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Not the Script She Was Expecting

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Warning! This story includes very heavy BDSM, rough sex, anal fucking and other nasty stuff. As usual there is also a romance but it is secondary to the stroke. Another caveat: I don’t write with a dictionary or a thesaurus at my side. I use words which are familiar to me—words I use in daily conversation. I am not writing stories for children. If you are the persistent anonymous poster who wishes I would use smaller words so that you can understand them, just give me a zero and move on without comment.

Diana. So unlike any woman he had ever known. Their relationship was insane and completely improbable. She was his boss for God’s sake; more often than not a difficult, demanding, ball-busting boss. Although he was a couple of years older thanks to a military stint, she was several years senior to him in career advancement.

She struck the fear of God into every man in the corporate headquarters—certainly those who worked for her. She could be an impatient perfectionist who seldom if ever took the time or effort to stroke her subordinates. It was all about getting the job done—accomplishing the mission—and if feelings got hurt, so be it.

Dating your own boss was not smart in the modern corporate world; fucking your boss was sheer career ending folly. No man in the organization fucked with Diana; John wasn’t fucking with her—he was fucking her virtually every night of the week—albeit on her terms. He was doing her bidding. Her terms were beyond weird; they were decidedly kinky. He would once have considered her sexual requirements perversion but she had pulled him into her dark world and he had become as addicted as she was. She was such an incredibly beautiful woman; under different circumstances…

As dominant a personality as Diana was in the workplace, no one could have imagined that she was a classic submissive sexually. She enjoyed—needed—pain to find satisfaction. More than pain, she needed humiliation, severe bondage and role plays which involved forced, often brutal penetration in every orifice. She craved domination.

She enjoyed activities that he had only read about previously and some that he could never have imagined. His conscience had long since deserted him; he had completely succumbed to her will. No, it was even worse than that; he had become her enthusiastic partner and enabler. He doubted that he would ever again derive sexual satisfaction from “normal” activities with a normal woman.

She was tightly bound with ropes in her favorite position; her posture resembled that of a jockey. Tied cruelly to the used piece of equipment most often found in gymnastic competition, her long, well shaped legs did not reach the floor. Her exquisite rump, spread open lewdly, projected past the end of the implement, further elevated with a small foam wedge. All the trappings were in evidence. Her turgid nipples exhibited multiple clamps designed with one purpose in mind—pain—as did her blood engorged labia. A ball gag was inserted in her full mouth; it was a new one since she had bitten the previous one in half a few nights earlier.

Her perfect globes where uniformly red thanks to rigorous attention at his hands. The leather razor strap had been first; it was her favorite. The leather cat-o-nine-tails followed by the short, stiff crop. He had to be very careful with that one as it could easily break the skin. Then back to the strap, precisely applied to her ass, cunt, back, face and on other occasions her luscious breasts. The large, plug-in vibrator had been skillfully applied to her clit over and over, bringing her to the very edge of release but then sadistically withdrawn at the precise moment.

Her bladder had emptied as was common in this scenario. He had punished her for her carelessness…as she had expected. She knew what was coming now; it was always the climax of this role play. He sensed that it was her favorite part…knew too well that it was unquestionably his.

“Beg for it, slut! Tell your master what you need. Beg for it, my dirty little bitch.”

“Fuck me in the ass.”

The strap came down hard; her full rump quivered; her cunt twitched and her sleek form writhed in agony. The combination made his cock shiver in anticipation. He’d come to love this part…loved watching her flesh quiver…that perfect ass…bare little cunt.

“Respect, you fucking whore! Show me the respect I am due!”

“Please, master…fuck my ass.”

“Like this?” he intoned, forcing his long fingers to their depths in her tight little shitter.

“Yes, master! I want your cock there, master…please…your cock.”

Removing his fingers he proceeded to the next phase of her torment. “Maybe this?” he said, forcing the bulbous head of the plug-in vibrator past her anal ring. She writhed again…cried out…screamed as the discomfort—and pleasure—quickly registered in her consciousness.

