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One Hot Summer

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Hello my name is Charlize Waters. Everyone calls me Charlie. I’m quickly approaching 30 years of age and dreading it. The big 3 0. I’ve been pulling gray hairs out of my hair brush for the last year. I’m also noticing lines on my forehead whenever I look in the mirror. Some might say that 30 isn’t old at all, but you have a tendency to feel old when the majority of your co-workers don’t know who the Fraggles were and can’t legally buy alcohol. I work in a college town in a store that sells textbooks and apparel for the college.

There are times however when this crowd makes me feel like I’m much younger than I am. They make it easy to remember what 18 and 19 were like. And to some extent I feel like I’m reliving those years of my life. One person in particular has made me feel young and beautiful. For me feeling beautiful is rare. Even when I was actually 19 I never felt like I was beautiful.

I stand 5’5″ tall. I’m very slender at 120 pounds. I’m not well endowed. My bra size is a 36A. I have two features which I feel are good and I’m proud of. The first is my hair which is very dark with natural red highlights that come out best in the summertime. My hair is straight with a very subtle wave and falls to my ass. My ass is in my opinion the sexiest thing on my body. My hips are pretty round and shapely which gives my butt an ample shape.

When JC started to work at the bookstore we became friends right away. We worked in the back room of the store most of the time. The bookstore bought back thousands of books from the students of the university at the end of each semester. Sorting, pricing and shelving books are tasks that fell on me and a select few between terms. The semester JC worked he was one of the people given the task. In order to keep the task of getting book ready for the upcoming term without it getting to monotonous we generally take pop shots at one another. Without the jokes this job would be pretty much unbearable. JC as it turned out was a hell of a joker. And most of his jokes were innuendoes. I can’t remember a summer when I laughed so much at work. He really made the chore almost enjoyable.

One day JC and I decided to grab lunch together at the Koney Island which had opened that summer just a few doors away from the bookstore. We sat in a booth and started talking a little about ourselves. I was amazed at how much we had in common. We shared a lot of the same views on a variety of topics such as religion and things as trivial as music. We also had one thing in common that I was shocked that I could admit to him. We were both incredibly sexually frustrated. JC had just turned 19. I think young men at that age are perpetually frustrated about sex. So I wasn’t surprised at all that he was. But I was surprised at how easily I could admit my frustration to him.

I am a very physical woman. And I had just come out of a very long a passionate relationship. I’m not a sex addict, but going from having sex and intimacy everyday to nothing at all was a shock to my system that I didn’t enjoy at all. I saw a glint of humor and lust flash in JC’s dark brown eyes as I made this admission to him. For some reason his expression made me blush and feel the rush of arousal course through me. He laughed a got up from the booth to pay his bill. I knew my nipples were jutting through my shirt without even looking down. Since I have such small breasts I rarely wear a bra in the summer. They’re itchy and uncomfortable when I’m hot and sweating. That just happened to be a day when I was braless. I sat a moment longer watching him walk up to the counter. His ass, thighs and calves were firm from countless hours on rollerblades. I groaned, frustrated. I would have to return to work turned on. I paid my bill and we walked back to work.

The remainder of my shift was torture. I knew my nipples were visible from a mile away. JC was relentless with the innuendo. I knew he was aware of my arousal and he was fucking with me. At one point I was placing a book on a shelf in the backroom. He walked up close behind me. Close enough for me to feel the bulge in his jeans and his hot breath on my neck. His arm reach around me and he pinched my left nipple hard then twisted the right. I clenched me teeth and held my breath to repress the moan of pleasure that rose in my throat. He laughed and walked away. I smiled to myself. He was as uncomfortable as I was.

I was both relieved and a little let down that he left an hour before my shift ended. I worked my ass off for that last hour. I accomplished a lot and my arousal had lessened a bit. I knew that the summer was going to be long hot one in many ways. I stopped at my favorite café on my way home. JC was sitting there looking smug with a glass of iced tea in his hand. I pretended not to notice him and went into the shop. I was flustered again. I knew he was waiting for me out there on the patio. I spent countless hours in that coffee shop and had never seen him in there before.

I look through the window as I stood in line. God he looked good in that t-shirt. The way it conformed to his muscles sent a tingle through me. I generally wasn’t attracted to guys so much younger than me. But JC had something about him. The way he carried himself was alluring. His tight Hispanic curl was begging me to run my fingers through it. My clit was throbbing as I ordered my iced tea. I felt his eyes upon me as I gave the cashier my money and waited for change.

