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Odd Jobs

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“Tom, I’m happy you’re home from college for the summer, but we just can’t give you money anymore like we used to. We need every dollar we have, and if you have the chance to earn some on your own, even if it’s just a day job, you have to take it.”

“Mom, this isn’t a job. This is…labor.”

“It’s $100, and all you have to do is spend a few hours boxing up some stuff and taking out trash.

Even if it’s an eight-hour day, you’re still making way over minimum wage. Now, I promised Claudia you’d be there by 10, so you’d better get going. Go easy on her. She’s just getting over losing her husband.”

She grabbed the car keys and forced them into his hand.

“Claudia said there’s a lot of work to do, so bring a change of clothes.”

Tom went back to his room and rounded up an extra t-shirt, shorts and socks, then headed out to the car, his face etched with resentment.

“I’ll see you later,” he said bitterly.

Tom tried to calm down while he made the 15-minute drive to Claudia’s. The CD he was playing certainly helped, and as he got closer to Claudia’s house, he was much more relaxed than he was when he stormed from his house. He parked his car in front of the attractive two-story abode, then grabbed his change of clothes and walked up the sidewalk to the entrance. After ringing the doorbell, Claudia answered and welcomed him in.

“Hello, Tom, thank you so much for coming by. I really appreciate this. How has college been treating you?”

“I’ve been doing pretty good, actually. The year’s been hectic, so it’s nice to come home for a while and decompress. How have you…been?”

“Well, much better. It took a while, I admit, to get used to new circumstances, but I think I’m pretty much back to my old self. I’m having some friends over while you’re here. Do you mind?

“No, no, I mean, it’s your house and that. Um, what can I do to help out?”

“So, you want to get to work right away. You have a good work ethic. Let’s go to the garage.”

She led him to what was supposed to be a place to park a car, but was filled instead with tools, boxes and assortment of other things that had not been used for quite some time, he could see.

“Tom, I want to be able to park my car here and just get into the house. So, what I need is for just about all of this stuff to be packed up and taken to the curb. Leave the garden tools here, and I guess all the other tools should stay, too, but I won’t need anything else. It’s supposed to be getting warm today, so I can make you some cold drinks. Is that OK?”

“Sure,” he said.

“If you need anything, just ask. I’ll pay you when you’re finished.”

As she went back into the house, Tom couldn’t help but admire her. She looked to be in her mid-thirties, but he could also see that she worked at staying in shape. He surveyed his surroundings.

“What a freaking mess,” he muttered to himself. He then developed a plan, first to get rid of what she didn’t want, then to organize what she did. As he toiled throughout the morning, he saw a two cars pull up to the front of the house a few minutes apart from each other. A single woman emerged from first car, but two women got out of the second. Each had what Tom thought was an oversized briefcase. He continued to clean out the garage as he watched them go up to Claudia’s front door. Once they all got inside, Tom could hear that they wasted little time in enjoying each other’s company. By now the temperature was warmer, and he was certainly sweating more, but he could see real progress being made. He needed a break, so he opened the door from the garage into the house and called for Claudia. She quickly appeared.

“Yes, Tom?”

“Can I take you up on that drink offer?”

“Why, of course. Let me get you a pitcher. How’s it going? Can I see?”

“No, let me finish first. I think you’ll like it.”

“I can see there’s quite a bit out at the curb already. About how much more is there?”

“Maybe another hour.”

“You work fast. Let me get you a drink.”

She returned with a carafe of ice water and a tumbler. Tom quickly downed two glasses.

“You must have really been thirsty,” Claudia said. “Here, let me fill it up for you again.”

She returned with more water for him.

“Anything else, just call, OK?”

“OK. I will. Don’t worry about me.”

The ice water charged his batteries, and now all he wanted was to finish so that he could collect his money and go home. As the last of the trash was removed, he turned his attention to all of the tools, and after he lined them up with the precision expected of a military inspection, he looked around and took genuine pride in what he had been able to accomplish. He let out a sigh a satisfaction, then said to himself, “We’re ready.”

