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It Felt So Good

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I was worn out from a hard weeks work, a week of hard labor for a business owner not used to heavy lifting etc. can be a strain. I needed a massage to relieve the kinks, but where do you find a place in this small town. That evening I was surfing’ the net looking for some nasty fun when I came across a site for m-for-m massage. It was right up my alley, I contacted them and set up an appointment for the following day. I was still soar and needed relief. 

I arrived at the appointed time and was shown to a shower room to disrobe and prepare for my massage. I showered, wrapped the towel around me, lay face down on the table as instructed. Before long a man entered and introduced himself to me as my masseur, I mumbled something and he started to apply warm lotion on my back. His hands were small but strong and he found all the right spots. He started with my head covered every inch; I could feel the tensions leaving my body. 

Everything was perfect, I thought it doesn’t get any better then this. Then I felt it, my hands were at my sides and turned slightly up, and he leaned against the table to reach a spot on my opposite side and placed his cock right in my hand. He was wearing a thin pair of satin shorts and a tank top so it left little to the imagination; I didn’t react at all just let it happen. Now I always considered myself as straight but it sort of turned me on. He continued the massage and was now on my opposite side and then he did it again leaning in so his cock was in my other hand. Was it accidental or intentional? 

My curiosity was turned up a notch and my cock was getting hard. By this time he was approaching my buttocks area, he softly asked if he should leave the towel on or would it be OK for him to remove it. I wasn’t to shy at this point and told him go ahead, he removed the towel and applied more lotion to his hands but he didn’t go straight to my butt, instead he started on my legs and boy did that feel good. As he maneuvered my legs for massaging I spread them a little wider for ease of range. I was feeling daring and slightly the exhibitionist because I knew by now from where he was he most definitely could see that I was excited. He massaged higher and higher and I caught myself spreading my legs wider to give him better access. He took advantage of it also massaging up to my cheeks and bushing my balls as he massaged my inner thigh area. Then he did it again he leaned in and placed that cock right in my hand. By now I was so comfortable and horny that I started to squeeze it a little it felt nice not over big and sort of slim, I could tell he was getting excited too, he definitely harder then before. He made no effort to remove it just let me squeeze it and went about massaging my butt cheeks thoroughly. It was one of the hottest feelings I’ve ever had. Couple that with the fact that I actually had this guys cock in my hand, wow. He never missed a beat though he just kept massaging my but the traveled around and started on the other side and just like on queue placed his by now fully hard cock right in my other hand. 

The massage on my ass was heating up though, he applied lots of his warmed lotion and rubbed it in hard everywhere even down my crack and across my virgin hole. I got harder then I’ve ever been, he didn’t make it totally obvious though, but more and more he was rubbing my crack and lower. Then he stopped but kept his cock in my hand and asked me to roll over for the front. I reluctantly let his cock slip from my hand as I rolled over exposing my rock solid 6″ cock, although I consider myself somewhat shy I felt sort of turn on that I was exposing myself for him. As I turned I could see his cock was stiff as well and this excited me even more. I relaxed and lower my head down as he went about applying the oils to my chest and stomach. It felt so good to have him stroking my chest and he paid special attention to my nipples also. I was so turned on every time he pinched or twisted my nipples my cock would jerk, I never knew I could get that excited. My eyes were closed through most of the massage so I was pleasantly surprised when this time when he leaned in I felt his bare cock rest in my hand. Sometime, somehow he had removed his shorts; wow this is so cool I thought as I closed my hand around his cock. Long and slim maybe 6 or 7 inches and no thicker then a broom handle and so hard and soft.

As he stroked my chest I stroked and fondled his cock and balls, I could have stayed like that for hours but it all pasted so quickly next thing I knew he was traveling down to the foot of the table, I looked up just in time to see him remove his shirt and turn towards me. Totally naked now and totally smooth no hair anywhere; wow so hot a total hot body. He reached for my foot and started in massaging it. I felt so relaxed I just let it happen he work up my foot and ankle on to my calf and knee then finally to my thigh, the suspense was thrilling and my cock never felt so hard. His massaging motion would travel up my inner thigh and around my hip and back down my outer thigh, overtime just grazing under my cock so close to my ass and up its length through my pubic hair. Then he repeated it on the other side. I was becoming exhausted and my cock was dripping precum. As he finished my second leg I became aware of the position of my legs he had left them slightly bent and spread quite wide. He walked up to the side of table running his hand up my stomach as he approached. 

