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Adventures in New Orleans

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My friends had suggested I needed a vacation. It had been nearly two years since my jerkface shitwad ex-husband had walked out on me and the kids. I had worn myself ragged trying to keep up with all the schedules, homework and extra-curriculars, then trying to keep up with my own job – forget trying to have a life of my own.

Dickface had picked up the kids – with his “perky” girlfriend in tow – for the summer and I had some time to myself. Narda and Margo had practically phoned the airline themselves and booked my flight to New Orleans. I had thought we were all going together until the night before the trip when as I was packing I found out they had tricked me. I was going solo. It would cost me more than I paid for the ticket to cancel it now, those bitches!

“You need it, you deserve it. You love great food and great jazz, what better place than the Big Easy. Go have a great time, forget us, forget the kids, forget asshole and his slut girlfriend. Go have a great time in the city care forgot!” What was a girl to do…

It was early June, before the tourist season started, but not before the heat. They never mention that about NOLA in the tourist brochures – its fucking 99 during the day with 110% humidity. What’s the point in taking a shower, you’re sweating as soon as you walk outside. But, the city is beautiful and after a couple of belts on Bourbon St. you do begin to forget all your cares. I had made the round of touristy sights – the French Quarter, the Garden District, the new D-Day Museum. I rode the street car up and down St. Charles admiring the beautiful old homes. I rented a car and drove out the river road and visited the plantations on the Mississippi. Not to mention, I ate fabulous food – The Pelican Club, Delmonico’s, Dick and Jenny’s and the fabulous Adolfo’s. And then of course there was jazz. This is New Orleans jazz, the original, the best. On every street corner you hear musicians, combos, good enough to rival any club you might go to in Manhattan. Music is everywhere, all around you. If you stay in New Orleans long enough it gets into your blood. That creole rhythm, a blend of African, Caribbean, Spanish, French and who knows what else that carries you away, oozes into your pores and clouds your mind like the best weed you’ve ever smoked. I was in heaven. No kids, no husband or even ex to think about. No worries, no cares in the city care forgot…. hmmm a recipe for debauchery if ever I heard one!

It was my last weekend and I was off to try something new. The owners of the B&B where I was a guest told me I had to try Frenchmen St. if I wanted a true New Orleans experience. I took the trolley down to Canal and decided to start my pub crawl in the Quarter at O’flaherty’s. Danny opened at 8 and two sets, four whiskies and three hours later I was ready to move on. I walked down to the Marigny humming “Waltzing with bears” to myself. I stopped in at the now ubiquitous Snug Harbor on Frenchmen St. and listened to Charmaine sing a set, paying a ridiculous amount for a Pimm’s Cup. Then it was on to the Spotted Cat and just for shits and grins I strolled through Kim’s to catch a drag act or two before I made my way to Cafe Brasil.

Mmmmm, Latin jazz combined with a smooth buzz from Irish whiskey, Pimm’s and a Sazerac or two. Was I just imagining it or had that cute brunette followed me from Snug Harbor. What the hell was I thinking! I had never entertained a single bisexual thought. But, she was cute. 5’2 or so, dark brown curly hair to her shoulders, cute face with a darling little button nose, a smile that made you giggle. I hadn’t yet paid much attention to her figure, though she looked trim. Come on, what the fuck is going on in your head. You like boys, babe. Cock. Remember. Even if he was a world-class jerk, your ex knew how to fuck didn’t he? God, didn’t he make your toes curl during sex? Why am I thinking about sex while I am looking at this girl from across the room? What the hell would she see in you, I asked myself, a thirty-something divorced mother, rounding around the edges, plain, lets face it, dumpy. Why the hell am I suddenly caring what this girl thinks of me, but God I do!

I snap myself out of it and make my way the R Bar on Royal St. This is a weird, funky bar. Full of Marigny neighborhood types, real New Orleans folk, not the fake shit you find in the Quarter. Now I don’t care anymore and I’m trying to erase the strange thoughts and desires that are coursing through my brain so I order an ouzo. I have just felt the thick, sweet liquid burning down my throat when I look up and see her enter the bar. Yea, the same cute brunette from Brasil and now I’m sure Kim’s and before that Snug Harbor. While I had been viewed with a great deal of skepticism from the other patrons, she is accepted as one of their own. I should have run. She sat beside me and looked approvingly at my choice of potent potables and ordered the same.

“You know that shit will fuck you up,” she said, sipping her own.

