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My Short Career as a Male Stripper

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Chapter 1

Okay, okay, let’s get the laughs over with right now. “Short” career? Just how short is it? Ha, ha. Okay, ready for the real story now?

My name is Marty Green, I work for an advertising agency as an account representative so I’m basically a prostitute. I knew you’d say it if I didn’t.

Anyway, its a fairly large office of a national agency and there are several young women who also work there that I’ve taken some interest in and gotten to know a bit. That’s what led to this whole thing happening.

I had asked one, Dani, to have a drink after work one afternoon and after we had ordered, she said, “I mentioned we were having a drink and some of my girlfriends from work wanted for me to ask you a question?”

Yes, being a bit of a wise guy, I riposted, “Whatever it is, yes, I will but only one at a time.”

“Well, you may be disappointed. The real question is that there’s four of us who want to go to a male stripper lounge and we just don’t want to go alone. We want a guy with us. Would you go?”

So, I asked what to me, was a sensical question, “Who are the girls?”

“There’s me, of course, Mary Jane, Lissa and Emily, uh, Emily Tyson from Accounting.”

Well, four very attractive young women in their upper twenties and lower thirties. Well, well.

“A male strip club, huh? That would be a first for me, that’s for sure.”

“Yeah, I guess so but we just won’t go without someone to go with us. A guy someone.”

So, I agreed and the date was set for the next Friday.

Over the next few days, I had each one mention to me that they appreciated my going with them and I got the idea that maybe a few guys may have previously turned them down.

So, we all decided to meet and park at a mall nearby the club and I was to have all my drinks paid for by the girls.

Now, I had known these young women at work in a fairly serious work environment (yes, an ad agency can be serious) but in the club, after a few drinks, well, once the guys’ cocks began coming out, well, I thought I was with a bunch of sailors on leave after six months at sea. I had never been to one of these clubs before and never knew there would be groping of the strippers, grabbing their cocks, jacking them, even some sucking and licking going on.

About ten, the girls decided that they had enough and we all left as Dani pulled me aside and asked, “We’re all going to Mary Jane’s for a nightcap. Wanna join us, Marty?”

So, I followed them and we were soon in Mary Jane’s house, a small three-bedroom ranch only about a mile away.

She got some wine poured and handed out, then stood up like she was going to give a toast.

“Well, girls, I think Marty should put on his own show for us, I’ll bet he’s every bit as good as any of the guys at the club.”

They all began cheering me on with shouts of ‘take it off’ and ‘let’s see it,’ and the like. Then the dollar bills started landing at my feet. Well, what is a guy supposed to do faced with a blizzard of ones drifting down at his feet.

“Just a sec, oh, I’ve got just the right music,” Mary Jane announced and soon, a very syncopated rhythm came beating out of her speakers.

Well, to avoid all the boring details, I’m not the most graceful guy in the world, I got down to my navy blue briefs, well bulged out by this time, as I weaved and shook to the music.

It started out pretty tame but once I had my pants off, hands were reaching out pressing on my bulge, dollar bills were being stuffed into my briefs, each one pushed down getting a good feel as they went.

Then, weaving my hips in front of Lissa, she put her fingers under my waistband and pulled straight down, letting my cock exit my briefs and be exposed to them all.

“Oh, look, Marty’s got a nice cock,” squealed Emily.

“Not as big as Rocco’s at the club but, after all it’s right here, and Rocco isn’t,” said Mary Jane as she reached out and took it in her hand and stroked me back and forth.

“Come on, Marty, off with the underpants,” this from Lissa, so I pulled them off and the hoots went up.

“Get some slower music, Mary Jane,” said Emily as our hostess got up and found something much slower which I started moving to.

I went up to Emily and rotated my hips slowly around and around and she leaned forward and slid her lips right down over my cock and started sucking.

“Go, Emily, suck him good, girl, make him cum,” Lissa cried as she slid her hand under my balls and rubbed gently as I was being sucked so nicely.

“I want some, Em,” Dani said, as Emily moved back. I turned to Dani and put my cock right up to her as she gripped it and put the head between her lips and began sucking.

“Oh, look at Marty, he’s in heaven, girls. Dani’s giving him the suck of his life.”

Well, she was, actually, it was quite wonderful and I was convinced that I wanted to get to know Dani much better in the future.