Tom opened the door into the house again and called for Claudia.

“Yes, Tom?” she said as she came into view.

“Give me the keys to your car and I can park it in your garage.”

He was sweaty and grimy, but she could also see the delight in his eyes at having done this for her.

“Let me see,” she instructed.

Tom stood aside and watched her as she came into garage.

“Oh, my,” she said, incredulous at how everything unwanted was gone and everything wanted was arranged in a way to easily find it.

“You have certainly earned your money today.”

“Thank you,” he said. “So, you like it?”

“No, Tom, I love it. Thank you very much. I’d say you also earned a tip.”

“Oh, that’s not necessary, but thanks, anyway.”

“Well, at least let me offer you the chance to clean up before you go on your way. Would you like to take a shower? I have a guest bathroom upstairs.”

“Um, sure,” he blurted.

“So, I guess you’re glad you brought that change of clothes. Bring them with you. Come on.”

He followed her to the living room and saw the friends that arrived a while back.

“Hi,” he said to them all.

“Everyone, this is Tom,” Claudia said. “He came by today to help clean out my garage.”

“Hi, Tom,” they all said.

He saw that they were all seated around a coffee table with a bowl of fruit on it. Claudia’s friends were enjoying a glass of wine, and each had a sketch pad, with drawings of the fruit bowl in various stages of completion.

“Uh, hi,” he said. “Sorry about my appearance.”

“No problem, you must be thorough,” said one.

“Come on, Tom,” instructed Claudia. He followed her up the stairs.

She showed him to the guest bathroom, which had a sink and cabinets in the outer room and a door leading to the actual bath.

“So,” Claudia said, “go ahead and get cleaned up, and when you’re finished, come on back down and I’ll pay you.”

“OK,” he answered.

Claudia turned to look at him once more before she closed the door. Tom quickly undressed, then closed the door to the bath area, happy to be free of the dirt and sweat. The shower did wonders for him, virtually rejuvenating, as he let the hot water soak his fatigued muscles. Once finished, he dried off and went into the outer room. He quickly noticed that his clothes — all of them — were gone, with only an extra towel hanging on a hook on the main door. He looked around the room and found nothing. Now more than a little concerned, he wrapped the towel around his midriff and left the bathroom, heading for the top of the stairs.

“Claudia?” he called down.

He heard her footsteps as she approached the staircase.

“Yes, Tom?”

“Um, where are my clothes?” he whispered.

“Oh, why don’t you come on down? You’re decent. It’s OK.”

He hesitated for an instant, then walked down the stairs.

“Where are my clothes?” he repeated.

“Well, your work clothes were so dirty that I thought I’d wash them for you.”

“But what about the change of clothes I brought?”

“Oh, those? I have them, but I wanted to ask if you’d like to earn another $100. It shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours.”

“What can I do like this?” he asked, gesturing to his towel.

“My friends are all here as a sort of…art club. They were wondering if they could draw you for a little while.”

“Draw me?”

“Yes, you know, pose and let us sketch. You just have to stand or recline, that’s all.”

“That’s it?”


He paused. “That’s all right, I guess.”

“Thank you! So, come with me.”

She took him by the hand and led him into the living room.

“He’ll do it!” she announced.

“Thanks, Tom,” they all said.

“Where do you want me stand, or, whatever.”

“Well, right here in the middle would be just fine.”

He stood in the center of them as they formed a semi-circle.

They all looked at each other expectantly.

“OK,” Tom said, “now what?”

“Take off your towel, Tom,” said Claudia, not wondering why he would ask such a thing.

“Excuse me?” he said.

“The towel. Take it off. We want to draw the nude.”

