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Lucky with Kate

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The early morning flight settled softly onto the runway rousing us from our light slumber, the heat of the day burst into the cabin as the main doors opened and the fragrant smells of the island filled the air. We made our way out, gathered our luggage, & shuffled through customs before we finally climbed into our rental car. Kate navigated as we made our way across the island the small beachside villa we’d rented.

I’d met Kate 10 years ago. I was a senior in high school, bursting with youthful energy, my whole life ahead of me. Kate was an attractive 33 year old widow living across town.

Our paths had crossed by pure happenstance at a Best Buy store. I’d bummed a ride over to pick up some blank cd’s and was going to walk back when a serious downpour trapped me in the store. As I killed time wandering the store waiting for the rain to let up, I ran into Kate struggling to figure out external hard drives. Bored, I offered some help. After chatting she traded me a ride home for some installation help.

The villa was lovely. Two big bedrooms with a spacious central living area, cool stone floors, and shuttered windows thrown wide open to let that wonderful Caribbean breeze flow through. Kate bustled about exploring while I strolled out to the beach to take in the amazing vista. Huge tall clouds were gliding across the bright blue sky, their shadows changing the colors of the turquoise sea.

“It’s so lovely,” Kate gushed as she sat joining me on the low stone wall facing the water. “I’m going to throw our things in the bedroom, and then change for a swim…” then she kissed my cheek softly and ran off.

We’d laughed the whole ride back to Kate’s. We’d gotten completely soaked dashing out to her car, which had only been 20 or so cars from the store, but that was plenty far enough to completely drench us. Rain water flowed off us as we rode along, dripping and pooling on the seat. Kate’s thin little summer tee was totally soaked through, & clung very tightly to her ample chest. I was decidedly aware just how attractive Kate was on that very wet ride.

Thankfully her home had a garage, and we made it inside without any further soaking. Kate was about 5’4″, more than half a foot shorter than my 6′, with mid length sandy blonde hair, and a real nice figure. Her breasts and their lacy bra were well highlighted by her clingy wet shirt. Looking at each other across her kitchen we burst out laughing at out wet state

After some vigorous toweling and donning a pair of dry tee shirts we sank in at the kitchen table with some hot tea to warm up. The conversation was light and friendly & Kate eventually toted in the laptop she needed help with. I booted it up and began installing her new external drive.

The laptop was a total mess, with all sorts of spurious toolbars and crap apps, hard drive 95% full, virus protection beyond out of date, etc. So I set about cleaning it up as she made more tea. I probably ran its first update ever.

She explained that it had been her husbands, and that he’d died in a car accident last year. She’d never been a big computer person and had really struggled with it since. I got busy and she begged off to a hot shower.

I learned a lot about my Kate from that laptop. I was busy cleaning, uninstalling and exploring when I found a file with her name full of pictures. It was a file full of explicit nude pictures of the lovely Kate, alone and with several different men and women. Kate looked REAL good in those pix, and I quickly emailed a few to my gmail account.

A few minutes later I found a journal like file of her husband’s where he described, in delicious detail, his ‘training’ program for Kate and her progress. Holy Shit! He’d been training her to be his willing sex slave. I was getting harder and harder in my wet jeans the more I read.

Kate returned just then from her shower clad in a big sweat shirt and jeans toweling her hair dry. “Find anything? she blurted and I stared. “What?” She asked curious at my reaction.

“I did, I mean… I found your husband’s journal, and lots of his pictures of you.” She went pale and sank slowly into her seat. She reached across to close the laptop, but I intercepted her hand and then held it, as I showed her the pix I was looking at.

Kate was near tears, her head sinking & then, to my great surprise, she slowly began talking. At first she spoke very quietly, but for the next half an hour she explained her husband’s big fantasy, probably talking openly about it for the first time. She discussed his ‘training’ regimen for her, her inherent submissiveness, their games, how she’d learned to truly love it all, then his sudden death and the intolerable loneliness ever since. Somewhere in there she’d pulled out a bottle Scotch as she shed the burden of her great secret. When Kate quieted she had tears in her eyes.

I rose and extending a hand I took her into my arms and held her softly while she cried.

Kate came bounding out of the villa in the skimpiest little bathing suit and toting my shorts, I changed and together we went for a swim. The water was amazing, refreshingly cool against the heat of the day. We totally reveled in it as we floated together talking and laughing.

We frolicked in the water together until our fingers started resembling prunes, and then we raced back into the house like kids. Kate won and went straight for the kitchen and opened a cold beer. Then she quickly peeled off her suit and stood naked before me with the beer.

Kate is 43 now, and for many years now she has been my very willing little sex toy. Time has been very good to her; she still looks as amazing to me as that first day in her kitchen. She makes every effort to take care of herself. I took a proffered beer, smiled at her and then kissed her deeply. She knew what was next, and she ached for it.

