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Natasha’s Ploy

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“Fffffffff!” Emma seethed as she slipped the dildo into her pussy, all six inches being swallowed whole by her desperate cunt. She sighed with relief as she slid it inside as far as it would go.

Satisfied it was in deep enough, Emma lifted her legs up and slipped her panties and tights on, and put her jeans on over the top, all still while lying on the bed. She paused a moment, her jeans hadn’t yet been buttoned or zipped up.

She slipped her hand down her panties and flicked the vibrator onto its lowest setting, a familiar hum creating a warmth inside of her. She sighed with content as she removed her hand and fastened her jeans.

Emma slipped off the bed, slowly curling her body up into a sitting position, feeling the dildo inside her press against the inside of her vagina, gently thrumming against her as she slowly, and reluctantly stood up. The dildo slid out a fraction as gravity took effect, however the combination of tight legwear was paying off, as the majority of it remained in place.

“Emma!” Natasha called, “I’m off now!”

Emma fought back a moan as she walked to the hallway to see Natasha off. Natasha was wearing her long black velvety coat, and was scooping a red scarf over her shoulder as Emma arrived in the hall.

“Right oh, have fun,” Emma smiled, “Say ‘Hi’ to Andrew for me,”

Natasha chuckled, “Of course,”

Emma bit her lip as the vibrator continued to pulsate inside her. Natasha seemed to notice, and grinned at her, “What?”

“Nothing, nothing,” Natasha lifted her handbag up her arm so it hung off her shoulder, “Feel free to turn your cock up a notch or two. The noise won’t disturb me!”

“What?” Emma blushed, “I don’t know what you’re talking about,”

Natasha giggled, “I said you can turn your vibrator up if you want. I know you have it in, you don’t need to be embarrassed,”

Emma looked at her feet timidly…well, more her toes than feet. They were mostly hidden from her view by her 36DD breasts. Natasha reached up and put a hand on Emma’s shoulder, directing Emma’s gaze up to her face.

“May I?” Natasha asked with a smile. Emma responded with a silent nod, her face contorting slightly as she knew what was going to happen, amplifying her horniness. And she loved it.

Natasha unbuttoned Emma’s trousers and tugged the zip down so she could gain better access to Emma’s pussy. She slipped her hand down Emma’s panties, her fingertips brushing against her clit, causing a wince and a squeal from Emma. Natasha found the vibrator, and with a *click*, whe vibrator stopped humming.

“Oops, wrong way,” Natasha exclaimed, though Emma doubted it was accidental, as Natasha flicked the switch the other way, causing the vibrator to hum once more, the same level as Emma had originally set it. Natasha slowly flicked the switch up to level two, the humming intensifying, the sensation causing Emma to tense up.

Natasha grinned and removed her hand, satisfied, “We’ll have to get to a man sooner or later, Emma. Find out what a real cock is like!”

“I’m satisfied with what I have, thanks,” Emma let out a slight moan as her vibrator buzzed within her.

“Why settle for second best?” Natasha replied, turning to leave, “Enjoy your ‘cock’…I know I’ll enjoy mine!” and with a grin, Natasha left.

Emma scowled slightly, a bit put out that she was the virgin of the group. She’d busted her hymen on her mom’s sybian when she was 16, and been using vibrators for the best part of five years. What was the deal with a real penis? Give you less satisfaction and a whole lot more cleaning up to do. What was the point?

Another advantage, Emma thought, was that you couldn’t do chores and keep the penis inside you. She bit her lip as the pleasure spiked for a moment, drawing her attention back to the vibrator. She glanced down and rebuttoned her jeans.

Keeping the vibrator on a low setting, Emma set off to do her chores, the vibrator’s presence creating only a slight tingling sensation when she walked around, a more intense feeling when she bent down low, the vibrator pressing up against the wall of her pussy each time.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” she moaned, her pussy squeezing the vibrator ever so slightly as she rose onto her tiptoes to dust the lampshade covering the central light in the living room.

How could Natasha want to set her up with a guy? Emma enjoyed the pleasure the vibrator brought. She loved feeling it inside her, filling her. She would always reach climax with the vibrator, and she controlled when she wanted to orgasm. Besides, all penises did was make a mess and get you pregnant. What was the appeal?

As Emma made her way into the bathroom, she felt her pussy convulse suddenly, causing her leg to buckle slightly. Steadying herself on the door frame, Emma took a few deep breaths as she tried to get herself under control.

After a short while, Emma composed herself and continued her chores in the bathroom. “Just this room to do,” she thought, “then I can finish myself off, too!”

The mere thought of being allowed to orgasm flashed through her body, her pussy spasming with anticipation, her legs weakening underneath her as she fell against the bath, unable to stand.

“Almost…there!” she thought, determined to hold it off as long as she could. She crawled the rest of the way through tidying the cabinet and the sink, making sure all toiletries were in their appropriate places.

“Done,” she sighed, relieved, and sprinted into her bedroom, near enough tearing her trousers off, her panties following seconds later. Her dildo was out of her pussy, and her magic wand plugged in, switched on and pressed against her clit on full power, rapidly bringing her to climax. The vibrator had kept her going for a long time, a lot of pressure built up like a fizzy drink that had been shaken and shaken and shaken and shaken until, it violently popped!