“Maybe I need a good fucking,” I blurted before my brain could engage. Shit! What the hell was I thinking!!

She looked me eye to eye and I felt my heart melt, not to mention my pussy. “I like you,” she whispered.

Suddenly, I didn’t care that I was a pudgy, 38yr old mother. That my skin wasn’t quite clear, that my breasts were getting longer, while my ass was getting fuller. In her eyes, I felt desirable and wanted and needed. I felt sexy. Slightly graying black hair; full but sagging breasts; big ass; legs that aren’t long enough for how thick they are…. Shit, why did I feel so lovely in her eyes….

She looked at me with desire and I could only look back in wonder, though desire wasn’t far behind. I knocked back the rest of my drink and she signaled for a refill for me. We spoke of nothing and everything for the next I don’t know how long. I don’t remember anyone else in the place and honestly can’t tell you a thing about it. For some reason I think we must have played a round of pool or something that I lost or maybe I won, because she told me I was the prize. A thrill shot through me. Me. A prize! What a thought…

Next thing I can remember we are in her apartment and she is holding me close while we dance to Ella singing “What about me?”

Weeks, days, hours ago I would have beat the crap out of anyone who suggested I might be bisexual. But tonight, here I was slow dancing with this pretty little lady and turning my head to kiss…

Our lips met, hungry, needy, but in no hurry. Lip to lip for an eternity. Her hands caressing my back as I melted into her arms. Though she led the dancing, she left me in charge of getting started. Finally, overcome with the heat that had been building since I arrived in this town almost a week ago, I let my tongue slip between her lips and for the first time in my life, I kissed another woman.

Oh, it was sweet and warm and sultry. Her hand found the top of my hips and pulled me into her pelvis and we rocked together while we kissed more and more passionately and ground into each other, stoking our passions to white hot flame.

We danced our way to her bedroom and I let her undress me on the way. Unbuttoning my blouse, slipping it from my shoulders; undoing my jeans and unzipping me until I stood in the moonlight by her bed in only my bra and panties. I felt no self-consciousness about reaching behind me to unsnap my bra. Yes, my breasts sagged down, but she gasped in desire not shock, which made my nipples stand out hard and my pussy ooze. The moon shining in her window and the breeze blowing the sheers combined with the look in her eyes to make me feel sexier than I had felt in years. I did a slow pirouette and peeled my panties down with my ass toward her. Did she moan as the slivery moonlight kissed my ass? I shivered inside and moved toward her naked and hot.

I held her hands away from me as I kissed her lips. I tugged her little sleeveless sweater over her head and kissed my way up and down her neck as I undid her bra and pulled it away from her body. We both gasped as our nipples found each others. We kissed, eyes staring into each others as we ground together. I still held her hands from touching me and pushed her down on the bed. I grabbed the waist of her slacks and pulled them down, admiring the black thong that still covered heaven. For now, I was the agressor.

I rubbed up and down the length of her body. Her perky breasts pointing up with their hard nipples. My full soft pillows hanging down, my own hard nipples tracing patterns up and down her torso. I kissed her full on the lips and she finally pulled me into a passionate embrace as we shared lips and tongues. I kissed my way down her neck thinking to myself, “I’ve never done anything like this before!!” But I couldn’t stop myself and didn’t want to. I kissed my way to her nipples and heard her gasp as my tongue explored, licking, nibbling, sucking. God, I was so hot and I wasn’t even on the receiving end yet!! Her hands caressed my hair and my face as I suckled. I smelled the soft scent of jasmine on her wrists. I worked my way to her other breast, licking and sucking on the way. Her soft clean scent filling my senses as her hard nipples filled my mouth. I had no idea what I was doing, I just let my mouth and tongue and her moans lead the way. I kissed my way down her flat belly and teased her belly button before I made my way to her still covered crotch. I could smell her desire and I wanted it, needed it, longed for it. I kissed her panty-covered pussy and almost fainted from the hint of unadulterated sex. I kissed lower, her thighs, knees, ankles. I took her toes in my mouth and sucked and licked, growing bolder with her gasps and moans. Finally working my way back up to heaven.

I nuzzled my face against the moist fabric covering her mound. I licked, tasting just a hint of her nectar. I inhaled, the aroma stoking the fire of my passion to bonfire status. I licked up and down her cloth covered lips until neither of us could stand it anymore. I reached up to pull her thong down and her trimmed little pussy came into view.