I sat alone on the patio. Trying to make it seem as if I were waiting for someone. I checked my watch and fidgeted a lot. I looked around looking for my nonexistent friend. I knew JC was watching me though I tried not to look over in his direction. My eyes did wander to him constantly. Every time I looked in his direction I noticed some feature that I was hungry for. His smooth dark skin glistened with sweat. His full lips were turned up in a mischievous smile. I was sure he knew that I wasn’t waiting for anyone. And I knew he was still aware of my frustration. And he was gorgeous. It was getting to be too much. I pulled a book out of my bag and pretended to read. In my state however I found it impossible to focus on the words on the pages.

I was concentrating so hard on trying to read that I didn’t see JC leave his table. He went inside to get a refill on his tea. Then made his way to my table. I didn’t notice him sit close behind me. But I did feel his breath on my neck as he leaned in close to my ear. I shivered despite the heat of the evening.

“It looks like you’ve been stood up,” he whispered playfully.

“Yeah,” was all I could muster. His nearness was intoxicating.

“Would you like some company?” He chuckled as he ran an ice cube along the base of my neck. He chuckled again when I gasped and shivered.

I put my book down and leaned back in my chair. JC ran his long fingers through my hair. I love having my hair played with. I sighed from the pleasure of the tingle that went through my body. His hands were gentle as he brushed my hair with his fingers. He pushed my hair aside; he freed every strand that stuck to my neck. A breeze blew on my skin. It felt exquisite.

“You have a lovely neck,” JC whispered in my ear. He ran his tongue from the base of my neck to the base of my skull. “Milky white, with just the right amount of salty.”

My breathing had become a little heavy. He was teasing me relentlessly. His tongue felt wonderful. His soft lips and teeth nibbled on my skin, tickling me all the way down to my clitoris. I wanted him so bad.

“Look at the time,” he said. “I have to go. See you at work tomorrow.” He teased my nipples a bit then stood up and left.

I watched him leave. I wanted to hate him. I knew this was going to be a long summer. He wouldn’t leave me be. I knew he was as horny as I was. Was it worth the frustration to get me all aroused then walk away? He was obviously enjoying his little game. I decided I would play along and see where it led.

I walked into work the following morning wearing a flimsy sundress that was translucent in the right lighting. The kind of lighting only the sun would produce. The benefit of working in the backroom of a bookstore is that you don’t have to wear a uniform. At this particular store there was pretty much no dress code. JC was there shelving books. He wore another one of those t-shirts that just clung to him perfectly. His jeans were better fitting than usual. His hair was pulled back as neatly as possible, which I knew wasn’t easy with his curls. He looked me over with a smug look on his face. I saw a bit of a gleam in his eyes. I knew he was going to fuck with me just as much if not more than he had the previous day. I had every intention of playing his game.

“I think we should go to the Koney Island again today,” I suggested. “Those fries were awesome. And I liked the pickles too.”

He simply nodded and continued to work. I stood close behind him on tip-toes and blew in his ear softly. “You’re not the only one who can play games,” I whispered. I ran my finger lightly down the curve of his graceful back to his butt. He leaned into my touch. I walked away.

I was determined to have him. I would do anything I could to make the desire mutual. Our eyes met many times throughout the course of the morning. It was satisfying to see his pupils dilate when I brushed up against him randomly. He retaliated whenever he passed by me. Discreetly brushing my nipple or pinching. He grabbed my ass and commented on it. He laughed every time I had to stifle a moan. I was going to have him before I went to bed that night. That was my determination.

We took the same booth we had the previous day at lunch time. I felt I could be more open at the restaurant than I could be at work. I slipped my foot out of my sandal and placed it between his legs. I was pleased to feel the bulge under the high arch of my foot. I stared in his choc lately eyes and watched his pupils get big. His radiant grin was full of frustration and pleasure. I rubbed his hard-on with my foot, feeling his cock move inside his pants.

JC wrapped his hands around my bare calf. He massaged the muscles in my leg and worked his way to my foot. His agile fingers worked the arch of my foot. He knew just where to put pressure to send the sensation straight up my leg and to my crotch. I smiled daringly at him. He returned my smile.

“Your skin is like fine silk,” he commented casually. He was good with words. My heart fluttered. “I would like to explore more of it.”

I smiled and responded, “I’m sure you would. What makes you think the feeling is mutual? You’re practically a baby and I’m no cradle robber.”

