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There were three of us sitting in the bar that night. I was thinking of getting up and going home, even though it was still pretty early, but before I could speak to make my excuses, Romeo, who had been brooding all evening, abruptly spoke up.

“I dunno what’s getting into me, guys” he looked at Bob, then at me. I observed for the first time that he looked as if he hadn’t slept in a week. “The other night, I woke up from a dream… one of those dreams that wakes you up with an incredible hard on and an unbearable desire to get right back to sleep and right back into the dream.”

This was gonna be good. I forgot all about going home, and settled comfortably in my chair.

“I was laying there, fingering my stiff cock, considering consummating what the dream had started, when I suddenly heard someone peeing. Most of the time, I wouldn’t have noticed, but in the middle of the night, when everything’s so quiet, all noises seem loud.

“In the dark, I visualized the girl in the apartment next door, squatting over her toilet. In my mind’s eye, I imagined her pussy, hairless and glistening, with a stream of golden piss flowing out and down to splash in the bowl. The sound kept going and going and going. I took a firm grip on my prick and started to pump. By the time she stopped peeing, I was well on my way to cumming. I noticed that she had stopped, and was sorry for a moment that I hadn’t cum right at that moment. Then I came one of those really good cums where the heat keeps pumping through your prick. I caught the jism in my hand and wiped it on the t shirt I had left on the floor before I went back to sleep. If it hadn’t been for finding the shirt in the morning, I would have probably figured the whole thing had been a dream.

“Now, what I want to know is, does it make me a pervert if I liked hearing that girl pee?”

Bob laughed. “It was probably her boyfriend, you goon. That makes you a faggot!” We hit him at the same time, one fist in each shoulder. He frowned and rubbed. “Hey, it’s true, ain’t it? If he was jacking off to some guy pissing, he’s gotta be gay!”

I decided to ignore him. “Sure it makes you strange, Romeo,” I provided, “but strange is all right as long as you ain’t like Bob.” Bob glared at me. “I mean, who cares if you get off on peeing, or poodles, or inflatable pandas in polyester pants? Does it hurt anybody?”

“Well, that all depends on what you’re doing to the poodle, Doc,” Bob supplied.

I was pretending it was an academic question, but under the table I had an enormous stiff. Imagining some girl’s glistening gash gushing gleaming gold was getting to me, too. Hell, I was even making up bad verse about it in my head!

The conversation drifted on to other matters, and I forgot about it until about a half hour later when I went to the can to siphon off some excess beer. As I watched the arc of piss splashing against the back of the urinal, I pictured, once again, that gleaming pussy, spouting a similar nectar.

In fact, that image came back to me every time I peed over the following week, not to mention occurring to me when I was at work or talking to my mother on the phone. It became an obsession with me. I went to the porno shop looking for a magazine or tape featuring golden showers, but the place only had fairly standard stuff like ass fucking, S & M and bondage. I asked the guy at the counter about it, and he looked at me kinda strange. Either he figured my request was a little off the wall or he wasn’t used to guys coming right out and saying what they were looking for. Either way, I figured the trip was a loss, and left.

Another week went by, and probably due to a lack of stimulation, I let thoughts of girls and piss drift back out of my mind.

I had forgotten the subject completely by the time Romeo had his party.

Romeo lived in one of those old apartment buildings down by campus. You know the ones. Lots of scuzzballs and roaches and no one to complain about the noise when you really crank the stereo up on a friday night.

Romeo layed in a keg and almost everybody brought a bottle of something, so there was a lot of drinking. And a lot of going in and out of the bathroom.

I was standing in line outside the can when a gorgeous redhead stepped out. Romeo, who was squeezing his way down the hall at the moment, introduced her to me. “Doc, this here’s Gloria. She lives in the apartment next door.”

It came back to me in a flash, the way Michelangelo must have first got the idea to paint God touching Adam’s finger. This must be the midnight pisser!

She smiled as I touched her finger with my own. “Very pleased to meet you, Doc!” She seemed to mean it. I said something similar to her as I took a light grip on her hand. She didn’t seem to be in any hurry to escape. We stood there in the hallway, talking about something I can’t recall while I pictured her peeing. That’s all I did, that I can remember, the whole time we stood in that hall. Pictured her peeing. When it was my turn at the bathroom, I invited her in. I don’t know why, but she smiled and surprised the hell out of me by saying yes.

