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Not Such a Private Show

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This story is purely fantasy and in no way relates to anyone alive or dead. Also even though this story illustrates bareback sex I would always encourage safe sex, especially with unknown partners.

Thank you to all the wonderful comments for the New slave story. I’m so glad you all enjoyed it. I’ve gotten a real bug for this story writing, I’ll be adding more over the next few months.


I reach the door to my favourite club, I need to relax.

It’s no ordinary club, no it’s a fetish club and not just any fetish club. This one has show’s where some guy is bound and abused in front of an audience. I really enjoy the shows and sometimes take part abusing some willing young guy for the pleasure of the audience.

I enter and show them my membership card, I pay a small entrance charge and then I check in my large winter overcoat. It’s warm in here as opposed the the harsh winter chill outside. There is a mirror in the foyer and I check myself out. I’m 52, around 5’9″ and going slightly grey with a full head of hair. I’m not overweight but I could probably do with working out to trim myself up a bit. I think I am fairly handsome, I like my face anyhow and I don’t seem to have to much problems meeting younger guys. I’m wearing leather chaps, a leather pouch that only just contains my 9″ cock, a leather waistcoat and a peak leather cap. I turn round and check out my bare ass, I’m pleased it still looks pert and fuckable at my age.

The club is a complex of rooms, some are just small rooms with benches, some have bondage apparatus and some are cubicles with glory holes. The main room is the show room, with a main stage area surrounded by tall tables and stools for the audience. Opposite is the bar and I head straight there to purchase a drink. As the barman is fetching my beer I look around and see it’s fairly busy, quite a few middle aged guys and a small number of young guys. They are all dressed quite differently, one guy is dressed only in leather hot pants while his partner who is lead around by a leash has a rubber apron on and nothing else. One guy looks as though he has just come from the office wearing a very nice suit, I guess he probably has.

The barman hands me my beer and I look for an empty table, there is only one near the back so I head towards it. Just then I notice a young guy enter the room and sit at the very same table. He looks to be in his early 20’s wearing cargo shorts and a check shirt. He’s quite cute, slim, around 5’7″ with messy blond hair and horned rimmed glasses, I’ve always had a thing for the geeky look and I see some of the predator types watch him as he sits down. I know some the guys in here would pounce on such a fresh face but I’m almost at the table and I have already decided I would join him.

“Hi, do you mind if I join you? There are no other tables available” I say. He looks up at me a little startled.

“N-no,” he stammers. And immediately looks down at the floor. Wow this boy is shy.

There are four stools around the table but I pick one that puts me right next to him. I can tell this makes him a little uncomfortable but I’m banking on him not moving his stool away for fear of offending me, he doesn’t.

“I haven’t seen you here before, is this your first time?” I ask. He nods and steals a sideways glance at me, I can see he was looking at my pouch.

“You’ll enjoy the shows,” I say, “I always come for the shows, they’re really good.”

He smiles and looks at my face briefly before looking back at the floor. Damn he’s handsome.

“What’s your name?” I ask.

“Andy,” he squeaks.

“Hi Andy, I’m Ben, nice to meet you,” and I offer my hand.

He seems reluctant but gingerly he takes my hand and shakes it. His grip is light, quite feminine and soft. His touch sends shivers down my spine. Rarely have I encountered a touch like his but every time I have, sex with that person has always been amazing. I decide there and then I will have this boy.

The music changes and the curtains are drawn apart. On the stage is a young guy, he looks around 18, the youngest on stage I have seen yet. He’s blindfolded, wearing headphones and a ball gag, I like it, sensory deprivation. He is still fully clothed, wearing tight jeans, and a tight shirt but his hands are tied behind his back. He is slim and nicely toned and is very handsome, with short black cropped hair. Also on the stage is a large frame with various loops and chains on it. Some of the guys wolf whistle at seeing such a cute young guy on stage.

On stage with him is Robbie, his master, a large man with a body that shows he visits the gym regular. He is wearing only a pair of jeans and his muscular chest is covered with fine black hair. His face is rugged with a square angular jaw and a shaved head. He is wearing a leather harness around his chest with makes him look even more manly. I’ve known Robbie all the years I’ve been coming here and we often share our boys with each other, especially when performing shows. I’m very interested in what Robbie has has in store for this young teen. I glance at Andy and see he is engrossed in what is happening on stage already.

