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Sonia’s Birthday Surprise for Gavin

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In my life I have always been pretty conservative. I don’t stand out in a crowd and I don’t take risks. Your typical nice average guy – that’s me. At 31, I have done ok for myself. The only major thing missing from my life was a family. But I knew one day I would meet the girl of my dreams and that part of my life would also fall into place. At least so I thought.

I’d been working quite hard of late and decided that Saturday night I would make sure I went out and let my hair out (so to speak). A group of us went to the local nightclub to have a few drinks and dance the night away. I’d been friends with these guys for a long time so we were all comfortable with one another. Comfortable enough that we could dance together but spend out time searching the dance floor for potential partners. My friends were doing pretty well as the night progressed. The two girls had found guys quickly and even my two mates were circling a group of girls. It was time for me to break though. The girls in the group seemed a bit young for me so I retired to the bar. It was then that Sonia caught my eye. She was staring right at me with eyes that said ‘fuck me.’

She approached me and asked if I would like to buy her a drink. How could I refuse such an offer I laughed. We chatted as best we could over the music, introducing ourselves and exchanging the usual sort of pleasantries. She told me she was here alone, but that she had had just about enough and was ready to leave when she spotted me on the dance floor. I was flattered to say the least. Sonia was definitely one of the better looking women in the place, even if she was clearly older than the majority of teenage / 20 something’s there. I guessed she was probably a year or two older than me. Sonia’s hair was cut short – but her blonde straight hair made a power sexy statement. Her breasts were on the larger side and she was doing her best to show plenty of cleavage in the dark blue sparkly dress she wore. It was pretty short and showed off her nice firm legs. She was about the same height as me at 5’9.

Sonia led me to the dance floor for a slow close dance. We grinded against one another, clearly turning each other on. Despite my best endeavours to hide it, there was no way she could miss my hard on pressed against her. My hands were touching her ass as she danced. We looked each other in the eyes a kissed for the first time. If there had not been a few hundred people around us I think we would have torn each others clothes off right then and there. As it was we were giving each other a dry hump. After 2 songs she whispered in my ear “would you like to take this to my place now?”

I smiled and nodded as she led the way. I managed to give a quick signal to one my friends to let them know I would speak to them later.

Sonia quickly found a taxi and gave the driver directions to her place.

“were you there alone?” I asked to try and start some small talk.

“Yes – I just wanted to have a bit of a dance.” She smiled at the driver who was enjoying watching Sonia in the rear view mirror.

It was obvious that Sonia was not exactly the shy retiring type. She blew me away with her openness when she fired the next question at me. “So what sort of things do you like to get up when it comes to sex?” She didn’t wait for me to answer though.

“I bet you are the type who has always done it in the bedroom with a girl you have dated for a few weeks first at least. I bet you have done very little experimenting. In fact I will lay odds that if I offered to give you a blowjob right here and now, that it will be the most exciting thing to have happened in your sex life?”

She had me down to a tee. But what was I supposed to say. I didn’t need to say anything as it turned out. My jaw dropping open at the offer was enough to answer her. With that she leaned over into my lap, unzipped my fly and pulled out my hardening cock. In one gulp she had it in her mouth. The driver was barely concentrating on the road anymore.

Before things could get completely out of hand the driver announced we had arrived at Sonia’s house. She released her mouth to reveal my very hard 7 inches poking straight up in full of view of anyone who cared to look. The driver certainly had a good look. I smiled and tucked it back into my pants and followed Sonia to her front door.

I kissed Sonia on the back of her neck as she fiddled with the keys to open the front door. The door opened, but Sonia blocked the entrance and turned toward me. “If you come in, you are all mine. I will take you to places your conservative mind never dreamed of. You will not have to speak unless you are told to. The only thing I promise is that I will not administer any pain. This is your last chance to go?”

At this point Sonia had me. I was not about to turn down an offer for what would clearly be the best sex I have ever had. I followed Sonia in. She pushed me against the door as it closed an kissed me passionately running her hands all over my body. “Take your clothes off now” she ordered breaking away from the kiss.

