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The Party

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He entered the room, as he had done so many times before, and he noticed right away that there was a difference. He could not exactly pinpoint the difference or tell what was different or why. He just felt that it was different from all the previous times. There was something in the air, and he had the intense feeling that this time, something was going to happen, and that someone was unwaveringly waiting for him.

So he began as usual greeting all the guests and as they returned his greetings, he noticed someone new, someone he had never seen here before, and she smiled at him. He asked her to follow him, and they sat on a leather couch in a corner of the room all by themselves and talked.

They talked and talked, He looked in her eyes; they were so submissively beautiful. Her lips were so moist and meaty. He felt as if he wanted to lift her up in his arms and take her away from there. He felt as if he could tear all of her clothes off there and then even with all those people around, and just take her. He wanted her naked, he wanted to smell her sex and watch her obey him and offer herself to him.

Of course he restrained himself but he knew he was going to meet her again, and he had no doubts in his mind about what would happen then.

She noticed he was strictly controlling himself, and a sensuous smile of appreciation appeared on her lips.

He looked at her again and then took her hand in his, He put his personal card in her palm, his eyes still locked in hers. He smiled, closed her hand in a fist around his card, and elegantly placed her hand on her breasts. Then he brushed her knuckles with his lips.

Not a word from his lips, but a million words from his eyes.

Slowly he got up and left. Her eyes followed him as he walked away, and even though they had just met and she knew nothing about him, she felt comfortable in his presence, reassured, even attracted.

She looked at his card and began to open her purse to put it away when an evil thought took hold of her mind. She pulled her cell out and called one of the three numbers on the card. Naturally, she dialed the one next to the word cell.

She thought she would try to be mysterious and tease him a little bit. She was a great teaser, all her friends knew that. She was not sure what she would say and do, maybe just listen to him answer and then hang up, or maybe act as if she were a past lover who wanted him back. Still debating what to say, she dialed the number.

It rang a few times, but there was no answer. She waited a little longer then put the phone back in her purse. Now her phone rang. His strong sensual voice with a foreign accent sounded in her ear. She froze, unable to speak.

The voice then said: “I knew you would call, and now you will do as I say. I am in my car. Just come out of the building and you will see me. You will come now!”

Now she knew she had put herself in deep trouble. The smart thing to do would be to disregard that request, but that was not so easy to do. Nor did she want to, not really. It would have meant totally giving him up forever.

Even though she had just met him, she could see he was not the kind of a man who would tolerate being disobeyed or yield control to anyone else and besides, deep inside, she really liked the man.

Reluctantly, and with uncertainty and questions in her head, she began to walk towards the exit.

She swore to herself that she would change those teasing ways of hers, but then, she had to admit that, had she not called him, she would still be at the party all by herself. Instead, here she was on her way to meet him, to meet someone she actually felt attracted to, and the anticipation was overwhelming her. Why did he want to see her? What was he going to do to her?

She left the building and immediately noticed a long stretch limo parked by the side of the road. The back door opened, and she let herself in. It was spacious and air-conditioned and the windows were darkly tinted. There was a bar, music, and nice wide leather seats, soft, supple, and warm. And of course he was there, welcoming her into the car with a smile on his face.

“We can go now, Fred” he said into a microphone. The car purred to life and they were on their way.

“Where are you taking me, Sir?” she asked him, but his only answer was a smile, a look, and a pat on her thigh.

“Take your underwear off,” his firm voice said.

“Excuse me?” she thought. Had she hear him right? She looked at him, but he was not even looking in her direction.

She dared not speak, and she knew he would not say it again. He had said it once and, with him, a woman would get only one chance. Somehow she had very quickly come to know this about him. The way he said things, the way he looked at her when he spoke, and the fact that he did not like to be kept waiting told her that she had to do whatever he wanted right away, had to do it before the words were even out of his mouth.

A moment later his hand was out and she knew he had to give him her underwear right away. A million thoughts crossed her mind, but still she complied with his wish. In seconds, she did as he had asked. He was gentleman enough to make it sound as if he had been asking, but in reality, it was an order, not a request.

