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Painting Pictures

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Mia flicked her long, dark braid over her shoulder and took in her work with a critical eye. Her compressed lips softened into a slow smile as her gaze swept from one side of the wall to the other. She planted her hands on her hips and let out a relieved breath, pleased with her efforts. Even with the scaffolding still in the way it didn’t detract from the overall effect.

Gareth Robertson of Robertson Klein Architects had commissioned her to create a cityscape mural for the conference room wall in their new suite of offices. She’d worked off an actual photo of Melbourne that featured one of the company’s previous projects, with an ominous twilight sky added for a more dramatic feel. Now all she needed to do was put the finishing touches on her work, which she hoped to get done by tonight.

Her ringtone startled her from her thoughts. She frowned and patted her back pocket then remembered she’d left her phone on the table. Mia padded across the wood floor in her bare feet, wondering who’d be calling her at this hour. When she grabbed her phone and checked the screen, the private number on display only deepened her curiosity.

“Hello?” Checking her fingers first for wet paint, she rested her hand on the back of one of the chairs hugging the oversized table.

“Mia, this is Gareth Robertson. Are you still working?”

Her stomach dipped and she tightened her grip around the phone. “Mr Robertson. Hi.” Mia winced at the breathy, rushed sound of her voice. No matter how many times she’d spoken to him over the past week he’d kept her constantly on edge and unable to relax. She glanced at her watch, noting it was already after midnight. “Yes, I’ll most likely be here for a few more hours.”

“I thought you might be there for a while. I need to drop by the office to pick up some paperwork. I’m just calling ahead to let you know.”

His secretary had set up the first meeting between them to discuss the artwork he wanted done, so she hadn’t spoken to him on the phone before now. At twenty-six she generally found herself attracted to men closer to her own age, but despite being somewhere around fifty Gareth had captured her attention and pushed his way into her thoughts.

During their initial encounter he’d worn a charcoal suit and crisp white shirt that set off his tanned skin. He’d stood to greet her, flashing a smile as he reached for her hand. With his sharp, appraising blue eyes and dark hair that displayed a scattering of silver, his appearance unsettled and aroused her. While her heart thumped madly and she struggled to hold his gaze, he’d taken her hand between both of his in a clasp so warm and firm that she’d wanted to melt against him and do anything he asked of her.

“Thanks for letting me know,” she said, shaking off the thoughts before she could get too carried away. “I’ll see you soon, Mr Robertson.”

“Ten minutes—and Mia?”

“Yes?” She held her breath at the teasing note in his voice.

“It’s Gareth.”

Mia ended the call with a smile. She glanced down at her paint-splattered jeans and baggy purple tank top, knowing without needing to look into a mirror that smudges of colour decorated her face as well. She contemplated running to the bathroom to repair the worst of the damage but decided there wasn’t much point going to the effort. This was just a business relationship, and a short-term one at that. He more than likely wouldn’t even notice.

She slid her phone onto the table and went about gathering the supplies needed for the next stage. Mia climbed onto the scaffolding platform with her palette and brush in hand, chewing her lower lip as she considered where to begin. Just as she was about to dip bristles into paint, the click of the main door sounded down the corridor. She stared at the wall and let out a slow breath, focusing on a storm cloud in an effort to keep her excitement at bay.

It wasn’t long before she sensed Gareth behind her, and it surprised her how aware she’d become of his presence over the past few days. She glanced over her shoulder, her heart rate speeding just at the sight of him. He stood in the doorway wearing black pants with a rumpled white shirt and loosened tie. Combined with his messy dark hair he looked almost as dishevelled as her. “Hello… Gareth.”

“Hello… Mia.”

Hearing his teasing tone again brought a quick smile to her face. She turned around fully to see him better. “Up late again?”

“Mmm… it’s unavoidable at the moment.”

“You must be tired. You’ve been here late all week.” She considered continuing on with her work while they spoke, but having him standing right here watching her made it impossible to focus on anything else.

“I’m sure you know what that’s like.” He gave her a brief smile. “Feel like taking a coffee break with me? Looks like you’ve earned one.”

Right at that moment she couldn’t imagine anything she’d rather do than spend some one on one time with him, but there was still work to be done and a limited amount of time to get it finished. She’d been painting throughout the night to avoid disturbing the staff during the day, and her original estimate of five days to complete the project had already blown out to six. “I want to… but I can’t. I have a new job starting on Monday so I need to get this done by tomorrow.”

“Surely ten minutes won’t hurt. I’ll even make the coffee.”

