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Suddenly Something

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I am Deep Basu, a fairly successful corporate executive and now CMD of a Swiss owned company in India. I am a happily married man with two grown up children both well settled abroad. My wife is a well educated woman, who in recent days keeps herself busy in social activities, to cope with the empty nest syndrome. We did have a very active sex life during the first four or five years of our married life. Later, it gradually went down hill, but did exist till about ten years ago. But now it is almost non-existent.

Once in a blue moon, we do have sex and I still perform well without the use of Viagra. At my age of 56, I do feel a bit sex starved and have to remain satisfied with the use of my hands. I never had a chance to have any romance before marriage. Nor I had any extra-marital affair during the long thirty years of or married life. I, of course, never deny that I never felt attracted to other women. I liked and admired so many women in my life. But nothing romantic happened ever. I have enjoyed clandestine sex once in a while, when travelling abroad. But those were just one night stands, nothing more. As such, romance was totally absent in my life, except for first couple of years after marriage.

In my heart of heart, I am a very romantic person and have a strong sex urge too. But my romantic overtures or sexual adventures, by sheer lack of opportunities, never went much beyond unrealised fantasies. At this age, I am more or less reconciled about total lack of romance and keep myself occupied with my work and a bit of reading & golfing. But all of a sudden, something happened that created a big turmoil in my life.

I was attending a conference in Geneva. It was for the CEOs from all over the world. At the lunch break on the first day I was mentally searching if there was anyone from India. Apparently there was none. Suddenly I noticed a lady wearing a sari. She was wearing a jacket over her sari and I mistook her as one from a western country as long as she was sitting. She had a scarf over her head that had hidden her Indian style hair and her complexion was too pale for an Indian. Now that she was standing and had taken her scarf off, I could recognise her as an Indian. She also noticed me and walked up to me. We shook hands and introduced ourselves. She was the CEO of an Indian Bank and was now stationed in Bombay. Her name was Mona Kapur. She was a Bengali married to a Punjabi. As the first day’s programme was over, we walked out of the conference hall and went to the lawn behind the hotel. Both of us were free and we sat down to chat.

While we got to know each other I watched her closely. She was quite tall for an Indian woman, about 5′ 8″ and was very trim. Her lean body matched her chiselled features and her black hair had streaks of grey, which shined like silver against the sun. Her bust was moderate but her hips were quite large and very noticeable against her lean waist. From what she said about her education & career I guessed she was about two years younger than my 56 years. She looked young for her age, particularly because of very smooth and wrinkle free glowing skin.

As we exchanged notes, we discovered we had one thing in common. We had both planned to enjoy a holiday for about a week after the conference, but our spouses were not accompanying us. I always felt holidaying with my wife was a bit too restrictive as I have to honour her wishes for visiting monuments & museums all the time and had no opportunity to unwind. So, this time I decided to be on my own. My wife was visiting my son in USA and timing was just right for me. For Mona it was a compulsion as her husband was recently transferred to Singapore and no way he could get out for a week. But Mona was too eager to take a break and decided to be on her own. None of us had any itinerary in mind and had not booked any hotel or air or train tickets. All that we wanted was to unwind. We both were very surprised at the similarity of our holiday plans or lack of it and laughed our heads off. We immediately struck a chord of friendship.

After chatting for more than two hours we went back to our rooms to get ready for cocktail & dinner for the conference participants. As I entered the hall, I saw Mona standing alone apparently waiting for me. She was looking gorgeous in a white silk sari with red & golden border, dark red sleeveless blouse and a maroon shawl with golden embroidery. She hurriedly walked up to me and I was delighted to see her so eager to meet me. We managed to stand apart from the crowd and quietly chatted. After a while we found the music too loud and quietly slipped away from the hall.

We went to the bar, which overlooked lake Geneva and settled down with a bottle of French wine. The bar was not crowded at all and we saw the moon shining over the lake. We enjoyed the environment, which was simply out of this world. The wine loosened us up and we chatted endlessly. We talked about literature, movies and music and our tastes turned out to be very similar. Without so many words being spoken, I realised she also had a bit too romantic mind. We instantly liked each other.

We unconsciously held our hands and at one point I noticed Mona had taken off her sandals and her feet was resting on my feet. I slipped my feet out of my shoes and let her feet rest properly on my feet. I was rather surprised at the romantic mood engulfing me and I was unable to believe the environment was real. When we were told the bar was closing, we reluctantly moved out. Mona was a little unstable in her feet and held my hands. I placed my arm around her to help.

I asked Mona if she was hungry and she said she was famished. We went to the coffee shop and enjoyed lovely Swiss fondue. After we finished the food we were too full. But it was difficult to resist the temptation of having Swiss ice cream. We ordered one ice cream and the young waitress asked with a sweet smile, if we wanted two spoons. To my surprise, Mona smiled back and said only one spoon! As the waitress placed the ice cream in front of us, Mona took a scoop and offered it to me. She had the next scoop and offered me the next one. I couldn’t remember when I last shared the same spoon with another person and my heart felt rather warm.

As we left the coffee shop and walked towards our rooms, Mona said in a sad voice,” You know something? It’s all very nice to travel alone, but going back to a lonely bed is not something I relish. If I sleep alone, I always have a disturbed sleep. So many years of travelling have not been of any help.”

I was rather surprised she was telling me this. As I was in high spirits I said, “I wish I were your husband. Then you wouldn’t be sleeping in a lonely bed.”

She looked at me and said, “Honestly, I see nothing wrong if we sleep in the same bed just for avoiding loneliness. At my age, I am not unduly worried about my modesty getting outraged. I don’t think I run that risk, particularly from a gentleman & a friend like you. More I think of it, the more I feel you & I sleeping in the same bed is a not a bad idea after all. Why don’t you pack your suitcase and shift to my room for tonight? Tomorrow we are leaving anyway.”

Though I was totally shocked at her suggestion, I felt she was serious and asked her, “Do you really mean what you say?”

She said, “Off course I do. What’s your problem? You don’t like any intrusion in your privacy or you enjoy sleeping alone?”

I said,” The problem is nothing, except that I don’t trust my libido as much as you trust the gentleman in me.”

She shook her head and said, “Come on my friend. I don’t think at this age my physique is going to play havoc to your libidinous instincts. Even if it does, let it be. I am no prude.”

I was both pleased & confused at the same time and leaving her at her room I went back to my room. Fortunately, I hardly unpacked my suitcase when I arrived early in the morning. So, my task was easy. I usually sleep only with my shorts and nothing else. But I thought it wouldn’t be right to wear only shorts and in stead put on a kurta & pyjama.

Mona’s room was not locked and as I entered I found her sitting on the sofa wearing a robe provided by the hotel. Her sari, blouse and petticoat were hanging inside the closet, which was open and I could see her panty and bra (both black) lying at the bottom of the cupboard. I felt a stir in my groin as I realised she was naked under her robe.

She looked at me and said,” You mean to say you always sleep in a spotless kurta pyjama like a Hindi film hero?”

I was flabbergasted at this attack and as I fumbled with an answer, she said,” Please, for heaven’s sake, fell free to wear your normal night dress, which you would wear if you were alone or your wife was with you. No point trying to be unduly modest for my sake.”

I realised she meant what she said and took out my shorts from the suitcase. I went to the bathroom and came out with only my shorts on. I didn’t even have my brief underneath and my chest was completely bare.

She looked at me and said,” Now you must be feeling easy.”

She looked at my bare chest and said,” I am surprised you have no grey hair on your body, though the hair on your head is salt & pepper. My hubby’s hair on the chest, whatever little he has, has all turned grey.”

I realised she was mentally comparing me with her husband. I didn’t know what to make out of it.

She was now sitting on one side of the bed and had a bottle of lotion in her hand. She opened the bottle and said,” Would you please switch off the light? I have a bad habit of pampering my body with moisturiser before I go to bed.”

As I switched off the light, the room plunged into complete darkness. Sitting on the other end of the bed I could only feel her soft movements. As my eyes got used to the darkness, I could see her profile. She had taken off the robe and was rubbing lotion on her naked body. Even in that darkness I could see the outline of her heavy bottom under her thin waist. I felt excited as her hands moved on her breasts and then went lower down.

