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Nothing You Don’t See Every Day

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Mom and I hadn’t been up to visit Aunt Sandy, Uncle Bob and Cindy in three years, but I hardly had to wonder what Cindy would look like: our mothers were identical twins, and Cindy looked just like me: tall, slim, redheaded, and small-chested.

Well, not exactly: seeing her with her hair cut short was a surprise. So that’s how I’d look with short hair, I thought.

There were hugs all around. These were really the only family Mom and I had. Dad was a soldier and had died before I was born, and we had no contact with his family.

“Ma,” Cindy said, “do we have time to ride before dinner?”

“Go,” Aunt Sandy said. “Just don’t lose track of time.”

Cindy and I ran upstairs and I changed into a pair of jeans, then we ran out to the barn. I can swear Sugar recognized me. Horses aren’t fooled by lookalike cousins, are they?

We talked as we rode into the woods. There are so many ways for people to communicate these days, but there’s nothing like being together to really catch up. We were both looking forward to college in September, and were both disappointed that life hadn’t suddenly become more interesting after our recent eighteenth birthdays.

Cindy had a boyfriend, Keith, but the most she’d let him do so far was let him reach inside her shirt and touch her through her bra. “And, well…”


“One night last week I ‘accidentally’ forgot to wear a bra. He had no idea until his hand was on me.”

I laughed, “Well, that’s more action than I’ve ever gotten,” I said.

“Really? I assumed city girls were… um…”

“Yes?” I asked.



“No, I mean…”


“I didn’t mean–”

I was enjoying her discomfort more than I should have. “No, Cin, I could have, of course, but there’s no guy I liked enough to go to second base with, or anywhere else.”

We rode mostly in silence for a while after that, probably because I was lost in thought wondering which of my boyfriends back home at home I should have allowed to put a hand on my breast.


After dinner, we hung out with with some of Cindy’s friends and then went for a late snack. It was Keith, another couple, and one extra guy, Donnie, Keith’s best friend. I suspected Cindy was trying to pair me up with him, but he looked as uncomfortable with the idea as I was, and nothing came of it.

When Cindy and Keith kissed goodnight, I noticed his hand brushed against her breast.


The house was quiet when we got home. I was unpacking my case, and Cindy was gently chiding me for not accepting her gift of a cute guy, when suddenly she froze as if she’s heard something. “Shh!”


“Get your shoes back on and come outside if you want to see something.”

“See something?”

“Just come on.”

We scampered out into the yard, to where her old swing set stood, maybe 50 feet from the house. “Get on,” she said.

I was, as you can imagine, confused.

She started to swing, and I did the same.

“Okay, I’m swinging.”

“When you get high enough, looking straight at the house.”

Just for a second or two, when the swing was at its highest, I could see straight into Cindy’s parents’ bedroom. Uncle Bob was lying on the bed, naked, and a naked Aunt Sandy was bouncing up and down on his cock.

“Holy shit,” I said with a laugh, when I saw it again on the next upswing.

“I know, right?” Cindy said.

I had never seen anybody having sex before, and this was a fascinating show, even a second or two at a time.

“Fuck!” Cindy suddenly shouted when she was next high enough to look in — loudly enough that I thought her parents would hear her.

“What –?” I started to ask, then it was my turn to see inside. Aunt Sandy was still fucking Uncle Bob, but now Aunt Sandy was also lowering her pussy over Uncle Bob’s face.

That meant one of them was Mom!

Close up, I can usually tell my mother and my aunt apart — from this distance and both of them naked, I had no idea which was which.

A few minutes later, when Uncle Bob was fucking one woman doggy-style while fingering the other, Cindy said “This is really hot, and kind of disturbing.”

“Yeah,” was all I could say to that. But I did wish we were a lot closer to the window.


It had been a long day, and when we got back to Cindy’s room, I was ready to pass out. I changed into my nightgown and crawled into the guest bed, then noticed that Cindy hadn’t put anything on. “I hope you don’t mind,” she said, when she saw me looking her way. “this is how I usually sleep on warm nights, and it’s nothing you don’t see every day anyway.”

