s cute, little nose.

“Oooh … do you want me to lick your clit?” Fay asked teasingly.

“You know I want you to!”

“What? Say it Lola!”

“Lick my clit! Suck on it! Bite it!”

“Ask me nicely!”

“Put your fucking mouth on my clit…right fucking now!”

“Jeezewuz, all right … here you go,” Fay said and started to flick my wife’s distended clit with her cute, little tongue.

“Ooh,” my wife whimpered as she lifted her butt off the sofa, grinding her pussy against the girl’s face.

“Follow me pretty boy,” I said to Tom. Separating him from Kia, his mother and sister, I grabbed the boy’s wrist and dragged him behind me. My daughter followed behind closely. I threw the boy on the sofa right next to my wife.

“Lift your legs and hold onto your ankles son!” I directed the boy. “You’re so fucking beautiful … just like your father.”

“Are you,” Kia muttered as she followed us, “mmm…you gonna fuck him, Daddy?”

“Yes sweetie,” I replied as I looked at Kia’s beautiful, blushing face. “I’m gonna fuck this pretty boy. Will you help me fuck him, Bubbles?”

“Ooh, yeah!” Kia cheered. “Fuck yeah, I’m gonna help. Anything you want, Daddy. Say the word and I’ll do it for you.”

I inspected Tom’s asshole closely. It was already lubricated with his mother’s slimy saliva. Then I thought of the perfect nonchalant way to get my daughter to touch my dick for the very first time.

“Grab Daddy’s dick and put it inside your friend’s asshole sweetie,” I said to my daughter.

My girl’s eyes lit up with joy. Looking up into my eyes, she gasped and closed her small fist around the thick base of my shaft, slowly placing its throbbing head upon Tom’s puckered rear entrance.

“Don’t forget to spit on it before you shove it inside his ass,” I reminded my daughter.

“Shit yeah! Spit on your dad’s cock sweetie,” my wife moaned next to us, her eyes transfixed to Kia’s face.

Kia leaned in with her face now only an inch above my dick, she spat on my cock head a few times before she stroked my shaft slowly as if in slow motion. She pulled my dick down and towards Tom’s shithole, and then paused. Holding her breath, she squeezed the base of my shaft and began to shake my cock up and down, and then side to side.

“Careful sweetheart,” I warned my naughty daughter. “You’re gonna make me come if you keep at it like that.”

“Mmm,” Kia gurgled mindlessly. “Fuck yeammmh, your cock feels so nice in my hand Daddy!”

“It looks really good in your hand too,” Lola added. “Squeeze that thick dick with your little fingers babe!”

“That’s good honey,” I said. “Now…shove it inside your pretty friend’s asshole!”

“Aw,” Kia pouted cutely. “Can’t I play with it a bit longer, Daddy?”

“You can play with it later, honey,” I said. “You can suck it, stroke it, ride it and do anything you want with it later, but right now I need you to shove it inside Tommy’s pooper.”

I grunted deeply when my hot daughter reluctantly stopped playing with my dick and shoved its head against, and past the boy’s tight sphincter.

“Am I doing this right?” my daughter asked Tom, looking at his cringing face.

“Um, yes,” the boy grunted. “Nice and slow … that’s it. Don’t stop until it’s all the way inside me! Don’t worry, I can take it. My dad’s friends fuck me all the time!”

“My mom and I fuck him too Kia,” Jill added giggling. “He can take a huge dildo up his ass! He’s such a freaky sissy!”

“Hey, young lady,” Suzy snapped at her daughter. “Don’t call your brother that!”

“Fuck,” Jill chuckled. “Sorry Mother!”

“Tommy,” Suzy said in a stern tone. “I want you to fuck your sister’s asshole after Uncle Jon is done with you baby.”

“Yes Mom,” Tom replied with a grin.

When the entire length of my cock was buried inside Tom, my daughter looked at me and smiled. She looked so adorable, so naughty, yet so innocent. The look on her face reminded of the first time she played with a Barbie doll, only now she was playing with her daddy’s stiffy. She was still my innocent, little girl. But she was also an adult who knew what she wanted. We happened to want the same thing. We wanted to play naughty games and make each other happy. She looked at me with her beautiful eyes and smiled. It was the most beautiful smile I had ever seen.