I felt an urge to touch her and said,” Don’t you rub lotion on your back?”

She said,” For that I need some help, sir. My beloved hubby at times gives that help, but mostly reluctantly. Are you offering that help, sir?”

I didn’t want to miss the opportunity and moved close behind her.

She said cheerfully,” That’s like a good boy” and handed the bottle of lotion to me. I rubbed lotion on her naked back and felt wonderful as my hand moved on her silky smooth skin. She had a lovely groove all along her spine and I felt nice as I ran my finger along her spine. Touching her naked body created a strong stir in my groin. I was in the grip of a very wild desire, which I never felt in many years. As I was rubbing the small of her back, I wondered if I should move further down and touch the top part of her bottom. Some how my hands moved down and were at the top of her crack.

At this stage, she took the bottle of lotion from me and said, “Sir, it may not be right on my part to take your help for the parts below the waist, as that might be too much of a provocation for your libidinous instinct.” She laughed with an awful sweetness and I was hit by the Cupid’s arrow like a teenager boy in love.

Now she stood up and said, “I have to wait for a few minutes in standing position to let the lotion get absorbed in the skin. Would you feel disturbed, if I walk around the room without anything on me?”

As I said, no problem, I was watching her naked profile in the darkness and the curve of her bottom looked awfully sexy. I couldn’t figure out the exact shape of her breasts but as I saw her from the side, I could guess her mounds were quite nicely shaped. I could also see the outline of a furry patch around her crotch. My manhood, which was hard like never before, twitched very strongly. To avoid further excitement, I lied down in bed and pulled up the blanket to my neck. To my dismay, my manhood stood like a pole and made a tent in the blanket. To hide it, I turned to my side.

By now, Mona was slipping a nightie over her head and though it didn’t make a difference in the darkness, I felt sad as her nudity got covered. Mona came to bed and to my surprise she pushed her pillow close to mine. I felt more excited at the anticipation of her body touching mine. She lied down very close to me and pulled up her blanket. Though her body didn’t touch mine, it was less than an inch away, and I could feel the warmth of her body and the sweetness of her body aroma.

I turned to her side, raised my body over hers and kissed her on her forehead and then on her eyes. Her aroma felt sweeter and her body felt so soft. “Thank you Mona.” I said and lay down on the bed.

I heard Mona saying in a husky voice, “You know Deep, nothing is more relaxing than having a decent companion close to you. I feel so pleased with my self today. Thank you so much for being at my side. Let me hold your hand, and sleep in peace.”

I took out my right hand and held her left hand – it was so soft and warm. But Mona said, “Ouch! Your hand is so cold” I felt so embarrassed and took my hand away. But Mona held it again and started rubbing my palm over her blanket. I realised my palm was rubbing over her blanket covered thigh – Wow! What a pleasant sensation! As my hand became warm, Mona held it softly and within a few minutes, she was fast asleep. I felt a soft wave moving through my body, touching my heart. I was completely lost in a romantic spell. I didn’t know when I fell asleep.

As I woke up in the morning, it was a great sensation to have a lovely woman on my side. She was still asleep, with her one arm resting on her forehead and the other arm on her belly. Her pink lips were parted a little, which looked awfully sexy. The blanket covered up to her waist. Her breasts looked fairly full even while laying on her back, much bigger than what appeared to be the size under her sari. The mounds moved up and down with her breathing and I was tempted to fondle them. Her fingers were long and very delicate, with manicured nails. Her underarm was soft and had a couple of creases. A part of the skin in the underarm was slightly darker than the rest – showing the shaved part. Her blanket had moved a bit, exposing her left leg. Her nightie was short – it ended at her knee, but now it had moved up to her mid thigh. Her shapely leg was a piece of art and looked very nice under her soft & shapely thigh. The skin of her thigh was silky smooth and there were slight traces of hair on her legs.

I mentally compared her with my wife. Her arms & thighs looked slender compared to my wife’s flabby ones. Her skin was much smoother and her belly looked almost flat compared to my wife’s round ones. Her waist was much narrower compared to my wife’s, which had a couple of tyres of flab. My wife’s bum was also quite heavy, but it was more of a large mass compared to the shapely thing like Mona’s, which looked curvaceous because of her slender waist. My wife’s breasts were quite large (38c) and sagged heavily. In comparison Mona’s breasts looked much more attractive. She, on the overall, looked so much more young, tender and sexy. At the same time, her maturity offered the comfort level I needed, which young women could not. I felt she could be an ideal companion for me at this age. I felt like taking her in my arms, but restrained myself. I noticed my hard on was stronger than ever and tented under the blanket.

I covered her leg with the blanket and left the bed carefully not to wake her up. I went to the bathroom letting out the stream of accumulated water. It took a long time to empty my bladder and to my dismay, the hard on, though much less, didn’t disappear. My brief was there in the bathroom and I put it on. That helped in making the bulge look smaller under my shorts. I still felt uneasy as one could still make out that I had a hard on. I couldn’t do anything better and tried to divert my mind to other thoughts. But no way, with this attractive sleeping beauty around, I couldn’t think of anything else.

I noticed it was 6.30 am. I made two cups of tea in the electric kettle provided in the room. I stood near her with the cup of tea in my hand and wondered if it was too early to wake her up. As I wanted to serve her tea very hot, I decided to wake her up. I knelt down by the side of the bed and bringing my lips close to her years, whispered, “good morning”. As she opened her eyes, I could make out she was already awake.

“Good morning, I was waiting for the tea!” she said with a disarming smile and added, “being served bed tea by one’s partner is a great privilege. I don’t remember having such privilege in many years.” She removed her blanket and got up from the bed. Her nightly was up midway of her thighs and I was enamoured by the sight of her lovely thighs. She did notice my eyes glued to her thighs, but did not make any attempt to pull the nightie down. As she stood up, she raised her arms up and yawned radiating her charm around. Her nightie was of white light fabric with soft pink prints and she looked very cute.

I suddenly noticed she was looking at my bulge and before I had a chance to do anything, she pointed her finger at it and said, “I have been noticing this ever since you left the bed. I thought you have done something about it in the toilet. But now I see it’s still on display.”

She said this playfully and I was embarrassed to death. She added, “What is the reason for it? Me?”

As I had to nod in agreement, she said, “It is really a very pleasant surprise for a woman of my age. I have forgotten when my hubby had a spontaneous hard on because of me.”

I now pulled the curtain over the window, which fully covered one wall and sunlight flooded the room. The view outside was magnificent with snow clad mountain shining under the morning sun. She came by my side and looking out said, “Wow!” She stood there with a mesmerised look. I stood by her side enjoying the beauty of the mountain and the warmth of her closeness. After a while, I moved away to pick up our cups of tea. As I was moving back to her, I saw her backside against the sunrays. Her nighty was now completely transparent and I could see her full naked body silhouetted under transparent fabric. Her hips were wide under her narrow waist and I could even see the crack between her ample butt cheeks. As she turned around to face me, I could clearly see her aureoles with erect nipples picking out and the dark patch between her thighs. The sight was so exciting that my manhood became rock hard.

I was rather fed up with the look of my wife’s pussy, which she shaved twice a month, and most of the time it had some prickly stubble. I loved the natural look of a woman’s pussy. From what I saw through the transparent nightie and also in the darkness last night, I was sure Mona had a natural growth of hair down below, at the worst it could be lightly trimmed. With these thoughts, my desire to see Mona naked got stronger. At the same time I was depressed thinking that I might not get the opportunity of seeing her naked at all.

As I stood beside Mona and sipped the warm tea, our bare arms touched and I got a heavenly sensation. After a while we moved to the sofa and drank tea in silence, while Mona leaned on me. The touch of her softness on my bare chest gave me enormous pleasure. When I lighted a cigarette, Mona said she would also like to have one. She did also smoke at the bar the night before and I wondered if she was a regular smoker. After I lighted her cigarette, she took a long drag and as if she read my mind, said she picked up the habit of smoking in college. But gave up when she became pregnant. Later in life, she feels the urge for smoking when she is with some one who enjoys his or her smoking. I don’t smoke much, but enjoy every smoke and I love to have a woman joining me in smoking. My wife did give me company in smoking for first few years after marriage. But now she gets irritated whenever I smoke. I realised Mona is going to be a better companion than my wife.