I held her awkwardly at first, conflicted between my rock hard cock and her vulnerability. But between those pictures & the stories she’d just told my blood was afire. When she quieted, she looked to me and then slowly lifted off her sweatshirt. She wore no bra, and her breasts were full and round, rising off a flat little tummy. As I reached out and groped them she gasped and moaned softly. And then without breaking eye contact she began pushing off her jeans. Kate is a very beautiful woman, athletically thin. My hands freely roamed her soft skin as our tongues dueled. Then she lead me to her bed. Without a word I stripped and climbed onto her, she grabbed me and pulled directly into her vee aching for me to be inside her.

I was young and brash and fucked her hard and wild, thoroughly enjoying her tight wet grip as I pounded at her moaning and writhing body. I exploded deep inside her and then she enveloped me with her arms and legs and held me tightly.

As we laid together afterwards Kate began talking again in that quiet soft voice, “my husband, he knew me very well, knew I loved to be submissive. He taught me… how to give myself to men. And I quickly discovered how right he was, I loved it desperately- that wild feeling when I was their toy to take great pleasure from, when they looked at me with those hungry eyes knowing full well I was theirs to have, so willingly helpless in their hands. I never knew what they would do with me next and ached to find out. The rush of wild intense all consuming climaxes as I am used freely.”

We lay together quietly, her breath soft against my chest as my fingertips caressed her oh-so-soft flesh- “I- I could be yours, if you… if you wanted me.” I looked at her beautiful face and kissed her; she drew the air from me and nearly swallowed me whole. “I can’t be alone any more,” she wept. “I would be yours- so willingly… whenever you wanted me, however you want me.”

“You would be my what?” I queried as my fingers gently combed the stray strands of het wet hair from her face.

She stared softly, “I- I don’t know the word, I would give myself to you, give my body to you oh so willingly, all I ask is to be touched, and held, and… and fucked.” I smiled and kissed her. “No strings…” she whispered as I began to harden again deep inside her.

Draining my beer I kissed the hints of soft freckles across the bridge of her nose and her upper chest and caressed her soft willing body. The body that 10 years ago this week she had given me. She had suggested we get away to celebrate and bought 2 tickets to the islands. I’d secured a nice rental and here we were.

I dragged over a soft coverlet from the couch and knelt Kate before me. She took me into her mouth and made love to my cock. Kate never just sucked my cock, she absolutely worshipped it with her mouth. “Get me nice and ready honey, and then I’ll give you what you need. She moaned her understanding as she pressed her nose to my belly.

We eventually moved to the bedroom and I spent the afternoon fucking Kate’s amazing body, coming inside her twice.

I napped & Kate woke me at 6 and asked if we were going out to get some dinner. She was still naked and giggled softly when I cupped her ass and pulled her in for a kiss.

We showered, dressed and wandered down the road finding a simple fish house for dinner. We ate and drank lots of beer laughing and joking. We reminisced about the past 10 years over many beers before staggering back up the road.

We slept soundly that night, spooned together against her soft skin.

Kate has always joked that I almost made her bowlegged that first month. She says I fucked her 5 or 6 times a day that first weekend. And she may be right, after all I was only 18, barely past losing my virginity. And then suddently I had this total free pass with a beautiful 33 year old woman with the hottest little body. I do remember spending most of my free time on top of her for quite a while.

We spent the rest of that first day at her home, in her bed. We never dressed and I fucked her several times before finally petering out. I laid with her, touching and exploring every curve and hollow of her body with my hands and my mouth. Then she would suck me and take me inside her.

I went over every evening, and we’d go straight into her bedroom. And true to her word she would do absolutely anything I wanted. She gave me a house key that first week. I gradually realized that she wanted me to take what I wanted from her, instead of asking for it.

I was the probably luckiest 18 year old in history, and possibly the most over-sexed too! Definitely one of the happiest…

We woke as the tropical sun filled the room. The heat followed soon and I gently mounted Kate from the rear. She woke with a soft grunt as I pressed myself into her. We screwed softly, our hands and fingers locked together as I slipped in and out of her. I came easily and laid quietly atop her back as I slipped from her grip.

Breakfast was coffee, fruit and cereals. And then a quick dip before a shower. It had long ago become our habit to shower together. Kate gently soaped and washed me before I climbed out and she tended to herself.

We drove into town and spent the morning wandering the shops and squares. Tourists filled the small streets. We lunched dockside at an outdoor cafe and lingered over beers. The day was glorious, and the island was lovely. When we finally got back to our place it was almost 4 and we were hot and sweaty. So we changed quickly and dove into the water again.

The water was refreshing and I began fondling her in the water. Kate giggled softly as my hands wandered her taut frame beneath the water. “Let’s go before I get all hard and make a scene walking out of the water!” I joked.