Robbie walks up beside the young man, places one hand behind his neck and in one movement tears the t-shirt from his body. The boy jerks and lets out a muffled cry of shock. Robbie then unties the boys hands from behind his back then ties his arms above his head to a winch in the centre of the frame. Robbie then pulls a set of stocks from the side of the stage in front of the boy. He opens the stocks and lifts each of the boy’s feet and places them in there closing it afterwards. The boy is now hanging and the bottom of his feet visible to the audience. I know what is coming as Robbie removes the gag from the boy’s mouth so will be able to hear his cries.

Robbie then starts to lightly stroke the boy’s feet. He gasps at first then as Robbie expertly tickles his souls the boy starts to laugh loudly as he twists and turns to try and escape the tickle torture.

“Please stop! Arghhahahaha!” He cries. But Robbie continues. He keeps it up for a good 3 or 4 minutes and the boy is breathless from laughing so much. Soon Robbie stops and fetches a riding crop, he swipes it at the boy’s feet hard. The boys screams loud with the pain. Robbie cracks the whip down hard again and again the boy wincing and struggling to break free, his screams getting louder. I look at Andy and his gaze is fixed hard on the action on stage.

Eventually Robbie releases the boy’s feet from the stocks moving them off stage. We can hear the boy sobbing a little as his feet touch the floor. Robbie then presses a button on the side of the frame and the winch whirrs into action lifting the boy up until he is dangling. Robbie then unfastens the boy’s belt but instead of immediately pulling his jeans off he slowly lowers them, teasing the audience at what this boy has to show us. Robbie slowly spins the boy round as he gradually eases down his jeans and boxers pausing to stroke and tickle the boy’s supple body. My cock is begining to grow as the boy’s jeans are now just at the start of his cock showing his neat trim pubes and his pert ass, round and really fuckable . Robbie pulls the jeans lower and we can now see the base of his cock, he looks to be hard as it’s being pulled down with his jeans. Suddenly his cock springs free and I hear sounds of approval from the audience as we look on his very stiff 7″ cock. His balls are tight large and smooth and his cock bounces as he flexes it in anticipation. I look around and see various members of the audience are now rubbing their crotches. Robbie finally removes the last of the boy’s clothes and he is now hanging there stark naked, still blindfolded and still with the headphones on.

I look at Andy and he is now leaning forward, he obviously has an erection and is trying to hide it. Robbie now puts on the boy a leather cock ring and tie’s his balls with string so that they are tighter and away from his body. He then attaches nipple clamps causing the boy to yelp with the sudden pain as they pinch his little nipples. Robbie then fetches a whip, a cat of nine tails, with many strands of leather. He spins the boy and starts whipping him hard. They boy screams with the pain. The whip lands indiscriminately on the boys body, making red marks across his back, buttocks, stomach, chest and sides.

“ARRRGHH! PLEASE STOP! PLEASE!” he screams. I’ve witnessed many beatings on this stage and most can tolerate the pain but the boy seems to have a much lower pain threshold as he is now bawling.

My cock is now breaking free of the pouch and it’s head is poking out of the side. I adjust it so that it now sticks out further, I’m not shy about showing off my large cock. My movement causes Andy to steal a sideways glance, his jaw drops open and he immediately looks straight back at the stage. He doesn’t seem to believe what he just saw and I see him steal a couple of more glances at my cock. I pretend not to notice him looking. Around the room some are obviously stroking their erect cocks through what ever clothing they are wearing. I then see the guy in the suite take out his cock completely, a good 6″ and fat too. Andy has noticed too and is more obvious that he is looking at this guy’s cock.

On stage the whipping has stopped and the boy sobbing heavily is lowered to the floor. Robbie walks up to him and kisses him passionately helping to calm his sobs. Robbie then pulls a padded bench from the back of the stage to the front and after untying he boy he gets him to lye face down on it. He shackles they boys hands to the legs of the bench so he can’t get up then lifting up his ass straps his legs down too. The boy ass is now up in the air facing the audience and his head against the leather of the bench. The boy’s ass is hairless, completely smooth and his little brown hole is winking away at us all in anticipation of what is going to happen to it. Robbie then starts gently stroking the boy’s hole and applying lots of lube, he whimpers at the sensation.

My cock is now really hard and I decide to remove my pouch, as it falls away my cock springs up and it’s full 9″ is now pointing straight up. Looking straight ahead at the stage I see from the corner of my eye Andy taking another good look at my cock, he adjusts his own cock as he seems to be uncomfortable. As I turn to look at him he notices and immediately returns his gaze to the stage swallowing hard. I smile as I now know he will soon be mine.

