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One Hot Summer Evening

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The Vancouver weather began to improve towards the end of May and by the end of June the days were sunny and hot. The evenings were warm and humid, but usually enough of a breeze to cool things off comfortably. My mom and dad had taken our two boys for a few days to give us a bit of a holiday. My wife Mary and I were enjoying to the break to the fullest, going out almost every night to movies or for dinner.

Both of us are professionals, she an MD and I a researcher at the university. We had been working hard, establishing our careers and had had almost no time off in years.

The weekend rolled around and we decided to stay home and have a barbeque, rather than eat out. To tell the truth, all the going out had started to wear me down and I was looking forward to a lazy evening of relaxing in the comfort of our home. I went out to the local butcher and picked out two perfect rib steaks. There is nothing quite like a rib steak cooked over open flames. As my oldest son now puts it ‘Meat, Fire…. Good!’ These were about an inch and a half thick and nicely aged. To go with the steaks, I also picked up some good looking peppers that I thought would grill up nicely.

On my way home from the store I marvelled at how fortunate I was. I have to take the time here to describe my wife. She is, and always has been, the love of my life. The very first time I ever laid eyes on her, I felt an almost visceral pull. She has the most gorgeous medium brown hair, long and silky. And her eyes are amazing, steel grey, that flash sparkling blue when she is happy. I have always thought that she has a great figure. Now, I am an admitted leg man and hers are long and lean. I suppose here is where you are expecting me to describe her luscious 42DD chest, but not so. The second thing that I noticed when I first saw her was her beautiful 32A bust line (I find nothing appealing about huge breasts, so I guess I fall outside the North American norm in that respect). Regardless, although my wife is close to my ideal in appearance, she also has an amazing personality. We are very compatible in terms of our outlook on life and so on.

That afternoon had been hot, so I was wearing shorts and a muscle shirt since anything else was simply too hot. Now, I am not an Adonis, but I didn’t look too bad in that outfit. Plus, Mary thinks I look a bit sexy in that kind of t-shirt (I don’t know why she does, but I’m not going to argue). I drove down our street and as I rounded the last corner I noticed an unfamiliar car parked out in front of the house. I thought nothing of this since the neighbours are always parking in front like that. I pulled into the driveway and collected the food, before heading into the front door. Entering, I almost tripped over a small suitcase that was sitting in the entrance. I could hear Mary’s voice, drifting through the open kitchen window, coming from the back yard. I couldn’t make out what she was saying and I heard another voice that sounded familiar, but I just couldn’t quite place.

I walked into the kitchen to put the food away, just as Mary called be out to the patio.

“Look who’s here,” Mary said.

I could barely control my surprise when I saw my old grad student friend Pamela. We had shared an office when we were both Masters students in Alberta, and then we both came out to the coast to do our PhDs at the same time. After we had graduated, we went to different cities for our Post-doctoral fellowships, she to Baltimore and I to Montreal. I hadn’t seen her in several years. When the opportunity arose, I had jumped at the chance to come back to the west coast to teach. Pam had taken a research position in Florida, making it very hard to get together. Pam jumped up and came over to give me a big hug, which I returned with pleasure. We all sat and chatted a bit about the good old times.

Mary said, “Pam is staying with us for the rest of the week.”

“I am really looking forward to catching up,” Pam countered.

She gave us both a look that was hard to describe. When we were PhD students, I had inadvertently fixed Pam up with another grad student. He had turned out to be one of the biggest pricks on the planet as far as I was concerned. I should confess here that I have always had a thing for Pam. She is a beautiful, petite brunette with a sparkle in her eye all the time. Coming from Montreal, she has that eastern chic that has always appealed to me. Even when she is dressed super casually, she is always put together. I have often thought that if I had met her before Mary, the names on the marriage certificate would have been different! I’m sure Mary knew I carried a torch for Pam, as she often teased me along those lines.

