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Kirsten was not a bad person. She was a good person who had done a very bad thing. She wasn’t sure how it had happened really. Ok, maybe she knew how it had happened, but she regretted that it had. More than that, she was furious with herself for allowing it to happen, for initiating it in the first place.

She had been warned about Patrick DuLaite by just about everyone on her floor of Caspian enterprises, the busy home design company she worked for. Patrick DuLaite was a womanizer who had tried to seduce every female who worked for Caspian Enterprises since he began working there 5 years ago. He did not care if the woman was in a relationship or not. He did not care if he was in a relationship or not. He was an animal who rutted anything he could with no remorse. And although those who knew him tried to warn the new girls like Kirsten in advance, he somehow still managed to seduce them a great deal of the time.

When Kirsten had started the job and heard the warnings from her co workers concerning Patrick, she had laughed it off with assurances that she was secure in her relationship with her husband of 10 years. Infidelity was not even a word in her language. She was in love with her man and wasn’t worried about a pig like Patrick jeopardizing their relationship.

She wasn’t laughing now. Somehow over the next year at Caspian Enterprises she found herself working along side Patrick on various different projects, and the more time she spent with Patrick the more she came to like him. She wasn’t blind to the fact that what everyone had warned her about him was true; she had seen that it was true. She had watched him target one woman after another, sometimes even balancing more than one relationship at a time, and she knew he was just as much of a pig as everyone had told her he was.

Unfortunately, when he wanted to he could also be charming, fun, and easy to talk to. As Kirsten spent more and more time with him she found herself slipping easily into what she told herself and everyone else was harmless flirtation. That flirtation became gradually more and more suggestive until finally she realized that she had become attracted to him, and that although she still was hopelessly in love with her husband, she wanted to fuck Patrick DuLaite.

Then one night when she and Patrick were working late to finish a project due in a couple days, she did.

Kirsten was intensely aware of the sexual tension between them that only grew stronger as their co-workers gradually left for home. All too soon they were alone, sitting close together in her office. They were pretending to go over some last minute changes for the project when she felt his hand on her leg. He was testing her she knew. All she had to do was tell him she wasn’t interested and he would back off. But there was an ache between her legs that wanted his hand to move up her leg and under her skirt.

As she sat there listening to the sound of his breathing, trying to convince herself to tell him to stop she felt him start to trace his fingers up her thigh, easily pushing the white cotton panties she was wearing aside. For a moment she remembered her husband, but then he started to rub her clit, and she lost all thoughts of telling him to stop. She spread her legs wide and moaned, begging him for more.

Soon his fingers were inside her and she was undulating against his hand still begging for more. He undid his pants with his free hand and stood so his prick was in front of her face. He removed his hand from her dripping pussy and told her to suck his cock.

She did. She licked and sucked and kissed and played with his hard uncut dick so different from her husbands and she loved every minute of it. She felt like a slut in heat, she felt dirty, and the feeling turned her on. Before long he had her bent over the desk with her legs spread wide, and he was running his hands over her ass, lightly slapping it. He slipped his fingers into her cunt again even as he spanked her.

Kirsten was wild with need, she wanted to feel him pounding her, wanted to finally have him fuck her silly. She told him so, begging like a whore, and he did. He gave it to her deep and hard and rough, fucking her like a punishment. He slipped a finger in her ass and fucked her there too, and she screamed her pleasure back at him, urging him on until finally, finally, she came hard grunting and squealing and moaning his name.

When she had climaxed he whipped his dick out of her and slipped it into her now prepared anus and fucked her up the ass hard, massaging her clit as he did until she was panting and moaning again, until she found herself coming again, demanding he fuck her harder and faster. He did and then he was cumming deep in her ass, grunting and groaning with his release.

Now, 2 days later, Kirsten was filled with remorse for what she had done. She loved her husband and until now, had never even considered cheating on him. For that reason she had decided to tell Patrick she wanted to have nothing to do with him. She did not trust herself around him. She wanted to put it in the past and forget about it.

She went to work early that day, and waited for him to arrive. When she saw him walk in, she waited for 5 minutes then went casually over to him.

“Patrick, can I talk to you about the Merceden project for a sec?” she asked him, trying to keep her nervousness from her voice. He looked at her and smiled, then nodded and motioned for her to follow him to his office.

When they were in with the door shut behind them she started to turn to tell him her new decision. Before she could get a word out he pulled her back against his chest. He easily jerked the stretchy blue skirt she was wearing up around her waist exposing the skimpy white g string she wore beneath. He moved his hand between her thighs and started to tease her clit, rubbing it in small quick circles. She felt the heat start to build up again as he played with her and she gasped out his name.