Robbie has now introduced a large black dildo, a good 10″ and thick, the audience gasp as he brings it nears the boy’s expectant hole. He slowly pushes against the boy’s tight ring piece and he shouts loudly as it finally breaks through. My cock is so hard now it’s starting to hurt, so I slowly stroke it. Andy takes another look and I pretend not to notice. The boy on stage shout’s again as the dildo slips deeper into his ass. Andy looks back at the stage and tries to adjust himself again. I take my chance and grab Andy’s hand, he gasps at my touch but doesn’t look away from the stage. I can see he is breathing heavily now as I guide his hand to my cock. He swallows hard as I place his hand on it, his fingers immediately wrap around my pulsing tool. I let out a little groan as he squeezes it.

Robbie is now fucking the boy with whole length of the dildo.

“Oh yes! Fuck me! URGGH! Fuck me with that thing!” he shouts, his hard cock bouncing underneath him as he pushes back to meet the thrusts. I look around and see most of the audience now have their cocks out and are stroking away. Andy is now stroking my cock his gaze still firmly on the stage. I reach over and place my hand on his his bare knee, he sighs as my fingers gently caress his skin.

Robbie has now released the boy on the stage and tied his arms to each side of the frame. He has placed a smaller lower bench between the boy’s legs and stuck the dildo to it. The boys legs are also tied to the sides of the frame but only so he can squat down. Doing so means he will impale himself on the dildo and when he feels it at his hole he immediately lowers himself onto it. He is soon fucking himself on it, his cock bouncing with his rhythm.

I move my hand higher up Andy’s leg pushing up the material of his shorts. He swallows hard then sits back showing me his bulge, It’s quite a size, not sure how big yet but I’m definitely looking forward to setting that thing free. His skin is smooth, very smooth, like silk and it’s turning me on even more just touching it. Andy still keeps his gaze on the show and as my fingers tickle his skin, I hear him whimper out a small moan of pleasure. I lift my hand and place it on his bulge and begin to stroke it, he groans louder but does nothing to stop me, all the time he is wanking my cock.

Getting off my stool I move behind Andy and wrapping my arms around him I begin to unbutton his shirt. He protests by putting his hands on mine and trying to stop me but I’m persistent.

“It’s ok, I just want to see your chest” I say.

I soon have his shirt completely undone and I open it wide to reveal his flat smooth chest with a lovely pair of pert nipples begging to be tweaked. I gently caress his chest and he groans with pleasure, some of the audience look round. I deftly unfasten his belt buckle with one hand while I caress him with the other, he doesn’t seem to notice. I then lean forward against him, my weight causing him to get off his stool and stand up. As soon as his feet touch the floor I quickly kick away the stool then before he can do anything I whip his shorts and boxers down to his ankles, his cock breaking free and slapping his belly hard.

“No!” he cries and he tries to bend down to pull them back up but I’m too quick for him and my arms go under his armpits and pull him back up, my foot on his shorts stopping him from lifting his legs.

“Please no!” he protests, some of the audience turns to look again. I’m holding him now in a half Nelson, his groin pushed forward. His cock swaying fully erect in front of him, it’s quite magnificent, a good 8″, circumcised and with a beautifully formed head. My head is next to his as I look over his shoulder, I can feel the heat from his face as the embarrassment and humiliation hits him. Here I am holding him virtually naked his cock for all to see and they do just that, many of them watching me and Andy to see what happens next. With one arm I hold him tight across his chest and with the other I take hold of his cock and slowly stroke it.

“Please stop.” he begs but I ignore him. His smooth round buttocks feel nice against my hard cock and I find my self looking forward to burying it in his ass.

The activity on the stage is getting more urgent. Robbie is pulling on the nipple clamps as the boy pounds his ass down on that huge dildo.

“OH FUCK! I’M GOING TO CUM!” he shouts. Suddenly Robbie whips off the blindfold and headphones. The boy looks around in horror and I realise he had no idea he was part of a show. The boy’s face goes bright red as he slams down on the dildo, his cock explodes a torrent of cum shooting far across the stage. Some of the audience applaud and some lose it and blow their load, the guy in the suit amongst them. I almost lose it my self as I see the look of humiliation on the boy’s face as he delivers his load, it really is priceless.

