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Kristi’s House of Horrors

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She glanced once more at the dashboard clock, squinting at the amber lights that were barely visible in the impending darkness of dusk. 5:20.


She looked at the speedometer. She was already doing 63 in the 55 mile per hour zone. She bumped it up to 65 and stared in the mirror as if that would tell her if a cop was nearby.

Kristi drove on. She remembered how exciting Halloween was when she was a kid. The costumes…trick or treating…all the kids in the neighborhood running from house to house…spilling the contents of her pillowcase on the floor when she got home.

Now Kristi was the dutiful Mom prepared to take her five-year-old on the same adventure. If only she could get home faster. She knew Kimberly wouldn’t understand about jobs and deadlines. All Kimberly wanted to do was go trick or treating tonight. Like everybody else.

Kristi felt the car shudder for an instant. Then again. She looked again in the mirror to see if she had hit something. Then the car slowed more dramatically and she heard the silence.

She looked at the dashboard behind her steering wheel and saw the indicator. The red needle of the gas gauge sat motionless below the “E”.

“Fuck,” the young woman cried out. “Fuck, fuck, fuck.”

She pounded the steering wheel in despair. In all the hustle and bustle of getting the day’s work done and preparing for the evening’s fun with her daughter, she had totally ignored the needs of her car.

Twenty five year old Kristi Lewis now sat on the side of Route 23 in the darkening early evening of Halloween. Fifteen miles from home and, it seemed, on another planet.

The silence was broken only by the sound of passing cars. The cornfield on her right seemed to go on forever in all directions. Across the highway were more fields.

A sudden surge of energy flowed through the woman. Farms meant farmhouses. And phones. She had refrained from buying a cell phone in order to save money. Single Moms always found ways to save money. But this choice was coming back to haunt her.

She gathered her thoughts for a moment. Which way should she go? No homes were immediately visible, so she tried to remember if she had passed any recently. Kristi couldn’t concentrate long enough to recollect. She would just start walking.

Kristi took the keys from the ignition and looked in the rear view mirror. One set of lights approached from well behind her. She opened the car door and stepped out. That was when Kristi first wished she had not worn a skirt to work.

The cool autumn air struck her legs as she slammed the door shut. She strode to the front of the car and moved away from the road to zip up her lightweight jacket. The oncoming lights brightened and she peered back.

To her surprise, the car pulled off the road and approached the back of hers. Kristi stood frozen for a second, unsure whether to be happy or very afraid. The glare of the other car’s headlights didn’t allow her to see the occupants, even though a little daylight remained.

The car’s tires ground to a stop on the gravel. Kristi put her keys in her jacket pocket and clutched her purse close to her side. A truck flew past heading in the opposite direction, but no other sounds split the evening.

Then the driver’s door opened, followed by the front passenger door. Kristi strained to see the figure that stepped from behind the wheel. It moved like a man, she thought. But the face. The head. No, it was a mask…a full face mask of something unnatural. Something evil.

When she looked at the person who had stepped out of the car on the passenger side, she saw the same thing. Another mask. Another creature.

Kristi panicked. Without even thinking of the consequences, she turned and ran. Her purse fell from her shoulder and she let it fall to the ground, hoping beyond hope that that act alone would stop the attackers.

They were attackers, weren’t they? She waited for them to call out to her. She had taken a half dozen running strides when she heard the first voice ring out: “Get her.”

Kristi was a very athletic woman. She had run cross-country in high school and played volleyball in college. All her skills would come into play now.

She ran without looking back. She considered running along the road, maybe even across the road. But no cars were in sight ahead of her. Kristi wasn’t going to look back.

Instead, she bolted down into the small ditch to her right, then up the other side and straight toward the cornfield. Her low-heeled shoes were not meant for running, but they didn’t slow her down much either. The tall grass only occasionally slipped under her feet as she ran on.

Unfortunately, her attempt to appease her assailants by leaving her purse didn’t work. She heard them coming as she hit the edge of the cornfield.

The tall, brown stalks of corn brushed against her shoulders and sides as she ran. The rough ground also made it harder to run, but she fought on. Kristi swerved through the field, changing rows every few seconds in an effort to lose her pursuers. She felt her legs being bruised by the thick bottom half of the stalks while the upper portions brushed past her face.

She ran on, still hearing the sounds of those chasing her. She made a sharp left turn and ran another ten seconds. Suddenly, she had emerged from the cornfield and was facing another small ditch next to a dirt road.

Just as she sprang over the ditch and was ready to cross the small road into the neighboring cornfield, she heard the spinning of tires on dirt and a pair of headlights flashed on her. She considered stopping. But heard the voices behind her and kept running.

The car sped to the point where she crossed the road and skidded to a stop. She heard doors open as she entered the second cornfield. More voices.

“In there. C’mon.”