Emma’s eyes snapped wide as she writhed and bucked about on the bed, her orgasm ripping through her like a freight train, leaving no nerve left untouched. Her eyes rolled back into her head as her sobbing moans filled the room, her orgasm hot and powerful and wet and wonderful. Eventually, the waters calmed as the eye of the storm passed, and she fell back onto the bed, exhausted, turning her magic wand off and kissing it “thank you” before laying it on the bed beside her.


Natasha returned about 15 minutes later, the sound of the front door opening and closing again gave Emma just enough time to clear away her vibrator and magic wand, grab her Kindle, spray a quick shot of deoderant to cover the smell of pussy, and yank the covers over herself to cover her naked lower half before Natasha’s knock resounded at the door.

“Yeah?” Emma called, beckoning Natasha to enter the room. She was holding her Kindle, with a random book open.

The door opened, and Natasha leant against the doorframe, still not quite within the threshold of the room, but sort of lingering halfway.

“Hey,” she noticed the Kindle, “What you reading?”

“Order of the Phoenix. Harry Potter,” Emma replied, brushing her hair over one ear.

“Cool, cool,” Natasha nodded in confirmation, ” So anyway, I’ve been invited to a party round at a friend’s, and was wondering if you wanted to come along,”

Emma glanced up from her ‘reading’ to look at Natasha, “What kind of party?”

“Just a house party, type of thing,” Natasha stepped towards the foot of Emma’s bed, and leant against it, “Games, drinks, music…”

“When and where is it?”

“This Saturday. It’s only a 10 minute drive, not too far,” Natasha replied, “You should come along. It should help…bring you out of your shell…so-to-speak. I went to a party these guys threw a few weeks ago, and had got BLASTED…”

“Blasted? I’ve never heard of that one before. Smashed, hammered, but blasted? That one’s new to me!”

Natasha chuckled.

Emma was surprised she was actually considering it. She’d always been such an introvert…perhaps it would do her some good to go out and socialise a bit. She might even enjoy herself, “Was Andrew there too?”

“Yeah, he was. He was a bit less keen than I was, but he took to it after a while,” Natasha smiled, “Afterwards, he said he couldn’t wait to go back for more,”

“Okay, sounds great,” Emma smiled, “Count me in.”

“Great,” Natasha rose to her feet, and turned to leave. She paused in the doorway, and looked back at Emma, “You know your Kindle is upside down, and your sheets are damp. Smells like you enjoyed yourself,”

/She grinned knowingly as she left a bemused Emma sat there in silent shock and awe.


“Oh come on, Natasha! Why?!”

Emma stood there in a red checkered lumberjack-type shirt, which played down her bust size; a pair of skinny jeans and some black latticed high heels, hands on hips and a scowl on her face, speaking in a harsh but hushed tone of voice.

“You lie to me to bring me to a swingers party just so you can get me to have sex? You know I have no interest in fucking just any guys you happen to think I might like!”

Natasha sipped her glass of wine, her revealing, low cut black dress accentuating her D cup breasts as much as possible, showing off as much as possible while still hiding some from view, “Well, I just thought that you’d appreciate my effort in getting you some real fun,”

“Oh really? I’m satisfied with what I have. It gets the job done, it’s reliable, it doesn’t lie or cheat, it is something I can have whenever I want, and do its job the way I like it without question. What is so much better about the same thing attached to a guy who can cheat, who can lie, who is not always reliable, and won’t get me off the way I like. Hell, sometimes he may not even get me off at all!”

“That’s not the point. A real cock is attached to a real person. A vibrator or dildo is just a bit of plastic. The feel it completely different, there’s more weight behind it, there’s a lot of different elements involved that are difficult to explain, and really need to be experienced.”

“TEN MINUTES!” a voice called from the main lounge area.

“I don’t care. You deceived me,”

“I didn’t deceive you. I told you exactly what to expect…I just may have missed out some details…” Natasha sipped her wine again.

Emma scoffed and threw her hands up, “O-o-o-o-o-f course you did, otherwise, how could you get me to come?”

“Oh come on, Emma, even if you don’t want to have a go, at least come and watch for a time. You can even go home if you start to feel uncomfortable. All I ask is that you try it just for a little while,”

Emma sighed and crossed her arms.

“Besides, Andrew was exactly the same as you when we first came here, by the time we left, he was like a child on Christmas Eve wanting to come over here again,” Natasha grinned as she took another, larger sip of wine, clearly amused by her own double-entendre.

“All right, fine, but as soon as things start to go south, I’m out,” Emma strode away, Natasha grinning at Emma’s own double-entendre.

Emma went into the lounge, which she noted its size and weird emptiness, with not much but two couches and an armchair, and sat down on the larger couch next to another girl, glass of wine in hand.

This girl was a bit older than Emma, perhaps about 30, maybe 31. She had long, wavy blonde hair, which had obviously been curled, some loops lingering at the bottom, breasts which looked around about a DD cup (which were fully on display in a tight fitting, low cut tank top and a boy shirt which had about half its buttons undone) and she was smiling as she flicked through her smartphone.

