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Nicky Takes a Shower

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Nicky pushed opened the back-door to Bob’s house. It was Tuesday so she had at least three hours before Bob, her landlord, returned from his weekly trip to town. Three hours to do some washing, have a hot shower and grab some food before Bob returned with his groceries, animal feed and fuel. Nicky lived in a caravan on Bob’s farm. Every other day Nicky had to bathe using a basin and a sponge but on Tuesdays she took the opportunity to ‘play house’ while Bob was out.

Nicky pulled down her pink lace panties and threw them in the washing machine with her other dirty clothes. After a quick lunch of odds and ends (including a beer she thought Bob would not miss) she hung her wet clothes on the balcony to dry then went to the bathroom and started the shower. She untied the sarong she used as a dress and let it fall to the ground. She looked at herself in the mirror as she ran her fingers through her hair. She smiled approvingly at the shape of her breasts and hips, the flatness of her tummy.

Nicky jumped into the stream of hot water and drifted into bliss.

Bob on the other hand was not having a good day.

He had broken down on the way into town and had left his mobile at home on the charger. He walked some of the way home but eventually got a lift back to near his house. He thanked the driver and walked up his driveway.

The first thing he noticed when he opened the front door was the clean, soapy smell in the air. Then he heard the water running. He instinctively moved towards the sound. The clean smell increasing with each step. The sound was coming from the bathroom opposite his bedroom. As he approached the bathroom he saw the clothes drying on the balcony through the opened bedroom door. He stopped, then smiled as he recognised some of the clothes.


He had always wanted to see Nicky’s undies; and her naked body.

Bob held his breath as he slowly peered around the edge of the half-opened bathroom door. His heart almost stopped as he took in the scene before him. There was Nicky standing in the shower her back turned slightly towards the open door. She was humming a tune to herself as her fingers lathered her hair. Bob’s eyes roamed all over her body; her legs, the soft curve of her waist and hips; her firm round butt. With Nicky’s arms raised Bob could clearly see the side of Nicky’s breast and he longed to see more. As if reading his mind Nicky turned around. Bob instinctively ducked his head back around the edge of the door. Had she seen him? He waited a few seconds and then slowly peered back around the door. Nicky was now facing him but had her eyes closed and her head back as she rinsed the soap out of her hair with her fingers. Bob’s eyes drank in her beauty. Nicky’s raised arms gave Bob a perfect view of her gorgeous breasts. Her nipples protruded through the stream of warm soapy water cascading down her body.

Bob’s eyes followed the water down across her flat toned tummy, the curve of her hips and the trimmed triangle between. Bob reached down and gave his growing bulge a squeeze as he imagined touching Nicky’s beautiful body. Nicky turned around again and fumbled for the bottle of hair conditioner. She then massaged some into her wet hair. Bob continued to squeeze his cock through his pants as he admired her butt once more. She then grabbed some shower gel and started washing her body; Her arms, her breasts her tummy. Bob was mesmerised as he watched Nicky’s hands roam across her lovely body. She then washed between her legs. One soapy hand ran up and down between her arse cheeks while the other cleaned her pussy. Bob watched excitedly as Nicky moved the hand from her arse up to her breast giving each nipple a quick squeeze while her other hand still massaged her pussy. She then arched her back and rubbed her breasts briefly with both hands before turning around and rinsed the conditioner from her hair. Bob once again ran his eyes up and down her lithe body while he imagined what he would do with her.

As Nicky started to wipe the water from her eyes Bob retreated back behind the door. He heard the shower stop. When he peeped around the door again he could see Nicky bent over drying herself. Bob watched her breasts jiggle as she vigorously rubbed her hair dry. He thought about just rushing in and grabbing her but he was enjoying the show too much he didn’t want it to end. Besides, he had plenty of time.

Eventually Nicky stood up and wrapped the towel around herself. Bob retreated into the bedroom opposite the bathroom and waited behind the door.

Nicky came into the room dressed only in her towel. As she walked across the room Bob stepped out from behind her and said. “Nice to see you Nicky.”

