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Mrs. Daniels

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Patterson Daniels was one of those quiet guys who managed to seem cool even if you didn’t know him all that well. Decent grades. Pretty good jump shot. He wasn’t going to be the loudest guy in the frat house, but he’d crack you up with a one-liner when you least expected it.

He helped me change a tire in the dorm parking lot once.

And he let shit roll off of him when you were kidding around. Too many other guys take everything too seriously. Life’s too short for that. I liked him.

My folks took a skiing vacation out west during Thanksgiving break my senior year, and with no hesitation, Patterson invited me to his parents’ house in Greenville for the holiday. I tried to sound nonchalant as I accepted, but deep inside, I was grateful beyond words. I was almost 22 and all, but no one wants to be alone for a week. I packed a suitcase, climbed into his truck and drove west with him on the Sunday before Thanksgiving while the Clash pounded out London Calling on the cd player.

His dad left a pile of leaves he’d been raking, then walked up to the car when we turned into the driveway.

“Hey, buddy,” he said, giving his son a hug. It felt like a moment out of “My Three Sons.” I was glad to be there.

We talked about football for a few minutes, then pulled out our bags and walked up the steps. Patterson took me downstairs to the rec room. Pool table, sleeper sofa, stereo, tv. Not a bad set-up, especially compared to cinder-block dorm room life.

“I’m gonna grab a shower,” he said. “Dinner’s probably going to be around 7. Mom should be back from the store soon. Make yourself at home.”

I flipped on Sports Center and headed for the mini kitchen, hoping to find a beer.

Patterson’s mom stood next to the refrigerator, unloading groceries on the counter. She had slipped off her heels, but her business suit still conveyed power. She was a lawyer and a member of the Greenville City Council. I won’t say she was the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, but she certainly was attractive – fashionably dressed, long red nails, horn-rimmed glasses and wavy brown hair. Some guys would say she was overweight, but I liked the places she carried it. In fact, I liked the way she looked a lot.

“You must be Jack,” she said. “I’m Patterson’s mom.”

“Nice to meet you, Mrs. Daniels,” I said. “Can I give you a hand with something?”

“I’m just about finished,” she said. “A beer would sure be nice.”

I grabbed a couple from the fridge, popped one open and handed it to her. She had taken off her jacket, and her blouse offered a generous view of cleavage as we sipped our drinks.

“Patterson says you’re studying city management,” she said. “God knows, our town could use some.”

We shared a laugh and she sat down on one of the bar stools.

“I’m looking at planning,” I said. “I like the give and take of economic growth vs. quality of life and environment. I think it’s kind of cool to make projections and recommendations that will affect a town’s growth for decades.”

I paused for a minute. “I guess that sounds pretty wonky, huh.”

“Um … yeah,” she said with a smile. “It’s an interesting dynamic, though, especially when politics enters the picture.”

She told me about a couple of contentious rezoning issues the council had recently voted on. Land use plans aren’t exactly a hot topic of conversation among college kids, so it was pretty cool to talk to her. She obviously knew her shit.

“I’ll email you some background info,” she said. “You and some of your profs might get off on a discussion about real-life issues for a change.”

She put a hand on my shoulder and leaned on it for support as she stood.

“You’re an interesting guy, Jack,” she said.

Patterson’s dad headed for the airport an hour later, bags packed for a three-day business trip.

Patterson and I grilled steaks while his mom baked potatoes and made a salad. We talked about school and college life. Mrs. Daniels told me embarrassing stories about Patterson. It felt good to laugh in their home.

We loaded the dishwasher, and Patterson went into the den to find a ballgame on television. As I closed the dishwasher door, Mrs. Daniels bent at the waist and leaned over to slide her heels back on. I blushed in surprise at the bountiful view of cleavage on display in front of me. She looked up at me and smiled.

“Have to hurry or I’ll be late for a committee meeting,” she said. “It’ll be about as exciting as washing dishes.”

“Oh,” I said, trying not to stammer. “Sounds … um … fun. Guess I’ll watch a little TV and go to bed early tonight.”

She smiled at me again.

“See ya tomorrow, Jack,” she said.

An hour or so later, I fell asleep almost as soon as I hit the pillow.

I woke up hard, hungry and horny. The morning light peeked around the heavy drapes on the sliding glass door of the rec room. I stretched and yawned on the pullout couch. God, it felt good to have a week of no classes.

