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Nicole In Our Bed

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I was trying my best to just flow with it, not think too much. I always think too much. Feel, just feel. Breathe, that’s the key thing. Be sure to keep breathing. In and out. Nice and easy and smooth. I could get through this.

And don’t look! I couldn’t look. I will soon, I promised myself. But not yet. Breathe.

I stood in our bedroom. My back to our bed. Eyes closed even though I’d just turned off the lights. Trying to keep myself under some kind of control as my husband caressed my shoulders, my arms, that sensitive spot right at the back of my neck, right where the spine ends, that he knew I loved so much. His touch was light, sensual. And moving very slowly, that’s not usual for him. Once he gets going, he likes to go.

He’s trying to help, I suddenly thought. Trying to help me relax. That’s sweet.

He traced a finger across my shoulder, up my neck, under my chin. His other hand at the small of my back ever so gently pulling me into him as he lifted me to tiptoes, bringing my lips up to his. I wrapped him in my arms, trying to match soft with soft. A gentle, soothing, lingering kiss and I tried a little harder to not think so damn much.

After all, thinking is what got me into this mess.

Another tiny little kiss, this time right on the tip of my nose, brought a smile to my lips. Then one on my forehead as his hand allowed my chin down. I tilted a little and he pressed his nose into my hair, he loves the smell of my hair.

He lifted and kissed me again, still light, but this time I felt his tongue pressing. I opened a little, allowing him into me, tasting him. Familiar, comfortable. Our arms up and around each other’s shoulders. He wrapped me, still soft, pulling me toward him.

Usually I just loved all of this. And it still felt good. But tonight was different. I desperately tried to concentrate only on his touch, to feel just that, and not to think about the girl sitting across our bedroom, watching us.


We’d talked about this for a long time. Sharing our bed with another woman. Since before we were even married. Just joking around, I had always thought. Some sexy pillow talk, cuddling together in the darkness. Something spicy to get him hot. Or hot again. For me, I had always thought.


I stood absolutely still, not daring to move. Eyes still closed as his hands worked the buttons on my blouse, one by one, from neck to navel. He slipped it off and let it flutter away.

He reached around and unhooked my bra. I should have done that, I thought, he always fumbles with the clasp. But not this time, he got it on the first try. A good omen? He pulled straps from my shoulders, leaned back, and then lifted satin cups from my suddenly bare breasts. I felt my nipples harden in the cool night air. It’s mostly the cold, I thought. But maybe not. Don’t think, I reminded myself again. I can get through this. Somehow. Then back to normal, it’s just one night in the thousands we’ve been married, will be married.

The bra slipped down my arms. In the utter stillness of our bedroom I could hear it land on the floor. He reached up to tickle first one, then the other. He always went left, right, left, right. He reached around me again but this time lower, much lower. Hands on my bottom, he pressed softly. Not lifting. Just suggesting. Encouraging. I rose to tiptoe again, my first voluntary movement. I knew what he wanted. Don’t think, I reminded myself again. After all, I’d agreed to this, long ago. Even asked for it. I’ll know when it’s OK to look, but not yet. Breathe.

I heard quiet giggling from across the room. I pushed it away, don’t think, don’t imagine. Just feel.

My husband had undressed me, seen me undressed, naked, many times of course. She never had. I wondered if she was judging me. How I looked compared with the other women. The other women she had slept with. Fucked.


God she was young. And gorgeous. And very modern. She had said “Yeah, I love to fuck girls,” as though it was the most natural thing in the world.

Nicole. We’d known her for years, ever since we bought a home just a few doors down from her parent’s house. On the first Saturday of every month, we usually picked her up, drove over to some friends, and she babysat their kids while we went out for the afternoon. Played tennis, biked, saw a movie. Then we drove her back.

She had blossomed slowly before our eyes. From a gawky teenaged girl in braces, acne and huge sweaters to a stunning young woman about to leave for college. Today had been her last day babysitting, tonight our last trip taking her home.

I could never, ever do something like this with a stranger. Some anonymous woman we met in a bar, at the mall, found on CraigsList. All of the different ways we’d talked about finding someone to share. And of course, a friend would be much, much worse. Someone I’d have to face the next day if it turned into a disaster.

So I thought I was safe. That it was safe to fantasize along with him, even tease him. About sharing. And being shared. Playing along with the game. Pointing out women on the street, in restaurants or the supermarket. Whispering into his ear later that night about how their bodies would look naked, how their lips would feel wrapped around his erection, how loud they would squeal orgasming to my touch. That kind of thing. And then watch him get hard for me with quiet satisfaction. Because I’d thought it over very carefully and I couldn’t imagine how it would ever possibly be ‘just right’ enough.

We hadn’t talked about Nicole this way at all. She was way too young, the thought of her simply hadn’t entered our minds. But tonight, almost as soon as the car door closed, she just came right out and said it. “Boy, I’d sure love to do you guys before I leave.”


Hot mouth on my nipples. He sucked me in, jaw wide and twirling his tongue around. I moaned, long and low. Even nervous, I’m very sensitive there as he knows so damned well. That always gets to me. I ran my hands through his hair, then held his head, guiding him, and felt the button of my jeans pop. Then the zipper. The bed was right behind me. He simply pressed my hips, I sat back and down, then onto elbows with my bottom just at the edge. Our bedroom was familiar territory, this was a familiar ritual, I didn’t need my eyes. He lifted my legs straight up and tugged, I wiggled, and suddenly I was in just my panties.

She giggled a little again. I was in our bed, practically naked, no place to run, it was going to happen. And suddenly I just had to look. I opened my eyes at last and turned to see her reaching out to pick my bra up from the floor, admire it, then smile at me. “Rockin’ undies,” I think she whispered quietly.

I had no idea what to say to that except a quiet ‘Thank you.”

Her eyes flicked to him. Still smiling, though not nearly as sweet as to me. More like… hungry.

He undressed quickly, tossing his clothes on top of mine. Once free of his boxers, his erection passed through halfway-hard and stiffened before our eyes. Hers and mine.

I watched her watch him. Yes, definitely hungry.


My husband had jumped at the chance to jump her lovely bones, of course. Talked to her over his shoulder about our threesome like we did this kind of thing all the time. I guess he was right, if only in our heads.

And I was in no position to object, of course. I’d told him so many times that I’d love to. Always carefully adding ‘… but only if it ever seems right’. Thinking it never would. Could. But from out of the blue it couldn’t possibly be better. She was on the pill. Stunningly, achingly beautiful. Hell, the little tart was even legal. Certainly not saving herself for marriage. And she’d never say a word to her parents. There wasn’t a single thing that I could say.

Except that I had been lying all along, of course. And it was way too late to admit that now.


Nicole sat in the chair as he slid into our bed, then up and over to behind me, erection now clearly full and dragging across my hip. Eased me around to lie parallel with the bed. Lifted my shoulder to face her, spooning his erection between my thighs, chin on my shoulder and ear next to mine.

We watched together as she rose at last with a big smile and began to undress. Moving very slowly too. Putting on a show for us.

First her hair. She pulled out some pins and it cascaded past her shoulders in soft luxuriant waves, glistening in the bedroom’s moonlight, bouncing down and coming to rest somewhere below her shoulder blades. She shook some more of it loose, running her fingers through.

Tee shirt up and off, casually, with no hesitation at all. She tossed it over to the pile. Her bra was barely a wisp of lace, cut so it only covered half of her light brown nipples, the rest showing through even in the dim light. Her cleavage soft and luscious and very full.

She unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans, then carefully turned to face the clothes pile, giving us a breathtaking sight as she bent from the waist hauling them down. She held like that longer than necessary, showing off her full, rounded bottom and clearly visible labia barely covered by lace. Her scent floated over to us, dark and musky and alluring.