She glanced at Emma, who was sat haphazardly, leaning against the arm of the sofa, with the same expression on her face that a child wears when they’ve been taken somewhere they didn’t enjoy, like the dentist or a shop that didn’t sell toys. It was a look of disappointment, sadness and anger mixed into one.

“Hey, first time?” she asked, cheerily.

Emma looked at her, and swirled her wine a bit, “Yeah, not really my thing. Friend brought me along,” she took a gulp of wine. Perhaps a bit too much.

“Hey, don’t worry about it. Everyone here was in your shoes when they first came here,”

“Good god, would people please stop saying that?” Emma thought to herself.

“As a rule for my parties, though,” she continued, “Newcomers can be subject to leniency if they so desire,”

“Leniency?” Emma asked, curiously, yet skeptically.

“Yes, from the games. You see, the games we play here begin at the bottom and work their way up. So for instance, the first two rounds don’t progress beyond simple making out, or feeling each other’s bodies above the belt. Then it goes up a bit to some simple handwork, progressing to mouths, and eventually to a full game, where everything is decided by the wheels,”


“The best way to find these things out is to try them,”

“But I’ve never…”

“OKAY, EVERYONE, PLEASE MAKE YOUR WAY TO THE LOUNGE READY TO BEGIN!” she shouted out, summoning the guests.

“I’m sorry, what were you saying?”

“Ermm…I’ve not exactly…uhm…”

“You don’t think you have enough experience?”

Emma contemplated revealing the truth that she’d never had sex or even so much as kissed a guy before, and just go with that excuse.

“Yeah, that’s it,” she said nervously.

“Don’t worry, I think there’s an odd number tonight, so I can join up with you and help you out, if you like,”

“Uhhh, sure,”

The woman smiled at Emma, “I’m Nadine, by the way,”


Nadine smiled back, and as they broke eye contact from their conversation, Emma noticed that there was a small group of people now in the room, and quiet had descended. At a quick ocular sweep of the room there were about 5 girls and 4 guys, including herself, Natasha and Nadine, Natasha having sat herself next to a guy who was wellbuilt, had clearly been working out, and was wearing a nice tight t-shirt that helped show off his athletic frame.

Emma was completely jealous. The man looked incredible. She felt herself tingle and become moist…”No! Stop yourself. You’re not here for that!” she scorned herself.

“Andrew not here tonight, Tasha?” one of the women asked, sipping her wine.

“No, he has night shift at work this week,” she replied, the woman audibly groaning in disappointment and settled down two spots to Emma’s left.

“Welcome everyone,” Nadine began, “For the benefit of a few newcomers, we shall quickly go around the room and introduce ourselves. We want to be as comfortable as possible when participating in tonight’s events. We’ll go around clockwise. Keep it brief, please. I’m Nadine. I shall be your host for this evening, and shall be the co-ordinator of tonight’s games,”

Nadine gestured to her left, where a rather average guy introduced himself as Daniel. He was rather tall, but he was neither skinny nor was he toned and athletic like Natasha’s neighbour, but somewhere in the middle. His hair was short and well groomed, and had a short beard that seemed to have just passed its stubble stage.

Next was Melissa, a girl who was about the same age as Nadine, but with smaller breasts and straight brown hair; Natasha, of course; Chris, who played amateur rugby for the local team; Mark, one of Chris’s team mates, whose ears were slightly deformed from the amount of scrums he had done; Robert, a man who seemed to be a bit older than Nadine, with some grey hair showing at his temples, and Joanna, who were partners in an open relationship, and finally, Emma.

Shyness seemed to overcome Emma, who just introduced herself as Emma, and that it was nice to meet everyone, before receeding to her little corner of the couch.

“All right, so now that everyone’s acquainted, here are the rules of play tonight,” Nadine began, “Round one is Strip Poker. We’re playing Texas Hold’Em. For this, everyone needs to be sat on the floor, and stripped down to no more than three items of clothing: underwear, top and legwear. Jewelery is advised to be removed.”

Everyone checked themselves, removing their shoes, socks, watches, bracelets, phones and other valuables, and placing them into backpacks, to keep them out the way. A luggage tag similar to one you’d use at an airport, a pen, a small padlock and key were provided to help keep them safe and identifiable.

Once everyone had reconvened in the lounge, Nadine was already sat on the floor, shuffling a deck of cards. Emma sat down next to Nadine, although nervous. Natasha sat down next to her, leaning in and whispering to her, “You okay?”

Emma silently noded back, and Natasha pulled herself away, smiling contently.

“Okay, guys, the game is simple. Each player gets two cards. They may choose to swap them once per round, and only before the first three community cards are played. Community cards are cards which are played face up in the centre of play,” Nadine explained, demonstrating with th cards as she outlined the rules of the game.

“You must combine your cards with any of the five that will be played face up, making a total of five cards, and may use any number of cards on the table or in your hand in order to do so. You do not need to pick these up, but you must indicate which you wish to use as you reveal your hand. Note that these are not then your cards. Others may use them to complete their hand as well.

“The winner of each round will be the person with the best five card poker hand. You will each be given a small sheet showing examples of each hand, and how good the hand is. You may fold at any time, or stop playing the round, but in doing so, you automatically lose an item of clothing at the end of the round.