Who was I to argue. Sonia watched as I slowly removed all my clothing then she stroked and admired my body. I am 5’9 and weigh about 70kg. I am strong without being muscly. I have a line of hair that goes down my chest and leads to plenty of public hair. She teased my cock fro a moment then told me to get on all fours. She then reached into a drawer near the front door and pulled out a collar and leash which she put on me. Sonia led me now to the living room still on all fours. She then rolled me over onto my back and straddled my face. I knew what I had to do as I felt the warmth of her pussy through her lacy underwear. I began to lick and nibble on her clit through those panties. Sonia moaned her approval “mmmmm not bad.” Sonia tasted sweet. She was pretty wet and clearly as turned on as I was.

Just then I heard footsteps and suddenly I felt lips on my cock. I could not talk, as Sonia was really straddling my face now. But I knew this was not Sonia on my aching cock. For one, she was sitting up and secondly and even more surprisingly I felt the tingle of hair on my cock. It all happened so quickly, but Sonia came for the first of many times that night. She had pulled her panties aside now and her juices filled my mouth. She then stood up and let me see for the first time who was attacking my cock.

“Jack, this my husband Gavin. Today is Gavin’s birthday and you are his present. Together we are going to have a lot of fun.”

“pleased to meet you Jack.” Said Gavin with a smile on his face. He then pulled me to my feet and kissed me on the lips. It felt strange kissing a man for the first time. His beard ticked my face.

“Jack has been Mr conservative until now dear. He is ready to serve us now.” Said Sonia.

Sonia again took my leash and led me to their bedroom. She removed her dress now, revealing her black lacy bra and panties. Her breasts were being pushed up. She looked like a sex goddess. But I was still mindful of Gavin. He had already sucked my cock. What was I in for? I did not have long to contemplate this. While I had been concentrating on Sonia I had not noticed until now that Gavin had removed all his clothes. He was clean shaven on his body except for a small amount of hair on around his cock. His balls were also shaven.

“Gavin likes to have a blow job first before he can enjoy some long fucking sessions. I think we should do that together.” Said Sonia.

With that she pulled me down onto my knees alongside her. Gavin approached and offered us his hardening cock. I later estimated he had over 8 inches uncut. Gavin was a bit taller than Sonia and I. He had a more muscly physique than mine. He had piercing blue eyes and short blonde hair.

Sonia licked the side of his shaft and instructed me to do the same. “Do as I do and taste your first cock.”

I never took my eyes off Sonia. This woman was so sexy and had made me so horny that I was actually licking another man’s cock and I did not care. The thought of being able to fuck this woman was enough for me not to care. In fact watching her so closely was making me hornier. Our mouths locked over Gavin’s cock as our tongues licked his tip together. Sonia then directed me to his balls which I took in my mouth and sucked on them lightly. They felt strange – so smooth and so obviously full of cum. Gavin was fucking Sonia’s face now. He was building some real momentum now and getting himself close. Sonia then announced it was my turn and placed Gavin’s cock in my mouth. He did not lose a beat and held onto my head, fucking my face fast. I felt his cock twitch and explode deep in my throat. Sonia ordered me to swallow as wave after wave flowed through him. Sonia licked the cum which had leaked from my mouth up. She then kissed me and sucked some more of the cum from my mouth.

“Gavin has always wanted to watch me fuck another guy. So why don’t you sit up on the bed.” I of course obeyed Sonia. This is what I was waiting for.

Gavin removed Sonia’s panties to reveal a pussy which had just a trace of a straight line of hair on it. She kept her bra on as she eased her wet pussy onto my cock. It was so wet and warm that I had to concentrate hard not to lose it immediately. She began to gyrate her hips and swivel around my cock. Gavin played with her tits for a while. Then he turned his attention to her pussy, rubbing it as my cock pushed inside Sonia. His other hand was playing with his growing cock. “Fill Sonia up. I want you to cum in her pussy now Jack.”

“Yes cum now Jack don’t hold back” said Sonia as she started to move up and down at a growing speed on my cock.

That was all the encouragement I needed and I emptied my load deep into Sonia as she climaxed again. Her pussy tightened and drained every last drop from my cock.

