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Dream Come True

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“Kiss my ass!!”

It’s amazing how long I had wanted to hear those words and how much they would change the relationship between myself and the person that said them. However, I’m getting ahead of myself.

My name is Scott. I’m a forty-two year old, divorced male that works for a large-sized manufacturing facility close to Daytona Beach, Florida. I love the weather here so I tend to spend the majority of my free time doing something outdoors.

Biking, surfing and volleyball are some of the activities that I enjoy. By staying active, I keep myself in pretty good shape. Most of the girls I have dated since my divorce did not believe me when I first tell them that I am actually over 40 years old. I am definitely not the best looking guy in the world, but I’m not too bad either. Ok, enough about me.

I’ve worked at the same place for the past twelve years and have successfully moved up from a mid-level supervisor to a Production Manager in charge of an entire wing of the facility. Up until about eight months ago, my boss was a woman named Michelle. I say my boss, but, to be honest, we were more like colleagues.

Michelle came from outside the industry, so she didn’t have the background knowledge needed to make the management decisions she had to make on a daily basis. This meant that she relied heavily upon me. I didn’t mind and actually wanted to help her look good to her bosses.

Over the years, I found myself growing closer and closer to Michelle. She was a very pretty woman (damn close to gorgeous!!) and had one of the best personalities I’ve ever seen. She was always in a good mood and would probably be best described as “bubbly”. Some of our operators called her “our little cheerleader”, but in a kind way. Although she was no longer a cheerleader, she was definitely little. Maybe 5’2″ in heels and that’s probably pushing it.

The only negative aspect about Michelle, from some of the guys’ point of view, was the size of her hips. I wouldn’t say they were huge, but she did have a big ass. I think the fact that she was so short may have made it look bigger??? I’m not sure, but it was something that you noticed when you first met her.

Now, I’m sure most readers on here know that guys typically fall into one of two categories: you’re either an ass-man or a tits-man. Yes, you can like both. But, typically, most guys are really turned on by one or the other. As for me, I was definitely an ass-man.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with a woman’s breasts and I spend a lot of time with them when I have sex with a woman. But, to me, there is nothing sexier than a woman with a nice ass. Especially, a woman that likes to use her ass for her pleasure. I love the feel, smell and even the taste of a woman’s backside and will spend a lot of time kissing, licking and massaging her back there if she’ll let me to make her feel good. And don’t get me started about anal sex! There is nothing better than the feeling of sliding your cock inside the anus of a woman. However, when I’m with a woman, the pleasure is all about her, so anal sex should be her idea not mine. Believe me, I’m ok with just using my tongue back there if that’s all she wants at that time.

Being as ass-man, I noticed right away that Michelle had what most people would call a big butt. And that meant that she would normally be off my radar. But, for some reason, over the years I found myself very sexually attracted to Michelle. Like I said, she was very pretty. Maybe it was her personality? I don’t exactly know what it was, but over the years I found myself very sexually attracted to Michelle and can’t tell you how many fantasies I had thinking about her ass.

A lot of times she would lean across the conference table when we were in daily meetings and her ass would be about 2 feet away from my face. I would want so badly to just stuff my face into her crack and breathe in her scent. Several times I would have to leave the meeting room after everyone else because I was scared people would notice the tent in my pants. I was constantly worried that people would notice me trying to catch a glimpse of her butt as she walked past or that she would somehow read my mind and know what I was thinking. Would she be turned on? Or think I was some discussing pervert and tell me to fuck off??

I never really though I would have a chance to see Michelle’s ass because, unfortunately for me, she was married. And from what I could tell, happily married. In fact, her and her husband had recently had a baby boy. I was kind of shocked when she had told me she was pregnant since she was almost 40 years old. But, I guess they had been trying for awhile and it just now worked.

Anyway, the years passed with her and I working together and me secretly lusting after her and her big butt. Until one day, the company decided to make some changes. I had heard rumors about some moves, but didn’t really pay them much attention. I knew that with the relationship I and with Michelle, she would tell me if I needed to be worried. So, since she hadn’t said anything, I didn’t really worry about it.

