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Primary Pleasures

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Sandals flopped against her feet as she charged down the sidewalk. A few heads turned, noticing her slightly disheveled clothing and the flush spread across her cheeks. A tight t-shirt was shifted to the side, thrown on in a hurry. Her white jean shorts were left unbuttoned, barely clinging to sweaty hips as she walked.

She charged her way down the sidewalk, breathing heavily with one thing on her mind. A hand reached into her pocket, finding a cell phone and unlocking it to start a text message.

“Where are you?” she sent.

“In my room, why?” Matt responded quickly. She sighed with relief.

“I thought so. I’ll be there in a moment.”

She charged her way down the sidewalk as she dodged a pedestrian here or there and made every step count. The phone found its way back into her pocket as she ignored the sound notifying her of his reply. She approached the building, walked through its doors, and made her way straight past the elevators and onto the stairs. Elevators were too slow. Someone at the desk looked up and was completely ignored as she charged her way up the stairs. One step at a time, two steps at a time. All the way up to the third floor. Two more steps, one more step. She jumped the last step and sailed into the hall, hurrying past a boy who stopped to stare at her sudden, disheveled appearance. Down the hall Matt’s door was cracked, left open for her after the text exchange.

With a firm push the door swung open. She caught it before it hit the wall, slammed it shut and turned around to lean against it before she clicked the lock behind her. After a pause to catch her breath, she slowly raised her head. His eyes met hers as he walked across the room and she gasped, a pulse surging through her hyper aware body. Bare feet took silent steps, his jeans and white t-shirt were casual and comfortable. Long hair framed his face, covering his ears. An eyebrow was raised, questioning and accusing without saying a word—he knew, instantly, what she had been up to and what she wanted. But those were minor details. She gasped because of his eyes, sharp and intense. A gaze that saw through to her core, full of a glaring fire that made her ache with need.

“Master,” she whispered and felt her knees weaken.

“You’ve been having sex,” he said, calmly stating an observed fact.

She felt herself somehow blush a deeper shade and turned her head, playing coy as she held his gaze.


His eyebrow raised a little higher as he took the final step, standing close and looking down into her shorter frame. She enjoyed the way he made her feel small, as if he could swallow her entire being into his and make her very soul a part of him. It made her feel owned. His.

“Yes, Sir,” she corrected.

“Tell me,” he commanded with a deeper voice.

“It was about five minutes ago,” she began. “We’d been teasing and flirting, and he was cute. So we went to his room and started playing around. He was pretty big, and he felt so good. I was so, so, so fucking close…”

“And he came,” Matt finished.

“I growled at him, and…”

“You growled at him?” he asked, raising both of his eyebrows in surprise.

She ground her teeth in frustration and anger, remembering a shadow of what she felt minutes before as she growled again. “I growled at the worthless stupid bastard.”

He chuckled before he could stop himself, quickly regaining composure. It empowered her, knowing she could play the power game and take some for herself—even if only for an instant.

“I growled at him,” she continued, “told him things I should probably apologize for later, threw my clothes on and…”

“And came to me,” he finished again.

She nodded shyly.

He ran his fingers through her hair, letting a shiver run through her body before he grabbed her hair with a tight grip. She gasped as her head was twisted to the side, looking up into his eyes as he glared down into hers. Fire.

“Why did you come here, Ashley?”

His tone sent another shiver through her. Calm, authoritative. An ice cold flame. “Because no one takes care of me like my Master,” she whispered.

He smiled his crooked grin, pleased with her response and wanting to tease her. “You’re a slut.”

“Yes,” she gasped. “Yours.” The world around her slipped away as all of her attention fell on him and her reaction to him. She became his in a way few women understood as the pleasure of subspace engulfed her. “All yours.”

He held the grip of her hair tightly, moving his other hand up to touch her abdomen. She jumped at the heat of his fingers and the tickle of his breath on her lips as he leaned in closer. “And why should I take care of my slut today?”

“Because I was a good girl,” she said instantly.

He raised a brow again.

“Because I was a good girl. A hot guy used my pussy and I was a good slut, a good sex slave. He fucked me and used me and came even though I didn’t,” she rambled, looking for the words he wanted.

His fingers moved over her flat belly and down to the hem of her open shorts. Heat made her gasp as he lowered them slowly, meeting no hair. “And you want a reward, for being such a filthy little slut?” he asked.

She held his gaze and gulped, concentrating to find an answer in her scattered thoughts. “Yes,” she whispered. “Yes, Master. Please. I need to cum. I need you make me cum. Send me to whatever that world is that you send me. Blow my mind away. Send me to the moon. Make me cum like only you do. Please. Please.”

His fingers slid further into her shorts, spreading on each side of her wet and swollen folds. “No panties,” he said, calmly stating a fact.

The haze in her mind cleared long enough to remember. “I left them,” she said.

He gazed with a questioning look in his eyes, waiting and unmoving. She whimpered quietly.

“Your filthy little slut doesn’t need any panties with you, Master. Clothes are an obstacle. My flesh is yours to use as you please!” she squealed the last syllable as his fingers clenched her pussy lips together.