Nicky yelped and whirled around, her eyes and mouth wide in surprise. Her hands pulling the towel tighter around her body

Bob smiled as he looked her up and down. “I thought you had been avoiding me. You know your two months behind on the rent.” Nicky looked down at her toes and nodded mutely.

“And now I find you’ve broken into my house when you knew I was out?.” Nicky nodded again. Bob took a step forward.

“Maybe I should just call the cops and have them haul your arse away?” Bob continued to advance. Nicky slowly shook her head. “Please. No.” She definitely did not want the cops involved.

“I always thought you were a good girl, Nicky.”

Nicky was still staring at the floor. She could see Bob’s feet right in front of her now.

“Are you a good girl?” Bob asked as he played with a stand of hair on her bare shoulder.

Nicky was trapped and she knew it. Her down-caste eyes flicked up and down. She could not avoid seeing the obvious bulge in the front of Bob’s pants. She raised her hands to where the towel was tucked between her breasts. “I am a good girl.” she softly protested.

“Show me how good.” Bob whispered.

Nicky bit her lower lip as she slowly lowered the towel to her waist.

Bob licked his lips as his eyes feasted on her beautiful young body once more. He reached out and cupped Nicky’s left breast in his right hand. His hand was big but her breast was bigger. His fingers squeezed and prodded as they played with her nipple. His other hand grabbed her towel-clad arse pulling her into him. Then his hands were everywhere at once; her breasts, her shoulders, her hips, her waist. He rubbed his big hands all over her squeezing whenever there was enough flesh to grab. She could feel the heat of his body grinding into her. Then his hand lifted her chin and before she knew it his mouth was on hers and his tongue was probing her mouth. As he kissed her one hand squeezed her breast while the other held her against him.

He broke the kiss and let her go. He smiled at her while he unzipped his pants and dropped them to the floor. He pulled his shirt over his head then reached out and pulled the towel from around her waist leaving her completely naked.

Bob grabbed Nicky and forced her onto the bed sitting facing him. Nicky couldn’t help but look as Bob dropped his shorts and his raging cock sprang into view. It was definitely pleased to see her. The skin was so tight over the engorged purply-red head that she thought it might pop. The tip of Bob’s cock glistened as it twitched up and down in front of Nicky’s face.

Nicky knew what was expected of her. She reached out and wrapped her hand around Bob’s meat. She opened her mouth and he pushed forward past her lips. He pulled out as he felt her teeth scrape his sensitive skin.

“C’mon open that pretty mouth up wide for me. I’m sure your’ve sucked plenty of cocks bigger than this.” But before Nicky could answer Bob started rubbing his dick against her lips. Actually, he was wrong, she thought. Nicky had only had three boyfriends. Her first boyfriend had an average size cock, the second boy’s dick was small and thin (like a finger). Her last boyfriend was quite large. But Bob’s cock was at least an inch longer and a lot thicker. It reminded her of an angry purple cucumber. But she had no choice. He had caught her inside his house. She had to give him what he wanted.

Nicky closed her eyes, took a deep breath and opened her mouth as wide as she could. She curled her lips over her teeth as she felt the head of his penis push into her mouth. She reached up and grabbed the shaft to avoid having to swallow the whole length. She hid her true intentions by gently massaging the skin back and forth. At the same time she twirled her tongue around the head of Bob’s dick. He moaned and started slowly rocking backwards and forwards. Nicky worked her hand along the shaft as she ran her tongue around his thrusting head. Bob reached down and grabbed Nicky’s tits, squeezing her nipples between his groping fingers. Nicky moaned in the back of her throat. She opened her eyes in surprise. Was she actually starting to enjoy this?

Bob increased his rhythm and pushed further into her mouth. She reached up with her other hand and tugged gentle on his balls. Bob continued to play with her breasts and tweak her nipples. She could feel a tingle deep in her belly. She could also feel Bob starting to loose control. He grabbed the back of her head with both hands and thrust deep and hard. She gagged as he pushed further into her mouth but there was nothing she could do. With one last thrust he pulled her face onto his cock as he shot stream after stream of hot cum into Nicky’s mouth. She instinctively closed her throat to avoid swallowing the warm sticky fluid. It dribbled down her chin and onto her breasts.