Then, one day, Michelle came into my office and said we had to talk. I knew something was up because Michelle didn’t typically come out to my office. When she needed something, she normally asked me to come to her office.

She walked into my office and immediately shut the door.

“I’ve got some news for you. I guess it could be good or bad. Depends on how you look at it, I guess” she stated.

She sat down in chair beside me and went on to tell me that she was being transferred to the supply chain division. This meant I would no longer be reporting to her but directly to the Director of Manufacturing. Now, this really wasn’t a big deal. Like I said earlier, Michelle never really acted like my boss. And I had always gotten along really well with the director so I wasn’t worried about that. The only problem I could see was I would get to spend as much time with Michelle as I had been used to. Up to that moment, I didn’t realize how much I actually cared for her. Or should I say, lusted after her?

After a couple of minutes of discussing the moves and how much it sucked, I made a stupid comment to try to make light of the situation:

“Well, the only good thing I can see happening from this move is you and I can now have that affair we always wanted and not get in trouble since I no longer report to you!”

Now, Michelle knew me pretty well and was used to my sarcastic since of humor. So her response was a little chuckle and “Yeah, right! You’re so crazy.”

I laughed along with her while thinking “if she only knew!!”

The position moves were made and I no longer reported to Michelle. Weeks went by and I still seen her at meetings or in the hallways, but no where near what I was used to or wanted. Then one day, I was walking past her new office and seen her sitting at her desk seemingly staring at her phone. I knocked on the door jamb and said:

“Hey! What’s going on? You liking the new position??”

She turned to me and I immediately noticed that her eyes were wet and her face slightly puffy. For some reason, she had been crying.

“Come on in”, she said. “I’m not really doing that well.”

“What’s wrong”, I asked. “Is there anything I can do?” I turned to shut the door to her office before taking a seat across from her. I wanted to save her the embarrassment of someone else walking past and seeing that she had been crying.

She sighed deeply before saying: “Ron and I aren’t doing very well. I’m really starting to think it might be over.”

Ron was obviously her husband. I had met him a couple of times at holiday parties and to be honest, always thought he was somewhat of a douche bag. I often wondered leaving those parties what she was doing with him. But, as they say, love is in the eye of the beholder. Or something like that.

“That sucks”, was my witty reply. “I know how you feel. If you ever need someone to talk to or just hang out with, let me know.”

She stood up and starting walking to the door. “Thank you,” she said. “But, I don’t really want to talk about it right now.”

I stood up and followed her to the door. Before she opened it, I said, “Well the offers there, so feel free anytime you want to.”

She turned to me and smiled and then reached out for me. I was shocked at first, but this wasn’t her wanting something sexual. This was a friend just needing to feel some human contact. I hugged her back and told her, “It’ll be ok. Trust me.”

She smiled at me as I left the office and said, “I know it will. It’ll just take a little time.”

Well, time indeed did go by. I seen Michelle every once in awhile and it seemed like she was doing ok and back to her old self. In fact, about a month after the hug in her office, she called me on my cell phone.

“Hey, it’s Michelle! How are you doing?”

“Hi, Michelle, I’m doing good! How have you been?’

“Pretty good, but I did want to ask you a question, if I can?”

“Of course. What’s up?”

“Remember when you said I could talk about my issue with you whenever I wanted?”

“Yep. Do you want to talk about it?”

“Yes. I was thinking maybe we could go grab a drink after work and just talk. I’m not sure I want to discuss that, but just wanted to spend some time with you.”

To say I was shocked would be a major understatement! Here was a friend of mine that just wanted to talk and all I could think of is “I wonder if I get her drunk, she’ll let me touch her ass?” What a dickhead!!

“Sounds great to me,” I replied. “Want to meet about 5:30?’