“Don’t make him cum, yet, Dani, I want to suck him,” Mary Jane yelled. Was this the best thing that has ever happened to me, I wondered? What about the poor bastard or bastards who turned them down on accompanying them to the strip club. Mary Jane was now sucking me as the girls were standing around me, their hands all over me.

“Well, I’m joining Marty,” Emily said as she started taking her clothes off. Omigod, I thought this was turning into an orgy and I’m the only guy. She was soon naked and holding me from behind as Lissa moved up to suck me, Emily was rubbing her boobs all over my back as I saw the others also getting naked.

In a minute or so, all five of us were naked and I’m wonderfully out-numbered, a fact that I and my cock were well aware of.

“I’ve got a great idea, girls. But first, Marty…got any plans for the rest of the weekend?”

Well, the truth is, I already had a pretty good idea where this was headed and, short of my own funeral, I was available until eight o’clock Monday morning when I had to be back to work.

“Um, no, my date book seems empty at the moment,” I cleverly replied, at least I thought it was clever.

“Well then, I think we should party with our male stripper all weekend. Who’s for that?” Mary Jane asked and all the girls and me, of course, gave up shouts of agreement. So, the weekend it was.

“Okay, that’s great. Let’s start with a suckathon and see who can get Marty’s cum in their mouth first. One minute per girl. We’ll all sit here on the sofa and Marty, you go from one to the next when I call time. The girl who gets his cum, gets eaten out by Marty, okay? Oh, I guess I should ask Marty if he does oral on women,” which got a big laugh, me included.

“So, I guess he does, now who’s first?” and the girls all sat down on the sofa. There was Dani, Lissa, Emily and Mary Jane.

Dani is the most distinctive being a bright redhead who is only about five feet tall but, now that I’ve seen her naked, oh, my. She has medium-sized breasts with dark red nipples and is freckled all over, even her labia which is pretty and bare.

Lissa is dirty blond with hair down to her nipples which are small and pink, medium breasts and a smooth bare pussy.

Emily, well, Emily is a guy-magnet. Platinum blond, medium height, big breasts, at least D-cup with large pink nipples and a beautiful, just perfect shaved pussy. Easily Playboy centerfold material.

Then, our hostess, Mary Jane, she’s fairly tall, probably around five-seven or -eight, brunette, also large breasts like Emily but with large brown nipples. Oh, and a short landing strip of brown curls above a plump, delicious-looking pussy.

Chapter 2

So, I approached Dani who leaned forward slipping her lips over my cock to begin sucking back and forth. Oh, she was wonderful as she sucked up and down while her hand gently rubbed back and forth along my testicles. She was looking up at me, knowing that she was making me feel out of this world. Oh, and she was so very much.

Then Mary Jane called time and I moved over in front of Lissa who took my cock in her hand, wrapped her thumb and forefinger around the shaft and began jacking back and forth as she slid her lips over the crown and began sucking while her tongue ran around the glans making my heart rate soar.

I liked the way Dani sucked me all the way up and down but for pure pleasure, Lissa was incredible. I let my head fall back as I arched into her as she softly sucked and rubbed my cock tip in her mouth. All too soon it seemed, Mary Jane called time and I reluctantly moved out of Lissa but then shifted eagerly in front of Emily, surely the hottest-looking of the four, as her pretty pink lips parted and surrounded my cock as she took me all the way in and sucked up and down, stopping when she pulled back to suck the tip for a minute then back and forth some more. Oh, it was so, so good.

I couldn’t believe a minute had gone by when Mary Jane said, “My turn,” as she leaned forward with her mouth open as I moved my cock between her lips as they closed and began pulling and sucking me.

Who was best? You’re kidding, right?

Mary Jane, like Lissa was jacking me with one hand and sucking me with her mouth. It was just stunning. I knew I couldn’t last much longer, then Mary Jane backed off and said it was Dani’s turn again so I moved to the other end of the sofa and Dani began again.

Who was best? Well, I did have it figured out. The best one was the one who was sucking me at the moment. And, right then it was Dani, pretty, redheaded Dani. It was close, oh, I was really close to cumming when Mary Jane called time and I moved next to Lissa who eagerly took me inside and began her wondrous oral lovemaking to my member. My head felt like it would explode as she sucked and licked around the tip, then Mary Jane gave time.