The heat was almost stifling and Pam went up to change. I mixed us all up a round of nice cold Rum Collins’ and then went and fired up the BBQ. Pam returned, wearing shorts and a tube top. She sat out on the patio, keeping me company while I cooked the steaks. Mary went to change into her new sundress and joined us. As the steaks were sizzling away, I threw a handful of hickory chips on the coals, just before tossing on the peppers. The air was completely still and the smells of the steaks, the hickory and the peppers just hung in the air, creating a delicious, sensual aroma.

Perhaps it was because of the heat, but we all had several refills of our drinks and were feeling appropriately tipsy. Not drunk, but in that delightful zone where everything feel great and you don’t have any inhibitions. The food was ready and we sat down to a magical meal. The steaks were perfect and the peppers provided just the right complement. To top it off, we all had a couple of glasses of a really great Malbec that Pam had brought as a bit of a housewarming present. Although Mary and I had been there for several years, this was the first time Pam had seen the place.

By the time the meal ended, we were all acting a little silly. Even the smallest thing caused us all to laugh. The sun was setting and we decided to go inside to eat our dessert. The women went and sat in the living room while I went into the kitchen to dish up three bowls of homemade ice cream topped with fresh strawberries. I liberally drizzled liqueur over the tops and delivered them out to the two loves of my life. As I did, I put on some good music and we all sat talking and eating the ice cream.

The heat caused the ice cream to melt quickly, so we were basically eating ice cream soup after a few minutes. Perhaps the alcohol was having an effect, but Mary dripped some ice cream down her chin and onto the rise of her breasts, just above the low neckline of her dress. We all laughed at this and Mary was just about to get up to get a napkin when something happened to change the feeling of the entire evening.

Pam blurted out, “Maybe Bob should lick that up, since he is such a devoted hubby.”

She said it half-jokingly, but there was a serious glint to her eyes as well. Now normally, I would have laughed and then gone and gotten a cloth. However, we were ALL feeling uninhibited enough that I actually did it. A small droplet of the melted ice cream had run down into the valley between Mary’s breasts. I had to pull the elastic neckline if her dress down a bit to get at the errant drop. Just to make a show of how gallant I was, I slowly ran the tip of my tongue up between Mary breasts and trailed it through the hollow at the base of her neck. I lapped up every bit of the ice cream and the taste was indescribable. The sweetness of the ice cream was mixed with the salt from Mary’s perspiration, creating ambrosia. I simply had to keep licking until all of the delectable mixture was gone.

The touch of my tongue to Mary’s skin was almost electric. I could hear a catch in her breath as I did it and I totally forgot about the rest of the world. As I pulled the front of her dress out, I discovered that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Without consciously thinking about it I moved over and ran the tip of my tongue over her exposed nipple. Now, normally Mary would have smacked me for doing anything like that in front of someone else. However, she was also caught up in the sensuality of the moment and she just let out a low moan and wrapped her fingers in my hair, holding me in place to keep licking.

Suddenly we both remembered that we were not alone. I sat back up and we both looked over at Pam, both of us being only slightly embarrassed (rather than completely mortified). Pam had a glazed look in her eyes and I could see that she was breathing very heavily. Clearly, she had been very aroused by what Mary and I had done. She seemed to snap out of her reverie and we all laughed. It seemed right at that moment that we all had shed the last of our inhibitions.

The conversation resumed, albeit with a much more sensual tenor, and we continued to eat our ice cream. Mary and I watched as Pam deliberately dripped ice cream on her chest, just above her tube top.

With a bit of a tremor in her voice, Mary said, “I think you should help Pam clean that up the way you helped me.”

Pam looked at me expectantly, and then at Mary. It was clear that she wanted someone to lick her breasts.

I looked hard at Mary and asked, “Are you sure about this? Because if you are; I would love to do just that!”

Mary just nodded at me and there was an almost feral gleam in her eyes. I got up and went over to Pam. I knelt between her knees and leaned in so that I could lick the drop that had now trickled right down between her breasts. She was trembling with anticipation and she actually jumped when my tongue first made contact with her skin. Very slowly I licked my way up, from the exposed valley between her tits, to the hollow of her neck.

I was about to stop when Mary said in a husky voice, “You missed a spot. Some of it dripped under the edge of her top.”