“Now, wait a minute. I don’t think I can — ”

“Tom,” said Claudia firmly, “your mother called while you were on your way over here, and she told me that you are to do everything I tell you, and that if you gave any argument, I was to call her right away. Everything. I don’t think she had this in mind, exactly, but I don’t know what I’d tell her. You could use another $100, couldn’t you?”

“Well, I mean, yeah, of course, but I’ve never done anything like this.”

“Just be natural, au naturelle.”

“It is all right, Tom, we are your friends,” said one, and judging by her accent, Tom pegged her to be from Africa.

“But I don’t even know you,” he protested.

“My name is Jasmine, and I am a graduate exchange student from Kenya.”

“I’m one of Claudia’s friends. Rosie,” said another.

“And I’m Patty,” added the third.

“There,” Claudia said, “we all know each other now.”

Tom felt resigned to his fate. He couldn’t run out the door. There was no telling what Claudia might say to his Mom, and with his clothes gone, so were his car keys. He trembled.

“Could I at least turn around?” he asked.

Claudia now stood directly in front of him.

“Are you nervous? You really needn’t be. If that would make you feel more comfortable, sure,” answered an assuring Claudia. “Turn around.”

Tom did as he was told. Claudia placed her hands on his shoulders.

“What wonderful definition,” she commented. To Tom, her fingers felt tingling, causing his eyes to bulge. He also felt his penis stirring, which only became more intense as her fingers traced down his back. He wasn’t so much breathing as he was gasping, even more as Claudia tugged at the towel and freed it from his body. The air felt cool to him, the sensations causing his penis to stiffen even more.

“OK, now look at me,” she said softly. Tom turned his head over his shoulder.

“No, you silly boy,” said Claudia, placing her hands on his hips and turning him herself. He futilely tried to cover himself and pull his hips back to avoid showing what was now so obvious, but Claudia would have nothing of it. She stepped aside so that her friends could have an unobstructed view as well.

“Tom, this won’t do,” she lectured. “Put your hands by your side. Go ahead. Good. Now, stand up straight. It’s all right.”

“But, um, I’…”

“Are you worried about your penis? Your penis is part of you, Tom. You have a beautiful penis.”

“Uh, well, thank you, I guess, but it’s…I mean, I’m –”

“You have an erection? Your erection makes your penis even more beautiful. I think arousal is wonderful to behold. But, I don’t want to speak for anyone out of turn. Let me ask my friends if any of them are offended, OK? If they are, maybe we can work out something different. Ladies, are any of you upset by Tom’s penis?”

“No,” they all replied individually, all smiling warmly.

“I think it is very interesting,” added Jasmine.

Tom, still quivering, had to muster every ounce of courage he had and simultaneously abandon any sense of modesty as his hips returned to their normal position. His penis bobbed gently as he tried to relax.

“Maybe you’re not quite ready for this, Tom,” Claudia commented, “so why don’t we try a reclining pose. That might help.”

“Sure,” he whispered.

“Go ahead and lay on the floor, on your stomach. That’s it. OK, now spread your legs a little. More. A little more. Good! Fold your arms and rest your head on them, like you’re taking a nap. Now, I want you to bring your right leg up so that it’s pointing out to the side with your knee bent. No, that’s not quite what I had in mind. Here,” she said, kneeling next to him.

Claudia pulled his leg out and bent it like she desired, racing her fingers along Tom’s thigh as she did so. His legs were now spread wide so that Claudia and her friends each had a clear view.

“Perfect,” she observed. “Does anybody need more wine?”

“Yes,” “Certainly,” “Of course,” they chimed in.

Tom could only hear the sounds of the glasses being filled, then silence broken by the scratching of pencils on sketch pads. He jumped when he felt a woman’s hands caressing his straight leg.

“What are you doing?” he demanded.

“Well, Tom,” said Claudia, “I’m trying to capture your true nature, so by sensing how a subject feels, I can better reflect that in my artwork. It’s just a theory, but it’s worked for me so far. Has anyone else tried such technique?”

“I am new to drawing, so I must say ‘no,'” Jasmine said.