Kristi Lewis dodged through the field for another thirty seconds before the first hand touch her. At first it pulled on her jacket, then she felt an arm wrap around her. The heavy breathing of her pursuer seemed to be right next to her ear as she was slowed and he caught up.

Their bodies came together as his grip tightened. Kristi screamed and then they were standing, gasping for air. She felt his head turn and the man yelled, “Over here. I’ve got her.”

It was a young voice, like the one she heard before. But his grip was that of a strong man. He flung her around until they faced the road and began walking through the corn, his hands tightly gripping her arms above the elbows.

The two masked assailants met Kristi and her captor just a few feet inside the cornfield. They all emerged into the grassy area bordering the dirt road and the woman saw two more disguised men standing by the car.

Kristi looked around the best she could. Three of the men wore plastic masks with generic Halloween monster faces that covered their heads all the way to the shoulders, one had a similar style Bill Clinton mask, and the fifth wore a Jason hockey mask.

Based on the voices she had heard so far and the manner in which they moved, Kristi guessed them to be in their early twenties, maybe college kids.

“Get her in the car before somebody drives by,” one of the voices said. “Who’s got the purse?”

“I do.”

The first voice replied, “You got the keys to her car?”

There was a moment of silence as the man holding the purse opened it and fumbled through it. Kristi watched as the man peered down through his mask into the small handbag, knowing he wouldn’t find the keys. She was fairly certain they were still in her coat pocket, based on the weight she felt tugging on that side.

The man who acted as the apparent leader of the group turned to face Kristi. “Where are the keys?” he asked harshly through his mask.

“Check this pocket,” she said meekly, tilting her head toward her right jacket pocket.

The man holding her reached in and pulled out the keys, tossing them to the leader, who in turn tossed them to the man with the purse.

“Take her car back to the house,” the leader ordered. “We don’t want it sitting out there on the road.”

Then he said to the group in general, “OK. Let’s go.”

Kristi was pushed to the side of the car and the back door was opened. She felt the knot in her stomach tighten as she lowered her head and climbed in, the hand behind her applying constant pressure.

She slid to the middle of the back seat, joined on each side by captors and two more in the front seat. As the car was started and the driver backed it down the dirt road, the leader turned from the passenger seat and looked at Kristi.

“Take off your jacket. You won’t need it.”

The woman pulled at her black skirt, which had risen up her legs, and managed to get it within a couple inches of her knees. Then she unzipped the jacket and pulled it from her shoulders, exposing her light pink blouse. As the jacket slid down her arms, she could feel the eyes on her body.

She leaned forward and took her arms out of the coat. Kristi pulled it around in front of her before leaning back in the seat, placing the jacket on her legs.

“Put it on the floor,” the man ordered.

Kristi shoved the coat behind her legs on the car’s floor. She pulled again on the skirt, almost subconsciously. Her knees were held firmly together.

The front passenger spoke calmly. “Don’t be scared. We won’t hurt you. You’ll have plenty of time to be scared later.”

First one, then all three, of the other men in the car snickered. Kristi wasn’t as scared as she was angry now at being made the fool in their game. She realized that escape…at this moment…was unthinkable. But her attitude already was turning toward one of wanting desperately to win. Win freedom.

The car made several turns during the trip, pretty much convincing Kristi she couldn’t retrace the route if she had to. Road signs were unreadable from where she sat and the night was getting darker. About fifteen minutes later, with virtually no conversation taking place in the car, they turned down a long driveway and approached a three-story farmhouse.

Maybe it was Kristi’s constant mental image of her young daughter waiting at home to go trick or treating; maybe it was the four occupants of the car in bizarre masks; but this farmhouse had a distinctive Hitchcock look to it. Only a sliver of light could be seen through one of the first floor windows. Otherwise—darkness.

As soon as the car came to a stop, the four doors opened. Immediately, the leader turned to Kristi and said, “Stay there.”

Once outside the car, the same voice commanded the others, “Go get it ready. When you’re done, turn on the front porch light.”

The others dispersed toward the house without a word. The leader, meanwhile, got into the back seat with Kristi. She could see his brown eyes inside the mask. They looked playful, excited…animated. She saw his lips move.

“Welcome to our little house. You’ll be the first tonight to enjoy it,” he said. Kristi watched him move his hand to her knee. She wanted to slap it, or brush it aside. But she knew better.

The hand touched her bare leg and inched up to the hem of her skirt, sliding down to the inside of her thigh.

“Yes, it’s an old fashioned haunted house…with a few twists,” he continued. His had continued, too—sliding up her leg. “If you use a little bit of intelligence and, maybe, get lucky, you’ll be able to go home in one piece. But we didn’t put this whole thing together just for YOUR entertainment.”

The man’s hand was halfway up her thigh, well under her skirt, before it stopped. He examined her facial features and hair from under the mask. He followed the curve of her short blonde hair to her neck, then looked at her shoulders and finally her breasts.

“You’re very nice,” he said. “We’ll be gentle.”