“Ok! I’ll see you at the usual place.” With that she hung up. I immediately looked at the clock to see how long I had to wait. Lucky for me, it was already 3:30 so it wouldn’t be too long.

Around 5:20, I shut down my computer and started to leave. The people from work always went to the same place for happy hours and to just relieve some stress, so when Michelle said “the usual place” I knew where she meant. I got there right at 5:30 and got us a booth.

About 5:40, Michelle walked in and walked right over. I stood to welcome her and she immediately gave me a big hug like she hadn’t seen me in years.

“God, I’ve missed hanging out with you!” She stated.

I hugged her back and actually gave her a little smooch on the cheek. “I’ve missed you too! You’re definitely a better looking boss than the one I have now!”

She sat down and we ordered our drinks. I got a beer and Michelle went with a white wine. We talked, drank and munched on some appetizers for what seemed like hours. Finally, I asked her, “So, how’s life at home?”

She gave me this big smile and said, “It’s over! He moved out two weekends ago. I know I shouldn’t be, but I’m so happy right now!”

“Well, I’m sorry about your marriage, but I’m glad you’re happy,” I said. “What happened, if you don’t mind me asking?”

She took a long drink and said, “We were drifting apart for a long time for one thing. But then he had the nerve to ask me to try something with him! I just wanted to punch him. Instead, I gave him a choice. I would do what he wanted, if he did what I wanted. He told me I was crazy and we had a big fight. The fight lasted for weeks and made me realize that I don’t want to be with this guy anymore.”

I was kind of in shock and trying to figure out exactly what each of them wanted the other person to do. Man, my mind was spinning and not just from the alcohol.

“I’m really curious about what it was you wanted him to do,” I said. “But, I got a feeling you’re not going to tell me.”

“Nope. I’m not. But, I will tell you, that the one thing I’m scared about is getting back into the whole dating thing. I’m too old for that shit,” she said.

“Michelle, you’re not even 40 yet! And I know guys would be lined up to have a shot with you,” I said. “Believe me, if I thought I had a chance, I would be the 1st in line!!”

As soon as I said it, I knew I had made a mistake. This was a friend, my former boss for God’s sake! And I just basically told her I wanted her! What a dumbass!!

Luckily for me, she just laughed and said, “Whatever! You’re just saying that!! Besides, I’m not even close to your type.”

“My type? You don’t even know what my type is!”

“Right! I’ve seen you with girls and I know what body type you like and I’m not even close!”

Now, this was getting interesting! “Really, so why are you not my type?”

“I’m too fat,” she stated blatantly. “You like the skinny girls with the tight asses. Have you seen my butt? It’s way too big!”

I chuckled and said, “No, I haven’t seen the real thing, but I would like to! Trust me, you have a nice ass.”

Unfortunately, I made the comment right as she took a drink and I seriously thought she was going to choke!

“Nice! Whatever! You’re just saying that to make me feel good.”

Finally, I’d had enough. I needed her to see what I saw in her. “Look Michelle, no I’ve never seen the real thing, but I’m pretty sure it looks as good without clothes as when you have them on. And, no, I’m not just telling you that to make you feel better. Over the years I’ve had a lot of time thinking how much fun you and I could have with that specific body part of yours.”

She looked at me, smiled and said, “Ok. I believe you. And thank you for the kind words.”

Unfortunately, the discussion then turned to more mundane topics and we didn’t talk about her ass anymore. About 7:30, she gave me a small smile and said, “I had fun, but I really need to head home before I drink too much. Can you walk me out?”

“Sure, I will,” I said. I flagged the waiter over and took care of the bill. We walked outside and starting heading toward her care.

She asked me, “Exactly what kind of fun where you talking about?”

After the beers I had drunk, I had to think about what she was asking. Then it hit me, she wanted to know what I wanted to do with her ass!

“Whatever would make you feel good,” I said.

“I want to know exactly what you want to do when you think of my butt,” she said while leaning into me with what I could tell was a buzzed look.