Bob let go of Nicky’s head and withdrew his cock as the peak of his orgasm subsided. Nicky wiped herself with the towel and spat-out the remaining cum. Bob took the towel off her and wiped the end of his dick. He pumped his fingers around his cock as he looked down at her.

“Well that pays for the shower. Now your going to show me your appreciation for not calling the cops.”

Before Nicky could respond Bob pushed her onto her back and bent her knees up giving him his first good look at her naked pussy. Nicky tried to keep her legs together but Bob pulled them apart. He ran his strong hands down her inner thighs as he knelt next to the bed. He moved his head down between her thighs. Her perfume enticed him. He lightly ran a finger over her clitoris. Nicky stifled a gasp and bit her lip. He ran his fingers along the outside of her pussy lips. Nicky bucked at the lightness of his touch and the effect it was having on her. Bob then started rolling the skin over Nicky’s clit between his finger and thumb, occasionally tugging up and down like he had done with his own penis. Nicky did not want Bob doing this to her but her body responded just the same. None of her boyfriends had ever touched her like this. Then she felt Bob’s tongue as it flicked her clit. She moaned and Bob watched as her beautiful pussy started to swell exposing her delicate pink inner lips. Bob ran his tongue up the length of Nicky’s slit and then lightly sucked her clit. She moaned again as she rocked her hips onto his mouth.

Bob stood up. Nicky lay on the bed in front of him with her knees bent. Her eyes were closed; her breasts rising softly with each breath. One of her hands was gently playing with a nipple. He tummy and hips were rocking slightly. Her pussy was open and glistening. She looked absolutely beautiful.

Bob grabbed Nicky’s ankles and lifted them up as he climbed between her legs. She opened her eyes and looked at him as she remembered what was happening. She tried to clamp her thighs shut but it was way too late. She could feel Bob’s cock as it pushed against her pussy. He ran the head up and down between her lips. She tried to think of something else but she could feel her pussy lips grasping for his cock. He pushed the head between her lips and she realised how wet she was. Bob started thrusting in and out so only the head of his cock slipped between her pulsing lips. She tried to resist but she could feel herself turning inside out. His teasing was driving her wild. Her breathing quickened as she tried to push down capturing more of his cock. Every now and then Bob’s cock would slip forward and press hard on her clit making her gasp. Nicky couldn’t take it any more; She wrapped her arms and legs around Bob trying to pull him into her. His mouth came down on hers and she felt his tongue penetrating her mouth. She kissed him back hard, pushing her tongue deep into his mouth. He responded by simultaneously thrusting his tongue into her mouth and thrusting his cock all the way into her pussy. Her mouth opened wide and tried to devour him while her pussy clamped down tight and tried to milk him.

Bob held himself deep inside her then pulled back and started fucking Nicky for all he was worth. He had dreamt about fucking this girl since the first day he saw her and now here he was with his dick pumping in and out of her glorious body.

Nicky couldn’t believe what was happening. Bob was older and fatter than any of the boys she had been with but he fitted inside her like the missing piece of a puzzle. His fat old cock touched her in all the right spots. She started fucking him back.

Bob pulled back and teased her with the head of his cock again.

Nicky arched her back trying to pull him back in. “Please Bob. Please.”

He plunged back in and started fucking her hard again. He could feel her pussy muscles rippling around his cock as he fucked her. She felt so good. Nicky’s arms and legs hugged him close and she pulled him deeper into her with all her might. Bob ran one hand up between their bodies and over her breast rolling the nipple under his palm. It was all she could take. Nicky grabbed Bob’s face and rammed her tongue into his mouth as he slammed his cock home.

They came together.

Bob shot load after load of hot jism as deep into Nicky’s pussy as he could. Nicky responded with her own flood of juices as her pussy pushed down on Bob’s cock.

Nicky could feel Bob growing smaller inside her. He rolled to his side pulling her over with him.

When Nicky opened her eyes Bob was standing next to the bed. He passed her the towel then reached down and caressed her leg.

“Now, about the rent…”

Nicky groaned and rolled over into a ball. It was going to be a long day.

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