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A New Experience

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Beth and Nicole sat at the computer, bored as the teacher rambled on and on at the front of the class. Don’t they realise that kids start early on these things? Why do they always have to take you all the way back to basics they thought as they suffered through the class.

Beth started fiddling with the mouse and keyboard while Nicole stared out the window, day dreaming. Nicole looked back after a little while to see what Beth was up to and noticed that she was checking her email.

“Anything good?” asked Nicole.

“Read this one,” Beth said, clicking on one of the items in the inbox. Nicole read it and snickered a little at the rather crude joke. The teacher looked their way and Beth quickly alt-tabbed in case he came down to talk to them. He didn’t. He went on and on about how to put a basic formula together in excel. Boring!

“Check this one out,” Beth hissed quietly. Nicole looked as a pic slowly loaded to the page on the screen.

“Oh my god”, gasped Nicole as it resolved itself into a picture of two women kissing, their tongues meeting in their opened mouths, their hands resting on each other’s hips.

“Do you like it?” asked Beth, not really daring to meet Nicole’s gaze.

“I haven’t ever really thought about it,” answered Nicole. Beth quickly killed the window as the teacher strolled towards the back of the class. He had the class start on an assignment and watched the two of them carefully, preventing much conversation other than on the topic it was supposed to be on.

“Come to the library with me at lunch,” Beth whispered as the teacher started to wind up the class.

“The library, that’s a bit boring isn’t it?” asked a puzzled Nicole.

“Not at all, just come with me, ok?” pleaded Beth.

“Alright, sure,” said Nicole giving in, “It’s not like I had anything better to do.

Lunch time came around and Beth and Nicole wandered into the library. Nicole was asking Beth if there is where she had been sneaking off to the last couple of weeks. Normally they sat together with a group of their friends and just gossiped, but Beth had been absent for awhile lately. Nicole just hadn’t found the right time to ask her whether anything was wrong.

“yeah,” said Beth, “I discovered something that I am going to share with you.” She led Nicole over to the bank of computers that were there for the students to use in their own time for research and stuff. She took her to the one in the back corner that faced into the rest of the room, its screen conveniently to the back wall.

Beth booted up the computer and typed a web address in. Nicole just watched, curious as to what was going on. As she watched, a picture appeared of a girl sitting at a computer. Nicole realised that it was a cam shot and then was surprised when it refreshed and the girl had moved.

She was a pretty girl, a brunette, dressed in a tank top and short skirt. Nicole didn’t say anything, but wondered where this was going given the picture that Beth had showed her earlier in the day.

Beth had also entered a chat room whilst she waited for it all to come up on the screen. The girl was responding to Beth and it was quickly clear that they at the least knew each other from the net if not in real life.

The girl held up a piece of paper on it that said “Hey Nicole :o)” in response to a request from Beth. Beth told Nicole to turn on the PC next to theirs and join in. Nicole did and they had a good time over the lunch period chatting and getting to know each other.

The bell rang to signal the end of lunch and just as they were about to shut them down, the girl on the cam flashed her boobs at them. Nicole just watched in shock, not quite knowing what to think. Beth appeared to be delighted and was all smiles as she shut down the PC.

“I love it when she does that. Now wasn’t that more fun that just sitting in the yard?” She asked Nicole.

“Yeah, it was fun. Don’t know that I’d want to do it everyday though.”

“Get on when you get home tonight so I can tell you some stuff,” said Beth.

For the rest of the day, Beth was considering whether or not to turn her computer on when she got home. She hadn’t lied to Beth, she really hadn’t stopped to think about girls kissing each other. She knew what a lesbian was, just as she knew about bisexuality. She had just never considered those terms in regards to herself and how she felt about them.

The more she thought about the picture, the more she thought that it looked really inviting. Those two tongues looked so slick and moist, the lips full and happy. And once she found herself thinking about the picture, she thought more about the girl that had flashed her breasts. They were nice breasts she had to admit. They were fuller than Nicole’s little breasts. Probably a b cup, bordering on c she thought critically. The nipples were quite big and they were very pink. She surprised herself in the amount of detail she remembered them, given the amount of time that she had to see them.

She was even more surprised to realise that she was starting to react physically to the thoughts that were starting to have.

By the time that she had made it home, she had resolved that she would turn the PC on and that she would happily pursue this curious turn of events. At least up until such a time as she might start to feel uncomfortable about it or find it distasteful.