“If you win the round, you may either spin the bottle or take back an item of clothing for yourself, provided you are wearing less than three items already. If you spin the bottle, if it lands on a person of the same sex, each member of that sex wins back an item of clothing. If it lands on a person of the opposite sex, they all lose one item of clothing, starting with legwear, then top, and finally underwear. If the bottle lands on someone who has folded, it automatically passes play to the next clockwise player.

The dealer shall rotate clockwise each round. The dealer is not being dealt a hand, but is not exempt from the spin the bottle rule. The game is finished when all members of one sex have lost all items of clothing. All understand?”

Everybody murmured in agreement, some expressing their confusion, Nadine reassuring them that they’d pick it up as they went along. Nadine dealt first.

Emma picked up her cards. The Jack of Spades and the Two of Diamonds. Not a very good combination. She opted to exchange her hand, as well as Daniel and Melissa. Nadine put the cards onto the bottom of the deck, and dealt two new cards to each person from the top of the deck.

Emma looked at her cards, the Three of Hearts and the Five of Diamonds. A bit better. She could get a four, six and seven and have a winning hand, couldn’t she? She checked the sheet again to clarity.

Nadine announced the first cards were being played. She discarded the top card, and dealt face up, in a line, the Ace of Clubs, the Ten of Clubs and the Ten of Hearts.

There were murmurs, and she asked if anybody would like to fold. Nobody expressed their intention to.

She discarded another card, and dealt the Four of Spades to the floor. Emma’s eyes widened as she noticed the Ace-three-four-five she had available. All she needed now was a two!

Nadine asked once more if anyone would like to fold. Again, nobody relented. She sighed in disappointment, discarded once more, and dealt a card face up.

The Three of Clubs! Drat! So close, yet so far. Emma glanced at the cards again, and thought. She could use the Ten of Hearts, Ten of Clubs, Three of Clubs and Three of Hearts to make two pairs, plus one other random card.

Once more, nobody folded, so Nadine asked people to begin to reveal their hands, starting with Emma, who was sat clockwise from her.

Emma revealed her hand, “I could use the three, ten and ten,” she said, gently dragging them slightly out of line with the rest of the community cards, “and have two pairs, right?”

“Yes, not too bad,” Nadine smiled, “Natasha, how about you?”

“Just two tens,” she sighed, revealing her hand of a two and a Jack.

The rest of the girls hadn’t done much better, with Melissa getting nothing and Joanna scoring three Fours. The boys clearly won, with Mark getting a Club flush, and Daniel an Ace-Five straight.

Mark spun the bottle, and it landed on Chris. No result. He cursed, and deal passed to Emma.

Emma clumsily shuffled the cards, and dealt out two cards to each player, one at a time, going around the circle twice, as Nadine had done. She accepted exchanges from Mark and Chris, and began to deal the first three community cards.

A few groans wer elicited from the rest of the players, but nobody folded. She dealt the next community card, and the next without anybody giving in, perhaps all determined to win.

The hands were revealed, and it was a victory for the girls, Joanna bagging a Six-Ten straight over Chris’ Three of a Kind. She spun the bottle, the neck landing towards Daniel. The guys moaned, and reluctantly took their trousers and shorts off, leaving them in their boxers and t-shirts. The girls all cooed at them, and they turned bright red.

Emma began to feel more comfortable and confident in the room, passing the deck to Natasha.

Once more, play passed to all five cards without anyone folding, each player wanting to get the other sex undressed as quickly as possible, and win back some clothing. The boys lost again, Joanna winning with a full house she didn’t realise she had until Nadine pointed it out to her. She spun the bottle, landing on Robert this time.

The guys all swore and took off their t-shirts. The fully clothed girls laughed triumphantly, and sat staring at the boys, who were now down to their boxer shorts. Emma found herself particularly focussed on Chris, whose rugby player body was well toned and look amazing! She couldn’t take her eyes off him. She snapped back to reality as she felt a droplet form on her pussy lips and spread into the fabric of her panties.

She had already been dealt a hand by Mark, and was the only one who hadn’t looked at it yet. Everyone shared a laugh at how slow she was, and how she was distracted. She picked up her cards and hid her face, embarrassed, yet laughing. She was beginning to relax now.

Her hand was a King and a Queen. Not the same suit, but still a good start. Once more, nobody backed down and folded. The boys were all determined to win back an item of clothing, and the girls were all determined to make them lose their last one!

As the hands were revealed, it seemed that he girls had won again, Emma only scraping by with a threesome of Queens, Natasha playing a highest hand of a Heart Flush, until Robert jumped in to reveal a Full House with Three Queens and Two Fives. He spun the bottle, and landed on himself, granting all boys their shirts back.

As play continued, the boys lost and regained ground, managing to take the girls’ legwear, and shirts. Emma got a cheer of approval from pretty much everyone when she nervously stripped off her lumberjack shirt, revealing her bra-clad 36DDs to the group.

By now, everyone was hot and tense. Both parties managed to win back their shirts, but now people were beginning to fold, deliberately losing clothes so they could finish the game and get some action.

