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Lily’s Life as Livestock

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Lily was annoyed when she stepped through the front door. As much as she enjoyed hanging out with her girlfriends, the constant gossip and drama was grating. Holly was by far the worst of them, and while she was fun to hang around and sweet in her own way, she wasn’t above calling a friend a cow behind her back, either out of jest or spite.

“How was the party?” Aaron asked. Lily shrugged. Her husband wasn’t much of a social butterfly, and she knew the question was more out of support and affection than genuine interest. Truth be told, she didn’t really remember much about it. She vaguely recalled daydreaming about being in a warm field, but that was about it.

She plopped down next to Aaron, cringing a bit from the tension in her chest and shoulders. It felt like her bra must have shrunk in the wash, but she could’ve sworn it fit perfectly this morning.

Either way, she was home now and no longer required the stifling undergarment. She unclasped it and slipped it out from under her blouse, a trick that still amused Aaron. She breasted a sigh of relief as she massaged her aching tits.

“Would you like me to take care of that for you?” Aaron asked with a grin.

“Please. It feels like was packed in a sardine can,” Lily replied.

Aaron turned to face her as she leaned into him. He reached under her arms and began expertly kneading her breasts. They felt fuller and heavier than usual, far more bountiful than the usual handful.

“Lily, is it just me, or did you get…bigger?” he asked.

“Looks that way,” she replied. “Weird. I guess I got a second growth spurt or something.”

“Well, whatever it is, I approve.”

“Yeah? You like girls with big fat titties?” Lily asked. She started to pant, his ministrations starting to pique her arousal.

“I do, and your tits are fucking amazing,” he grunted, kissing the back of her neck. He yanked her blouse down, spilling her swollen tits out of the neckline. He rolled her nipples between his fingers, finding them longer and thicker than before.

Lily’s patience wore thin. She dropped to her knees, yanking her jeans and panties down to the floor. She fell on her hands, pushing her ass towards her husband, coaxing him in.

Aaron unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants. He moved behind her, intrigued by her glistening slit. It usually took a little more stimulation to get her this wet, but she was absolutely soaking.

He slid into her effortlessly, groaning as her slick folds enveloped his cock. He slowly started pumping her cunt, picking up the pace as she started to moan.

He grabbed his wife’s hips roughly, driving himself into her frantically. Her cries were deep and guttural, animalistic frenzy overtaking her.

She wanted to beg him to go harder, faster, to fuck her raw. Words failed her, the only sound escaping her lips was a low moan. Or at least, it started as a moon.

“Mmmmmoooooooooo!” Lily cried as her husband pounded away at her cunt. All coherent thought vanished from her mind as she mooed again and again, rising in pitch and urgency.

Aaron had never heard such obscene, bestial noises from her. He reached forward and grabbed her hair, pulling her head back and driving his cock as far into her depths as he could manage. He spammed deep in her cunt, coating her insides with a thick layer of spunk.

“MMMMOOOOOOOOOOO!” she screamed as she came on his cock, milking every last drop of seed from her husband. They stayed joined for a moment, the fog of their respective orgasms receding. Aaron slowly withdrew from Lily’s pussy, a thick mixture of their combined fluids flowing out of her tunnel once the cork holding them in was removed.

“Holy shit, that was intense,” Aaron gasped.

“Mmmhhmm,” Lily murmured, still having trouble stringing words together.

“You ok?”

Lily wasn’t sure. She felt wonderful, electric and alive in a way she never had before. But the way she acted, the noises she made. It was downright indecent.

“I mooed,” she said quietly.

Aaron chuckled. “Yeah, you did,” he replied.

A deep shade of red flooded Lily’s face and she avoided eye contact with her husband. “Oh come on sweetie. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. People say all kind of weird shit when they fuck. And I gotta tell you, that was fucking amazing.”

“Really?” she asked, finally meeting his eye.

“Definitely. Keep fucking like that and you can moo all you want.”

Lily grinned. She started to crawl away, forgetting for a moment that her lower garments were bunched around her knees. She stood up slowly, then pulled them back up and into position, noting, but not really caring about the mess between her legs.

They watched television for a while, or pretended to at least. Lily squirmed in her seat, her breasts continuing to swell with an unidentified pressure. She felt like they were filling up, stretching her skin and pulling them down with nothing to support them. She tried finding a bra that fit properly, but that proves a fruitless exercise.

A pair of dark circles formed on her chest. She didn’t notice for a while, the sweat from her earlier exertions obscuring the new source of moisture. Her panties had soaked through as well, the sticky wetness coating her groin and thighs.

She tried to focus on the show, but the discomfort in her breasts was too distracting. She started rubbing them unconsciously, murmuring under her breath. She wondered idly why her chest was still so sweaty, why she felt so awkward sitting here, and why her husband wouldn’t stop staring at her.