Suddenly I’m aware that Andy has tensed up and he has flung his head back on my shoulder. I look down in time to see his cock erupt a huge amount of cum, spurting a good 8 feet in front of him.

“Wonderful,” I whisper in his ear.

“YOU BASTARD!” I hear the boy on the stage shout. Robbie immediately replaces the ball gag and the curtains are drawn closed ready for the next show.

I spin Andy round as he finally finishes cumming and give him a passionate kiss, he tries to pull away but I’m stronger and hold him firmly my hand on the back of his head. Eventually he succumbs and returns the kiss. Now I have kissed many boys in my life and while some are like kissing a wet fish, some have been wonderful kissers. However Andy’s kiss is mind blowing, I have never experienced such a wonderful kiss as this ever before in my life, it sends shivers down my spine. I eventually pull away feeling as though I had just snorted a whole jar of poppers.

“I have to go,” he says, still humiliated at the whole thing. My heart skips and I realise I’m infatuated with him, I cannot let such a beautiful boy slip away from me, I have to own him and I know just how to do it.

“You’re not going anywhere, I haven’t finished with you yet,” I say as he bends down to pull up his shorts. I quickly grab his cock and balls and pull him back up causing him to yelp. I firmly lead him by his cock across the theatre floor towards the stage.

“Ow, please stop, Ow your hurting me!” he protests grabbing my arm to steady himself. His shorts are still round his ankles and he has no choice but to shuffle along behind. We enter through the curtains and see Robbie leading his boy back stage.

“Hey Robbie, mind if we take the next show?” I ask.

“What! No!” Andy shouts as he tries to pull away.

“Shut up or I’ll pull your cock off!” I snap. I wouldn’t of course but the threat had the desired effect.

“Well it was supposed to be Jason and Connor next but that’s a pretty young thing you have there, the punters will love him. Sure go ahead,” Robbie replies.

“Please don’t,” he begs trying to pull my hand off his cock.

“Strip!” I command him.

“Please let me go,” he begs.

“I SAID STRIP!” My voice more threatening and I see it startles him. I squeeze his cock and balls hard and he cries out in pain. Reluctantly he removes his shirt, then I let his cock go and he bends down to remove his shoes, socks and shorts.

I nod over to Robbie and he presses a button, the curtains slowly open. Andy has his back to the audience so I firmly spin him round, the audience applauds and several guys wolf whistle. Andy is obviously feeling very self conscious about his nudity in front of all these strangers as he stands there slouched and whimpering and trying to hide his huge erection with his hands. I pick up a riding crop and whip his hands with it, not too hard but enough for him to yelp.

“Get you hands behind your back!” I order, “I want you to show everyone what a magnificent cock you have.”

Reluctantly he slowly moves his hands behind his back but he is still slouching so I put the crop under his chin.

“Stand up straight, I’ll not have slouching in my presence!” I bark, “I want everyone to admire your sexy body.”

He looks at me, surprised I would say such a thing, he obviously has self esteem issues. He stands up a bit straighter but it seems he isn’t used to standing proud.

“Get that chest out,” I say whipping him across it with my crop. He yelps and pushes his chest out. I look at his beautiful body, his cock pointing proudly skywards. My cock twitches, this boy is really turning me on.

“From now on you are only to call me Sir, is that understood?” I say. He nods and I whip him hard across the back of the legs causing him to yelp and whimper, “Say it!”

“Y-y-yes,” he stammers, I whip him again, “Ooww!” He cries.

“Yes what?”

“Y-y-yes Sir.”

“Good boy,” I say as I gently tickle his tight ball sack and softly kiss him on the lips. He gasps at my touch.

I take his hand and begin to cuff him to the top of the frame.

“No please don’t,” he begs trying to pull away. I whip him hard across his backside.

“What did I say about calling me Sir!” I bark.

“S-s-sorry Sir. P-p-please d-d-don’t tie me up,” he sobs rubbing his backside. I look at him and see tears are forming in his eyes, I suddenly want to stop and hug him to make him feel better but I know if I am to own him I have to continue with what I am doing. I ignore his request and although he is struggling I’m much stronger and don’t have much problem shackling his arms.

Soon both his arms are shackled to either side of the frame splayed wide apart above him. I do the same to his feet and before long he is spread eagle in the centre of the stage. I stand in front of him and kiss him softly.