Having completed her homework, Nicole turned on the messenger to see if Beth was about. She was surprised at how nervous she was now that she had managed to think further about what Beth might have been getting at with the activities of the day.

Sure enough, as soon as she was logged in to messenger, Beth sent her a message, telling her that it had taken long enough for her to get on.

“I had to make sure I’d done all my work first,” sent Nicole.

“You’re such a goody goody! At least it means I’ll have someone to copy off” laughed Beth. She continued by asking if Nicole still remembered the address of Sally, the girl that had been on the cam earlier. Nicole didn’t and said as much to Beth. In response, Beth sent her the address along with the instructions to go to the site, but to leave her messenger on.

Nicole went to the surprise and was surprised to find that Sally was there and was sitting around in just a pair of panties and the tank top that she had had earlier in the day. Following all the thoughts that had been flying about her head earlier, Nicole found that her eyes were instantly drawn to Sally’s breasts and particularly the hard nipples that were rather evident through the tank top.

Sally sent greetings and asked if the two girls were up for a bit of fun. Beth and Nicole both agreed, Nicole somewhat hesitantly as she was unsure of exactly what ‘fun’ would mean. Sally outlined the way it would work for Nicole’s benefit as she hadn’t been involved previously.

“Its simple,” sent Sally, “you tell me something that you like to see or have me do, and I will do it for you. When its all finished, you have to email me a photo of yourself (and if you don’t’ have a camera Nicole, you’ll have to get Beth to send one). There are no rules as to what the photo must contain, but I have to get one (usually I might get it first, but since you’re here with Beth, I’ll wait. Because I know she’ll make sure that it’s a good one.”

Sally sat back and waited for the instructions to come back.

Beth started things off by asking Sally to brush out her hair for them, to show off her long brown silky locks. Then she asked Sally to stick her tongue out as far as she could.

Nicole joined in, asking Sally to pull the funniest face that she could (she knew it would get naughty, but was waiting to see just how things transpired). She laughed and giggled at the fact that this girl, somewhere else in the country was doing all these things for them by request.

Beth then asked Sally to pinch her nipples and twist them through her top. Sally did exactly that and Nicole couldn’t help but think that it must hurt, given the way she went about it. But she also couldn’t’ get the image out of her head from earlier that day when she had flashed them.

Nicole asked Beth to flash her again. She had decided that she wanted to see those delightful breasts. She wasn’t disappointed. And it was no short flash either. It was a long, lingering and delightful look at her orbs of pleasure. Nicole found herself wondering what it would feel like to take them in her hands and gently feel their firmness and weight. What would it be like to have those nipples pressed against the palm of her hands?

Beth said that she wasn’t happy with just a flash and told Sally to remove the tank top. It came off. Nicole sat mesmerised now, just watching as this girl casually sat at her computer, topless. She found that she was really enjoying what she was seeing.

Beth then asked for Sally to see if she could suck on her own nipples. Sally tried, but the best that she managed was to lick one with the end of her tongue. Nicole adjusted her position on her chair, her leg pulled up in front of her, her heel resting back against her pussy. She rocked slightly against the pressure of her foot as she watched Sally manipulating her breasts.

“Stand up and turn for us,” Nicole said, wanting to see more of how this girl looked.

Sally stood in her green panties and turned slowly so that the girls got to see her from all angles. Nicole admired the firmness of Sally’s butt and the way the panties clung to it. Her stomach was almost flat and very smooth, the belly button pierced. Her breasts barely moved in their youthful firmness and Nicole now noticed that she was feeling wet against her heel. She was somewhat surprised but was having fun and didn’t bother to change her position for the moment.

Beth then requested that Sally take her panties off and show them her pussy. Nicole found herself not daring to look from the screen such was her anticipation. She didn’t want to miss this.

Sally slid her panties down to reveal a patch of neatly trimmed pubic hair adorning her pussy. She sat back down on the chair again and spread her legs to reveal her slit, wet from showing herself off to the two girls.

Nicole was absently stroking her tummy with one hand whilst watching, thinking about how gorgeous this naked chick looked.

Beth then asked Sally to finger herself for them so that she could get herself off whilst watching Sally do it.

