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No Other Lover

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Author’s Notes: Contains violence and what could be considered blood-play.


He could smell the blood everywhere. The scent was so strong that it seemed to cling to everything in the large building as he hurried up the stairs, taking two or three at a time before he burst into the room, nearly pulling the door from it’s frame and hinges with the force of opening it.

For a moment no words came. The sight in front of him was so horrific that his heart felt like it had dropped to settle somewhere it couldn’t possibly be, despite all of the things he’d seen and done in his lifetime. The blood really was everywhere and he didn’t know what to do first.

He was torn between yelling at Ford’s lackeys who were hovering around the room looking lost, and wanting to throw them all out to mourn Ford alone.

“What the fuck happened?” he growled, voice choked with emotion even as he forced his legs to obey him and hurried over to the bed where Ford lay. It was impossible to ignore how the sheets were slick and almost soaked through with blood, or how it congealed in pools under his lover’s scarily still body.

Makoto just stared in shock and anguish. Ford had so many bullets in him that it almost seemed futile to even try and remove them; he’d already lost so much blood…

“Idiots,” he said, voice harsher than he meant it to be as he dropped down to kneel beside the bed and push at Ford’s bloody clothes, mentally cursing the blond man for always needing to wear a million layers. “You should have taken him to the hospital. I can’t put blood in him,” he added, ignoring the fact that they probably had no idea what he was going on about in favour of trying to pull out as many bullets as he could reach one at a time and heal the wounds.

“St-stop it,” Ford managed to get out, voice so weak and not at all like the icy and reserved gang leader that Makoto had come to know.

Stilling in his attempts to staunch blood flow, Makoto lifted his head to look up at Ford, stomach feeling like lead at how grey the other man’s skin looked and how dull his normally beautiful blue eyes were.


“It’s…” Ford coughed, pain turning his features sharp as he choked on his own blood and struggled to clear his lungs enough to speak. “It’s t-too late.”

“It’s not!”

Makoto got to his feet, rage sweeping through him as he slammed a fist down on the nearby bedside table hard enough to dent it and send chips of wood flying off.

“It’s not too late,” he repeated, but this time his voice was soft and broken sounding, tears finally welling up and dripping down his cheeks. “You can’t leave me now. It hasn’t been long enough.”

Something about the sight of the large and powerful man crying broke something in Ford until tears started wetting his own cheeks, mingling with the blood already splattered there.

The unusual display of emotion from both men had all of the lackeys looking uncomfortable and shifting where they stood, fighting desperately to look anywhere but at their boss and his lover. It was a painfully intimate moment, but they couldn’t bring themselves to leave the room if this was going to be their boss’ last few breaths.

Makoto was at a loss for what to do. He selfishly wanted to turn Ford, to keep him with him forever no matter the consequences, but at the same time, he knew better than anyone that if he turned Ford without his permission he wouldn’t be getting a lover for his lifetime, he ran the risk of spending the rest of his unnatural life knowing the one person he loved more than anything hated him more than anything.

“Ford…” Makoto whispered, taking one of the man’s cool hands between his own as he knelt back down, the pain on his face almost as naked and raw as the physical pain that highlighted Ford’s own features. “What do you want me to do?”

The room was almost painfully silent for what felt like far too long for Makoto and he kept his eyes on Ford’s face, watching with rapt attention to make sure he was still alive even as his sensitive ears picked up the slow and weak thud of the other man’s dying heart.

In that time Ford’s eyes had closed, the effort to keep them open not worth what little energy he had left. He had hoped that he wouldn’t have to make this decision so quickly, that he’d be able to spend years thinking about it objectively.

Instead he could practically feel his life leaving him, staining the sheets beneath him even as he struggled to have enough strength to give Makoto’s hands around his a comforting squeeze, something that was hard to do when he could barely force his muscles to listen to him.

“Do…. D-do it,” he finally said, struggling to force the words out when it felt like he didn’t even have enough energy left to breathe, let alone speak.

Torn between being relieved and unsure, Makoto reached out to smooth back blond hair slick with blood, struggling not to make a face or recoil from the feel of it as he brushed the soaked strands off of the other man’s forehead and cheeks. “Are you sure, Ford? This is forever. You know you can’t take this back if you change your mind…”

Moving his head in as much of a nod as he could manage right now, Ford forced his eyes open to meet Makoto’s. “S-sure… you… y’re my f’ver…”

His words were slurred and his eyes were even duller than before, settling panic cold in Makoto’s belly. He couldn’t afford to wait any longer. If Ford wanted it then he had to do it now or risk losing him completely.

Dropping to his knees beside the bed, he forwent all finesse and bit down, drinking as little of Ford’s blood as he could, panicking just a little more when he heard the other man’s heart skip a beat and flutter weakly. He was sure that he was cutting it too close.

Using one sharp claw to tear the skin and open the veins on his wrist, he forced it to Ford’s dry and cracked lips even as he hoped that he hadn’t put it off too long and lost the only person in his long long life that meant more to him than his own life did.