I looked into Pam’s eyes as Mary spoke and Pam nodded her head almost imperceptibly. She brought her hands up to the tube top and slowly peeled it down, exposing more and more skin. Slowly the top slid down past her nipples and my cock, which had certainly not been limp before, jumped powerfully. Her tits were absolutely perfect, pear shaped and perky. Now, I love Mary’s tits, always have. But, Pam’s were exquisite. Her nipples were hard and just begging for attention. They were about half an inch long and as big around as a pencil eraser. The areolas were small, about the size of a dime, and a shade of coral pink. As I slowly licked down between her breasts, Pam cupped one and lifted it, feeding the nipple into my hungry mouth. Her other hand slid around the back of my head and pulled me tight to her proffered nipple. I was completely lost in the moment and suddenly felt Mary’s hand sliding up the inside of my thigh. I hadn’t noticed that she had come over and knelt beside me in order to see what I was doing.

I lifted my lips off of Pam’s nipple and turned to Mary. We kissed deeply, my tongue slipping into her open lips and playing with her tongue. Her hands were busy, as were mine. Both of us were caressing Pam’s tits and we kissed each other. Pam was the one who took things up to the next level. As Mary and I were kissing, she eased her shorts off. She reached down and slipped her hand inside her panties as she watched us kiss. After Mary and I broke off our kiss, Pam pulled my head to her lips so that we could share another kiss. When Pam and I pulled apart from our wet and sensuous kiss, Mary pulled my shirt off over my head. I went back to sucking on Pam’s nipples and reached a hand down to caress the inside of Mary’s thigh. Mary was kissing my earlobe and neck, while she reached down and lightly rubbed my cock through my shorts.

I ran my hand further up Mary’s leg, venturing under the hem of her sundress. Much to my surprise, Mary had removed her panties and my fingers traced over her very wet pussy lips. My fingers slipped inside Mary’s pussy easily and I pushed two fingers in deeply. The three of us stayed like that for what seemed like an eternity, Pam rubbing her pussy, me sucking her tit and stroking Mary’s pussy, and Mary kissing my neck as she rubbed my cock. I pulled off Pam’s nipple and looked deeply into her eyes. Pam returned my gaze and very sexily pulled her hand out of her panties and offered me a taste of the juices that glistened on her fingers. I greedily sucked the juice off her fingers and wanted more. Pam rose up just long enough to slip off her panties. I was in heaven as I saw the soft light brown curls covering her mons. Mary had long ago shaved her pussy. She liked how my tongue felt on the bare skin of her pussy and who was I to argue. However, sometimes I had fantasized about running my fingers through a nice furry pussy. Here one was, right in front of me and I wasted no time reaching for it. I can’t describe how I felt, slowly finger-fucking two of the prettiest pussies I have ever seen.

Mary stood up and slowly slithered out of her sundress. I mentally compared the two bodies in front of me. Mary is fairly tall (5’7″) and has beautiful legs. Pamela, on the other hand, is rather slim and petite. Proportionally, her legs aren’t as long as Mary’s. She has the most delightful ass I have ever seen and I was almost drooling over the prospect of kissing and fondling it.

Mary snapped me out of my reverie by saying, “You are wearing way too many clothes.”

“Oh yes, here we are on display and you are still hiding the good bits,” Pam threw in, with a devilish grin on her face.

Mary and Pam looked at each other for just a fraction of a second, but it was clear they were on the same mental wavelength. They simultaneously reached for my shorts and dragged them down my body. My erect cock sprang up, as the shorts came off, as if it were made out of spring steel. Mary and Pam both pushed me down onto the rug and took turns sucking and licking my cock. I have always thought that Mary was a great cock-sucker, but Pam was certainly giving her a run for her money. Surprisingly, even though I was in bliss, I was distinctly aware of the differences in their techniques. Mary really likes to lick the head and run her tongue up and down the shaft, basically giving me butterfly kisses all along the length of my cock. Partly this is because she has a hypersensitive gag-reflex, so she doesn’t try and take me deep in her mouth. Pam, on the other hand was deep-throating me easily. I would love the say that I am hung like a horse, but the truth is I am probably just a tiny bit over the national average in length and probably the same for girth. It was clear that Pam’s gag-reflex was nothing like Mary’s and I loved how she looked with her nose buried in my pubic hair. She was taking me right to the root and would swallow while the head of my cock was right in her throat. That was definitely something new for me and I almost lost it right then.