It was my turn to gasp as I looked at her beauty. So pretty. Her lips, long and thin, swollen and oozing with desire. I couldn’t wait any longer and I began to lick and suck the juices off her lips. She moaned above me and began to thrust her hips up to meet my mouth. It was so different. I was used to a hard cock in my mouth, bobbing my head up and down to take the length in and sucking hard on the shaft. Now there was just soft, wet flesh. Mmmmm, the taste was so sweet. Nothing to gag me trying to force its way into my throat. Soft, wet flesh, sooo good, sooo hot! Mmmmm licking and sucking her lips. My tongue and lips finding her clit and hearing her grunt and thrust her hips up into my mouth. I moved my hands to hold her lips open as I licked and nibbled on her clit. She trembled and moaned and thrust as I teased and sucked. Lord! What have I been missing all these years!! I love pussy. MMMmmmmm she tasted so good. I ran my tongue down into her opening and circled inside her. I sucked and nibbled on her lips and then bit and licked her clit. She writhed beneath me and grunted and moaned. Her hands stroked my hair and she whispered “oh yes” into the night a thousand times. I sank two fingers into her throbbing pussy and stroked her g-spot as I sucked her clit until her ankles locked behind my neck and she screamed a beautiful climax, rubbing her pussy into my face while her pussy clutched at my fingers.

I eased her down from her climax, nibbling her clit and lips, my fingers easing in and out of her pussy. Finally, I planted a kiss on her mound and kissed my way up her body, wet kisses on nipples and chewing on her neck.

She threw me onto my back and rolled on top of me. Smothering me with kisses and taking charge. “MMMMmmmmmm lover, that was wonderful,” she moaned as she began to kiss me and her hand finally began to wander over my body.

I moaned as her fingers found my nipples and caressed my breasts and her tongue wriggled next to mine. She kissed her way to my neck and ears making my pelvis thrust up against her. Then her mouth found my right nipple and I thought I would come up off the bed until she moved to my left nipple and I thought I would explode. Lips, teeth, tongue… and that was just my breasts…. how would I stand it.

I never stopped to think that this was a woman bringing me so much pleasure. Come to think of it, I couldn’t think….

She was still sucking and licking my nipples when her fingers found my very wet pussy. I heard her moan as she realized how excited I was and my body responded by grinding both my breast into her mouth as well as my pussy into her fingers as I writhed and moaned beneath her.

After an eternity of teasing, I finally felt her mouth moving down the length of my body, her tongue teasing my belly and then my thighs. Like me, she nuzzled her face against my pussy while I groaned and whimpered and ground my hips up against the empty air.

Finally, I felt the hot,wet pressure of her mouth against my lips. Her tongue slipped between my folds and I moaned deeply as I thrust up into her mouth. She licked and sucked me until I couldn’t stand it any longer. Finally, I felt her mouth close on my clit as a finger slipped inside me. I thrust my hips up and down between her tongue and the invading finger until my muscles clutched and I exploded over her tongue. She licked and sucked and fingered as I slowly calmed down.

I think she sensed she had only sighted the tip of the iceberg with me though….

She licked up and down my pussy, tonguing my lips, my clit and my opening. Then she put her hands on the undersides of my thighs and pushed my legs back toward my breasts. She licked and sucked at my lips for a moment or two before she sank two fingers deep into my pussy. I grunted and thrust back up to meet her fingers. God it felt so goood!!!!! Two fingers inside me, now stroking the lower wall of my pussy, now stroking my g-spot. I reached down and grabbed behind my knees to pull my legs up and open. I grunted and whimpered for her to fuck me hard and deep. Her fingers worked my needy pussy. I grasped and worked her fingers as she plunged them in and out of me.

“Ahhhhnnnnggggg!!” I moaned as I felt her mouth and tongue on my anus. I clutched her fingers inside me and then opened for both probings. Her tongue wriggle inside my asshole as her fingers stroked my pussy.

“Oh my fucking god!!!” I must have shouted as I came over two frustrated fucking years worth!!! SHIT. YESSSSSSsssssssss. ” Oh God fuck me” I’m sure I must have shouted. MMMMmmmmm nnnnnggg fuck yesss… oh my god yyeesss fuck me fuck me fuck me…. mmmmmmmm nnnngggg oh god yesssss mmmmm fuck meeeemmmmmmmmmmnnnngggggggg……….

I don’t know if I blacked out or what, but I came to still holding my knees up while my lover – God, did I know her name?!!! – was still licking and fingering me. Mmmmmmmm…. God it felt sooo fucking goooood………. What was that asshole’s name that I was married to?…… Oh god, please don’t ever stop…. mmm please…. I love you……..