While the lackeys looked on in confusion, not one of them moved to stop Makoto’s actions. At this point in time, if it was something that their boss had agreed to, they were willing to let the strange older man do whatever he wanted if he thought it would save Ford’s life. Their boss was more than a boss to them and this gang was more than a gang. As trite as it probably sounded to anyone outside of it, this gang was the closest thing any of them had to a family and they would do anything to keep it.

Still, most of them had to avert their eyes when Makoto forced his blood down Ford’s throat, the truth of what their boss’ lover really was — and why he only ever visited at night — glaring them in the face.

Ford tried to turn his head away from the warm coppery liquid — that despite not tasting as bad as he had often imagined — still tasted wrong to him right now, even though he knew deep down that this was closer than most people ever got to their loved ones.

“No, baby, come on,” Makoto murmured, using one strong hand to gently hold Ford’s head in place and force him to drink. He needed Ford to drink as much as he could in order to do his best to make sure that the change took.

A sharp flash of pain radiated through Ford’s entire body after he’d choked down several mouthfuls, and he ripped his mouth away from Makoto’s wrist, struggling to curl into a ball and escape the feeling.

Letting out a noise of relief at the new pain on Ford’s features, Makoto took his wrist back and licked at the torn skin, cleaning up the blood and healing the skin. As much as he loathed the thought of Ford in pain, this pain meant the change was working, that his blood was fighting to heal the damage done to Ford’s body and to make him whole again.

Settling strong hands on the younger man’s body, he forced him to lay flat on his back, needing to get the remaining bullets out of him quickly. He could have allowed Ford’s healing body to push them out on it’s own, but it would hurt, more than they had going in.

Hurrying to locate and rip out the remaining chunks of metal with the fine points of his claws from his lover’s torn and still bloody flesh, Makoto swallowed back nausea that he hadn’t experienced since his first attempt to eat normal food after being changed. Even after all that he’d done to other people in the name of survival — and sometimes selfish rage and revenge — the sight of Ford in such pain turned his stomach.

At the sound of movement, he jerked his head up and hissed instinctively before remembering that the lackeys were still in the room. He felt a little bad when some of the younger boys flinched back at the sight of his bloody mouth and prominent fangs, but that was the least of his worries right now. He’d have time to apologize later, once this was all over.

Makoto tugged the last bullet free before gathering Ford into his arms and holding him close.

“Stay with me, Ford,” he said softly, words directed into the normally soft and clean but now blood-sticky and matted hair of his lover. He could feel Ford squirming, trying to escape the mind-breaking pain that was ripping through his body. As much as he hated it, there was nothing Makoto could do about that. Ford’s body was trying to remake itself and there was no way for that to be done pain free.

It felt like hours, time inching past at a snail’s pace, before Ford finally stilled. His body lax and soft in Makoto’s, skin cool to the touch but now blemish free, his torn and bloody clothes now the only sign that he’d been so close to the gates of death.

Lifting his gaze to the still hovering lackeys, Makoto felt his mouth draw into a tight frown at what he now had to ask of them. “Your boss is a vampire now,” he said, voice as quiet as always, even when stating the patently obvious. He knew they weren’t stupid, but this wasn’t something that happened every day, and it was easier to be straightforward rather than pussyfoot around.

“He’s going to wake up soon and he’s going to be hungry. If he doesn’t feed right away his body will try and take from itself and he will go mad. He will turn into a mindless, soulless monster, and he will not be the man you know and love.”

The boys shifted, looking at each other and having a good idea where this was going. “You need volunteers?” one older lackey asked, voice a little shaky but still strong. This was his boss, his leader. And before that, he’d been one of the boys just like them, which meant there was no way they were going to let him lose himself after everything they’d been through together.

Makoto nodded; glad he didn’t have to explicitly spell it out. He never ceased to be amazed by how close all of Ford’s boys were, not only to each other, but to Ford himself. It was one of the reasons that they owned and ran most of the underground in London. No other gang came close to their power or influence and it was because of this gang that the more unsavoury gangs — gangs that brought with them things like prostitution and drugs — never got a foothold in the city.

Their influence and remaining morals allowed the cops to turn a blind eye to the gambling that the gang did behind the closed doors of bars and clubs because it was the lesser of many many evils.

“We’ll do it.”

Makoto’s attention returned from his thoughts and to the lackeys in front of him. All of them had stepped forward and he felt his lips twitch just a little bit in humour even as he pressed a soft kiss to Ford’s bloody temple and spoke softly, whether the other man could hear him or not. “Look at your boys, Ford. You raised them so well…”

Shifting to lay Ford back down on the bed, and doing his best to ignore the cooling and congealing blood that covered the sheets, Ford, and now his hands, Makoto got to his feet and made his way over to the assembled lackeys, motions fluid and graceful, wiping Ford’s blood from his lips as he moved.