I was already wet with anticipation. Had been since well before I’d turned out the lights. I felt a drip trickle through my soaking panties and run across my thigh.

My husband’s hand slid across my hip, over my arm, and then up to my breasts. His fingers went back to my nipples, much harder now, forgetting himself. Well, I couldn’t blame the guy. We’d been talking about this for a very long time. I reached up and stroked his hand, helping to quiet him.

But his erection between my legs was as stiff as I’d ever felt.

She smiled again at us, upside down, from way below knee level.


I had been shocked when Nicole said she imagined screwing my husband sometimes while masturbating. And I was stunned when she said she imagined me more often. “You were my very first orgasm, a girl never forgets!” She unbuckled, then leaned up from the back seat to give me a quick peck on the cheek. “And you were my first boygasm.” She gave another one to him.


She bent back up at last, kicked jeans and shoes from her feet and pushed her hair mostly in back of her ears. Then turned to face us in the cutest, laciest bra and panty set I’ve ever seen. The purest virginal white imaginable, she simply glowed in the moonlight. Little pink bows at her hips and cleavage. “Rockin’ undies too,” I mouthed, and got a wink as a reward.

When she reached behind with both hands, her tits pushed out even more. Once freed, the ends snapped around to her front, they’d been pulled tight. She shrugged it off and away.

Shoulders back and chin up, she cupped her breasts and pinched the nips even higher than they already were. Lifted each one in turn to her mouth. Her tongue slid out and she gave them both a long, slow, slurpy lick. Just like I always wished I could do.

My husband’s hipbones pressed even harder into my bottom, poking himself all the way through my thighs and out the other side.

Thumbs into the waistband, she pushed her panties over and off her wonderfully round bottom. Then she stood there in front of us, hands in her hair, and wiggled, jiggled and giggled them to the floor.

“Ta da!”

She gracefully opened her arms wide and shook all that hair mostly behind her shoulders. Got one knee slightly up and rotated her hips, just like beautiful girls are born knowing how to do. Standing there all naked, gorgeous and eager to get laid.

I didn’t know whether to admire her or hate her. But I knew one thing for certain – I envied her to pieces.

She skipped over to our bed “Ooo! You started without me!” She was watching a small drop of semen gather at the purple head poking out from between my thighs. It sparkled in the bedroom’s moonlight.

She reached out, touched, then licked him off her finger.

“And you too!” she giggled, She ran her wet finger across my wet thigh, then licked that. “Yummy!”

Gracefully sliding in to lie beside me, Nicole looked at him and snapped the elastic of my panties. “These have got to go. Don’t you think?”

Our neighbor, nude and nubile, was in our bed and casually discussing the state of my underpants with my husband.

This is going to take some getting used to, I thought.


I’d been teasing him terribly about having sex with another woman. But it was all part of the game, I never thought I’d actually do anything like that. Just sexy conversation about wanting to stroke her soft skin, kiss her ripe lips, suck her firm nipples. Lick her glistening clitoris, slide my tongue into her wet and swollen cunt. I knew all the words, phrases. Porn clichés. And I had used them all. Shamelessly and with lusty enthusiasm.

Now I was going to have to decide exactly how much of that was just talk. I really didn’t know how far I wanted to go.


“May I?” She was already pushing on my hip, rolling me to my back as he pulled out from between my legs, my bottom and thighs suddenly missing his familiar, comforting warmth.

“Go ahead.” He eased to the edge of the bed with a great big grin, giving her room to position me.

But first, she leaned down, opened wide, and sucked my husband into her mouth. Deep.

She held him inside, looking straight up and into his eyes. He just froze, transfixed at the sight. Goodness knows we’d talked about another woman sucking him plenty of times before. But I don’t think he ever really believed it would happen. And I wasn’t sure how I felt about seeing that either. At least not just yet.

Her eyes flicked over to me. Judging my reaction, I thought. At seeing my husband inside her. I tied very hard to smile at her, at least faintly.

It must have been enough, she sat back with a loud ‘pop!’ Flashed a quick, bright, eager smile at me, then up to him, then crawled in my direction. Lifting my ankles, she pointed my toes to the ceiling, got my calves against her tits and leaned forward. Bending me double and prying my bottom from the bedspread. Grab, tug, lean back, up and over her shoulder with a flourish and I was now as naked as they were. She’s had practice getting a woman out of her panties, I thought.

But she didn’t let me lower my legs. Instead, she leaned forward again, bending me in half once more, and laying down on top of me with my toes behind her ears and her tummy pressing into the back of my thighs.

Hair tumbled down all around us as she leaned in for a huge wet kiss, her tongue probing and her pelvis pushing into my bottom in an unmistakable sex beat.

She tasted like semen. He’s getting ready to cum was the last thought I remembered. We floated together, lips locked together, for I don’t know how long.

Breaking at last, she allowed me to unfold, riding my calves upwards. Sat back and motioned for me to move a little over.

“He’s almost ready to pop, you know?”

I nodded, unable to talk for a few moments while I got my breath back. Well, that settled the kissing question. I had liked it. A lot.

“OK, so you over here,” Nicole said to my husband and pointed to the center of the bed, “And we’ll get the first one out of the way. Means you can start on the second one that much sooner.”

He scooted, eyes wide and a big, stupid grin splitting his face. She settled in between his thighs, pried them wide, and leaned over onto one while leaving plenty of room beside her. She patted his hairy skin, halfway between knee and erection. Unnecessary, but I was still a little stunned from that kiss, a head full of fog and moving kind of slow.

She flipped her flowing hair around so I wouldn’t lie on it and adjusted herself a few inches higher on the bed. Held him in her hand, way down low, pointing the purple head straight toward me as I eventually got into position. “Your turn,” she smiled.

I moved my head to the right level, got my elbows below, worked up some moisture in my mouth and leaned toward him. I opened wide and she guided him into me.

Salty, he really is only minutes away I thought as I closed my lips around the head, got him tight, then sucked in hard. I felt him scrape over my teeth and his shaft slide inside me. I trapped it between my tongue and roof, generating some nice friction while pushing down onto him, getting as much as I could inside, all the way to the back on the first stroke. Trying to show off for the visitor in our bed.

He put his hand on the top of my head, but he knows damn well not to pull me onto him. I broke him from that ugly habit very early on.

I felt her squirm a little beside me as I let him slip back out, then sucked in again very hard and every bit as deep. Holding him in this time, just like she had done, waiting for the tears to gather in my closed eyes. Then started stroking my head in earnest. I reached up to tickle his balls, found another hand already there, so I got my elbow back below me without missing a single beat. I suck a mean cock.

Her hand came up, tugged some of my hair behind my ear, then continued across my back. Down, very slowly, fingertips only, feather light feeling each and every bump on my spine on the way to the base, and then again on the way back up. I felt a marvelous, firm tit press into my arm. “You’re even prettier than I thought with his dick in your mouth,” she sighed.

His erection throbbed inside me, hard and hot. I sucked him in and out, pumping smooth and easy, feeling his thigh tense next to my shoulder. Tighten. Moments now.

I really do like to swallow the big mouthful he always produced, but I wanted to be a good hostess. So I slowed, stopped and slipped back. He popped out and groaned piteously.

I reached up and pushed my husband in Nicole’s direction.

She smiled a quick thanks at me, took a deep breath and slid him right in, but not all the way this time. Didn’t pump at all. Just held him in medium, the center of her tongue right behind the tip, and worked her jaw back and forth, sliding it side to side . Extending him for a few extra seconds. “You’re very pretty like that too,” I returned her compliment while stroking all that sumptuous hair. Surprised to suddenly realize that I didn’t mind sharing him with her at all. She smiled at me around my husband’s erection. I let my hand slide down and tickled his balls, my turn now, very gently, fingernails only. He groaned again, harder. Deeper.