“Your cock, master. Your cock there, please.”

Removing the object he inserted another not quite as large but designed with an even more devious purpose. A low amperage electric shock inside her rectum…it was her new favorite. He hit the on button. Her entire body spasmed uncontrollably. She pissed again; drool flowed from her pretty mouth. A long, guttural scream followed. It was during the last use of this horrific tool that she had bitten the ball gag in half. Twice more he activated the switch. Twice more her body jerked grotesquely…but also, so pleasingly…erotically. Enough. It was time.

“I beg you, master. Your cock…in my ass…fuck my ass with your cock, master…please, master, do it now.”

Diana had introduced him to anal sex. He’d never found it appealing before. It was the only way for her—the only way she could derive complete release. He had been tentative at first. He was no longer remotely so. He’d tried to fuck her pussy a couple of times but that wasn’t part of her scripts. He had come to the realization that he would never again be satisfied with regular sex. He now needed the sickness as much—or more—than she did. He would fuck her ass now, balls deep on every stroke, slamming into her bowels with a ferocity that should have alarmed him but no longer did. He knew he would last a very long time in her dank furnace…she had trained him so well.

When he came in her asshole, it would be unlike any release he had ever imagined. It just got better every time he did it. While it might have been a completely agreed upon role play between consenting adults, it was a rape…a rape she desired—demanded. A rape that he found exhilarating. Later he would be deeply concerned about what he had become and even more troubled by the fact that a brutal and sadistic anal rape of a beautiful, tightly bound young woman was now the only thing that satisfied him.

The last few times they had acted out this fantasy he had become even more sadistic, if that were possible, slapping and pinching her bound body mercilessly. He had thought she would complain afterwards. Instead she had later complimented him for his increased brutality.

He was angry with her—angry at what she had let him become…angry with himself for what he had allowed himself to enjoy—no, expect, require and need. As he slammed into her tiny opening, he slapped her full rump with abandon, twisting the various clamps to increase her pain. A hand now at her throat…her idea, of course…just the right application of pressure as she bordered on asphyxiation. And then release…glorious, excruciating, earth shaking release.

The script was so detailed. The ball gag ripped from her mouth as his still rock hard organ forced its way past her lips.

“Take it all, mouth whore! Don’t stop until your nose touches me! All the way now. Excellent! Now hold it there—don’t gag, you filthy slut! Don’t puke on me, bitch! Take it all!”

All accompanied by a series of blows to her quivery globes from the razor strap. Fucking her mouth—her throat—now. Holding her head by her soft blond hair…in and out…abusing her mouth…her lips obscenely stretched around his girth…he loved this part. It made him feel younger…back at the time when coming twice without a break was easy. She had brought that back to him…one cum was never enough…so many hours of anticipation. Yesssss! Take it all, you sick little bitch! You want it and need it! Just as I do.

He would release her from her bonds and remove the clamps. She might or might not kiss him but even if she did it would be perfunctory. Often he received little more than a terse, “good job” or “nice” as if he’d just completed some required project at the office. Maybe there would be a hint of a smile. She would leave the basement and go upstairs to shower and dress. There would be a business hug and a superficial kiss, followed by, “see you tomorrow at the office.”

The following day she would revert to her business self, certainly neither harder nor easier to deal with. There was absolutely no relationship between their office working environment and the other one. She certainly didn’t cut him any slack nor was she more demanding on him than on his peers. He liked his job in spite of how difficult she could be to please. He knew he made more money than his peers. He was very good at what he did. His superior remuneration was in place before Diana had become his boss.

Maybe she’d be promoted soon…promoted and moved out of his life. Then he could end it once and for all. Then perhaps he could get back to normal again, fearful that he wouldn’t ever be normal again…certain that he could not live without the sickness…without her.


“John? Step into my office for a minute.”