She was referring to the fact that we were identical, but it reminded me of the other time I’d seen her lying down naked (as opposed to seeing glimpses of her as she changed, of course): it was three years earlier. We’d ridden down to a stream on the far end of their property, and we decided to walk across the stream by jumping from rock to rock. We both made it across. I made it back, and she only made it about halfway before flopping down into the stream.

She waded ashore and then, as if forgetting she wasn’t alone, laid out every article of wet clothing to dry in the sun, and stretched out naked in the grass to dry (and sun) herself. “Well,” she said, noticing my surprise, “it’s nothing you don’t see every day anyway.”

Then I’d stripped down to my bra and panties and joined her on the grass to get some tan. Tonight, I was fine leaving my nightgown on, said goodnight, and went to sleep.

I wasn’t quite asleep ten minutes later, though she must have thought I was, when I heard movement in Cindy’s bed. I’d never heard anybody but myself doing it before, but it was obvious that our parents’ sex show had had an effect on her: she was playing with herself, after a while not doing a very good job of hiding her deep breathing, Or her soft groan at the end.

I won’t say I wasn’t tempted to join her, but at this point I pretty much had to pretend to be asleep. And I couldn’t have brought myself to do it in front of somebody else in any case.

But I had a very unsettled night, my dreams filled with sex and masturbation and breasts being stroked. I’m not sure, but I think I woke up with my hand on my own breast.


When I finally did wake up, Cindy had already come out of the bathroom after her shower, wearing panties and bra, and was going through her bureau choosing a t-shirt and shorts. I looked at the clock. It wasn’t quite 7. “My turn to make breakfast,” she said. “Twenty minutes?”

“Sure,” I said.

Half an hour later, when I walked into the kitchen, my long hair still wet, my aunt, uncle, mother and cousin greeted me with exaggerated expressions of impatience. “Do you want us to starve?” Uncle Bob asked.

“Sorry, sorry,” I said, sitting down. Cindy served the pancakes and bacon to everybody. “Mom,” I said, “would you mind if I cut my hair short like Cindy’s? I’m really tired of how long it makes to wash this every day.”

“It’s up to you, Honey,” she said.

“Nobody will be able to tell us apart,” Cindy pointed out. “It’s be like The Parent Trap.”

She took a gulp of milk, and I leaned over to her and whispered “Except we certainly won’t have to bring our parents together.”

She started laughing violently and spit her milk all over the table in front of her.

“Are you okay, dear?” Aunt Sandy asked, at the same time Uncle Bob said “What was so funny?”

“Nothing, it was nothing,” Cindy said, trying to keep a straight face while also trying to wipe milk from the table and from her plate.

“Just a private joke,” I said, taking another forkful of pancake.


By early afternoon, I had been shorn. I also asked the stylist to rubber-band and Zip-lock the hair so I could donate it to Locks For Love when I got back to the city.

It was a good day for short hair — the thermometer was inching toward the mid-90s — so as soon as we got home Cindy and I changed into bikinis and walked over to the town lake. It was Saturday, so apparently the entire town was there.

I had swum to the far shore — the side with fewer crowds — and was just starting back when somebody came up behind me, turned me around, and kissed me. I was about to introduce by knee to his balls, when I realized it was Keith, and he must have thought I was Cindy. I was about to say something, even though I wasn’t hating it, when his hand came up between us and rested on my left breast, stroking the nipple just slightly.

Then he froze, staring at me hard, and pulled his hand away.

“You got your hair cut.”

“I did.”

“I thought you were–”


“Maybe we shouldn’t mention this to–”

“Agreed,” I said.

He swam off, and I had to be honest with myself… yes, I’d been caught by surprise, but I probably could have said something to him a second or two sooner.


“Donnie’s coming to the movie with us tonight,” Cindy said after we’d showered the lake water off of ourselves. “That’s not a problem, is it?”

“Of course not.”

“You didn’t seem to get along all that well last night.”

“No, no, I think we both felt like third wheels, and neither of us knew we were being set up together.”