“Good answer,” he said, smiling and holding back a different comment. “You’re a good girl, Ashley.”

“Yes!” she said, panting as his fingers began moving lightly over her outer folds, the soft touch and the heat driving her crazy. “I’m your good slut!”

“Good sluts deserve a reward.”

She gasped and bit her lip as he lightly touched her clit.

“Ashley,” he said softly. She focused her eyes back into his. “Do not cum until I say so.”

She whimpered and groaned, almost cried as she whispered out a painful “yes.” Remembering her role, she quickly added “sir” before the pause grew too long.

He leaned in closer to kiss her cheek and neck, teasing her more as his fingers slowly and gently explored her pussy, moving over every sensitive corner with purpose and control as he massaged her. A steady massage, slowly building up an even higher edge as he kissed her neck and whispered into her ear, “remember to breathe.” She tried to focus on her breath as a finger slipped inside.

A moan was stifled as their lips met, and she held onto his shoulders for support as he pressed her against the door. His hand moved slowly, rolling with her hips so that he remained in control of her pleasure. She wanted more, so badly that she couldn’t control herself—and he didn’t expect her to. She was his to control, and he controlled her.

“Breathe,” he said between kisses as a second finger slipped inside her. “Not yet, not yet. Breathe.”

His voice rang in her ears as his breath tickled her lips. Slender, flexible pianist fingers danced inside her like none other could, reaching places and moving in ways nobody else even considered. She moaned and breathed heavily, writhing as he held her against the door. Slowly her pleasure mounted higher, numbing her mind as the heat in her core expanded. It took all of her concentration and will power to focus on the chanting in her ear, the echo of its command spreading through her body.

“Not yet, not yet.”

“Please,” she whispered. Nothing else would come out. Any more and control would be lost. An orgasm or tears. Any more and she feared she would break. “Please!”

She felt his cheek move against hers, curling into his crooked grin. She felt him breath in, preparing to say something. And then lightning struck her.

“Cum for me, my sexy little slut. Cum now. Cum hard. Cum, cum, cum. . .”

His first sentence echoed through her entire body, every cell obeying him. She gasped, unable to do anything else at first. Then teeth sank into her neck and his hand suddenly started moving faster. His fingers pushed deeper, curling to rub against her gspot as his palm rubbed and slapped her clit and outer folds. When the instant of orgasmic shock passed, she screamed. A long, loud groan that slowly descended into a growl as she sank her nails into his shoulders and lost herself completely. His lips found hers, quieting her only slightly as his hand still moved.

A second orgasm came as his commanding chant continued, and her body wasn’t hers anymore. A third, and she simply surrendered to whatever current she was in, knowing it wasn’t hers to control. More pleasure engulfed her, and then everything went dark.

The next things she felt were soft touches against her face. A shower of butterfly kisses. As her awareness expanded, she felt herself still sandwiched between Matt and the door, her limp body supported by his embrace. A smile spread over her and she felt the dampness on her cheeks. As she opened her eyes, she saw him through the blur that covered everything. He smiled, kissed her lips and the shadow of concern in his eyes vanished. The tears on her cheeks were her own.

“You came,” he said.

“Uh huh.”

He nuzzled his cheek against hers, fingers running through her hair. “Good girl,” he whispered.


Her mind felt as numb as her body. She couldn’t think as the pleasure and mild aftershocks still coursed through her. He smiled, withdrawing his hand from her shorts as he turned her, picked her up like a princess and carried her towards his bed. She relaxed in his arms, not realizing how much she had been trying to stand. Gently he laid her on his soft sheets and she relaxed even more. She kept her eyes closed as he moved over her and then felt him pull at her shorts. Lifting her hips, she looked down to watch. They were soaked through, and for the first time she became aware of the wetness that ran down her legs. She must have squirted. There must be a puddle by the door. The whole room must smell like her sex. She smiled, satisfied now in more than one way.

Warm hands moved along her flesh and she moaned as her shirt was removed, his fingers teasing her bra-less chest along the way. Her smile widened as she considered how teasing and gentle he could be, and how much that got to her. Then he softly thrust his finger back inside her and she flinched, turning and moving away. It was a surprise to be so sensitive that it hurt. Looking into his eyes, she silently pleaded and he smiled with eyes that said he half expected her reaction as he withdrew his fingers with gentle care. Her eyes moved down on their own, catching the shine as he moved his hand toward her lips. With an open mouth she accepted his fingers, tasting her own cum as he watched her erotically suck each finger clean. He enjoyed this. She enjoyed giving it to him.

“You need to nap,” he said.

“But you. . .” she started.

“Nap,” he said firmly. She pouted and licked at his fingers, causing him to smile again. “Don’t worry, I will get my turn.”

He leaned down to kiss her forehead, then moved to pull a blanket over her.

“Sleep, love.” He gazed into her eyes, and it took all her focus to see him through the blur. She nuzzled into his hand as he caressed her cheek, speaking in a soft and loving tone that didn’t match the aggressiveness of his declaration.

“You will need your strength when I take what is mine.”

A shiver ran through her body as she closed her eyes, smiling at the thought as darkness came again.

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