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My Tanning Experience

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It was one of those hot and steamy tropical summers in this southern paradise that I call home. I am a heterosexual male that spends a lot of time at the gym keeping my body in shape. So that I can track the progress of my workouts, I shave my entire body, which allows me to see the definition of all of the muscles of my body. At first shaving my chest, legs and genital area was a little weird, but now I feel uncomfortable if I let any hair grow back.

There are a lot of bodybuilders at my gym that compete, although that it just not my thing. I do it just to keep in good physical shape and because since I started my workout program I have enjoyed the attention that I get from both sexes. That is when I became bi-curious. It started at the gym in the showers after my workouts. I would find myself looking at the other guys to see where my body stood in comparison to them. Then I started to notice them looking at me checking out my body. Oddly enough that excited me. I still like girls, but I started to become curious about how it would feel to be with another man sexually. Fearing exposure or rejection, I decided that the gym was just not the place to explore my feelings.

The other part of getting in shape and enjoying the attention is the desire to expose those parts of your body that are well defined to others. When I was out of shape, I never had the need to work on my tan. That is where my first sexual experience with another male began. I decided one day after taking a shower and looking at my inconsistent tan on my body needed some work. So, the next day I went to the store to find some dark tanning oil and large beach towels to begin the process. All of my bathing suits were of the large baggy variety and would leave too large of an area butt-ass white, so I decided that I needed a suit that covered a considerably smaller area. I walked into a few stores that sold suits and looked at the thong suits for men, but just couldn’t get myself to pick one and bring it to the cashier. That is when I discovered on-line shopping. After I found a site that offered men’s thongs and string bikinis, I bought the one that was the most revealing. I figured if you were going to go down that road, you might as well go all the way. It was a black string bikini that had a small piece of cloth that barely covered me in the front and two strings that went into my butt crack and over my hips in the back. So basically my entire butt was exposed and very little hidden in the front. It is a good thing that I like to shave my pubic area and genitals, because very little would be covered.

Now it was time to head to the beach. I found a stretch of beach that was fairly remote, and that I thought would suit my tanning needs. What I didn’t know was that it was an area that was sort of the unspoken beach for gay men. I unpacked my beach towels and carefully laid them down on the sand so that I could get the maximum exposure to the sun’s rays. Then I took off my shirt and sandals so that I could sit on my beach towels and begin to put on the dark tanning oil that I bought. Oh, I forgot to mention that some time ago I decided to pierce my nipples. I did it myself which was somewhat foolish and a very painful procedure, but I was too shy to go to a piercing salon to have it done professionally. I have enlarged the piercings several times since and now have 6 gauge rings in both nipples. My nipples have enlarged from the piercings and are always hard.

I put a generous amount of tanning oil on my chest and arms. Now it was time to remove my running shorts to reveal my new string bikini and finish applying tanning oil. When I pulled off my shorts, I was amazed at how white the areas of my body previously covered and never before exposed to the sun really were. I poured a generous amount of tanning oil into my hands and finished applying it to my legs, feet and the white areas around my bikini. I then laid back to relax in the hot sun to get the tanning process going.

It was a very hot day around 90 degrees and my body began to sweat. Beads of oil and water were rolling off of my body everywhere. From time to time I opened my eyes and looked around me noticing the lack of females in the area, but an increasing number of men wearing bikinis much like mine. After about 30 minutes I decided that I needed to roll over and start tanning my back and butt. Applying tanning oil to my butt and legs was easy enough, but since I am fairly muscular and do not work on stretching a lot, it was next to impossible to apply any oil to my back. Finally, I gave up and just laid down on my front to continue getting a tan. After about 10 minutes, I heard someone approaching in the sand. It was a well-built man in a thong bikini. He asked me if I needed any help putting oil on my back. At first I was startled that anyone would approach me, but then I was kind of excited so I said yes.

I laid my head back down and he straddled me resting his butt on mine. Wow, this was my first body contact with another man and my senses were becoming aroused. He grabbed the bottle of tanning oil and poured some onto my back. He then put his strong hands on my back and started to rub the oil in while massaging my neck and shoulders. Boy did it feel good. I was tense in the beginning, but as he continued his “massage” I became more and more relaxed. Here I was on a public beach in the open sunlight almost naked with my tiny string bikini with a near naked man applying tanning oil to my body. Ass he continued to rub in the oil, he moved his butt on mine back and forth. I began to get aroused and my dick was getting hard. Then he moved off of my butt and started to apply more oil to my feet and calves. His hands were strong and it seemed to me very experienced. I asked him if he was a massage therapist. He said that he wasn’t but had a lot of experience applying tanning oil on his “friends”. As he continued his “massage” he began to move up my legs applying more oil to my upper hamstrings. Then he moved my legs apart so that he could get access to my inner thighs. My dick was getting so hard, that I was sure that it was extending beyond that little piece of cloth in the front of my string bikini.