“Ok, if you really want to know. I would basically worship your ass. To start, I would pull down your pants and panties, kneel behind you and put my face right into the crack of your butt. I would inhale your scent and then run my tongue around your tight little hole. Once you were relaxed, I would push my tongue inside your ass. Basically, tongue fucking you. After that, I would use some fingers if you wanted me too while I ate your pussy until you came in my mouth.” “Does that describe it enough for you,” I asked.

She looked at me with half closed eyes and said, “God, I think you just made me wet my pants! And not from peeing either,” she barked. “You have a very dirty mind!”

“You have no idea,” I countered. “But, I would be glad to show you if you want to come back to my place. I’m only about 8 miles away.”

She looked at me and I realized that she was actually thinking about it. Then she asked, “You would actually lick my ass right now?”

“Of course! I would love to,” I said.

“But, I haven’t showered since this morning so it probably smells bad right now,” Michelle said. “I would be embarrassed.”

I knew that if I ever wanted a chance to tasting her ass, I needed to get her away from this type of thinking.

“Michelle, trust me, there is nothing better than the natural smell of a woman’s ass! I guarantee you smell, and taste, great right now. Even without a shower. And if you want, I can prove it to you!”

“How are you going to do that,” she asked.

“Come here,” I said as I pulled her close like I was giving her a hug. I slowly slid my right hand down her back and over her ample backside.

She gave off a sigh that reminded me she hadn’t been touched by anyone other than her husband in several years.

“Trust me,” I whispered into her ear as I slowly slid my hand into the back of her pants. I gently cupped her cheeks before running my index finger down the crack of her butt. I could feel the heat of her ass and the slight moisture of sweat trapped inside her crack as I circled her puckered ring with my finger. Since this was just to get her to trust me, I never tried to penetrate the tight opening, just massaged it with the pad of my finger. I could feel my cock hardening as I thought, “I am finally holding Michelle’s ass!”

I pulled slightly away from her so I could see her face. She had both eyes closed and was breathing heavily. I asked her, “Are you ready to see if I’m right?”

Michelle just nodded her head without saying a word. I slowly pulled my hand from her pants and brought it up between us. Since we were still in the “hugging” position, our faces were mere inches apart. I brought my hand with the index finger up between our faces and said, “Smell it.”

She looked at me like I was crazy at first, but then started to lean in. I also bent forward as she did and we both took long sniffs up my finger from opposite sides that had just been massaging her asshole.

To me, that smell, no matter who the girl is, is always amazing. A mixture of sweat and the other musky odor is enough to make me almost cum in my pants. Michelle’s scent was no less intoxicating. I pulled away again to look at her face. Her eyes were still closed, but now she had this smile that told me she liked the way she smelled.

Not to lose the moment, I asked her, “Smells awesome doesn’t it? Are you ready for a taste?”

Again she just nodded, so I slid my same hand back into her pants. This time, I wetted the tip of my finger with a little saliva before going back in. When my finger touched her asshole, I circled it like I did last time, but then slowly slid in the tip.

I could feel Michelle’s body tense, but she didn’t say anything. “Relax,” I told her. “I’m not going any further.”

With that comment, I could tell she relaxed and leaned back into me. I kept my finger just inside the rim for about a minute and then asked, “You ready?”

“Um hmm,” was all I heard.

I pulled my hand out of her pants and placed my finger in her face. “Taste it,” I told her.

I thought Michelle would just lick the side of my finger, but much to my surprise, she took the whole finger into her mouth and sucked like she was giving a blow job. I don’t think my cock was ever as hard as right then.

She sucked on my finger for about 10 seconds before pulling back and saying, “Ok. I trust you now.” She then gave me a big hug and said, “But, I still need to go. Can we talk about this later?”

“Of course,” I said, as she opened her car door. I shut her door for her and told her to be careful. As I turned to leave, I heard her roll down her window before saying, “Hey, come here.”

I walked over and said, “Yes ma’am?”

“Do you want a taste?”

“Jeez, you know I do,” I stuttered.