I booted up my laptop and navigated to a porn site. Mrs. Daniels had put me in the mood for something filthy. I found a MILF movie. A nice, plump older chick with natural tits and a hot ass was sucking one cock and fucking another one, doggy style.

Sweet, I thought.

I started stroking my dick as the porn star fucked and moaned. Oh, yeah. Nice way to start the morning.

I beat my meat and silently urged her on. And then just about hit the ceiling when I heard Mrs. Daniels’ voice.

“Jack, can I get you anything from the — ”

She had come downstairs and broken off her sentence almost as quickly as I dropped my cock. I tried to pull a sheet over my body.

“Mrs. Daniels!” I said. “I’m sorry! I was just … um … just … ”

She gave me the same smile I had seen last night.

“Well, you certainly were ‘just,’ ” she said. She laughed softly and looked directly at the tent my boner was causing.

On the laptop, the MILF chick continued to get her freak on.

I let the sheet go as I reached to turn it off. Not a good move. My big hard dick sprang out all over again.

Mrs. Daniels shook her head and, I swear, almost chuckled. Then she completely surprised me by catching my wrist with her well manicured fingers. I couldn’t look at her – I was too busy hoping a meteor or something would crash into the rec room and put me out of my misery.

I sat frozen on the sleeper sofa, wondering what the hell would happen next.

Mrs. Patterson waited a minute, then spoke. She didn’t sound angry or even embarrassed. Her voice purred in a low, husky tone.

“Looks like she’s having quite the party there,” Mrs. Daniels said. “Didn’t mean to spoil it for you.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I slowly turned my head to meet her gaze. Mrs. Daniels looked awesome. Hair pulled into a bun, glasses giving her a hot librarian look. Big titties in a pink silk blouse, jutting out of her pinstripe suit. She was smiling at me.

“Not enough time to join you, sweetie,” she said. “But at least let me enjoy the show.”

I looked back at the laptop. Miss BBW was slurping and spitting all over the cocks in front of her.

“You want …” I stammered. “You want to watch … this?”

“No, silly,” she said. She reached down and found my swollen prick.

In a husky whisper, she continued, “I want to watch this.”

She pulled my meat hard, fast and rough, licking her lips as she jacked me off.

“Jezus, Mrs. Daniels,” I said.

“Come on, baby,” she said, breathlessly. “Beat that dick for me. Splatter me with that hot morning jam.”

She let go and fixed my eyes in hers. I couldn’t believe this was happening.

“Go on,” she whispered again. “Yank that fucking meat stick.”

The porn chick was deep throating one cock and jacking the other. Mrs. Daniels flipped up her skirt and jammed her hand into a pair of black lace panties.

“Fuck, I’m wet!” she said. “Come on, Jack, for fuck sake. I don’t have much time. Shoot me with that big motherfucker!”

I could hear her wet pussy as she drilled herself with her fingers. I had never been so turned on in my young life. I grabbed my dick and stroked off like a fucking monkey.

“Oh, god, yes,” she said, taking me in with her hungry eyes. “Tell me when you’re about to cum. I mean it, Jack. I want that fucking cream.”

Considering how tight my balls felt at that moment, I didn’t think she had much choice in the matter. Shit, I was about to coat the whole damn room.

“Almost … there …” I gasped. “Holy fuck, Mrs. Daniels! I’m gonna cum!”

She spread her legs wide and reached out to grab my cock. I moved closer to her and she shoved my prick under her panties. I could feel her bushy cunt against my shaft. Her face was so close to mine, our eyelashes practically touched.

“Give me that fucking load,” she whispered. “Blast me with it, fuck toy.”

I felt her wet fingers frigging her juicy lips as my cock exploded in her panties.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” I said, my eyes closing, my sperm basting her fingers, panties and pussy.

“Yessssss,” she said hoarsely. “Give it to me! Every fuckin’ drop!”

My cock, at last, finished the job. I pulled away from her soaked panties, a trickle of jizz hanging from the head.

Mrs. Daniels reached down and scooped it up with a finger. She held it up to her lips and noisily slurped it with her tongue. Then she rearranged her panties, smoothed her skirt and pulled herself together.

“How do I look?” she asked, as I lay motionless on the sleeper sofa.

“Like a million fuckin’ bucks,” I said weakly.

“See ya tonight,” she said.