I then pick up the cat of nine tails. I drag it gently across his back and he whimpers.

“Why did you come here tonight?” I ask.

“I j-j-j-just came for a drink,” he replies. I whip him hard across his back, he screams with the pain.

“Don’t lie to me!” I shout, “you could go to any bar for a drink, why here? And who said you can stop calling me Sir?” I’m sure I know why he chose to come here tonight but I need him to admit it to me.

“S-s-s-sorry Sir,” he sobs. He takes a big breath, “I w-w-wanted to see the show.”


“ARRRRGHHHHH!” he screams.

“STOP LYING TO ME!” I shout. “I saw you looking at my cock, you wanted it didn’t you? You liked wanking my cock didn’t you. I’ll ask you again why did you come HERE tonight?”

He sobs heavily and tries to get his breath but he says nothing.


“Tell me!”

“ARRRRGHHHHH! PLEASE STOP! P-p-please don’t m-m-make m-me do th-th-this.”



“Wrong answer, tell me why you came here!”

“B-b-b-b-b-because I have fantasies S-s-sir.”

“Fantasies? About what?” he stays silent just sobbing.


“ARRRRRGHHHH! A-a-a-about being t-t-t-tied up Sir.”

“And you came to find someone to try it with?” he nods.


“Answer me!”

“ARRRRRGHHH! S-s-s-s-s-sorry Sir, y-y-y-yes Sir.”

“And now that you are tied up how does it feel?”

“I-I-I-I’m s-s-s-s-s-scared Sir,” and he begins to bawl.

Oh fuck! Am I pushing him too hard? That’s not the answer I expected. I know what I have to do now and quickly wrap my arms round him hugging him tight.

“Shhh, it’s ok, there’s nothing to be scared of,” I whisper in his ear. He buries his head in my neck and I can feel his tears wetting my skin. I look at the audience, some have stripped and all are jacking off or being blown by their slaves, this is obviously turning them on. I feel Andy’s cock twitch against mine and I realise that although he’s scared he is turned on by what is happening. His bawling reduces to just sobs and I kiss him tenderly. As I pull away I smile at him, I can tell he is confused by my affection, his eyes are full of tears so I lovingly wipe them away. I want to stop and make love to him there and then but I know if I’m to own him fully I must carry on.

“How did it feel when I stripped you and wanked you off in front of everyone?” I ask.

“Humiliating Sir.”

“What else?”

He doesn’t answer.


“Answer me boy!” I bark.

“ARRRRGGGGH! Please Sir, please don’t.” he begs. He is reluctant to admit enjoying it.


“Tell me!”

He stifles his scream, “I-I-I liked it Sir.”

“Yes you liked it, it was exciting wasn’t it? Having all those people watch me wank you off, it turned you on didn’t it?”

“Y-y-y-yes Sir.”

“What did you think when you first saw my cock?”

“I l-l-liked it Sir,”

“Yes you like my cock don’t you? You want to suck it don’t you?”



“Answer me!”


“Tell the audience what you want to do to my cock.”

He doesn’t speak.


“ARRRRGHHHH! I w-w-w-want to suck your cock sir!”

“Yes you’re going to suck it, you’re going to suck my cock in front of all these people. I bet you want it up your ass too, do you want me to fuck you with my big cock boy?” He doesn’t speak.


“ARRRRRRGHHH! PLEASE SIR! P-p-please stop. I-I-I’ve n-never d-d-d-done anything l-l-like that b-b-b-b-b-before.”

It suddenly dawns on me, this is priceless.

“What are you trying to say boy?” again silence.



“ARRRRRRGHHH! P-p-please don’t m-m-make m-m-me s-s-s-s-s-say it.”


“Say it!”

“ARRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHH! PLEEEAAASE SIR! I’M A VIRGIN!” he screams and begins to bawl again.

The audience gasps, and I see a couple of them blow their load at hearing this. I’m so turned on now that my own cock is ready to explode at the slightest touch.

“Are you saying you’ve never had sex with anyone before tonight?”

“Y-y-y-y-y-yes S-S-Sir.”

“Holy shit Ben, you lucky bastard!” I hear Robbie say from the side of the stage.

I smile and move onto the next stage. I attach some nipple clamps to Andy’s hard little buds, he yelps as they shut tight on them. I then kneel down at his left side reach between his legs at grasp his balls and the base of his cock.

