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Not So Unrequited, Maybe?

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Hi guys, this is my first attempt at m/m romance and this was meant to be a stand alone story. If you like it, I’ll expand…but only if you do, haha. No sex in this story (or chapter) by the way. Enjoy 🙂


‘Do you know how obvious it is that you’re in love with him?’

I jumped, spilling my drink as my best friend snuck up and whispered that damning question in my ear.

‘Stop doing that! You startle me all the time.’

She smirked and grabbed my drink slurping from it noisily. ‘I startle you with the truth all the time. The truth you don’t want to admit to yourself.’

I rolled my eyes and turned to my lunch. I was not going to dignify her with any comments. As she chattered on, I tuned her out and turned to the object of my attention and affection.

Josh Whitford.

He was the captain of our University’s rugby team and sex on legs.

And I was in love with him.

But he did not know I existed. Yes, this was a classic nerd fancies popular fittie and, unfortunately, this was not the movies. He was not going to stumble into me or lock eyes with me then suddenly realise I was the person of his dreams.

No sirree. My love was going to remain unrequited.

I turned suddenly to Andrea and cut her off, ‘I’m going to the library. I’ve got a coursework due tomorrow and I haven’t even started it.’

‘You mean the same coursework we have that I practically copied from you. Yeah…you haven’t started it.’ She said snidely.

I hated this girl as much as I loved her sometimes. Most times.

‘Whatever. See you later.’

I smacked her head with a quick kiss and slung my bag over my shoulder before walking briskly out, trying but failing not to look at Josh.

I stumbled as I saw him staring at me across the common room. My face turned red as I blushed hotly and I scuttled off as quickly as I could.

As I practically ran to the library, my mind raced as quickly as my legs. Why had he been staring at me? It must have been a mistake. Maybe he was thinking really deeply and his eyes had been on my face just…you know, because…

I shook my head vigorously as if I could discard the thoughts from my head and I slowed my steps to slow, sure ones as I got to the library. I might have been done with my courseworks, but I had Masters applications to continue and I wanted to start on my dissertation… that wasn’t due for another 6 months, I thought to my nerdy self wryly.

Several hours later, I rubbed my aching eyes and stretched, yawning widely. I looked at my watch and saw that it was 9pm. Wowzer! I’d been there for a long time.

The good thing was I was practically done with my proposal and I’d applied to 5 Universities already. I really wanted to go to Edinburgh but my parents wanted me to come back to Surrey and be close to them. Hell no. I loved my parents but they could be stifling. It didn’t help that I was their only child.

I stood up and stretched once more, before leaving the library. I needed a cup of coffee as desperately as I needed air. As I sipped my coffee and skimmed through the papers in the common room, I heard a loud thud and I looked up surprised.

My heart stopped beating then resumed crazily.


‘H…Hi.’ I stuttered. Josh had just dropped his gym bag and was leaning against the door staring at me with a lazy smile on his face.

‘You’re coming from the library?’ He asked.

‘Yes.’ I cleared my throat to say something. Anything . But my lips seemed sealed.

‘Ah, you’re always studying. I won’t be surprised if you come out with a First.’

He still had that smile on his face so I smiled hesitantly back.

‘Is it okay if I sit for a few minutes, or do you need to go back to your studies?’ He asked. He seemed a little nervous and this shocked me.

‘No, no. Sit. I’m on a break now anyway.’ I waved at the empty sofas as we were the only ones there. He sat down directly next to me and I gulped my tepid coffee. I had to calm my breathing or I was going to hyperventilate, I told myself.

‘So…’ He paused then tilted his head at me. ‘I’m Josh.’

I nearly blurted out that I knew who he was but I stopped myself just in time. I nodded then said, ‘Ashley.’

‘Yeah, I know who you are.’ He smiled at me, his dimples popping.

Ye gods, stop me from swooning. I blinked at his dimples then his lips as he said that he knew who I was.

Josh knew who I was.

We didn’t even study the same course. I was Law and he was History. He lived somewhere in Clifton and I was a Whiteladies baby. How on earth…

‘Oh.’ Was all I could say.

‘Yes, oh.’ He replied and leaned back, stretching his arms on the head of the sofa till his fingers absently stroked the back of my neck.

‘What are you doing?’ I stuttered, leaning back so quickly I nearly toppled over.

He sat back up immediately. ‘I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean…I just thought…’ He stopped and ran his fingers through his hair, looking slightly frustrated.

‘Look, I don’t know how to beat around the bush so I’m just going to say this. I find you attractive. I want to take you out for a drink sometime. I know this seems out of the blue but I wasn’t sure about…I didn’t know…anyway, your friend Andrea told me that you fancied me and I was so fucking relieved because I’ve been attracted to you for so long and I wasn’t sure I could just, you know… It’s not so easy to walk up to you and say it especially as, this isn’t really a normal type situation.’ He ended with a strained chuckle.



I didn’t know whether to strangle Andrea or kiss her for this. I stared at him as he looked at me, holding his breath.

‘Yeah, I’d like to go out for a drink with you.’ I whispered.

He blew out a breath as he chuckled, relieved. ‘Phew, I was worried I’d come on too strong. I mean, I know I did but I just wanted to say it out and not, you know… fuck! I normally have good game. I’m so tongue tied around you cuz I’ve wanted to ask you out for so long.’

I nodded and grinned, my heart almost bursting with joy. This was like a dream come true. My crush for 2 and a half years liked me. What the fuck!

‘So,’ he stood up and walked to grab his bag, ‘Will tomorrow evening work? Or any time you like, really.’

‘Tomorrow’s fine. I’ve got to study for a bit but I’ll be free from 8.’ I replied quickly.

‘Splendid. I got your number from Andrea, sorry.’ He chuckled again. ‘I’ll call you tomorrow and tell you where to meet me. Or I can come over to yours and we’ll go together?’ He asked cautiously. Like he thought I’d say no.

‘Yeah, that works. That’s fine.’ I babbled.

He smiled at me. Then he dropped his bag and walked to me before bending on his haunches directly in front of me. ‘I was going to wait till tomorrow after drinks. Maybe a light supper, before doing this. But I’ve thought about this for close to a fucking year and I just have to do it now.’

I looked at him surprised, then my eyes widened as he traced my lips with one finger before slipping it in to touch my tongue. I automatically sucked it in and he let out a harsh breath before pulling my face to his and kissing me.

This was not a gentle kiss. It was fast. Furious. Passionate. Then he softened the kiss till he was barely skimming my lips with his.

‘Fuck.’ He whispered against my lips, placing his forehead on mine. ‘If I’m not careful, you’re going to be the death of me.’

‘Is that a bad thing?’ I asked softly, my eyes closed.

He kissed my eyelids then my nose then my lips again. ‘It’s a great thing.’

I kept my eyes closed as I heard him pick up his bag again then walk away.

I breathed in deeply then looked down at the massive tent in my tracky bottoms.

I needed my cock to go down before I could go back to the library.

I needed to stop the smile that was threatening to split my face too.

Andrea was a fucking goddess.

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