Then she climbed the stairs.

I couldn’t fuckin’ believe it. In the course of about 10 hours, I had met a city councilwoman, wonked out with her about planning and zoning policies and then jerked off all over her pussy while she urged me on. This was turning into some week.

Patterson and I played video games and pretended to study. I can’t even begin to describe how awkward it felt. I was happy when he picked up a basketball and invited me to shoot hoops. Anything to avoid having to talk to him, I thought.

We played for about an hour before Mrs. Daniels pulled her big Escalade into the driveway.

She looked amazing again as she slid out of the SUV. Skirt inching up just enough to give me a nice look at a shapely thigh. Tits jiggling slightly as her heels clicked their way past the basketball goal.

“Hi, boys,” she said. “Fun day?”

“It was great,” Patterson responded. “I could get used to this.”

“You guys get cleaned up,” Mrs. Danields said. “I’m cooking spaghetti.”

“Awesome!” Patterson said. “Wait till you taste my mom’s spaghetti, dude. It’s terrific. Oh, and Mom, I’m taking Susan to a movie tonight. Probably be back around 11 or so.”

Mrs. Daniels didn’t blink.

“Well, I guess Jack and I will just have to do the dishes by ourselves then,” she said. “Won’t we, Jack.”

My cock grew hard as a brick. Cleanup never sounded so inviting.

Patterson was right. His mom’s pasta was amazing. We finished dinner, and Patterson grabbed his car keys.

“See you guys later, ” he said.

Mrs. Daniels picked up her glass of wine after he left. I tried to play it cool.

“Dinner really was awesome, Mrs. Daniels,” I said. “I’ll clean up. You outdid yourself.”

“I think we probably know each other well enough for you to call me Elizabeth at this point,” she said evenly. “Don’t you?”

“Um … yeah, ” I said. “I guess we probably do.”

“Thanks for your help. I’m going to sit out on the deck for a little while, Jack,” she said. “Why don’t you join me after you finish in here?”

“Ok, sure,” I said.

I could feel my cock trying to burst ouf ot my jeans. It was going to be an interesting evening.

I turned on the dishwasher and wiped my hands dry with a towel. Then I grabbed a glass and the wine bottle and slid open the door to the deck.

The lights were off, but Mrs. Daniels had lit a couple of Japanese lanterns. It was a nice touch as the sun went down. The lanterns bathed the deck in a warm, golden glow.

Mrs. Patterson sat a few feet away from the table. She was smoking a cigar, something that both surprised me and … well, kind of turned me on.

She blew a long plume of smoke toward the lanterns. I sat down in a chair at the table.

“Guess what I did when I got to the office this morning, Jack,” she said. Her voice had that low, husky quality to it again, the one that had turned me on so much that morning.

“Um …”

God, was I out of my element.

“Did you … um … maybe work a little more on the … uh … land use plan proposal?”

I’m surprised she didn’t burst out laughing at the lameness of my reply.

Instead, she smiled and took another draw from the cigar.

“Hardly,” she said.

She leaned forward, giving my eyes full access to her ample bosom again.

“Do you really think I just walked into my office?” she asked. “Just flipped on the lights and went to work … as if it were just another day?”

I paused while the blood rushed to my face.

“No,” I said, stupidly. “I guess not.”

“No,” she said. “I guess not, too.”

She balanced the cigar on the edge of the table and reached out to take my wrist.

Then she looked in my eyes.

“I went into my office for about two seconds,” she said. “Just long enough to throw my purse in a drawer. And then I went to the ladies’ room.

“It was early, of course, so no one was there. And then I took off my panties. You remember my panties, don’t you, Jack? The ones you shot your big fuckin’ load of jizz into? The ones you wrapped around your dick as you sprayed that fuckin’ mess all over my hairy cunt? I slid them down my thighs. God, they were a wreck. Still covered in your goo and smelling like my sopping pussy. And then … then … well … what do you suppose I did with them then, Jack?”

Jezus, I couldn’t fuckin’ breathe. Her small fingers felt like a vise on my wrist. The combination of her expensive perfume and the intoxicating cigar smoke put me in orbit. And then … I tried to concentrate on the question … then …

“I dunno,” I half croaked. “What did you do?”

She smiled. I knew what she had done. And she knew that I knew.

With her free hand, she held out a flimsy piece of black lace. I knew what it was before she even brought it into the light.