Once inside, I bent Kate over the kitchen counter and fucked her hard and fast, she moaned and squealed loudly as I ravaged her and drove her to a series of shuddering orgasms. Afterward we showered and went for dinner.

One afternoon during that very first month, I sat down and read her husband’s journal. It started with a detailed description of his big fantasy for transforming Kate into what he kept calling a real slut wife. He talked about her submissive nature, and their strong bond of love.

It described all sorts of wild shit- her training, sharing her with other several men and some women, spanking her, making her walk around naked for days. I wasn’t sure what to make of it all, but I had a raging hard on and I knew exactly what to do with that.

I called Kate from the other room, where she was folding laundry. She came to me, saw my state and smiled. Shoving her shorts down I bent her over the couch and just plowed her hard and rough. She came hard and shuddered as I spewed freely inside her belly. Afterwards she took me into her mouth and suckled me softly.

“You read the journal?” I nodded. “And it made you all hard & randy?” I smiled and she did too.

“I’m not exactly sure what to make of it all,” I admitted. “He hit you, spanked you and had other men fuck you…” I started querying how she could ever stand it, “how did you…?”

Kate smiled sweetly, and then squatted in front of me. “I loved it, I needed it. I did.”

She sighed sadly when she saw the shock in my face. “Honey, I’m a slut. I’m not one of those nice quiet girls that way. My husband worked hard to train me and it worked. Leave me alone with a man, 2 men, three, whatever, and I’d be happy to fuck them over and over until we just can’t anymore.” I stared as she spoke, “I like to be spanked, to have my ass swatted. I like to be tied down and then fucked senseless. I like it when men take their pleasure from me, even more when they take it hard…” Kate went on-

“Tom once gave me to 2 big black men in a hotel lobby. He told them to take me home and fuck me and use me like a slut toy all weekend… and they did.” She whispered. “They barely let me off that bed. They must have fucked me 20 or 30 times that weekend, taking turns, together, after a while I went numb and couldn’t do anything but let them have their way…”

“…and I loved it,” she whispered emphatically.

“Baby, you’re so sweet,” she whispered as she caressed my cheek, “and you’re so innocent… but I’m not. Fuck me baby- use me. Take your pleasures and don’t worry about it so much. Because so long as you are doing that, you really are giving me exactly what I need.

I stared at her for a few, realizing maybe for the first time who Kate really was. And she squatted there on her heels her legs open and her pink pussy gaping for me.

I took her hand and pulled her to me, kissed her and then gently shoved Kate down to my lap where she took my hard cock into her mouth. She felt sooooo good, and I just stared at her happy face as she gently sucked me.

“Baby?” I looked down, “why don’t you try tying me to the bed. Then when I’m all tied up & totally helpless you can do absolutely anything you want with me…” Her eyes sparkled as she purred her sensual dare.

We hurried to the bedroom where she quickly produced 4 nice strands of silken rope that I used to lash her hands & feet to the bedposts. For the first time in my life I understood why so many beds had those things. Once she was tied I crawled onto the bed & began teasing her helpless body, I spent the entire afternoon squeezing, licking, pinching, probing & groping her incredible flesh- driving her totally insane. When I finally climbed atop her she was begging literally begging me to fuck her… and I did. She howled screaming wildly as I started begging for it harder and harder right up until I came.

When I collapsed onto Kate’s soft sweaty body she purred. Later when I crawled off she laid there, happily staring up into my eyes with her big sweet grin. “Thank you baby… thank you.”

The next morning was amazing & we drove down to the harbor to take a sailing charter. Riding the winds, we lazily circled the island. We were alone except for the crew & one other couple. The women quickly laid out in their sexy little bikinis catching sun on the fore deck as I grabbed a beer and explored the boat with Ken. Ken and Eileen from London were our sailing partners, a nice couple in their late 20’s. Kate was always seeking out other women for me, and quickly began chatting up Eileen. Ken was oblivious. But Kate was gave me her signals that indicated that she thought there might be an opportunity here.

By the time I joined them on the fore the ladies had shed their tops & were basking in the warm sun. Kate bubbled excitedly as I sat, look baby- she has that tattoo I always wanted! Eileen giggled & sat up & rolled over to give me a peek at the tattoo on her butt cheek. She was short with closely cropped brown hair, and lovely green eyes framed by a smattering of soft freckles.

In no time we were all chattering away, & I quickly saw the opportunity.

That afternoon the 4 of went back to our villa got naked & slipped into the Jacuzzi, Kate slipped over to Ken & I went to Eileen. “So, looks like it’s gonna be me & you…” Eileen giggled & we kissed.