“We weren’t—”

“You certainly were.”

“Yeah, we were.”

“We’ll be fine. And I didn’t come here to ruin your fun for a week.”

“If you’re sure.”

“I’m sure,” I said, only half listening to her. She was already dressed and ready to go, but I was still wearing my sneakers, shorts and a bra, trying to find something to wear on a muggy night among the items I’d packed.

“Do you want to borrow something of mine?” Cindy asked impatiently.

I went to her closet, and found a lacy tank top I thought would look good on me. I took off my bra, tossed it onto my bed, and pulled on the tank top. “Let’s go,” I said, “do you want us to be late?”


When I walked into the pizza place slightly ahead of Cindy, Keith spotted me, got up, and took a step in my direction. I was wearing Cindy’s top, after all. I gave him a quick wink and nodded my head toward Cindy behind me. He changed direction, not letting on that he’d been about to approach the wrong girl.

As he gave my cousin a quick hug, I went to the table, said hello to Donnie, and realized he was trying not to stare at my chest. I took a quick look down and realized an air conditioned restaurant on a warm muggy night wasn’t the best place to be wearing a tight shirt without a bra: my nipples were poking through like little black erasers.

Cindy and Keith sat down at the table, and Keith pretended not to notice. I was suddenly very conscious of the fact that a few hours earlier, he’d had his hand on my left breast. I suspect he was remembering that as well.

Cindy noticed him pretending not to notice. I thought she might be angry at me, but instead she silently mouthed “Sorry.” I realized she meant it was her shirt and she should have warned me what I show I’d be putting on in this weather without a bra.

Okay, I was willing to let her feel guilty.

After a few minutes, I guess we all got used to it; and as my body got accustomed to the air conditioning, things settled down some, and we had a pleasant meal.

After dinner we went back out into the warm, muggy night, and walked across the street to the overly-air conditioned movie theatre. Here we go again!

It was close enough to showtime that we went right to Theatre 3. Keith held the door open as we all walked in, and his arm accidentally brushed against my right nipple. I swear, I felt that down to my toes, and almost gasped.

I didn’t think anybody else noticed, and for all I know even Keith didn’t realize he’s touched me. Although… that’s a lot of accidents for one day, dude…

Cindy excused herself to go to the ladies’ room, and the rest of us filed into our seats: Donnie, then me, then Keith, leaving a seat to the left of him for Cindy.

As we were settling in, the back of my hand accidentally brushed against Keith’s crotch. I had no experience with these things, of course, but I knew a hard dick when I (accidentally) touched one. He gave me a quick look, but then Cindy came back and slid into her seat. We’re built enough alike that I could tell her button-down shirt no longer had a bra underneath.

The previews were starting. I leaned into Donnie a bit, to let him know that even though I wasn’t really his date, he could hold me if he’d like: it would be awkward if we both sat upright through the whole movie, after all.

For a lot of the film, I had one eye on the screen and another stealthily checking out my cousin and her boyfriend. Nobody was sitting too close to us, and Keith’s hand was wandering low enough that he certainly knew she wasn’t wearing a bra anymore. And I suspect he knew that she’d been wearing one earlier, which probably put all sorts of ideas in his head.

I had a feeling Cindy had seen him accidentally give me my first “feel” (not knowing he’d actually done that earlier at the lake), and wanted to make sure she kept his full attention.

Keith shifted in his seat a bit, which I could tell was to enable him to reach further down Cindy’s shirt. I took advantage of that to drop my hand down to his crotch for a moment again.

He gave me a quick, almost pleading look: did he want me to touch him more, or was he worried I’d make him cum and embarrass him?

Well, I wasn’t planning to give anybody a hand-job tonight, much less my cousin’s boyfriend, so I moved my arm back up to the armrest as casually as I’d dropped it.

I could see that Cindy had taken advantage of all the moving around to unfasten a button of her blouse. Keith had certainly noticed, because his hand was taking advantage of the additional exposed cleavage.