“My boy is now going to get his first ever blow job.” I say addressing the audience. I hear groans of approval as I point his cock at my mouth and I slowly devour it. I hear him gasp as the first ever pair of lips slide over his cock. I suck slow and deep, burying my nose into his pubes, each time I do this he gasps from the sheer pleasure. His cock feels good in my mouth and I want to swallow his boy juices for my self but I know that isn’t good for the audience.

With my right hand I start to finger his little virgin rose bud, he gasps loudly. I’m not going to penetrate it yet I just want him to enjoy erotic sensations down there. He is panting heavily now and I know he is ready to cum so I pull away and slowly wank his cock bringing him close to the edge.

“Are you ready to be my slave boy?” I ask him.


“Awww fuck, he’s going to own him,” I hear someone say, the voice tinted with jealousy.

“Before you answer I’m going to tell you what being my slave means. Firstly I own you, you answer to me and me alone. I will do with you as I please, which means using you for my own pleasure. You will only be allowed to cum in my presence and cumming without my permission with be punishable. You will have sex with who ever I tell you to have sex with so if I have ten men lined up to fuck you, you will let them. Do you understand?”

Andy nods.

“If you answer no then all this will stop now and you will be allowed to get dressed and go home. If you answer yes then I will carry on and take your virginity in front of all these people.”

Suddenly the audience start shouting out.


“HE’S A GREAT MASTER! HE’LL TREAT YOU REALLY WELL!” Someone shouts, I recognise the voice of an ex sub of mine, Donny, I smile. He was a good slave and I still am very fond of him, it’s such a pity we drifted apart.

Andy’s staring at me intently now as I slowly manipulate the head of his cock, he is panting hard now and his body is starting to shake. I can see he is thinking hard, however his brains are probably in his cock at this moment which deviously is my intention.

“Doe’s this feel good?” I ask.

“Y-y-yes Sir. It feels wonderful.”

“Would you like to feel like this more often?”

“Oh yes Sir.”

“I bet you want to cum don’t you?”

“Oh yes sir, please I’m close, please make me cum.”

“What is your answer boy?”

The audience start shouting louder.


Andy looks up at them, his eyes filled with passion and lust. He looks back down at me.

“Yes sir, I want to be your slave.”

The audience erupt in cheers.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes Sir, I’m sure, please make me your slave.”

“Would you like to cum now?” I ask.

“Yes Sir, please make me cum!” he begs.

As I slowly stroke his cock he starts to tremble, his balls retract completely and he lets out a high pitched groan, this is it he’s about to shoot when suddenly I stand up and walk away, “No, I think we’ll wait.”

“AWWW!” shouts out the audience in unison.

“ARRGHH! FUCK! NOOOO! I was just about to cum! Please Sir, please make me cum!” he begs, his cock bouncing wildly on the verge of an orgasm. I pull on the nipple clamps to help prolong the edge of his orgasm.

I untie him, then tie his hands behind his back. I turn him to face me so we are side on to the audience.

“Get on your knees.” I order. He gets on his knees and my cock is now just inches from his face, he stares at it lustfully.

“You are now going to give your first ever blow job, open your mouth.” I instruct.

He opens his mouth and I slowly feed my cock past those sweet soft moist virgin lips. He begins to suck on the head of my cock not taking much in.

“You can tell he’s a virgin, I did much better than that on my first time,” someone shouts out.

He pulls off and looks into the audience, put off by the comment.

“Ignore them,” I tell him, “you’re doing just fine,” and I encourage him to continue sucking.

I place my hand on the back of his head and gently force him to take it deeper. He starts to gag so I tell him to swallow, he does so and my cock slips into his throat. I gasp as I feel the warmth of his virgin mouth and throat engulf my cock. I pull back and let him breath, then push him back on my cock this time as he swallows the whole length of my cock slips in and his nose is in my pubes.

“Wow, he’s swallowed the whole thing!” I hear someone say.

“Fuck boy, you’re a natural,” I say.

Before long he is devouring my cock on his own, he sucks on it hungrily, taking it deep into his throat. I’m amazed and incredibly turned on at how good he is.

“Do you like that boy? Do you like sucking on master’s big cock?” He groans, and pulls off gasping for air.

“Yes Sir, I love sucking your cock Sir,” he says and immediately devours my cock again.

“Fuck, I was never that good on my first time,” I hear the same person say in the audience.

“I’m close to cumming, where would you like my cum boy?” I ask. He pulls off.