“Patty and I are always open to new things,” offered Rosie. They joined Claudia by Tom’s side, each caressing his leg up and down, then on the outside, then the inside. They were perilously close to his balls. After their exploration, they returned to their positions and resumed sketching. Tom’s hearing was becoming more acute, especially when he knew that only one of the women was still drawing. Claudia, Patty and Rosie knelt by his side and began their deft touch on his bent leg, obviously humored by his reaction as they also touched the bottom of Tom’s foot. He gasped and flinched.

“Please hold the pose,” instructed Jasmine.

As the pencil sounds filled the air again, Tom actually dreaded the silence he knew was imminent. Within a few minutes, the pencil scratchings now numbered one, and he braced for what he thought would be the worst. Tom couldn’t bear to look up and see what was happening. He did, though, sense one woman kneeling to his left with another two kneeling to his right. His eyes scrunched tight as he felt three women all playing with his ass. He had no idea how sensuous it could feel. His hands were now tightly coupled fists, and his gasps became audibly noticeable as he felt their hands drift between his legs. They openly played with his balls and perineum, and they didn’t seem to mind, actually, that he was twitching and moaning. Or was it whimpering?

“Ssshhh,” reprimanded Claudia. “You are helping us create a masterpiece. I think it’s wonderful how your scrotum is so warm and free-flowing,” she said as she massaged his balls. Patty and Rosie nodded in agreement as they took their turns. They then stopped and returned to their sketch pads, giving Tom a chance to recover his composure.

“I think we all need a break,” suggested Claudia. “Shall we adjourn to the kitchen?”

With that, Mark waited until they had left before he even thought about standing up. His erection was so hard that it was almost hurting him. Once he saw they had all left the living room, he reached for his towel, stood up and quickly covered himself.

“Why don’t you join us?” suggested Claudia.

“Um, I’m OK right here,” stammered Tom.

“Nonsense,” she insisted. “Come join us. I can still call your Mom.”

Tom relented and went to the kitchen. Claudia and her friends certainly enjoyed wine.

“Are you old enough for wine?” Claudia asked.

“Well, in a couple of months, yes.”

“Have you ever had any before?”

Tom wasn’t sure what to say.

“Maybe, once or twice.”

“And underage? My, you’re naughty. Here, have a little white.”

Tom took a sip and almost immediately began to feel flush. It certainly helped him to relax a little.

“So,” Claudia said, “Jasmine, have you ever…I mean, is this the first time that you have ever, um — ”

“- seen a white man naked? Yes,” she smiled warmly.

Claudia put her arm on Tom’s shoulder. She enjoyed the sensations of his muscles, even as she perceived a faint trembling. Tom, meanwhile, thought her touch electric.

“Oh,” Claudia exclaimed. “So this is a new cultural experience for you in more ways than one. How quaint.”

She slid her hand down his back until it rested on the top of his towel. He felt her thumb hook underneath the edge.

“Have another sip of wine, Tom,” suggested Patty. He felt increasingly flush as the alcohol entered his system, accelerated because he had not yet had anything to eat.

Claudia kept her thumb under the edge of the towel as she wrapped her arm around Tom’s waist, stopping where he had secured it.

“How do you like your introduction to our culture, Jasmine?” asked Claudia.

“I learn new things all of the time,” she answered. “It all happens very quickly, so I may not understand something as much as I should right away.”

“We aren’t rushing you, are we?”

“I am not so familiar with Tom.”

“Oh, Tom, did you hear that? I think we weren’t being considerate of our foreign guest.”

Claudia tugged the hanging edge of Tom’s towel, holding on to it as fell away from his body. Claudia and her friends were amused as Tom was startled by his sudden exposure. They studied him intently as his penis stiffened. Jasmine was especially fixated on his arousal.

“Why does being naked with us make you so excited?” she asked.

“I’m not really sure,” he stammered.