“Lily,” he said gently. “You’re leaking.”

“Mmmm?” she replied, shaken out of her stupor.

“Your breasts. They’re leaking. I think you’ve started lactating.”

Lily looked down, her eyes widening at her soaked blouse, her thick dark nipples showing through the now transparent garment. She gingerly touched her engorged tit, gasping as a thin jet of white liquid shot through the fabric.

“How?” she asked numbly.

“I dunno. Maybe it’s like a hormone thing or something. You wanna go see the doctor?” Aaron asked.

Lily shook her head vehemently. “It’s fine. It’s just a little uncomfortable, that’s all. Could you help me?” she asked.

“Sure. What do you need me to do?”

The answer came easily, too easily. “Milk me,” Lily replied.

Aaron stared at her for a moment. Her answer made sense of course. They didn’t have a breast pump, and though he was willing to try, he doubted he could empty both her breasts by drinking from them. Still, the thought of milking his wife like a farm animal was a little odd.

“You want me to milk you,” he replied neutrally.

“Please Aaron. My udders, they’re so full. I feel like I’m going to burst. Please milk me,” Lily begged.

“Of course love,” Aaron replied with a nod, perplexed that Lily would refer to her breasts as udders. He decided not to question her on it, much to her relief, opting to retrieve a large bowl from the kitchen.

Eager at the prospect of relief, Lily got down the floor, allowing her distended udders to hang freely from her chest as she stood on her hands and knees. This was far more comfortable than sitting on the couch. Now that the tension was distributed evenly, her udders were far less strained.

Aaron returned with a large bowl, surprised to find his wife on the floor again. He placed the bowl under her breasts, the pulled the hem of her shirt up, baring her midriff and back, then finally her breasts. Upon seeing them again, he had to admit that Lily’s description was on the money. They did look more like udders than breasts. Massive and distended, her engorged mammaries looked ripe and ready. Her nipples hung down low, stretched long by her compulsive manipulation, completing the look.

He sat cross legged at her side, taking her teats in each hand. Slowly and methodically, he squeezed from top to bottom, drawing heavy sprays of milk from his wife.

The effect was instantaneous. Lily mooed with relief, her breathing deep and even as Aaron diligently milked her. She continued mooing contently as Aaron picked up the pace, having grown confident in his technique.

Lily rubbed her thighs together, not bothering to deny her arousal. She wondered why she didn’t realize how good being milked felt before, how useless her udders were before when they were small and empty. She let out a powerful moo as she succumbed to her orgasm.

Aaron was amazed at how much milk his wife had in her. The salad bowl was quite large, and it was more than half full. Lily looked rather proud of it too, gazing at her milk fondly.

Aaron milked his wife once more before they went to bed. Lily seemed reluctant to stand up again after, and she neglected to fix her clothing as well. “Why cover them up? You’re just going to have to milk me again,” she said when he pointed it out.

Aaron woke up early the next morning. Lily’s udders looked even larger than before, and he was certain she would need to be milked as soon as she woke up. He carefully measured the milk he collected yesterday, then did a little online research. Not only was breast milk quite valuable, but the quantity she produced in a single day was almost double what the average woman was capable of.

He heard a shuffling behind him. He turned to find Lily walking up to him on her hands and knees. Her udders swing beneath her as she moved, dripping on the carpet.

“Moo. Milk me please,” she asked quietly. Aaron obliged her, placing the bowl beneath her. As he milked her, he wondered if she realized how strange she’d been behaving.

“Why did you walk in here like that?” he asked.

Lily mooed, shrugging her shoulders. “I dunno. It’s more comfortable I guess.”

Aaron nodded, focusing on his wife’s udders. The bowl was filling rapidly and his hands were starting to ache. As much as he enjoyed doing this for her, he was going to need an alternative. Once he finished, Aaron realized just how hard he was. He gazed lustfully at Lily’s massive udders, heaving from her own arousal.

She offered neither aid no resistance as he pulled down her panties. Previously clean, the new pair had been reduced to a sticky mess by Lily’s juices. He pulled out his cock and silently mounted her. She mooed in delight as he filled her cunt. Her udders swung like twin pendulums as he pounded her ass. He came hard and kept on fucking her even as he felt the ropes of semen erupt from his cock.

Lily seemed annoyed when Aaron helped her dress. The pants seemed confining, and the blouse, “udderly pointless.” She snorted in laughter at her own stupid pun, forcing Aaron to grin. As cow like as she had been acting, she was still very much his wife.

After brushing her teeth, Aaron set out a bowl of salad, a bowl of granola, and a bowl of water of the kitchen floor. He offered her a fork and spoon, but she ignored them, content to eat directly from the bowl.

Lily enjoyed her meal immensely, and though she had to immerse her jaw in the water to drink from her bowl, she found that she could drink as deeply and well as before.