The folks in line for the can objected loudly. They all had pressing needs, and didn’t much relish the idea of us spending much time in there, which they were fairly sure we were getting ready to do. I know that’s what I had on my mind, and I figured it was what Gloria had on her mind, too. Trouble was, I didn’t know any way to make everybody happy, and I was sure as hell intent in looking after my own interests. Gloria, however, had a solution. “Let’s go next door to my place,” she whispered in my ear.

By the time she closed her apartment door behind us, I knew that my developing hard on was going to seriously impede my ability to pee. I figured I’d better do that before I did anything else, so I asked her where the bathroom was. She led me there and preceded me through the doorway. I unzipped my fly, pulled my pecker out, and began to pee. Gloria watched for a moment, her eyes glazed over, and then reached out and stuck her hand in the hot stream. Piss splashed all over the place, but she didn’t seem to care or even notice.

When I was done, I shook the last drop off and started to stuff it back into my pants, but Gloria reached to touch it, and the next thing I knew, we were locked in a tight and hot embrace. Before I knew how we managed it, we were both out of our clothes, and I was sitting on the toilet with her straddling me, fucking me in a hot frenzy and screaming endearments and swearing at me to fuck her harder and deeper and faster the whole time.

In the frenzied lust of the moment, I hardly even saw her. Our mouths were plastered to each others’ and our hands were busy squeezing and fondling each other. I’d like to say that it was a really good fuck, but it was over almost before it began. I came, and she came, but there was no magic in it for me. She, on the other hand, was gasping for breath when it was over and seemed ready to fall limply from my lap.

When she recovered enough to stand, she left the room. I dressed and went out into the hall. A moment later, she came out of a door, dressed in a flimsy robe.

“Care for something to drink?” she asked, huskily.

“Yeah,” I was mighty thirsty just about now.

She led me to the living room and asked me to excuse her while she got a couple of beers. She came back with two large glasses full, and handed me one. “Drink up!”

Her robe was hanging wide open, and I took a good look at her for the first time. She was pretty tall, maybe five-ten or so. Her breasts weren’t particularly large, but they were nicely shaped and crowned by red nipples which, in the cool air of her apartment, stood stiff and large like raspberries. Her pussy was shaved bare (funny that Romeo had said that was what he envisioned when he heard her peeing in the night), and the swollen lips were open enough to reveal a clitoris that was remarkably large. I had been around enough to know that every woman was built differently, but I had never before encountered anything like this. I was fascinated, and she noticed.

“See something you like?”

“You have the most incredible clit!”

“So I’ve been told.” She sat across from me on the couch, and opened her pussy with both hands so that I could see it better. “Why don’t you come over here where you can see it better?” She licked her lips.

I went to kneel between her knees and get a good look. Her clit was shaped like a little cock, maybe an inch long and an half an inch thick. I leaned forward and dragged my tongue across it. She let out an involuntary squeal, and hunched her hips toward me, urging me to get more familiar with it. I pursed my lips and sucked the little meat into my mouth, swiping my tongue across the tip as it entered.

She squealed again and grabbed my hair, pulling me tighter against her, and I began sucking on it the way I liked my cock sucked. I swirled my tongue around it, caressing the sides and tip and sucked hard. She began to scream and shout, begging me to eat her pussy, which sort of amused me at the moment, since I already was eating it, but the amusement disappeared almost as suddenly as it had arrived, and I began to fuck her little cock with my mouth, slurping up and down on it, and milking at it with my tongue.

She went wild. “God Damn,” she screamed, “oh, yeah! Suck my clitty!”

I slipped a finger into her pussy, then another. Sliding them in and out of her, I was fucking her cunt while she fucked my mouth. I have to tell you, it was a strange feeling. There were moments there when I wasn’t sure if she was a woman or a small guy. But I fucked and sucked at her pussy while she squealed and swore. She didn’t know whether to hunch up against my face to fuck her clit farther into my mouth or grind down against my hand to take more finger in her cunt. She ended up doing both… again and again and again.

I crooked a finger back to find her asshole, and slipped right into it. There was so much juice flowing from her hot pussy that my finger was covered with the slickness of it. As my finger probed the damp confines of her shitter, she came, pushing her clit deep into my mouth were I bit at it and swept my tongue around it as she trembled and shook.

When her fingers finally untangled themselves from my hair, I sat back on my haunches and looked at her. She was wasted, sweaty and flushed, with her hair in wild disarray. I wanted to fuck her again, then and there.

I pushed her down on the couch, and squatted between her legs, rubbing the head of my pecker up and down the wet slit of her cunt. When my cock slid inside, she opened her eyes and looked at me again before grabbing my hips and pulling me hard into her.