Mark, Joanna and Melissa were the first to get totally naked, with everybody except Emma sat in their underwear. Melissa and Mark had moved next to each other, attempting to pair off already. Mark’s penis was clearly visible, Emma comparing it to her trusty vibrator. It was about 6 inhes long, had a fairly nice head, and she just wanted to put it in her mout…Stop it! Control yourself, woman!

Emma was trying not to get caught up in it, but the energy in the room, and her own primal hormonal urges began to take hold. Her heart rate increased, adrenaline kicked in, anticipation…she had never been so excited and yet yearning for sex. She imagined herself just leaping on top of Chris and riding him til she came and came and came and came and came and came again!

She shuddered at her fantasy, and folded on the last round, stripping back down to her underwear.

The game was declared a tie between boys and girls when everybody left in the game folded at the same time, Emma once more earning a cheer from the boys when she abandoned her bra, revealing her breasts to everyone. She was asked by almost everyone if they were real and natural, and if they could feel them.

Nadine stepped in, and had everyone calm down, as she explained the next game, “The aim of round two is to get acquainted with everyone a bit more physically. You shall all be paired off using the cards. Here I have four aces from two packs of cards, one blue backed, one red backed. Girls will get red back, boys blue backed. Your partner is the person with the same ace as you.

“You will have 30 seconds to make out, but you are not allowed to touch each other below the belt. Guys, you are permitted to touch the girl’s breasts, girls you are permitted to touch the man’s arse, but mouths must meet only mouths for the time being. After 30 seconds, a buzzer will sound, and you will swap partners,”

Nadine turned to Emma, “Each round there will be an odd person out, who will just observe. This round it is Emma. When the time comes to change partner, you may choose to make out with Emma, and there will be another odd one out next round. First come first served is the rule for odd ones out,”

Nadine set the timer on her smartphone, and dealt out two rows of cards, inviting one guy and one girl at a time to select a card. Once everyone had chosen, they partnered off. Natasha was partnered with Chris, lucky girl…

As they all began to kiss each other, Emma stood and watched, feeling a bit left out. She decided to take the time to check out the guys and see how they measured up.

She couldn’t make out Robert’s cock, as it was pressed firmly between himself and Melissa. His balls were hanging freely, however. Emma hadn’t seen real balls before, so she took time to examine them.

She took too long however, as the buzzer rang, and was almost immediately jumped on by Joanna, tackling her to the floor, pretty much, and beginning to kiss her whilst playing with her breasts.

Emma lay there in shock for a moment, and she pushed Joanna back a bit so she could talk to her, “Joanna, what are you doing?”

“I’m playing the game with you, what does it look like?”

“No, I just…thought it’d be a guy,”

“Don’t you like it? Does it not excite you?”

“Well, yes, but…” Emma paused, her sexual desires becoming more and more rampant as she looked Joanna in the eyes, the deeper she went, the more wild her heart began to beat, “…oh fuck it!”

Emma pulled Joanna back down into her, their lips meeting, and Emma feeling a surge of pleasure as Joanna’s lips locked deeply with hers. Their tongues danced with each other, until the cruel sound of the buzzer shrieked through the air. Joanna stood up and helped Emma onto her feet. Emma thanked Joanna, and felt a tap on her shoulder. It was Mark. He led her to the armchair, and sat down in it, pulling her on top of him and kissing her tenderly. He stroked her shoulder as he kissed her. her nipples gently scraping against his chest, sending shivers throughout her breasts and body.

The 30 seconds seemed to be over far too quickly, and they changed partners again, Nadine announcing this was the last time before the round was over. Emma struggled to find a partner, so was left on the sidelines to check the men out.

Robert had a rather nice penis, about 6 inches long, but a bit thinner than she’d have liked his girth to be. She managed to find Chris underneath Nadine’s body, his penis poking through her legs. It wasn’t too bad, only about 5 and a half inches, but had decent girth, about the same size as one of her dildos at an inch or so.

Emma almost got around to Daniel, but the buzzer sounded, and she could no longer look inconspicuously, and she was a bit afraid of being caught staring, even though she knew it was perfectly fine to.

“Okay, since the Poker took a bit longer than expected, we’ll move straight to the Wheel Round,” Nadine reached down beside one of the couches, and pulled out a twister-like spinner, which was housed vertically on something akin to an artist’s easel.

The wheel itself was similar to one found in Twister, segmented with a spinning pointer in the middle. The wheel segments had writing on them, which Emma couldn’t really read too well from where she was sat. Nadine also reintroduced the bottle from the Poker Round.

“Okay, guys, the way this works is we spin the bottle twice, once for boys and once for girls. That is the way we shall pair off this round, and to start with shall only go one pair at a time.

“Once the pair has been chosen, we spin the Wheel. Each segment has a sexy little act on it, and the pair has to do that act for one minute without interruption. For example, it could be Chris and Joanna, and the spinner could land on…”

Nadine flicked the spinner, which landed on a blue segment, “…blowjob. Pretty self explanatory. The only rule is that you are not allowed to cum yet. If you cum, you sit in the Naughty Corner, and are out of the game,” Nadine gestured to the fenced off area of the lounge, “Once you are in the Naughty Corner, you are not allowed out of the Naughty Corner until the game is finished.