She saw his lips curl upward in a smile as he removed his hand from her leg. Just then, headlights from behind them lit up the inside of the car. As Kristi and the man turned to look, the lights went out and Kristi recognized her own car.

The man driving her car got out and walked up to the door next to Kristi. He opened it slightly and said, “Yeah, it was gas. I’m glad we carry that tank in the trunk. Are the guys inside?”

“Yeah. Go on in,” Kristi’s companion said. “I told them to put the porch light on when they’re ready.”

“OK,” the other man said, slamming the door shut and disappearing into the house.

“It won’t be long,” the man said to Kristi. “Then the adventure begins.”

He said it as if he was standing outside a ride at Disneyworld or something. Everything so far had seemed so contrived, so precise. Yet confusing.

The man continued, “Here’s what’s going to happen. After I leave here and go inside, you will enter the front door. Oh. And don’t even think about taking off. We’ll be watching you and any variation from these instructions will result in…well, it won’t be nice. OK?”

Kristi nodded.

“OK. So, you’ll enter through the front door. From there it’s really very simple. Follow the instructions you will be given. A few minutes after you get started you will be told that once you are outside the house again, you are free to go. All you need to do is get out of the house. Got it?”

The woman nodded once more. She had questions but couldn’t make herself talk. She assumed the answers would be evident once inside. And she didn’t want to give away just how fearful she was by speaking.

She jerked her head around toward the house when the porch light interrupted the darkness. Her heart skipped.

“Good. We’re ready. Let me get inside and then go in through the front door. Have fun.” The man patted her on the knee and bolted from the car, running along the side of the house until Kristi couldn’t see him any more.

A few seconds later she got out of the car, closed the door and looked back at her own car. She stood unmoving. The silence around her was deafening.

Then she turned and walked toward the house.

As soon as she reached the first step leading up to the porch, the light went out. The sudden darkness caused her to stop on the steps before proceeding onto the porch. She reached for the doorknob, staring directly into the eyes of a gargoyle doorknocker. Kristi pushed gently on the doorknob and the large wood door swung open with a creak.

As dark as it was getting outside, it seemed even blacker inside. She stepped into the house and slowly pushed the door shut behind her. The urge to turn and run was overwhelming. But, so was the desire to get home alive.

Ahead of her seemed to be a straight, narrow hallway. On either side were closed doors. She walked ahead.

The walls seemed to be within inches of her on either side as she put one foot delicately ahead of the other. Kristi approached another closed door, on her right, about ten feet down the hall.

Just as she reached it, the door flung open and Kristi screamed, bumping against the wall on her left.

Out from the door stepped the outline of a hunchback butler, adroitly holding a silver plate in front of him. He was dressed completely in black with a ghoulish latex mask covering his face.

“For you, madam,” he said in a slow, deep voice.

Kristi saw the envelope on the tray. She picked it up as though it would break with her touch. The butler bowed slightly and stepped backwards into the room, shutting the door as he did.

About the same time she wondered how she was going to read what was in the envelope in the darkness of the hallway, a very dim light flickered on beside her. She opened the envelope carefully, the noise seemingly filling the house.

Kristi pulled out a card and held it close to the light.

“Follow me. Should your blouse and skirt become wet in your travels, remove them and burn them. New clothes await you at the end of your journey.”

The note was signed “Your butler.”

Kristi looked at the closed door. She took one more look back toward the front door, then followed the butler’s path.

This room, also, was nearly pitch black. It seemed to be about the size of an average bedroom, but without any signs of furniture. Still clutching the note and envelope, Kristi took a couple steps forward.

Instantly, a steady flow of air, steam and mist poured from all directions. The woman screamed once more and turned to face another direction. Wherever she faced, the effect was the same.

Within seconds, her clothes clung to her as though she had been swimming and she was chilled to the bone. A sudden whoosh at her side caused her to jump back. She turned to gaze at a roaring fire inside a stone fireplace. Meanwhile, the rush of air and moisture seemed to subside, hanging in the air like a fog.

Amid all the commotion surrounding her, the heat of the fire stood out. She was drawn to it. Then she remembered her instructions.

Kristi stood for a moment, contemplating her choices. She had none, she decided. She was to burn her blouse and skirt. The heat from the fire comforted her. The task at hand did not.

She first stepped out of her soaked shoes. Then she gradually unzipped her skirt. Kristi grabbed it by the waistband and pushed it down, feeling the damp material cling to her calves.

They were watching, weren’t they? Somehow in the darkness, she imagined they were watching.

The skirt fell to the floor and she lifted it to her hands with her foot. As gracefully as possible, she slid it off her foot and held it. After a moment’s hesitation, she flung it into the flames.

The black skirt only fleetingly dulled the roar of the fire. Then it was consumed. Kristi stared at it as the material disappeared. She had always loved fires. Would she after tonight?