I checked carefully. My lipstick was maybe a few millimeters closer to the base of his erection than hers. I’m not competitive, I didn’t think I would have minded if it wasn’t. But it was, and seeing that make me feel good.

Her jaw kept on working but eyebrows arched suddenly at me. I knew the question, of course. I had decided the answer when I handed him over to her. “I’ve had him plenty of times,” I whispered.

She grinned back at me again, let him slip out until the base of the head was clearly visible between her white teeth, then closed her lips and sucked him in slow but hard once, twice, and he was cumming into her mouth on the third plunge.

She held him in at the very bottom, took the first spurts, then quickly pulled her head back and off, pointing him over at me. It took a second to register, I was very new at sharing a cocksuck, and a lot of his semen dribbled down the shaft. I got him back into my mouth and kept my lips wide all the way down, chasing after it. He didn’t seem to mind. He groaned again, but this time in pure bliss as I sucked hard at the bottom, gathering up the last few drops with my tongue.

I held him inside until I was sure he was done, then a little longer, then pulled still sucking hard until I held the head just behind my teeth. Licked the final drop from the opening, smiled up at his closed eyes and finally let him out. Both of us gasping for air.

As he collapsed into the bed, Nicole reached around my head and pulled me in for another open mouth kiss, my husband’s sperm glittering on her lips and chin. Her tongue pushed some of him into my mouth and I tried to do the same for her, evening things out. We both swallowed together, holding the kiss long after it was all gone.

We broke, I started breathing once again, desperately trying to get my eyes back into focus. Damn, that girl could kiss. She held my chin directly over my husband’s swiftly disappearing erection and cat-licked every single drop of him from my face. Then she just held still, mouth slightly open and eyes lightly closed. Waiting. So I did the same for her.

On the bed below us he groaned all over again. “Oh my god that’s so fucking hot…”

I just loved making him feel like that. If it took another woman in our bed, well, maybe it would be worth it. Once.

I scooted up to rest my head on his shoulder, she followed along to the other one and he got his arms around us both. We lay there, three very happy people. Every now and then, his eyes would close and his grin would widen. Remembering, I guessed. Maybe planning? We’d see.


He kept looking at her in the rear view mirror, all the way home. Speeding way more than usual. He held my hand most of the way, stroking my thigh the rest of the time. But imagining her firm and supple body in our bed I had no doubt.

At least, I know that’s what I was thinking about.

Driving past her house, I noticed the lights were all out, even though it was still early. She probably saw my head turn.

“My folks won’t be home until like tomorrow afternoon. So we’ve got all night. And the morning too.”


We stroked his chest hair for a while, the two of us. Glancing, smiling. Giggling at each other like a pair of naughty schoolgirls every now and then. The two women who’d just shared his sperm. We toyed with his nipples, tickled his navel, played with his balls. Sharing all of him.

He just stared up at the ceiling, eyes unfocused and still gasping a little.

I lay in our bed, watching another woman hold my husbands naked penis in her hands, and was amazed by how jealous I wasn’t.

All I ever really wanted was for him to be happy. And he was in heaven right now.

He turned his head toward me for a kiss much different than before. Still light, it’s true. But more like exhausted. Or maybe overwhelmed. “Thank you,” he could barely get the words out. “I’ll never forget.”

Grateful to be thanked first, I gently pressed his nose toward the other shoulder.

“Nicole helped, you know. You really should thank her too.” Then went back to fondling him.

He took a huge breath, and let it escape very slowly toward the ceiling. “Yes. Yes she did. Yes she did.” He turned the rest of the way to her upturned face and planted one on her lips. Solid, like he really meant it, but not lingering too long I noticed. Well, after all, his wife was lying right beside him, and with his balls in her hand. “Thank you, Nicole.”

She pressed her cheek to his chest and reached down to take my hand in hers, lifting and squeezing it gently. This familiar stranger in our bed. “It was my pleasure,” she assured us both.

She didn’t let go, just pulled me across for another kiss. Once her lips were firmly locked on mine and her tongue in deep, she hooked an arm around my neck and rotated backwards. I eased up and over him, he scooted below me, and now I was in the middle.

Still kissing, she cuddled in front of me. He pressed in again behind. He was still soft, still very wet, but still nicely warm too, it felt good. He got his hands onto my hips and pulled me in tight, his familiar skin felt good against mine. Her brand new skin felt good too, and I stroked every square inch I could reach.

Nicole dipped her head, kissing, licking and sucking my nipples. She must have noticed how I responded earlier. They’re nowhere near as spectacular as hers, but they’re more than enough to fill a bustier full, with a little creamy tit overflowing pleasantly. I had nothing to complain about.

He looked over my shoulder again and down. No doubt admiring the sight of her pink little tongue on my much darker nipples, her pink lipsticked mouth wrapping and sucking while her fingers squeezed. This girl likes to suck, I thought.

She kissed her way back up half an inch at a time, giving my mouth some more attention while still holding and squeezing. Then turned her head and kissed my husband. Her hair draped into my eyes a little, but I didn’t move. I could tell by the stirring into my backside that he was already beginning to recover, just barely. I didn’t want to interrupt that. So I reached up and stroked her taunt tummy some more.

She wiggled a little higher, bringing those wonderfully full, firm and round mounds to lips high. I felt him lean forward eagerly, heard him grunt as he shoved his collarbone into my shoulder, reaching as far as he could. Her other breast was right in front of my nose. I couldn’t see it in the darkness of the night and still enveloped in her hair, but I could feel her warmth an inch away. I only had to lean a forward and she pressed into my lips.

So I kissed. I’d never kissed a woman’s nipple before. It was amazing, I’d never felt, tasted, known anything like it. So vibrant and alive, it quivered beneath my lips growing and hardening. I felt her twist and push into me a little more. So I sucked too. Licked. Thrilled at the feeling of another woman below my tongue, it surprised me.

I felt her top hand searching between us. She got my elbow, followed it down the forearm to my wrist. She guided my hand lower and around, palm facing her.

I hesitated a little, not sure if I was ready for that. For her crotch. But she pulled harder. Insisting, not asking. My fingers slid across her pierced and studded navel. I felt her knee slide up my hip, she was opening wide and willing for me.

Down her tummy, her skin softer, smoother, warmer than any silk I’d ever felt, without warning suddenly over her vulva, the lips wet and swollen and bumping below my fingertips. I spread my hand to cover it all, then cupped and centered, trying to get my palm directly over her clit and press gently. I could clearly feel the hood, she was that open, and I adjusted to it. Still holding my wrist, she eased her bottom forward and guided me in tight little circles, round and round. Rubbing against me.

I felt my husbands hand leave me moving forward. By the angle and reach, I guessed he was sliding it along her skin too, stroking her hip, thigh and back. Buns. Still sucking and licking I could hear, unlike me. I had other things on my mind. Tampons. Panty liners. Cotton panels. Stop thinking damn it. Feel. Feel her. Damn she felt good. Silky soft and smooth and oh so very warm below my touch.

She let go of my wrist, moved lower, and put her hand directly over mine. Got her middle finger directly over my middle one and guided me. I absolutely knew I wasn’t ready for that, for inside. I hadn’t expected this, I wanted to back up, think things over. Talk about it with her. But she didn’t give me time to hesitate.

While I was trying to figure out how to gracefully ease out from between my husband and her vagina, she simply pushed me deep inside.

Wet, so incredibly wet. Soft, so incredibly soft. And warm, I couldn’t believe how warm she was around my finger. Comfortable even. I was astonished by how natural, easy, right my middle finger felt inside Nicole’s vagina.

As smooth and easy as inside myself in a bubble bath. I felt the breath I’d been holding for I don’t know how long slowly exhale. This was nice, I could do this, it was going to be fine. Wonderful even. Oh god she felt so damned good wrapped around my finger and squeezing me ever so softly.