“This is a wonderful chance for you to become, um, ‘familiar’ with Tom,” offered Claudia. “Take your time. We have the whole day.”

Jasmine took another sip of wine. She continued to stare at Tom’s penis, and then hesitantly extended her hand to sense its contours. She rested the mushroom head on the back of her fingers and lifted her hand a little, taking it away and watching Tom’s penis bounce up and down afterwards.

“This is fun,” she said. “Kenyan men are not like this. They do not let women explore so.”

Tom’s eyes were closed, gasping though his open mouth.

She gently wrapped her fingers around his shaft and slowly pulled her hand back, feeling Tom’s penis glide along her soft skin. Jasmine traced circles around his foreskin, then experimented with pulling it up over the rim and pushing it back. Tom’s moans would give one think that he was in pain, if they didn’t know otherwise.

“The skin is very soft, but underneath it is very hard,” Jasmine noted. “How do you feel when you are this way?”

“Buzzing,” he whispered.

“Buzzing? Like a bee?”

“Electric,” he countered.

“Here, Jasmine,” said Rosie, taking her hand. “Let me show you more buzzing.”

Rosie guided Jasmine’s hand to Tom’s balls.

“Tom may be a little chilly — see his goose bumps? — but his balls are nice and warm and just melt in your fingers.”

“What do you call them? ‘Balls?'”, giggled Jasmine.

“Well, that’s a slang word,” explained Rosie as she continued fondling Tom with Jasmine. “The proper term, I suppose, is ‘scrotum.'”

“Yes, that I know. When Kenyan women are in private, we call them ‘mangos.'”

The ladies all laughed boisterously. Tom turned a distinct shade of red.

“Tom, did you hear that?” asked Claudia. “Who’d have thought we would learn so much about each other’s way of life?” She was freely playing with Tom’s ass by now, gently pushing his hips forward so that, to the others, he was practically offering himself. Claudia’s friends knew what she was doing, appreciated even more with each sip of wine.

Jasmine and Rosie were obviously enjoying themselves while they massaged Tom, pausing occasionally to softly stroke his penis.

“Spread your legs a little, dear,” whispered Claudia in Tom’s ear. He complied, slightly staggering, prompting Patty to catch him by his shoulder.

“There, there,” Patty said. “We wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself. Hey, Jasmine, if you want some real fun, go back just behind his, um, ‘mangos,’ and see what that does to him, like this.”

Tom was forced to spread his legs even wider as Patty aggressively wedged her hand in between and found his sensitive perineum. Her fingertips met Claudia’s, and as the two of them started this new exploration, Rosie felt compelled to offer Jasmine even more advice.

“Here, Jasmine, put your wine down for a second. Good! OK, now take one hand to stroke his penis, and the other to see if his mangos are ripe. Let me show you.”

Rosie gazed deeply into Tom’s eyes as one hand stimulated his penis while the other rolled his balls around and flow between her fingers. Patty dropped to her knees to gain better access to him, and now, Tom no longer cared about his demeanor, his body writhing and his sounds of pleasure resonating throughout Claudia’s home.

“I think Tom here likes modeling,” joked Claudia. “You know,” she continued, “I think it’s fascinating at how different traditions can come up with different ways to describe anatomy.” She was freely roaming all over his ass and back between his legs. With her other hand, she started caressing Tom’s chest, teasing his nipples.

“I mean, look at the differences between us and Kenya,” Claudia explained. “Words like ‘scrotum’ and ‘testes’ are so, I don’t know, clinical, so we come up more…informal terms. We say ‘balls’ — I know men sometimes say ‘nuts,’ but I’ve always thought that a little crass. Anyway, what do you with balls? You play with them, just…like…you are, Jasmine. I think something like ‘mangos’ is precious!”

Jasmine’s smile broadened. Tom studied her, her matching light gray cotton top and shorts hugging her athletic frame. Her nipples were almost as aroused as he was and clearly poked into the cool fabric.