“Go ahead and fuck him now Daddy,” she pressed her hand against my toned abs and pushed me backward. “Ooh fuck! You’re gonna fuck Tommy’s asshole right in front my fucking eyes, Daddy!”

When only my cock’s swollen helmet remained inside the boy’s asshole, Kia put her hand on my right ass cheek, squeezed tightly and pushed me forward.

“Fucking shit,” Kia husked in a low, lusty voice. “Fuck yeah, fuck, fuck!”

“Stroke his cock for me honey,” I said to my daughter. “Jack his dick while I’m fucking him!”

“Fuck … this looks so fucking beautiful. Fuck his asshole Daddy!”

“Keep your pretty eyes on my dick!” I husked. “Watch me fuck this pretty boy’s tight ass, Bubbles!”

“Yeah, fuck,” Kia mewled as she stroked Tommy’s cock faster and faster.

I plunged my crotch forward, pushing my dick all the way up the pretty boy’s shit chute, then pulled back. Then I started fucking Tom with hard and steady strokes, back and forth, in and out of his clenching anus. Even though Tom loved getting fucked in the ass, he cried out in pain as my cock invaded his tight hole, assaulting his sensitive nerve endings.

“Aw…Uncle…Jon,” the kid grunted. “So…big…so…hurts so…good!”

Watching him cry out in pain, grimace and wince turned me on beyond belief. Digging my fingers into his young butt cheeks, I lifted his ass off the sofa cushion and pounded his hot ass at a downward angle. Kia looked at me wide eyed, her beautiful face glowing with youthful exuberance and raw lust. She did not take her eyes off my slick shaft the entire time it went in and out of her friend’s clenching anus.

“I can’t believe I’m stroking Little Tommy’s cock while my father’s fucking his brains out!” my daughter purred. “I wanted to see your cock so badly when we used to play doctor. Remember Tommy?”

“Yeah … and you were always the doctor!” Tom panted.

“Now my Daddy’s fucking your ass right in front of me!” Kia exclaimed. “Do you like the way my Daddy’s fucking you with his big dick?”

“Fuck yeah! I love big cocks and your dad is the best ass fucker ever!”

“Wow! He’s banging your ass so fucking hard! Doesn’t it hurt?”

“Yeah! But it feels so goddamned good!” the boy confessed. “I love getting fucked in the ass, especially when Uncle Jon is doing the fucking!”

“Honey,” my wife panted. “Stop playing with your friend and come play with my boobs!”

With her eyes still fixed on my cock and Tom’s ass, my daughter got up and sat down next to Lola on the sofa. She looked at her mother’s hot tits, then turned and looked at me. She winked at me. I winked back.

“Suck your mother’s nipple … please!” my wife pleaded. “I want to see my nipple in your mouth!”

Kia reached behind her mother’s back, untied her bra, removed it from her breasts and threw it aside. She then leaned down and cupped Lola’s heavy boob with both hands, then lifted it up until her mother’s nipple brushed against her nose. When Kia started to wiggle Lola’s hard nipple with the very tip of her nose, Lola’s toned abs shuddered visibly and her convulsing cunt released a steady stream of come juice into Fay’s sucking mouth.

“Ooh, yeah…ooh!” Lola whined weakly and her thighs shook wildly as she continued to come all over Fay’s excited face.

“Oh, nice!” Fay exclaimed, looking up at Lola. “You just squirted in mouth, Lola!”

“Huh?” Lola asked. “No, I didn’t! Did I?”


“That doesn’t count, you still gotta teach me how to squirt like you.”

“Yes, ma’am!” Fay chuckled before she resumed eating Lola’s pussy.

“Keep playing with my tit Kia,” Lola said hotly to our daughter. “I want you to help your friend make me come one more time.”

“I wanted to do this so bad the other night,” my daughter said, her mouth almost touching my wife’s gloriously erect nipple. “You didn’t let me. You said she wanted Daddy to be there when I did it the first time!”

“Do it now babe,” Lola pleaded. “Your father is watching. Suck Mommy’s hot nipple!”

Kia abruptly leaned down and closed her lips around her mother’s nipple and started to suck noisily. Lola yelped, moaned and whined loudly when Kia raised her head, pulling and tugging at her mother’s rubbery nipple with her sucking lips, making her squirm and squeal with delight.