“You’re being promoted; you’re moving to San Diego, effective immediately. Contact HR for your relocation package. They need you on site ASAP since you’re filling an unexpected vacancy. You are a VP as of today. Congratulations.”

And then, not even a handshake, just a return of her eyes to whatever was on her desk indicating that he had been dismissed. He was completely taken aback. He’d assumed that the higher ups recognized his abilities and contributions but had thought he was at least a year away from a promotion.

Away from being a headquarters staff wienie and back to line management in the field. Away from Diana. Away from their other life together, if you could even call it a life. She would be no where in his chain of command. He was finally free. It was for the best. This sordid episode in his life was over. What scared him at that moment was his uncertainty that he could live without it…without her.

With the realization that he no longer worked for her, he found it easy to avoid her during his few remaining hours in the corporate headquarters. He was on a red eye to the West Coast by early evening. He had already arranged for his furniture and possessions to be packed up and transported. Anxious to complete the transition in record time, he found a new house in less than a day and set the wheels in motion to close the sale.

Returning to his former home before the end of the week, he hardly supervised the packing and loading of his stuff. They were pros and the company in question had executed many moves for the company and done so flawlessly. He stopped by the office to tie up any loose ends and possibly brief his replacement. Rather than promote from within the department, someone was being brought in from the field to assume his former role, much as he had been brought to the job.

His replacement was a pleasant if not particularly attractive woman from another part of the country. They met briefly to go over pending projects. As he walked to the exit door, he saw her, Diana, in her office. The door was closed but through the glass it was clear that she was berating one of his former workmates. Fuck it. Time to move on with your life. He left without saying goodbye.

Southern California was a delightful change from the frigid upper Midwest. He discovered that his direct reports were a talented lot who demonstrated a high degree of diligence, competence and loyalty. Six months later he was well settled in professionally and socially. Corporate Headquarters was almost a distant memory. Diana was not as distant a memory as he would have liked.

He doubted that he missed her; they had never had a close, personal relationship. He dated and fucked a suitable assortment of comely young beach babes. As he had feared, Diana had completely spoiled him for anything remotely normal. It just wasn’t the same.

When he’d received the email he’d had mixed emotions. While he and Diana were technically of equal rank, she was senior in tenure and would probably be promoted to the next level well before he was. She was coming to visit his operation as part of her headquarters responsibilities. He would be polite and gracious. He had decided in advance that their interaction would be strictly professional.

To his surprise, Diana both charmed and impressed his people. He realized that he had never seen her operate outside of the headquarters. He was not her subordinate any more. By the end of the day—at least from a business perspective—he was glad she had come. Her presentations had been stellar and had been well received. At the dinner with his reports, she had been charming and gracious to all involved. At least one of his younger folks came up to him and commented about how nice she was and how helpful she had been. As the underlings took their leave as was expected, he found himself alone with her for the first time.

“John, you’ve got a very sharp group of people here. My compliments. You’ve obviously had an extremely positive impact and have hit the ground running.”

“Thank you, Diana; that means a lot coming from you.”

“Look, John, I realize that my style back at headquarters can be daunting. HQ pukes too often start believing that they are royalty and more important than the people who actually make money for this company. Maybe I’m a little rough on them—but I never want them to forget that we work for the field, not the other way around. I’ve missed you. You never said goodbye.”

“We hardly knew each other, Diana, personally or professionally.” Uh, oh, that had to be the booze talking!

“We shared some…moments.”

“Which I enjoyed more than I wanted to admit.”

“So you did miss me?” she said, almost flirting with him.

“Diane, I have one too many drinks under my belt so I’m going to go way out on a limb here. You introduced me to things that…let’s just say, you broadened my horizons and I regret to say that in spite of myself…I got off on it.”

“So you do miss me. The feeling is mutual.”

“Diana, we never even went out on a normal date together. What we did was…”


“Your word but…yes.”