“In the Naughty Corner, if you are good and keep your hands off other people in the Naughty Corner, you shall be rewarded. If not, you shall be punished. Simple enough?”

Everyone murmured in agreement. Emma began to feel nervous now. She doubted her ability to hold herself from cumming. She was gagging for it…

Nadine spun the bottle, landing on Emma. Emma blushed and her nervousness crept back as the bottle was spun again. Robert.

“Okay, Emma and Robert, let’s see what we have,” Nadine flicked the spinner, which came to a stop on the blue segment, “Blowjob!”

The other guys piped up jealously, as Robert made his way over to Emma, his cock leading the way. Emma knelt down in front of him, understanding that was the way to do it.

Nervously, she opened her mouth, and grasped the base of his cock, but just couldn’t bring herself to actually do it. Nadine appeared at her shoulder, reassuring her.

“Come on, sweetie, it isn’t hard, I’ll show you,” Nadine whispered to her, “Sorry, Rob, umpire gets first taste,” Nadine commandeered a startled Robert’s cock, guiding it into her mouth, and bobbing her head two or three times to show Emma what to do.

She released it from her mouth, and kissed Emma full on, pushing her tongue into Emma’s mouth, letting her taste the precum Robert was leaking. It didn’t taste too bad.

“Your turn,”

Emma took a deep breath and plunged Robert’s cock into her mouth, slowly salivating over it, taking a deep suck, and another as she pulled back up to the head. She heard Robert moan and felt him shudder as she did so.

She zoned out the other people in the room as she focussed on Robert’s penis, revelling in the taste of it, licking the head as she went down, sucking in as she came back up. It was warm, had a nice bit of give, and tasted much better than she ever thought it would.

Suddenly, Nadine rapped her on the shoulder, “Emma, time’s up! You can stop now.”

Emma snapped back to reality, all of Robert’s cock buried in her mouth. She turned to look at Nadine, and sloely drew back, saliva strings breaking between her lips and Robert’s cock.

She glanced up at Robert, who was red in the face, and panting heavily. Emma seemed to have gotten him pretty close to cumming, something she perhaps wasn’t ready for…

“You have to pay more attention, sweetie,” Nadine whispered, “You went on after time,”

“Sorry,” Emma apologised.

On the next bottle spin, Natasha and Mark got paired off. The spinner was spun, and it landed on a green segment, which Nadine read out as “Handjob”

Natasha took her time with Mark, and stroking his cock. She went slowly, with a gentle grip, just enough to drag his skin down a bit, once or twice squeezing it tightly, making him moan.

Time was called, and Natasha gave his cock one final squeeze before returning to her place in the circle.

The bottle was spun again, this time selecting Joanna and Chris, the spinner landing on “eating out”. To make things go quicker, the bottle was spun again, landing on Daniel and Emma, with “finger fuck” being chosen by the spinner.

Daniel stood up, and made his way over to Emma. This was the first time she’d seen his cock, and it was noticably bigger than the other guys’, measuring in at about 8 inches, and at least an inch and a half in girth.

Emma lay back, and Daniel knelt beside her, his hand stroking her stomach before sliding over her clitoris, sending a shockwave throughout her body, and to her opening. He slipped one of his fingers inside of her, guaging her.

She gasped audibly as the finger went in, and began wriggling inside her. She writhed on the finger, and was lost in her own little world, caught by surprise as the second finger went in.

Daniel began to pump her with his fingers a bit quicker, causing Emma to moan louder and louder as her pleasure increased. He began pumping vigorously now, seeming like he wanted to test her limits, or make her cum and be first in the Naughty Corner. His hand reached up and clasped her breast as he pounded her.

She felt herself getting close. After all the build up, she was ready to cum, and was rapidly approaching climax. She tensed up, ready for release…

…and suddenly, the fingers were gone! She gasped loudly, the hand leaving her breast, leaving her on the edge of the cliff, ready to be pushed off! She oh so wanted to be pushed off the cliff, but she willed herself back, knowing that the longer she waitied, the greater her reward.

Joanna, however, had been consigned to the Naughty Corner, Chris smiling triumphantly, his mouth damn and shining with pussy juice.

The next bottle spins gave way to two pairs of Chris and Melissa, Mark and Natasha, and a three consisting of Emma, Robert and Daniel.

Nadine called attention to the wheel, which she flipped over to reveal a second spinner. She explained that the segments on this one were full on sexual acts. Once again, the time limit was set to one minute, and people weren’t allowed to cum, lest they be sent to the Naughty Corner. Another rule that was added was that vaginal creampies were a big time-out rule, the culprit being consigned to sit out the rest of the night, without any of the reprise the Naughty Corner offered.

Chris and Melissa got straight up “sex”, Mark and Natasha were given “69”, with Robert and Daniel having to play Rock Paper Scissors to decide who would have sex with Emma. Daniel lost, receiving “Handjob” one the first spinner.

Emma now had a chance at payback. All she had to do was ignore Robert and focus entirely on Daniel, and making him cum. As everybody got into position, Emma took up a missionary position, laying on the floor, legs apart.

She was nervous, though. This would be the first guy to ever have sex with her, and the first guy she’d ever have sex with. Was she really going to go through with it? Was she…UUUUUUURNNNGH!