“I only need three or four of you. Preferably the larger boys, that way he can take less from each of you,” he said as he singled out four of them, directing the rest of the boys to leave the room and go clean up the house and car before Ford woke up.

Knowing his lover like he did, Makoto knew that dying or not, if Ford woke up and the hallways and upholstery of one of his cars were covered in blood — whether it was his own or not — his painfully neat lover would probably have a stroke and die all over again.

Before he could brief the boys on what was about to take place, he heard the sounds of Ford shifting on the blood slick sheets and turned back to face his waking lover. A low noise of relief escaped him at the sight of Ford sitting up and stretching in an almost feline manner. Turning someone was always risky; some people’s bodies just couldn’t handle it.

Looking now at Ford, Makoto was grateful that the altering of his physiology hadn’t changed too much in the other man’s appearance, merely lightening his hair and eyes and gracing him with the sharp fangs and delicate claws that were typical of his—no, their kind.

“Hungry…” Ford purred, focusing his blue eyes on the men standing behind Makoto instead of Makoto himself.

“I know, baby. Come over here,” Makoto replied, knowing Ford would need guidance in how to feed the first time. If he latched incorrectly he ran the risk of injuring his victim, causing them to bleed out.

Slinking off of the bed, Ford made his way over to Makoto’s side, drifting past him to sniff at the lackeys in front of him. “Hungry…” he repeated, voice almost a sing song now as he fought to hold himself back from pouncing the delicious smelling boys and tearing into them with his teeth in order to release the blood he could practically hear rushing under their skin.

Taking the other man’s hand, as much to keep him contained as to direct him, Makoto led him to the first lackey. “Bite down gently, and go in at a straight angle. You don’t want to damage the veins or you’ll risk him bleeding out.”

He directed Ford’s hand to find the line of the vein on the lackey’s neck before helping him lean in and bite down after licking the bare skin. “Your saliva will heal almost every wound, so make sure to lick at your feeding site after you’re finished or your victim will also bleed out. Never take enough to kill. It’s better to feed off of two or three victims than to kill someone and risk outing yourself.”

Ford was barely listening to Makoto’s words. As soon as he’d sunk sharp teeth into the lackey’s skin, the deliciousness of the man’s blood burst over his tongue like a fresh slice of cool watermelon in the heat of summer. He wanted nothing more than to just keep drinking until he was bloated from the feeling, but he forced himself to pull back after a short while, licking the small holes as he had been told to and watching with fascinated blue eyes as they disappeared from sight almost like magic.

After drinking from the remaining three lackeys they sent all four of them on their way with strict instructions to eat and rest in order to regain their strength.

The instant they were alone in the room though, Ford returned to the bed, ignoring Makoto’s eyes on him as he stripped the bloody sheets from the mattress. Staring down for a moment at the red-stained fabric, he flipped it over to hide the mark before opening the door to the hall and tossing the sheets out into it, barking at a lingering lackey to throw them out.

Makoto knew what he was doing the instant he stripped out of his equally bloody clothes and tossed them out after the sheets. Approaching Ford, he reached out and took his hand, tugging him close and folding him into his arms. “You’re okay. You’re fine.”

Ford shuddered for a moment at Makoto’s words before the dam inside of him broke and tears welled up, dampening Makoto’s shoulder where he was hiding his face. It felt like forever before his tears stopped and he could finally pull back and meet Makoto’s gaze to speak. “I was dying…”

Makoto wasn’t sure what to say to that. “You were,” he finally said, voice sombre. It made that knot in his gut tighten and writhe all over again like something painful and alive. He didn’t like thinking about Ford being that close to death. He’d never been so attached to someone in all his human years or his supernatural ones.

The feeling made him more than a little uncomfortable and he pushed it away, pushing Ford back just a little to kiss him gently. “Go have a shower, baby. You’re… you’re all messy.” The words stuck in his throat, not wanting to say that he was covered in what looked like pints of his own blood. It was still an image that Makoto was trying to keep out of his head, the terror and horror he’d felt at coming into the room and seeing the younger man looking like that.

“How do you get used to them?” Ford asked all of a sudden, words coming out of nowhere and making no sense at all until Makoto looked down and saw that Ford was looking at the delicate points of his claws and where they were poking holes in his shirt.

Not caring about the now-holey shirt he was wearing, Makoto couldn’t stop the small grin that curved his lips when he saw how fine and cat-like Ford’s claws were in comparison to his own. “You get used to them,” he laughed, even as he reached down to take one of Ford’s hands in his own. “Just be careful with fabrics until then. When you wake up tomorrow you’ll be stronger too, I found that that took more time to adjust to. So watch how hard you open and close doors and drawers and things, and how tight you’re gripping things. I broke a lot of things for the first little while.”

Ford laughed at that and Makoto finally relaxed, glad to move the mood to lighter things and away from how close his lover had been to dying. When Ford’s laughter melted away and turned into a frown, a matching one spread over Makoto’s face as he wondered what was wrong.