I had a cold sweat, I remember, as I moved to Emily who greeted me open-mouthed and took me all the way and began somehow pulsing and sucking on me. It was all I could stand, the male sexual physiology took over and my prostate began pumping semen to the back of Emily’s throat as some evidence of her success oozed out the sides of her pink lips onto her ivory throat.

She backed off my cock and opened her mouth to show the others the strings of cum stretched across as proof of her oral sexual prowess. She got cheered for her feat as I stood there a very happy man, now looking forward to the next stage, getting down between Emily’s legs and eating her perfect pussy which she was presenting to me as I stood there before her.

“There is it, Marty, looks like it’s my turn now. I hope you’re good, maybe I’ll let you do it again,” she said with a cute grin.

I knelt down in front of her, put my hands on her thighs and dipped forward as she leaned back offering me her pussy wide open. I gave it a soft kiss, then began.

My tongue went up and down along the crease between her plump labia, tasting the juices that had collected there; she was wonderful. I moved my hands in and gently eased her open so I could flick my tongue inside getting it all around her vaginal entrance.

“Mmm, oh, I wish we could do this at work. What coffee breaks, we’d all have,” Emily groaned.

“I’ll bet Marty would like that,” one of the girls said, Dani, I think. About then, as I was licking all around inside Emily, I felt a hand underneath me taking my cock and gently pulling it up and down. No idea who it was but it was nice.

I licked up onto her clit which was swollen so I sucked it softly as I slid two fingers inside her and twisted them around rubbing the walls of her vagina and her pussy lips with my thumb. The small hand on my cock was keeping me interested in knowing who might be providing me such enjoyment. How sweet of her.

“Mmm, oh, Marty, yes, right there, oh, just like that, perfect. Mmm.”

I could eat Emily’s beautiful pussy forever, she was so perfect and, naked, just a stunning sight.

“Ohhh, ohhh, yes, uuh, UUH, UUH, UNH, UNH, mmm, oh, feels so good, cumming,yes, mmm, mmm,” she groaned as I felt her shake and tremble.

“Oh, wow, girls, we got the right guy. Marty has a tongue to die for,” Emily gasped.

“Look, he’s nice and hard, too. Here, here’s some cards. Draw and high card gets him next. For anything the winner wants. Well, if that’s okay with Marty?” Mary Jane announced. I quickly nodded that I was game.

It was soon established that I was won by Lissa who wanted to fuck me cowgirl-style, riding me. I got down on the floor and she stood over me, Dani holding my cock steady as she lowered herself down wiggling back and forth, pressing me up into her, then rocking up and down on me.

Mary Jane leaned over me, dropping her boobs in my face, completing my tactile happiness as I began sucking her nipples while getting fucked by Lissa.

Every time she would pull up on me, her pussy tightened around me so it felt like I was being sucked-off my her long, slippery, tight pussy. Just down all the way pressing hard, then slowly rising up, twisting back and forth as she went until all I had left in her was the tip of my cock which she would sometimes take short, inch-long strokes up and down using her pussy lips to fuck my cock’s crown so wonderfully. I have never felt anything better. Lissa could patent that and make millions.

Then, once in a while, she would take a few fast strokes up and down, up and down, the whole length of me.

“Mmm, oh, man, this feels so good,” she panted, then she pushed down all the way on me driving me as deep as I could go, twisting back and forth.

“Oh, this is it, oh, yes, now, now, UUH, UUH, UNH, UMMM, mmm, mmm,” and she began moving up and down faster and faster, it was something I just couldn’t resist as my cum began spurting up into her.

“Oh, I’m cumming, oh, so good, UUH, UUHHN, UUHHN, um, mmm,” I gasped and she bent down to kiss me as I thrust up into her over and over. What a fuck. She was stupendous. I just lay there under her, my head spinning as my cock sent shock waves of ecstasy all over me. Then, she bent over me and swept her beautiful boobs back and forth across my face as I lay there in total bliss.

It was late and Mary Jane made an executive decision that, since it was all her idea and her house, that I would sleep with her. Who was I to argue? There were two other bedrooms and I’m sure the other girls made arrangements for themselves.

I did offer my hostess some oral sex to help her get to sleep which she gladly accepted and by the time she got off, we were both pretty exhausted and were soon asleep in one another’s arms.

