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Answering a Random Post

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It was late at night and I was horny. I figured that I would click on, read some hot stories, jerk off and go to bed. For some reason, I decided to peruse Craig’s List first. I really don’t care for Craig’s List much as it is filled with frauds and crazies but there was a post that caught my eye.

“Looking for someone real – mw4m – 55

We are looking for an attractive and uninhibited bi male. We want someone who is into women as well as men, who is sensual and likes to please in all ways possible.

We are looking for a real person – someone who is handsome, clean and attractive, someone who is not afraid to be open to new sensations.

Respond with photo and we will do the same. You won’t be disappointed, that we can assure you. We are good looking, in good shape and endowed.

We are a mature couple, not looking for anyone under 35 years old, and no one over 60 years of age.”

I responded with a short and brief letter. I added a few recent pictures of me including a penis shot — one that showed me erect. I also added links to my online stories. I sent it out and hoped for the best.

The next day, I had a response. Didi and Ken sent me a nice letter telling me how much they liked my stories and my pictures. They sent a few pictures that instantly turned me on. They were both just as advertised — good looking, in good shape and yes, endowed. Both were shaved, too. The pictures showed them lounging in their bed, in their pool and on a beach blanket. Didi was a blond with a runner’s body. Her breasts were firm and proud. Ken’s dick appeared to be a handful and a half. They lived only a few miles away and they gave their phone number.

I called immediately and spoke to Didi. She seemed very pleased to hear from me and suggested we meet first in town for a drink. I agreed and we set a date for the upcoming weekend.

On the appointed day, I showered, trimmed my beard and moustache, dressed nicely and headed for the waterside bar. I arrived a little early and waited at the bar sipping a cognac. I knew them the moment they entered and smiled as they approached. Didi leaned into me and gave me a soft kiss which I politely returned. Ken had a firm handshake. As I had seated myself at the end of the bar where it was a bit more private, we had an opportunity to talk and be heard. The bar was filling up and the noise level was rising.

They liked my Literotica stories and asked me questions about some of the details. They told me that they, too, had only recently decided to explore their fantasies and had become quite pleased with the results. They then explained that another woman would be joining us at the bar. This was a pleasant surprise and one that lit me up even more. I laughed when they asked if I minded. Ken discreetly moved his hand over my package and smiled.

“I knew you wouldn’t mind. She’s good people. Didi and I have had several meetings with her. Here, Didi, feel this.”

Didi moved up to me and ran her palm around my crotch. She licked her lips. I looked down into her cleavage and was rewarded with a lovely view.

“Am I too late? Have you guys started already?”

It was Sheila, our other partier. Where Didi was about 5′ 2″ or so, Sheila was taller by a few inches. She, too, had a trim runner’s body but with more curves and fuller breasts. Her long black hair framed a drop-dead gorgeous face. I figured her to be around 40 years old.

“Let’s take our drinks out onto the deck. It is so beautiful out tonight.”

Out on the deck, we stood at the rail and looked out on the quiet harbor. I pointed to a beautiful yacht, lit and sitting at the end of the dock. I commented as to what a cool boat it was and I estimated its length at 75 feet.

“You have a good eye,” said Ken, “she’s actually 80 feet and she belongs to us. In fact, why don’t we head down to here and I’ll give you a tour.”

Wow, was I impressed. What a boat! Ken went over to the bartender and signed for the drinks, gave him a friendly wave and we began to walk down to the marina. As we walked, he told me about the boat.

“We bought her two years ago at a boat show in Fort Lauderdale. We fell in love with her immediately and it was no problem moving up from our Hatteras. She’s a custom-made Ferretti that had less than 300 miles on her and was in foreclosure. She was a steal.”

Some steal, I thought. This is a $2,000,000 boat! As we walked I learned that they had owned three boats in fifteen years, that he and Didi were able sea people and that they handled the boat together but sometimes, on long trips or with large parties, they brought on crew. I told Ken that I, too, knew my way around boats however nothing larger than 42 footers. As we got closer, the boat looked grander and more beautiful. She was in perfect condition, all sleek and modern with large wrap-around windows.

“We just brought her up from the Bahamas about two weeks ago and we getting her ready for the summer up here. We take her to Block Island, Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard…sometimes to Foxwoods or Atlantic City. Mostly, I just like to anchor her and fall asleep. There’s nothing better than sleeping on the water.”

I had to agree and as we boarded her, I could see why they loved her so.

“What a beautiful, comfortable boat,” my words came out in breathy admiration.

The salon was huge and well appointed. A long bar stretched along the starboard side opening into a large room with a huge sofa and two large stuffed chairs. There was a flat-screen TV that rose from a well at the end of the bar. There was a large galley forward with dining room seating for eight. The cockpit was softly lit with the latest Raymarine navigational gear, its maps aglow.

“Come on, let’s take her out.”