“You can’t feed off me anymore, can you?” Ford asked before Makoto could ask him what was wrong.

“No.” Makoto shook his head, an almost melancholy look in his eyes that matched Ford’s. “We’ll both need to hunt now. Being older I can go longer between feeds, but you’ll most likely have to feed every night for the first little while at least. Your body is still changing inside and it’ll burn through the energy that the blood gives you.”

Remaining silent for a moment or two, Ford contemplated how he felt about Makoto feeding off of someone other than him. It made something in his belly squirm with white hot jealousy, but at the end of the day he wasn’t going to risk his lover’s life and not let him feed over something so petty as jealousy.

“Let’s go shower,” he said after a bit, holding out one hand to Makoto and smiling up at him, even if the expression didn’t completely reach brilliant blue eyes. There was still a lot he had to adjust to and it would be a while before he was himself again — in a figurative sense of course.

“Alright… let’s,” Makoto replied, lifting Ford’s hand to his lips and pressing a soft kiss to his palm, goatee tickling the skin there before he pulled Ford into the bathroom, eager to help him forget for just a little while.


“Creeper,” Ford muttered, voice thick with sleep as he stretched his arms over his head and arched his back, toes pointed as he exhaled softly before collapsing back onto the mattress in a long line of relaxed but powerful muscles. “Why do you enjoy watching me sleep?” he asked, lazily opening bright blue eyes to look up at his older lover who was propped up on one forearm and watching him with an amused and intent expression on his strong features.

“Because,” Makoto replied, reaching down to brush Ford’s slightly longer than respectable blond hair out of his eyes. “You’re beautiful. And it’s the one time you actually stay still long enough for me to just look at you,” he added with a small smile.

Rolling his eyes, Ford was sure he’d be blushing if he’d fed recently. Instead he just felt embarrassed. Makoto had said similar things while he’d been alive, but he was even freer with his compliments now and if he wasn’t careful Ford felt like his ego might inflate and explode from how often Makoto made him feel special and beautiful and perfect.

Makoto’s small smile widened into a fang-baring grin at Ford’s reaction, which was part of the reason he said the things he did. He loved the embarrassed look on Ford’s face, something that was evident even without the ability to blush deliciously like he had when he’d been human.

“You’re still staring, creeper,” Ford said again, his eyes closed once more. He’d been an ungracious riser before eight in the morning when he’d been alive, and he was just as ungracious rising at night now that he was a vampire. He liked snuggling into warm covers — and a not-so-warm Makoto — for as long as he could before he had to get up.

“I’ll stop staring when you stop being gorgeous,” Makoto replied, leaning down and pressing his mouth to Ford’s briefly, keeping his teeth carefully behind closed lips. “Now get up and go shower and brush your teeth. You have work to do tonight. One of the boys came by a little while ago to let me know that they found McKay. He’s planning on running.”

Ford let out a disgusted noise in the back of his throat and sighed before sitting up and running both hands through soft and almost white-blond hair. Rolling gracefully out of bed, he paused once he was standing in order to look down at where Makoto was lounging indolently and like he owned the whole mattress. It made him want to skip showering — and work — and just climb back into bed and all over Makoto.

“Later, Ford,” Makoto said, grinning as he read the other man’s thoughts as if they were printed on his face — which they might as well have been. Even as a vampire Ford still hadn’t been able to learn to keep his thoughts out of expressive blue eyes. “Work first, play after.”

Grumbling under his breath about workaholic old guys, Ford did as he was told though and went to get ready to kick ass.

By the time he was showered and dressed in his customary three-pieced suit, Makoto had made the bed and left the room. Making his way downstairs, Ford allowed his gaze to roam over Makoto when he saw him standing in the hallway, loving the way the other man looked in even a simple pair of jeans and plain t-shirt.

The jeans, while not obscenely tight, managed to hug the curve of the other man’s ass and stretch deliciously tight over muscular thighs. The plain white shirt did nothing to hide the strong body toned from years of hard labour and fighting, and Ford, as always, found his eyes drawn to the tribal tattoo that peeked out from under one sleeve. It was such a tease when Ford knew that that tattoo covered not just Makoto’s bicep but the whole left half of his upper body from shoulder to waist, front and back.

There were few things Ford loved more when they were in bed than tracing the lines of ink with his fingers and tongue, loving the way Makoto’s eyes went dark with lust when he did so.

“Later,” Makoto stressed, catching Ford’s gaze, amused at how easily distracted Ford was tonight.

Ford pouted at that and sighed, bending down to tug on his shoes before straightening and pulling on his jacket, enjoying the way Makoto’s eyes followed his movements. It made him more than a little smug when the older man looked at him like that. To know that someone who was hundreds of years old and who’d probably been with a decent amount of people found him so attractive… it was definitely a healthy boost to his ego.

“Later,” he said, echoing back Makoto’s words as he buttoned his jacket and gave Makoto a look before preceding him out the door, enjoying the knowledge that his lover was probably staring at his ass as he made his way to the car.