Aaron left her to eat in piece, then went to order a pump online. The breast pumps he saw seemed woefully inadequate. He settled on a small livestock milker, confident he could modify it to fit their purposes.

A familiar pressure arose in Lily’s lower abdomen after finishing her meal. She didn’t care for it. It passed quickly, replaced by a warm wet sensation that radiated from her cunt, running down her thighs. She mooed in distress, crying out to Aaron when she tried, and failed, to remove her soiled clothing.

Aaron found her in kitchen, crying as she struggled with her urine soaked jeans. “What happened?” he asked delicately.

“I don’t know,” Lily said miserably. “I needed to go and I just, went.”

“It’s ok,” he replied kindly. “Let’s just get these clothes off and get you cleaned up.”

“Moo,” Lily sniffed.

He helped her slip out of her clothes and tossed them aside, then lovingly cleaned her with a warm, wet cloth. Lily savored the love and attention her husband lavished of her, wondering how many men would stay with a woman that was turning into a cow.

“I’d like to go outside,” she said quietly. Aaron realized she was asking for his permission. It wasn’t like she had to worry about being seen. Their farm was hard to find if you were invited and had directions. They didn’t get many visitors.

He considered telling her she didn’t need his permission, when it occurred to him that, for whatever reason, she did. She had accepted that the dynamic of their relationship was changing, and she needed him to do the same.

“You do that,” he told her as he opened the front door. Mooing happily, she headed outside, naked and on all fours.

The grass felt good underneath her hands and knees. The warm breeze ran through her hair, and she closed her eyes, enjoying the sensations on her skin. Aaron returned from the house a while later, placing a large bucket of cool water on the ground for her to drink, which she did eagerly. He brought out the milking bowl as well, as well as a foot stool for him to sit on. Lily crawled up to him, eager for her next milking.

“I’m ordered a pump for you. Should help milk you more quickly and efficiently,” Aaron explained as he kneaded Lily’s udders. She shook her head, mooing disapprovingly.

“You’re still going to milk me by hand through, right?” she asked, forming the words with some difficulty.

“Of course. I love milking you,” Aaron said truthfully.

Lily mooed thankfully. “I love it when you milk me,” she replied.

After milking her out on the lawn, Aaron went to the store for a while, leaving her to explore their land from her new perspective. She wandered around the backyard, smelling the freshly cut grass as the sun warmed her. She no longer fretted when the urge to urinate entered her mind, letting her bladder empty where she stood without hesitation.

Aaron returned with a couple of large bags. After heading indoors for a while, he brought out a large bowl filled with mixed grains, fruits, and nuts. Lily grazed away at it eagerly. Aaron stroked her hair fondly as he explained that the mixture would keep her energized and healthy, as well as improve both the quantity and quality of her milk.

She mooed lustfully at him after finishing her meal. Without another word, he dropped his pants, quickly checking to see if she was adequately lubricated. It seemed she was in a perpetual semi-aroused state, which ramped up in seconds the moment he stuck his cock in her. He fucked her slowly, enjoying the exhibitionist thrill of having sex out in plain view, while Lily simply enjoyed being fucked.

Lily’s insides rumbled after her afternoon fuck. She felt a familiar pressure, not terribly urgent, just mild discomfort. She relaxed, relief washing over her face as she felt release. Her expression changed to one of deep humiliation the moment she realized that she had voided her bowels on the lawn.

Aaron was incredibly sweet about it. He gave her another bath, taking care to wash her rump thoroughly. He also took the opportunity to tease her clit with his deft fingers, a gently and pleasurable reminder that despite that fact that she was livestock, he still thought of her as a sexual being. He didn’t mention the surprisingly large dung pile at all, nor the ones that followed it as Lily continued to defecate in the yard over the next several days. He simply collected her manure and composted it. Thanks to Lily’s modified diet, her feces was an excellent fertilizer, and quickly replaced his store bought staple.

Lily never ceased to be amazed. Aaron watched his beautiful young wife walk around naked on all fours like an animal, outside in broad daylight. He watched her pert young breasts grow into massive udders, and milked them with his own hands. He watched her piss and shit on his own front lawn and not only did he still love her, he still wanted her. She had never been more in love with him.

Quite possibly the most welcome change in their relationship was the increased frequency and ferocity of their sexual encounters. Aaron no longer requested permission to mount his wife, whose permanently lubricated cunt allowed her to be fucked senseless without any warning. He’d milk her, then fuck her, or fuck her, then milk her. He’d fuck her while bathing her. He’d fuck her while she ate. He’d fuck her while she slept. He’d fuck her whenever the notion struck him, no matter when or where it did. She fucking loved it.