“Then I guess you’ll have to get it off my tongue!”

I grinned like I had just won the lottery and stammered, “I would be glad to,” before bending through her window for the kiss. Our lips met gently at first and then the kiss grew into a passionate tongue battle. Unfortunately, I couldn’t really taste her ass, but just the thought that I was finally kissing Michelle made me delirious with lust.

Sadly, she finally pulled away from me and said, “I’ll see you next week,” as she waved and pulled off. I stood there wondering to myself where this would go and how it would end.

A couple more weeks went by without much interaction between Michelle and I. We seen each other occasionally, but never really had a chance to be alone. And, definitely never had a chance to discuss that night in the parking lot. I was beginning to think that it must have been the alcohol and there was no way she was actually interested in what we discussed.


“This is Scott,” I said into the phone before I had a chance to look and see who it was.

“Hey, it’s Michelle. How’s it going?”

“I’m good,” I said while secretly hoping she was calling for another reason. “How have you been? I haven’t seen you for awhile.”

“I’m doing ok, but I was wondering if you could help me out. I’ve got a presentation tomorrow afternoon and 2 of the slides are dealing with production issues. You know way more than me about that, so I was hoping you could help me with some ideas?”

“Of course I can. What time you want me to come up,” I said trying to hide my disappointment.

“How about around 1230?”

Michelle knew that I typically didn’t go to lunch and, if I did, it was more of a quick snack. “Ok, see you then.”

Right at 1230, I walked into the second floor of the office side of the building. I immediately noticed that most of the office doors were shut and didn’t see many people in the open cubicles. So different than the production environment where it was always very busy, no matter what time it was.

I found Michelle’s office and walked right on in. She looked up and said, “Hey! Come on in! I don’t think this will take long since I know you’re busy.”

“No problem. Believe me, I’d rather be up here with you,” I said while giving her my biggest smile and sitting in one of the open chairs across from her desk.

“Yeah, right,” she retorted. And started walking towards the dry erase board that was hanging on her wall.

“I was thinking we could just jot down ideas on the board before typing them on the presentation to save some time. What do you think?”

“Sounds good,” I stuttered as she turned to face the board and now pointing that ass at me. She had on a pair on tight grey pants that hugged her butt so closely. My mind flashed back to that night in the parking lot and the smell of my finger as I pulled it from her ass.

While I was day dreaming, Michelle was talking and trying to erase the information that had previously been written on the board. Now, as I’ve said before, Michelle is pretty short. And, based on the height the board was hanging, the person that had the office before her wasn’t. So, she was struggling trying to reach the upper 3rd of the board with the eraser.

Trying to be helpful, I asked her, “do you want me to get that for you?’

Now, throughout the years, I had made countless snide remarks relating to her height and she always laughed them off and came up with some rude comment to fire back at me. But, this was actually me asking her if she needed help. I really wasn’t trying to joke around.

Based on the look she gave me, I knew she didn’t take it that way. Michelle gave me a really dirty look and said, “Kiss my ass!”

I sat there in shock as she turned back to the board. Was she really mad at me, I wondered?

“What did you say,” I asked.

“You heard me! You can kiss my big ass!”

I didn’t know what to do. Was she that drunk the night in the parking lot where she didn’t remember me clearly describing what I would like to do to her ass? Kissing was a very good start!

“Promises, promise,” I said. Hoping she would take the bait!

Michelle then turned to me and said while smiling, “No Scott, I really want you to kiss my ass. And now! I don’t want to wait any longer!”

“Come here,” I told her and she started drifting towards me. When she got close enough, I put my hands on her hips and slowly turned her around. Now she was facing away from me and, with me in a seated position, her butt was right in my face.

“How well do you trust locked doors up here,” I asked her.

“Everyone’s gone to lunch,” she said, “but no one will try to come in if it’s closed.”

Although she had faith in her colleagues, I didn’t, especially knowing what was about to happen.