Sliding into the back seat, he waited for Makoto to join him before giving directions to the driver, sitting back and getting comfortable as the car pulled away from the curb smoothly.

The drive was quiet. Neither Ford nor Makoto spoke, the air between them comfortable but crackling underneath the surface with sexual tension. They were professionals though, and both of them knew that they would do nothing to distract themselves or each other when it could be a risk to their lives.

Pulling up just down the street from their potential-runner’s flat, Makoto and Ford slipped gracefully from the car, Ford speaking to the driver just before shutting the door. “Come back in eight minutes. Don’t stay in the neighbourhood.”

The driver nodded and Ford shut the door, watching for a heartbeat or two as the sleek black car drove off before turning back to face Makoto and jerking his head in the direction of the building they were going into. “Let’s go then.”

Makoto nodded and fell into step beside him, a bit amused that despite the hour, there were so few people on the streets. A small part of him wondered if someone had tipped the man off and if they were going to be disappointed when they got to his flat. Pushing those unhelpful thoughts away, he walked evenly beside Ford, stepping into the derelict building that supposedly housed the man they were looking for.

“Number three-oh-six,” Ford said softly before Makoto could ask, heading straight for the dimly lit stairwell instead of the elevator. The last thing he wanted was for his runner to try and slip out of the building and avoid him before he’d even had a chance to ‘talk’ to him.

Standing on either side of the doorframe while they knocked — bullets wouldn’t kill them but they would hurt like hell, and Ford’s outfit would be ruined (which might kill someone) Makoto’s dark eyes met Ford’s own blue ones as they waited, wondering if the man was going to be dumb and open the door.

At the sounds of a chain sliding into place and a deadbolt unlocking, they had their answer. Ford struggled not to laugh, but his amusement at the man’s stupidity sparkled in his eyes and made Makoto want to shirk their duties for once and drag him to the nearest wall or stairwell and fuck him blind. Nothing was more beautiful to him than when Ford was happy.

“Later,” Ford mouthed with a wider grin even as the door to the flat opened. The jangle of the chain lock was instantly muffled when Ford snapped a hand up and grabbed at it, ripping it out of the wall and the door as he and Makoto pushed their way inside.

Makoto grabbed the skinny little weasel of a man around the throat with one large hand even as he kicked the door shut behind him, enjoying the rich scent of fear that flared up as the man looked at him with wide eyes.

“You owe me a lot of money,” Ford said genially and without any preamble even as he looked around the rather dingy flat like his lover wasn’t holding the man by the throat, preventing any answers he might have given. “I’ve been very patient. I even gave you two extensions… but the heart of the matter is… you tried to cut and run. And I don’t like that.”

Makoto shifted his grip to the man’s wrists, locking his arms behind his back and wrapping one arm across his throat just loose enough so he could speak but tight enough to keep him in place and prevent him from trying to head-butt his way to freedom.

Ford turned on his heel to stare at the gambler, blue eyes narrowed and white-blond hair spiky — the only part of his appearance that refused to allow itself to be perfectly groomed. “We run a gambling ring. The odds are already against you when you come in the doors, which means you really should expect to lose your money, so try and do it with some grace, please.”

“I… I have some of it,” the man replied, swallowing nervously and almost audibly.

One of Ford’s blond eyebrows arched at that little bit of information. Closing the space between them he trailed one delicate claw down the man’s cheek with just enough pressure to raise a thin line of blood. “Are you lying to me?” he murmured, voice dark and dangerous.

With no room to shake his head without slicing his face open on the sharp nail still pressed to his face, the man stuttered and fumbled for a verbal reply. “N-n-no, s-sir. I h-have almost twuh-twelve th-thousand.”

That was only close to half of the twenty-five thousand pounds that he owed them, but Ford knew he wouldn’t get anymore out of a man like this. “And you were going to run away with it?” he asked, voice deceptively sweet as he smiled at the trembling man. “You were going to leave town with my money?” Unable to lie to his face, Ford could read the truth in the man’s eyes.

“Where’s my money?” he asked, dropping any pretense and stepping away from the man, straightening his suit jacket, and smoothing an invisible wrinkle from the front of it with the palm of one hand even as he turned his eyes back to the captive gambler. “The faster you answer the more likely I am to only hurt you instead of kill you,” he pointed out.

“It… it’s in th-the fuh-freezer…”

“Good boy,” Ford purred, stalking over to the freezer and stilling with his hand on the handle for a moment as he sniffed lightly at the outside of the door for any sign of gunpowder or other explosives, not trusting this rat as far as he could throw him.

“Clean,” he said to himself, tugging the freezer door open and reaching in to take out the plastic wrapped block of frozen cash. It was cold against his sensitive skin and he frowned, grabbing a dingy tea towel reluctantly and wrapping it up before tossing it to Makoto who caught it easily while at the same time pushing the unlucky cheat towards him.