She got a second one inside her without any struggle from me. Pressed her bottom forward even harder, now in a screwing rhythm, slow and steady in and out, fingerfucking herself on my still hand. Positioned me so the heel was directly over her clitoris, I could feel it rubbing now clear of the hood and in time with her PC muscles squeezing down hard, moving her hips in the opposite circle from my hand.

Using my hand to whack herself off, basically. But I was thrilled she wanted me to help her like that.

She suddenly bent at the waist, pulling breasts away and lowering her head, quickly re-establishing her rhythm around my fingers. I felt her hair drag against my face as she reached up to kiss my husband, her breathing hot, hard and loud.

Instinctively, I began to push back, flexing my fingers inside her, turning slightly on each stroke, rubbing her inside and out. Our bed began to shake.

Her hand shot up to hold his head, pull the kiss tighter. I kept my fingers firmly inside her, my palm turned and fingers now moving in and out. She ground into me as she moaned into his mouth and he stiffened now hard again into my bottom.

With a shuddering heave and a muffled howl, she shoved somehow even more onto my fingers and orgasmed, gushing into my hand.

It was better than I could ever have possibly imagined during all of our teasing talks. Feeling a woman shudder below my hand like that was as breathtaking as if I’d come myself.

I was astonished realizing that. I had no idea. For the first time in my life, lesbians made perfect sense.


“Oh, I fuck married people all the time, you know? But never just husbands or wives. Only together. A girl has to have standards, you know.”


She lay huffing on the bed beside me, one arm flung over her head, eyes closed, dripping with sweat, naked and smiling gloriously in the moon’s soft light. My hand inside her still-quivering vulva.

The picture of pure ecstasy, right there in our bed.

She was gently easing back toward reality, but in no hurry to get there. I knew the feeling, and envied her all over again.

My husband reached over me to run a hand across her tummy and heaving chest, up the underside of her taunt breasts, then over to stroke her flushed red cheek. Carefully avoiding the hard and swollen nipples for now. I’d taught him that mine were painfully sensitive right after an orgasm.

I started to ease my fingers out. “Stay inside?” she asked, not turning, her eyes still closed and her breathing still deep. “For a while?” So I did. She squeezed on my fingers in thanks, all wet and warm and wonderful still.

Eventually, after her breath was back to easy and slow, she lifted my fingers from her vagina to her mouth, licking and smearing her lips. “Ummmmm… that was good…” she softly sighed.

Then turned and kissed me, her lips and mouth now dusky and dark with just a hint of sperm still in the background.

“That was terrific, thanks,” she whispered.

“Thank you,” I whispered back, and I meant it. I had a lot to think about while lying there, my husband pressing into my bottom and another woman beside me. Still smiling from the orgasm I’d helped give her. Was thrilled to have helped her have.


“I just love watching married people fuck. No really! It makes me feel all good inside to see how nice it can be, people who know just how the other guy likes it, where to put their hands, that kind of thing. Makes me look forward to having a husband some day.

“Or maybe a wife, I haven’t decided yet.”


He reached around to take my hand. I rotated into him, his erection bumping across my tummy. He was fully hard again. I was surprised, he hadn’t gotten ready for a second go this fast since college.

I tried to pull him up and over toward her. Nicole was a guest, after all.

But she just reached across to stop him right above me. Pushed him back a little, firmly. “Later, tired,” she said.

Then got up on an elbow with her head in her hand and settled to watched my husband screw his wife.

I’d been horny as hell since long before we’d even gotten to the bedroom, but too tense to relax into it. That was long over now. He looked down at me. I looked up at him. We adjusted together. Comfortably. He slid inside me firm and deep and familiar, I always loved the feeling of him on me and in me. Arms around his neck, I hugged him tight above while he got going down below.

He started quickly, like he always does. I have to let him blow off some steam before even trying to settle him down. He stroked into me, burying himself all the way inside with quiet, squishing sounds. I got my knees high and open for him, my bottom turned up a little so our pelvic bones met when he bottomed.

I lay back on the pillow, squirming just a fraction farther down, letting him just a fraction more inside me, until I got everything he had. I reached across down low to stroke her hip, adjusting to having another body nearby surprisingly fast. Comfortably screwing my husband with another woman in our bed. Watching us.

My eyes flicked over to look at her, suddenly glad she was watching now. I liked the way she smiled at our married people sex.

I looked back up to see his eyes were half closed, his hands flat on the bed and elbows locked. Thrusting into me in a solid beat. Breathing quick and easy and full with every stroke. I settled in for a nice, firm, satisfying ride, my hips sliding across and getting my breath in time with his.

He didn’t look at her, didn’t try to touch her. He just screwed me, and I loved it. I let my eyes ease closed, but not out of shyness any more. Just trying to float along with the nice pleasant tingles rippling up from down below.

I felt her hand, Nicole’s hand, stroke my thigh. I reached out and held it lightly in mine.

After a few minutes of letting him burn off some energy, I began to reign him in a little. I slowed the swaying of my bottom, now not quite in time with his erection pistoning away into me. I tried to move just a tiny bit behind his beat, settling him gradually down to a nice, smooth, easygoing rhythm. Still solid, still in me deep, but not banging together any more. More like a gentle bump as we met.

It took me longer than usual, especially for his second time. He was raring to go. I wondered how many times he was going to be able to cum. Eight was the most we’d ever had in one day. I remembered those twenty four hours well, thought of them often. He said I inspired him. But that was ages ago. I couldn’t remember the last time he’d cum into me a third time in one night. A couple of years at least. Usually just a screw, or a suck and a screw, and then sleep.

But he was in good form, I was sure. We’d talked about this for so long. I thought three tonight, and then at least one more before Nicole left us tomorrow, was very possible. Maybe even two. One each? That would be nice. The poor boy was going to be walking a little funny for a while.

I was glad she was in our bed, I knew he was loving this. My husband and I would have a lot to talk about, to remember, for a long time to come. I squeezed her hand. She squeezed back with another one of her splendid smiles. I looked at her looking at us. Arched my eyebrows this time. She knew the question too, and nodded smiling.

I grabbed him with my knees, stopping his humping. “Nicole,” I told his suddenly open eyes. “She’s ready. For you.”

“Ummm… ahhh… Uh huh?”

I looked over at her again. “Your turn.”

“Oh yeah!”

I pushed him up, slipped higher and off. Crawled out from below. He just held, suspended, in mid air. She quickly, expertly eased into place below him. My place.

Our place. At least for one night.

“Oooo, so warm,” she giggled, and lifted her knees into screwing position.

I reached over and simply guided my husband’s swollen erection into another woman. It was the easiest thing I’d ever done. Natural. Surprised all over again at how glad I was to share him with her.

He just pushed forward and was inside a vagina that wasn’t mine for the first time since we’d agreed to date exclusively. I know my husband, he’s not a cheater.

“Ahhhhh…..” he sighed as he pushed firmly in. We’d talked about this so many times. And I really, honestly hoped Nicole felt as wet, warm and wonderful squeezing tight around his erection as she had around my fingers. He deserved that kind of happiness.

She wrapped her hands around his neck and pulled in tight. Pushed her bottom up, adjusted a little to get it to a good spot.

He started to move, but she tapped his neck and looked him in the eye.

“Cum in her, OK? Not me. Be real real sure.”

“Ummm, yeah?”

“How come?” I asked. I didn’t mind sharing him.

She looked over at me. With her sweetest smile, “So I can lick it out of you.” She didn’t add ‘…dummy’, but I sure felt like one. Of course.

She leaned to gave me another kiss, every bit as deep as before, but much quicker. “And you’re going to just love it,” she promised. I had no doubt.

Then she slapped his buns a couple of times with her soles, giddy-up, cowboy! He got the message and got back to busy.