I was becoming seriously jealous of Cindy. If Donnie were at all healthy, he’d be even more envious of Keith right now. But Donnie wasn’t my boyfriend, after all, and I wasn’t experienced enough how much I could let him touch me without being a tease.

My top had a pretty low scoop neck, though I wasn’t showing as much exposed chest as Cindy was with that button opened. I put my hand over Donnie’s and pushed it down slightly, to let him know that he could move his hand there.

He surprised me: I thought he would just grab for whatever he could — he probably wasn’t much more experienced than I was — but instead he moved slowly, gently running his finger along the seam of the scoop top, never quite touching the material, but taking full advantage of his permission to explore every bit of my chest that wasn’t covered.

Speaking of uncovered chest, I could see that Cindy had unfastened another button and was offering Keith as much as she could without actually exposing herself — and that was certainly out of the question in a public place with Donnie three seats away!

As the movie began, we all sort of settled down: I let Donnie rest his hand on my breast (over my shirt) as we watched the film, but it was pretty obvious that Keith had taken advantage of all the open buttons to slip his hand inside Cindy’s shirt to hold her bare breast.

She’d re-buttoned herself by the time the film was over, of course, but that didn’t last very long: Cindy and I had walked into town, but now that it was dark and late, Keith drove everybody home. Donnie first, since he lived the furthest. I could tell he wanted to make out, and I wouldn’t have minded that myself, but not in the back seat of the car with Keith and Cindy two feet away.

On the drive back to Cindy’s house, Cindy stretched out on the front seat, her head on Keith’s lap. When we got there, and she sat up, I could see that her shirt was entirely unbuttoned. She made no effort to either hide the fact or to re-button it. He got out of the car along with her and they kissed, she pressing her mostly-exposed chest against his t-shirt, and he slipping his fingers an inch or two down the back of her shorts.

“Well,” I said, as he drove off, both impressed and more than a little jealous.

“Yeah,” she said with a grin. We were waking toward the swings. “You know,” she continued, “I wasn’t sure how I felt about you sitting there with your nips poking through. But it was taking Keith forever to step up his game, I think he was always afraid I’d make him stop and I didn’t know how to tell him I wanted to go further, but I guess seeing you was enough to really get him going.”

“I’m glad I could help.’

She took off her shirt before she got on the swing, and dropped it onto the grass. “I’ve done this topless on warm nights when I’m alone. It feels nice. And tonight, my nips are so sensitive from Keith playing with them, I don’t think I could stand having anything against them.”

“Fine by me,” I said, pulling my own shirt — Cindy’s actually — over my head and dropping it to the ground before getting on the swing. She was right, this was nice.

When we got high enough to see through the window, we could see that Uncle Bob was going at it doggie-style with either Aunt Sandy or my mother. “Don’t they ever stop?” I asked.

“My parents go at it pretty often, but having your mom here must make it special. I wonder how long they’ve all been doing this. This can’t be the first time.”

“I don’t know whether to be turned on or grossed out,” I said, then realized Cindy had chosen “turned on”: she was holding onto the chain of the swing with one hand, and pinching her nipples hard with the other one. I didn’t know whether she even realized she was doing it or, if she did, whether she realized I could see.

“Keith would really go nuts if he could see us here,” she said a bit dreamily.

I thought about it for a moment and then said “Okay.”

“Okay?” she asked. “Okay what?”

“If you want Keith to get all hot and bothered seeing us like this, I’m game.” I gesture at her chest. “I don’t have anything he has already seen tonight anyway.”

She laughed. “Sort of, I guess.” She worked her cell phone out of her shorts pocket. “Are you serious? Because I will do it.”

“Do it,” I said, more excited than I thought I’d be. No boy had ever seen me topless, of course; but I was only here for a week, I’d probably never see Keith again, and it would be hot seeing Keith make out with Cindy, especially knowing I was a catalyst.

“Last chance,” she said, her finger hovering over the “call” button. I nodded my head and she punched it. “Hey. We’re just lying around in the back yard looking at the sky and shit. Want to come back and hang with us?” I couldn’t imagine him saying no, remembering how Cindy had been dressed when they’d parted. And he didn’t. “See you then,” I heard Cindy say.