So long, we were both lost in our thoughts and spoke very little. Mona broke the silence and said we must go out for a walk and enjoy the beauty of the morning. As I readily agreed, Mona quickly went to the bathroom and I used the sink outside the bathroom for brushing my teeth. I realised she was releasing a heavy stream of pee, as I could hear the whistling sound. This was such a private thing for a woman and I had a funny feeling that I was so close to her. Later I heard the sound of toilet flush and then the sound of a toothbrush. I had finished brushing my teeth by the time she came out. Her nightie had wet spots all over and the front buttons were completely undone, letting me have a good view of her deep cleavage. Without a bra, my wife’s cleavage looks rather wide. But Mona’s cleavage was much narrower and very attractive.

While I was wondering what Mona would wear, she took out a pair of jeans and a red polo neck sweater. I noticed she took out a powder blue panty and a white bra. The bra was lacy but the panty was plain cotton, with light blue prints on it. I was waiting for her to go to the bathroom to change, so that I could change out of her sight. But she totally surprised me by pulling up her panty over her thighs and legs. By the time the panty was in its private place, I had a view, though for a split second, of her inner thighs. She now turned her back to me and shocked me as she pulled out her nightie over her head. I was amazed to see her wonderful back covered with nothing other than a panty. The panty was almost like a bikini bottom and it was a feast for my eyes.

As she was pulling up her jeans, she said, “Don’t be too surprised, sir. Unfortunately I made the bathroom floor wet and I can’t change there. Besides, since we are going to stay together for a few more days, we better get used to losing our privacy with each other. I suggest you also change quickly as long as my back is turned to you.”

Such an unexpected statement from her really pleased me and I felt rather stimulated. I acted fast – dropped my shorts on the floor and quickly changed my brief to cover my naked crotch, which had a hard on. By now, she had finished clasping her bra and was pulling her sweater over her head. As she was about to turn back. I tuned my back to stop her from seeing the huge bulge on my brief and put on my jeans. We quickly got ready and walked out in the pleasant morning sun. As she was walking ahead of me, I was amazed at the sight of her lovely bottom. It was really large & curvaceous and looked really awesome.

The walk was extremely pleasant. We enormously enjoyed each other’s company and chatted on and on, as we walked hand in hand. In the process, we lost track of time. After we came back, Mona made coffee for both of us and we revelled in the warmth of coffee and our companionship. I finished my coffee first and got up for having my bath. I discarded my clothes and walked into the bathroom with only my brief on. By now, my hard on had subsided and I didn’t hesitate to have only my brief on. Inside the bathroom I dropped my brief and walked into the huge shower stall. I suddenly realised I forgot to shave and walked out of the shower stall. I stood in front of the counter top with sink in it and started shaving facing the large mirror in the wall. Mona’s toiletries were lying on the counter top and among other things; I noticed a lady’s razor. I wondered if she used the razor only for her legs & underarms or for more private area too. As this thought came to my mind, my manhood started rising.

Suddenly Mona was outside the bathroom door and said, “Deep, are you aware it’s 8.45 and we have to be at the conference at 9.00?”

As I said, “Oh, my god!” Mona pushed open the bathroom door, which I didn’t bother to lock, as I usually do when only my wife is around. I was startled at this sudden exposure of my nudity, but managed to play cool. I moved close to the counter top to hide my erection. I wasn’t sure if I moved fast enough to cover my privates from Mona. But she didn’t appear to be bothered at all and while peeling off her sweater & jeans.

As she walked into the bathroom with only her bra and panty, she said, “It’s so late, there is no time for two people to take bath one after the other. We have no other option but to have our shower together.” Saying this, she walked into the shower stall, closed the frosted glass door and within seconds threw her bra & panty out on the bathroom floor.

As she ran the shower, she said, “After you finish shaving, please don’t hesitate to join me in the shower. Otherwise, you would miss your bath.”

As I was hurriedly finishing my shave, I was very excited at the opportunity of having shower with this gorgeous woman. I heard Mona telling me, “As you enter, you can stand behind me and turn your back towards me. The spread of the shower is large enough to cover both of us.”

I realised she was trying to bring semblance of modesty in this highly erotic act. As I opened the door of the shower stall, sharp spray of warm water hit my body. I saw Mona’s naked backside and was awed at the beauty of her lovely bottom, which opened out wide under her narrow waist. Her back had a nice groove all along her spine and ended at the top of her crack. The crack didn’t look very tight and I was sure it would open up nicely at a small pressure of fingers. The warm shower was very enjoyable and after a minute or so, she started turning off the shower. She took the soap in her hand and started soaping her front. I took the second piece of soap and started rubbing it on my chest.

I remembered she asked me to turn my back towards her and reluctantly turned around. Just at this point, she asked, “Have you turned your back, or are you watching my fat bum?”

I thanked my luck for having tuned around just in time and said, “No I am not watching you, but would love to. Any way, didn’t anybody ever tell you, that particular part of your body you think is fat, would be an artist’s delight?”

“Some men did tell me so when I was young. But I don’t think that holds good any more at this age.”

As I said, “You are sadly mistaken”, she said, “Enough of butt talk, let’s finish our bath quickly. Let me soap your back and then you do mine.”

She started soaping my back and I felt so nice at the touch of her soft hands. She soaped all over my backside, including my bum and thighs and legs. I was embarrassed she could see my sack, as I had to part my legs a bit. As my manhood was standing erect, she couldn’t see it. Just before she finished her hand lightly moved through my crack and also between my thighs gently brushing my sack. I never felt so thrilled as I did at the brief touch of her hand at my privates.

Now she turned back and I started softly rubbing the soap all over her back. I got a little bold and moved my hands at her underarms. As I was tense about her reaction, I felt relieved & delighted as she raised her arms to accommodate my hands. As I move my hands down, I felt the bulge of her breasts and felt a big stir in my groin. My hands went further down along her waist and I took courage to move my palms all over her heart shaped bottom. My wife’s butt always has some pimple like growth on her butts, close to the thigh joints and on both sides of her crack. But Mona’s bum was satin smooth. I managed to move my thumbs through her crack and the brief feel of the puckered skin with short hair inside the parting gave me a wild sensation. I moved on to her thighs, down to her legs, feet and then up again. Now I was bold enough to move my hands in her inner thigh and as she parted her thighs my hands briefly brushed over some soft curls. It was an awesome sensation.

As I was completely lost at this sensual act, Mona interrupted by turning on the shower and reminded me we were getting late. I came out of the magic spell and we finished our bath quickly. We dried our selves and came out wrapped in towels. As we came to the bedroom, we hurriedly dressed up. I kept on watching her as she dressed. She took out a white panty with yellow floral prints and pulled it up under the towel and I could see, for a split second, her beautiful bottom again. She dropped the towel turning her back towards me and wore a lacy white bra. Now she turned around and started wearing her dress, a dressy white shirt, navy blue skirt and jacket. When we left the room it was two minutes to nine!

As we were walking along the empty corridor, Mona brought her mouth near my ear and whispered, “Showering together was really exciting.” This stimulated my heart. I felt now we were coming closer physically. “Couldn’t agree more”, I said and gave her hand a soft squeeze.

All through the conference, I felt the urge of holding her in my arms and kissing her lips. I couldn’t concentrate at all. I was feeling guilty. At one point of time, Mona whispered, “I just can’t concentrate.” While my heart jumped at this, I asked, “Why?” “I am physically and emotionally charged,” she whispered back. This put my mind into total turmoil. I couldn’t believe she was feeling the same excitement as me, mentally & physically.

After the conference ended at lunchtime, we had lunch and consumed a full bottle of red wine. All through the lunch we held hands under the table and played with each other’s feet. After lunch, we went back to our room to change into something casual. As we entered, Mona hurriedly took off her shoes and then to my utter surprise, pulled out her panty from under her skirt and threw it in the wash box. The lower part of the panty was completely wet, as if she couldn’t control the pressure of the bladder. It was hard to believe that her juice leaked so much. She gave an embarrassed smile and said “I never got so moist in my life, not even in my teens.”