He reached under my skirt and rubbed the outside of my panties. “Your body is telling me otherwise.” He slipped his fingers past the fabric of my underwear and rubbed my clit. I moaned softly. He withdrew his fingers and sucked my juices from them. “But if I am just a baby, what would I know?”

I let out an exasperated sigh and picked at my food. My hunger at the moment was not for the Caesar salad in front of me. JC ate his food quickly, smiling at me with his intense eyes. I felt I couldn’t work in the state a second day in a row. I excused my self and headed for the restroom. I sat on the toilet and rubbed my clit vigorously until I came all over my fingers. I felt only a little relieved as I washed my hands. I went directly to the cashier and paid my bill. I noticed that JC had also left the table. I smiled wondering if he was taking care of himself. I went back to work without him.

I was standing on a stool shelving books when he finally caught up with me. We were alone in the aisle. I think we may have been alone in the backroom. He grabbed my leg and hugged my thigh tightly with one arm. His free hand tickled my inner thigh leading up to my still wet panties.

“You’re not getting off that easily,” he teased. This time he buried his long fingers inside me. I had to bit my lip to keep from moaning too loud. “I’m going to keep you nice and wet until we leave here.”

“And I’ll make sure your dick is about ready to fall off,” I retorted. “Do you really want to be hard for the next three hours?”

His only response was to laugh and stroll away. I laughed too and sighed. What was I getting into? JC was a relentless tease. I wondered if he really meant to keep me aroused for that long. I wondered if I could keep him hard. There was only one way to

I caught him alone in an aisle pulling some books that belonged on the floor. I pushed him up against the shelf and reached around his waist. His cock jutted into my hand through his jeans. I rubbed it, loving the way it responded to my touch. I stepped away and he turned to face me. He gripped my waist and our lips met. It was a brief but intense kiss. I sucked on his bottom lip roughly. He tasted so good. The bulge ground into my pubic bone. I wanted him so bad.

He glanced around to be sure we were still alone. Then he reached down the front of my skirt. “Good, still wet,” he breathed heavily.

The next time I went into the restroom he followed me. He locked the door to be sure we wouldn’t be disturbed. I felt a thrill of curiosity rush through me. I was also nervous because of what it would mean if we were caught. He pushed me to lean over the sink. Lifted my skirt and pulled my panties down. I watched in the mirror as he got to his knees. The cool air of the air conditioning caressed my wet labia. And his hot breath warmed me through. He licked and sucked on my clit. His tongue penetrated me. I pushed my hips towards him. He pulled away and stood up just as I was about to cum. I whimpered and turned to face him. He grabbed a handful of my hair and kissed me hungrily. I tasted myself on his lips and tongue. My own scent and taste heightened my arousal. My clit was throbbing, it almost hurt. I left the restroom before him and gave him the all clear, as it was the women’s room.

“Are you still unsure of your mutuality?” JC teased. I just glared at him, knowing my hungry was burning in my hazel eyes. “I thought so.”

The teasing continued for the rest of the day. He dished it out and took it with a smile. Every chance I got I rubbed against him and was pleased he was still hard. If he caught me on a ladder his fingers sought my wetness. We kissed a few times. I was in a very frazzled state when I left for the evening. He was too.

It was my turn to get out first. So I went to the coffee shop and waited for him. I was pretty certain he’d find me there. The next hour was hell. My crotch ached to be touched. My nipples were hard as rocks. I sipped my tea and kept looking for him. It seemed days had passed when JC sauntered to where I was sitting. Once again he pulled a chair up close behind me.

“I can’t get you out of my head,” he whispered. “The way you move. You swing your hips and your skirt just dances around your legs. It’s hot.”

I smiled and stretched. “You’ve been on my mind a lot as well.”

I turned in my chair to face him. I stroked his cheek softly and traced his jaw with my fingertips. I pulled him to me and kissed him passionately. His fingers locked in my hair holding me to him. We hungrily explored each other’s mouths. He probed my mouth with his tongue and I accepted his kiss eagerly. I sucked on his lips and his tongue. His teeth sank into my bottom lip. I tasted the salt of my blood it fired the passion that was growing inside of me.

I couldn’t stand it much longer. I pushed him away and headed for my car. He followed. I was dizzy from the hormones that surged inside of my body. I felt my wetness trickle down my inner thigh. I wanted him to take me right then and there, but I could wait until we were safe inside of my apartment. My foot was led on the accelerator as I drove to my place. JC didn’t let up on the teasing when we were in the car. His hand found my clit and rolled it. He probed me and rubbed my lips. I was surprised he didn’t cause me to get into an accident.