It was a clear night, perfect although a bit muggy, and fortunately Uncle Bob kept the back lawn as lush and soft as a golf course. Lying in the grass was like lying on a green blanket. I noticed for the first time how many more constellations I could see than in the city.

“Let’s see if he knows who is who,” Cindy whispered as Keith walked toward us ten minutes later.

I thought I was ready to let Keith see me topless, but his look of surprise and excitement suddenly made me feel self-conscious.

And very turned on.

Cindy patted a spot between us, and Keith eased himself down.

I’d seen guys with erections obvious through their pants, of course, but never anything like what Keith had. He was probably as self-conscious about us knowing that, as I was about him being able to see my breasts.

I remembered having had my hand on it earlier.

This night was going to have to end with Cindy doing something about that, before Keith exploded. And I was definitely going to watch

Of course he had no idea which of us was which — it was a clear night, but still nighttime, and we were wearing near-identical denim shorts — and I was just about to say something when Cindy whispered to him “It’s okay if you do to her what you were doing in the car.”

Before I could correct her, or even comprehend what she was doing, Keith had turned toward me and put a hand on my left breast.

My first thought, crazily enough, was “I can’t believe he’d feel up his girlfriend in front of her cousin.” Only next came “Oh my fucking god, he’s playing with my naked nipple!”

Cindy pulled herself into a sitting position, and began working Keith’s t-shirt up his body. “Fair’s fair,” she continued to whisper, so he wouldn’t recognize her voice.

“Oh,” I groaned, when taking off his shirt made him remove his hand from my breast.

Naked from the waist up, like Cindy and me, he pressed his body against mine and put his mouth on the nipple he’d just been teasing. This was far more than he’d ever done with Cindy, as far as I knew. I knew I needed to make him stop, but we were well past the point where I could tell him I wasn’t really Cindy without embarrassing both of us.

Not that I wanted to tell him.

“Keith,” Cindy whispered, “I lied. I’m Cindy.”

She rolled him back around to face her, kissed him, and ground their chests together as they’d done earlier. I have no idea what Keith was thinking, but my best guess would be “Thank you God!”

I pressed my body up against Keith’s back — if Cindy had any problem with my staying involved, she wouldn’t have started this in the first place — then reached around Keith’s body and worked my hand onto his crotch again.

I hadn’t realized he and Cindy had begun grinding their crotches together as well and suddenly, as I was grasping Keith’s dick, I had Cindy… well, no way to say it, she was humping the back of my hand.

We were both too worked up to freak out over that.

Keith groaned. I quickly took my hand away from his crotch, because I didn’t want him cumming all over my hand.

Had we already gotten to the point where some of us were going to cum?

With me no longer between them. Keith pushed Cindy down to the ground and started sucking on her breast the way he’d been sucking on mine.

Should I leave? The way they were going at it, Cindy and her boyfriend were obviously going to be fucking soon, and I was a third wheel. But they had invited me in, hadn’t they?

I pulled off my shorts, positioned myself on the ground next to them, took Keith’s hand, and placed it on my panties. I was past worrying that he could feel how wet I was.

And he could certainly tell, as he stroked my pussy through my panties.

“Ho… ly… SHIT!” I groaned as he pushed his finger hard against my slit and I came.

Cindy reached down and tried to un-do Keith’s belt. She couldn’t get very far with him on top of her, so I crawled around to help. I wasn’t sure whether she was intending to remove just his pants or his underwear as well, so I decided to pull off both.

Once he was naked, he moved his mouth from Cindy’s breast to her mouth, and they began grinding their privates together as they kissed. They were both groaning loudly as Keith’s hard dick pushed hard against Cindy’s panties.

So I did what I would have wanted somebody to do for me in Cindy’s place: I grabbed the crotch of her panties and pulled it to the side (noticing how wet both the panties and her pussy were) and on his next thrust, Keith’s dick slid right into Cindy’s pussy.

They both froze for just a moment, then Cindy said “please, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.”

