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Not So Innocent Sister

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Growing up my sister and I had been really close. We were only separated by a year, so her and I were two peas in a pod. Then junior year of high school came around and I started seeing other guys, and my sister hit more of a standstill socially. She was awkward around guys, and actually seemed to enjoy her time more in the private confines of her girlfriends. I found it strange because most girls were looking to date, or at least find a guy to hook up with a practice on before college.

I had a couple boyfriends, but nothing really serious. I was never intrigued or really even turned on by anything the guys had to offer. I was mostly going through the motions. My sister however didn’t even care for that, she was fine enjoy her time playing volleyball and soccer, having her sleep overs with her girlfriends and not even caring about the parties. We drifted a part because our friends did over the last two years of school.

The summer before college though was a different story. We both drifted away from our school friends after graduation, and living together we spent more time together, clowning around like old times and it felt good to have her back in my life as not just my sister but as my friend. We would gossip, we would tease each other and tickle each other, it was a rush at times. I don’t know what it was, but it was a feeling in my stomach every time my sister and I put our hands on each other. It was something I had never felt before.

Those feeling emphasized one afternoon. We were at the park, running, kicking a ball around and on the way back we talked about our sexual experiences.

“Hey Charlotte,” I started, “how come I never really saw you around guys in high school?”

“O come on Hannah,” she laughed, “why you gotta bring that up?”

“I am curious, you’re my sister, and I want to make sure everything is okay.”

“They just weren’t my type. I enjoy different things.” Charlotte said.

“What do you mean by that?” I asked.

“I was always attracted to girls. Its why I loved playing volleyball and the all-girl sleep overs and spending time with girls. I didn’t see a need to be around guys. I like girls.”

I was stunned to both hear her be so upfront with her sexuality and also trust me enough to tell me.

“O wow.” I froze at the front door as she walked inside the house.

“O come on don’t get weird on me Hannah.” She laughed and pulled inside the house.

“I am not getting weird Charlotte, it is just not what I expected.”

“Yeah I know, but you’re my sister,” she said grabbing my hands and moving close to my face, “I trust you.”

I had the sudden urge to kiss my sister, and if she didn’t rip away and head up the stairs I may have tried it. What the hell was wrong with me? Why did I all of a sudden have those urges, and for my sister nonetheless? I pushed them down and went up the stairs to my room. I yelled at my sis that I called shower first, as I started to strip off my clothes in my room. I looked at my self in the mirror when I was completely naked, and I was rather impressed with how my body looked. Now I was a short girl, I was constantly picked on (in a fun way) about my 5’2″ stature. I was skinny with, about 34B cup boobs, with tiny nipples. I had a nice set of abs on me after years of working out. And my ass was nicely shaped, but also not huge. I was a petite girl completely shaved, and I liked it that way. I smiled at myself and walked to the bathroom, and flipped on the shower. I hoped in and let the warm water cover my entire head and body; it felt wonderful after being out all sweaty and sticky; out of nowhere though I hear the bathroom door open and the scuffling of feet.

“Charlotte! I told you I had shower first.” I yelled out.

The shower curtain swung open and Charlotte stood there completely naked. I had never looked at my sister naked, let alone in a sexual matter. Her and I were the same height and our boobs the exact same, but her ass, legs and abs had me beat. Her years of volleyball and soccer were clear in her toned legs. In addition to that I saw the little sole patch my sister had over her pussy. I began to feel the butterflies in my stomach, but to an extreme level.

“Yeah, yeah I know you did, but I feel disgusting and need to shower.” She said as she hopped in.

“O come on!”

“O shush, we are sisters don’t act like it’s weird.” She said as she splashed me with water. That splash started a little splash war between us, going back and forth, laughing and picking on each other. Then as we laughed, my sister pinned me against the wall and we both were now staring at each other, laughing and letting the arm water rush over us. I don’t know what was running through my mind, but I was so turned on. Seeing and feeling my sisters wet body, was exhilarating. At that point, feeling her hands pinning my arms to the wall, I didn’t know if the moisture going down my thighs was the water or the juices from my pussy.

“Umm… we should… actually shower and get cleaned up.” I stammered.

“Yeah I guess you right.”

We managed to get through the shower, shampooing and body washing ourselves, although by my wandering eyes and my sisters wandering eyes, I knew we both wanted to run our hands up and down the soapy body of the other. Charlotte got out the shower first, without a word and walked out the bathroom. I stood under the water and imagined my sisters’ hands feeling my body. I ran my hand over my right breast and squeezed, imaging it was my sisters. The thought of it all was driving me crazy. I ran my other hand down my stomach and over my clean shaved pussy. I slid one finger in between my pussy lips and felt a shutter go through my body. I replayed my sister lathering up her body with the body wash, all soapy and wet. I slid one finger into my pussy and felt the juices. I had never felt this horny or turned on. I started to pinch my nipple as I let out a low moan, and rubbed my clit, slow and soft at first, but as I felt the increasing rush my an oncoming orgasm, I pressed harder and rubbed faster. In just a few more seconds, I was cumming, shaking and gasping for air. I cannot believe I just masturbated and has an orgasm thinking about my sister. What was wrong with me?