“Mmmm you are a great fuck Jack.” Said Sonia

We all collected our breath for a moment or two. Then Sonia broke the silence. “You know Jack, when I married Gavin I knew he was bi-sexual, but we both agreed to stay faithful until we could enjoy someone together. I’ve been dreaming about finding you for some time now. We both wanted someone exactly like you. Someone attractive, conservative and with no experience with another guy – but willing to submit to our desires. Now for us both comes the ultimate. I am going to finger my pussy as I watch Gavin take your virgin ass. It’s what you want too isn’t it?”

I had never admitted this to anyone before, but I have thought about being with a guy before. But it was like parachuting – it’s something you can dream about but never do. Now was a chance to fulfil my fantasies. So I nodded my approval to Sonia.

“Good. I just knew, particularly from the way you enjoyed the cab driver looking at your cock that you would enjoy this. Now get down here on all fours.” Said Sonia

Sonia now sat her self down the chair in front me. I could see her fingers work into her pussy as I felt Gavin’s hands on my ass. I licked my lips as Sonia watched Gavin begin to lick my ass. I could feel his beard rubbing against me as his tongue darted in and out of me. He was making me very wet. He then pushed a finger into me and then a second. He worked them in and out and started to open me up. Sonia also had a couple of fingers buried deep in her now.

Gavin then stood up and moved around in front me. He ordered me to get his cock nice and wet. I let him push it into my mouth as I covered it in saliva. We were both nice and wet now. My ass was craving his cock. I had placed a girlfriends vibrator in there a couple of times when I was on my own, but I wondered if I could take a big cock like Gavin had. His uncut cock looked so manly I wanted to take it. I tried to relax as Gavin pushed me against the edge of the bed. My ass was pointing in the air. Sonia had a good side on view and I could see her in the mirror above the bed.

I felt Gavin’s hands on my ass pull my cheeks apart. Then his tip circled my hole. He pushed the tip against my hole next. I felt the foreskin stick a little to the entrance as his cock drove into me. He had opened me up nicely and it did not hurt as much I thought. I was concentrating on Sonia who watching intently, barely aware of how fast she was working her own pussy. She was clearly extremely turned on my the site of her husband beginning to plough my ass.

Sonia got up from her chair now and rubbed some of her juices into my ass. I felt her helping Gavin ease his meat into me. She licked my ass then moved up to allow me to lick her very wet pussy a few times. She then retired back the chair allowing another wave of orgasm to come over her. Meanwhile Gavin was rocking back and forth, each time pushing his cock a little further into me. Any pain had quickly subsided. I was relaxed and enjoying this new sensation as much as Gavin and Sonia.

After a few more minutes, Gavin had managed to work his entire length into me. His balls slapped against my ass cheeks now with each thrust. Then he pulled out of me. It felt like something was missing. I wanted to tell him to fuck me, but I caught a glimpse of Sonia then, who had pulled her fingers out of her pussy to lick her own juices. She removed one and pressed it against her lips to shhh me before I even said a word.

I was then led back onto the bed and made to sit up. Gavin stood up on the bed and picked up my legs and placed them over his shoulders. In one swift motion he pushed his hard cock back into me. He began to pick up the pace and really slam me hard. I could feel his cock grow and twitch inside me. My own cock was banging against my chest each time he thrust into me. He let out a loud moan as he drove deep in me and started to cum. I felt the waves of cum filling my hole. It’s hard to describe the feeling.

Gavin pulled his cock from me – too quickly for my liking. He jerked it a couple more times and caught some on his fingers which he rubbed into his own hole. He used the remaining cum to rub into my cock. In much the same way Sonia had done earlier, he straddled me. He eased his hole over my cock until he had taken my full length in. He leaned forward and kissed me deeply as he slid up and down on my cock. It was all too much for me (and Sonia for that matter) and I quickly lost my load deep in Gavin. He clenched the muscles in his ass and squeezed every last drop from cock. Gavin then turned around and offered up his ass for me to drink the cum from. I tasted my own juices mixed with sweat. It was so horny and manly. Sonia came again as she watched this scene. After she started to breathe again normally she joined me to taste a few of the remaining drops of cum. She kissed me deeply and we exchanged juices.

The three of us collapsed on the bed for a couple of hours. When we awoke, we showered and chatted like nothing had happened. But something had happened – my life had changed forever.

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