“But you enjoyed it? I know I did. You were very, very good…beyond my wildest expectations. Who did we hurt? It was consensual. It met my sexual requirements to perfection. I never forced you to participate—I made that clear up front. You went along and you…got off.”

“Diana, do you ever just…”

“Do it like normal people do? Of course but it’s never remotely as exciting…stimulating. Uh, oh, let me guess. You’re having trouble getting, ah, release with normal girls? You miss the action more than you thought you would? Can’t find a woman in this neck of the woods who is into your newly acquired perversions?”

“Short of running an ad in the personals—no! I don’t want to go back there. I’ll get past it…get normal again.”

“Trust me—you won’t. It doesn’t work that way. You’re hooked. And you’ll want it again. Look, John…you were only the second guy I ever got that crazy with.”

“Pardon me?”

“I’ve been a ball buster since my playground days. It’s served me well in the corporate world. I learned to smoke fat Cubans and drink single malt. Unfortunately my style didn’t translate well in the bedroom. Too damn many shriveled dicks. Then I met a guy—right here in San Diego. He was a Marine. God, I’ll never forget the first time! Slammed me over the hood of his truck and…we were more than just kinky sex partners…we had something. I was going to take a lateral and take the job out here. The one you have now. As soon as he got back from…” Her voice trailed off.

“He didn’t come back…did he?”

“No…I lost him.” He’d never seen tears in those beautiful, big blue eyes before.

“I’m so sorry…for your loss.”

“You were in the service…a Marine, I seem to recall. You guys can’t really hide it. Oh, you don’t look like him…but you carry yourself like him…walk like him. You were the only one who reported to me that never seemed intimidated by my bullshit—always polite but never afraid to push back. Once you’ve had a Marine…”

“So that was it.”

“I suppose. Look, you and I got…stranger…than he and I ever did. With him it was rough, hard and nasty—less the tools and toys.”

“You never treated me with even a hint of…affection?”

“It was just sex…nasty sex. I wasn’t looking for…certainly not with someone who worked for me! Didn’t want you to think it was more than…getting off. Didn’t want it to get…personal.”

“So I was an experiment? See how far you could take it?”

“Look, John, it even got a little weird for me. I kind of enjoyed the nipple clamps…not so much the labia ones. That electric thing we used toward the end—the one you stuck in my butt—wow! The asphyxiation scared me. The spanking? Oh, hell, yes! Got to have the spanking, particularly the strap…loved the strap. The throat fuck was okay…the ass fuck, well—mandatory in my view. The words…being told what a dirty slut I was…just added to the allure. The bondage? Sure, but you’re bigger than I am—stronger; you could have gotten that fat cock of yours up my ass without the ropes…forced me to take it deep and hard in my bowels. I would have fought you but you would have won. Held me down…made me…made me your slut…your woman. Your cock is bone hard right now, isn’t it, lover boy?”

“Painfully so.”

“What did you do with all the toys?”

“Boxed ’em up and thought about shipping them back to you.”

“I don’t suppose they’re in the trunk of your car?”

“Don’t have a trunk. I drive a truck and, no, they’re at home.”

“I’ve got a room not two minutes from here. I didn’t bring any toys but we could certainly improvise. What do you say—for old time’s sake? You know you want to…you know damn well no other woman can do what I can do for you…don’t you?”

“You never let me…”

“Fuck my pussy? Too personal…more personal than I was willing to get.”

“I want your cunt—slut. You’re not thinking of denying me—are you?”

“Certainly not…master.”

“Take off your hose—and panties.”


“Show proper respect, bitch!”

“Yes, master.” She complied in a matter of seconds.

“Show it to me, slut! Show me your cunt!”


“Very nice…fingers now…fuck yourself, you horny little bitch…you know how. You have your master’s permission. Cum for your master.”

It took less than a minute; fortunately there were no other people close enough to realize what was happening.

“My ass, master…it’s so empty…needs to be filled…needs your cock…begging you…need your cock.”