He looked up at her in such a calm, steady manner that it left her unable to tear her gaze away. Mia opened her mouth to speak then shut it again, wondering why he’d want to waste precious time talking to her when he could be finishing his work and getting some much needed sleep.

He splayed his hands low on his hips and tilted his head to survey her work, continuing on as if he hadn’t noticed her lack of reply. “I’m so used to seeing you around here,” he said. “I’m going to miss you when you’re gone.”

Her cheeks warmed at his comment; he’d unknowingly just voiced her exact thoughts about him. She smiled and followed his line of sight, trying to imagine what her artwork would look like through his eyes. She’d started with the background and gradually added layer by layer, becoming more intricate with the detail as she went on. This particular project inspired more of a sense of pride in her than anything she’d done in the past, but since he’d never commented on her progress before she still braced herself for his reaction.

When his eyes met hers again, he considered her for a long, quiet moment before he spoke. “You’re a talented woman, Mia.”

Her breath caught and a jolt of happiness zipped through her. She wasn’t sure what pleased her more, his compliment or that fact that he’d called her a woman instead of making their age difference obvious by referring to her as a girl. Whatever it was helped make up her mind. Mia laid her brush and palette on the platform then backed down the ladder, sensing his gaze on her as she jumped from the final step. When she turned to face him she gave him a breathless smile. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” He reached out to touch a tendril of hair that had found its way free of her braid. A faint smile appeared on his face, making her glance down to discover what had inspired his reaction. He flicked his thumb over the paint coating the ends and let out a huff of laugher. Mia looked up again to find his eyes filled with amusement.

She hadn’t stood this close to him since their first encounter, so she’d been missing the feeling of warmth radiating from his body. The nerves she could never quite get rid of stirred to life in her stomach and she glanced off to the side, wishing they’d disappear somehow so she could just enjoy these few short moments with him.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

She returned her gaze to him and found a puzzled expression on his face. “I don’t know how to describe it exactly. You just—you make me nervous.”

“In what way?”

He didn’t appear surprised by her admission, which gave her the impression he already knew the answer and just wanted her to admit it out loud. “I think I’m better off keeping that to myself,” she said, managing to smile again.

His eyes sparkled with humour as he took in her features. “Are you attracted to me, Mia?”

Just like that it felt like someone had knocked the breath out of her. He gave her just the hint of a smile and maintained steady eye contact, his boldness encouraging a feeling of recklessness inside her. Mia suddenly wanted to say it out loud, to find out how he’d react if she did. She’d be gone from here in another day so at least her humiliation would be short-lived if her feelings weren’t reciprocated.

“Yes,” she finally said, fighting the need to close her eyes and let out a relieved laugh. “But I’ll be finished here tomorrow. I promise I’ll keep things professional while I’m still around.” Her heart thudded but she made herself keep looking at him. She held back a smile while her cheeks burned and she willed him to say something encouraging.

“Now, why would you want to do that?”

Mia tucked her hair behind her ear and opened her mouth to speak but there were no words to express her surprise and pleasure in that moment. Despite being caught up in her project over the past week she’d noticed him spending time in his office after hours, even stopping in the conference room doorway to watch her work. She’d assumed he’d merely been interested in her art and the whole creative process. The idea that he might be interested in much more than that made her heart race.

“You’ve been a distraction since the moment you walked in the door,” he said. “It’s safe to say the attraction’s mutual.”

Mia stared at him in surprise while she held back the urge to cheer. The smile she saw on his face encouraged the same reaction from her, the innocent exchange leaving her feeling like a giddy teenager all over again. His gaze dropped to her lips, hovering there as if he was considering whether or not to kiss her. When his eyes lifted to meet hers again he stepped closer, crowding her in a way that both intimidated and aroused her.

She stared up at him, dampening her lower lip while she waited for his next move. The scent of his masculine cologne, the crinkles beside his eyes and the heat emanating from him teased her senses. She wanted to reach out and trail her fingers over the stubble lining his jaw, to touch her mouth to his throat and feel the warmth of his skin. She just needed to know one more thing before this went any further.

“When you go home tonight,” she said, “will there be anyone waiting there for you?” He wasn’t wearing a wedding ring but since the topic hadn’t come up in any of their previous conversations she didn’t know for sure.

He kept his attention on her while he answered. “No. I’ve been single for around six months. You?”

Mia flashed him a quick smile, barely able to believe they were actually having this conversation. “No, it’s just me.”