“I held them up to my face, Jack,” she said. “Like this.”

She raised the panties to her gorgeous nose and breathed in deeply.

“God, the smell was enough to turn me on all over again,” she said. “And then … I …”

Mrs. Daniels opened her mouth and slowly stuck out her tongue. She tilted her head back and held the panties inches above her face. She dipped them into her mouth and played with the lace. One moment she made the lingerie dance lightly on her lips and tongue; the next, she ripped into them wih her teeth. I could hear the fabric tearing and her deep guttural moans as she ate them.

“Jezus,” I heard myself gasp in a loud whisper. “Mrs. Daniels … my god …”

She ripped them completely apart with her teeth. Black shreds dripping with cum and saliva. After a few minutes of noisy tearing and slurping, she laid the sodden shreds on the table in front of us.

Those panties never stood a chance.

“I was an animal,” she said. “I fucking feasted on our cum.”

I pulled my hand free and grabbed her wrist in mine … hard and sharp. I stood up and yanked her toward me.

The mad hunger that had been in her eyes just seconds before gave way to something else … something fearful and questioning. I crowded her into the corner of the deck, tilted her chin upward. I leaned in and devoured her mouth with mine.

Blood pounded into my cock. Made me hard. Made me ache. Made me insane.

I ripped open her blouse, a clatter of buttons rolling on the deck planks and into the yard. Her eyes burned. She breathed through half-parted lips. She reached down and held up those giant fucking boobs, offering them to me, like a tray of fruit.

“Eat them,” she whispered. “Fucking eat me.”

I inhaled deeply, bent down and sucked. I flicked her fat pink nipples with my tongue, then bit the ample flesh of each tit. Mrs. Daniels thrust her chest into my face and groaned.

“Oh, fuuuuck, that feels so fuckin’ good, Jack,” she said. “Suck my big fuckin’ titties, sweetheart. Make ’em fuckin’ yours!”

I bit, kissed, slobbered and sucked.

Her groans grew more anguished, and I knew I was hurting her. I didn’t care. Somehow, I think she loved that even more.

She found my hand again with hers and tugged it downward, under her skirt, through her jungle of pubic hair and into her gaping cunt.

I fucked her loud and furiously with my fingers as I continued to suck her tits. We could hear her pussy squeak and gush with each thrust.

Mrs. Daniels urged me on, even as she gasped for breath.

“Fuck me, you dirty bastard,” she said. “Stuff my fuckin’ holes.”

Our lips were barely an inch from each other. I pulled my fingers free from her soggy pussy and brought them up to taste. She leaned in and sucked my middle finger while I tasted her juice on my index finger. Our tongues met and twirled somewhere in the middle.

“Oh, baby,” she said in a low purr. “I taste so fuckin’ nasty.”

She slipped her hand into my jeans and grabbed my throbbing rod. As she closed her eyes and groaned, I thrust my tongue deep into her mouth. I wanted to rape her throat.

She seemed to be accommodating.

Mrs. Daniels clawed the underside of my dick with her nails and slowly scratched my nuts. Her grip on my cock was so rough, it was all I could do to keep from shooting off then and there.

She pulled away from my kiss, lips half parted. With her eyes burning holes into mine, she let a long string of saliva drip off her bottom lip, soaking her tits and drooling onto my big stiff prick.

“Let’s get messy,” she said.

She bent way down and slurped my dick into her hungry mouth. There are no letters to spell out the nasty sounds filling the night air as she gorged herself on my cock. I spread my legs a little to get comfortable and she sucked my balls into her mouth.

I reached down and pinched her nipples. Mrs. Daniels growled. She looked up at me with my cock in her mouth and tried to smile. Her drool soaked my prick, my legs and her big titties. She looked fucking amazing.

She pulled my dick out of her mouth with a soft plop and dove under my balls. The tip of her tongue darted along my asshole … tentatively first, but as I began to moan, she stuffed it deep into my ass. The effect was almost immediate, especially as her hand jacked my cock like a piston.

“Jezus, Mrs. Daniels,” I pleaded. “Stop before I cum all over you right now!”

She pulled her tongue out of my ass, looked up at me and smiled.

“Ok, stud,” she said. “I sure don’t want the party to end before you fuck me. Let’s go inside.”

I watched her big beautiful ass sway back and forth as she led the way. Mrs. Daniels ripped the rest of her clothes off as she walked to the bedroom.