I eased over just a little to give them plenty of room. I lay there on the pillow, in our bed, and actually enjoyed watching my husband have unmarried people sex with the stunningly beautiful girl from up the block. It was a lot more interesting than I’d ever imagined it would be.

She pulled her knees very high, much higher than I did, and bent her butt farther up too. Well past the point of giving him a straight shot in. I watched closely, wondering. Probably pushed his erection up against her g-spot more sliding across it going in and out, I guessed. I made note to try that sometime very soon.

Her fingers gripped his arm right at the bicep, not his shoulders like I did. And she crossed her ankles behind the small of his back instead of holding them next to his hips.

He had gone straight back to banging away hard and fast, maybe even more than with me. So much for wearing him down a little before handing him over. Oh well, let him have his fun. And Nicole sure didn’t seem to mind hard and fast, she matched him grunt for grunt.

He screwed her solid and deep, bouncing her tits almost to her chin as his hips slammed into her bottom. Another reason to lift high, I thought. There’s more padding back there.

I watched his face, then hers. Both beautifully engrossed. Working together. Sweating together. Having a great time screwing together. Now I envied them both. But the night was young still, I’d catch up.

They had to squirm around a lot, I noticed. Adjusting to each other. Starting and stopping, then trying again. Familiar may be dull sometimes, but at least it’s comfortable.

Watching them screw, I tried to imagine her, down between my legs. Her tongue inside me. Licking sperm, his sperm, my husband’s sperm, as it oozed slowly from my vagina. Pressing that huge sunny smile into my cum soaked labia, sliding her tongue over my gleaming clit. I could picture that easily. Had pictured it before, with everyone from movie stars to cocktail waitresses. All the women we’d talked about in our fantasies.

Then I tried to imagine me doing that to her. That wasn’t so easy. I’d tasted my fingers after an orgasm, I’ve swallowed gallons of his cum. But I had a hard time putting them together. I’d sure talked about going down on a woman. But I really hadn’t thought about, at least not in… anatomical? detail. I knew all along I really didn’t want to. But that was then. Did I now?

Her hands shot out, suddenly, grabbing his buns. She had to dig in her fingernails to get his attention. Poor baby, I thought, that’s got to hurt.

He stopped, she tucked, and they rolled.

Popping up, she ground her pussy hard into him, then quickly got the rhythm going again. She rode him every bit as hard as he had done for her. Hair flying wild, full round breasts bouncing even higher, lush full bottom slapping his thighs loud.

Head tipped back, she huffed, “Easier,” into the moonlit bedroom’s air. “Later,” she added after about a dozen more strokes. A few more, then “Switch.” It’s hard to talk and screw at the same time. but she got her message across.

She pulled one of his hands from her hip up to a breast and held it there. She reached without looking, found my hand and held it to the other one. Once we both had a firm hold, following her up and down, both her hands plunged into her crotch, rubbing her clit hard and in time. Her breathing deepened and she sped up even more, hips swinging side to side as she pounded him in and out. He was grunting now, lower and louder with each shove into her.

Her head was straight back, mouth wide and eyes tight. Hair swinging with her bottom. Concentrating on herself, her clitoris, nothing else in the world mattered right then, I knew that’s what I’d be doing.

His hips started to buck, loosing the beat, jerking. He was starting to get close again, trying to hold back for a little while longer. I recognized the signs immediately.

I thought it over. Decided to let him finish into her. I knew he’d love it. Hoped she’d love it. I thought I might even love watching it. And there was plenty of time. So I just relaxed back a little and smiled at them, quietly wishing her another ringing orgasm.


She leapt straight up and off in mid-stroke.

“Whathfuck?” His head popped up, eyes suddenly wide.

“You’re gettin’ too close!” she whispered urgently, hauling me across the bed.

Oh well, I scrambled toward his erection, our feet tangling together as she was trying to help me get a knee over him and my crotch into the right spot. I finally managed to get about there, took a chance, spread my knees and let gravity do the rest. I dropped straight down, his head bumping in hard on my pubic bone and nearly missing my damned opening completely.

All the way in on the first push again, he was already wet and I was soaking, I felt the head open me wide, the stiff shaft filling me nice and full once again. Thinking that we really should have practiced this, it had taken way too long. And not being in exactly the right position getting him in hurt. But he was safely inside me now.

He watched the whole thing, two women sharing his hard-on again, with that same big grin. “Hi babe,” he whispered up as I tried to imitate her hard, wild screwing. Then he leaned back and closed his eyes. By the look on his face, I think I got it mostly right.

I squeezed as tight as I could, I really need to start doing my Kegels again.

She lay back and watched us once more, my tits not bouncing nearly as much as hers, and he was cumming after only a few minutes. He shuddered, gasped, bucked three or four times and then once more hard as I felt his sperm shoot up and into me, filling me even fuller. I continued to move side to side, but pushed him in to the very bottom and held him inside me. Loving the feeling of his spasming erection throb deep into me, pumping into me, squeezing tight as I could.


Getting out of the car, she had leaned over and whispered into my ear, “Don’t worry, I’m not trying to steal him.”

That thought hadn’t even entered my mind. Until then.


“Oooo, you’re sooo pretty. That’s the second prettiest thing there is,” she cooed, her nose about three inches from my vulva. She was watching my husband’s semen ooze slowly from me. “A cunt that’s all full of sperm.”

Up on my elbows and watching her, I just had to ask. “Then what’s the first?”

“A hard dick that’s all full of sperm.” She giggled in the direction of my husband. Maybe she winked, I couldn’t tell from this angle. “Now hurry up and get us another one, will you?”

He just nodded, speechless. And kept on watching too. And four tonight suddenly didn’t seem like too much to hope for.

She turned back to me. Closed her eyes and inhaled deep.

“And that’s the best smell ever. Boys and girls mixed all together.”

With that, she leaned forward and pressed her lips into the second prettiest and best smelling thing there is, landing as light as any butterfly ever touched a flower petal.

“Ohhhhh…..” I sighed. That was sooo nice. I got up a little higher on my elbows to get a good view.

She used her lips to gather him from my lips, eased backwards and looked up into my eyes as she licked them off. Smiled at the flavor, the texture, the idea of it all, then went back for more. Dragging her lower lip up and through my labia, a pause, then the upper one down and through. Walked her elbows a little higher and used her thumbs to softly spread my vulva even more open, very gently, and then did both together, upper lip feather soft over my clitoris and meeting the lower right at the opening. Another pause to lick herself clean. She pursed her lips for a kiss, leaned into me and sucked, still very soft and gentle. Slurped just a little. I held breathless until she moved back. Then squirmed. A lot. She went back for more, moving always very slowly.

My husband went down on me often. He said he liked it, I said I liked it. And sometimes I even did. But this was a completely different experience. Electrifying. I moved my knees even higher, wider. Silently begged her toward me again.

My ever thoughtful husband tucked a pillow behind me, so I didn’t have to strain to keep my head up. Pulled some hair from Nicole’s eyes. Put his head on my shoulder and watched very close.

She was moving much slower than he ever did down there. Much, much softer. Her slightest touch was breathtaking.

Another lean in, her tongue at last, from just a tiny fraction above my anus, I worried suddenly she’d touch that but she didn’t, straight up in a single maddeningly slow agonizingly light lick through my lips, lighter over my opening, somehow even more so over my clitoris now standing achingly tall, up some more and then out at the very top. Admiring the sight I thought, as I felt a little more semen drip out of me.

Tongue extended, she leaned in, lapped it up and then pushed inside, just the tip, and opened me like a blossoming rose as I felt her warm, moist breathing on my clit. Stars began to gather in the corners of my eyes.

She held inside me for a second, sucked again, and slid out, a thread of sperm connecting us, then breaking. This time opening her lips while looking up. Showing off the glistening stream before letting it slide down and into her, She closed at last and swallowed. I thought that was sooo fucking hot.