Mary said. “If you keep that up, he is going to explode!”

Pam stopped and considered that for a moment. Of course, for that moment, my cock was right down her throat and I was in la la land. My balls were already drawing up, getting ready to unload.

Taking her head off my cock, Pam asked Mary, “Can he get it up again soon?”

Mary laughed and replied, “He fucking well better be able to since I am in the mood to play all night.”

“I’ve always wondered what he tastes like,” Pam giggled and slammed her head back down on my cock, pumping it with intent.

“Oh, fuuuuuuuuuuuuccccckkkk!!!” I groaned as I shot about a gallon of cum into her mouth.

As I started to shoot, Pam had me deep in her throat, but she pulled back so that the head was just in her mouth as I shot the second and third blasts.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm,” Pam moaned around the head of my cock.

“Come on, don’t hog it,” Mary complained.

Pam sat up and leaned over to Mary, giving her a big kiss as they shared my cum. Now, I am not usually they type to bounce back from such an intense orgasm immediately. Don’t get me wrong, when I am on a roll, I came manage at least a few climaxes over the course of an evening, but I usually require a little down time between. This time though, my cock sprang right back to life as I watched them passing my cum back and forth between their lips. God, that was an amazing and erotic sight, possibly the MOST erotic sight I have ever seen. After a few moments, they broke the kiss and I pulled Pam down beside me. I didn’t have to say anything. She read my mind and spread her legs wide. I dove in head first and was lapping at her pussy in an instant. Now, Mary gets wet when she is excited, but she has nothing on Pam. As the two of them had been kissing, I could see Pam’s juices trickling down the insides of her thighs. As I was licking, I was amazed at how wet she was. It was like a river of the most delicious fluid I have ever tasted (well, Mary tastes just as good, so I guess I can’t complain).

Mary was not sitting idly by while I was licking Pam. She was on her back with her head between my legs, sucking my cock like a demon. Fortunately, I wasn’t in danger of cumming anytime soon, having cum in Pam’s mouth. The sensations on my cock were delightful despite having just cum. I worked two fingers up inside Pam’s cunt and wiggled them around, massaging her G-spot. Now, this is something that Mary loves when I do it to her, so I figured I should try it on Pam. Well, let me tell you that I was not expecting the response that I got. Pam locked her thighs around my head like a vice and simply started screaming. Her back arched sharply and her legs started shaking violently. She then literally shot a stream of juice out of her pussy. Quite a bit went into my mouth, but some accidentally sprayed up my nose. I pulled my head out of the way and the stream shooting out of her pussy splashed off my chest and soaked Mary’s face. I had heard of female ejaculation, but this was my first experience with it. Pam was still shooting as I locked my mouth back over her pussy, avidly swallowing the remaining trickle.

Pam’s clit was super-sensitive at this point, so she pushed my head away. My fingers were still trapped between her thighs, but I stopped my massage (at least temporarily). Mary pulled her head off my cock and started working her way up my body, licking all of Pam’s juices off my skin. She got up to my face and licked it clean and then, in a move I wasn’t expecting, turned and started licking Pam’s thighs. By this time, Pam had started to recover and she spread her legs for Mary’s exploring tongue. Where my licking had been vigorous, Mary’s was light and delicate. I pulled out, giving Mary complete freedom to explore Pam’s cunt. Mary was kind of whimpering as she licked Pam and I realized that she was the only one who still hadn’t cum. Mary was on her knees with her head buried between Pam’s legs, so I moved in behind her and started to fuck her, doggy style. This is one of Mary’s favourite positions and as my cock slipped between her engorged cunt lips, she let out a loud groan of satisfaction.