“Good.” His knuckles skimmed her bare shoulder, his eyes following the movement as he spoke. “Now that everything’s out in the open,” he said, looking at her again, “what do you think we should do about this situation?”

His voice had turned all husky and seductive, the humour in his eyes making it impossible for her to hold back from touching him. Mia slid her forefinger and thumb along the edge of his tie, revelling in the feel of his hard chest against the back of her hand. “I don’t know, but I’m sure two creative people could come up with some pretty interesting ideas.”

Gareth hummed his agreement. He swept his palm along the length of her throat, moving his thumb up and over her jaw. The sensation made her shiver, and she couldn’t decide if she wanted him to kiss her now or keep teasing her until she begged for more.

He caressed the space beneath her ear, a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth as he gazed down at her. “It’s been torture watching you this past week,” he said. “Every time I saw you I kept wondering if the passion you showed for your work would flow on through to other areas. I’ve lost sleep wondering if I’d ever get to find that out in person.”

Mia heard the reluctant amusement in his voice. She smiled even though the meaning behind his words caused a rush of heat inside her. “Would it make me a bad person if I said I liked knowing that?”

He let out a husky laugh and used his free hand to pull her closer. “I think so.”

He clasped her hips, the warmth of his fingers penetrating her jeans as he pulled her against him. When their bodies aligned she lifted her gaze to meet his, feeling breathless and light-headed now that they were standing this close. Not long ago she’d been worried about running out of time to get her work finished; now that idea had slipped far down her list of priorities. “I want you,” she said, before she could stop herself.

Gareth’s hands clenched her hips. “I want you too, but I’m having a hard time with that.”


He slid his hand around to her lower back, his palm rubbing slow circles against the base of her spine. “Because I can’t decide if I want you bent over the boardroom table right now or at home sprawled under me on my bed.”

The idea that he wanted to take her home with him filled her with longing. “Would it be greedy if I said I want both?”

Her answer drew a smile from him. “Probably,” he said. He shoved a chair aside and turned so he could rest on the edge of the table. She watched as he pulled her in between his widespread thighs, her higher position putting her on eye level with him.

When he sank his fingers into her hair all she could do was stare at him captivated. He took his time looking her over, drinking in her features as if he was memorising every detail. The affection in his eyes and the way he looked at her in those few short moments left her with no doubt about his attraction to her.

She clasped his shoulders and leaned in to try to steal a kiss from him, but his hands kept her at bay, his thumbs sweeping across her cheeks while he smiled. “In a hurry are we?”

Mia nodded, laughing despite the neediness inside her. “I can’t help it.”

He held her still, his fingertips resting against her scalp. As soon as she’d stopped moving he tugged the tie holding the end of her braid together then slipped it free. He tossed it aside and began working her hair loose, massaging the back of her head then sifting his fingers through the long strands. The thoroughness of his touch made her feel like moaning and leaning against him.

When he had her hair flowing freely down her back, his mouth moved to her jaw where he left a soft kiss, then another. The first touch of his lips made her relax against him. The scratch of his stubble as he nibbled a path to her neck made her moan. He pressed his lips to the beating pulse in her throat then placed a light, sucking kiss on the underside of her jaw. “I like the way you react to me,” he said quietly.

She tipped her head into his cradling palms. “It’s impossible not to react. I’ve wanted this—you—all week.” The touch of his mouth, the feel of his hands… she doubted she’d ever get enough of him.

His thumbs stroked the curve of her jaw while he ran just the tip of his tongue along her throat. Mia gave a soft sigh and let him explore, adoring the care he took with her. He moved one hand to her hip, pulling her even closer so she could feel the hard heat of him pressed against her. Her body filled with anticipation and relaxation all at once, her limbs lax while her heart raced at the thought of what lay ahead.

“Do I still make you nervous?”

It took some effort for her to focus on his words with him standing this close to her. “No.”

“I’m glad.” Gareth raised her head and brushed his lips over hers, just once, but it was enough to leave her covered in goose bumps. “Don’t hold back with me okay?”

Her breaths came quickly as she considered him, taking in his watchful blue eyes and his strong, masculine features. The idea of letting go and losing herself in him was just too tempting to resist. The thought of doing all of that right here and now thrilled her even more. “Okay.”

He let out a laughing breath and kissed the corner of her mouth, the simple touch creating a deep craving inside her. Before she could consider whether it was too much too soon, she took a step back and gripped the hem of her t-shirt, peeling it over her torso and yanking it free from her hair. Mia dropped it beside her and sent him a hopeful look. “Is this all right for a start?”