Catching him with one hand once more around his throat, Ford brought his other hand up to grab at the man’s hair, yanking his head back and enjoying the whimper of pain the man made.

“B-but, you… you p-promised,” the man blubbered, finally losing his cool and breaking down, tears wetting the skin of his face and causing Ford’s nose to wrinkle almost involuntarily at the thick scent of salt.

“I said I wouldn’t kill you,” Ford reminded him, speaking slowly as if to a child. He hated this part. There was nothing worse than trying to explain to them the semantics of how they were going to be hurt. It was a waste of his time, especially when he was still going to hurt them. “You stole from me. Ah ah ah…” he shushed the man when he struggled to protest.

“You may not have walked into my home and taken things directly from me, but you owed me money and you tried to run away from that, which is as close to stealing from me as you can get,” Ford explained.

In the beginning, Ford had hated feeding in front of Makoto and he’d hated watching the older man feed. It had twisted something inside of him to know that he could no longer fulfill that need for the other vampire and it was like dying all over again.

Eventually though, he had become more accustomed to both watching and feeding in front of his lover, and now he thought nothing of sinking his teeth into the runner’s smooth neck, mouth filling with the sharp flavours of fear and panic and the tiniest undercurrent of lust.

It never stopped amazing him that even when they were panicking, freaking out about the thought that someone, something was drinking their blood, most of his victims still found the time to be turned on by the act itself. As he drank, Ford absently wondered if it was because of the glorification of the vampire race in the media, or if more criminals just got off on being hurt.

Tossing the man aside the instant his belly was full and he could hear the man’s pulse slowing, Ford licked the lingering blood from his lips even as he turned his brilliant blue gaze towards Makoto.

“Heal his wound, baby,” Makoto reminded him from where he was leaning almost indolently against the wall, frozen block of money in hand. He knew Ford didn’t really need reminding, but he also knew that sometimes Ford was sorely tempted to leave their runners bleeding, to let them watch their own lives ooze across the floor until they died.

Huffing softly, Ford considered for a moment disobeying the command. He knew it was foolish though. Not only would the marks give them away, one more unnecessary corpse would put their business in trouble and that wasn’t prudent or intelligent at all, two things he always prided himself on being when all else failed.

Crouching down beside the now weakly sobbing runner, the sharp scent of urine reaching his nose, Ford made a bit of a face as he leaned in and licked diligently at the bloody holes until nothing was left but a dark bruise the size of a hickey.

Getting to his feet and backing away as quickly as he could from the rancid smell, Ford accepted Makoto’s arm around his waist silently as they made their way out of the flat and down the hall, hurrying towards the stairwell they’d come up and making their way back down to the lobby and out of the flat.

They had finished just under the eight minute timeline that Ford had given his driver so they began to stroll down the street lazily, knowing the car would pull alongside them as soon as it returned to the neighbourhood.

It was asking for trouble to leave a car parked outside while you were doing a job. Neighbours were nosy and observant in places like this, and the last thing they ever needed was someone taking note of a high end car that lingered a little too long.

It was less than a minute before the car appeared and they slid into the backseat, Makoto tucking the wrapped money into a hidey hole built under the bench-like limo seats. There was always a danger of being pulled over by police and nothing said ‘criminal activity’ like a massive block of frozen cash.

“You are naughty,” Makoto said to Ford the instant the car pulled away from the curb and drifted slowly into traffic. Looking at Ford sprawled along the seat, the picture of decadent elegance, Makoto wanted to forgo any sort of pleasantries and just take Ford hard and fast in the back of the car like they were horny teenagers instead of the grown men they both were, himself well past any age of adolescence.

“I know,” Ford replied from where he was sprawled on rich leather seats, a lazy smirk on full lips as he fiddled with his tie and the buttons of his waistcoat, jacket long undone.

“Exhibitionist as well,” Makoto grumbled, but it was put upon, and he could feel that spike of lust, that pull to touch Ford growing stronger as he watched the other man through low-lidded dark eyes even as he shifted on his seat enough to reach the partition window and press the button to raise it, giving them a little more privacy.

“Yeah,” Ford agreed, resisting the urge he had to squirm where he sat, Makoto’s hot gaze enough to make him hard already without a single touch to his skin. Loosening his tie and pulling it off, he undid the top few buttons of the shirt underneath and watched with amusement when Makoto’s eyes dropped to the v of bared skin, soft and pale, that was now exposed.

Makoto was on him in an instant, hands warm and heavy, mouth hot on his as they kissed, teeth sharp and nicking each other’s lips and tongues until their mouths were slick bloody messes and they had to pull back for air.

The sight of Makoto’s mouth red with blood in a garish faux-lipstick display had laughter bubbling up in Ford’s throat even as he wanted to lean in and lick it clean. In the end the latter urge won, and he climbed into the older man’s lap, hands steadying himself on Makoto’s shoulders as he leaned in to lap at streaks and smears of blood all over the other vampire’s mouth, a soft rumbling purr starting in the back of his throat.