A deep breath. Another look square into my eyes as she moved in, tongue pressing inside me deep this time, circling around once it was inside, tracing my circumference, gathering every drop there, blowing on my clit again and I slipped slowly into another place for a while as the stars started to move, swirling around our bed in time with the slow twirling of her tongue inside me.

Nicole licked her way out and moved higher, halfway between my opening and clitoris, I’d never been sensitive there, but I was now. She pressed the tip of her tongue and I felt it to my toes. The stars wheeled faster.

Her upper lip now directly on the clit, rubbing soft and gentle, got my breath shuddering in tiny little gasps. It felt so fantastic I didn’t notice the fingers inside my vagina until she started pistoning into me in the exact same rhythm my husband had used to screw me.

My toes curled into tight little balls. My breathing turned into moaning. My legs started trembling.

Tongue straight now on my clitoris no longer so gentle quickly lick lick lick and those stars exploded right through the ceiling.

I may have grabbed her head and shoved myself up into her face, just like I never let my husband do to me, but I can’t be sure. But the shaking seemed to go on forever.

“OhmygodNicole,” I heard somebody rasp faintly, echoing from very far away. It could have been me.

Then just slowly unwound, relaxed, settled. A deflating balloon. And smiled, boy was I smiling.

Nicole sensuously kissed her way up my tummy, back now to soft and slow, to lie on top of me, pelvis between my thighs, tummy sliding in my wetness, resting her cheek on my shoulder. Her fabulous tits pressing in right below mine. Somehow I had the presence to notice her nipples were every bit as hard as I was.

I slowly brought my arms around to hug her close.

“That was fabulous, Nicole,” I whispered, kissing the top of her head. She snuggled getting comfy. My husband is taller than I am, but I’m taller than her. She fit in my arms like a dream.

We cuddled for a long time in the darkness. He politely didn’t disturb us at all.

But after a while she turned to him, still holding me, and lightly bit his shoulder. “You promised,” she scolded. “You promised to cum in your wife.”

“I’m glad it worked out OK. I’m sorry.” He tried to sound it, but the big sloppy grin on his face said he was having way too good a time to be sorry about anything that happened tonight.

“Does he always forget important shit like that?” the other woman in our bed asked me.

“Only when he’s having too good a time,” I huffed up to the ceiling, slowly getting in control of myself. “To pay attention.” A few more breaths. “Usually he’s a pretty good guy.”

“Pretty lucky guy, I’d say,” She kissed me, then turned to him. “And you’re a pretty lucky girl.” She kissed him too. Then slipped over to lie in between us, somehow snuggling in two directions at once.


“Fucking just one person, a girl or a guy, is great. I love it. But with one of each, well, there are just so many different ways, you know? Plus you can take a break, rest up. And most beds are way too small for four. Believe me, I’ve tried.”


We lay in the darkness, our tight little threesome, for quite a while. Everyone’s breathing soft and sweet. Everybody stroking each other in the darkness. It was going to take some time for the third round, but we didn’t seem to be in any kind of a hurry. And a fourth? Well, we’d just have to see.

Nicole rolled over and we kissed for a while. our lips locked and hands roaming across each other’s sweat slick skin caressing the whole time, her on top of me again. Then we settled in together once more.

“Be right back, OK?” she whispered in the darkness to both of us. She slid down and off me, skipping lightly into the bathroom. After a while, the toilet flushed and she came back to join us again.

This time, though she went around the bed to my husband’s side, getting in to lay on top of him. They kissed for a while. I watched.

She got her legs inside his, wrapping his limp penis with her thighs and humped, pulling him a little. Nothing seemed to happen.

“Too soon?”

“Uh huh.”

“But soon?”


“Well then, let’s see what we can do until then.”

She got her legs outside of his and used the headboard to pull herself up until she was sitting on his chest, nipple high and knees cheerleader wide, her vulva open and inviting right in front of his face.

“I cleaned out everything, there’s no cum or anything inside me, so don’t worry, OK?”

Tasting his own sperm wasn’t my husband’s favorite thing, but he didn’t have too big a hang-up about it. Unlike some of the guys I’d dated before.

His eyes flicked up, “It’s no big deal. But thanks,” he said, then went back to looking right up inside her.

She wiggled her buns forward a little, he opened his mouth a lot. Got his hands around her thighs, gripped her hips, raised his head and pulled her in.

“Oooooo…..” she sighed, petting him on the head, “you watched…”

Actually, he was going about a hundred times faster than she had, and straight for the clit with no warm up. Pretty much as usual. But he kept his tongue in his mouth, using his lips instead of attacking it right off, so he had noticed a thing or two. I eased up in the bed to watch him eat out a woman. I’d never watched from this angle. Maybe I could learn something.

She rolled her hips hard and pushed forward, onto his mouth. Grabbed his hands and pulled them to her swinging breasts, holding tight as he squeezed her tight.

“Tongue,” she whispered, “Down. Inside.” He did like he was told and she began to thrust herself into him.

I watched for a while, then glanced down the bed. Stirring, at least a little? I thought so, maybe.

There wasn’t much to see up here, Nicole covered his face completely, rubbing her silky soft labia lips across his nose, mouth and beard stubble. I hoped she didn’t scratch herself. So I eased down, pushed his legs apart and knelt. I stroked him for a while. He was definitely beginning to respond to my touch, so I leaned and wrapped my lips around him again. I took care not to pump, it was still too early for that, but I gently sucked. I heard her bottom start to slap a little, above my head. I heard him begin to moan into her.

He slowly inflated into my mouth, rising as they wound down. I didn’t hear her orgasm, but I didn’t hear her complain either. Pretty much like when he went down on me. At least she didn’t try to fake anything. I respected that. I started caressing his balls.

He was really getting ready faster now, filling my mouth completely. Then more, making me let some slip out. I started to pump, just a little, until I was sure he was hard enough to properly screw our neighbor.

I reached up and tapped her behind. “He’s ready.” Then used one hand to guide her down and the other to guide him in, and slid my husband’s partly stiff erection into Nicole’s soaking wet vagina without a second thought. Made sure she had him snug, then gave his balls one last tickle. He squirmed, she squealed. I smiled.

I sat up behind, lifted the guest in our bed backwards from his chest and hugged, stilling her. Pressed my breasts into her back and nose into her ear. Whispered, “I’m tired. He’s all yours. For this time at least. Understand?” She nodded eagerly. I kissed her ear. “Good. Now, make him beg for mercy. But don’t give him any.”

She laughed right out loud. Then kissed me again, hard but quick.

I patted her on the behind, then flopped down onto the bed to lie beside my husband. I stroked his chest, heaving as she was already starting to move on him. “And you,” I whispered, “I want you to be a gentleman. No cumming until she does.” He nodded. “I’ve got to go pee. But make me proud big guy. Promise me you’re going to bang that tight teenager’s twat ’til she screams. I want to see you fuck that gorgeous little vixen’s brains out, got me you great big bucking stallion?”

A hoarse “I’ll try,” was all he could manage. I kissed his cheek and hopped from our bed as they began moving together. Like I said, I knew all the clichés.

I peed, then got a washcloth soapy and did my face and pits. I thought about wiping my crotch, but decided to leave it alone, at least for a while. I liked the feeling of being dripping wet, having been wet for hours and looking forward to hours more.

This was his great fantasy, what we’d talked about so many times. Screwing another woman in our bed, with my permission and participation. I was sure over the years he’d had plenty of chances to cheat, but certain that he never had.

So tonight with Nicole, in a way, was his reward for being faithful. My present, I realized. I got comfortable with the idea. I wanted him to really enjoy it.

So I puttered around in the bathroom, giving the two of them some ‘together’ time.