I didn’t know what to say. As I opened my jacket, I knew my bulge under the trousers was quite visible. Before she noticed it, I said, “Same thing is happening to me. The stir I am feeling under my belt had never been so strong.”

She had taken a face towel in her hand and wiped herself under the skirt, in the process letting me have a look at her thighs. My heart grew fonder as I realised she didn’t bother for privacy, even when she was doing something very personal. As she raised her head, she looked at my crotch and commented, “When I suggested that we stay in the same room, I never imagined this kind of a physical & emotional turmoil. I really don’t know where we go from here.”

I realised she was under mental pressure and hesitant to go further. To let her have an option to get out of this turmoil, I said, “I did warn you about the possible lack of control on my libidinous instinct. But I never thought you might have the same problem. If it’s too much for you, may be I could go back to my room. I haven’t checked out as yet.”

By now she was pulling up a clean panty. This one was really sexy, a black lacy one with pink hearts embroidered on it. She noticed I was looking at it and mumbled, “My daughter forced me to buy it”. Now she took off her jacket & skirt and was wearing only her white shirt, which just covered her crotch. As she took off her shirt, I was thrilled as her erect nipples were clearly seen through her bra and wisps of soft curls were popping out of the sides of her panty.

As she kept her self busy in changing her dress, I also started changing, without bothering about my hard on being on display through my brief. As she kept quiet, I thought she had chosen not to answer my question and I wondered if I should push her on the issue of continuing in the same room.

But she did reply, “My friend, this kind of disturbance in mind and body, which invaded me after more than three decades, is something I am very pleased with, though it does give some amount of guilt feeling. But here we are not in touch with our society and there is no one to frown at us. I was so long feeling rather shy to admit it to you. But now that it’s come out in the open, I am no longer shy or embarrassed. Honestly, I don’t want to give it away and I think, even by separating the rooms, I won’t be able to get rid of the problem. Rather, it would be more painful. But if you are feeling too guilty, I won’t stop you from going back to your own room. But in that case, I would cut short my holiday and return home by the next flight.”

I was both amazed and pleased with her well thought and candid reply and was unable to hide my delight. She was now wearing white jeans and her top was still covered with only her bra. I was in my shorts and my chest was bare. I hugged her and kissed her on the cheeks. Hiding my face in her shoulder, “I can’t go even if I want to”

We stood there holding each other and I revelled in the aroma of her perfume, while I caressed her bottom with my palm and she moved her palm on my back. I wanted to kiss her on the lips, but didn’t know if she was ready. So I held her face in my hands and kissed her on the fore head and then on her eyes. As I kissed her ears and started licking with my tongue, she squirmed. After a few seconds, she disengaged and said, “I can’t afford to change my panty again.”

As we went out in the pleasant afternoon sun, we were in a buoyant mood. We walked through winding roads going up the hills and enjoyed breathing fresh air. After a while we came across a cottage like building. It had a signboard written in German. We guessed it was a spa. Mona suggested, we go in and enquire. A tall well built lady in her fifties was at the entrance. As we asked if it was a spa and what facilities it offered, she said, “no English, please wait.” She called someone from inside and a young girl in her early twenties appeared.

The girl said, “This is a massage clinic. We give massage to women and to couples, but not to single men. Would you be interested?”

Mona asked what are the charges and she said it was $50 for a single woman and $75 for a couple. I was wondering what would be a couple massage like and if Mona would like me to have massage with her. Mona said, “Yes, we would like to take a couple massage.”

The girl said, “I am Karen and she is my mother, Olga. We two do all the massages.” Now I noticed both of them carefully. Olga was a brunette and Karen was a blonde. Both of them were tall, about 5′ 10″. Olga had large breasts and her hips were nicely curved. Karen had moderate but nicely shaped breasts and small but curved hips. Her waist was really narrow. Both of them were wearing white clinical coats, extending up to their knees. Karen’s arms & legs were silky smooth, but Olga’s legs had light curly hair and her arms also had very light hair.

They took us to a room, which had two massage tables with a screen in between. Olga removed the screen and I was thrilled at the idea of having a massage side by side with Mona. As Karen went out, Olga said, “Massage time, no dress”. Mona readily started undressing and unzipping her jeans, dropped it to the floor. As she was unbuttoning her blouse, Olga picked up her jeans and folded it. Olga smiled at me and said, “You shy?” By then Mona was in her bra & panty. I hurriedly took off my t-shirt and vest. Though I could see only Mona’s back my manhood was getting hard at the anticipation of seeing her fully naked. I wasn’t ready at all to give a display of my hard on and to my great relief, Karen walked in with a bunch of towels. I took one from her and wrapped around my waist and hoped to keep the hard on under control. Karen gave another towel to Mona, who was unclasping her bra. Olga had already folded Mona’s blouse and took her bra. As Mona wrapped the towel around her and was pulling down her panty with one hand, Olga bent down and helped her in taking off her panty. By now Karen had laid two large towels on the massage tables and said, “Both of you on the tables, on your tummies.”

I lay down on the table and turned my head towards Mona’s side. She had also done the same and she smiled at me. Olga and Karen took off their white coats and started arranging oil bottles on the side tables. Karen was wearing a green bikini, which was really small and her boobs were covered only by two small triangles. Her butt cheeks were almost fully exposed. The small triangle on her crotch pressed tightly on her body and her slit was almost noticeable under the fabric. The area around her crotch was very smooth and it was clear she had a hairless pussy. Olga had a very small shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt. I was awed to see her unshaved armpit.

While I was thinking of Karen’s all over smoothness in contrast with Olga’s natural look, Mona commented in Bengali, “Meyeta to nicher lom porjyonto kamiye phelechhe, ar ma edike bogol, pa kichhui kamayni. Ami jantam France e onek majh boyosi mohilara bogol kamayna ar sei obosthay bikini o pore. Ami France er beach e orokom mohila onek dekheochhi, kintu ekhaneo emon dekhte pabo bhabini.” (“The daughter is clean shaved even down below. But the mother hasn’t even shaved her armpit. I knew many middle aged ladies in France don’t shave armpits. I have also seen quite a few such women at beaches in France. But never thought I would find such women here.”)

I said, “Amar kintu bogole jongol thakle besh bhalo lage.” (“I do like a jungle in the armpit.”)

Mona winked at my answer and didn’t comment. By now Olga started massaging me and Karen started with Mona. Olga put her hand under my tummy and loosened the knot in the towel and pulled out the sides. She folded it and kept just my butt under cover. Karen also did the same with Mona and she helped her in doing so by slightly lifting the top of her body, letting me have a look at her breasts from the sides. Even after Mona lay down, I could see the bulge from the side and also her armpit as she rested her arms on two sides of her head. Olga’s hairy armpit had already excited me and now the sight of Mona’s soft bulge and shaved armpit multiplied the effect making my erection uncomfortably strong.

As massage continued Mona & I chatted softly in Bengali.

“Amar bogoler lom kharap lagena, kintu hat kata jamar jonyo bogol niyomito kamatei hoy. Ami dekhechhi, beshir bhag byatachele porishkar bogol pochhondo kore. Kintu tumi ulto. Bodhoy kom boyoshe tomar kono priyo mohilar bogoler lom dekhe bhalo legechhilo.” Mona said. (“I don’t mind hairy armpit, but have to shave for wearing sleeveless dress. I noticed most men like clean armpit. You are the opposite. May be in your young days you liked one of your favourite woman’s hairy armpit”)

I knew she was right, but chose not to comment. When we were young, shaving armpit was rather uncommon. I did see some of my aunts’ hairy armpits. My mom also had hairy armpit.

By now Olga had finished my back and was massaging my legs and thighs. I was enjoying her strong hands, but was scared as her hands were moving up dangerously close to my crotch. Karen was also massaging Mona’s thighs. At this stage, Karen asked Mona if she could remove the towel and Mona responded with a ‘hmm’ sound. As she removed the towel, I was enamoured at the sight of Mona’s large bottom, beautifully curved. As Karen was massaging the bottom like dough, Mona made soft moans. By now Olga’s hands were almost touching my balls and I was scared she would touch my hard on. At this point, Olga said, “I take off towel?” and without waiting for my answer removed the towel exposing my butts. I tried to close my thighs quickly to hide my erection, but was sure it didn’t avoid Olga’s notice.