“Little kitty,” Makoto said with a small laugh, words partially muffled by Ford’s tongue as he cleaned them both up.

“Hardly little,” Ford replied with a breathless laugh of his own as he sat back on Makoto’s thighs, licking his own lips clean even as Makoto’s undid his vest and tossed it aside, tugging his shirt from the waistband of his pants and sliding rough hands up against his skin.

“Smaller than me,” Makoto pointed out smugly, an expression that widened into a grin when Ford pouted spectacularly. Mouth still wide in a smile, Makoto tugged Ford forward, kissing those pouty lips and murmuring softly against them. “Just the right size for me…”

“Charmer,” Ford replied, pressing back in for another kiss and quickly turning the mood back to frantic as he rolled his hips forward into Makoto’s, nipping at the older vampire’s lips with sharp and delicate teeth on purpose this time, lapping at the beads of blood that welled up.

“Hmm… earlier I was a creeper, glad to see I’ve improved,” Makoto said softly, laughter in his voice as he pushed Ford’s shirt off of him, adding to the pile of clothes growing on the floor of the limo and enjoying the view that Ford’s naked torso afforded him.

“Just imagine what you’ll be when we’re done here,” Ford said with a grin, licking his own lips and ignoring the small flashes of pain as his tongue caught on the sharp points of his fangs.

“Mmm… satisfied,” Makoto responded, slipping his hand under the waistband of Ford’s pants, the tips of his fingers and sharp claws brushing against the soft damp head of Ford’s cock, pre-come wetting his skin.

Ford squirmed in Makoto’s lap at the delicate touch, a soft little noise escaping his mouth at the feeling. Ever since being turned, he’d become even more amenable to a touch of pain in association with his sex. The feeling of Makoto’s claws on his skin made his blood run hotter, his body growing harder at the thought of that pain in connection with the sex.

“You really want it here?” Makoto asked, curling his hand around his lover’s cock, giving it a slow teasing stroke even as he was careful of the sharpness of his nails. “You want me to fuck you in a moving car? How naughty… You’re lucky that the windows are tinted or everyone would be watching you.”

“Makoto…” It was rare to hear Ford whine, but the way he said the older man’s name just then couldn’t be taken any other way.


“If you don’t stop teasing, I swear I will kill you.”

“Wouldn’t that be counter-productive, babe?”

Ford growled and Makoto couldn’t stop the grin that curved his lips even as he shifted slightly on the wide leather seat to toss Ford back onto it, tugging at the blond’s pants as he tumbled and pulling them off.

“Commando?” Makoto asked with a laugh in his voice. “You’d never have done that while you were alive…”

“Life’s too short to worry about underwear,” Ford answered casually like he wasn’t sprawled naked across the wide seat of a limo.

“Not so short anymore,” Makoto reminded him even as he knelt between Ford’s legs, tongue soft as he licked a lazy path up the inside of one thigh and following the curve of his body to continue on towards his cock.

“We’re not immune to death,” Ford managed to get out before any sort of rational thought ground to a halt with Makoto’s mouth wrapping around his dick, the sharp points of his teeth gently scraping along his skin like a reminder of how easy it would be for Makoto to hurt him.

With his mouth full it was impossible for Makoto to respond, but the last thing he wanted right now was to get into an intellectual discussion about life and death. Instead he’d rather do something much more interesting — and life affirming (in the non-literal sense). Like fucking Ford until neither of them could see straight.

It didn’t take long for Ford to lose patience with the attention that Makoto was giving his cock — and not the rest of him. Tugging sharply at the soft dark hair under his hand, he kept pulling until Makoto finally lifted his head and glared at him.

“I’d appreciate it if you left my roots still in my scalp,” the older vampire said even as he shifted to slide up Ford’s body and kiss the soft skin of his throat.

“Maybe if you got the hint the first time I wouldn’t have to keep pulling,” Ford replied, but there was laughter in his voice and a grin on his lips even as his head tilted back to expose more skin to Makoto’s wandering mouth.

“A hint?” Makoto repeated, a smile on his own lips as he shifted to reach for the tube of lubricant that was stashed in the cubby under the seats, the outside of the tube chilled from sharing space with the frozen block of money. Squirting some of the slightly cool liquid onto two fingers, he rubbed at them lightly to warm it just enough before stopping Ford’s next words with the abrupt press of one finger into his body.

The words that Ford had been about to say died in his throat at the sudden intrusion, all that came out instead was a strangled noise as one delicately clawed hand tightened in Makoto’s hair, the other curling around the edge of the seat base to keep his precarious balance.

Makoto didn’t spend a lot of time preparing Ford; it would have disappointed them both. Ford liked the slight pain that accompanied the intrusion, and Makoto absolutely loved the way Ford’s body felt when it clenched tight around his dick like it was trying to keep him out.