I was still laying there eyes closed with my head slightly turned towards him when he softly spoke to informed me that I had several options as to how we could finish the massage. I opened my eyes to see his cock not more then 3 ” from my face and noticed instantly that he too was dripping precum. As he started to tell me the options I couldn’t here a thing anymore, I just leaned forward and took the tip of his cock in my mouth and started sucking he just stopped talking and continued to rub my chest.

I had never done that before but he I was completely at ease with his cock in my mouth. I continued sucking for what seemed like several minutes then I felt his hand travel down my stomach and for the first time he actually grabbed my cock spreading all my precum around up and down my shaft and around my balls. I don’t know if it was the precum or the oils but it was slippery down there. He leaned further down so he could reach my crotch with both hands has he stroked and played with my balls, taking special care to not let his cock slide from my mouth. Then he took it one step further and took my whole cock down his throat. Wow did that feel good I almost exploded on the spot but some how was able to hold off. As he sucked me his hands kept busy too. They had dropped lower to my ass and were rubbing and probing me there, I couldn’t believe how great that actually felt and found myself lifting and spreading my legs further apart giving him total access. 

I was his and I think he knew it because he pushed his finger in my ass for the first time. I lost it and exploded in his mouth, gush after gush. I never came so hard and so much. I was totally spent but he wasn’t done yet. He kept sucking and probing my ass, as I came down from my rush I realized I had stopped sucking him and believe it or not I was still hard as a rock. Another first for me, I’m 40 and usually it takes 30 min. before I’m ready for round 2. As my breathing calmed down he had left my side and was working his way toward the end of the table all the whiles still sucking my cock and fingering my ass. When he finally got comfortable he was between my legs, he slowly lifted his mouth off my cock but never removed his finger and I became aware of the position I was in. 

I was on my back my legs were spread wide and pulled back to my chest and my butt was slightly up turned. I was asking for it and from the look on his face and the stiffness of his cock he was going to oblige me. He reached for the oil spread generous amounts on both his cock and my ass, then placed his cock at my asshole. I tensed up immediately and he sensed it. He slid the tip of his cock up and down my ass crack and then reached for my cock stoking it ever so firmly and fondling my balls. As I relaxed again he gently began to apply pressure with his cock head and before I realized it his cock had pushed past my opening. He was so gentle and didn’t force it further; he stayed there stroking and fondling until he could since my further relaxation. I don’t know how he could tell but whenever I would allow he pushed a little deeper. Before long I could feel his balls on my ass and it never really did hurt much. He began to withdraw and then slowly got a rhythm built never rushing just slowly in and out, it felt like I could feel every inch going in and out and I was getting ready to cum again.

He must have felt my cock swell because he started pumping my cock faster and faster and then started pumping my ass faster and faster, I’m not sure who came first but I could feel his cock explode in my ass and my cock was gushing at the same time. Did I say WOW? It was terrific he collapsed on my stomach with his cock still in my ass and I could feel it slowly getting softer and softer. It finally slipped out after short while and our breathing returned to normal, I thought that was excellent how can I ever top that. As he slowly slid off me he stood between my legs and lowered himself down to take my twice-spent cock in his mouth. I was also soft by this time and he licked and slurped up everything cleaning my cock and cum with his tongue and mouth and he kept cleaning right down to my asshole sucking and rimming my ass it was so good I could feel myself getting hard again. 

Well that’s it for now maybe the rest later.

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Steve wrote

Loved your story and something similar just happened to me .. it was fantastic and he gave me a great butt fucking .. thanks for the story

Dan wrote

Why is it that I never find a masseur like that. Either in Florida or stamford, ct. always fantasized about it but never accomplished it.

Steve wrote

Great story .. happened to me a few months ago .. it was great