Her hands came together at the top button of her blouse. One by one she worked her way down the shirt. As it opened and pulled away from her body, the fire’s heat struck her in the chest. She found herself in a hurry to get the blouse off.

It fell from her shoulders and arms when she finished the last button. Without hesitation the blouse was thrown to the flames. Standing now in her thin, white bra and matching panties, Kristi soaked in the warmth of the fire.

If she wasn’t being watched now, she knew it wouldn’t be long in coming. She felt the eyes and determined it was now. She crossed her arms in front of her and looked around the room.

As if on cue, a door she had not noticed before opened near one corner of the room. She hated to leave the fire, but strode toward the door in her bare feet. Some mist still hung in the air and she felt the chill returning.

When she got to the open door, she looked into a slightly more amply lit room. Beyond the open door was a towering stone archway. She walked through the door, arms still crossed at the base of her breasts.

As she walked through the archway, she looked around the room. Again—almost nothing. Hooks on the four walls held what appeared to be ancient lanterns. The eerie glow from the lamps cast long, dark shadows in all directions from her feet. There were no chairs. No tables.

Kristi shrieked when a robed figure appeared almost magically from a revolving panel in the wall opposite her. It was the grim reaper with a six-foot tall sickle, his face covered in a featureless, white mask.

He took two steps forward and stopped. Raising his left hand slowly, he signaled for her to approach him. Kristi’s arms hung now at her side as she inched ahead. When she was within about four or five feet of the man, he raised his hand in a gesture for her to stop.

She watched as he positioned the sickle in both hands in front of him. To her disbelief, the curved blade of the instrument advanced toward her. She held her breath at first, then heard herself taking short, stuttering breaths.

The sickle was only a foot away, the blade curving down in the direction of her feet. She leaned back as it got closer. In a non-threatening manner, the blade grazed the bottom of her chin and lowered itself until resting in the cleavage between her breasts.

Kristi couldn’t move. The sickle blade began to descend and in a smooth, quick motion, cut her bra in half. The woman gasped as the blade swung back toward the man in the robe.

One cup of the bra hung on her cold, erect nipple while the other hung loosely beside her exposed breast. Kristi didn’t have huge breasts, but they were full and firm. She was just happy now that they were uncut. Her fear returned, however, with the raising of the sickle once more.

This time, the blade grazed across her breast and knocked aside the part of the bra covering her left breast. Both nipples stood out plainly in the flickering light and Kristi took deep breaths, making the rise and fall of her breasts even more pronounced.

The man’s left hand rose and extended toward her. Kristi interpreted it one way. He wanted the bra. With a dip of each shoulder in succession, the bra was in her hands. She leaned forward and handed it to him. The white object disappeared into deep pockets of the robe.

But he wasn’t done. The blade once again pointed at her, this time lower. With quick movements of his hands on the sickle, the blade was at the top of her panties, just above the waistband and just in front of her bare skin.

Kristi shuddered as the metal pushed against her stomach, then proceeded inside her sheer, white panties. Meticulously, the blade went lower, pulling the top of her panties with it. With the blade almost directly over her clit, the man pulled down with an abrupt, swift motion.

The material shredded as if it didn’t exist. Kristi’s pussy was left completely exposed, remnants of her panties clinging to her hips as the sickle was returned to its owner.

The raising of his left hand was met, again, by the removing of the garment and the exchange from woman to man. Kristi stood naked in front of the reaper, her 115-pound frame marvelously glistening in the dim light. She saw the man’s eyes examine her from within the mask and she felt her situation to be strangely erotic.

Without a word, he reached out a hand to her. In it was a small piece of paper. After she took it, he turned and exited through the same wall from which he came.

Kristi quickly opened the folded sheet of paper.

“Do not fear death.”

Kristi’s heart jumped before she was able to gather herself again. Nothing that had happened to her so far had indicated they intended to seriously harm her, let alone kill her. She had to think positive and continue to look for ways to escape.

She pushed against the wall where the grim reaper had come and gone, but it didn’t budge. Kristi began to walk along the wall, looking for an exit. The cool, damp air made her breasts and ass feel exceptionally frosty.

She worked her way back around to the archway and walked through it, suspecting the door behind it would be locked. It was. She continued making her way along each wall, unsuccessful in finding a getaway.

When she returned to the wall that had produced and then taken back the grim reaper, she pushed against virtually every square inch. Her breasts were nearly touching the wall she was so close and so desperate to make it move.

Suddenly, it did move. The budging of the apparently immovable object sent adrenaline rushing through the woman’s body. She pushed harder and that portion of the wall swung away from her.

Kristi was hit in the face immediately with a blast of thick fog. She didn’t let it deter her. She walked forward into even thicker murkiness, stubbing her toe against something in the meantime.

“Ouch,” she muttered, lifting her foot to see if it was a step. It was. Although there was light amidst the fog, making out anything was impossible due to the thickness of the haze. She took another step up.