“Are you watching, Daddy?” Kia said, letting her mother’s stone hard nipple slip out of her mouth for a moment. “I’m sucking your wife’s hot tits.”

“I’m watching baby,” I grunted, fucking Tom’s asshole harder. I knew the boy’s pooper was going to get extremely sore after this session, but I frankly didn’t give a damn. He was used to getting fucked often and hard. It would take an extremely hard pounding to actually hurt the boy. Once I had Tom all to myself for an evening. I fucked him until my dick was raw, and he was still begging for more.

“Oh, ouch!” Tom yelped as the power of my plunging moved his entire body back and forth on the sofa. He gasped, panted and grimaced as I fucked him even harder. “You’re fucking me … so … hard … Uncle … Jon.”

“Want me to go easier on you pretty boy?”


Kia made her mother moan even louder when she started to run her left hand gently up and down her toned, quivering abs. She caressed her mother’s thigh, stomach and breast with her lovely hand, making her mother coo with fervor. All this time Fay was licking and fingering Lola’s hot hole. The young girl was in heaven. She licked, fingered and smacked Lola’s pussy lips and hard clit, making her wild with pure lust.

“May I cut in?” Suzy said, tapping gently on Fay’s shoulder.

Fay reluctantly let Suzy replace her at my wife’s pussy. She then looked at me and said, “Pull out of that poor kid’s pooper. He’s had enough. It’s my turn ride your hot dick, Kia’s daddy!”

Pleasantly surprised by Fay’s dominant tone, I pulled out of Tom’s asshole and slumped down in the sofa. Bax swiftly grabbed Fay’s hips, lifted her body off the floor and helped her straddle my cock. He then asked my daughter to lean back on the sofa beside me.

“I’m gonna fuck your brains out, right here in front of your mom and dad, Kia,” Bax announced as he stood on his knees in front of Kia’s open legs.

“Yeahmmm,” Kia mewled, looking at Bax with her sizzling, blue eyes. “I’ve had a huge crush on you since I was a little girl, Uncle Baxie!”


“Fuck yeah!” Kia declared. “Now give it to me hard and good, Uncle Baxie!”

As Fay started to ride wildly on my shaft, I watched my best friend shove his cock deep inside my sexy daughter’s cunt. Kia’s pussy opened up like a blooming pink rose, then her pussy lips closed tightly, engulfing Bax’s throbbing dick.

“Ooh, Daddy,” my daughter cried lustily. “Uncle Baxie’s fucking my fucking cunt. He’s really fucking me! Fuck!”

My daughter gripped my wrist and clutched it tightly as she writhed and moaned under my best friend’s merciless, hard pounding. My wife clutched my other wrist as she craned her head to watch our daughter get pounded by our handsome friend. Kia was on fire. She kissed and licked Bax’s sweaty face as he fucked her hard.

“Fuck her Baxie baby!” my wife cried. “Fuck my daughter!”

Kia lifted her ass off the sofa and bucked her hips at my best friend’s crotch. Bax gripped Kia’s round ass cheeks very tightly and kept on pounding her pussy like a mad man on speed.

“Are you watching Daddy?” my hot daughter screamed. “My fucking handsome Uncle is banging the shit out of my cunt!”

“Yes sweetie,” I replied panting. “It looks so good. Keep fucking him back!”

“Yeah, bang my goddamn cunt, Baxie…ooh…oh!”

“Oh Kia, sweetie,” Bax roared, drops of sweat flew from his sweat drenched hair, splashing against Kia’s hot face. “You’re so pretty, Kia. So hot!”

Fay was now slamming her pussy up and down my straining dick. She rode me hard and fast with her eyes glued to Kia. Every time she slammed her pussy down to the base of my shaft, she wiggled her ass slightly, shook her head and mumbled Kia’s name.

“Fuck that slut harder Mr. Uncle Baxie boy!” Fay shouted at Bax. “Slam that fucking cunt hard for me, please!”

Bax leaned to the right and kissed Fay on her lips, shoving his tongue deep inside the dark beauty’s luscious mouth.

Next to the sofa, Tom threw his sister on a round ottoman and started to go crazy on her asshole with his cock.