She moaned loudly as Robert plunged his cock into her pussy, pressing it apart, like a hot iron! FUUUUUUUCK! Emma thought as she felt the cock inside her. It was completely different from her vibrator. It was much warmer, hotter, the feeling of flesh on flesh made it feel oh so good!

She turned her attention to Daniel as he knelt beside her, cock poised over one of her breasts. She grabbed his cock, and began to jerk it, mimicking Natasha’s style, slowly at first, gradually getting faster. Robert was doing the same, going slowly, saving himself for later.

Daniel, on the other hand, Emma didn’t plan on saving for later. She wanted to get him back for almost making her cum! She wanted reveg….oooooh!

She lost her train of thought as she felt Robert push back into her for the first time, her body shifting on the floor slightly. She had to concentrate! She began pumping Daniel a bit faster now, squeezing a tad tighter. He began to moan against her, Emma’s own breath increasing in pace with his as her excitement levels rose. She was doing it! She was actually doing it!

Emma was sure Daniel was getting close to cum just when time was called! Fuck, a minute is just too damn short!

A loud groan pierced the air, and Emma sat up abruptly to look. Mark’s cock was resting back on his own stomach, as Natasha triumphantly opened her mouth, and displayed a mouthful of Mark’s cum, before proudly swallowing it in one gulp.

She got up off Mark as he ashamedly headed to the Naughty Corner, cock deflating as he went to join Joanna. she squeezed her boob, her horniness clearly returning as she snuggled into Mark as he sat down on the floor, her hand resting on his crotch.

The next pairs were chosen, three pairs this time, breaking down into Emma and Chris, Melissa and Daniel, Natasha and Robert. Emma and Chris landed on a “Freestyle” segment, Melissa and Daniel on a “69” segment, and Natasha and Robert on a “sex” segment.

Emma joined Chris on the couch, brushing her hair over her ear, “So…what d’you want to do?”

“If it’s okay with you, I want to fuck your tits,”

Emma glanced to Nadine, who came trotting over to her. “What’s up?”

“Uhm, Chris wants to do a tit fuck, but I don’t really know what one is,”

“Oh, sweetie, guys love to fuck a pair of big tits like yours. You need to lube up first, then he puts his cock between your tits, and you have to squeeze them around it. He then fucks them like he would your pussy or your arse,”

Emma turned back to Chris, “Sure, but we don’t have any thing to lube up with,”

“Yeah, I guess,” Chris replied, “I’ll fuck you first to lube my cock up, then I can fuck your tits,”

“Sure,” Emma spread her legs, and Chris stood up, and made his way between her legs. He entered her, and began pumping furiously, causing Emma’s breasts to bounce up into her face as he fucked her. Every thrust, his entire body weight slammed his hips into hers, creating shockwaves throughout her body, only adding to her pleasure.

As Chris fucked her, she began to realise just what she’d been missing out on. The energy, the smells, the sounds, the sights, everything! Her virginity had been properly taken, and she was loving ever last minute of it more than the ever thought she could!

She rose close to orgasm once again, Chris pulling out of her just before she reached the crest of the hill, time being called just as he did so. He swore, cursing the time limit, before apologising to everyone.

This time, Melissa and Robert were sent to the Naughty Corner, where Joanna was giving Mark head to get him back up in the mood for some more sex. Natasha’s stomach was spotted with Robert’s cum, but there wasn’t a substantial amount there. She wiped the excess off with a tissue.

“Okay guys, we only have two pairs left! Time to decide upon a winning pair!” Nadine announced, “We spin the bottle one more time to decide pairings, then we let the spinner decide on boy or girl. The pairs are decided by the bottle, and then it will be a race to finish!

“If the spinner chooses “Boy”, it will be the girls’ job to make their man cum as quickly as possible, and vice versa. The first team to cum wins!

“For those in the Naughty Corner…if you have been good, you shall help make the final players cum! If not, you will have to stay out,”

Nadine spun the bottle, teaming Natasha with Chris, leaving Daniel and Emma. The spinner selected “Boy”, so it was left to Emma and Natasha to race to make their man cum the quickest.

“Your cock nice and wet?” Emma asked, surprising herself that she actually asked that question.

Daniel replied by guiding Emma’s hand towards it. Melissa has totally ravaged it, a huge amount of saliva remained on his cock to lubricate it. Perfect.

Emma sat down in front of the couch, and adjusted her position so she lay back, presenting her tits to Daniel. She brought her hands up either side of her tits. Daniel took the offer and straddled Emma’s waist, his cock level with her cleavage.

“Both pairs ready?”

Emma glanced over at Natasha, who was knelt down ready to give Chris a blowjob. She was too focussed on her man to notice Emma.

Both pairs affirmed that they were ready. Nadine counted down,


Emma pressed her breasts together around Daniel’s large cock, and he began to thrust between them, creating a brand new sensation for Emma.

She’d never felt anything between her breasts before, and it was sliding between them so effortlessly, like it was stroking them. She felt her breasts bulge apart as his cock broke through the barrier of flesh before it like a ship cuts through ice in the arctic.