OK. Now she knew what faced her and she began to climb. She reached for a handrail, but there were none. Just a rough wall.

“Eeeekk. Shit.”

A hand brushing against her ass caused her to shriek. Then another one touched her right breast and she screamed again. Every couple of steps produced more groping from both directions.

Kristi thought she had to be reaching the top of the stairs when hands on both sides of her took firm hold of her arms and held her in place. Her screams echoed in the narrow stairway before she calmed down.

From her right, a hand engulfed her right breast and kneaded it gently. From her left, another hand cupped her left ass cheek. The hand in front began to manipulate the woman’s nipple, rolling it between soft fingers. Kristi closed her eyes, fighting back the pleasurable feelings flowing through her body. With each twist of the nipple, Kristi felt a surge rush to her pussy.

As if on cue, the hand in front moved down her stomach and found the thin strip of hair covering her pussy. Her arms were still being held tightly as the hand in front unhurriedly searched the area between her legs. The hand on her ass continued to massage her cheek, occasionally moving down to her thigh and up toward her cunt.

Kristi gasped as the hand in front grazed past her clit and down to her vagina. She could feel the dampness gathering inside her and wanted desperately not to let the person groping her know she was stimulated.

The hand moved back up to her clit and began to rub it in all directions. The hand behind her moved inside her legs and reached up toward her cunt. Kristi spread her legs as the desire to have a finger inside her overcame her fear. The finger reached the entrance to her cunt, then stopped tantalizingly close to entering her.

Her clit was growing by the second under the influence of the other hand. She found her body grinding against the hand in rhythm with its actions.

From behind a wall, a voice said, “Do you want it?”

At the same time, the finger between her legs touched her cunt once more. And stopped.

“Answer me.”

Kristi almost whispered, “No.”

She felt the fingertip enter her, then slide out. She wanted it all and he knew it because of her dripping pussy.

“Do you want it?”

The woman was on the verge of tears…and an orgasm. Her clit throbbed as fingers rubbed across it faster and harder.

“Yes,” she finally blurted out.

Between her legs she immediately felt the hand move higher. The man’s middle finger began to enter her. The moisture in her cunt allowed him to effortlessly insert his hand up to the knuckle.

Kristi groaned with satisfaction as the finger began sliding in and out of her, gliding along her g-spot inside the waiting cunt. This continued for nearly a minute before her body began to quiver.

That’s when the hands pulled back–all but the two holding her arms, which was a good thing because the woman wasn’t sure she could stand after the onslaught of the two hands. Her body shuddered with desire as the voice returned: “Do not fear death.”

Gradually, the hands holding her arms let go and she walked up the last few steps. Reaching a door, she found the knob and turned it.

The woman entered another totally stark room, closing the door behind her. In the dead center of the room, on a raised stand about three feet off the ground, was a coffin. Otherwise, the room was vacant. Lamps on the four walls put out just enough light to be able to see clearly.

Kristi walked quietly on bare feet toward the coffin. She felt the wetness between her legs and the tingling in her breast as she approached. The lid of the coffin was raised and she peered down into the box. Empty.

She looked around the room. There was one door in the wall opposite of where she had entered. Kristi knew it would be useless, but she walked over and tried the door anyway. Locked.

The woman glanced back at the coffin. The words came to her: “Do not fear death.” She walked silently back to the casket and looked in.

“Shit,” she murmured. She held the coffin with both hands and shook it. It was sturdy. Raising her right leg first, she put it inside the box. Then she rolled over and lowered the rest of her body into it. The white satin covering felt good against her nakedness.

Slowly, she lowered her head, her hands crossed on her stomach. Kristi could practically hear her heart beating inside the coffin.

A minute later, the sound of a door opening caught her ear. She stared up at the ceiling, afraid to budge. Then she shuddered when the Jason mask appeared above her feet. A second later, the grim reaper—without his sickle—was next to her.

They began reaching into the corners of the casket and Kristi heard metal scrape against metal. Within seconds, the four walls of the casket and the lid swung down toward the floor and she lay on the white satin exposed on all sides. And a third man—the butler—had now joined the first two.

Jason stood at her feet. He reached and grabbed Kristi around the calves right above the ankles. With a gentle but powerful tug, he pulled her toward him. She felt her legs extend beyond the end of the table she lay on, but her ass remained on solid ground. The woman clung to the sides now, fearful of falling off.

What happened next came rapidly and unexpectedly. Jason moved forward, spreading Kristi’s legs as he did so. The man reached for the front of his robe and lifted it with one hand. A second pull upward exposed his thick, hard cock.

A minute ago Kristi might have welcomed the sight of the shaft. Now it scared her. But when the tip of the cock touched the entrance to her vagina, she once again felt a twinge of need.

“No, please,” she cried instinctively.

One of the men beside her went, “Shhh,” and Kristi obeyed.