Nicole was surprised and a little shocked that Beth had just admitted that she would be masturbating while this other girl did. But she still watched, entranced as Sally’s hand moved to her pussy. She wished that this cam streamed better, rather than just refreshed every 10 seconds. Each time a new shot came up, she found herself staring to see just what was going on. She nearly died when she saw that Sally had inserted a finger in her pussy.

There was little action on the keyboard for awhile and Nicole started to rub her wet panties against her pussy, watching Sally touch herself, rub her clit and occasionally insert some fingers inside herself. God my clit is hard she thought to herself.

Then Sally stopped. She had obviously cum as she just relaxed in her chair for awhile. Nicole loved it but was stunned when Sally started to lick her fingers.

Just after she did that, Beth sent a message to say that she had cum real hard and had to go. “See you tomorrow Nic,” was the last message.

Sally said to Nicole, “Gotta clean up. I look forward to the photo!” and the cam went blank.

Nicole was left feeling a little apprehensive about having to send a photo now. But was more concerned immediately with the desire to get into bed and finger herself to an orgasm. So she did exactly that, playing with herself until she felt the wave of ecstasy wash over her. Just as she was drifting off to sleep, she noticed the smell on her fingers and thought back to Sally licking hers clean. She wondered what it would taste like, but fell asleep without finding out.

The next day, Beth and Nicole didn’t have any classes together before lunch and so didn’t see each other until the break in the middle of their day.

Beth was waiting for Nicole just outside the library.

“Well, what did you think?” she asked.

“It was fun,” said Nicole non-committally.

“Did you masturbate?” Beth asked

“Not really while I was watching, but I couldn’t believe it when you said you had cum! And then you were both gone and I went to bed.”


“And I took care of things,” replied Nicole somewhat shyly.

“Yay!” exclaimed Beth, grabbing Nicole in a hug. It was something that she had done on many occasions before, but this time, Nicole was acutely aware of the way their breasts were pressed together when it happened. She decided that she liked the feeling and hugged Beth back.

“Can you come over to my place after school tonight?” asked Beth. “We have to get a picture of you to send to Sally and its easier if we use my digital camera.”

“I think so, I’ll just have to clear it with Mum first. I’ll call her as soon as school gets out.” With that the two of them wandered off to take their lunch break.

“Sure Mum, I’ll come home tomorrow after school. Yeah, of course we’ll stop and pick up some clean clothes!” Nicole told her mother. “ok, we’re all set Beth, let’s go.”

The girls walked back to Beth’s house, talking about general things … who was with who, who said what to who, all the things two girls talk about on the way home from school. When they were about two blocks from school, Beth reached out and caught Nicole’s hand. Nicole wasn’t sure about it, but didn’t let go. After thinking about what accepting the invitation to go to Beth’s house in light of recent activity, she resigned herself to see what happened and just go with the flow. She gave Beth’s hand a squeeze to let her know it was ok.

After getting Beth’s mum to drive them to get clothes for Nicole, they disappeared into Beth’s room and closed the door.

“At last said Beth,” flopping down on her bed. “You wouldn’t believe how much I was hoping you’d be able to come over. Do you want to do the picture now or do you want to do something else first?”

“I dunno, I guess we could take the picture now and then just email it over to Sally? Maybe we’ll be there to see what she thinks?”

“Nahh, she only gets on two days a week which is why I didn’t suggest we get in there at lunch time. But we can still take the photo and send it. What sort of photo do you want to send her?”

“I dunno, what did you send?”

“The first one I sent was just me sitting on my bed in my uniform” said Beth.

“well, why don’t you just take one of me in my uniform then?” replied Nicole. She stood up and struck a poor imitation of a super-model pose, all pouty lips and hips. Beth laughed and went to get her camera from her desk. She then snapped a couple of pictures of Nicole as she tried out various amusing poses. Nicole pulled up her skirt and flashed Beth her panties. Beth cried out that that wasn’t fair because she wasn’t ready and missed it!

“Hmm, I guess you want a repeat then?” Asked Nicole, feeling a bit naughty.

“Of course!” Beth said, holding the camera ready. “But don’t do it too quick, I want to make sure I capture the moment.”

Nicole lifted her skirt again, exposing her white cotton panties and thrusting her pussy out at her friend who snapped a picture.

“that’s so sexy” said Beth, turning to put the computer on. “Let’s see how they came out.”

They loaded the pictures and Beth asked which of them Nicole was willing to send off to Sally.