“Have you ever heard of lagniappe?” she asked as she urged me over onto my hands and knees……

I leaned up on my hands and knees. I don’t know where it came from – maybe the ouzo? But she had a lovely, thick strap-on that she was rubbing up and down my pussy as I moaned and thrust back against her.

I grunted and lifted my face back over my shoulder as she rubbed the head of the fake cock over my pussy lips. She kissed me, soft, full, passionately, sharing my lips and tongue as her “cock” slid into the folds of my pussy and sank into the depths of my core.

“Oh fuck” I whispered as she slowly fucked me. In and out she slid.

(“Wait a minute” my mind screamed…. “Where the hell did she come up with this cock” my mind tried to ask. Too bad, my sexual self didn’t give a fuck. I just wanted to be fucked. Hard. Deep. Yesssss, oh my god yesssss, fuck meee…. take meeeeee…. mmmmmmmm yeeeessssssssss…….)

I turned my head and she kissed me while she fucked me. God it felt sooooo fucking good. Mmmmmmmmmm……. Her hands on my breasts, squeezing and teasing my nipples, feeling her hips thrusting into mine, her hands pulling me onto her “cock” mmmmmm so fucking goooood……

I came in waves….. mmmmmm …. so goood god, yessssss…. so long….. mmmmmm fuck me…… oh don’t stop….. I begged, whimpered, moaned….. mmmmm fuck fuck fuck yesssssss……

I felt her shudder above me as she wrapped her hands around me and onto my breasts. I shook and shivered as she came while fucking me. Writhing, sighing, moaning, yesssss mmmmmmmm god fuck me……

I had collapsed onto my shoulders on the bed and I felf her hands begin to stroke my back and buttocks as my pussy grasped and shivered on the cock still inside me.

Her hands found my ass and massaged and stroked and caressed while her dildo was buried deep in my very happy pussy. Her thumb encircled my very wet and relaxed anus. I moaned into the pillow beneath me as she played with my asshole, her dildo still buried in my pussy.

I have no idea where the phrase came from, I had never studied French. And I had not been in New Orleans long enough to pick up and Cajun French…. Nevertheless… as she played with my asshole, I looked over my shoulder and whispered to her…. “Enculez-moi!”

(In case you are wondering, that is French for “Fuck my ass!”)

The dildo slipped from my pussy, but as I started to moan for the emptiness in my pussy, I felt her tongue on my asshole. She licked and sucked and nibbled until I was open and wet and begging and crazy……

“Please….. enculez-moi……”

I felt the thick latex head of the dildo slick with lube and spit centering on my asshole and then slowly urging forward; penetrating me; penetrating my asshole; oh god, yesss….. fuck my ass…. mmmmmmm

She was so gentle, easing the hard dildo up inside me until her hips were flush with my buttocks. God, did that feel soooooo fucking goood…. mmmmmm easing the fake cock in and out of my asshole.

“Fuck me…… Fuck me….. oh god fuck me….” I whimpered as she slowly took me.

Her hands on my hips pulling me deeper and faster onto her hard cock. My asshole flowering, opening for her, begging her deeper, oh fuck fuck fuck fuck me… yessssss….

I reached back and opened myself, holding my cheeks open so she could get deep inside me, inside my ass. I could feel the long hard length of the dildo as it slide through the ring of my ass, stretching me. Cold chills ran up and down my spine as the thick length plowed in and out of me, taking me, taking my ass.

I let myself go, gave myself to her, let her do as she pleased with my body, let her do my every opening, pleasure herself with me, pleasure myself with her pleasure. Pounding my ass, her hands found my breasts and teased my nipples causing my asshole to quiver around her hot cock. It became too hard to keep up with all the sensations and my sholders collapsed onto the bed. I drew my knees up a little further and arched my back to allow her to fully work up my ass. Deep, long, slow, hard, she thrust into my ass until I screamed with pleasure only to hear her echo my cries with her own pleasures as she exploded from making me cummmm soooo hard. I clawed the sheets and thrust my ass back to meet her strokes and we both trembled and shook through earthshattering orgasms. Finally she came to rest laying over my back, her hard nipples scraping along my spine. Sweet kisses she planted on my upper back and neck while her fingers stroked my sides and hips and she pulled me slowly and gently onto her cock in my ass.

I collapsed onto the bed with her still buried in my ass. “Don’t move” I pleaded and we fell asleep still attached…..

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