The cock began to slide between the folds of skin. The man behind the mask felt the moisture that remained there and pushed a little harder. The first two inches of the cock disappeared inside the woman’s vagina.

Kristi sighed noticeably, then held her breath and closed her eyes. She felt the cock continue forward and it began to fill her cunt. She panted and clutched the sides of the makeshift bed. Soon, the man was all the way in.

Kristi had never felt so…filled…by a cock before. Despite a momentary discomfort when it first entered her, she now found herself taking pleasure in the feeling. He began pumping into her more rapidly and her juices flowed once again. Soon, his hands were under her ass, pulling her closer.

The woman opened her eyes suddenly when she felt something resting on her open mouth. The grim reaper had opened his robe and put his cock on Kristi’s lips. Meanwhile, the butler was bending over her body, sucking on one of her breasts.

She didn’t wait for instructions. Her tongue ran along the bottom of the cock at her mouth. It twitched when she got to the tip, and each time she repeated the process. Soon, the tip of the cock was inside her mouth, followed by the entire length of the shaft.

Once the cock began sliding in and out of her mouth, she was able to concentrate on what was happening to her body. The man at her breasts was licking and sucking noisily, driving surges of lust down her body. Jason was thrusting into her harder and faster, slapping his legs against her bare thighs each time.

Kristi wrapped her legs around the man fucking her, trying to keep him as deep in her as she could. With her head now turned fully on its side, she was taking the reaper’s cock in her mouth, holding the base of the shaft with one hand.

The sounds of sex filled a room that, minutes ago, was deathly silent. The sounds increased as Kristi neared an orgasm.

“Ahhh, yes. Yes,” she cried out. She felt the cock in her pussy throb with excitement. The reaper had temporarily pulled out of her mouth, but she quickly reinserted his cock, stroking it firmly. At her breast, the butler had nearly half of her tit in his mouth.

It only took a couple more minutes for Kristi to reach her climax. Her body lifted off the surface she lay on and a muffled scream came out of her cock-filled mouth. When the orgasm began in earnest, she thrust her hips against Jason’s cock. She felt one surge after another flow through her cunt and he matched her thrust for thrust.

The men watched her body convulse with a second orgasm at the same time Jason finally came. He screamed out in satisfaction as his cum poured into the beautiful blonde’s tight pussy. He felt her muscles tighten around his cock and he erupted a half dozen more times.

The butler couldn’t contain himself any more and had his own cock exposed from inside his suit, masturbating as fast as he could. When the reaper was on the verge of cumming, he pulled his cock from Kristi’s mouth and stroked it directly over her tits. Both he and the butler came in prolonged blasts of cum, covering her breasts in a matter of seconds.

The woman lay back on the table, feeling Jason’s soft cock being pulled from her and the last of the other two men’s cum landing on her chest. She was nearly breathless and simply laid there, recovering.

She barely noticed when the men left the room. Her hands covered her eyes for a while, then fell to her side. She looked down at the pool of cum dripping over her breasts and down her sides. All she could think of doing was to roll over and let the liquid rub off against the white satin. This did little more than spread it out over her chest, but she felt somewhat better.

Kristi rolled off what had been the bottom of a coffin and onto the floor. She glanced at the door where the men had exited and noticed a piece of paper stuck to the door.

She walked stiffly to the note and read it in the dim light.

“Your bath awaits.”

Kristi turned the doorknob and the door creaked open. The beauty of this room, compared to the others, was stunning. A fire blazed to her right, while in the middle of the room was a large circle of four-foot high candlesticks. Each one held a lit candle. In the middle of the circle was a gigantic, black cauldron.

The woman advanced toward the improvised tub and noticed a washcloth hung over the edge. Floating on top of the water was a small bar of soap. The atmosphere with the fire and candles was as peaceful as any she’d experienced during the ordeal. She could only hope that it would last.

She stepped between two candles and stood at the side of the cauldron. If it were another foot in diameter it would have been as large as some hot tubs she’d seen. She raised her right leg and dipped her foot into the water. Perfectly warm. Steadying herself with both hands, she crawled in.

When she sat she found the cauldron quite comfortable, with its gently curving sides. Kristi allowed her body to slide under the water until her ass settled on the flat bottom surface of the tub. The water rose to her neck and she sat still for a moment, just enjoying the warmth wrapped around her.

Eventually, she pulled the washcloth into the water and reached for the soap. After lathering up the cloth, she put it to her chest and began to softly wipe off her breasts. As her hands slid back and forth across her nipples, she thought back to the mouth on them in the other room…the cock in her own mouth…and the thick shaft that caused her to cum.

Her hand moved down her stomach and onto her pussy. Small quakes shook her body as her fingers crossed over her clit and down to her cunt. She had certainly been fulfilled just a few minutes earlier, but her body indicated it wanted more.

Perhaps in a different situation—in a different setting—she would have played with herself more intently. But the feeling of the hidden eyes on her returned and she decided not to give in.