“Patrick I have to talk to you…” she said trying to push his hand away. He grabbed her hand and held it to her side with his free hand while he continued to massage her clit.

“So talk,” he said pressing his stiff cock against her ass through his pants.

She felt her knees start to go weak. “I am a married woman, we can’t do this,” she said desperately, even as she pushed her ass against his cock and began to pant.

“Oh, we can’t?” he asked, slipping his fingers inside her and pumping them in and out of her with quick rough movements. “I think we can.” He laughed as she moaned. Reaching up he started to undo the buttons of Kirsten’s blouse, then pulled the frontal clasp of her lacy white bra open. Her beautiful DD breasts swung free and he grabbed at the already hard nipples roughly, pinching and pulling on them.

“Patrick…” she moaned trying to control her reactions to his teasing and failing. “Please…”

“Please what?” he demanded in a soft seductive murmur. “Please squeeze your tits some more? Please finger you harder?” He rammed his fingers up hard into her and she cried out, feeling her orgasm building. “Please fuck you like a whore?” he whispered.

“Oh god!” she cried her pussy clenching as she came closer to loosing herself in ecstasy.

Pulling his hand out of her pussy he spun her around to face him. He grabbed her by her dark brown hair and yanked her close.

“Undo my pants.” He said softly, his lips pressed near here ear. She shivered with her need and did as she was told. He wore no underwear; his big fat cock was rock hard. Quickly he dragged her over to the large leather couch in his office. He pushed her down to sit on it, and stood before her his cock waving in her face.

He grabbed a second handful of hair and demanded “Open that cock sucking mouth of yours.” She did and he stuffed his cock down her throat, fucking her face. “Play with your clit while I’m fucking your mouth, but don’t you dare cum,” he ordered grunting as he repeatedly rammed his cock in and out of her.

Kirsten reached down, and started to massage her clit, even as she let her tongue slide along his cock with his thrusts, loving the taste of him, loving the feeling of him. As he picked up his pace, so did she increase the speed of her hand between her milky white thighs. Pleasure radiated through her body as she gazed up at him, delighting in the expressions of passion and pleasure that crossed his oh so handsome face.

She couldn’t help it. It was just too much. She came, whimpering around the cock in her mouth with the pleasure of it. She pushed her fingers inside her pussy, straining to get deeper, never getting deep enough.

When her climax began to wane, he pulled out of her mouth and looked down at her. She stared up at him, as the last clenching in her pussy faded away. He smiled, but it was a slow, dangerous smile, and she felt goose bumps rise up and down her arms. “Bad girl,” he said in a low voice.

He walked away from her and pulled the chair from behind his desk to the center of the room. She watched with trepidation as he went back to his desk and pulled something out of his bottom drawer. Concealing what he held behind his back he walked back to the chair and sat down on it.

“Come here,” he said in that same low voice. She felt her stomach tighten in anticipation and a little fear. She shook her head in denial. “No?” he said, raising his eyebrows. She stared at him silently, starting to tremble. “Come here now, or I will come and get you,” he promised, and she jerked to her feet. She walked a few steps closer and stopped, her eyes on the arm twisted behind his back. “What do I have?” He asked softly. She nodded. He gave her a slow seductive smile and said “come find out.” When she still hesitated his eyebrows pulled down and he began to stand.

“No!” she cried and moved forward. She didn’t know what he would do, but Kirsten was positive she did not want him to have to come get her. She stood before him, naked but for the skirt around her waist and the tiny insignificant g string that did nothing to hide her sopping wet pussy still shining with her juices.

He smiled at her. “Good girl,” he said, then indicated his lap. “Lie face down across my knees.”

Spanking she realized. She laid her self across his lap and waited breathlessly to feel his hand smack her smooth round bottom. Instead, she cried out in shock as she felt the sting of something flat and hard connect with her bared creamy white ass. Paddle she thought wildly as he continued to spank her mercilessly. He laughed and she realized she had said the word out loud.

“Paddle,” he agreed, amused. “You will have to learn not to disobey me. I told you not to cum. You came anyway.” He paused his spanking and ran his free hand over her reddened cheeks. She moaned and squirmed on his lap as he let his fingers slip between her legs to rub the full length of her pussy. “You like that hmmm?” he asked trailing his hands through the folds of her cunt, dipping in and out of her well lubricated hole. “Or maybe here?” he asked, his questing fingers moving to massage the sensitive entrance of her anus.