I jumped down to the dock and handled the lines as they walked up to the bridge level. When I got up there, I was amazed as this level was something else again. While Ken started her up, Didi refilled our drinks from the bar located just behind the controls. There was also a built in barbeque, a refrigerator and a sink, all covered in light marble. The bridge was long, reaching aft with plenty of lounging space and ending in a large hot tub. Didi turned on the jets as I moved up next to Ken.

“I love this boat. She’s a breeze to handle. Still, I wish she had one of those Penta joystick jobbies they’re using these days.”

“Just another thing to break down,” I said and we laughed, nodding in agreement.

“How fast will she go?”

“She cruises at about 20 but I’ve pushed her to nearly 30. She’s got a pair of Cat diesels that hum.”

He was right about that. This boat was quiet.

We moved out of the harbor into the Sound. After a half hour, Ken suggested that this was good anchorage as it was only 100 yards offshore where the land curved up to create a windshield even though there was no wind to speak of and the temperature was in the upper 70’s. Ken dropped the anchor and shut the engines down.

“Let’s party!” he said, pulling a joint from his pocket and refilling our drinks.

We turned to the hot tub where Didi and Sheila were locked in a deep kiss.

“Now, this is living.”

Ken doffed his clothes and hopped into the tub. I did the same and with my drink in one hand and the joint between my lips, I hopped into the tub and drew myself up to the others. In a four way hug, we passed the joint around and giggled like little kids.

The cognac, the joint and the hot bubbling water all seemed to kick in at the same time and I pulled away from the group, closed my eyes, stretched out and groaned. I was somewhere very close to heaven.

“How come everybody always seems to do that?,” said Didi, “I think I’ve heard that groan a few times before.”

“I’m feeling no pain,” I said, “plus I have a jet tickling my balls.”

That brought laughter. For a while, I just lay there in ecstasy as I watched the three of them sharing the joint, kissing and feeling each other up. Sheila took the remaining bit of the joint and waded over to me.

“Here,” she cooed, “finish this off before we finish you off.”

She placed the joint between my lips as her hand caressed my dick. I pulled her close and exhaled the sweet smoke into her mouth. Then we began to kiss. Her tongue snaked between my lips as I pulled her large breasts against my chest. We finished the joint and dropped it into an ashtray. I placed my hands on her butt and pulled her between my legs. Her body slid up and back against my hard cock as kneaded her cheeks. I felt another hand join me and I looked up to see Didi slid next to us and joined our kiss. Three tongues mixed as soft sounds emanated. A few moments later, I felt Ken on the other side and suddenly, four mouths were together. I could feel his cock sliding on my thigh. This was good…very good. My arms encircled all of them and pulled them all closer.

Sheila leaned back and slid higher. She lifted her large breasts and offered them to us. Three mouths began to lick and suckle them. Her nipple was hard and supple as I nibbled on it. Her pussy was sliding up and down my cock. I felt a hand under my balls. I felt another hand under my cock and pushing it up against Sheila’s crack. I reached out and place my hand in Didi’s pussy, palming it and reaching my fingers toward her rear pucker. She slid closer so I could get more of it.

My other hand was wrapped around Ken’s very large dick. Slowly stroking it, I realized it had to be 8 or 9 inches. The head filled my palm. I open my eyes and watched Sheila and Didi kiss. This was great.

After a few minutes, Ken pulled away and rose out of the tub. I could see his bat swinging between his legs and considered how it might feel between my lips.

“Time for a little break, I think, “he said.

“Good idea,” I said.

I disentangled myself and moved to the side.

“I with you,” said Sheila.

We all sat on the curved banquette and sipped our drinks before Ken suggested that we move the party. We followed in a naked parade as Didi took us into the salon. Through the salon and down the curved stairway, we laughed and jokked about the size of Ken’s dick. Down on the lower deck were the staterooms. At the base of the steps was a small lounge with large side hull windows. Aft were two staterooms but we headed forward where the master stateroom was located.

Again, my eyes rolled as I viewed the large king-sized bed with deep teak paneling. Cabinets and wardrobes lined the room. There was as alcove to port with an office. Another large flat-screen hung on the wall facing the bed.

“I have to pee,” said Didi. “Who else has to go?”

I nodded as Didi pulled me into the head. And what a head it was. There was a large Jacuzzi to port with a large hull window above it. A large walk-in shower was on the starboard side and the toilet sat next to twin sinks encased in marble. Mirrors lined the opposite wall. Didi sat down and began to pee. She took my cock in her hand and pulled it into her mouth for a few licks. Then she wiped herself and flushed. Of course, these were touch-flush marine heads. They would have to be, wouldn’t they? I took her place at the toilet and began to pee; she stood behind me and wrapped her hands around my dick as I emptied it. I shook it, wiped it and flushed. I loved this toilet.

We walked back into the stateroom where Sheila had her foot on a stool as Ken, on his knees, lapped her pussy. Didi walked over to the small wet bar and asked if anyone wanted a refill. At the bar, I started drinking VSOP, now I was drinking XO. She reached into a drawer and lit another joint. She pushed me onto the bed as we smoked, drank and watched until Sheila let out a couple of shudders and came.

“Mmmm, that was delicious,” she said.