His gaze travelled over her slowly, lingering on the white-lace that barely covered her breasts. She watched his jaw tighten as he took in the view. “Yeah, that’ll do.” He hooked his finger in the bridge of her bra then tugged her against him to claim her mouth.

Mia shoved her hands into his hair and let out a relieved breath through her nose. Her eyes closed and she dived into the kiss, loving the feel of his warm lips and his arms wrapped around her. One of his hands tightened at her hips while the other moved over her spine to clasp the nape of her neck. The solid muscles of his thighs framed her body, making her feel soft and feminine.

She thrust her tongue into his waiting mouth, and he held her so close that she felt the groan that vibrated through him. He’d told her not to hold back, so when the desire came over her to take the next step she went with it rather than questioning herself.

Mia slipped her hands between their bodies and fumbled open a couple of buttons on his shirt. Her hand slid inside to seek out warm skin. She caressed his chest, grazing his hardened nipple with the tip of her finger. He growled and released her to pull at his tie, breaking the kiss to drag the length of silk over his head.

She curved her fingers around his neck and drew his mouth back to hers. Her tongue searched out his, sweeping through his mouth while her fingers went back to work on his buttons. She pulled the two sides of his shirt apart, tugging them free from his pants. The thought of pressing bare skin to bare skin had her heart pounding.

Gareth shifted his body, easing one of his legs between hers. He lifted his knee and rubbed her with the top of his thigh, the movement so deliberate and sensual that she couldn’t help but moan. She pressed down harder just to increase the sensation, overcome with the feelings he roused in her.

He reached behind her to unclasp her bra. The lace loosened across her breasts and she gasped as their mouths parted. Gareth eased her away from him, his eyes remaining on hers until he began to slide the straps down her arms. As he revealed more and more of her body he seemed to savour each new discovery, his attention leaving her feeling cherished and wanted.

He let her bra fall to the floor then swept his palms over her bared breasts, his thumbs brushing her nipples. “You’re breathtaking,” he said with a roughened edge to his voice.

She shivered and let out a shaky sigh, unable to speak. His hands smoothed around to her lower back, applying the pressure necessary to bring her into contact with his mouth. She revelled in the feel of his rasping stubble, the warmth of his lips and tongue. In her mind she’d waited so much longer than just a week to be with him. Now that she had him, she wanted to make the most of every moment.

Gareth gave her nipple a firm suck then flicked his tongue over the moistened bud. Pleasure rushed through her and her mouth fell open, her deep breaths filling the silence. He moved to her other breast, teasing her with painstaking attention to detail.

Mia floated in a sensual haze, her fingers stroking through his hair while she listened to his contented hum. He pulled away slightly and kept her nipple imprisoned between his lips, tugging until her back bowed and she cried out with pleasure. She clutched him to her, her mind clouded with sensations. The encounter still felt surreal, like the most fantastic of dreams.

He kissed her nipple then stood and turned with her until the backs of her legs met the edge of the table. With a supporting palm between her shoulder blades he guided her onto the conference room table. Mia gripped his arms, holding her breath while he laid her out before him. Her legs dangled over the side and she parted them so he could step in between.

“You know, I actually planned on being a gentleman with you,” he said with a half-smile as he ran a fingertip between her breasts. “The idea was to ask you out to dinner first, spend some more time with you and get to know you better… but every time I look at you the last thing I want to be is a gentleman.”

A feeling of wildness tore through her. She wanted to shove herself up to a sitting position and make a grab for him. The only thing stopping her was the temptation to continue on with the sweet torture, to let him set the pace. “I can barely stand waiting for you,” she said, “but the waiting is almost what I like the most.”

He swirled his fingers over her body, circling her nipples, teasing her navel. “Tell me your favourite part.”

Her hips shifted restlessly. He captured her nipples between his forefingers and thumbs, rolling the engorged nubs back and forth in a way that sent tingling sensations travelling through her. She’d reached the point now where she needed more, where the touch of his hands wasn’t enough. “When you first slide inside me, that sensation of being completely filled with you is what I’m desperate to feel the most.”

His breath left him in a whoosh and he moved his hands from her breasts to the button on her jeans. With a flick of his fingers it popped open, then he began working on her zipper. She smiled even though she’d never expected to want to smile during a moment like this. Urgency nagged at her but there was also the need to drag it out, to savour every second with him in case it turned out to be the first and last time they were together in this way.