Her cunt grasped my cock and she fucked up against me. I felt her tongue licking my nipple, and then her teeth biting at it hard enough to be almost too painful. Suddenly, I was pumping hot cum into her again.

This time, it was complete. I felt the pressure of the jism building up and jetting through my prick to fill her hungry cunt, and she was sucking and biting at my nipple in a manner that somehow released any shred of reserve I might have had so that I could surrender myself completely to the sensation of cumming.

It was over quickly, but at least this time I had had a chance to enjoy it!

After a few minutes of laying there, composing ourselves and catching our breath, she suggested a shower.

With pussy juice drying on my face and belly and jism dripping from my pecker, I thought it sounded like a wonderful idea.

I reached for my beer, which was pretty warm by now, and drained the glass before I followed her to the bathroom. I needed to piss again, so I stood in front of the toilet and, taking my slippery pecker in one hand, aimed it at the toilet.

“Wait for me!” Gloria squeezed between me and the toilet and sat down. She held her shaved pussy lips open with both hands revealing that enormous clitoris again. “Piss on my cunt!” Her voice was hoarse with desire. This woman was a non-stop fucking machine! I don’t know how she ever managed to do anything but fuck. Sex was all she seemed to think about!

Anyway, I don’t think I could have held back if I wanted to, my need to pee was overwhelming. I let loose with a hot and heavy stream of pungent piss, splashing her belly and hands as I got the aim straight. Gloria had her eyes closed, and was breathing fast and heavy. She was turned on and heating up again. Using one hand to hold her pussy lips wide, she plunged a finger of her other hand deep into her cunt and started slowly fucking herself with it.

As I watched my hot piss splash over her pussy, I was seized by a mischievous idea. I slowly raised the stream to splash over her belly and tits before lifting it to wash her face with its bitter torrent. She just closed her eyes and stuck her tongue out to taste it.

When I felt the pressure on my bladder begin to diminish, I dropped the stream back to her pussy and watched as she fingered her cunt more frantically, gasping and moaning in her urgent need for release.

As the stream of my piss stopped, she arched her back and groaned long and loud, her finger massaging that huge clit, slowing, pressing, and speeding up again and again. She must have cum three or four times before one really big orgasm locked her body in a tight convulsion.

She opened her eyes slowly, and looked up at me. Red hair was plastered to her piss-wet face, and her eyes gleamed with lust and contentment. At that moment, she was the sexiest woman I had ever been close to.

She reached for my pecker, hard now, and gripped it tightly with both hands. “I like him!” I didn’t know if she was talking to me about my cock or to some imaginary entity about me. I didn’t ask. I grew harder in her hands, and she licked her lips before tasting the last drop of piss, still clinging to the slit at the end of my cock.

I reached down and touched her damp hair as she opened her mouth and engulfed my cock in a warm, wet grip, her tongue stroking the underside as she sucked the length deep into her throat, burying her nose in my pubic hair. She held my balls in one hand, squeezing them gently, kneading and massaging them as she milked me with her tongue.

When I felt my cum rising inside me, I groaned in anticipation of climax, but she stopped at the sound, circling the base of my cock tightly with her thumb and forefinger, and held me tightly like that as the impending ejaculation cooled and subsided. As I relaxed, she engulfed me once again, working slowly to build the pressure back up inside me.

She did this several times, stopping when she knew I was close to cumming, then beginning afresh every time the feeling lapsed. Each time she did it, the pressure was greater. Each time she stopped, the feeling of stopping before I came became more like pain. Each time she halted her ministrations, I wondered if she were ever going to make me cum.

Then, as the pressure built to an even greater force, she eased one finger into the tightness of my asshole, squeezed my balls a little tighter than before, and swallowed repeatedly as spout after spout of hot lava washed up through my loins and drained itself into her gulping throat.

All of my energy was caught up in the current of that searing jism, and my knees buckled. I leaned against her face for support as she urged every drop out of me, squeezing the juice from my balls and inciting it by fucking my asshole with her finger. I was done. I slumped, drained of strength. When she offered a place in her bed for the night, I accepted.

Gloria wasn’t ready to quit, but I was totally worn out. I wouldn’t have been able to get a hard on again if my life depended on it, and Gloria finally gave up trying to suck some life into my limp prick and curled up beside me to get some sleep. I wondered if I would tell Romeo about her. He might enjoy knowing that he’d been right about her pussy. Then again, he might resent the fact that I had scored with his dream girl. I figured it would be better if I didn’t bring it up, though if I started coming over here very frequently, he was bound to twig. I went to sleep deciding that I would wait and see how things developed. Maybe I would tell him, maybe I wouldn’t.

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