“Think of it,” suggested Claudia. “Mangos are a fruit, and what do you do with fruit? You plant seeds, you nurture it, you watch it take a life all its own, you come back to it each day, and you look for telltale signs, like size, shape and color.”

Claudia’s right hand was now sharing Tom’s penis with Jasmine. The head felt so velvety to her. His erection almost started to hurt, so much so that he swore that if it got any harder, it would start to split.

“So,” Claudia mused, “when the time is right, you start to pluck it, and just to make sure, you squeeze it to see if it’s ripe and ready, and when it is, you take it in your mouth and relish it. How wonderful. Now, if you call those ‘mangos,’ what do Kenyan women call his — ”

” — Banana,” interrupted a smiling Jasmine. Their giddiness was clearly being fueled by the wine.

“You see, if someone should ever come into a room who should not hear what we say, they will think that we are talking about going to the market.”

“What do you think about our market here?” asked Claudia.

Jasmine moved closer to Tom. She was more than flirting with her eyes.

“The fruit is very fresh, very ripe,” Jasmine said seductively. “I see that it is also now a little wet. Very juicy.”

Pre-cum oozed from Tom’s penis and moistened the ladies’ fingers.

“In Kenya, we think the banana is something like magical,” Jasmine continued. “When it is taken from the tree, it is very firm on the outside, but then you peel it away, and it is very ready for eating.”

Patty was becoming more aggressive, now competing with her friends to rhythmically stroke his penis.

“Getting ready for something, Tom?” she teased.

“Let us relax for a minute,” Jasmine interrupted.

Tom panted.

“You need not breathe like a dog, Tom,” Jasmine said reassuringly.

She dropped to her knees, Tom’s penis pointing up towards her face. Running her index finger along the top of the shaft, she pressed down when she got to the head, letting go to watch it spring up again. Jasmine started to flick his penis up and down with her fingertip, obviously amused at Tom’s quivering. She then moved a little closer, her mouth opening and her pink tongue protruding, running her tongue over the head before she started to take him in her mouth. She savored the power she sensed within his penis, wrapping her lips and tongue around him, taking him deeper, then slowly retreating before took him in again, until she effortlessly deep-throated him, leaving her friends both amazed and impressed with her ability. Tom’s cries were could be interpreted as a mixture of intense pleasure and something approaching agony, even as he ran his fingers through Jasmine’s smooth hair while she delivered her oral ecstasy. He looked plaintively at her when she stopped.

“As it is written in ‘Song of Solomon,’ ‘your fruit is sweet to my taste.’ He did not write about a real garden. Come with me.”

She stood and took him by the hand, leading him back to living room and glancing at his penis as it bobbed with each step. Tom could only help marvel as Jasmine’s backside. Her back led to a very toned waist, a high, rounded ass atop long, flowing legs. The other women followed. Jasmine broke his trance as she kicked off her sandals and turned to stand right in front of him, her shorts so close to his penis.

“So, Tom, you like to look at me, yes?” Jasmine asked.

“Well, I, uh…”

“It is all right. I like to look at you, too. You are very tender in my hands. I feel like a child with a new toy. Maybe we should play together. Have you ever seen an African woman?”

“I’ve, you know, seen — I mean, I see you here, and, like, on TV — ”

“No, Tom,” she said, softly giggling. “I mean, have you seen an African woman like I am seeing you?”

“Uh, not really?” he questioned, now visibly shaking.

Jasmine crossed her arms in front of herself and took the edges of her chemise in her hands, then slowly but purposefully lifted it over the top of her head and cast it aside. Her friends gasped, both at her audacity but also fascinated by her form. Dark, full breasts were capped with chocolate areolas, swollen and protruding. She took Tom’s hands and rested them there. Her skin was soft and warm, and he trembled as he touched, then cautiously squeezed, her fullness. Jasmine closed her eyes and rolled her head back as Tom exploited their sensitivity.