At this stage, Olga said something to Karen in German and she said, “We can give you a sensual massage, if both of you are in a mood. Then we shall charge you extra $ 50.”

Mona quoted a line from an old Bengali poem, “Beriye jokhon porechhi bhai thamle to ar cholbena. Ki bolo?” (“We have set out for the journey; how can we stop. What do you think?”)

As I chuckled, Mona said, “We are game.”

Olga made a happy sound and parted my thighs wide and now my balls and my erect manhood under it were in full display. She parted my butt cheeks with her thumbs and poured oil inside. She nicely played with her finger in my crack and softly pressed her thumb in my asshole. The sensation was rather strong and I had to make an effort not to make a sound.

I looked at Mona and found her eyes closed. As I looked lower, I saw Karen’s fingers working inside her crack. A little while later, Mona opened her eyes and said, “Era to dujonei pechhoner dorjay toka marchhe. Odbhut lagchhe, er age amar oi jaygata keu choyni.” (“I see both of them are knocking at the rear door. I am feeling funny, no one touched that private place ever before.”)

Before I could answer, her voice trailed off and she closed her eyes. Form the quivering of her lips, I realised she was having an orgasmic spasm. By now, Olga’s finger had penetrated my asshole and was playing inside giving me an awesome sensation. As Mona started squirming and moaning, I felt more and more excited. Very soon, I felt Olga’s other hand cupping my balls and at the same time I saw Karen moving the fingers of her other hand between Mona’s thighs. Mona’s body was shaking heavily and her bottom was lifted up. My manhood was in Olga’s grip and she was rhythmically squeezing it. I soon realised even with that simple action of her fingers the sensation was too strong and I was at the verge of ejaculation. By now Mona’s moaning had turned to hollering and soon her body stiffened, as she had a strong orgasm. As I watched Mona’s exciting orgasm, I spurted lot of load on the towel. I didn’t remember if I ever ejaculated so fast.

As I lay exhausted and watched Mona almost unconscious, I felt Olga’s hand and a wet towel between my thighs. She made me get down from the table and cleaned my crotch and thighs. I noticed Mona still had her eyes closed and after giving her a clean up, Karen had covered her back with a towel. I didn’t feel ashamed to display my dangling cock, which was still not fully soft, to Olga and Karen, but wanted to cover myself before Mona opened her eyes. As Olga made me lay down on the table on a fresh towel, I realised the fun was not over. I wasn’t very happy with such an early ejaculation and wondered if I would enjoy the rest of the massage. I already had the answer as my cock still semi-hard and I started getting excited looking at Olga’s hairy armpit.

Under the towel covering my crotch, I felt a bulge was in the making. By now, Mona had recovered and was getting up from the table. I saw her naked bottom and was enamoured again. As she was trying to dress up, Karen prevented her and made her lay down with two towels covering her crotch and breasts. “I am too exhausted to continue with the massage,” she said.

“That was only the first part of the massage and we have to do it a lot more,” Karen said.

“But at my age, my body is refusing any more fun,” Mona said and added a little later, “You mother & daughter have seen both of us naked and have also touched us intimately. But we can’t see you naked, nor can we touch you. May be you could stimulate me that way.”

Karen was busy massaging her neck & shoulders. Olga was massaging my chest and tickling my nipples from time to time. As Mona made her demand, Karen translated her message to Olga and smiled. Olga smiled back and pulled out her t-shirt exposing her lovely breasts, large & full, but not excessive. The aureoles were dark brown, with thick nipples, about half an inch long and having decent sag. She unzipped her shorts and dropped it exposing her white panty. The crotch was clearly dark and fluffy under the white panty. As she removed her panty, I was delighted to see an untrimmed natural bush

As Karen had taken off her bikini, I was amazed at her perfect figure. The modest but full breasts stood out straight with no sag whatsoever. The belly was totally flat with a small bellybutton. The ass was moderate but in perfect shape. Most amazing was the completely hairless pussy with tightly closed lips.

Olga was now circling my nipples with her finger tips and suddenly she put her mouth on one nipple and her boobs were on my chest & belly. Her armpits were close to my body and I loved the smell of her perfume mixed with mild smell of her perspiration. As I lay on my back and revelled under exotic pleasure, I couldn’t see Mona. I turned my head but saw Karen’s cute ass. From the movement of her hands I could guess she was vigorously massaging Mona’s breasts. Mona’s light moans confirmed Karen’s action. As Karen moved away towards her feet, I hoped to see Mona’s breasts. But that was not to be. Her breasts were still covered with towel and so was her crotch.

Olga’s mouth was getting more active and I was almost moaning. After a while, she started massaging my legs and thighs. She straddled over my chest, and massaged me waist downward. Her crotch was touching my chest and her silky pubic bush brushed over the hair on my chest. As she put her hand under the towel and rubbed oil on my cock, I was drowned in heavenly pleasure. I was wondering if Mona was watching me. But turning my head, I saw her eyes were closed. Karen was now straddling her and her pussy was over Mona’s mouth. Karen had put her mouth over Mona’s crotch, and though the towel was away, I could only see Mona’s hips from the side. Her breasts were also behind Karen’s butts.

After a while, Olga took my cock fully in her mouth and I made a howling sound at the feel of her wet mouth. Her crotch was now over my mouth and I loved the musky smell of her hairy pussy. I parted her swollen labia and put my tongue inside – Olga almost screamed. I was unable to see anything other than Olga’s pussy and from the strong moans of both Mona and Karen, I guessed they were sucking each other. The noise level was very high as all four of us were on the verge of strong orgasm.

I was in seventh heaven, as I enjoyed Olga’s mouth over my cock and her boobs pressing on my belly. As I thrust my cock in Olga’s mouth and sucked her fleshy clit, my hands moved through silky hair in her underarm. Very soon, it was all over. As I shot lots of load in Olga’s mouth I heard orgasmic moans from all three women. At the end, Olga & Karen were lying face down on Mona’s & my body. After a while mother & daughter got down and covered our bodies with towel. I was disappointed, even after such a long erotic session, I couldn’t see Mona’s naked body properly. As I lay down, I watched hairy mother and smooth daughter, resting their naked bodies on the wall and breathing heavily. The more I looked at Olga, the more I got charged up. She was a real mature beauty and I felt the urge for penetrating her bushy love hole. After a while, Mona sat up and got down from the table with the towel wrapped around her waist.

Karen asked Mona if she would like to have a hot shower. Mona agreed and Karen led her to the shower. From the way Karen held her with her arms around the waist, I was sure more action between these two women was in store. Karen told me there was another shower stall and I could have my shower there. After they went out Olga came close to me and removed my towel. My cock, to my surprise, wasn’t totally limp. She smilingly fondled my cock and gave it a kiss, before she led me out. As we went out, I was thrilled to see that the glass door of the shower was almost semi-transparent and I could see two nude bodies in close embrace under the shower. Olga went inside the other shower stall and I followed her. By now my cock had raised its head in excitement. As I watched Olga’s mature body closely, I was fully charged up. Olga turned on the shower and drew me close. We held each other in tight embrace and our lips were drawn to each other. Her thick sexy lips opened up to accommodate my tongue and as we kissed each other our bodies pressed against each other. Her lovely boobs felt soft & warm on my chest and I could feel her large nipples nudging me. My erect cock was pressed on her lower belly and her thick bush felt wonderful.

After we broke the kiss, Olga soaped me with her caring hands. Her touch in my asshole, my balls and on my cock felt very exciting. I in turn soaped her all over. As she raised her arms, I was enamoured to see her gorgeous armpits, adorned with dense and long hair. I couldn’t control my excitement and started licking her armpits. The smell was a mixture of a light perfume & perspiration and it was a very intoxicating aroma. As I licked her armpits, she squirmed and held my cock in tight grip, giving it a squeeze from time to time. Simultaneously I played with her long nipples. As I heard Olga moaning, the sound from the next stall hit my ears. I could hear both Mona and Karen’s voice. I could distinctly hear Mona saying, “Oh, ma ar parchhina” (“Oh, mother, I can’t take it any more.”) I could imagine Karen licking Mona’s pussy and visualised Karen’s tongue searching the clit through soft curls. This thought was mind boggling and my strong urge for Mona’s naked body captured me. I made Olga bend down on four legs and parted her butt cheeks. The puckered brown skin with hair all around was very exciting and as I soaped her asshole and made it slippery, I inserted my finger inside. As my finger went in and out, Olga hollered out.