Safe in my apartment I pushed him against the wall roughly. I kissed him while I undid his pants. My hands fumbled with the zipper. He chuckled behind the kiss. When I finally freed his hard hot cock from the confines of his jeans I gasped. He was longer and thicker than any guy I’d been with before. I knew from the bulge he had earlier that he was well endowed, but I hadn’t expected this. He seemed to sense my surprise and pushed me away.

He took my hand and led me to the sofa. He laid me gently onto the soft plush cushions and knelt between my legs. I wanted him inside of me despite the fact that I was nervous. I opened my legs for him as far as the sofa would allow. I was already very wet from the day of relentless teasing. He tore my panties off of me. We both laughed surprised at our eagerness.

“Take me JC,” I demanded.

He smiled and pushed the head of his cock into me. My lips parted and hugged him as he slid into my gently. I felt the entire length of his shaft embedded inside me. He filled me completely. He pulled back and thrust forward. I gasped. He pulled out and thrust again. The tip of his cock hit my cervices. It was slightly painful and incredible at the same time. I rose to meet him next time he thrust forward.

I wrapped my arms around him and held him to me. Our mouths were locked together as our hips pulled apart and met in sync. The waves of pleasure rolled over me every time our hips met. The first time I came it was so intense tears spilled from my eyes and my cry echoed off the walls of the living room. I t was ecstasy. I felt like I had been waiting my whole life for that orgasm. After the first time I came I orgasmed easily. That’s the way it usually happens with me. The first orgasm heightens the sensations and brings on more orgasms.

JC seemed pleased with this discovery. He moaned softly every time the walls of my sex clenched around his cock. He increased the pace of his hips. His vigor increased as he neared his own orgasm. Every time his cock hit my cervices I cried out. Every time I cried out he thrust harder. I was bordering on the verge of torment and rapture. He thrust hard one last time an orgasm exploded inside me. It tore through my entire body. I felt him cum inside me. His cock pulsated and jerked inside of me. He collapsed on my chest and we clung to each other.

“God you are an amazing woman,” he said still breathing heavily.

“Let’s move to the bedroom. My roommate will be home soon,” I suggested. We hastily grabbed our clothes and went to the bedroom. “Now I’ll show you how amazing I am.”

I pushed him to sit on the edge of the bed. I knelt between his knees and looked at his cock. It was starting to get hard again. I tickled it lightly with my fingertips. I watch I grow rigid. The scent of his must filled my nostrils. I inhaled deeply.

I bent to kiss the head of JC’s penis. I enjoyed the skin of a man’s penis on my tongue. The skin was so soft and smooth. His cock began to grow as it got harder. I teased it with my tongue. I kissed the tip and licked the precum, savoring the salty flavor. The taste of myself mingled with his sweat was tantalizing. I licked the length of his cock from the base to the tip of the head teasingly. His cock jerked as it hardened.

I could feel the heat of his passion radiating from his penis. I wrapped my hand around the shaft and moved it up and down the full length. I teased the tip of his head with my tongue and I stroked him. He moaned softly and grabbed my hair. I parted my lips as he pushed my head. I took more of his cock into my mouth, sucking softly. I continued to lick him as I sucked. His grunts and moans were soft but filled my ears. He guided my head as I licked and sucked. My hand grasped the base of his cock. I moved my hand with my mouth, unable to take him in completely. I used my free hand to play with his balls. I massaged them gently and rubbed his scrotum with my index finger. He clenched my hair tightly when I did this. His grip on my hair made me feel giddy inside. I continued to rub his scrotum and his moans got louder. I felt his balls tighten in my hand. I sucked his cock harder. Licking faster. His grip on my hair tightened more and he pushed my head down. His semen shot to the back of my throat in a white hot explosion. His moan of ecstasy filled the room. I felt my own arousal reawaken inside of me.

I looked up at him. Sweat glistened on his skin. The setting sun cast a golden glow on his face. The light that filled the room was rosy orange. JC was smiling at me. He looked like a god in a Greek painting. The light even made his curly hair appear as a halo. I sat next to him on the bed.

He kissed me slowly. There was no rush now. With our original frustration taken care of we could take our time. I knew the summer would be a hot one. It was wonderful to feel 19 again.

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