Lily woke up one morning to find Aaron cleaning out the old barn. She’d taken to sleeping on a mat Aaron had left her on the front porch, so she was pleased when she peeked inside, finding a more comfortable mat and blanket, as well as an elaborate wooden stand with metal pipes and tubing built into it.

“I figured you ought to have a proper barn and milk shed. What do you think Lily?” he asked.

Lily mooed approvingly. He brought her up to the stand, guiding her into place above it. She was still a little skeptical, and her nerves prickled when she felt the twin cups latch onto her teats. They’d grown tough over the last several weeks, but they were still incredibly sensitive. Still, she trusted him.

She closed her eyes as he hit the switch. A loud buzzing filled the air as she felt the most amazing suction on her distended udders. She felt the milk spray against the steel funnels, watching as the lines filled with white fluid. The holding container filled quickly as Lily lost herself to one orgasm after another.

Lily mooed in sweet agony as she felt Aaron’s thick cock penetrate her once again. This was like nothing before it. She came one way when he milked her and another when he fucked her. But both? Her mind was shattered, the cow in her taking complete control as her bull milked and bred her.

“MMMOOOOO! MMMMOOOOOOOO! MMMOOOOOOOOOOOO!” she screamed. This was who she is. This is what she was meant to do.

She had to tell him. She thought he understood, but she needed to know. He had to understand.

“Aaron. Aaron I love you. I love you so much. Mooooooo. I love being your cow. I love being your wife too, but mooooo, I love being your cow so much more. Do you understand? Moooo? Tell me you understand? Moo,” Lily begged.

“I understand Lily. I love you too. I love you just the way you are. You’re such a good cow. You make so much milk and take such good care of us. I’m so proud of you Lily. I love you so much,” Aaron replied.

Aaron came in violent spurts inside his beautiful cow, reveling as she mooed in ecstasy. Over a gallon of delicious, creamy milk sat in the tank next to them, completely ignored. She mooed gratefully as he helped her dismount the milking machine, gently stroking her hair after she collapsed on her mat.

Lily didn’t talk much after that day, conveying her intent with moos as effectively as she needed to. She still understood Aaron perfectly, and could form words of her own with some effort, but moos were all she really ever needed. There was a moo for food, for affection, for milking, for brushing, for fucking, etc.

The money he made from the sale of her milk was more than enough to meet all their needs, including a bit of research. It took a while, as time had passed and the trail had gone cold, but Aaron finally managed to determine what exactly had happened to Lily, what set her on the path to becoming the incredible cow she was today. He also discovered the fact that it was reversible, at least psychologically. She could go back to being his wife, if she wanted to.

Or she could sign a contract, which was not technically legally binding, but Lily came to hold sacred. It granted Lily the legal status of livestock, property of Aaron, to do with as he pleased, giving him complete authority over her body. She placed a black handprint on the signature line without hesitation.

Still, Aaron had one last surprise for his lovely cow. A visitor bearing a voice Lily recognized was at the door. Aaron showed her around back, so that she could observe the results of her little prank first hand.

“Oh my God! Lily!” Holly cried.

Lily mooed a happy greeting, pleased to see a friendly face.

“Told you,” Aaron said with a shrug.

“When I told they hypnotist to make her think she was a cow, I didn’t think it would go this far,” Holly said in awe. She stared in fascination at her friend’s massive udders, both intrigued and disturbed.

“Don’t worry about it. She’s much happier this way, aren’t you Lily?”

Lily mooed in agreement. She cocked her head toward Holly, mooing curiously.

“Oh yeah, definitely. You ok with that?” Aaron asked.

Lily mooed enthusiastically.

“What did she say?” Holly asked, assuming Aaron would somehow translate.

“She asked if you would be staying. She’s so happy you are,” Aaron said jovially.

Holly smiled, a bit confused. “I’d love to, but I have work in the morning,” she said apologetically.

Aaron shook his head. “No you don’t. You quit yesterday, remember? And it’s not like you’d be able to keep your job once your udders start leaking everywhere and you can’t walk upright anymore.”

Holly’s eyes widened. She tried to deny it, but the only sound she could manage was a meek, “Moo.” Aaron patiently removed the poor confused cow’s clothing, guiding her to the ground as she tried to make sense of what was happening to her. He gently inspected her udders, satisfied that their growth was on schedule. He shrugged when he caught the acrid scent of Holly’s urine running down her leg. He wiped her off quickly, taking the opportunity to inspect her cunt.

Holly’s eyes rolled back as she let out an involuntary moo of arousal. Satisfied that she was sufficiently wet, Aaron moved behind Holly and mounted her as Lily mooed encouragingly.

“What do you think Lily? Do you think she’ll make a good cow?” Aaron asked.

Lily mooed an affirmative, her great udders dripping in anticipation as the love of her life fucked the newest cow in the herd. It was good to be a cow.

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