As Olga’s excitement went up & up, I took out my finger and put it in her hairy pussy. I played with her clit for a while and then parting her swollen labia, penetrated her love hole with my manhood. As I pushed the full length in one stroke, Olga shrieked out. As I slowly stroked her, I could hear the voices from the next stall –

“Are you liking it Mona?”

“Anh, yess,”



“Mona, you like it?”

“Yes, I love it”

“Oh. Karen, I need more.”

“Kaaaren, make me cum dear”

And then there were no more words, only moans, screams, and grunts.

I never felt so excited in my life. I fucked the German woman like mad, but my mind was on Mona, and I passionately wanted to posses her body.

At the end of the great fuck, as we stood under the shower, Olga kept on kissing me all over my face and repeatedly said, “vielen Danke” I knew she was thanking me for the great fuck. But since I couldn’t reply in her language, I gave her a hug and patted her butts in acknowledgement.

After we came out on the road, the sun was almost setting. I realised we spent a very long time in the massage clinic. We walked silently, our minds preoccupied. I wondered how Mona felt having known that I fucked Olga. I also wondered if she was a lesbian. Then I realised, she couldn’t be a pure lesbian, but must be bi-sexual. Then again I thought she could now be a lesbian for all practical purposes as she possibly was not having any sex with her husband. This made me sad, as I realised she wouldn’t have any interest in physical relationship with me. But I knew, I was in love with Mona and that didn’t change even if she was a lesbian. I also realised she might not let me have sex with her, even if she was not a lesbian. It could be simply because of her conservative value system.

As all these thoughts rushed through my mind, we were in front of a pub. Mona said, “We need to get drunk. What do you say?”

I realised she wanted to open up her mind and needed some booster. I wanted to talk too, but didn’t know where to begin. I also felt the need of a stiff drink. We walked in to the pub. We sat at a corner, away from public view. A gorgeous looking young waitress came to take the order. At any other time, I would have stealthily looked at her breasts and ass. But now I was too pre-occupied with the woman in front of me. I ordered my favourite malt whisky, on the rocks. To my surprise, Mona ordered the same. We didn’t talk and I watched Mona closely. Her chiselled face looked a little flushed. Her delicate nose looked a little moist from perspiration. Her nostrils quivered a little and her eyes looked watery. I was worried she might break down. I didn’t look at her face any longer. I looked at her hand on the table. Her fingers were exquisite. She was wearing a green front open top over her white jeans and a yellow front open cardigan. Her cleavage was visible quite a bit and God, she was sexy. I now knew I couldn’t be so lucky – this stunning woman cant be mine!

As the waitress brought our drinks, we both took a long sip. We kept on sipping and soon I felt light hearted. Mona now looked composed. Her nose still showed signs of perspiration. I wiped her nose with my handkerchief. She smiled and taking the handkerchief from me she wiped her chin and then wiped her cleavage. Wow! It was so exciting! Mona looked at my face and said, “You naughty!” she burst out in a giggle.

Looking down at her glass, she said, “You must be thinking I am a lesbian.”

I made a protest, but ignoring it, she continued, “I have in last thirty years never even thought about sex with another woman. Before that in my wild young days, I did get naughty a couple of times with other girls in the hostel. But that was more out of curiosity and never liked it. In those days I slept with a couple of men and that was much more exciting. Marriage, job and children made me mature and those wild days became a forgotten chapter. Later as the job became more and more demanding and I got lost in the whirlwind of the corporate world. I managed to find time for my children, but that was all. I never found enough time to entertain my mind in the real sense of the term in last twenty years or more. Both my husband and me had very little time for each other. Sex became as infrequent as it could be. All in all, the romantic woman in me had a silent death.”

She took a sip in her second drink and asked me to light a cigarette for her. She took another sip, took a long puff and carried on. “But everything has started changing when you served me morning tea in the bed. After the exciting shower, I started feeling young again and decided to let my hair down. I know I would never have a second opportunity like this to entertain myself with complete liberty. I decided to take the massage just to see what it was like. I knew it would be some physical pleasure for you, but didn’t know to what degree. But for me it turned out to be something beyond my imagination. This girl was simply a bomb. She exploded on me and made me explode too. Not once but as many as three times! I realised, partly to my great discomfort and partly with a sense of pride, there is so much sexual energy still left in me at this age. The pleasure I felt today is something unique and compared to this, those girlie pleasure in the hostel looks like child’s play.”

By now moonlight was invading our table and the environment turned dreamy. I didn’t know what was more intoxicating, the scotch or the moonlight. I took Mona’s hand and kissed it and then lightly licked her fingers.

After I let her hand go, she spoke again, “After coming out I felt extremely embarrassed as you watched me enjoying sex with a woman. But after the stiff drink I relaxed thinking you must have enjoyed the scene. I know men have the hidden fantasy of watching women having sex and watching me must have given you extra stimulus. I am happy for you, as hairy Olga must be your dream woman and she gave you real pleasure, didn’t she?”

She had already taken the load off my chest and I could now speak freely. “You know, I didn’t see much of you on the massage table, as my view was blocked more by the mother and less by the daughter, when real action was taking place. But later when I saw you two through the semi-transparent glass door, I loved the scene. And you know, what stimulated me? I heard Karen and your voice from the adjacent shower stall. Your voice was a live commentary of you two making love. It was the hottest thing I ever heard and you know…..”

Now Mona really blushed, looked both embarrassed & pleased. She crossed over to my side of the table and rested her head on my shoulder. I held her in my arms and she softly hummed.

We had quite a few drinks more and by the time we got out of the pub our feet were a bit unsteady. We held each other and walked through the deserted road. The moon was flooding the road with soft blue light. At this point Mona started humming a tune and I encouraged her to sing louder. She sang a lovely Bengali song, “Aj jochhna rate sobai gechhe boney… bosonter ei matal somironey …” (Everyone has gone to the woods on this moonlit night… in this maddening breeze of spring…) The wonderful song in the moonlight made my heart melt. I never felt so romantic in my life.

By the time the song ended both of us were famished and we were lucky to land up a Pakistani restaurant. We gobbled up lots of kebabs and stuff and rounded up the meal with kulfi (Indian ice cream). As we reached our hotel room, we had no energy left. Mona unhesitatingly started undressing. I also followed suit and was down to my brief. Mona had taken off her cardigan, top and bra with her back turned to me. For some unknown reason, she didn’t take off her jeans. As I was watching her beautiful bottom under the tight jeans, she asked for a towel. I went to the bathroom, dropped my brief, pulled up my shorts and came back with a bath towel.

Mona wrapped the towel around her waist and pulled out her jeans. As she turned back after putting on a nightie, she smiled oddly. She took her handbag and pulled out her panty. I realised she had put the panty in her handbag when she put on her clothes back after the massage and shower. As she kept the panty in the closet, she said, “I couldn’t afford to wet my panty. This one is the last one I have and all others have gone to the laundry.” She picked up her jeans and held it up. The crotch was completely wet. She said, “I never got so wet so much & so frequently in last thirty years or more.” Now we laughed our heads off.

Mona said she was very sleepy, so was I. As she switched off the light and moved to the bed, I asked, “Would you forgo pampering your skin with moisturiser?”

She said, “Oops, I completely forgot. After so much physical energy lost, not once, not twice, but thrice, I am completely out of gear. Unlimited drinks and heavy food also had the toll. I don’t have the energy to do the rubbing all over my body. Would you be sweet enough to do this job?”