I stood up and grabbed her stack of post-it notes. I wrote “Conference call with customer for an hour” and placed it on the door before shutting it and pressing the lock.

“That should slow them down.”

I returned to my seat and again placed my hands and Michelle’s hips. “This is it,” I thought. “The moment I’ve been dreaming of for years.”

The site of that big butt about 6 inches in front of me was a beautiful thing. Even in the pants. But, then I had an idea.

“You know, I take whatever I do very seriously and kissing is one of those things. I don’t think I’m going to be able to do a very good job with these pants in the way. You’re going to have to pull them down a little,” I said.

I heard her give a slight exhale and say, “Alright.” She reached in front of her and I heard the clasp of the pants come open and the zipper come down. She then slowly lowered both her pants and panties at the same time, until she stopped at just above her knees. I was mesmerized! I had often fantasized about the sight of her ass, but the real thing was amazing. It looked liked 2 full water balloons framing a dark canyon.

Now that Michelle’s perfect ass was actually in my face, I froze! There were so many things I wanted to say and do, but I didn’t know where to start!

Lucky for me, Michelle broke the ice. “I think you said you would start with sniffing my butt.”

That was all I needed! I put both hands on her ample backside, one on each cheek, and slowly pulled them apart. I was actually surprised at how tight her cheeks were. Although her butt was big, it seemed like it was solid muscle. I stared at my prize nestled in between those beautiful globes of flesh. The area around her anus was a dark brown, which led to a slightly pink center. Her anus was the shape of a rain drop. She obviously shaved back there, but did have a few stray hairs circling that tiny hole. I didn’t mind though. For some reason, I liked when a woman left some hair back there. Maybe it reminded me of how dirty and taboo what I was getting ready to do was?

“Oh well, enough waiting,” I thought and leaned in to run my nose from the bottom of her cheeks and into her crack.

“Aaahhh…” was all I heard.

I ran my nose up and down the crack of her ass for a couple of seconds before settle ling on her asshole. I placed my nose right up against it and took the deepest breath I could.

The smell!! Oh my God! I’m surprised I didn’t cum right there! There was no mistaking where my face was – no hint of soap or lotion. All I could smell was Michelle’s butt and I was in heaven. Of course, after each inhale, I would slowly exhale through my nose which blew a slight breeze across her anus. She obviously liked it based on the low moans I was hearing.

While I had my face in her ass crack and my nose pressed against her asshole, she said, “You remember when I said I wanted him to do something for me and he wouldn’t? This is what I wanted.”

I did remember the conversation we had weeks ago about why her and her husband got into a fight. “You wanted him to sniff your ass,” I muttered with my face full of her butt.

“No. I wanted him to lick it. He wanted me to have anal sex with him. I’ve never done that and really didn’t want to do it with him. So, I told him if he wanted to fuck it, he had to lick it first.”

“Wow,” I thought. “What a dumbass! I can’t believe anyone would pass up that opportunity. But maybe I can score from it!”

I slowly pulled my face from her ass and said, “Ok. I think you’re ready for the kissing to start. What do you think?”

“Oh, hell yeah!”

I’m still holding her cheeks apart and, with my mouth only inches from her crack, I knew when I talked she could feel the air. I looked down past her anus and could see that her pussy was wet. I couldn’t wait to get a chance to taste that too, but today was about something else.

“Well,” I said, “If I’m going to actually kiss your ass, there are a couple of things we need to agree on.”


“First, once I put my lips there, this ass is mine,” I said as I gave her a little pat on the right cheek, “no else can touch this, ok?”

She jumped a little with the quick pat, but said, “I’m fine with that, what else?”

I was slowly massaging her ass cheeks in a circular motion as I continue to talk with my face in her crack.

“Since this now belongs to me, anytime I want a quick feel, smell or taste it’s mine for the taking, right?”

“Oh, yeah,” she moaned and I knew she was really getting into this.

“Ok, last thing and then I’m going to kiss you like you’ve never been kissed before. Since we’re getting ready to take care of the one thing you wanted, next Friday, we’re also going to take care of that other thing you said you’ve never done.”