“That feels nice,” she purred. Tom’s fingertips slowly moved their way up her shoulders, then over her face and even through her flowing black hair. As he softly stroked her back, her mouth opened and she, too, began to breathe heavily. His hands now resting on the elastic of her shorts, Tom pulled Jasmine closer, his penis now nudged into her. His hands flowed over the roundness of her bottom, so tender and yet so firm. She wrapped her arms tight around his waist and buried her face in his neck, as she delighted in just how sensitive she was there, too. He almost could not get enough of how her crease felt under its cotton screen, and now emboldened, eased each of his thumbs under the waistband and pushed her shorts over her hips, then breaking the embrace to kneel and tug them so that they fell lifelessly to the floor. She had thick pubic hair, stiff and wiry, which Tom savored as he ran his face through it when he stood. He pulled her close and wrapped his arms around her waist, not breaking eye contact as his hands could now explore unfettered from what it was before. He had never experienced anything like it, not even with his very infrequent girlfriends. There was tone, muscle — could he call it ‘power,’ too? — warmth and softness that combined to flood his senses like they never had before.

And as he looked into her eyes, he could feel that she had an almost indescribable magnetism, drawing his lips to hers, at first with uncertainty, but as their mouths explored each other, there was a growing hunger in them for each other. Their lips savored the taste of the other, their tongues complementing each other’s lusts and sending a new flood of sensuous waves through each other’s bodies. They were both experiencing what could only be described as passionate breathing. Tom then looked hurt as Jasmine broke their kiss. She looked to her friends.

“Why don’t you draw this?” she suggested. “You may call it something like ‘The Embrace.’ The people who see it may think it provocative.”

Jasmine was exploring Tom’s back with the same fervor he explored hers.

“Well, this is certainly pushing the boundaries,” exclaimed Claudia.

“Don’t be afraid to use your methods like you did before,” added Jasmine. “I think we should kiss for this pose, Tom. Do you agree?”

He said nothing, but instead turned his head slightly to the right and allowed his lips to rejoin hers. Their heads were moving ever so slightly as they each tried to maximize the passion of the moment, and even though they strived to hold the pose, the gentle squeezes they were giving to each other soon gave way to tender stroking.

“You can’t be doing that if we’re drawing,” protested Patty.

“Sorry,” Tom said while trying to maintain lip contact with Jasmine.

The sound of pencils scratching soon ceased, and both Tom and Jasmine each jumped a little as they felt the most sensitive parts of their bodies being explored by Claudia, Rosie and Patty. By this point though, their whole bodies were sensitive.

Tom’s self control was challenged like never before. His penis was nestled in Jasmine’s wild pubic hair, and perhaps to give him some relief, she pushed his penis down so that it slid in between her legs. Yes, it was relief he felt, which freed his mind from having to concentrate on one thing so that could better concentrate on others. He no longer cared about the art project. His hands slid down to each of Jasmine’s firm thighs, and in one swooping motion, lifted her up so that she could, and did, wrap her legs around his torso.

“We’re not done yet, if you don’t mind,” argued Rosie.

“Get a camera,” growled Tom.

His hands cupped each side of Jasmine’s ass, and lifting her just a little, he thrust his hips slightly forward so that his penis found the gateway to her inner treasure. Her arms around his neck, he slowly eased her back down so that his penis was bathed in her warm, wet snugness.

“Ooohh, ooohh,” he cried while Jasmine uttered unintelligible groans. Holding her there, he nibbled on her ear and brazenly commanded, “Ride me.”

There really was potency in her legs, he found out. Her rhythm synched with his, rocking up and down while he held her securely. The sounds of pencils were gone, replaced with the slurping of her juices bathing his penis. Claudia, Rosie and Patty could only watch. Jasmine began to lean back as she bobbed on him, slowing the tempo but leaving out none of the intensity. Tom could feel her vaginal muscles contract even firmer around his penis, the passion lost on no one in the room. Holding her even tighter, he eased them both to the floor, where he rolled on his back so that Jasmine was now on top of him. She guided his penis back into her, then leaned forward so that Tom would have ample opportunity to play with her breasts.