Now he moved up to my lower back and continued applying more tanning oil. He commented on my string bikini and asked where I bought it. It told him that I ordered it online because I was a little embarrassed in buying one at a local store. He said that with a butt like mine that I didn’t need to be embarrassed and that it would be a shame to keep it covered. He then said that he didn’t want to get oil on my suit, so he put his fingers under the bikini strings on both sides and pulled them down below my butt. I was startled at first, but then realized that most of my butt was already exposed and as long as I kept my cheeks together I would be fine. What I didn’t notice was the gathering of other men around us watching me get my tanning oil applied. Now with my butt fully exposed, he poured a generous amount of oil on my butt letting some run down between my crack. He began rubbing the oil on my butt with his strong hands occasionally grabbing one of my cheeks. Then once again he moved my legs further apart opening my butt cheeks and exposing my pink, virgin rosebud. His hands moved between my butt cheeks letting his thumbs rub my hole. Then he surprised me completely by slipping one of his fingers covered in oil right into my butt hole. He leaned over and asked me if I wanted him to stop. My senses were now on overload and I could barely utter a timid “no”.

That was all that he needed. He then grabbed hold of the strings of my bikini with one hand and with his other hand that still had a finger buried in my butt hole lifted me up just enough to pull my bikini completely off. Now I was butt naked, with my body oiled and a near naked man on me with his finger up my butt. Once my bikini was removed he resumed my massage with a renewed vigor. He inserted a second finger into my butt telling me that he needed to work on my hole a little before the fun could begin. I must have been a little naïve since I didn’t realize that the “fun” meant anal sex out in the open. By now a circle of men surrounded us making this area of the public beach our own little private area. I heard someone getting closer in front of me and when I looked up there was a man naked with what looked like a 10 inch dick as hard as a rock staring me in the face. While he got down on his knees, my “massage therapist” pulled me up so that I was on my hands and knees. The man in the front moved his dick close to my face so that I could look at the large purple head pulsating near my lips. I had never sucked a dick before, but I knew what he wanted as he pushed his dick so that it touched my lips. The man behind me still had two of his fingers working in and out of my anus spreading it wider for what was next. He leaned over and it was like he was orchestrating my sexual initiation into the world of gay men. He said “Open wide let the nice man in sweetheart”. So I opened my mouth like a good boy and took the very large head of the dick in front of me into my mouth. It was smooth and hard filling my mouth with its heat.

My rear invader had in the mean time removed his thong bikini revealing his hard monster getting ready for insertion. He put some of the tanning oil on his dick and poured some more over my ass crack letting it slide down over my rosebud. He then removed his fingers that had apparently done their job and moved the head of his dick to touch my virgin hole. Grabbing my hips with both of his strong hands he pushed forward with his raging hardon until the head forced its way into my butt hole. I have never had anything inserted into my ass before let alone what appeared to be a very thick dick attached to a man on a mission. The pain in my butt almost made me forget about the other dick pushing its way further into my mouth. As my rear partner let me get used to the head of his dick in my butt, my front partner pushed further until the head of his dick hit the back of my throat. I gagged for a minute so he backed off, and then tilted my head a little up and told me to put my tongue on the bottom of his cock and swallow when it hit the back of my throat again. He pushed forward again hitting the back of my throat with his cock, I swallowed as instructed and the large head of his dick entered my throat. As he pushed further down my throat he told me to try and breathe through my nose. I did the best that I could trying not to gag or suffocate in what was not only my first blowjob but also my first deep-throat experience. He continued until his balls were on my chin and I had taken all of his 10″ dick. He then proceeded to pull his dick almost out all of the way out of my mouth only to ram it back down all the way again and again.

As I was learning to breathe and suck this enormous cock into my throat, my friend in my butt was slowly working his very wide dick further and further into my bowels. When he bottomed out, I felt his hard abs slamming against my butt cheeks. I was like a pig on a spit with rods stuck in both ends of me.

Both men were now working me over on both ends with the crowd of men around us enjoying all of it just waiting their turn. I must have liked it because my dick was as hard as a rock making my PA piercing hurt just a little from the pressure. Oh, by the way I also pierced my dick by myself and inserted a 6 gauge captive bead ring. By now with the heat of the southern sun and the pounding that I was taking at both ends, my body was covered in oil and sweat. Then I felt the dick in mouth swell even larger in my throat, He was approaching the moment of cumming and I had no idea what was going to happen or what I needed to do. Just then my front invader grabbed my head and shoved his cock as far down my throat as he could and he began to jerk as hot streams of cum spewed from his dick down my throat and directly into my stomach. As he held my head tight to his crotch, I couldn’t breathe and was about to pass out when he released me and pulled his spent cock from my throat. I sucked in all of the air as I could just as the my rear invader pulled hard on my hips shoving his pulsating member as deep into my butt as he could. He sent gobs of hot semen into my bowels giving me a feeling that I have never before experienced. After what seemed like forever, he pulled his semi rigid cock from my once virgin asshole. I had been completely violated and yet had a feeling of ecstasy. I was no longer strictly heterosexual, but was now officially a bottom in the gay community.

Just as I thought my first experience was over, another naked man stuck his dick in my mouth and yet another replaced my “massage man” in my ass. Both entered me with very little finesse since my “cherry” had already been popped and I was good to go. I lost count of how many men had their dicks in my throat and how many had sent their hat cum up my ass, but it was a very long day. When the last pair pulled out of me, it was dark on the beach and I was filled and covered with cum. Somewhere along the way one of my invaders had sucked my cock into his mouth and given me the best damn blowjob that I had ever had. He loved the ring in my cock and used his tongue to play with it while he sucked all of the cum out of me. I walked into the ocean naked to wash off some of the cum and then put my shorts on to go home. I couldn’t find my new string bikini, but was certain that I now had the courage to go into any store and buy a new one tomorrow for my next day at the beach to “work on my tan”..

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