“Your pussy first—slut…then if I feel like it…your dirty little ass.”

“Not dirty, master…clean…for you…the way you like it…ready for your fat cock.”



“I can’t keep this bullshit up. Stop calling me, master. Look, let’s just go up to your room and I’ll give you the nastiest, hardest, roughest fuck of your life. I’ll slap you around, pinch your titties, tell you what a fucking cunt you are and then ball your tight little ass—and pussy! I’m tired of the role play bullshit. I admit it—thanks to you, I like rough, nasty, anal sex. I get off on a hard fuck. Let’s just go do it without all the pretend bull shit. Can you live with that?”

“What? Sure. I thought that stuff turned you on.”

“Maybe it did. What really turns me on is that I wanted to fuck you the first day I ever walked into your office. You are without a doubt the hottest woman I’ve ever known. Can’t we just get together, tussle a little, engage in a little slap and tickle—and then just fuck?”

“Do you think that will be…enough? Enough to get us both over the top?”

“I guess we won’t know until we give it a shot.”

“The talk…I need the talk…need to feel like your cunt…your bitch…your slut…your whore.”

“Yeah…I like that part too.”

“So, you’re finally ready to fuck your little anal slut up the ass?”

“Shut the fuck up, you ball busting cunt! Let’s get out of here.”

In the slow elevator to the ninth floor the journey began as John’s hand deftly pulled up Diana’s skirt and explored the tight cleft of her perfect rear.

“Dirty little whore,” he exclaimed as his fingers found her anus and quickly delved inside. “You knew, dammit, you knew! You knew I couldn’t say no…knew I’d give in to you. Jesus, your ass is already prepared…ready for cock.”

“Your cock…baby.”

“Bend over slut.” She did so without hesitation.

He slapped her full rump several times with his hand. He’d never tired of watching her soft flesh quiver and her juicy slot open for inspection under his hand. Two fingers inside her tight little hole…fucking her there…opening her for the ultimate penetration. The elevator arrived at the selected floor. His other hand reached around, slid under her flimsy bra and pinched her nipple. She cried out. They dashed the short distance to her door and quickly found their way inside.

He hoped it wasn’t her favorite blouse as he tore it from her body; buttons flew. The skirt came next. The bra was removed immediately after. So sexy standing there in her high heels…smiling…begging to be taken in any way he wanted her.

“Your belt…use your belt…I need the belt.”

He removed his wide leather belt quickly, spun her around and held her hands together tightly at the small of her back. That amazing ass…his ass…to do with as he pleased…because it pleased her.

He bent her over at the waist and laid into her quivering flesh with the leather. He never tired of watching that perfect ass respond to his blows…pushing it back now as if to receive full measure. Her slimy cunt twitching with each assault…her perfect body trembling from head to toe…her soft screams…some mixture of pain and exquisite pleasure…anticipation…wanting more…wanting everything he had to give her.

“Talk to me…talk to your whore.”

“You were always in control, weren’t you, Diana? Pulling my chain and getting me to do exactly what you wanted. Still in total control even when we fucked…just like in the office.” An unexpected hard slap of the leather. Harder than you wanted? Fuck you, bitch! “That one hurt more than you expected—didn’t it, cunt?” The leather again. Concern on that so pretty face? Loss of control? Again now! Come on, slut! Give me what I want! Again! Whimpering…tears…fear? Whack!!! Once more now. God dammit! Give me what I want! Whack!!!

“No…no more…stop…hurts…you’re out of control…hurting me…”

“Isn’t that what this is all about, you fucked up little bitch? Hurting you? Giving you the pain you need to…get off? What’s the matter? Am I off your script? Who is in control now? Well?” One more caress with the belt on that perfect ass. WHACK!

“You are…you are in control, John…whatever you want…enough…I’ll do whatever you want…please…no more…you hurt me.”

“Whatever I want?”


John threw the belt at the wall, released her hands, turned her around and pushed her down on the bed.