She raised her butt to slide her panties off and then placed them in his waiting hand. He closes his fist around them and brought them to his nose. Then he handed her a set of vibrating eggs. She immediately recognized what they were. They were the remote controlled variety. It was obvious to her what she was to do with them, or at least she thought so, because he quickly added: “Follow the directions!”

She carefully followed the directions and placed the gleaming eggs on her left knee. Next, that she stretched out her legs, slid her butt on the seat, leaned backward, and tried to get herself as horizontal as possible. She put her hands behind her back.

He was still not looking in her direction, not watching her, but she could see a smile of anticipation on his face. Perhaps that smile held a bit of cruelty, but it held a lot of passion.

Patiently, not yet fully understanding why she was consenting to do all these things, she waited. One thing she did know, though. She did not want to disobey him or upset him. She was attracted to him, and she felt he could control her in more ways than one.

Suddenly she felt the toy begin to roam over her thigh, slowly heading in the direction of her sex. It moved slowly, then stopped, then rotated. Then it traveled down her other thigh and halted on her right knee.

Again he spoke into the microphone, and immediately the driver stopped the car. He got out and moved to the front of the car. The front seat was separated from the back by a dark Plexiglas screen and she could not see him or the driver, nor could they see her. Or could they?

The car sped forward again and out of a speaker came his voice: “Lie down on the seat and place the headsets on your ears, and make sure that the tiny microphone attached to the headphones is by your mouth. I also want you to completely undress, by the way. Once you have done all that, raise your arms up and insert your hands into the two cuffs coming from the roof of the car. They will automatically tighten on your wrists.”

It was almost impossible for her at that point to define or understand the way she felt, nor make any sense of the thoughts that were going through her mind. One thing was clear; she had absolutely no choice but to obey his command.

Once again those vibrating eggs began to roam up her thigh, to her now moist mound. She felt them rolling across her outer lips, and then they penetrate her pussy. At the same time, she noticed a pair of clamps being lowered from the car ceiling reaching her nipples.

He was not even there with here, yet she was at his mercy, and subject to his whims and pleasures. She could imagine him sitting right there behind that screen, maybe watching or maybe not, but still in full control of her emotions, of her body.

She began to moan and finally realized why the microphone was by her mouth. As the moaning increased his voice sounded in the headsets. Soft and passionate, very sweet, yet controlling and firm.

So many beautiful words, words that she had never heard before. They were being delivered into her ear with as much power as that toy was thrusting into her pussy and those clamps were tweaking her nipples.

She moaned louder, her body began to squirm and shiver, her flesh sweating, her pussy getting moister. Yes, she was ready to explode, but could she? He had said nothing about that yet. She waited, hoping to receive a command, but no, not a word from him. She had reached a point at which she could hardly wait anymore, and she was almost ready to scream. She thought about begging him, but she knew better.

Suddenly she heard a noise. The front seat had somehow spun around and he had appeared. He was already undressed, and apparently quite well endowed. His fingers pushed into her sex, pulling the vibrating toy out of her. His body flowed on top of hers. She felt all his weight holding her against the seat cushions. His legs were entangled with hers and his manhood pressed again her throbbing mound. He released her hands from the cuffs and they flew around his neck. The clamps also came off her erect and swollen nipples, only to be replaced by his cupping hands.

He looked deeply into her eyes; it was a fiery, controlling look, and she feels a warm rush of belonging, of being desired, of being owned. Now she knew that her teasing phone call, earlier that evening had not been a mistake. Now her mind was free of doubt. Her soul floated free, her emotions were certain. She had no fear, no weaknesses, no doubts.

His hands were under her butt. He moved her body to adjust to his. She squeezed her eyes shut and she felt him rush into her, filling her up, her pussy muscles tightening on his hardness and milking it. His lips closed around her right nipple and then licked her ear lobes. She heard his reassuring voice say those words she so much wanted to hear: “Now I know you are mine. Cum for me little one. Shower me with your sweet juices. The scent of your cum is all I want and need right now.”

He was still thrusting into her as she came, and she knew he would keep thrusting, preparing her for a second round, this time together with him.

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