“Oh, what the hell, send her the flash one. It’s the least I can do considering what she showed us!”

Beth giggled and sent off an email to Sally. Then she turned to Nicole. “So do you think you’d let me take some naughty pics?”

Nicole was hesitant, it was one thing to entertain thoughts about another girl, even to watch one on a computer. It was another thing entirely to have your friend take ‘naughty’ pics of her. Beth could see that she was hesitant.

“How about you take some of me first if you’re not comfortable? I would like some to swap with Sally, and its not always easy to do it with the self timer. Could you take some for me?”

Nicole admitted that this would serve as a good compromise. She took the camera for Beth who asked her to take shots as she undressed. “Get me as I take off each piece of clothing. I’ve been checking this sort of thing out on the internet, so I have an idea of how I want to pose.” She started to disrobe, first removing her shirt, exposing her plain white bra. She bent over to show off her matching panties before slowly peeling down her skirt. She pulled the crotch of her panties aside and Nicole was amazed to see that Beth had no pubic hair. She zoomed in to get a close up shot.

“You are so sexy, Beth. Sally is going to go off over these, I’m sure,” said Nicole as she continued to photograph and watch Beth. Beth reached around behind her, undoing her bra and thrusting her breasts out. Then she peeled her panties off, getting Nicole to shoot her bald pussy from behind. She spread her legs, so that she could see between them. Nicole focused in close when she reached up and ran a finger along the slit of her pussy.

Nicole was starting to get into this now, following Beth around her room taking pictures as she posed about the room, touching herself, looking seductive. Nicole’s panties were starting to get wet and her nipples were noticeably tight against the fabric of her bra. Beth asked her to load them onto the computer so that she could pick the ones out that she like and save them.

As Nicole sat in the chair, Beth stood behind her, watching as the photos came up on the screen, saying yes and no as to whether they should be kept or not.

Nicole was acutely aware of the bare breasts of her friend just behind her. Especially when she felt a tight nipple against her neck. The effect was electric, sending a pulse all the way through her body that seemed to end in her pussy.

Nicole told Beth that she was ready now and would let Beth take her photo. Beth was happy and took the camera from her friend. Nicole imitated the poses that she had seen her friend go through just moments ago. She also posed as she was requested by Beth who was more than willing to tell Nicole just how she wanted her to pose and what she wanted to see.

By the time that she was naked, Nicole’s slit was dripping wet and Beth delighted in telling Nicole that she could see her juices dripping out of her hole. Nicole was only too aware of the slippery trail that her juices were leaving as they slid down between her butt cheeks.

“Now its time for you to check some out,” said Beth, moving to the computer. She sat, naked at the PC and Nicole took up the position that Beth had, behind the chair. She could feel Beth’s long brown hair brushing her nipple and it was driving her crazy. When they had finished, Beth turned to Nicole and simply said, “I want to kiss you. I’ve wanted to for some time but didn’t know how to go about it. Now that I have you naked in my room with me, I have to and I won’t take no for an answer. Nicole was ready. After the photo session, she was willing to let Beth try just about anything on her. She was horny as hell and wanted nothing more than to have an orgasm.

Beth had stood up while she was talking and now she stood in front of her, admiring Nicole’s small breasts, flat tummy, neatly trimmed bush and long legs. She leaned in, her breasts pushing against Nicole’s as she put her arms around her waist, pulling them together. Their mouths met and Nicole moaned in ecstasy as the soft lips of her friend found her own, their tongues tentatively reaching out to each other and entwining. Nicole leaned into the kiss, revelling in the sensations that were coursing through her body. Beth moved a hand from Nicole’s waist to caress her breast, sending further shivers down her friend’s body.

They moved to the bed, breaking the kiss for a moment before collapsing in each other’s arms to kiss and pet each other. Their hands slowly explored each other’s bodies, caressing the soft skin, touching and pulling at nipples, learning what each other appreciated and liked.

Nicole felt Beth’s hand on her thigh, moving higher and insistently pushing her legs apart. Nicole found that she had no strength or desire to resist and parted them, allowing Beth to caress her sopping slit. She moaned as a finger slid along the length of her pussy, barely parting her, but brushing at her clit with an intense wave of pleasure. She found herself just lying back on the bed with her legs spread as Beth’s fingers explored her slit before pushing into the tight folds of her pussy.