I forgot my tiredness and said, “Off course, sweetheart.” I moved in the darkness to the dressing table, picked up the bottle of moisturiser and moved close to her. She had by now taken off the nightie and was sitting on the bed. I knelt down in front of her and did her arms and hand. I moved to her legs and slowly moved up to her thighs. By now she was reclined backward with her palms resting on the bed. I realised she was very drowsy. Though with the proximity to her naked body my libido was playing havoc, my manhood was half hard. I quickly did her belly and then her neck, carefully avoiding her breasts. Still my hands had the feel of her exquisite curves. Now I asked her to stand up with her back towards me.

Now she said, “Enough is enough. I can’t stand up, or walk around to let the lotion to get absorbed. I shall lay down on my stomach and you do my back and bum. Don’t be shy about the bum, it’s most important.”

Saying this, she was on the bed. I did her back quickly and then took my time on her bum. Oh, it was a wonderful experience! The bum had the right kind of smoothness and softness. By now from the sound of her breathing I realised she was fast asleep. I had the desire to press the cheeks, but sleep was overtaking me. I didn’t cover her body to let the lotion get absorbed. I left her naked and laid down by her side.

When I woke up in the morning, I tried to recollect what happened last night. When I remembered I had left her naked body uncovered, I turned to her side with the strong desire to see her naked. But she had covered herself with the blanket. I felt a little disappointed. But at the same time, I felt good that I didn’t watch her in the nude, when she was asleep.

As I got down from bed, I watched the sleeping beauty. She was sleeping in the same position as yesterday. She was on her back with her one arm resting on her forehead and the other arm on her belly. The blanket was drawn up to a level below her neck and there was a hint of the cleavage popping out of the blanket. The underarm with lovely creases clearly showed some stubble and looked awesome. Her pink lips were slightly parted and I had a wild desire to kiss her. Her bosom moved up & down with breathing. The blanket was not in position below her waist and her left leg & thigh was almost fully out of the blanket. I felt extremely excited to see her long leg, shapely thigh and the hint of the curve at her hip. I was tempted to touch her thigh, but controlled my desire and covered her exposed part with the blanket.

This woke her up and she greeted me with a sweet smile. At the next moment, she said, “Oh, my gawd, I am naked below the blanket! Did I give you a free show and you covered me with the blanket? I was so drunk last night!”

As I assured her she was fully covered with blanket, she made a face and then said, “It really doesn’t matter at my age. There is not much in my old body to give a free show.”

I reply I said, “You are sadly mistaken. You still have a very beautiful body and I would give my life to have a free show.”

Now she looked at the huge bulge under my shorts and said, “May be you’re right. At least the animal under your pants wouldn’t lie. Ok, if you are so impressed with my body, may be I will give you a free show sometime.” Looking at my greedy eyes, she said, “No, not right now. I haven’t got over my embarrassment for sleeping naked all night. Please go to the bathroom and relieve yourself. That would do some good to the excited animal and give me a chance to get decent.”

This kind of frank & open statements gave me a sense of intimacy & closeness developed in the short span of two days. As I let the stream of urine flow out endlessly, I closely watched my ‘animal’ like I never did for many years. It was dark and quite large. My wife measured it many years ago; it was almost seven inches. It was thick too; my wife could just about grip it in her hand and she almost gagged as she tried to take it in full in her mouth. The foreskin was open a little; the result of many years of masturbation. There were a couple of thick veins; for the first time in my life I felt the veins added to the virility.

I tried to remember when I had put the ‘animal’ in its right place and made it act. Except of yesterday with Olga, it was almost three months ago! It ravaged my wife’s love hole one night, when she was drunk after a party. I remembered she almost screamed in pleasure. I felt an urge to use it again to give my new found dream woman the best of pleasure. At the same time, I wondered if she would allow me to break the barrier.

After the long stream of water came to an end, I noticed the hard on still persisting in full vigour. I pulled up my brief to restraint it. As I came out, Mona was waiting outside the bathroom door, wearing her nightie, which ended just above her knees. “Oh, you took so long” she said and rushed inside the bathroom. I could hear the whistling sound, which tingled my ears. I stood there listening to the sensual musical sound of the stream hitting the water below and the accompanying whistle. As I was interrupted by the door bell, Mona said in a loud voice she had ordered some tea. As the room service girl placed the tray and asked if she should make the tea, Mona was out of the bathroom and said she would make the tea.

I was delighted to see the golden colour tea Mona made with lemon. We both sipped tea sitting on the sofa and silently enjoyed each other’s company. Mona sat cross legged with the nightie riding up her thigh. She looked very young & cute and I felt like cuddling her. By the time we finished the tea, the door bell rang again. This time it was the laundry and Mona clapped like a child as she found her panties in the laundry bag.

We didn’t want to miss the morning sun and after dressing up went out to the lawn behind the hotel. Mona was wearing a purple polo neck sweater and jeans and I noticed her awesome curves. We went out through the rear gate to a sprawling lawn. The rays of morning sun was absolutely delightful. Mona started a singing a Bengali song, “Aloker ei jharna dharay dhuiye dao…..” (“Wash me in the spring of light rays…”) As she sang this very beautiful song she also started dancing and moved all around in bare feet. I watched her amazing beauty in awe.

As we were walking back to the room, Mona said in a soft whisper, “I am loving you and your companionship. Are you also liking me?”

I answered by humming a song, “Amaro porano jaha chay, tumi tai tumi tai go” (“You are what my heart desires.”) I placed my arm around her waist and whispered in her ears, “I am not just liking you, I am in love with you.”

Hearing this Mona looked at me and softly kissed my cheek. My heart felt like a block of melting ice.

After we got back to the room Mona said, “We have spent two nights and a full day together. We have broken the taboo by sleeping in the same bed. But you have still not made me your own woman.”

I was not ready for such an open invitation. My heart started beating so fast & loud that the sound reverberated in my ears. I took her in my arms and planted a soft kiss on her lips. Mona slowly opened her lips and our tongues got into a loving embrace. It was a slow and soft kiss to start with. But excitement built up quickly and the sensation on the tongues played through our bodies. Her chest was pressed on mine and she tightly held my hair in her hands. My raging hard on was nudging her belly and my hands squeezed her soft butt cheeks.

I realised I never had a more sensual kiss in my life. By the time we broke the kiss, we were panting. As we looked at each other’s eyes, Mona whispered, “Shall we shower together?”

I said, “Like yesterday?”

“No of course not,” she purred like a kitten, “I was too shy yesterday. I am no longer shy with you.”

“Shall we break the barrier?” I asked with a trembling heart.

“Of course, we shall break the barrier. Let us enjoy each other physically.”

With this we kissed each other again. After the kiss I told her, “You go to the bathroom and get ready. I will join you.”

“No darling, let us undress each other, right here.” She unbuttoned my sweater. After taking it off, she pulled at my t-shirt and I raised my arms. She had to tiptoe to pull it out over my head. She kissed my hairy chest and licked it all over. She made me raise my arms and smelled my armpit. She said, ‘wow’ and licked my hairy armpit. The tingling sensation made me squirm. She came back on my chest and tickled my tiny nipples with her nails. She kissed my nipples and gave a light bite. Wow! It was so sensational.

I pulled out her sweater over her head. I was enamoured to see her lovely fair & silky skin getting unveiled. Her white bra had a tiny pink ribbon knotted at the centre. I unclasped the hook at the back and pulled the bra out to reveal her lovely mounds. Her breasts were nice and shapely though not too large. I was amazed to see there was very little sag.

Mona said in an embarrassed tone, “They are too small, aren’t they?”

“Just the right size” I said as I checked the tag on the bra. It was 34b.

I softly fondled her breasts. The mounds had just the right combination of softness and shapeliness. I was enamoured at this, as I was used to my wife’s 38c breasts, which are pretty soft but completely out of shape. Mona’s nipples were also nice, pinkish in colour, like my little finger in thickness and completely erect, jutting out of her light brown aureoles.

I was now to impatient too see her in fully naked glory and unbuttoned her jeans. As I unzipped her I saw her lovely belly in full, which had a small outward curve and a very deep bellybutton. Her panty was of soft white cotton and had lovely powder blue polka dots on it. I had to give a strong pull to her jeans to free her heavy hips form the confines of blue denim, which now remained stuck at her mid thighs. Now I saw the whole panty, which was neither too skimpy, nor too large. As I moved my hand all over her panty, I enjoyed the soft surface of the fabric and the soft flesh underneath, particularly on the rear side. As my hands moved over the crotch, I could feel the furriness underneath and could see a blurred dark triangle under the fabric. I felt too excited, but decided to relish the pleasure in slow measures.