I caught my breath and stepped out the shower. I put on my bathrobe and walked out the bathroom. I heard a low muffle and moan come from my sisters’ room and I snuck over to her door, which was cracked open enough for me to see into her room. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My sister was laid back on her bad, bathrobe hanging from her body, exposing all of her front. She had her legs spread, and two fingers buried deep inside her pussy, her head was tilt back her face staring up to the ceiling.

“O Hannah.” I heard my sister moaning. I went bug eyed and felt the butterflies again. I moved my finger back down to my pussy and felt the juices flowing again. My sister was fingering herself, moaning my name. I wanted her then and there and I wasn’t going to let anything stop me.

I slowly opened up her door so I can sneak in. I tip towed to the edge of her bed, and slipped the robe off my body, leaving me completely naked. I crawled up her bed, between her legs, until I was face to face with her, my naked body hovering over hers. She opened her eyes and before she could say anything, I put my lips to hers. What was I doing! This was my sister. I shouldn’t be doing this, but soon our tongues were swirling around each other’s, she wrapped her arms around my neck, after tossing her robe to the floor. We were completely naked and making out with each other. Two blood sisters, moaning into each other’s mouths. I pulled back from my sister.

“Fuck, Hannah don’t stop.” My sister moaned. “I have wanted this for so long.”

She pulled me in and we kissed again. I pulled back.

“Charlotte you’re my sister, this is crazy.” I went back in and gave her another kiss. “Fuck, why does this feel so good?”

She flipped me over so I was on my back and she was no straddling my hips. “Wait until you feel what’s next.” She said.

She kissed my again, and this time kissed down my cheek, and down my neck. I was shaking and moaning. She kissed down my collarbone and right between my tits. She brought both her hands up and squeezed both of them at the same time. She moved her mouth over one of my nipples and started to suck, lick and nibble on it. My other tit was being squeezed in her other hand. They fit perfectly and it was amazing. She then switched and was now sucking and nibbling on my other nipple. She started to move down my stomach, and I knew were this was going and I was squirming with just the thought of my sister between my thighs. She got to right above my clit and I moaned out a, “Fuck”. She gave my nipples a pinch before bringing her hands down to my legs and parting them. I felt my pussy lips spreading too and I felt her rough tongue lick both sides of my pussy lips. That made me arch my back and bring my legs together, but she immediately separated them again and with my pussy lips spread again, with one sift motion she brought her tongue onto my wet pussy and licked up and over my clit. It was the greatest feeling I had ever felt. No guy had ever gone down on me and now, my sister was eating out my pussy.

She shoved her down deep into my pussy and wiggling it around, I was gushing. I could tell by the slurping sounds coming from my sister’s mouth. She started flicking her tongue over my clit and slid one finger inside my tight pussy. She started to finger me faster and faster, bringing me closer to my second orgasm of the afternoon.

“Fuck Charlotte, fuck, don’t stop!” I moaned. “I’m going to cum, keep going! Right there! Yes!” That was the hardest I had cum in my life. I arched my back and felt a shock down my spine as my sister’s mouth was filled with my pussy juices. I tried to catch my breath and not long after my orgasm, my sister’s lips were over mine. I was tasting my self and it was a rush. It was sweet, wet and creamy. I loved it. I couldn’t stop making out with my sister Charlotte and she didn’t want to stop either, but I wanted my sisters pussy in my mouth. I wanted to return the favor; I wanted her to cum all over my face, like I had done to her.

When I finally caught my breathe, I had thought of the pornos I had watched, and remember seeing girls ride the faces of the guy and I wanted that. So I pushed my sister up and wiggled between her legs until she caught on to what I wanted to do. She shuffled up until her knees were on each side of my head and I was staring up to her pussy, which was glistening with her juices.

“Hey Hannah,” she started, “are you sure you want to do this?” She asked.

I didn’t respond. Instead, I wrapped my arms underneath her legs and around her thighs and pulled her pussy to my mouth. After that all I heard was my sister moan out loud. I mimicked my sisters motions on me, and shoved my tongue into her pussy and wiggled it around, she was gushing juices down my chin and cheeks, and I loved it. She was tight, gripping around my tongue, tasting so sweet. I can taste my sister forever after this. I was addicted. I held my sister tighter to my mouth, after she tried moving away when I flicked her clit with my tongue. Soon enough, Charlotte was riding my face, my tongue pushing hard against her clit.

“Shit, Hannah. This is unreal! Fuckk!”

She put her hands against the headboard and began to shake and clench and I felt a rush of sweet pussy juice rush into my mouth. My sister collapsed to my side and I flipped on top of her and started kissing her.

I pulled back and said, “I can see why you never dealt with guys at school.”

We laughed and kept kissing. At just 18 years old apiece, we knew we still had a long life of each other, and that summer was just the beginning. We laid there, rubbing our hands up and down each others bodies, imagining when and where we will fuck each other again.

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