While they both knew their driver would take a few detours and drive just barely over the speed limit in order to give them as much time as possible, they also knew that this was not the time for a leisurely body-exploring fuck. It was designed to be quick and hard and dirty — unfortunately for whichever lackeys were being punished that week — and Ford wouldn’t have had it any other way as he wrapped his arms around Makoto’s back and welcomed him into his body, growling low in the back of his throat as the other man moved hard and fast inside of him.

“My little kitty,” Makoto muttered with a grin as he heard the noise, loving the sounds that Ford made, never bored with the way his lover felt around and against him, including the soft little whimpers and the almost animalistic growls he made.

As much as his hackles may have risen at being called ‘little’ over anything, Ford could barely find it in him to mind when Makoto’s tone was so filled with affection, his thrusts slowing as he pushed in as deep as he could go, pulling almost all the way out before pushing back in hard and slow, gaining almost breathless whimpers from the blond man.

“Are you going to come for me?” Makoto asked, lips soft against Ford’s ear, a contrast to the sharpness of his teeth as he nipped carefully at the flesh, immediately licking away the blood that welled up and healing the small wounds.

“More,” Ford replied, voice strained and tight as Makoto moved inside of him. While the older man hadn’t been his first, he’d been his first sexual partner who’d actually bothered to make love to him rather than just getting themselves off in a quick and unsatisfying — for Ford — fuck.

“More? Greedy little kitty,” Makoto laughed, voice dark and low in Ford’s ears, a sound he never got tired of. Pulling out almost lazily, Makoto propped himself up above him, looking down at Ford and feeling his body pulse with an almost painful lust at the sight of Ford, flushed with blood from his recent feed, pretty mouth agape as he panted.

They could go without oxygen for a longer time if they wanted, but as far as vampires went, Ford was a baby and breathing was still a reflex to him.


“Mmh?” Makoto pulled himself from his thoughts and admiration of his half-naked lover at the almost plaintive tone.

“Are you going to fuck me or just watch me?” Ford asked, tone just a little bit irritated.

Lips lifting in a smirk, Makoto couldn’t help but be contrary, “That depends. What are you going to do if I just watch you?”

“Bite you,” Ford replied immediately with a glare, pouty lips turned down in a frown and blond brows angled. “Hard.”

Makoto couldn’t help but snort with laughter at that. It was cute and almost childish, and it made him happy to see that despite being a gang leader — and a vampire — Ford still acted like every other twenty-something in London sometimes, petulant and snarky.


Anything else that Ford had intended to say was swallowed up by Makoto’s mouth and tongue as he leaned in to kiss the other man hard, slamming back into his body moments later and licking the cry of satisfaction that rose up in Ford’s throat.

Once Makoto started moving inside of him hard and fast he had no care for the noise or mess they might be making, claw-tipped fingers tight on Ford’s hips drawing blood even as Ford scrabbled at Makoto’s back, his own sharp nails leaving streaks of blood in their wake as he broke the skin over and over again.

Neither man noticed the flashes of pain that accompanied each break of skin, the endorphins that flooded their systems keeping them riding the high of their love-making until Ford finally came, body convulsing and tightening spasmodically around Makoto’s, almost forcefully pulling the other man’s orgasm from him.

Lying under the heavy and sweaty weight of Makoto, Ford wasn’t interested in moving at all, muscles still twitching now and then in the aftermath of their sexual fury.

Licking lazily at a smear of blood on Ford’s shoulder, Makoto made a soft content noise at the sharp taste of it on his tongue. “You always taste so good,” he said absently, sliding down Ford’s body and licking at the wounds he’d inflicted on the blond’s hips, watching as the skin knit itself back together.

“Shut up,” Ford grumped, but Makoto could hear the pleased note in his voice. It was amusing some of the things that Ford pretended to take offense to.

“Yes, dear,” Makoto replied as he lazily sat up, ignoring the damage to his own back as it would heal soon on its own — he just couldn’t deny that he loved the sharp taste of Ford’s blood on his tongue, a taste that had only changed a little since his turning.

Reluctantly pulling his clothes back on, Makoto made sure to keep his eyes off of Ford as he stretched the kinks out of his back and legs or he’d be tempted to go for a second round right then, something that they didn’t have time for when he could tell by turns the car was making that they were merely minutes from home.

“Get dressed, babe,” he said. “We’re almost home.”

Ford grumbled but did as he was told, wiping himself clean with a stash of tissues before pulling his clothes back on and doing up all the zippers and buttons that accompanied his many layers.

As the car rolled to a stop in the long driveway that curled neatly behind the large headquarters, Ford reached down to pull the warming block of cash out of the cubby, still grimacing at the way it felt against sensitive skin as he climbed out of the car, ignoring the mess they’d left on expensive leather seats.

“You’re cruel,” Makoto said, but his lips were curved upwards in laughter.

“Someone’s always in trouble,” Ford said calmly. “They’re likely to be so a second time after cleaning that up.”

Makoto couldn’t help but laugh out loud at that, ignoring the surprised look the doorman gave him at the sound when they stepped into the front hall. “Like I said… you’re cruel.”

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