I got out the good towels, and a few extra because there’d be three to shower in the morning. Made sure the toilet paper roll was full, there was soap in the dish, douche on the counter so she wouldn’t have to search. That kind of thing. Listening all the while to bedsprings singing sweetly in the next room. Surprisingly comfortable.

I turned out the light before opening the door, trying not to disturb them. In the darkness of our bedroom I gathered some stray clothes from the floor, then sat in the same chair she had sat in earlier this evening, watching him undress me. That seemed so long ago now. It had been quite a night, and nowhere near over yet.

Back then, I had been trying not to think. But I had some thinking to do now.

She’d gone down on me. So it was only fair. But of all that slutty girl-on-girl talk I’d indulged in, turned him on with, even turned myself on by, cunnilingus was the one thing I really had issues with. Issues that went way back to my very first period, no doubt. Putting my mouth ‘down there.’ I had always cringed inside at the thought.

I silently mouthed the word, watching Nicole sweetly screwing my husband in our bed. Cun Nee Ling. Us? Hmmm… Her and me? And him added to the mix, I really hadn’t considered that. I’d always talked about, thought about, fantasized about, just her. Some other woman. Going down on a woman. Maybe having the familiar taste of his semen would help? Act as a bridge or something? I didn’t know. Really didn’t know if I was going to be able to do it at all. ‘Do’ her. Right there in front of my husband. In our bed.

Despite my very specific instructions to bang each other senseless, they were moving slowly, very sensuous. Sometime while I was in the bathroom she’d slid back down to lie on his chest, her lovely round breasts pushing in and squeezing out from between them. Her knees were wide, holding her lushly round bottom off him as it rolled in a quiet, gentle rhythm. He stroked smoothly up into her. Her face moved over his chest, lightly licking his nipples. She’s shorter than me, she got to them more easily.

He was running his hands through her hair, over and over and over, it flowed glistening through his fingers. Eyes closed and breathing easy. Both settled in for a very long and pleasant haul, I hoped.

Watching them screw, I made up my mind that I was going to try. Going down on Nicole. Wanted to try, I decided. OK, I had issues. I’d handle them when the time came. I was going to try as hard as I could to make her very, very glad she had a big, dripping load of my husband’s semen inside her. I knew him more than well enough to see he was very, very glad to be working on putting it into her. The bastard owed me, big time.

And I guess I owed him, too, just as much. Maybe even more?

We’d work that out later, and in great detail over many, many nights to come. His erections to cum, my clitoris to cum. I was getting a little giddy just thinking about it.

As gradual as a snowfall, she pushed her knees down and tipped to her side. Got him on his. Straightened up, arched, and brought his head to her breasts, all without breaking rhythm. I was impressed, it’s hard to be that graceful in bed with a stranger.

Her hair had gotten below her shoulder, she tried to get it out while still moving down below. I eased over, reached, helped her tugged it out, and they went back to screwing, this time side by side.

It gave me a closer look at my husband’s face. Completely transported.

I slipped into the bed behind Nicole, hugging my husband around her. Pushing my tummy into her bottom, feeling him stroke and her sway. It was good.

She got her hand down in front. I watched over her shoulder as she fingered her clit in long, slow circles, matching the timing of his erection into her and her bottom sliding on me.

After a nice, slow screw that seemed to go on forever, he began to speed up, just slightly and his breath dropped an octave, moving into a gasping territory. Again, I remembered the signs. I let go and eased back to give them some room.

She seemed to recognize the signs too, turned, pulling him on top. Then got her legs up and ankles next to his neck, and helped him get his arms wrapped around everything. Then lay back on the bed like she had done with me earlier, supporting him on her calves and thighs.

Just like before, this got her buns up off the bed so that when he began stroking in harder, he hit firm round butt like before, but without her having to hold it up. It also left some space between them, which she used to get those fun little fingers deep onto her crotch. It was dark in there, so I couldn’t see where. But I could sure guess.

He started up again, Slowly again but gathering momentum, grunting with each push inside. her gasping as he shoved in. I helped keep hair from her eyes.

Once she had my husband banging into her good and solid, Nicole reached over to take my hand, holding and squeezing while her other one flicked away down below.

Their breathing rose together, their skin flushed crimson together, their sweat beaded together as they screwed away in the night, building rhythm steadily. Working hard together toward banging each other senseless.

They pounded away in the night.

She jerked my hand tighter, began to shudder again and orgasmed nice and loud and satisfying.

He slowed for a few strokes, let her get some breath back, and went straight back to hard and fast. Another minute and he came with a great grunt into her, deep but nowhere near as long. He wasn’t used to three any more.

Collapsing, they cooled down together. I leaned in and kissed Nicole. I leaned in and kissed my husband. Glad for them both. They just lay there, still gasping.


“I waited ’til like the last minute to come on to you guys. Because that way if you freaked I’d be gone, some people are all weird about this kind of shit, fucking together, you never know. And we won’t have to see each other on Saturdays any more when I get back. So that’d be OK. But I’m real glad you guys didn’t freak.”


“You don’t have to. Really, It’s OK, I’m fine.”

“Yes I do. Have to. Plus, I want to, Nicole.”

I lay on top of her, kissing her soft and tender and all over, her lips, her nose, her eyes. Practicing, actually. Practicing soft. I hadn’t said anything to her. Or to him, for that matter. I hadn’t repeated any of my foolish boasting about wanting to screw another woman, have her shudder and moan below my tongue. But she knew.

And I certainly hadn’t said anything about my ‘issues’ either. But she knew.

I’d kissed her lips, then that cute little dimple a fraction below, then her chin. Lifted it and leaned into her neck. Hadn’t slid down an inch toward her warm and wet crotch. Yet. But she knew.

She whispered permission. Gave me an excuse, a way out. I didn’t take it, I just started my journey. Down. On a woman.

A tiny fraction at a time, meandering across her chest and breasts, pausing at those fabulous nipples, so alive under my lips and tongue, practicing some more. Then down again. Very aware without needing to look that my husband, right beside me in our bed, was watching as I kissed my way downwards. And loving it.

Tummy, as silky soft below my lips as her labia had been below my fingers. Bigger steps now. Navel.

I gave that delightful little hollow some close attention, loving how it felt shuddering as she giggled. Then down more, heading southwards. Her fingers tightened suddenly, right at the base of my skull. Holding me still. Giving me one last excuse to stop, or at least pause. Think things over some more. I did for a second, then pushed right through it.

Right as her deeply tanned skin suddenly turned milky white below my lips I took a very deep breath. Breathe, that’s the key. Keep breathing.

Her knees came up around my shoulders, I got my arms down, around her and out, gripping her silken thighs right at the hipbone. They rose around me as I slid another inch closer. Back to not thinking, trying not to think. Feel. Feel all that smooth downy warm flesh all around me, enveloping my head. Holding myself up and over her, I rubbed my cheeks and ears on one, then the other. Feel. Feels good.

Breathe. Smell. Inhale her scent, now inches away. Moments away. And him too, and yes I thought, that did help. Don’t think.

I turned and kissed a thigh. Then the other. Savoring? Or delaying? Don’t think.

Lean. Forward, eyes now closed, no need anymore, I can feel her heat radiating up and out on my face.

Touch. Her and him, spread in a thick layer on her labia, with just the tiniest tip of my tongue. Tasty. She’s right, boys and girls together, the best flavor there is, someone should bottle that. Sweet and musky and salty and dark and mysterious all at once.

She had caught her breath at the tiny little touch of my tongue. I thrilled at that.

I tried my best to remember her tongue on me, do just like that. Remember, flow and think of nothing else.

Got a deep breath, held it. Heard my husband do the same beside me. Smile. It’s going to be fine. Suddenly calm, no more hesitation. I could do this.