By now, Mona unbuttoned & unzipped my shorts, which dropped to the floor and I stepped out of it. She wiggled her hips to drop her jeans. It was such an exciting act! My manhood twitched. I also noticed the sexiness of the curves around her hips and waist. Her hips flared out so beautifully below her narrow waist, it was simply electrifying. I turned her around and knelt down to watch her rear side. The waistband of the panty was just covered the top of the crack between her butt cheeks and her posterior looked amazing with her wide bum trying to burst out of the confines of the fabric. I fondly caressed all over her bum and kissed the awesome cheeks. I pulled the waistband down by a couple of inches and fondly kissed the top of her crack.

I turned her around again and watched the beauty of her crotch covered with panty, which now showed a few streaks of her jet black pubic hair peeking out of the waistband. I excitedly kissed her crotch and placed my mouth & nose on the furry zone covered by soft fabric. The sensation was breath taking. I couldn’t wait any longer to remove her last cover. I pulled her panty down to uncover her erotic spot. As she stepped out of her panty, I closely watched the beautiful triangle of dense curly hair, which showed signs of wetness. It was in the shape of a perfect triangle. The top and the sides were shaved and showed thin stubble. I checked out the lower part of the bush and found there was plenty of hair, fully covering her lips, but the hair wasn’t too long. The hair ran down to her ass crack.

As I ran my fingers over the shaved skin, she said, “I keep the border of my bush clean shaved, along with my legs and underarm. I am not good at shaving and a barber woman shaves me twice a week and trims the bush when the hair grows too long. Though I carry a razor while travelling, I hardly use it. The last shave I had was a day before I left India. Don’t be shocked that someone else shaves my privates. Such services are available in Bombay these days and it’s no point feeling shy or uneasy when it comes to taking care of the body. In fact, this woman does pedicure & manicure for me and also gives me a massage.”

I knew my wife also uses a woman for manicure, pedicure and body massage. I wondered if she gets her armpit and pussy shaved also.

She now pulled me up from kneeling position and tugged at my brief. My manhood was so stiff & erect; she had to make quite a bit of effort to pull the brief down. As my pole sprang out, she made a ‘wow’ sound and gripped it with both hands. She gave it a hard squeeze and an electric current ran through my body.

As we moved to the bathroom, both of us stark naked, the whole thing felt like a dream. It was beyond my imagination I would be mentally or physically so close to such a gorgeous woman, whom I met only two days ago. As we stood under the warm shower, I was awed at the overwhelming beauty of this woman. As water flowed over her body I watched her modest & shapely breasts, her curved belly, long & fleshy thighs and above all the beautiful curve around her waist. I couldn’t hold my excitement and took her in my arms. As she lovingly submitted her wonderful body to me, I kissed her passionately. The kiss was like a tornado flowing through our bodies. I ran my hand over her back and then over her awesome bottom. I felt her soft breasts pressing on my chest and she took my manhood in her hands. She fondled it and then thrust her bush over it. The passion ran so high and I felt as if I was being struck by lightning repeatedly.

By now the flow of water was choking us and as we broke the kiss, she turned off the shower. Now she knelt down and took my manhood in her mouth. Soft and wet feeling over my cock took me to seventh heaven. I used to get blowjobs from my wife in the early years after marriage, but she couldn’t gulp it properly as it was too big for her. But Mona took me fully in my mouth. I ran the danger of ejaculating in her mouth and I said, “Oh, I may shoot in your mouth.”

She took out her mouth and looking up to me said, “You are very much welcome. The last time I tasted a man’s cum was more than thirty years ago – that was in those wild days in college.” She opened my foreskin and briefly put her tongue at the hole at the tip. As she was about to take my cock in her mouth, I stopped her and lay down on the floor. She now straddled me around my face and bent down to engulf my cock. I was now delighted to find her hairy labia, fat and swollen, and her ass crack just above my face. The aroma of her erotic spot, which was a mixture of perfume & her erotic juice was simply maddening. I parted her labia and put my tongue inside and attacked her throbbing clit. A muffled sound came out of her throat and her body jerked. She moved her mouth along the length of my shaft and swirled her tongue around it. I inserted two fingers deep inside her slippery tunnel and she squirmed. As I pushed my fingers in & out, one finger hit a button like spot on the wall at the end of the tunnel. Immediately her body jerked violently and I knew I had hit the g spot.

As I kept on hitting the centre of her erotic sensation and sucking & licking her clit, her body kept on shaking. As my cock was getting wild, I kept on pushing it in & out of her mouth. Within minutes, I spurted loads of warm sticky liquid in her mouth. As she swallowed it all, I inserted a finger of my free hand in her puckered ass hole. Now I simultaneously fingered both tunnels, she took out her mouth from my cock and started screaming. Her whole body jerked violently and then squirted a lot of juice from her vagina. Her body became stiff as if it was under seizure. I now knew she had her final orgasm.

She collapsed on my body and a few seconds later rolled over to the side and lay on the floor on her side. I had a very satisfying sensation and lay still for a while. I got up a little later and watched Mona’s naked body – she had almost turned over on her belly with her one leg folded and spread out on the side. I could see her one breast from the side and her back and bum fully exposed. I turned on the shower a little and a light flow of water hit her body. She made a humming sound and lay in the same position, enjoying the flow of water on her body. I watched her beauty for some time and then turned on the shower in full. I stood under the shower and enjoyed the warm water washing my body. After turning off the shower I knelt down by her side and started soaping her back. As I started soaping her lovely heart shaped bum, I started getting aroused again. My cock started getting stiff again. As I soaped her crack and then her pussy by putting my hand between her thighs, my manhood was throbbing in excitement again. I was rather surprised – in recent years, I could hardly get it up after I ejaculated once.

Now Mona sat up and kissed me lovingly. She held my erect manhood and whispered in my ears, “I want this inside me.” As I rinsed her body with the hand shower, she suggested we move over to the Jacuzzi, which we never utilised. As I turned the Jacuzzi on and adjusted the water flow and temperature, I watched Mona, as she stood in front of the mirror. I could see her rear directly and her front in the mirror. She had a narcissistic look in her eyes and said, “I don’t look bad for a 54 year old woman”.

I stood behind her and cupping her breasts, said, “Not many women in their thirties have such shapely breasts.” She smiled and didn’t protest.

I fondled her bottom and moved up my hands to her narrow waist. “This is called an hour glass shape; you don’t see this any more except in classical paintings. Younger girls do not prefer heavy bum and the older women can’t control their waist size.” She turned around and slapped my chest, “You are such a naughty man.”

We moved into the Jacuzzi and were thrilled at the waves playing on us. Mona moved on to one side and lay down with her head on the rim of the tub. I placed a folded towel under her head to make her comfortable. Now she raised and spread her legs wide opening her erotic spot to me. As the water played on her pubic area and her lower belly, it looked awesome. “I can’t wait any more,” she said and opened her arms. The lovely creases at her underarms and her wonderful boobs we so inviting. I moved forward and placed my manhood on her pubic bush. I opened her labia with my fingers and thrust my manhood straight inside her love hole. She made a ‘awnk’ sound at the first thrust followed by ‘ohhh….’

I held my cock firmly inside the slippery tunnel and asked her if I was hurting her. “Yah, it’s nice to have a big one. It fills my tunnel so completely. I am drowning in pleasure.”

I now pulled my rod almost out and then pushed it down fully. “Wowoh……..” she reacted and said after a pause, “again”. I repeated and she cried louder. I kept on doing this, initially after gaps and then increased the frequency. The excitement grew quickly and now with each outward pull of mine she thrust her pelvis forward. Very soon we were in frenzy as we fucked like there was no tomorrow. After a while I was ready to erupt and said, “I am going to shoot now. How far are you?” Before I could finish, she shook violently, cried out aloud and her body stiffened. Almost at the same time I spurted inside her. I was amazed how much warm liquid I threw out.

As we recovered, Mona opened her eyes and said, “No one ever made love to me so beautifully.”

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