Keith didn’t need much convincing.

A virgin himself, I was sure, he pounded hard into Cindy’s virgin pussy, as she thrashed around beneath him, moaning and saying “fuck, fuck, fuck..”

I slipped off my own panties, lay down alongside them where they could both see me, spread my legs apart, and used the panties to rub against both my pussy and my clit. It was the sluttiest thing I could ever imagine doing.

I like to think that’s what finally put Keith over the edge. He grunted loudly, and his body jerked as he came inside my cousin, all the cum that had built up inside of him over the course of the night.

Cindy sighed, more like a purr really, and I could see her body relax almost as if were unconscious.

Keith rolled off of her, lying on his back catching his breath. Her panties slipped back into place, covering her pussy, probably soaked with Keith’s cum.

I crawled over to Keith and took his dick in my hand. It seemed pretty well spent. I enjoyed the feel of it, and Keith certainly seemed to enjoy it as well.

I wanted to put it into my mouth, and I doubt he would have objected, but it was coated with both his cum and my cousin’s, so I just couldn’t. I did, however, lean down and kiss the head.

“Oh, please, please, again,” he said.

I did, and his dick suddenly came to attention.

Since I didn’t think he’d object — I later found out he wasn’t sure which of us he’d just finished fucking — I climbed onto him, took his dick, and rubbed it against my pussy. When it seemed hard enough I lifted myself over him, positioned the tip of his dick right next to my slit, and suddenly pushed down hard.

It stung for just a second, nowhere as bad as I’d expected, and then it felt wonderful.

Still catching his breath after his first fuck, Keith seemed perfectly willing to lie on his back and let me do most of the work for his second one.

I used his dick, that’s the best I can describe it. I bounced up and down on it, and I think the more we kept at it, the harder and larger he got. Having already cum, he had all the stamina a girl could ask for. I came over and over again, something I’d never done before. I pinched both of my nipples very hard, hard enough that it should have hurt, but it felt as if I was having orgasms up and down my body.

Cindy had lost her panties and was lying next to us legs spread, the way I’d been a few minutes ago, and was pushing two fingers, almost lazily, in and out of her pussy.

After what seemed like an eternity, Keith finally groaned “Cumming again,” and that was enough to give me the big one I’d been working up to. I felt hot cum shooting up inside of me and finally, spent, I collapsed onto the grass between my naked cousin and her naked boyfriend.


That night I slept in Cindy’s bed with her, as naked as she was, our arms around one another. Nothing sexual about it, we both just wanted to be touched.


For the rest of the week, whenever we all went out, Donnie was my “boyfriend.” We kissed some, and I even let him touch my bare breast a few times, but we never went further than that. And Keith and Cindy were all over one another — I once accidentally walked in on them going at it in her bedroom — he never again touched me in an improper manner.

But apparently once is enough, because a couple of months later, it was pretty clear that I was pregnant. I expected my mother to freak out a lot more than she did, but instead she told me we needed to Skype my aunt and uncle.

“It was Keith?” Aunt Sandy asked.

“Yes,” I said. “He’s the only guy I’ve ever been with.”

“Me too,” Cindy said.

“You too what?” I asked.

She patted her tummy.

“Oh my god,” I said, not knowing whether to sympathize or to laugh.

“I knew there was something I liked about that kid,” Uncle Bob said.

“Liked?” Cindy and I both asked together.

My mother nodded at him and he continued. “Neither of us can resist identical twins,” he continued.

“Dad,” Cindy said, “if you think you’re shocking us, you’re not.”

“We know what you three were up to the week we were visiting,” I said.

“Oh,” Aunt Sandy said.

“I’m not talking about then,” he said.

“The last time we were visiting?” I asked.

The adults all paused for a moment, then my mother said to me “Honey, if you’re keeping the baby, which I have a feeling you will, you can tell it that its father was a soldier and died before it was born.”

“Why would I tell it…” I started, and then Cindy and I both said “Oh my fucking god,” as we suddenly realized that the most logical way for daughters of identical twins to be identical to one another is for them to have the same father.

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