As his hands were now flying over as much of her body as he could touch, she began rocking and riding on him in ways he didn’t know existed, keeping her back stiff and she slid up and down, then thrusting her hips back and forth like she was an African belly dancer. He tried to keep his attention on Jasmine, but also caught out of the corner of his eye that his host and her friends were in varying states of undress, quickly moving to everyone becoming nude. He put his arms on Jasmine’s back and pulled her close, rolling over so that he stayed deep inside her. She then bent her knees up, and as Tom raised himself up on his arms, he began his own love pulse, trying to think of her pleasure as much as his. Neither could believe how good the other felt, so to make it better, Tom kept himself deep inside Jasmine as he lifted each of her legs on his shoulders, then leaned forward to return to his thrusting.

“AAAaaaooooo,” cried Jasmine.

Tom wasn’t sure whether she really was in pain, so he just dipped the tip of his penis in and out of her, and when he saw that she was comfortable, went a little deeper, then deeper still, so that within minutes, her feet were over her head and he was plunging as far into her as possible. Tom’s penis was pulsating over and over against Jasmine’s g-spot as she squeezed her eyes shut and clenched his shoulders. She then started hitting them as he thrust faster, causing an orgasmic wave to engulf her as she cried her delight. This inspired him to try, as much as he could, to keep from his own orgasm so that she could thoroughly enjoy hers. As the waves began to subside, Tom could see that she really was glowing, her eyes dreamy as he continued to his cadenced plunging. Jasmine was in a new reality, and he knew it. Happy with himself that he made her so happy, he paused just to catch his breath, but whatever sexual sensations were heretofore unknown to him before this day, nothing prepared him for what Jasmine did next.

She didn’t wait for him to resume. Instead, she tightened her vagina around him and began thrusting her hips back and forth. Tom’s eyes had never been so wide, nor had he been so uninhibited in vocalizing just how he now felt. His screams and moans filled the house, causing Claudia to hope that neighbors heard him, lest they call for an emergency. Tom didn’t care. From deep inside him, he felt a blaze building throughout his body, overtaking him and flooding towards escape, which Jasmine could see in his face as she returned the favor of thrusting. He didn’t have to move, nor did he want to. Tom felt like his eyes were now starting to bulge out his head, and although he struggled valiantly to keep the pleasure deep inside him as long as he could, Jasmine knew that with just a few more thrusts — there! — Tom could feel his semen running like a freight train through his penis, spurting deep inside her. He made no secret of what was happening, squealing and howling like some wild animal caught in a trap, but a trap from which he never wanted released. As she milked the last few drops out of him, and his cries trailed off, he experienced a special oneness with her that would, if had it his way, define his eternity. He was in what he would call a post-euphoric state that had plenty of euphoria left in it. He couldn’t move, even if he wanted to, as Jasmine shifted to ease her legs off his shoulders so that she could rest them on the floor.

She and Tom kissed passionately as he rolled off her and lay to her side. Jasmine stroked his chest while he caressed her back, each drifting off to an intimate sleep.

Tom didn’t consciously go to sleep. It had just sort of…happened. He only became aware of his slumber when he felt warm, wet sensations on his cock and balls. Thinking he was having an “accident,” he lifted his head to look down, only to see Claudia, Rosie and Patty bathing him there with hot, soapy water, clearly delighted to see his erection again in all its glory. Patty made sure that he stayed stiff by taking him in her mouth, first gently, then more aggressively as she moved up and down. Claudia crawled up so that her mouth was on Tom’s ear.

“Wake up, sleepy head,” she ordered.

“What now?” he implored.

“Did you have anything planned for the rest of the day?”

“Um, I don’t think so.”

“Good! Three to go.”

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