At first I fucked Mary slowly, just as she was licking Pam slowly and gently. However, as Pam got more aroused, she urged Mary to lick her harder. I increased the frequency and intensity of my strokes, inciting Mary to speed up. Before long, I was driving into Mary’s cunt hard and fast. This had the effect of driving Mary’s tongue hard and deep into Pam’s cunt, which was just what she wanted.

“Uuuhhhhhh….FUUUUUCCCCKKKK,” Pam groaned out.

There was an almost animal grunting sound coming from Mary and we could all hear the sloppy, squelching sound my cock was making in her pussy.

Pam looked at me over Mary’s back.

“God that looks hot, watching you fuck her as she eats me,” Pam hissed.

I replied, “Fuck you look so hot with your legs spread wide like that. I can’t wait to fuck your sweet pussy.”

Mary lifted her head up and cried out, ” I’m cuuuummming! Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck…DON’T STOP.”

With that, she started to drive her cunt back at me hard, meeting my thrusts. Pam sat up and watched us avidly, while stroking her clit with her fingers. Pam reached forward under Mary and grabbed her tits roughly. Mary just groaned louder and slammed back harder. I didn’t know it at the time, but right then Pam twisted and pinched both of Mary’s nipples hard. Mary reared up and drove herself down on my cock hard, forcing back on my haunches. She was screaming out her climax so loud I thought the neighbours would phone 911. I could feel her cunt pulsing about my hard cock and I could feel her juice dripping off my balls as she came.

Mary slowly toppled off me to the side and curled up into an almost foetal position. I had never seen her come that hard ever. Her body was still twitching spasmodically and I was sure she had passed out.

Pam looked at me and said, “I want to ride you, every way I can.”

I lay down on my back with my cock sticking straight up in the air. It was bouncing around in time to the hammering of my heart. Just the thought that I was going to get to fuck Pam was driving me wild. Pam stood up with her feet on either side of my head, facing my feet, and slowly squatted down, bringing that furry pussy closer and closer to my face. When she reached the bottom, the first thing I did was rub my entire face over her pussy lips, getting soaked with her juices in the process. I sucked one of her cuntlips into my mouth and slithered my tongue along the length of it.

“Oh fuck yeah,” she sighed, wiggling her hips just a little to increase the friction.

My cock was being ignored for the moment, but I didn’t mind. I absolutely LOVE licking pussy. I would be happy to do it for hours. I don’t understand these self-centered pricks that want their women to blow them, but won’t put their mouths anywhere near their woman’s cunt. They are SO missing out on one of the best things in life. Of course that thought only crossed my mind fleetingly, because just then Pam thrust her pussy forward and brought my tongue right over her asshole. I don’t know if that was what she had intended, but I sure didn’t mind. I started giving her an A-1 rim job.

“Oh fuck that feels good,” she moaned.

“Is he licking your ass?” I heard Mary ask.

“Oh yeah, and does it ever feel good. No one has ever touched me there before, but I love how it feels!” she replied. Then she just grunted, “Uuuuuhhhhhhhhhh.”

I figured that if she liked that, she’ll love this and I started to wiggle the tip of my finger into ass. Well, that REALLY got her ass wiggling.

“Fuck, give me more, MORE!” she demanded.

She whined briefly as I pulled my finger out for a moment, but stopped complaining when I shoved it deep into her cunt to collect her lubrication before returning to her ass. I forced first one finger deep into her ass, followed by a second finger (albeit, very slowly). She just held steady as I gently stretched her sphincter out. Mary started sucking on my cock as she watched me work in and out of Pam’s ass.

“I love it when he plays with my ass,” Mary directed a Pam. “I really love it when he fucks me while I have a dildo up my ass.”

All Pam could do at this point was grunt in time with my finger thrusts. Her pussy was liberally dripping onto my neck. Mary’s lips left my cock and I heard her get up and run into our bedroom for a moment. I knew just what she was searching for. In the mean time, I just kept working my two fingers into Pam’s ass. With my other hand, I reached up and was playing with her nipples. She seemed to love it when I pinched them. I kept increasing the intensity of my pinches and she just groaned harder.