“Yes…” she whispered pressing upwards, aching for more.

Down came the paddle, each smack causing a sweet throbbing sensation to blast through her pussy. She cried out in chorus with the spanking, each sting feeling so good, at the same time as it hurt. She had never been paddled before, and even as she tried to wiggle away from her punishment Kirsten knew she enjoyed every minute of it.

Finally he let her go, and she fell to the floor. Again he walked away from her, this time to the couch. He sat down facing her and considered her with his lusting dark blue eyes, a small smile curving his lips slightly.

“Take off the skirt,” he told her. She removed her skirt feeling no shame; it hadn’t been hiding anything anyways. Wordlessly he beckoned for her to do the same to her g string.

When she was completely naked he once more commanded her “Come here.” She started to walk to him but he forestalled her with a wave of his hand. “On your hands and knees,” he said, smiling.

Kirsten got down on her hands and knees and slowly started to crawl to him. She felt exposed as she crawled to him, knowing he was watching every move her body made. At the same time, she could see his dick twitch as she moved, and knew herself to be sexy, knew some measure of pride in her body and her ability to affect him.

When she was before him he gently raised her to her feet and pulled her onto his lap, facing him. She could feel his cock brushing precum on her belly. His hands traced slow lazy circles across her over sensitized sore buttocks and she squirmed at the exquisite sensations he was bringing her. His eyes closed briefly as her movements brushed her against his cock. When he opened them she could see his desire burning within them. “Are you going to be a good obedient little whore?” He asked her, his voice strained and husky with need.

She blushed and nodded, then, seeing the look in his eyes, spoke her answer aloud. “Yes, I’ll be good,” she whispered.

“Good girl,” he said, hauling her upwards onto his cock and sliding it home with a groan. “Ride it, but do not cum,” he ordered her.

Kirsten rode. She jiggled and bounced and grinded on his cock, needing him more with each passing second. She was panting; her body glistened with perspiration as she fought to hold herself back even as she fucked him with all the passion he had created in her. She was wild with her need for him. She moaned deep in her throat, and fucked him faster and faster, forgetting to hold back, forgetting to stop. She was at the brink when he said in a loud choking voice “Don’t you cum!”

She froze, a strangled cry of furious frustration escaping her. With difficulty she regained her control and edged back from the brink, away from her relief.

“Good girl,” he rasped. He lifted her off of him, ignoring her protesting cry, and set her on her knees on the floor. He stood before her and said, lean back on your hands, and press you pelvis upwards. She did as he demanded; her quick panting breaths making her large breasts jiggle gently. “Good… very good. What a good little slut you are being. Now tip your head back and close your eyes.”

She did, and as she held her position she heard the unmistakable sound of him stroking himself. “Oh yeah, you are being so good…” he breathed his eyes roaming her body, his hand pulling his cock faster and faster. “I’m going to cum all over you,” he told her. “All over your pussy, your stomach, your face; I am going to cover you in it. Would you like that? Hmm? You want me to cum all over your beautiful tits precious?”

She moaned and whispered “Please…”

“Please…” he echoed. “Please what, my dirty little whore? Tell me what you want.”

“I want you to cum all over my body,” she cried. “Cum all over me, all over my face, my tits, my aching wet pussy. Give it to me!” She was begging him for it, wild, completely out of control.

“Oh yes…” he hissed. “Have it all then you beautiful little slut!”

He growled in his release, and she felt his hot cum splashed her face, and her tits; it was running down her body in thick streams. She came with him, needing no more sensation then that, and without thinking she reached up and grabbed his cock, stroking every last bit of come she could from him.

When he was done, he grabbed her hand and held it still. He looked down at her, and she met his eyes, hoping he wouldn’t be angry with her for moving out of position without his consent. He smiled and said, “Go to the ladies room, and get cleaned up.”

Her eyes widened in mortification and she blushed crimson. Seeing her expression he laughed and said “you can get dressed first.” She smiled in relief, and began to dress. “Wait,” he stopped her once more. Put this on.” He handed her a strange device and helped her to strap it on. It fit closely over her pussy, pressing against her clit, a section of it pressed like a small fat cock into her opening. The straps were clear, and ran from the devise up around her waist and around the top of each thigh. He did not explain it to her, but only gestured for her to finish dressing.

When she had done so, he stroked her hair softly and said, “Meet me down by my car after work. We aren’t done.”

She nodded and left his office on shaky legs, already thinking about how to tell her husband she would be late.

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