Then she gasped as Beth took her nipple into her mouth and sucked at it, pulling it up and away from the breast before letting it slide out from her mouth. She repeated it, but caught at Nicole’s nipple with her lips, pulling on it, causing Nicole to wiggle.

The sensations about her pussy stopped and Nicole opened her eyes to see what was happening. She saw Beth’s fingers disappear into her mouth and obviously let her surprise show, because Beth looked down at her and told her how good she tasted.

“Have you ever … you know … tasted … yourself … like Sally did?” Nicole tentatively asked her. Beth nodded and reached down between her legs, dipping a finger between her smooth wet pussy lips. She brought it up to her mouth and slowly sucked the juices from it. Nicole watched, mesmerised. Beth repeated the move, but this time brought her finger up to Nicole’s mouth and gently pushed at her lips.

Nicole gave in and opened her mouth, taking the finger into her mouth and sucking it clean. Beth withdrew it and Nicole looked into her eyes as she slid the finger back into Nicole’s pussy. “Taste yourself.” She told Nicole. Nicole sucked the finger into her mouth, marvelling at the different yet delightful taste of herself and the way it mingled with the taste of Beth still in her mouth.

“I’m going to eat you now,” Beth told her, sliding down over her body, trailing her tongue over her friends chest and down her tummy, spending a little time at the belly button before traipsing lower. She trawled her tongue through Nicole’s neatly trimmed bush and then down her pussy lips, avoiding the entrance, teasing her friend. Nicole squirmed, excited at the sensations that she was enjoying, wanting more.

Beth ran her tongue up Nicole’s slit, parting her lips slightly, delighting in the taste of the juices oozing readily from between them. Before she reached the clit she ran her tongue back down the slit again, this time pushing it inside the opening, drawing gasps of pleasure from Nicole. She then continued back up the slit to lick at her friends clit, circling it with her tongue, varying the pressure.

Nicole writhed under the attentions of Beth’s tongue. She couldn’t believe how good it felt. Her pussy was alive with sensation as Beth worked her clit. Masturbating had always felt good, but it was nothing like this! She felt her orgasm building under Beth’s continued ministrations and moaned in pleasure. She grabbed a pillow and covered her mouth as it burst over her so that she could squeal into the pillow. Beth lapped at her pussy, cleaning the lovely mess that resulted from Nicole’s orgasm.

She lifted herself up over her friend, stoppling to lick and such at her nipple before kissing Nicole, sharing the taste of her orgasm. Nicole kissed Beth back greedily, sucking at her tongue, biting her lip.

“God, that felt amazing!” Nicole told Beth in a pause. “I think I should return the favour though, don’t you?”

Beth laughed and readily agreed, laying herself back on the bed and spreading her legs, opening her bald pussy to the air.

Nicole positioned herself between Beth’s legs, admiring the look of the smooth nakedness before her. “I think I might just enjoy this,” she said to Beth as she lowered her face to the delights before her. She tentatively ran her tongue over the wet slit of Beth’s pussy. Beth’s appreciative moan encouraged her and she slid her tongue between the lips, pushing into the hole. She slid her tongue in and out a couple of times before licking at the pussy lips some more, sucking on them occasionally. Nicole ran her fingers over the smoothness of the naked pussy and pushed a finger inside, feeling the hole grasp at it, wanting more. She pushed another finger in then pulled them out again.

She used her fingers to spread the naked lips so that she could check out Beth’s clitoris. It was erect and hard, wanting some attention. She ran her finger over it, causing Beth to buck and wriggle. Leaning forward, she ran her tongue over it. Beth squealed in delight before she too buried her head in a pillow.

Nicole set about pleasing her friend, licking and sucking at the clit. She felt Beth’s hands in her hair, pushing the back of her head towards her clit. She applied more pressure, pushing and lapping at the pussy, loving the taste and the effect that her actions were having on Beth.

Beth lifted her legs and Nicole shoved her tongue as deep as she could inside Beth before returning to her clit to work her to an orgasm. “Yes, lick me!” sighed Beth, tensing as her body readied itself for relief. “oh god ….” Started Beth, but said no more as the wave of her orgasm cascaded over her body. She wrapped her legs around Nicole, pulling her face into her pussy as she spasmed under the intensity of her release.

“Oh wow, you’re a natural sweety.” Beth said to Nicole once she had recovered a little. They moved into each other’s arms to cuddle and caress each other. “And to think that we have all night…”

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