She felt cleaner. Refreshed. She spent another five minutes in the water thinking about how to get out of the house. The woman didn’t have an answer at the moment, but realized she had to keep her eyes and ears open for opportunities.

Kristi was jolted back into reality when a door opened behind her and the hunchback butler in the latex mask appeared. This time he was holding a tray with what appeared to be thick, white towels on it.

He walked to the edge of the ring of candles and announced in a deep voice, “Your towel and robe, madam.”

Kristi suddenly became conscious of her nakedness in the water and put her arms across her chest. Then she thought back to what the man had already seen…and done…and pulled herself out of the cauldron of water.

The woman picked up the towel off the tray and stood beside him, letting it fall open in front of her. Water trailed from the tub to where she stood outside the ring of candles. It dripped off her breasts and down her body, between her legs and down her thighs. She felt the tingle return to her pussy as she stood next to the strange costumed man.

She began to dry herself, beginning at the shoulders. She ran her hands over her breasts and down her stomach. She only briefly touched between her legs before continuing down to her ankles.

Kristi felt uncomfortable bending over just a few feet from the stiffly standing butler. She knew his eyes were all over her as she leaned back up and dried her back, leaving her breasts exposed once more.

The chill in the air was returning as she removed the robe from the tray and replaced it with the towel. A short, white robe unfolded and she slipped it on. It tied around her waist, extending halfway down her thighs.

Kristi tugged at one side of the opening in the front, attempting to cover her breasts the best she could. The robe was something, at least, but she knew it must have been an appealing sight for whoever was watching. Her ass felt as if it would fall out from behind the soft material at any moment.

“Wait here, madam, and your route will become clear,” the butler said abruptly before turning to leave her alone in the room again. Kristi watched the beauty of the flickering candles. She almost forgot her surroundings until a door opened in the far corner of the room.

She didn’t wait for instructions, just walked toward the door. At first the room on the other side seemed darker than all the others, but soon after stepping through the door her eyes began to adjust.

What she began to see didn’t thrill her. The walls of the room were covered with chains and shackles either hanging from the ceiling or attached directly to the walls. In one corner was a stockade with a padded kneeling area; another corner held a metal cage; and another had a large wooden rack.

She entered the room and it brightened with each step. Lights in the ceiling glowed brighter until she stood in the center, looking at all the paraphernalia.

From nowhere, a voice said, “Choose the correct constraint, and you will be set free.”

She wanted to scream, “And what if I choose incorrectly?” But she didn’t. She thought she probably knew the answer to that one.

Kristi looked at a couple pairs of shackles and moved on. She stood by the rack for a moment, but passed it up. More wrist and ankle restraints in the wall were left behind before she stood in front of the stockade.

The simplicity of the thing drew her to it. With some hesitation, she knelt on the foam pad and pushed her hands through the tight, cushioned arm holes. Then her head slid through the equally tight fitting hole in the center of the stockade.

She instantly felt the cool air hitting her bare ass. She imagined it was now in full view as she could feel the bottom of her robe riding across her waist and hips.

If choosing the stockade was supposed to magically open an escape route, it didn’t happen. Instead, Kristi heard footsteps approaching from behind.

“Wrong choice,” a man’s voice said. She wanted to turn her head and look, but couldn’t. A second later someone was walking around her and standing in front of her. She looked up and saw the Clinton mask. She also sensed someone behind her.

She reflected back on the previous rooms and characters and determined this was the last two of her abductors. Maybe this truly was the end.

Kristi flinched when a hand lifted her robe and pushed it up her back, fully exposing her ass and legs. At the same time she watched the man near her head pull down his zipper. He reached inside the open pants and pulled out a semi-erect cock.

From behind her, the man said, “Spread your legs.”

Kristi obeyed the best she could without falling off the kneeling pad. The man in front had his hand wrapped around his cock when the woman heard the first swoosh. She screamed loudly as her ass received the sting of the leather flogger.

After expecting a cock to enter her, the sting of the fabric against her ass was even more shocking. Again and again it struck her, wrapping around her hip and between her legs. She could feel the long strands of leather as the man pulled the whip away each time. Sometimes they caught on the inside of her thigh and scraped along the bottom of her pussy.

After a half dozen strikes, she felt herself beginning to respond sexually—wanting the material to touch her there.

The cock near her face was fully erect now and pointed directly at her mouth. She was getting so aroused from the whipping that, if she could have, she would have reached for the cock and shoved it in her mouth. But she didn’t have to.

The man stepped forward and Kristi opened her mouth. She accepted the warm cock and immediately began licking and sucking it. Soon, the man was fucking her face as the whip continued to strike her from behind.

She moaned with mixed pleasure and pain, clamping her lips down on the cock. Her hips moved in rhythm with the cock entering her mouth as Kristi imagined another inside her cunt. Leather struck her again and she cried out. She was sure the man with the whip was purposely aiming for her pussy, driving her ever closer to an orgasm.