“God, when you look at me like that…” Gareth paused as if searching for the right words, then shook his head and gripped the waistband of her jeans. He tugged them swiftly down her thighs, catching her panties up in the movement and dragging them along, too. She gasped at her sudden nakedness, her eyes flicking to his face to check his reaction.

His expression grew hungry, his eyes filling with desire. He pulled a chair closer and sat on the edge, his gaze meeting hers as he slid his palms over her knees. “I like that you’re not trying to hide from me,” he said.

Mia watched in a trance-like state as his palms slid along her inner thighs. He spread her legs and she sighed, surrendering herself to the moment. She lay before him naked while he remained mostly dressed and in control, but it didn’t matter when he looked at her that way.

His hand slid to the top of her thigh, the tip of his finger trailing over her intimately. Just that simple touch had her shuddering with pleasure.

He lifted her legs and propped one foot on each of his shoulders, pushing her knees even further apart. Desire throbbed inside her and cool air invaded her inner thighs. He pressed his lips to the soft skin on the inside of her knee, the graze of his stubble causing her to writhe against the tabletop. He smiled and began leaving a trail of lingering kisses on the inside of her thigh, reaching higher and higher until she was left with no doubt about his intended destination.

Mia stroked her stomach and skimmed her palms over her ribs, torn between watching him and closing her eyes to focus on the way he made her feel. He slid his hands beneath her, cupping her buttocks and lifting her hips to his waiting mouth. She’d never had much luck with this in the past, the efforts of other men never having pushed her to climax. She had high hopes for Gareth, though, and clasped her breasts as she waited. Mia let out a guttural moan when his tongue made one long, firm lick along her moistened cleft.

Her hips lifted from his hands and Gareth groaned against her wet flesh. He gripped her harder, his tongue trailing over her again. She cried out with pleasure, pushing against his mouth to deepen the contact.

“Oh, my God, Gareth…” He traced her outer lips then dipped inside her folds. His mouth moved over her slowly, his tongue circling her clit. She massaged one of her breasts while her other hand moved down to tangle in his hair. Her thighs relaxed out to the sides as he pleasured her, her mind filling with all the thoughts of what she wanted to do to him later.

He surprised her by sucking on her clit and the pressure of his lips drew a strangled cry from her. She heard his laughing groan as he eased her heels from his shoulders. He let her feet come to rest on his upper thighs then slipped two fingers inside her, slowly pumping in and out while he went back to teasing her with his tongue. Her eyes closed and she grabbed her breasts, squeezing hard as he kept up his attention. He built the intensity, working on her until she couldn’t control her reactions any longer.

Her eyes snapped open and her back arched. Her shocked moan echoed through the room. She fell apart in his hands, trembling, whimpering. It seemed to go on and on, the pleasure thrumming inside her. The growling sound that came from him had her shuddering again before she finally collapsed against the table.

Mia draped her arm over her forehead, breathless and in awe. He barely gave her any time to recover before leaving a smacking kiss on the inside of her thigh and standing in front of her to unfasten the button on his pants. Once he’d lowered the zipper and freed his erection, he stared down at her. She gasped at the look in his eyes, her gaze dropping to take in the sight of his long fingers wrapped loosely around his shaft.

Rather than slide inside her right then like she’d expected him to, Gareth surprised her by lifting her upper body from the table. He lowered himself to the chair and pulled her down with him, encouraging her to straddle his thighs. When they were seated his hand dipped between their bodies and he slowly guided his cock inside her.

Her hands rested on his shoulders and her eyes locked with his as he filled her. Mia bit her lower lip and felt her breathing slow. Her heart thudded a steady beat, her body stretching to accommodate his length. She watched his expression as their bodies joined. His blue eyes were hard and filled with desire, his mouth still glistening with her moisture. She leaned in and flicked her tongue over his lip, tasting herself. “Definitely my favourite part. I’ve wanted this so much,” she said. “I knew it would be good with you.”

“God, Mia, you have no idea…” He looked like he had more to say but then he clamped his hands either side of her face and claimed her mouth instead. The kiss went on and on, leaving her thrilled and wanting as his hips lifted to meet her downward movements. She writhed against him, stretching up on her toes then sinking deep. Every time he thrust into her, the connection between them, the heat and excitement, opened her eyes to the fact that she’d never experienced anything like this with another man. She just wanted more and more.

Her body rocked against him, her mouth remaining fused with his. Their tongues pressed together, his low groan sending a shiver spreading over her. The way he touched her made her feel so close to him, not just physically but in a sense that she meant something to him as well. It made the moment feel even more intimate and she just wanted it to go on and on.