In the lamplight, she crawled onto her bed on knees and elbows. She spread her legs wide, making her fat white ass look even bigger. She panted for a minute, then looked back at me.

“Eat my cunt, Jack,” she said. “Suck my gooey hole.”

I put my hands on the cheeks of her ass and spread her wide open.

Then I fucked Mrs. Daniels with everything but my cock – fingers, tongue, nose … every part of me, slurping and sloshing in her pussy and ass.

“Oh, fuck, yeah!” she squealed. “Jezus god, that feels so fuckin’ good!”

She somehow reached back and put her hands on the back of my head, driving my face even deeper into her dripping holes. Her thick, swollen pussy lips took on a power of their own, opening and sucking my tongue inside. I lost track of who was fucking whom.

“You hot fuckin’ lover!” she screamed. “I’m going to fucking drench your handsome face, baby!”

She didn’t gush the way the porno chicks do. Her cunt just kept flowing like an oversaturated sponge. My beard and her bush were drenched, but I couldn’t have stopped if I had wanted to. I flicked my tongue hard on her clit and burrowed my fingers into her holes.

Mrs. Daniels lost the capacity to talk dirty … or even speak. She just grunted and wailed while I ate her hot fuckin’ bottom.

At last, her arms gave out and she fell forward on the bed, smashing her big tits into the mattress. I stood up, licking her taste off my lips and beard, and tearing off my clothes at the same time.

There’s a song called “Loose” on Fun House, a classic garage punk album by the Stooges. Iggy Pop growls into the microphone, “I stick it deep inside …”

That song roared through my brain as I pushed my dick into Mrs. Daniels’ squelching pussy. Her cunt queefed long and loud. I slapped her ass with my hand as I rammed her twat with my big dick.

“Be my dog, bitch,” I said.

She got back on her elbows and thrust her big ass back at me.

“Tear that motherfucker up,” she panted. “Own my fucking cunt.”

I battered her with everything I had, watching her big fucking jugs swing crazily in the mirror across the room. God, what a fucking body she had. So big, soft and voluptuous, you didn’t always know what you were feeling at any given time. It was amazing.

“Fuck my juicy cunt!” she ordered. “Flood this fucking bedroom!”

I was doing my best to comply. My balls slapped her clit while I pummeled her. I could smell her steamy fuck hole, taste her tangy juices on my lips and watch her big gaping ass thrusting back and forth. And all the while, Mrs. Daniels swore at me like a house of whores.

“That’s it you hot motherfucker!” she cried. “Slam that dick into me. Oh fuck, I feel those balls swinging into my clit. Fuck me, Jack! Fuck my steamy cunt!”

I grabbed the big flabby cheeks of her ass to get more traction, then piledrove her into the mattress. She buried her face in a pillow, crying, wailing, screaming as her orgasm filled the night.

“Mrs. Daniels,” I said. “Oh, shit, Mrs. Daniels! I’m gonna cum!”

I have no idea how she managed to collect herself so quickly, but the next thing I knew, she had pulled away from my pussy-soaked cock and was looking at me, saying something.

“Jack,” she said. “Jack! C’mon, baby! Give me that big fuckin’ load! Shoot it all over my face and titties!”

She opened her mouth again and devoured my dick once more, at the same time, drilling one of her fingers into my asshole.

I felt the jizz boiling in my nuts.

“Mrs. Daniels!” I yelled. “OH, FUCK!”

She pulled her mouth off my cock but kept her lips opened wide. My first shot splattered her nose and chin. She smiled and licked up the goo as I continued to spurt. Jezus, what a load … all over her pretty lips, face and hair.

My cum and her drool dripped onto her fat nipples. She was fuckin’ drenched, and I swear my cock would not stop gushing.

“That is so fucking disgusting,” she said. “Give me some more.”

By the time my orgasm finally subsided, she looked as if she had been in a bukkake movie.

She closed her eyes and leaned her head back as my jizz continued to drip from her face to her tits.

Then she turned her head toward me, leaned down, and kissed me.

“Oh, Jack,” she said.

“Are you ok?” I asked.

She laughed.

“A fine time to ask,” she said. “Oh, FUCK, that was amazing!”

I pulled her wet face to my chest and kissed her hair.

Wow, I thought. Happy fuckin’ thanksgiving.

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