Lick. Straight up, starting as low as I could reach, straight up, as soft as I can touch, straight up, wet and steady as her innermost lips part below me moving up and I dipped in slightly at the vaginal opening tasting a sudden spurt of salt no pausing as I bump soft and light nothing but butterflies on my mind over her clit and then hood and finally out the very top as far as I can reach no hesitation at all.

Eyes closed and tongue still out, holding the moment as long as I could. My first pussylick.

I let out my breath, it was going to be fine. My husband let out his breath, I’d just filled the other of his deepest fantasies. Nicole let out her breath, getting comfy below my hands and lips and tongue. “Oooooo…….” she cooed.

I pulled my tongue back inside my mouth and moved it all around, tasted her vulva all over again, her and him together, wow that’s good, and swallowed it down.

Quick smile for her, quick smile for him, another breath for me, do it again. Even softer, slower. She stroked one side of my head, he the other. That felt nice. Encouraging.

I tried to flick my lip on her clit, now standing up I was very gratified to see. Like a guy’s erection, girls can’t fake that. So it’s always a compliment. She giggled above me, so I did it again. Nice.

Enough with her for the moment, time for some of him. I slid my t0ngue out, down, and eased it through her opening, prying her open, getting my lips firmly onto her lips and then gently sucking his semen from her vagina, his familiar taste mixed with so many unfamiliar sensations, it was electric all over again.

She moaned, just a little. Softly. Another good sign.

Tongue in deeper, wiggling it around a little, lips pressing firmly. Feeling her warmth again, all around me, below me, salt flooding into my mouth.

Suck. Very gently.

Gather as much as I can, exploring her depths, feeling her moving around me. Squeezing onto me just as softly, opening and thighs working together to hold me softly inside her vagina.

Break, move back, breathe.

Smile at her. Smile at him, looking at me in wonder, my face between another woman’s legs.

Open wide and show off for him a little. Tongue way out, look what I’ve got! Tip back, let it slide in, swallow it down. Smiling wide, oh that’s good.

So down for some more.

Tongue deep inside her, careful to keep my nose from bumping into her clit, I know it’s very sensitive now, circle inside her like she did me. Sucking and gathering, she starts to move her bottom, squeeze herself onto my ears. Push in hard and wide, spreading her, filling her.

Her fingers slide between us, helping me out, I let them, her vagina is wonderful, I want to stay deep inside it. So soft and warm and deep.

I add pushing to circling, finding a rhythm, trying to keep it.

Her bottom rose below me, I slipped my hands around and below, grabbing and lifting, pulling her onto me, tonguefucking our neighbor right there in our bed.

Lips glued to lips, feeling her flex, feeling her squeeze. Her taste changes, starts to overwhelm his, deeper, muskier, more like me afterwards. Mouth open somehow even wider. Push into her hard, keep the beat.

In circle out in circle out in circle out keep it up incircleout and she’s cumming up into my face.

I held her to me, pushed in hard and drank deep as she shuddered in my hands, downy soft thighs lightly squeezing my ears and moaning somewhere far above me.


He’s a great guy, and he’s been a terrific husband, I had thought as I switched off the bedroom lights. I could never have asked for a better one. He wants this so much. And I’ve promised it to him so many times. It wouldn’t be right to deny him now, I had thought. Then tried to keep that as the last thing I thought for the rest of the night.

I didn’t succeed. But it worked out all right. Eventually.


The fourth one took some doing.

After snoozing for a bit, then lying together some more, I reached down my husband’s tummy to check things out in the darkness. The precocious Nicole’s hand was already there ahead of me. We giggled together again, then both moved down our bed for a closer look.

Meeting over his center, she whispered, “I call cock, it’s my turn. You take balls.”

That seemed like a good plan, so I reached between his legs and came up from below fingernailtips only. Giving her plenty of room to work.

She slurped his limp penis in and started working her jaw along the underside. Eventually, he started responding, but even slower than last time. It had to be hard on my poor baby.

I tried to get my head down and around to lick his balls, but it was just too awkward a position. She had things going well, it was just a matter of time and biology, so I let her work and slid back up to rest my chin on his shoulder. Whispering into his ear as he just stared straight up unfocused, breath in raspy gasps, trying hard to get hard.

“Me and the very, very buxom sweet little cutie pie Miss Nicole are going to fuck you dry, big guy, fuck you dry. Then lick each other’s dripping wet pussy, taking turns back and forth. We’ve barely begun to ride your stiff cock, suck the cum right out of your balls. And from here on out it’s going to hurt a little. Sorry about that big guy, but you did ask for it you know.”

I was back to teasing him, but this time it was about something that was actually happening. He was concentrating way to hard to do anything but nod.

This was familiar stuff for us, talking him hard again. Although it hadn’t been for a fourth time in a while. But the fundamentals don’t change.

“Now, I want you to get that great big steel hard tool of yours slamming into that poor little girl’s tonsils quick like a little bunny, OK? There’s a lot of night left, and you’ve got two very horny women who want to share every spurting drop of your steaming hot cum.”

His eyes popped wide and he gasped hard, head jumping a foot or more above the pillow. I do great dirty talk, but that was ridiculous.

I my eyes flicked down to see if she’d bitten him or something. Instead, I thought I saw his shaft, his entire shaft, the whole damn thing, emerge gradually from between her tight lips. It glistened dripping wet in the moonlight all the way to his balls.

Her hair was in the way, so I might have been wrong. But I didn’t think so.

I watched the next suck in very closely. Back to normal, nothing different. Except he was still wet to the root.

And hard enough to start at least.

She pushed him toward me, I pulled him over on top and spread, missionary because you can’t beat the classics and I liked feeling him up there. Nicole reached between us and slipped him inside me, and I gave him some solid bucking time, then eased my great big stallion down to soft and sweet. It was late, this time it didn’t take long. Then I handed him over.

Nicole flipped him to his back and rode him straight to slamming, hands jammed into her crotch and having another shuddering orgasm on the way, where does that girl get the energy? Once she’d truly wore him out, I got him back for a very sweet, nice, sweaty conclusion, politely declined Nicole’s offer of another lick, and we all fell asleep for a while arm in arm in arm.


“I’m no cum dumpster, OK? No kind of slut. I’ve got rules. Not like some girls.”

“That’s important. I guess?”

Somewhere way past three a.m. Nicole and I sat leaning against each other on the sofa, both still naked, smiling wide and very sweaty. Fully flushed and flagrantly fragrant, I inhaled our threesome’s combined scents while feeling her impossibly soft and smooth skin on mine, amazed all over again by how good she felt. Both of us still dribbling a few last drops of sperm onto the cushions, I’d have to get them cleaned before we had guests over.

He snored in the bedroom.

I had gotten us a half gallon of Fudge Ripple and two big spoons. We ate straight from the carton, adding a chocolatey layer to the rich tastes already in our mouths, on our lips. I was going to really hate brushing her and him out in the morning.

Nicole ripped a great big hit of ice cream and let it slowly melt, eyes closed and savoring. Then passed it to me as she swallowed. “For example, I try to be real polite, fucking husbands. I don’t want to suck any deeper than their wives, buttfuck unless she does, or do any kind of weird kinky shit unless she likes doing it too. Because I don’t want to spoil things, you know? Between them.”

“You deepthroated him, didn’t you? Your hair was in the way, but I thought you did.” I scooped a spoonful and passed it back. With a warm smile, I hoped. I wanted her to understand that I wasn’t upset.

“Yeah, that’s what I’m trying to say, OK? Trying to get to. I wanted to tell you I’m real sorry about that. I said I tried. I didn’t say I always remembered, OK? I get carried away sometimes.”

“We all do, it’s OK. We’ll be OK.”

“But I could teach you if you want? When I come home. It’s not hard. And boys, they really like that. Believe me.”

“Hmmm…” Something to think about. After all, Christmas vacation was practically around the corner.

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