“Oh yeah, pinch my nipples hard….. and pull on them!” she moaned.

By this time I was pulling her nipples out as far as her tits would stretch. In fact, I was worried that I was going to rip them off if I pulled any harder.

Pam just said, “Just like that, oh God, just like that.”

It was at that point that I realized that Pam clearly liked a little pain mixed in with her pleasure. I spread my invading fingers wide, stretching her ass and she bucked up, but immediately slammed her ass back down.

“Shit, that feels great,” she sighed.

Mary had returned with our assortment of toys by this time. She came around first and knelt by my head so that she could watch me finger Pam close up. Pam leaned forward and engulfed my cock and deep-throated me for a few strokes. Again, I revelled in how deep my cock went into her throat. In this position, the curve of my cock matched the curve of her throat perfectly. I was licking her clit and fingering her ass at the same time. However, Mary had other plans. She got up and went around to Pam’s head. I could hear her whispering something to Pam, but I couldn’t make out what it was.

Pam slowly pulled her mouth of my cock and lifted off my face. I lay there for a couple of moments, wondering what was going on, but collecting my breath at the same time. I propped myself up on my elbows and looked over at my two sexy companions. Mary was on her back on the floor and was manoeuvring Pam into a 69 position above her. I have always had a fantasy of watching exactly this, but I had never mentioned it to Mary because she had never, ever given me any indication that she would ever want to be with a woman. Pam was sucking away at Mary’s pussy lips and Mary was returning the favour. At the same time though, Mary was working a fairly thick rubber dildo into Pam’s very wet pussy. I watched in fascination as the thick dildo stretched Pam’s cuntlips tight. Mary then started to work the dildo in and out at a slow yet steady pace. I crawled over to watch this close up. It was amazingly arousing to watch the inner lips pull out along the surface of the dildo, and then almost roll under when the dildo was pushed back in. All the time, Pam was grunting hard, each time the dildo bottomed out in her cunt. I realized that Pam was taking about 8 inches each time. She is such a petite thing that I never would have believed that she could take anything that deep.

Mary’s tongue was working Pam’s clit over lightly and I could see the tell-tale shaking in Pam’s thighs which I now knew would precede a wicked climax. Mary was also huffing and puffing in response to the clearly pleasurable stimulation Pam was applying to her cunt. Mary briefly let go of the dildo, after driving it in particularly deeply. She looked me straight in the eyes, smiled and reached both hands up to pull Pam’s ass-cheeks apart. I could feel myself smiling evilly as I knew exactly what she wanted me to do. I positioned myself behind Pam and sort of squatted down to bring the head of my cock right to Pam’s rosebud. Mary had brought down some lube with the toys, so I squirted a big dollop right on Pam’s ass-hole. It was cold and Pam squealed a bit, but she didn’t slow down on Mary’s pussy. The moment my cock head touched her anus, Pam froze. I slowly and steadily pushed against the resistance, watching for any sign that Pam didn’t want this. Pam was completely silent, but nodded her head in assent. The steady pressure slowly spread her anus open and I felt the head start to slip inside.

It was a damned good thing I had already had a big climax, because there was no way I could have maintained control otherwise. It was all just too erotic, watching my cock slowly disappear into Pam’s ass. I could feel the dildo in her pussy and Mary fingers were tracing over where Pam’s ass and my cock met. Once the head of my cock was fully in, I stopped momentarily to let Pam’s ass get used to the intrusion. Pam was having none of that, and she slammed back against me, driving my cock all the way in to the balls.


God I love that sound. The only time you ever hear that particular throaty, animalistic grunt is when you make the first stroke into a woman’s ass!

“Oh my fucking God,” Pam yelled. “Fuck my ass and my cunt!”

Well, I am always one to follow direction and apparently Mary is too, because I could feel the dildo pumping in and out of Pam’s cunt and I fucked her ass.

“Fuck me harder, HARDER,” Pam screamed.