He moved his hands to the curve of her hips, his fingertips digging into her flesh while his mouth left hers to trail across her jaw. With the warmth of his lips against her skin and the hard heat of him flexing into her, she sighed her contentment.

“What you did to me with your mouth,” she said as he nibbled a path to her earlobe, “while I was on the table…”

“Hmm,” he said against her ear.

“No one’s ever made me come that way before.”

“That was the first time?” His voice sounded deep and rough in the quiet of the room. He lifted his head and looked her in the eyes, his expression one of disbelief.

Mia held his gaze and nodded, biting her lip as she ground against him. She slid her hands from his shoulders to his throat, cradling his jaw in her palms. Leaning in until their lips were almost touching, she felt his stubble prickle beneath her fingertips as she whispered, “I need to do that to you. I want your cock in my mouth and your hands in my hair… your cum on my tongue. I want to feel you lose it, Gareth.”

He swore in a harsh whisper and leaned deeper into the chair, pulling her against him. “God, that was just the right fucking thing to say.” Before she could brace herself, he wrapped one arm around her, clamped his other hand at the back of her head and began plunging inside her harder than ever.

Mia closed her eyes and clasped his face in her palms. She pressed her mouth to his, moaning at the intensity of his thrusts. The chair rocked beneath them, the room filled with their heavy breaths. His strength surrounded her, his hard length driving into her again and again. She lifted her feet and pressed her toes into the space behind him on the seat, then grabbed the back of the chair and used the leverage to raise and lower herself.

The movement made him groan and thrust his tongue against hers. They raced toward their peak together, his body tensing beneath her. Just as she guessed he was about to climax, Gareth tore his mouth from hers and grabbed one of her hands. He shoved it between their bodies and demanded roughly, “Come with me.”

Caught up in the urgency of the moment, Mia felt excitement rush over her as she massaged her clit. He gripped her ass and helped her move with him, touching his lips to her throat while he continued to thrust.

Soon after, she stiffened and leaned away from him. Her cheeks burned with heat and her gaze meshed with his as it took over. She let out a low moan, trembling and grinding against him. Gareth flattened his palm between her breasts as he shoved his cock into her. His eyes remained on hers and moments later he joined her, tension gathering in his thighs as he thrust into her one last time.

His satisfied groan as he dragged her against him made her smile. Mia rested her head in the crook of his neck, exhausted and happy. She tucked her folded arms in front of her chest, trying to get as close to him as possible while she caught her breath. The touch of his hands as he trailed them up and down her spine encouraged a deep sigh from her.

He shifted with her into a more upright position, and they sat together in silence while their breathing settled and a feeling of calmness came over them. The moment continued on until Gareth finally gave her a squeeze and pressed a kiss on her cheek. “I like being with you this way,” he said, pushing her hair away from her face, “with you naked and me still inside you.”

She smiled against his skin, touching her lips to the warmth there. “Me, too.”

“Come home with me,” he said.


His chest shuddered against hers as he laughed. “Yes, now.”

“I want to—you have no idea how much after what just happened here—but I have to finish my painting, and you’re supposed to be picking up your paperwork.”

He urged her away from him and gave her a wry smile. “Now might be a good time to admit the paperwork was just a ruse so I could see you again.”

“Oh.” Mia glanced down at his bare chest as a feeling tenderness rushed through her. “Wow. That’s really sweet.” She looked up at him again just as something else occurred to her. “What about all those late nights?”

“Let’s just say I work hard, but not that hard.” He smiled and pulled her wrists behind her in such a careless manner that she barely noticed the movement. “Are you saying yes?” he asked, his eyes flicking briefly to her breasts. “You could finish up here tomorrow then spend the weekend at my place planning your next job.”

The thought of being with him for the next four days, lazing around and repeating what they’d just done while still fitting in time to sketch her next project, seemed like the perfect solution to her predicament. She’d been fantasising about just that since her hand clasped his during their first meeting.

Mia let her gaze sweep over him slowly, taking in his alert blue eyes, his soft, sensual lips and the dark stubble shadowing his jaw. She couldn’t think of any place she’d rather be right now than with him. “Yes, I’m saying yes.”

“Thank God for that.” He pressed a kiss on her lips then sent his mouth on a leisurely journey down her throat, dipping further to the valley between her breasts. Since he’d already begun to harden inside her Mia figured it would be a while before they went anywhere, but she suddenly didn’t feel like being in too much of a hurry anymore.

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