“Who’s the sissy now?” Tom panted. “I’m gonna fuck your dirty mouth after I’m done with your ass!”

“You fucking cocksucker!” Jill screamed at her brother. “Can’t you at least lube your little dick before you stick it up my ass?”

Tom looked down, pulled back a little, and spat on his shaft a few times. He then slammed his dick up inside his sister’s aching anus. The hot, blonde began to cry and whine loudly in response to her brother’s savage thrusts. Soon the living room was filled with shrieks, grunts, whimpers, moans, cries and the smell of sweaty, hot sex.

“This is too much,” Bax whimpered, forcing my daughter to put her ass back down on the sofa. “I don’t want to come just yet!”

“Don’t you dare stop fucking me Uncle Baxie!” Kia pleaded. “Keep fucking me!Keep fucking meeee!”

“I need to catch my breath honey,” Baxter replied lovingly.

“No, don’t stop Uncle Bax!” Kia moaned softly. “You can slow down, but don’t stop! Keep fucking my pussy!”

“Don’t worry sweetie. I won’t stop!”

“You’re so fucking handsome Uncle Bax. I love your cock. I love your face. I love your hot body. I love you!”

“I love you too sweetheart!”

“Touch me Daddy,” my daughter pleaded, looking at me with her smoldering blue eyes. “I want to feel your hand on my body Daddy!”

I gently put my fingers upon Kia’s stomach and felt her hot skin.

“Ooh god!” Kia whimpered. “Touch meee!”

I ran my hand up and down her sexy, toned stomach, caressing lovingly, touching her tit, pinching her hard nipple. Then I rested my hand casually on top of her trimmed, blond bush.

“Ooh, Daddy,” she moaned. “Tug on my fucking pussy hair! Pull it out!”

I grabbed her thick, curly blond pussy hair in my fist and tugged lightly.

“What the fuck, daddy? Do it harder!” Kia demanded. “Pull it out for fuck’s sake!”

Excited by watching me touch my daughter, Baxter picked up the pace of his thrusts again, pumping my daughter’s pussy violently with his iron-hard rod.

“Gonna … I … mmgonna … come Uncle … Bax!” my daughter squealed, looking into my eyes. “Daddy! Daddy! Pull out my…fuck! He’s making me come … commmmmmme!”

My daughter shrieked and began to come all over Baxter’s pumping dick as I tugged much harder on her bush.

“Fucking fuck!” my sweet daughter screamed, lifting her ass off the sofa as her body tensed and her legs shook uncontrollably. Her cheeks turned red and tiny rivers of sweat started to trickle down her forehead.

At the same time Fay’s pussy started to throb wildly on my prick.

“Kia, baby, I’m gonna come too!” the girl suddenly shrieked loudly, lifting her pussy off my cock. “Kia, bay-bay, Kia … watch me come all over your sweet father’s dick, baby … oooh!”

She then leaned back slightly, pushed her cunt upward and began to squirt her sweet cum juice all over me. A moment later, she had drenched my cock, abs and chest and face in her sweet, girl nectar.

“I can’t wait anymore!” I announced looking at my wife. “I’ve got to fuck my daughter…now! I need to fuck my Bubbles!”

“What are you waiting for?” my wife mewled. “Fuck her sweet brains out, honey! Fuck our baby girl!”

“I’m coming inside your daughter’s hot cunt Jon!” Baxter cried. “Fuckin’…shit!”

As I started to get up on my feet my hot wife pushed Suzy’s head back and jumped off the sofa.

“Let me clean her up first,” Lola smiled devilishly. “Then you can fuck her fucking brains out!”

Pushing Bax aside my wife knelt in front of Kia. With her tongue already stretched out, she grabbed Kia’s ass cheeks, lifted her butt off the sofa and pulled her crotch into her face. I watched bewildered as my wife’s tongue went in and out of my daughter’s hot slit, scooping out my best friend’s white cum. She then pushed her face against Kia’s seeping wet pussy. With her nose tip resting on Kia’s clit she began moving her entire face forcefully from side to side.

“Mmmmmfffmmm,” Lola hummed deep into our girl’s now convulsing cunt as she continued face fucking her like crazy.

“Oh fuck!” Kia screeched, her ass and thighs shaking wildly. “Mom … gonna come … Mommmm!”