Ken got dragged inside by Kate, leaving me with his lovely Eileen on the day bed. She was young & a little innocent but full of wild curiosity. I loved licking her pussy & watching her writhe. She came so hard & so often on my tongue I never wanted to stop, but eventually I crawled up her tiny body & mounted her. Eileen made these sweet little gasping noises as I slipped inside her, she was so tight and I went slowly at first savoring all her little gasps & the looks on her pretty young face… In the end she was a begger, begging me with that sexy, gasping little girl voice over & over to fuck her hard, make her cum again & again. I did & then when I pulled away to cum her greedy hands pulled me to her mouth & tried to swallow…

Afterwards we laid there holding each other, spooning as the ocean breeze cooled our sweat soaked bodies. My softened cock rested in her ass crack as my hands cupped her breasts, gently kneading her extended nipples as her little chest heaved to catch her breath.

“That- that was totally amazing,” she giggled & wiggled her ass. “I, we never did anything like this before… swap or whatever… you know…”

“Did you enjoy it?”

“You bet your arse!” She tittered.

“Then let’s do it again…” I whispered & kissed her ear…

“Absolutely!” She purred & rolled to face me. We kissed hard, and then she slid down my body & took me into her mouth. Her bright eyes stared up at me as she so lovingly sucked my cock. Then she crawled up, slowly kissing everywhere, “lick me, please,” her little girl voice begged. “Lick me again like you did before… that was so hot…” she giggled. I gave her what she wanted, and dove between her lovely pale thighs. Her tiny body roiled constantly as my tongue & fingers reigned havoc on her tiny pussy. After a while she was begging me for cock, pleading to be fucked.

Flipping her onto her belly, I jammed a bunch of pillows under her hips & drove myself into her tight tunnel. She whimpered softly and bit the bedding as her climaxes overwhelmed her. I took my time, savoring her tiny little body.

When the morning sun woke us, we crawled inside. They left after breakfast, after we’d exchanged contact information & promises to connect if either of us ever were in the same city.

“My she looks happy,” Kate giggled in a whisper, “I think big Willy left a decided impression on that one.” Eileen beamed as we kissed goodbye & the cute little couple hopped into their cab.

“Oh we had a little fun, and you with master Ken?”

“Vanilla, but passable… I kept him happy…” We laughed & went for a swim before making plans for our day.

Summer faded & the weather had started cooling. One Saturday afternoon as we were laying naked & sweaty beside her fireplace Kate suggested in the softest way that I consider using the journals as a kind of sex game road map. The first thing we tried totally surprised me. I had never expected to enjoy it as much as I did.

I copied the journals to a thumb drive & scanned thru them that night. I returned to her place on Sunday morning all charged up. Kate met me in the living room- naked. I smiled, always thrilled to see her hot body. Her hair was pulled back in a small pony tail that emphasized the features of her soft face.

I took a seat on the leather chair & told Kate that I wanted to try spanking her. Her lovely face lit up & she nodded happily. “Do you want to tie my hands or feet?” She purred, almost begging. I laughed at her excitement & agreed & she ran off to get her satin ropes.

I tied her arms behind her back just like I’d read- hand to elbow. When she turned to face me I marveled at the way it forced her chest out & up. I kissed her softly & gave her breasts a big squeeze. “I- I can get kind of noisy when I’m getting spanked, I cry & all, but please don’t stop or anything… My safe word is french toast.” Then I laid her across my lap. She purred softly as my right hand caressed & cupped her ass while my left groped her dangling breasts. “I’ll count…”

My cock was rock hard as my palm landed on her tender flesh for the first time. The heat of the impact warming my palm and sending jolts through her, she gasped & whispered “one.” I found I enjoyed spanking my Kate and totally enjoyed turning her ass bright red. When my hand stung too much I groped her wet sex, shoving two fingers deep inside her & enjoying all of her little gasps.

I took my time as much as I could, but after a while my cock just ached confined inside my jeans. Standing her I kissed her tearstained face. Kate’s lips inhaled mine, drawing the air from my lungs. ripped my pants off as she waited desperately horny, loosing she sexiest little sobs & moans.

I sat back down & quickly pulled her atop me, guiding my cock into her waiting pussy. I was wild, bouncing & bending her every way I could my hands groping her sore ass as I lifted & pulled at her body. Our lips locked & she shuddered & jerked with an out of control climax. It went on & on as I ground her onto my root, until she fell back & screamed. Her insides spasmed & my cock exploded.

I pulled her limp body to me for a kiss & we laid there gasping for quite a while, her soft breath at my neck.
Over & over she softly repeated ‘thank you…. thank you”

I untied her arms & Kate slipped off to the bathroom. I was still in the chair when she returned with a cold beer. “Won’t be able to sit without remembering that for the next few days…” She giggled. “Thank you Charlie… thank you!” Kneeling by my feet she smiled up at me. “That was amazing…”

“Holy crap Kate…” I laughed at the understatement, wondering about the other games in those journals.

More may follow… do you want more?

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