Nadine appeared at her side, “Emma, lock your fingers together over your tits to help stop his cock jumping out,”

She did so, managing to keep Daniel’s cock buried within her cleavage. She looked down at it, and saw it rapidly appear and disappear between her boobs, the tip shimmering for a brief second before it withdrew back into the soft fleshy expanse of her breasts. Emma was loving the sight of this.

She looked up at Daniel, and saw the look of pure pleasure etched into his face. He looked like he had just died and gone to heaven!

Nadine spoke to Emma again, “Tilt your head down and flick at him with your tongue,”

Emma responded, her tongue reaching out and lapping at whatever appeared from between her tits, feeling herself making contact with the tip of Daniel’s cock every so often, making him audibly moan, making him plough harder and faster between her tits.

She pressed her boobs tighter, really feeling him between them, glancing up at his twisted, contorted face as he came closer and closer to orgasm. He went to pull out, the agony of almost cumming unbearable for him, but Emma snapped, “No! Stay there! Stay there! Keep going! Almost there! Don’t ruin it now!”

Daniel obeyed, pumping back and forth as hard as he could into Emma’s breasts, almost unable to make himself cum, push him over the edge. Nadine whispered into his ear, “Go on, cum, cum all over her. Give it all to her now!”

That was all he needed. Daniel let out a loud guttural scream as he thrust his final time, a large shot of cum leaping out of his cock and sailing clear over Emma’s head! A second shot fired out and hit her in the eye, a third landing just above it on her forehead, a fourth into her open mouth, causing her to lean forwards blindly and latch onto his still orgasming cock.

His screams renewed their vigor as Emma sucked the remaining cum from his cock, feeling spurt after spurt erupt into her mouth, tasting better and better with each load.

Eventually, Daniel stopped spasming and he relinquished his last droplet of cum into Emma’s mouth. She took a gulp and drank it down in one go, the slightly salty tang lingering in her mouth as it slid smoothly down her throat. She grinned, and took a moment to feel the cum lingering on her face.

She could feel it dribbling down the sides of her face, its smell and taste, her heartrate and adrenaline. Emma realised what Natasha was talking about now. She felt so dirty, like such a slut, and she hated herself, but it felt so good, and she yearned for more.

From nowhere, someone grabbed her head and began to lick the cum off her face, and out of her eye. When she was finally able to open it, she saw a breast swinging into her face, gently bobbing in front of her chin as its owner cleaned her forehead.

As she pulled back, it was Nadine. Natasha was stood beside her, a drop of cum dribbling down her chin.

“How’d I do? Did I win?” Emma asked, excitedly, Daniel dismounting her.

“Well, no, Natasha made Chris cum first, but by the amount of cum you made him shoot, I’d say you all won!” Nadine announced, “But now, it’s time for you two girls to get a reward!

“Now, the four people in the Naughty Corner can…hey!”

Nadine snapped at Mark and Joanna, who were having sex in the Naughty Corner in doggy position, Mark pounding into her like a jackhammer.

“Okay, Robert and Melissa are the only good people in the Naughty Corner. Melissa you haven’t paired with Emma yet, so you can have the honour of making her cum. Robert, you have Natasha.”

The pairings occurred, giving Chris and Daniel a break to recouperate. Melissa knelt in front of Emma, gesturing she sit on the sofa for easier access. Emma obliged.

“You enjoying yourself tonight?” Melissa asked with a smile.

“Yeah, but I don’t think I’ll last very long. Been building up for hours,”

“Okay, Race number two. Naughty people, you have a chance to redeem yourself. You have to make your girl cum before the other pair. You may use any method you see fit,

“Three…Two…One…GO!” Nadine called, and immediately, Melissa’s hand shot forwards, burying her index and middle fingers into Emma’s pussy, catching her off guard, causing her to throw her head back in pleasure.

Suddenly, she felt Melissa’s mouth lock onto her clitoris and flick it rapidly with her tongue, creating a warm, pleasurable sensation in her groin, which turned electric when combined with the finger fuck.

Emma felt herself tense, her orgasm galloping towards her at maximum speed. She moaned loudly, her impending orgasm ready to crash through her vagina. Melissa stopped finger fucking her to concentrate sucking her clit.

Though the sudden loss of vaginal stimulation caused the orgasm to lose a bit of ground, it ploughed on strongly as her clit was sucked and licked on, Melissa’s mouth working wonders!

Emma tensed and let loose an elongated moan as her climax surged through her body, pounding on the door, demanding to be let out!

She relented, her orgasm snapping her pussy shut like nothing she’d ever felt before! The pleasurable sensation coursed throughout her body one large ripple after another, the tips of her nipples were like tesla coils. She pinched her nipples and pulled them out as far as she could, resulting her renewing her orgasm, a whole new set of convulsions echoing the intensity of the first one.

As she calmed down, and the room stopped spinning, all the colours of the world returned to normal, she came to her senses, and relaxed, unable to even move from exhaustion.

She looked over at Joanna and Mark, who had switched to missionary, Mark’s face scrunching up as he pulled out of Melissa. She reached down and jerked Mark’s cock with her hand as he shot his cum in two streaks, creating a V shape on her belly, the rest dribbling out over Joanna’s hand.

Natasha knelt beside Emma, whispering in her ear, “So, same time in two weeks?”

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