“Yes, I agree,” said Ken, “Hey, let me have some of that.”

He took the joint as they sprawled out next to me. The four of us talked for a while. We hit a whole range of topics from the price of gas, to the worsening economy, the war, to the upcoming election and finally back to sex. The pot and the booze really loosened our tongues. Suddenly, Didi crawled over to me, sat up and threw one leg over my head.

“Let’s see if your mouth is tired, okay?”

And she sat down on my face. I inhaled her sweet pussy and I began to lick and slurp my way in, out and around. I held her butt cheeks in my hands and began to lick around her butt. I slid my tongue up into her ass and she cooed and wiggled. She began to ride my tongue letting it slip up and back. While I was working on her ass, I felt Sheila’s tits on my chest and I knew that Sheila was licking Didi’s pussy. Didi started to hump and shiver, I knew her orgasm was coming. Her ass began to squeeze and contract and I took a finger and pushed it in. Her pussy began to gush and drip its honey over me. She yelped a couple of times and then unleashed a long satisfied moan. As she began to calm, I pulled out my finger and slowly licked and sucked her rosebud.

Sheila was now sucking on my nipples. I reached around Didi and tweaked Sheila’s nipples in time with her nibbling. If she bit me, I pinched her. If she licked me, I stroked her. Sheila seemed to love it. Didi was still on my face but had slid back so I could suck on her labia and her clit. She tasted wonderful. A pair of lips now wrapped around my dick and I knew that Ken was doing me. And was he ever. His hands rubbed my balls, tickled my ass and pushed me up into his face.

Didi rolled off me and Sheila scooted around so that her warm pussy was now running along my nose and my lips. She smelled muskier than Didi and her pussy was larger and meatier. I was nearly chewing on them.

I felt my cum rising and I began to buck my hips. As it rose up, I arched my back and began to shoot ropes of cum into Ken’s throat. I couldn’t stop. He was like a vacuum cleaner. Finally I dropped back down on the bed. Just then, I felt Sheila start to cum and within a moment, my face was flooded again with thicker honey. Sheila’s hands were squeezing my arms and I felt her nails dig in until her orgasm ended. And then she collapsed on me.

We lay for a few minutes. I was delighted to just lay there and smell Sheila’s sweet cunt when Didi cleared her throat and asked if someone would help her.

Sheila rolled off me and I saw that Didi was riding Ken’s cock. She had a delirious look on her face as his large sausage filled her. I asked where she wanted me.

“Come over here and suck on his balls, he likes that.”

And so I did. As Didi rocked up and down, I could see his cock stretch and fill her. Sheila was next to her and they were kissing. Sheila had Didi’s clit between her fingers strumming it. I made busy rolling Ken’s balls in my mouth. My hands held them as I buried my face in his sack.

“I’m cumming, baby, I’m cumming.”

He began to shoot into her and as it filled her, it began to drip down and around his balls. Didi began to shake again and I began to taste and smell their combined juices. I watched as her lips and her clit seemed to throb. She got off him and aimed his bulbous head at me to clean him off. I took it and even as it softened, it filled my face. It sure did taste good as the combination of his white cum and her sweet liqueur tickled my taste buds.

We lay intertwined and fell asleep for some time as the boat slowly rocked in the calm water. I awoke feeling a hand stroking me. Sheila lay next to me, softly running her hand along my body. Ken and Didi were out cold. I was amazed that I had not woken from Ken’s healthy snoring. I wrapped myself around Sheila and we began to kiss. She was a wonderful kisser and we were quite happy as we swapped spit.

“Come with me,” she whispered.

I followed upstairs to the salon. She stopped in the galley and poured two glasses of juice. She took my hand and we sat on the rear deck, drinking our juice and smoking a joint. It was magical, sitting naked in the dark under the stars. The sea air chilled us and I wrapped myself around her. We made slow and quiet love out there. I must say that it was about as good as it gets. When I entered her, we seemed to respond to each other as naturally as I have ever known. Her vagina felt like it was custom-made for me. And we came together, too. In all my life, I have to say that our sex on that deck was truly superb — a quality 10.

Afterwards, we crept back downstairs and fell asleep in each other’s arms. I don’t know that I had ever slept that well.

The next day was just as good as the night that preceded it. No one ever got dressed. Sex took place all over the boat. Lunch was especially fun as we smeared fruit and whipped cream over each other. And, it turned out that Sheila was a masseuse! What a bonus!

That evening, we returned to the marina for a fabulous steak and lobster dinner prepared on board by a local chef. The wine and the laughter flowed freely. It was truly a great trip.

Sheila and I really hit it off and we’ve been seeing each other steadily for the last few months. We are both crazy for each other. Our sex is always wonderful as is everything else, we really enjoy and appreciate each other. I even think we’re in love although we haven’t said that word yet. I do know that we are very happy with each other and we’ve discussed moving in together. We’ve seen Ken and Didi a few times since and we plan a trip to Foxwoods next weekend.

And all because I responded to a Craig’s List post.

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