I was slamming into her ass as hard as I could. I was aware that my balls were slapping up against the dildo with each thrust and I was amazed that it didn’t hurt. Actually, I’m pretty sure that it would have hurt, but I was so ramped on endorphins by this time that I didn’t notice. It seemed like we like we had been rutting for hours. I know I was dripping with sweat by this time, but I didn’t want to slow down. By this time Pam was completely incoherent, the power of language totally lost. That is not to say she was silent, far from it. It was almost like listening to someone speaking in tongues. No intelligible words could be made out, but Pam was babbling and grunting loudly all the time. Just then, Mary sucked hard on Pam’s clit and tongued it fiercely. She timed this just as I was slamming deep in Pam’s ass and the result was truly astonishing. Again, Pam’s thighs clamped tight (this time around Mary’s head, not mine). She hunched her back sharply and started to shake all over. Her ass was almost literally vibrating, it was shaking so hard. She lifted up against my cock, driving it deeper into her ass. A high-pitched scream tore from her lips and she started to spray juice all over Mary’s face. God, I could see the juice splattering ALL over the floor around up and I could hear Mary sputtering and choking with all the liquid. That was it for me. I just started pumping shot after shot of cum deep into Pam’s ass.

“Fuck, I can feel it,” Pam yelled and this seemed to renew her climax again. By this time, Mary had obviously figured out the safest thing to do to avoid drowning was to drink Pam’s stream and she locked her mouth over Pam’s clit and opening, rapidly swallowing everything. Pam continues to shake for a few moments more, and then she just fell forward, passing out completely. She rolled off Mary and my cock popped right out of her ass. I was almost in shock. Not from having Pam pass out on us (although I have never had a woman feint during climax with me before), but from the fact that my cock was still rock hard. Mary was quick to realize that I was still functional and she grabbed me and pulled me down between her legs.

“Fuck my cunt as hard and as fast as you can!” she demanded.

I started slamming into her, grinding her clit with my pubic bone every time I did. I was like a jack-hammer and wasn’t about to slow down. Because I had already cum twice, I was able to keep going and going. I shifted position a little, so that I was on my knees. My hands were on Mary’s waist and I was pulling her down hard on my cock. She helped by wrapping her legs around my back and pulling me into her on each stroke.

“Fuck me you bastard, fuck my cunt… come on, fuck me harder motherfucker.”

Now, I was fucking her for all I was worth and I was almost getting a little pissed off by this (well, as pissed off as a man can be buried in a wet, hot pussy and fucking it hard).

“You want more?” I demanded.

“Yes, make it hurt,” she yelled back at me.

“OK, you asked for it!” I said and I started slapping her tits with sharp stinging blows right across her hard nipples. I’ve never hit her before, not even a slap on the rump during sex, so I don’t know what came over me, but I kept slapping her tits hard.

Each time I did it, she yelled, “Yeah, slap my tits. Keep it up. Oh fuck that feel good.”

She was thrashing her head back and forth and I could feel her cunt start to clamp down on my cock. I gave her tits one last stinging slap and drove as deep into her cunt as I could. She exploded on my cock. I’ve never had her squirt before and while it wasn’t anything like what Pam had loosed, it was every bit as intense. I fired my last climax of the day deep into my lovely wife’s greedy cunt and we both just kind of slumped over, with my cock still deep inside her.

Pam startled both of us when she spoke, “That was the most intense thing I have ever seen!”

I chuckled and said, “It was the most intense sex we have ever had. In fact this whole evening has been right off the chart!”

Mary said, “You can say that again, I’ve never done anything like this before in my life.”

“Neither have I,” Pam replied. ‘Oh God, I am totally fucked out. I couldn’t take any more even if I wanted to.”

“Same here,” Mary said and slowly lurched to her feet.

The three of us managed to stagger to the bedroom where we fell into one big sweaty heap on our king-sized bed. I was able to pull the comforter over us just before I fell in a deep sleep. With Pam snuggled up to me on one side and Mary snuggled up to me on the other. I kissed each of them good night and then Mary leaned over me and gave Pam a very sexy French kiss to say good night as well. What an amazing night and it was just the start of the most interesting week of my life, but that is a tale for another time…..

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