It only took a couple minutes for the man in the Clinton mask to announce his pending orgasm with a loud grunt. Kristi felt the cock throb as he shoved it inside her mouth and held it in place. Then another thrust. Another grunt. Precum hit her tongue and Kristi moaned her own sign of approval.

The man began a violent plunging of his cock into the woman’s mouth and cum spurted out. Kristi swallowed the best she could, loosing some cum out the corner of her mouth. The man came again and again as the whip struck Kristi’s ass.

Her body screamed for satisfaction as she sucked harder on the cock and felt more cum flow down her throat. His groans subsided, along with the cock, and Kristi took a breath. He pulled out and she licked the remaining cum from her lips.

“Fuck me, please.”

The words surprised her after she said them. But she meant it.

The whipping stopped and she heard movement behind her. Then two hands were on her hips and she knew what was coming. The cock hit the bottom of her ass before sliding to the entrance to her vagina.

Kristi was so wet she barely felt it enter her. Two hands moved under her and opened her robe, letting her breasts swing free. Both hands held a breast as the man began to fuck her, as asked.

He squeezed her nipples and breasts as the cock penetrated her. She held onto the arm holes with her hands, making the entire stockade creak with each of his thrusts. Kristi felt the long shaft fill her vagina and feeling thrilled her.

The leftover orgasm from the earlier room was peaking once more. With a shameless scream of satisfaction, she began to cum. Her body shook against the constraint surrounding her. Perhaps this inability to move caused the sensation inside her body to be intensified.

From deep inside her abdomen she felt her orgasm explode over and over.

“Oh, God. Yes. God. Yes. Yes. Yes.”

The more she cried the harder the cock plunged into her. Finally, he came, too. With a brutal grunt and one last thrust, his cum was forced through his shaft and against the walls of her womb. Kristi felt the warm fluid begin to fill her and she urged him on.

This unexpected support from the beautiful blonde in front of him resulted in several more powerful stabs into her cunt. He held her by the hips until he couldn’t cum any more. Totally spent, he pulled out and rested his cock on the top of her red ass.

Cum leaked onto her skin before he tucked the limp cock away again.

Kristi let the men walk out of the room before she extracted herself from the wooden blockade. She rested on her knees for a second before standing up and pulling her robe shut around her.

The woman had to make a choice again. Which of the several forms of constraint would free her? She began to look closer at the wall area surrounding some of the chains and devices.

Finally she found it. It appeared as though a window in the room had been covered with paneling, but not permanently. Of course, this could have been from the redecorating that obviously had to be done to create the house of horrors. But, nowhere else in the room did an escape present itself.

Kristi turned to face the center of the room and was about to put her wrist inside one of the manacles when her eyes looked down. About five feet to her left there was a crack in the flooring. She followed the crack around with her eyes as it formed a perfect square. Too unusual to be a coincidence, she moved over to it.

She tried to pry it open with her fingers, but couldn’t. The woman also noticed that if she stood squarely on it, her hands would fit into more shackles. This time she completed the task of snapping the metal restraints around her little wrists.

A few seconds, later the grinding of gears and rattling of chains above her made her tremble. She looked up and watched as the chains holding her manacles in place began to rise until her arms were stretched above her head. Then, just as suddenly as it started, the grinding stopped.

With her small robe barely closed around her and inching up her bare legs, Kristi waited for the worst.

A door across from her opened and the butler appeared, followed by the Clinton mask until, eventually, all five of her captors stood in front of her.

“Good choice.” She recognized the voice of the apparent leader from her capture. “You will be leaving us soon. But, before you go…”

The man untied her robe and let it lay open. Kristi’s stunning breasts looked even more beautiful pulled up high onto her chest. He put one in his mouth and sucked on the nipple. Even after what she had been through, it felt marvelous. She watched the other men look on as the leader sucked one tit, then the other. His hand brushed over her clit briefly and she rose onto her toes in response.

“We hope you enjoyed the ride. In a minute, you’ll see a way out. The keys are in your car.”

The man turned to walk away and the others followed. Then he looked back at Kristi: “We’ll be out looking for the next victim. Don’t stop along the road tonight.”

The door opened and they disappeared once more.

Kristi shrieked softly as the grinding began again and she was lifted a few inches off the ground. Then the area in the floor on which she had just been standing fell open. The chains began to lower her through the trapdoor and down into a darkened room. Inch by inch she sank into the room. Before she got to the ground, she saw a window and door. Outside, she saw the cars lighted dimly by the porch light.

She looked down and a silver key shown brightly on the floor. The mechanism dropped her directly onto it and let her arms fall far enough so she could pick it up. When she was free, she closed the robe around her once more and walked to the door. In the back of her mind she expected it not to open. It did.

Kristi ran to her car in excitement and fear. As she pulled away from the house, she looked one last time in her rear view mirror. The porch light went out and Kristi headed home.

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