“My rules now…my game…not yours…no more…no more of this shit.”

“Whatever you want, John…you’re in charge…in control.”

He sat down beside her on the bed, still fully clothed. His arms slipped around her trembling form. He gently pulled her head to his shoulder. He pulled her body on to his lap and held her silently. She did not fight him. Raising her head with his hand he kissed her as one might kiss a hurt child, softly running his hand over her face and neck. She responded with uncertainty, not sure where the game was leading…not having read the script…unsure of her role.

And then the revelation hit, jarring her like a thunderclap. She pulled back from the kiss, looking into his eyes for some clue…direction. She didn’t know how to play this role…was not even sure she was capable of doing so. More terrified as the reality hit her than she had ever been before.

“What do you want, John…what do you want to do to me?” He kissed her again. And then, moved his lips away from hers, caressing her neck with his mouth. And then he whispered words that did not fit any script she could imagine.

“I want to love you.”

“John, I don’t think I can…”

“Hush! My rules…remember? No script this time. I don’t need one and as far as you’re concerned, improvise. If you don’t feel it, at least try to sell it to me. You’re a good little actress. This could be your breakthrough role,” he said with a hint of sarcasm.

As she willed her body to go through the appropriate motions, her mind fought it with every fiber of her being. She was strong, wasn’t she? She was always in control—always the dominant one. She could play this silly game…not her game…not what she needed…wanted.

At some point during the night, she submitted…relented…stopped playing a game…lost all sense of the role she had been assigned. She committed the ultimate act of submission. She let go…relinquished all control…stopped being a good little actress and became what in her heart she knew she had always desperately wanted to be, a woman loved by a man. In that magic moment, she wasn’t afraid anymore…afraid to be loved…afraid to love. Her heart said yes…her head refused to let go.

She had to be strong, tough, in charge and in control to be taken seriously, didn’t she? It had served her well in the past. No! It hadn’t! Maybe at work but not here…not in a man’s bed…in his arms. Let go, Diana…you know it’s what you’ve always wanted but couldn’t admit…once almost had. What are you so afraid of? That you’ll get hurt? That he’ll break your heart as others have done? Be the risk taker you’ve always been in the other world…take a chance…take a chance with this one. Trust him with your heart as you’ve trusted him with your body so many times. Let it go! For Christ’s sake—tell him! Make him believe! Make him know…know the truth. Say it, dammit! Say it!

“Damn you! I love you! I love you so damn much, John…need you to love me…pray you can love me…please love me and never stop…please…I’m begging you!”

He was looking at her, searching for the truth in her eyes…and then he found it. He kissed her…kissed every inch of her face…she felt his tears on her shoulder.

“That was always the one thing you never had to beg me to do to you, Diana…love you. I’ve loved you for so long…so desperately…but I couldn’t find you…find the woman behind the mask.”

“How could you have loved me? I never gave you any encouragement…used you…used you for my own needs…”

“I fought it—particularly following our most bizarre…’sessions.’ Tonight I stopped fighting it. And you did too…perfect timing, I’d have to say.”

“John. What we just did…making love together…I didn’t know how…didn’t believe I could…something happened…I let it happen…let you love me. And it was very special…absolutely wonderful. But…sometimes…I’ll still need…enjoy…you know…”

His fingers found her stiff nipple and applied just the right amount of pressure. His other hand found her cleft and a finger penetrated her quickly. She cried out…he smiled…as did she. He released her from his arms and forced her over on her front. She was grinning now. Her ass rose off the bed expectantly. She felt his teeth on her full globes and then his tongue there forcing its way inside her.

“Nasty little anal slut! Needs a fat cock up her ass—doesn’t she—beg for it, bitch…beg for that cock where you know you want it!”

“Fuck my ass, master John…fuck your nasty little slut! Drive that fat cock into my bowels…make me your ass whore…make me your woman… own this body…I’m begging you—do it!”

John had no inclination to argue.

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