“Mmmmmmffffmmm,” Lola continued moving her face faster, shaking her entire head wildly from side to side.

“Commmmiiiing, Mommmmmy!” Kia screamed as she came in her mother’s mouth and all over her pretty face.

Her face, from her forehead and all the way down to her chin smeared with our daughter’s cum juice, Lola sat next to Kia on the sofa and began kissing her hotly on her pretty, little mouth.

“Oh, Mommy,” Kia panted. “You just fucked me so good with your hot mouth!”

“Did you like it?” Lola asked, grinning.

“Wow!” Kia sighed. “Mmmfuck! I came all over your gorgeous face, didn’t I?”

“Moment of truth, baby,” my hot wife purred, now looking at me. “Fuck our daughter! Fuck her good with that thick, beautiful cock of yours!”

grunting and growling, I shoved my hard dick all the way up my daughter’s enticing pussy with one firm thrust. Kia moaned into my wife’s mouth, making cum bubbles out of Bax’s white goo.

The sensation was out of this world. My daughter’s cunt was incredibly tight, very wet and almost scolding hot, or maybe she felt hotter than she was because we were feverish with this wicked longing for sweet incest.

“You’re inside me, Daddy!” Kia said, her voice trembling with pure joy and raw lust.

Reclining on her elbows, she craned her neck, gazing down; her burning eyes were fixated on the hot point were my dick had parted her throbbing pussy lips, resting inside the most sensitive part of her lovely body. The young muscles of her tight pussy held on to my prick with incredible tightness, sending waves of immense pleasure up my throbbing shaft and spine. The incredible look in her loving blue eyes set my soul on fire. My little princess began to writhe underneath me when I slowly moved my hip from side to side.

“Mmm,” she hummed sweetly as I moved my manhood inside her. I looked into her fiery eyes and kissed her wildly on her sweet mouth as I began to pound and plow her pussy with ferocious thrusts.

“Oh!” she started to pant. “Oh! Oh! Oh!”

My wife kissed and licked our necks, lips and ears as we began to fuck wistfully. She tugged on Kia’s nipple, first with her fingers and then with her mouth. She kissed me, then Kia and then Kia and I kissed. For a moment the three of us became one. We kissed and panted, moaned and writhed to the sensual, lustful rhythm of Kia’s moans. Then I upped my tempo. Kia reached for my butt cheeks and dug her fingers into my flexing muscles. The harder I slammed my dick into her, the tighter she held onto my ass.

“Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me Daddy!” Kia chanted incessantly as I banged her sweet cunt with no shame.

“Oh god!” my wife exclaimed hotly. “It looks so fucking beautiful. Your father’s fucking you so good, Kia!”

“Ooh … mm, I can’t believe it!” my hot daughter sobbed. “Daddy’s fucking my little pussy Mom! He’s really fucking meeee!”

“Fuck her harder Jon!” Lola urged me. “Fuck her fucking smart brains out! Deeper! Harder, babe, fuck our little girl!”

I had never felt more alive in my life. My wife’s words, my daughter’s pleas and her reaction to my thrusts were driving me out of my mind. I imagined that my Bubbles felt at least the same way. I was sure that she had been in life changing situations before, but nothing could ever top this one for either one of us.

With a look of utter devastation on her flushed, angelic face, Kia thrashed her golden hair from side to side as I banged her with all my might. Each pump was bringing me one step closer to sweet release. I looked at my beautiful baby’s flushed face and at my wife’s encouraging, wicked smile.

“I’m gonna finger fuck your asshole now, babe,” Lola whispered in a low, husky tone as she reached under Kia’s ass cheeks and shoved her middle finger into our daughter’s anus. With a yelp, Kia lifted her hips, arching her ass up as Lola stabbed her finger in and out of her asshole, taking my cock deeper into her hot pussy in the process.

“Ooh, mmm, Mommy,” Kia screamed. “Feels so fucking good!”

Kia pounded up and down, making hot sounds as her ass smacked against my thighs. Her cunt pulsated wetly, clinging to my cock tightly. I was holding her ass harder now, my fingers digging into her cheeks, staring at the up-and-down movement, seeing my daughter’s face grimace with raw lust as her cunt gripped my cock tighter than ever.