“In my mouth Sir, I want you to cum in my mouth,” he replies and gets back onto my cock again.

I’m amazed how quickly and willingly he has taken to his new role, but then again, passion can do that to a guy.

I’m getting close to blowing my load and I’m not ready to do that yet, at my age once a day is probably my limit so I pull him off. I stand him up and untie his hands, and shackle them back to the either side of the top of the frame. I then get some large leather straps from the back of the stage , wrap them around his thighs and then lift his legs up connecting the straps to chains hanging from the top of the frame. Andy is now suspended arms and legs splayed wide apart, his anus clearly visible to the whole audience. I lie down underneath him and begin to lick his virgin hole.

“OH JESUS!” he cries as my tongue dances around that tight little cherry, the first tongue ever to invade that private space. He groans loudly as I dig deeper and deeper with my tongue.

“Oh yeah go Ben, rim that cherry ass,” I hear someone say.

I keep this up for a good 10 minutes until my tongue starts to get tired. I then clamber up behind him and start to finger his ass, applying a good dollop of lube there. I hear him gasp at the coldness of the liquid. Soon my finger is deep in him, I find his prostrate and massage it.

“Oohh!” he gasps.

“That’s your G-spot boy!” Someone shouts, “You’re gonna love that being played with.”

He is groaning really loudly as I continue to massage his prostrate. I then insert a second finger slowly stretching his tight little bud, he groans more as it widens. Soon I have three fingers in there and I’m burying them up to my second knuckle.

“Are you ready for me to fuck you boy?” I ask.

“Oh yes Sir, please fuck me.”

I get back underneath him and lifting my groin up I position my cock at his entrance. I push and can feel that his tight ring isn’t giving.

“Relax boy,” I instruct.

I push again and I see him relax, the head of my cock slips in and his ring of muscle clamps down tightly around my shaft.


“Relax boy, the pain will subside,” I tell him. He is panting heavily and his face has turned red. Soon he starts to relax and I can tell the pain is going.

“How is that now?” I ask.

“Better Sir.”

I start feeding more of my cock up his ass, it looks wonderful seeing my hard 9″ cock slipping into his tight virgin hole. He is groaning loudly as I slip deeper and deeper into him. Soon I am completely inside.

“Oh fuck that is so hot!” Someone says in the audience.

I start fucking him taking long strokes from the tip of my cock to it’s base.


I continue to fuck him slowly picking up my pace.

“Yeah Ben fuck that virgin ass!” Someone shouts.

My cock is now pounding hard into his ass slamming into his prostrate as I do.


Hi ass tightens around my cock and I feel it pulse and I know he is shooting his load. The audience applaud and cheer as he delivers a massive load on the stage floor. I’m right on the edge of cumming too but I want it in his mouth so I pull out, stand up and lower him down from his shackles. I push him onto his knees and he immediately devours my cock, it only takes five strokes of his sweet young mouth to take me over the edge. I grab his hair and pull his head back.

“Open wide.” I say as my orgasm races up my cock. He opens his mouth just as I erupt but it misses his mouth and blasts him in the face. I push my cock down and the next blast hits him square on his outstretched tongue. I continue to deliver the biggest load I have ever had in recent years, some going in his mouth some hitting his face. I let go of his head and he clamps his mouth back on my cock and milks the last few drops from my spent cock.

The audience erupts and starts cheering and applauding. I lift Andy up.

“Take a bow boy, you deserved it,” I say.

His face turns bright red from embarrassment and instead of bowing he flings his arms round me and buries his head in my neck. Suddenly his extreme shyness is back. Damn I think I may just be falling for this boy. I lift his head up and kiss him passionately, he returns my kiss and we lose track of time as we melt into each other.

“That was phenomenal!” Robbie says. I’m suddenly aware that the curtains have closed, “You’re the first virgin we have ever had on stage, are you for real?”

Andy blushes again and just nods his head.

“Damn he is so cute, where did you find him?” Robbie asks me.

“Can you believe just tonight,” I wrap my left arm around his waist and holding him to one side and stroke his slender sexy body, he groans at my light touch. “The moment I shook his hand I knew I wanted to be with him, I had a feeling he would become my slave.”

Andy blushes again.

Later that night I took him home with me and we made love, real passionate love and for the first time in years I was able to cum more than once in a night.

Me and Andy often perform bondage sex scenes on stage now and I have to say he is a wonderful slave.

The end.

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