As soon as I began to wake I became aware that I wasn’t alone and soon discovered I had my beautiful fellow-employee, Mary Jane, naked next to me. I began feeling her breasts which were so nice and soft and warm and she soon reached over to take hold of my cock, then moved toward me and we kissed each other awake.

She held me tight and rolled onto her back pulling me up over her as she spread her legs open for me. I needed no coaching to know what she was wanting and was soon taking long, slow, deliberate strokes in and out of her as she moved her legs up onto my chest so I could fuck deeply into her.

“Oh, look, they’re at it, come on, we can all watch,” we heard as the other three women filed in the room, still beautifully naked and all stood around the bed to observe our lovemaking.

“Mmm, I love how he takes such long, slow strokes. I want him next, girls,” Dani said, “I’m really horny watching them do it,” she said as she raised her foot up onto the bed and began masturbating as we fucked next to her.

I’ve never fucked to an audience before but, in this case, well, it was pretty erotic, I think for both of us.

“Mmm, oh, slow, yes, go slow, push hard, Marty, push down, make me cum,” she pleaded as she began wiggling her hips back and forth as I pressed down deep.

“Oh, that’s it, yes, yes, UUNH, UUNH, UH, uh, mmm, oh, mmm,” she moaned as I felt a soft hand cup my testicles as I continued fucking Mary Jane. The rubbing of my balls was all I could take as I jammed deep into her and felt the bursts of my semen spraying deeply inside her.

I slowly collapsed over her as I kissed her over and over, her hips moving under me, keeping those wonderful feelings alive.

“Oh, great fuck, guys, you two should do a porn flick,” Emily said as they all laughed.

“We can’t leave you two alone can we?” joked Lissa as she slowly rubbed herself.

“Let’s let Marty and Dani stay here while we all go get some coffee and breakfast made. Maybe he can give her some of his wonderful tongue. My pussy still feels it,” said Emily as Dani got up on the bed and spread her legs wide.

I pulled out of Mary Jane and rolled over between Dani’s legs as the other three went to get breakfast ready.

Her freckled pussy lips were very wet as I licked and licked,

“Mmm, I love a man between my legs eating me better than anything in the world. Oh, Marty, anytime you’re hungry for pussy, I’m your girl. And I love sucking cock. Even at the office, if you want a little relief, let me know. There’s a locked bathroom on the third floor. Nobody ever uses it. Just tell me whenever. Mmm, oh, yeah, any time at all. I know where the key is.”

Well, Dani sure does love oral; that morning she had the strongest orgasm I’ve ever seen, just went bananas and it went on and on. I just kept licking and tonguing her and sucking her clit, she just went and went and went.

Then, she pulled me up to her and wiggled her pussy against my hardened cock so it slipped inside her. I finished getting inside her with a strong push and began fucking her as she weaved and twisted under me.

“Mmm, make me cum again, Marty, I love to cum, oh, I can’t believe that we’ve been working together all this time and now, well, I think you may be in pretty high demand around the office. I just hope I get my share of this nice cock of yours.”

I lifted her legs high and stroked long and deep up and down as she moved her hips around. I was having the most sex of my entire life and it was like I couldn’t get enough, I just wanted more and more.

Then, the other three girls came in.

“Well, look at you two. We’ve got breakfast all made and here you are fucking. Well, come have breakfast when you’re finished. Don’t rush, we’ll keep things warm for you,” Mary Jane said and they left to go and eat.

We did take our time and Dani, who seems to be a ‘cummer,’ got off twice more before I made my deposit deep inside her.

My Saturday and Sunday were the most eventful of my life, oh, by far. I was really never left alone by the four women I was with and I never dreamed I would eat so much pussy as I did that weekend. Of course, I was fucked and sucked beyond my wildest dreams.

Work on Monday was tough. I had several customer calls to make and was walking with a limp most of the day but filled with happy memories.

So, what happened after that?

Well, I often have one of the women stay the night with me at my place or am invited to their’s, so my sexual needs are quite happily satisfied, then about once a month, we have a repeat of our original strip party where I get ravished by them all for the weekend.

I’ve often wondered about two things.

Was there a stupid chap or two who turned down an offer to accompany the four to the male stripper lounge before I was asked? And do most women like looking at naked men like men like looking at naked women?

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