“Bang that pretty cock hole, babe!” Lola urged me, pulling her finger out of Kia’s asshole.

With her lovely hand, Lola caressed Kia’s trembling stomach. She then moved her hand down, her fingers twisting and pinching at Kia’s hot clit. This added stimulation was about to send Kia into heaven. Her naked ass writhed and ground against my thighs as I thrust my cock in and out of her tightly clutching, hot slit.

“Oh god!” Kia screeched. “Oh my fucking god! Thais is so good … oooh!”

Then Lola leaned over and once again took Kia’s erect nipple into her mouth. Kia yelped in surprise when my wife started to pull on her nipple with her teeth. Lola pulled so hard that Kia had to sit up. She threw one arm around her mother’s shoulder and the other around my neck. Once again Lola reached behind Kia’s ass and shoved her middle finger into her puckered hole. Kia’s entire body started to jerk and squirm like an eel between Lola’s body and mine.

“This is too fucking good, I’m gonna … die!” Kia shrieked. “Fuck, meeeeeeeee!”

Moving incredibly fast, Lola squeezed her body between Kia and the sofa’s backrest, then began to hump Kia’s hot ass cheeks with her pussy. Feeling the wetness of her mother’s cunt against her ass, Kia slammed her butt cheeks backwards. Smashing and grinding her puffed up cunt into Kia’s ass, Lola began to come with a deep roar.

“Fuck!” Kia screeched. “She’s squirting on my ass!”

“Mrrrrrfuckshit!” Lola roared as she smeared her cunt juice against Kia’s restless ass cheeks and her thighs. “Mmmmotherfffuckincomin!”

I reached behind Kia and grasped Lola’s shoulders, squeezing our daughter between our hot, sweaty bodies. Kia suddenly started to come with incredible intensity. Her eyes rolled up. Her pussy lips convulsed. Her body tensed. Her ass cheeks clenched. She thrashed her head wildly from side to side, whipping her mother’s face with her golden hair.

“Oh god, I’m fucking coming again all over her ass, Jon!” Lola screamed.

“I’m coming sweetie,” I panted. “Gonna shoot, inside your hot pussy, Bubbles!”

“Fuck yes!” Lola yelled. “Come inside her! Fill her up, babe!”

“Oh god!” my baby sobbed, hot tears of joy, lust and love running down her sweet, flushed, sweat-drenched cheeks. “Come inside me Daddy. Fill my fucking pussy with your hot cum. Come all over my fucking ass Mommy!”

“You fucking sexy fuckers!” Lola screamed at the top of her lungs. “I can’t stop coming! I’m gonna die…fucking shit!”

I shoved my dick as far inside my daughter as it would go, forcing her shuddering body down and against her mother’s wildly erupting cunt. Lola was still coming. She tried to scream, but her voice was gone. She grunted through gritted teeth, letting the last wave of a series of small but intense orgasms pass through her convulsing crotch. I finally let the strongest orgasm of my life take over me and started to spurt an endless, heavy load of hot cum into my little angel’s throbbing cunt.

“Daddy, oh, sweet Daddy!” Kia chanted breathlessly. “I love you, love you, love, oh!”

Kia closed her eyes. Her young body still shook with the aftermath of her strong climax. I kissed her luscious lips. Softly. Gently. Lovingly. She kissed me back, moaning weakly. She whispered, “I fucking love you Daddy!”

“I love you too … so much, sweetie,” I whispered back, kissing her deeply on her lovely mouth.

Letting out a deep sigh, Lola finally slumped down on the sofa. Kia sat down right on top of her pussy. I sat down next to my wife and daughter and took a deep breath. I looked at Kia’s tired, but happy face. I had just fucked my own daughter, and it was the most beautiful sexual experience of my adult life. Then I realized that Bax and his hot family had been watching us wide-eyed through out the entire hot, incestuous fuck session.

“How hot was it?” I asked Bax with a content, tired smile.

“You’re asking me?” he chuckled.

“Yeah,” I gasped. “How did it look?”

“Simply out of this world!” bax whispered and kissed me on my mouth.

Out of this world! I repeated in my mind and shoved my tongue deep into my hot friend’s loving mouth… Mmm, Indeed. Out of this world!

To be continued…

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