She pulled away slightly, enough for her to by able to turn and look me in the face and say, “If you kiss my ass right now, you can fuck it whenever you want!”

I smiled at her and gently turned her back to where she was facing the opposite direction. We both knew that my “conditions” were more of a joke than anything. I was going to lick her ass and if she wanted to do other things later, it was up to her. I would never try to force her to do anything.

But, now it was time to do what I had wanted for years. I was going to lick Michelle’s ass! I leaned in, this time leading with my tongue instead of my nose. I started at the bottom, right above her pussy, and ran slowly up to the top of her crack. The gasp I heard told me she definitely felt it. But, did she like it?

“You ok,” I asked.

“Yes,” she whispered, “just tickled a little. Please keep going.”

I returned my tongue to the place she wanted, this time running it in circles round her tight little orifice. I was giving my former boss a proper rim job!

This went on for several minutes, with me alternating between circling her asshole and licking up and down. Michelle was starting to breathe heavily so I took this as a good time to reach up and gently stroke her pussy.

I felt, more than seen (since my face was covered with ass!), her knees begin to buckle and I could feel her pussy juices on my hand.

“Starting to feel good,” I asked.

“Umm hmmmm.,” was all I heard. “I think I’m going to cum!”

I knew that although I was a pretty good ass-kisser, this was still pretty quick for a woman to cum so it probably had a lot to do with the sense of taboo we were doing, more than the act itself. However, I said, “Play with you clit for me.”

I removed my hand from her pussy as she reached between her legs. Since I had some of her pussy juices on my hand, I had an idea. “I’m going to finger you a little to get you asshole to open up some. That way, I can get my tongue in deeper.”

Michelle didn’t say anything, just moaned.

I placed the tip of my index finger against her rosebud and pushed gently. It slid right in to the first knuckle! I left it there, allowing her to get used to the intrusion while she played with her clit. I then pulled my finger out and replaced it with my tongue, darting in and out like it was a miniature cock. Once I felt she was wet enough from my saliva, I pushed my finger back in, this time to the second knuckle. I continued to alternate this way for a couple of seconds, tongue then finger, tongue then finger.

“Oh God,” she screamed as she kept frantically rubbing her clit. I could tell she was getting close now so I started to push and pull my finger in and out. Next thing I knew, Michelle’s knees completely bucked, which pushed her ass back into me, forcing my finger into her butt as far as it could go.

“Aaahhhhhh,” she stuttered as the orgasm hit her! She didn’t exactly squirt, but I could see her juices running down the insides of her legs. I couldn’t stop myself and leaned in to lick the juices off her thighs. As I licked her legs, to clean her of her juices, I could tell she had stopped playing with herself. She slowly started to pull away from me, and at the same time, started pulling up her pants.

Once she had her pants (and underwear) back where they should be she went and sat down at her desk and looked at her computer. She sat there, for a couple of seconds, just breathing heavily.

Finally, she looked at me and said, “I’ve never cum that hard so fact in my life! I don’t know what you did to me!”

I stood up, walked over to her and kissed her on top of her head. “I just did what my former boss told me to do. You said to kiss your ass, so I did.” With that, I turned and tried to push my softening cock back to a place in my pants where it wouldn’t be obvious as I walked to the door.


I turned back and looked at Michelle. “Yes?”

She smiled and said, “It’s yours anytime you want it and don’t forget next Friday. We’ve got another thing I need you to take care of!”

“Yes ma’am,” I said as I smiled at her. I turned and left her office thinking along the way, “My God, I could really fall for a girl like that!”

Although this story was mainly background on how the sexual relationship between myself and Michelle started, we had numerous other encounters throughout the following weeks. These included toys and, of course, anal sex. Maybe one day, I’ll feel the need to record some of those encounters. Until then, be well my friends. And, remember, be careful when you tell someone to “kiss your ass!” You never know where those words will lead!!

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